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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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police on a slow speed chase in california. the bear final ly crawled into tree. authorities are working to get him down and out of harm's way. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. donald trump getting set for a major meeting with former secretary of state henry kissinger. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" story with lots of activity. trump still at trump tower but expected to soon possibly depart. the meeting comes on the heels of weeks of telephone conversations between the two men. kissinger also served as a top advisor to presidents richard nixon and gerald ford. live outside kissinger associates in new york city. hi. >> reporter: we're waiting for this meeting to happen. it is funny because it involves two men with very different backgrounds when it comes to how they think about foreign policy. that may be one of the reasons
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this is happening today, because it allows donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee, to reach out to the fopgop's foreign policy establishment. i'm told by the trump campaign they'd like to accomplish two things today. one, they'd like to just gather information, maybe learn if you're donald trump, from the experience of henry kissinger. but the second goal is more political. the trump campaign to like to send a message today, and that message what i'm told by this advisor, trump and the way he thinks about foreign policy is a realist. that's the word they're using. a realist, just like henry kissinger. his advisors think in the trump campaign to some degree that he's been unfairly portrayed as just being an isolationist. even though he uses the term "america first" a lot, they say he is more than that. he understands america first. it does not mean "america alone." that's the backdrop for today's meeting. henry kissinger spoke about donald trump over the fox
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business network in december. when he was on, dr. kissinger was not a very big fan of trump's proposal to ban muslims, at least temporarily, from coming in to the united states. he said he'd be more comfortable he said at the time with someone other than donald trump being the republican nominee. but that was then some time ago, about six months ago. this is now. we expect this meeting between the two of them to happen any moment now here in manhattan. >> all right, we are waiting with bated breath. thank you. here is what kissinger had to say back in january when asked whether trump would be able to run the white house without any political experience but with the right advisors. >> the inflow of challenges to the president, just the operation of the government and the choices that the president has to make would raise the question how does he know which are the press people. >> fben collins served three
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tours of duty in afghanistan. a great panel to talk to us today. will mr. trump get the endor endorsement of former secretary of state kissinger today after this meeting? >> you know, i don't know if this is really the subject to be discussed. the subject, the content, the details, the goal, all of that will be revealed by the candidate himself or his direct spokesperson. but the importance of the meeting, as was introduced right was, is that it is happening with somebody who lived a chunk of u.s. foreign policy history. he has been engaging in the name of the united states with large powers such as china and of course he has been a major player in the beginning process of -- the peace process between israel, egypt and others. this experience is very
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important to listen to. >> no doubt. listen to mr. kissinger on fox business last december where he was talking about trump's plan for the muslim ban and the building of the wall. >> i don't think we can build a wall that excludes everybody. >> he's saying just muslims. >> well, i would be concerned. i do not favor an exclues on ec the basis of religion. >> would you worry if he were the party's nominee? >> i have not endorsed him. >> jillian, what are we to make now today of this meeting? >> i don't think there is any way we can really rationally expect an endorsement coming out of today's meeting. henry kissinger has a history of meeting with the gop front-runners, like he did with palin in '08, as a courtesy to give them what i would call a foreign policy tutorial and kind of lay out the world according to henry kissinger.
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from donald trump's perspective, i find it ironic that he's wanting to meet with him at this point because of the great lengths he's gone to distance himself from people like henry kissinger. some people refer to him as the godfather of today's conservative u.s. foreign policy thinking. he's gone to great lengths, trump, to disparage people just like that who are part of the elite establishment. so why he wants to meet with him now can really only be for political reasons. >> very interesting. okay. ben, i'll come to you now because i want first to show this quote from president nixon meeting then with vp nominee dan quayle and had this take on it. i was very surprised. he is a very different man from the intellectual midget that has been portrayed in much of the media. this is a man who has strong views. he's highly intelligent. he's highly dedicated. i think he is going to make an excellent vice president. could that be shades of what we might see today coming out of this meeting, that trump has been not seen in the right light
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about what his foreign policy chops might be? >> well, gretchen, i think jillian hit it on the nose when she said, look, this i think is more political than anything else. but i mean, look. up until now we've been really focused just on politics. he had to get to a primary which he's done essentially. now we're kind of focused on policy. for policy people this has been kind of a tough few months because it is obvious that donald trump hasn't spent a lot of time thinking about these issues. why would he? he's been focused on real estate and business. so i'd like to be able to give him the benefit of the doubt and say, look, you are talking to the godfather of -- well, the godfather of globalism and essentially a man that shaped the western world that we live in today. so if he's willing to sit down and listen to dr. kissinger's brilliant analysis in my opinion and listen to what experience the man has and he wants to take it in and he's willing to have that as an advisory capacity, why not? why shouldn't he? i think it is a fantastic thing.
