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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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court. there are the names right there on your screen. they come from states like utah, minnesota, wisconsin, and texas. we'll continue to have coverage on this all thought the day on fox. thanks for joining me today. i'm gretchen carlson. in the last hour, donald trump released potential supreme court nominees should he win the white house. so who's he proposing for the highest court in the land? and trump again promising another first should he become president. what he's saying about north korea's leader kim jong-un. trump's -- hillary clinton's camp says he has a bizarre fascination. why is president obama promising a veto? plus, a violent case of mistaken identity. the gut-wrenching 911 call. >> bleeding really badly!
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>> masked men looking for cash target the wrong family with tragic results. and the new rules for overtime pay. do you stand to cash in? why critics say it's going to cost lots of jobs. let's get to it. >> announcer: now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. get things started this wednesday afternoon, donald trump listing 11 potential nominees for the supreme court should he win the white house. so who are they? and the political context of it all. that's coming up in just a moment. first, trump is shaking up decades of american foreign policy. donald trump saying that as president, he would have no problem speaking directly to north korea's bloodthirsty dictator kim jong-un. the likely gop nominee said he would try to talk some sense into little kim. >> i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a
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lot of pressure on china. >> but with all that saber rattling toward china, the chinese seemed to love trump's idea. a spokesperson said his nation supports direct talks between the united states and the north korean leader. the united states has never had diplomatic relations with north korea in that nation's 70-year history. in that reuters interview, donald trump also walked back his praise of russia's president vladimir putin. trump said that just because vlad has nice things to say about him doesn't give russia a leg up in negotiations. donald trump meets with the gop easeder statesman of world affairs. kissinger is the 92-year-old diplomat and former top advisor to presidents nixon and ford. clinton's top foreign policy
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advisor referenced donald trump's remarks earlier this week quoting here, donald trump insults the leader of our closest ally and then turns around and says he'd love to sit down and talk to kim jong-un. it's worth noting, donald trump backtracked on his comments on the british prime minister saying he's sure they'll have a good relationship. so in review, putin was someone trump could work with, now not so much. cameron was a problem, now maybe not. in his utterance on kim jong-un, direct talks with a president trump are in order for the first time ever. meantime, as they bicker over world affairs, a warning from the feds that foreign hackers have them in their sights. there are already signs of hackers targeting our candidates and he warns it's going to get
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worse. >> dhs and fbi are doing what they can to educate both campaigns against potential cyber threat. so i anticipate as the campaigns intensify, we'll probably have more of it. >> security analysts tell the associated press that neither the trump or clinton camp's computers are secure enough. both candidates are likely targets after statements they've made about china. team fox coverage now of the race for the white house. first, carl cameron live at trump tower here in new york city. let's begin with these potential supreme court nominees. >> reporter: it's a list of 11 as you point out. this is something donald trump said several weeks ago he would consider doing before the republican convention in cleveland in july in order to let the republican party be assured from his perspective that he can be trusted to keep a
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supreme court conservative one. and some of these names come to the -- came to donald trump after consultation with the heritage foundation and the federalist society. two notable authorities on conservative prudence. by offering this type of reassurance of the types of judges that he would pick, and already having talked to organizations that make it their business to vet these types of people. it's meant to help unite the party. to that end, they'll probably have to submit their tax returns to the trump campaign much the same way vice presidential candidates will have to do the same. ironically of course the candidate himself says he won't release his tax returns until such time as an audit that's been under way for eight years and still ongoing is finally curtailed. trump made a point of saying
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he's not beholden to any special interests or pressure groups and that as of last night as changed. the trump campaign signed an agreement with the republican national committee and created two new fundraising accounts. one of which the maximum donation to is $4490,000. so lots of money and lots of doing business with organizations that do have special interests. >> it's worth noting and keeping in mind that donald trump's proposed supreme court nominees, he said everything he said during the campaign, everything is a starting point, part of a negotiation. so exactly who are these people? team fox coverage continues. shannon breen live in washington. >> it's an interesting mix, these 11 names are all judges. they sit some on the federal courts, others on state supreme courts. these aren't academics. these are people that will have a judicial record of some kind
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and he knows that. that these are meant to reassure conservatives that he is in line with what they'd like to see on the supreme court. we want to break out a couple names. judge diane sykes. she sits on the 7th circuit. she was nominated by president george w. bush. being a female, being a conservative, she's known as being tough on gun rights, gun laws, having pushed back against tough the tough gun restrictions in the chicago area. conservatives have long looked at her as somebody they'd like to see on the bench. diane sykes comes up on the list very often. so not surprising we would see her here. we also have thomas leon this list. he sits on the utah supreme court. he is the brother of senator mike lee, himself somebody who has been debated as somebody who could take a seat on the high court. they both clerked there.