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>> i want to bring this to our viewers' attention. mr. trump is saying he is willing to hold direct nuclear talks with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a lot of pressure on china. china can solve that problem with one meeting or one phone call. >> how would they do it? >> because they have tremendous power over north korea. >> but north korea has nukes. >> i know that. so does china, by the way. >> but you say you'd talk to him? >> i would speak to him. i have no problem with speaking to him. >> would you agree that that would be a good idea to reach out to kim jong-un to talk? >> well, he answered in the same sentence. he said he would speak with him after he engages china to put pressure on him. he's not committed to speak with every foe we have around the world. when you take one little statement and then focus on one part of it you've got to look at the big picture. that's why he's meeting with advisors or with high-thinking
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people such as mr. kissinger who actually was the one who engaged the chinese during the cold war. but more importantly, his criticism to a series of expertise goes back 20 years. not just over the past eight years. not 50 years. because we look at the results. were we able to engage in predict being the arab spring? no. were we able in predicting the rise of isis? no. so these are actual results and the expertise that was not able to do so was the one he wants to have a meeting with. >> you said president obama kind of felt the same way when he said he wanted to speak to the iranian leader. a lot of people thought that that was a mistake. what do you think about trump wanting to speak with north korea? >> it's hard to point out that he really does sound a lot like president obama did back in '08. recall, that he was widely criticized by leaders on both sides of the aisle to include john mccain, to hillary clinton. and so you have to point that out here. we wonder where he's going when
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he is aligning himself with traditional american adversaries, while at the same time opening the door to move on allies that have been long standing, like japan, like south korea. it is all a little bit concerning to me at this point, especially considering can he's admitted to the fact that he's not very well versed in u.s. national security and foreign policy interests. i think it is preemptive. >> that's where advisors come in to play, i guess. panel, thanks much for your expertise today. now moving on to the democratic side, hillary clinton can't shake the competition. clinton claiming victory in kentucky by the narrowest of margins, but senator bernie sanders wraracked up a big win oregon as tempers flare now between him and leaders of the democratic party. what's the latest back and forth between the sanders camp and the dnc? >> it's gotten pretty nasty with the sanders campaign accusing the chair of the democratic national committee of
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disrespecting the sanders team from the very beginning. there was a tense scene over the weekend in las vegas. sanders supporters were convinced they were better organized getting more of their people sent to the state party but security shut the event down after days of bickering back and forth. dnc chair is now trying to pat things up. >> i understand people would like to fan the flames and distract from our task at hand. that plays right into the republicans' hands. we're going to be united and we're going to come together and i'm very confident about that. >> the concern for democrats is that one incident is a preview of what could happen if sanders supporters are frustrated at their national convention. gretchen? >> much more of a story there. mike. thank you. donald trump trying to turn the tables on a narrative of which candidate is worse for women by calling out bill clinton. will that strategy work? plus, a top staffer at the
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national hurricane center forced to testify in a federal investigation about his forecast and what role that forecast may have played in the sinking of that cargo ship. and the lead actress on "house of cards" speaking out in a big way. what robin wright had to do to get the same pay as her co-star, kevin spacey. the first lady traveled back to texas with some sort of major argument with her husband. the president claimed she went to dallas to lay groundwork for texas primary about you there is no evidence of any campaign events or fund-raisers since she arrived there three days ago. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes.
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big news to tell you about right now in a fokt nex news al.
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donald trump has just released names of people he would like to see potentially replace justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. this has been incredibly important, remember, what kind of person would a presumptive nominee, donald trump, or a nominee that becomes president trump choose to fill that seat. let me list the names for you no you. they include steven krmplt e n. raymond kefflige of michigan. william pryor, alabama. david strauss of minnesota diane sikes of wisconsin. trump said in march he planned to release the list of these names to ease concerns that he would choose somebody conservative enough for the republican party. remember, president obama has put forth merrick garland and is pretty much a stalemate because republicans have said now is not the time to put somebody new on
11:16 am
the court when president obama's term is almost over. now we have the list of these 11 names that donald trump might choose from if he were to become president of the united states. we're going to debate this in a few minutes from now. meantime, former president clinton on the campaign trail for his wife. a reporter asked him if he had a response to donald trump's claims that he was the abuser of women in u.s. political history. >> mr. president, do you have a response to donald trump today calling you one of the women abusers in political history? >> joining me now, online opinion editor for the "washington times," fox news contributor, and a democratic pollster and strategist and a senior political analyst. jessica, this is going to come up again and again, and again and again, and again and again. >> oh, my gosh. >> back before the new year, bill clinton said, i'm only going to respond to that if
11:17 am
donald trump becomes the nominee. bell well, guess what? donald trump's going to be the nominee. so what's bill clinton going to do? >> i think that he is going to continue as much as he can to just swipe it away and say we're not here to relitigate the '90s. he's not going to do what i would like him to do is stand up there and say on behalf of my wife i would like to ask you all to stop punishing her for my sins and what i did and this was not her fault and i made mistakes. to me that's the real definition of a feminist, right? someone who would stand up there and do that for their wife. bill clinton isn't going to do that. it's not going to go away. but donald trump has a lot of negative action on his side. he has infidelities. he had a wife who accused him of marital rape. >> the difference is, monica, that donald trump has absolutely nothing holding him back in just attacking. i'm not saying the clintons don't know how to attack but he is a different kind of a candidate out there and he's not going to let this go away. >> and we are now in the position where donald trump has the moral high ground when it
11:18 am
comes to the issue of women because bill clinton, over many years, has a long track record that's replete of allegations with rape, of assault and of abuse. bill clinton's bad behavior over so many years has essentially neutralized this issue. so every time if hillary clinton tries to attack donald trump, he's going to hit back in ways that a traditional politician would not, go after her husband, go after her and in terms of the sins of the husband, jessica, honestly there have been reports over so many years that mrs. clinton was the one who was spearheading a lot of these attacks on women who made these allegations, including kathleen will wil willey. >> if he actually said that, it would mute it to a certain extent. >> especially given how popular bill clinton is. we're getting to a point we're going to have such a dirty fight here that i think we'll very to try everything to get through this to have a policy debate. i don't want a presidential
11:19 am
election about who slept with who. >> donald trump is not bringing that up. donald trump is out there talking about the issues when he's getting hit by the clinton -- >> by claiming clinton was the abuser of women? how is that an issue? >> he was responding because he was being attacked. yes, he's going to hit back in ways that go after bill clinton and hillary clinton. >> real life, political issue now leads to a political tv show at robin wright says she had to fight for equal pay in "house of cards" even threatening to go public if she wasn't paid the same as her co-star, kevin spacey. this has become a big issue. i'm sad to say that in 2016 we're still talking about this. >> right, we are. i know there are variations also on the dollar amount whether women earn 78 cents to a man's dollar. some reports say it is closer to 10 cents less than a man. i think that it is important because people are speaking out about this. i don't know how much this resonates about the average american. she's talking about earning
11:20 am
$420,000 an episode versus $500,000 an episode for seven spacey which is an astronomical amount of money. i think we are still dealing with this in 2016. it is helpful and helpful for democrats who have made equal pay a real part of their platform. >> how does that affect republicans on that issue? >> when you have someone as prominent as robin wright making this argument then it goes into the mainstream and becomes part of the pop culture conversation. patricia arquette talked about this giving her oscar speech a few years ago. jennifer lawrence has talked about this as well. i think when you have an actress who has relatively equal time on the show as she does with kevin spice ya on this show, then she has a real argument to make and she should be making it. also when you deal with the private sector, a producer would say to maybe another actress, well, you don't have as many lines and therefore we're going to negotiate your salary. >> i think this is all about the equal job for equal pay. i got to wrap it there, ladies. thank you. time for my take.
11:21 am
all i can say today is thank you, robin wright. not only did you have the -- you know what -- to demand the same pay as your counterpart actor kevin spacey in "house of cards requests but you also told your story publicly and that's only way we know about it. actress jennifer lawrence did the same thing speaking about equal pay last year for making less than her male co-stars in the movie ""american hustle."" when wright was asked what barriers she faces as a woman in hollywood at a recent public event, she told the truth saying, there are very few films or tv shows where the male is the patriarch and the matriarch are equal and they are in "house of cards." i like that tenacity, robin wright. it is a great message for girls and women of any age to never give up, fight for yourself and speak up. but it is also a great message for boys, too, because equal pay for women isn't just a female issue. it is about educating boys and men, too, to honor us in the same way they see themselves. let's talk about this now.
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welcome back to "the real story" now to a strange case that's happening out of pennsylvania where twin brothers charged with planting a series of improvised explosives at almost half-a-dozen locations. they planted them, apparently. live with more on what he found out, trace gallagher.
11:26 am
>> reporter: the twin brothers are 22 years old. one goes to school in pepperdine, the other goes to belmont university in tennessee. both were home from winter break last december when they allegedly began gathering up bomb making materials like metal pipes, fuel containers and propane canisters. they were captured on surveillance camera shoplifting some of the ingredients and purchasing others. the criminal complaint says over the course of 11 days the brothers went on a bombing spree in chester and lancaster county, pe pennsylvania. they began by blowing up a mailbox, then an ied in a wooded area. authorities say a few days after that they used a pipe bomb to blow up an amish phone booth and a day later blew up an amish produce shed. before finally blowing up a well pump shed on new year's eve. there were no injuries but state police and atf investigators say these were powerful bombs and
11:27 am
would have been deadly to anybody in the area. it is unclear if they were targeting anyone but investigators say this goes way beyond firecrackers. the brothers have now been charged with possession of explosives, conspiracy, theft and a few other charges. their preliminary hearing is now set for june 9th. gretchen. >> unbelievable developments, trace. thank you. back to the breaking news now. donald trump unveiling a list of 11 potential supreme court justices. who is on the list? and massive lines. thousands ever missed flights. now the feds say help is going to be on the way. but what exactly will they do to help? plus, this. >> i'd say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the door, let the people in! >> bern, baby bern. sanders on fire in last night's primaries promising to fight clinton to the bitter end.
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11:32 am
what's your over arching analysis of this? >> it's interesting because it is a mix of what we've been able to look at so far of both federal judges but people who are also judges at the state level. they don't always get as much attention. we've got members here i believe of the colorado and utah supreme court that jump out as people who are a little bit different in that they're not current sitting federal judges but a number of these judges are names we've heard before in conservative administrations. they would be on potential short lists for different folks. i think of diane sykes, she was appointed by george w. bush. she has long been a favorite among conservatives. she's a tee mafemale. currently the three female members tend to vote with the left leaning side of the bench. that's someone who is very attractive to conservatives. i look at the chief justice of the texas supreme court, don
11:33 am
wi willell. he has a bit of a personality and quite a following from folks who find him very entertaining on a personal level as well. but again, a number of these judges. you look at -- from thomas lee of utah, he sits on the utah supreme court. his brother is senator mike lee who is somebody whose name has been in contention as well many times on the short list. but again we do have people who are both federal and state mixes here. we have several who have clerked for justices on the supreme court. steve colloton of iowa clerked for justice rehnquist. also a former clerk for justice thomas, allison eid of colorado, who is serving on the state court there. so it is an interesting mix of people. there are men and women on this list, state and federal, with all kinds of different backgrounds but one thing in common is that they tend to be conservative and leaning toward the right in many cases on the bench. >> stand by, if you will. we also have simon rosenberg,
11:34 am
president and founder of the new democrat network and former bill clinton campaign advisor an larry o'connor host mornings on mall on wmal on washington radio, also editor at large for larry, was this earlier than we thought? bret baier who of course anchors "special report" recently interviewed trump and said he would release this shortly before the convention. now we have this list. why? >> i don't know why but i think it is a smart move. it certainly steers the media narrative for the next couple of days which trump is so good at. it is also also not some crazy statement at a rally but it is substantive and gives the, side to debate and possibly coalesce around. most of us were figuring this thing would come in the weeks before the convention. maybe he is saving that week before the convention for his vice presidential pick. justice sykes' name sticks out to me. she's always constantly showing up on these lists over the last
11:35 am
several chances for republican president nominee. but specifically today i think it is important because just yesterday a d.c. federal judge, richard leon, struck down the district of columbia's draconian laws against concealed carry permits here in the state. judge sykes is very strong on the second amendment. she actually ruled against chicago's ban on firing ranges. she was able to loosen up the second amendment in chicago, of all places. i think if this election in november comes down to the second amendment, you look at states like colorado, florida and virginia and ohio where this election could be decided, i would love that debate. donald trump's pro-gun justice versus hillary clinton's d draconian anti-self-defense. >> could trump be putting these names out now to try to deflate any more talk about anything else? >> this period between him wrapping up the nomination and
11:36 am
the convention is all about one thing which is about making him look presidential and be taken seriously as a president, not seriously as a guy in the game but somebody who could actually be president of the united states. and so i think this is another step in that way. we saw the coverage that he received last week when he came to washington. it was almost popian, it was almost like the pope coming to down. he's already announced his transition team head. right? the person running his vice presidential pick. they're trying to create the impression that this is a very serious campaign getting ready to become the president of the united states. just another step in that direction. >> we are waiting today for this meeting with henry kissinger. that was big news in and of itself. foreign policy has been of course top of mind for most people in america. >> i think this goes well beyond just looking presidential. it is also about unifying behind the candidate and behind ideas. don't you wish the democrats could be doing that right now. >> i'm going to get that to in a
11:37 am
moment. i want to deal shannon back in here because she covers all the courts for us here at fox. it is interesting, merrick garland actually has been put forth by president obama to fill that seat. and of course, republicans have said, look, we call stalemate on this because we think we should wait until the next person is elected president. but i want to go back to some of the other names on the list. you mentioned thomas lee of utah. his brother, wasn't mike lee also throughout of, the senator, as somebody that might be named? >> yeah. his name has come up quite a bit. he's somebody who clerked at the high court for justice alito. he is a very well respected intellectually deep and very much conservative. hs name has come up a number of times for this supreme court. he has a rich legacy, he and his family in the judicial branch. again now his brother is sitting on the supreme court in utah is now on short list for donald trump. so not surprising there but what's interesting is that so many of these federal judges often have clerkships at very
11:38 am
high levels and many of them with the supreme court. and there are several who have, as i mentioned earlier, clerked for people like justice thomas, justice rehnquist. if you are trying to satisfy conservatives that you are going to take people who are serious and will adhere to the conservative philosophy while they remain on the court, because we know a lot of folks come here and drift away from the right once they're on the court. clerks for thomas and rehnquist, he'll impress conservatives with those kinds of picks. >> shannon, thank you much for your expertise today. moving on briefly to what we alluded to with simon and larry, which is the democratic disarray. i think this is fascinating. sanders wins oregon, basically ties in kentucky and there is no earth which way he can become the nominee because of superdelegates but he could actually go to the convention with more pledged delegates and he says that's exactly what he is going to do. he is not going away. so how does hillary clinton get past this?
11:39 am
because she's not only fighting donald trump now, but she still has to fight off bernie sanders. >> yeah. look, i think this is a major test for party leadership and for hillary clinton to work this out. if this doesn't get worked out and bernie sanders doesn't come on board and play ball, right, there could be a split that would give trump a serious shot at winning this thing. i think part of hillary's whole story is that she was secretary of state, she could bring people together, she could work to get things done, find common ground, work to get things done. well, her first opportunity to show that kind of presidential leadership is what she does with bernie sanders over the next few weeks because he is a little angry and i think that the party is going to have to work very hard to prevent this from going off the rails. >> you are making it seem like hillary clinton can just call up bernie sanders and say hey, stop it now. that's not going to happen. by the way, dnc more and more there have been calls for debbie wasserman schultz to resign now
11:40 am
because people believe this whole thing was a set-up by the establishment. larry, who would have thunk? that whole story line was about the republicans this year. guess what? that race is pretty much finished now. now we're still debating the chaos that could unfold at the democratic convention. >> it's unfolding before our eyes. just look at nevada last weekend. and debbie wasserman schultz's performance last night after the kentucky primary. i love this narrative on the left that bernie sanders needs to jump on board and conform to the front-runner for the democrats. but donald trump needs to jump on board and conform to those who didn't win the republican nomination. it's an interesting little two sides of the same coin there. here's the biggest problem with the democrats right now. from the beginning, debbie wasserman schultz and the clinton team that set up this entire what should be a democratic process to pick their nominee, they've set the entire thing up as really a coronation and the sanders people hate it. and in response to that, debbie wasserman schultz and the clinton team are responding with strong-arm tactics that looks
11:41 am
like a push. i hate to say this, but simon rosenberg would be a better dnc chair person right now than debbie wasserman schultz. i just doomed your chances, simon. >> guess what? she has a challenger in her own race in florida. so -- a serious challenger. i think he is going to be on this show actually tomorrow. stay tuned for that. >> i will. >> simon and larry, thanks much. lots people looking to donate, trying to give their cash to donald trump. but he's said time and time again that he won't take money from super pacs. potential donors are stumped on how to actually give him the big bucks. one of his financial advisors explains how he can make that all happen. that's coming up next. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference...
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11:45 am
action on the call telling the great america pac he feels confident about mr. trump. >> the more i spend time with him, the more i talk with him, the more i see how he has analyzed this country properly at this particular point in time. i feel very comfortable that we're going to win and i think we have the potential to win overalmo overwhelmingly. >> founder and co-managing partner of skybridge capital. he's also a member of the trump campaign finance committee. perfect person to talk to. so it is interesting because mr. trump has said he doesn't want to take money from super pacs. right? >> yes. >> one of his most important lines on the campaign trail was that he was self-funded. >> i think he's been pretty consistent about he wanted to self-fund the primary process. he didn't want anybody to put money in there until it was clear that he was the presumptive nominee. he's now opened himself up to the idea of raising the hard
11:46 am
dollars, gretchen, which is what we're responsible for on the committee which is those 20 $700 checks. we just signed a joint fund-raising agreement with the rnc. >> break it down a little bit though. somebody like sheldon aidleson who is a billionaire out in las vegas and he wants to give $100 million. how does he do that. >> he would have to go through one of the pacs. so the one that governor perry's talking about is being run by ed rollins and a few guys. basically that's not a pac that's sponsored by the campaign. these are just individuals in the united states that have agreed to get together to raise money and to use it for advertising or some kind of connectivity to the campaign to help donald trump become president. >> you're not going to use any of that super pac money then. the campaign is not going to use thattin' in. >> they actually can't. there's legal restrictions on that. so there has to be a very thick chinese wall between us and them. >> sure it is not a mexican
11:47 am
wall? >> depends on the size of that wall. >> okay. just kidding about that. here's the thing, there's also these sort of scam super pacs out tlo. how do people know what's legitimate, what's not? >> i would say that the ed rollins/governor perry one seems to be more legitimate. i'm not going to really comment on these scam super pacs because i honestly don't have enough information about them. i would say in all cases, caveat emptor. i would really prefer that people give money, hard dollars, to the campaign. the campaign chair is going to announce a grassroots website where i really think we're going to have a lot of involvement. there are millions and millions of people out there that are very enthusiastic about mr. trump's campaign. we think we're going to get a lot of hard dollars that way. >> let's go back to this rnc and trump fund-raising agreement. here are some of the things about that. enables trump to directly raise money for the rnc. donors could give as much as $450,000 each. designate two fund-raising committees. first a trump victory fund-raising agreement between trump, the rnc and state
11:48 am
republican parties, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. what does that all mean and what do you hope to get out of that? >> what it basically means is we'll work very closely with the rnc. we try to come up with levels where we can sort of fast track the process. running this is an entrepreneur who's built a hedge fund, he has a movie production business. he is a brilliant guy. when i met with mr. trump on monday he said he couldn't have found a more competent person to get up to speed on all this stuff. he is a very well organized guy. one of my roles on the campaign is to help him go out and recruit the bundlers that we're going to need in all 50 states to bring in that money. >> so this grassroots website you talk about. is that big news? i think a lot of the trump supporters would like to help but maybe they only have $20 to give. >> so there you go. that's the perfect number actually. maybe it will be $15 to $20. we'll go out to millions of people and say, hey, chip in here. because what happens when someone gives a $20 check, they
11:49 am
become hugely invested in the campaign. it is almost like buying a stock or an option on the future. >> no doubt we have seen how successful that's been for bernie sanders. he's outraised hillary clinton with these much smaller donations. when might we see that website? >> i would say in the next two weeks. we've already got people working on it. we've already got huge demand. he's raised many of millions of dollars off we should raise several million dollars that way and then we'll get those hard donations you're referencing from the joint fund-raising agreement. still a living nightmare for air travelers. incredibly long tsa lines keeping thousands of travelers stranded. they are missing their flights. literally. now the government says it has a solution. matt finn live at chicago's o'hare airport. i don't mean to say that sutong in cheek, but the government? solutions? what did you find out? >> reporter: summer travel could be brutal. the tsa urging people to get to
11:50 am
the airport three hours before their flight but is relief in sight? coming up, when "the real story" returns. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. . .
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fox news alert now. donald trump has left trump towers. he's on his way to meet with henry kissinger. this happened just moments after he had another big media events where he listed replacements for scalia. also on the list, thomas ha hardiman of pennsylvania. william pryor of alabama. david stras of minnesota, diane
11:54 am
sykes of wisconsin and don willett of texas. trump said in march he planned to release the list of potential nominees to ease concerns, but he was set to release them just before the convention in july. now he has come out with those names now. we'll continue to cover this throughout the day on fox. in the meantime, pitching in to help relieve long security lines at two chicago airports. dozens of additional tsa agents are on their way now after thousands of passengers have missed their flights and hundreds of flights have been delayed. well, that's all because of those long lines. we're life at o'hare with the latest. what's the situation like today? >> reporter: a much different scene today. the lines here about 20 to 30 minutes, pretty standard finance an airport. much different than that meltdown on monday and even yesterday. since that happened on monday,
11:55 am
several politicians demanded answers from the tsa. republican senator mark kirk went as far to say the tsa director should resign if the problems weren't fixed. hundreds of part-time officers and up to 50 full-time officers here in chicago. so far it is working. >> okay. so lot of people like to travel during the summertime. they've already booked their flights. what's the outlook for the summer? >> reporter: the outlook at least right now is looking better. we have all that emergency federal backup. the lines here are much shorter. the tsa is saying because of that, it will be able to screen 5,000 more passengers here a day at o'hare. this isn't just a chicago problem. as flights are delayed here in chicago, we all know that has a domino effect on flights scheduled nationwide. the summer outlook might be much better, gretchen. >> all right. thank you. donald trump has left the
11:56 am
building. he's left trump towers on the way to meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger. this just moments after releasing a list of 11 potential replacements for the supreme court if he becomes president. more on that when we return. i'm terrible at golf.
11:57 am
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fox news alert now to tell you about. you're looking right now near the home of henry kissinger. donald trump has now left trump towers and he's making his way over for this meeting. it's going to happen with the former secretary of state. we don't know exactly what they're going to discuss. without any doubt, they're going to be talking about foreign policy and any ideas mr. kissinger might have for donald trump as he could potentially advise him moving forward. at the same time while this is happening, donald trump put out a list of 11 possible names to replace scalia on the supreme
12:00 pm
court. there are the names right there on your screen. they come from states like utah, minnesota, wisconsin, and texas. we'll continue to have coverage on this all thought the day on fox. thanks for joining me today. i'm gretchen carlson. in the last hour, donald trump released potential supreme court nominees should he win the white house. so who's he proposing for the highest court in the land? and trump again promising another first should he become president. what he's saying about north korea's leader kim jong-un. trump's -- hillary clinton's camp says he has a bizarre fascination. why is president obama promising a veto? plus, a violent case of mistaken identity. the gut-wrenching 911 call. >> bleeding really badly!


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