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a very deep, rich history, judicial one in that family. and a conservative one as well. also texas supreme court justice don willett. he is a very interesting guy. he would be a younger appointee. and also has a ton of personality. as i mentioned a little bit earlier, he is somebody interesting to watch from a judicial framework, but also he's got one of the most hilarious twitter accounts that you'll ever follow. many funny things he does with his kids. not your typical supreme court nominee, but he's on the list today. >> thanks. more on this in a moment. first democrats. while hillary clintons backers are spending millions of dollars on donald trump, bernie sanders keeps insisting he's not out of this fight. clinton about 100 delegates shy of the number needed to clench. that's after sanders' win in
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oregon. the associated press hasn't declared a winner there. either way, the math didn't really change at all and it's frankly not going to change. secretary clinton is on track to clench this nomination next month. team fox coverage continues. mike emanuel live in d.c. >> reporter: bernie sanders sounds as committed as ever. he's doing two rallies in california later today as that is the big delegate prize on june 7th. sanders is trying to convince his supporters there's still a chance. >> this is in a sense the beginning of the final push to win california. [ cheers and applause ] many of the pundits and politicians, they say bernie sanders should drop out. [ booing ] >> reporter: sanders says he agrees with the boos and reiterated he isn't going anywhere until the last primary ballot is cast. >> while he keeps talking,
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clinton's people are going after trump. >> reporter: no question about it. a $6 million ad starting today. priority's usa action started this one called "speak" suggesting trump is a sexist. >> like girls that are 5'1", they come up to you know where. i view a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a ten. and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> reporter: trump just fired back on twitter. the pathetic new hit ad against me misrepresents the final line. you can tell them to go blank themselves was about china, not women. that ad will run over the next three weeks in ohio, florida, virginia, and nevada. shep? >> much more on donald trump's list of potential supreme court nominees coming up. the rest of the day's news, and the wild ride on wall street
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13 minutes past the hour now. the biggest super pac supporting hillary clinton launches its ad war against donald trump, the trump campaign is laying the groundwork for its general
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election strategy. not just the usual battlegrounds like ohio, florida, virginia, but others, more blue states like michigan, minnesota, and wisconsin. states that have not voted for a republican since, i don't know, the '80s or longer. the associated editor of the "wall street journal" is here. he thinks he has room to work. >> he may have. he has appealed to a lot of independents. he has appealed to a lot of people who have lost jobs, manufacturing jobs that have gone abroad. there's a certain argument that is slice of the bernie sanders vote that similarly feels economically disenfranchised, kind of nobody watching out for them, might shift to somebody like trump who has sounded that bell during the campaign. >> but he's offered nothing in the way of policy to fix it. not a word. they don't seem to mind that a bit. >> yeah, we haven't heard -- but
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nonetheless, he's opening up offices. he's been behind on the national superstructure for a campaign for a long time, right? you know, up until now. they're just really building it out. clinton already has that in place so she has an advantage. but it is notable. as you said, traditionally for the last two or three decades, traditionally blue states, minnesota, maine, michigan, pennsylvania, trump opening up operations. >> meeting today with henry kissinger. >> wouldn't you give pretty much anything to be in the room and listen to that. >> might need a translator. >> a.m. and f.m. radio, it would seem. like with the supreme court suggestions, the list that he put out of people that he would want to see on the supreme court, meeting with henry kissinger, you want to keep the momentum up, keep in the news. you want to look presidential. in the case of the supreme court suggestions, you want to
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reassure conservatives. meeting with kissinger, former secretary of state, somebody who really understands the nuance of foreign policy shows you're one, trying to get your game up maybe a little bit, also show respect to somebody who a lot of conservatives still adore. >> the list of supreme court nominees, donald trump reminds us everything he says is just a suggestion, including the wall and block on muslims. we know those are just suggestions now. as far as the list of suggestions go, this is another way to try to get the whole party coming together, right? i'm sure there are plenty of people out there concerned who might donald trump nominate. >> i think that's exactly right. i'm already thinking ahead, right? i'm kind of already in the job. that's the momentum here. i'm already in the job, picking the things i'm going to have to be doing. trump has been seen as somebody who has fractured the gop. but look at what's going on right now.
12:17 pm
there's fights in the nevada convention between sanders and clinton. these are very narrow victories, like kentucky for clinton. you might have a convention in philadelphia, even if clinton goes in with enough delegates that is fractious there, too. trump has more running room to seem to be the unifier of the gop whereas, the democrats who had this frontrunner who seemed to be taking the nomination from the get-go look less so with all this contention. >> i know it's killing them in there, too. good to see you. should families of the 9/11 victims, should those families be able to sue the government of saudi arabia? the house is set to review a bill that might just allow them to do that. but it's much bigger than just them in that event. because critics warn it could backfire in an enormous way. two sides of an important
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u.s. tanks are the bomb right? well, the united states failed to crack the top three of the tank challenge between nato nations. happened last week at a training area in germany. the host nation took top honors. denmark and poland rounded out the winners. in all, platoons from six countries took part. the goal was to improve military partnership between the nations. the events tested the offensive and defensive capabilities. the first competition of its kind in 25 years, and again, the united states not e top three. i don't know where the u.s. was, because it doesn't say that here. the house is set to take up a measure that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue
12:22 pm
saudi arabia for involvement it might have had in the terror attacks back in 2001. but president obama is promising a veto. supporters say this would finally give those families the opportunity to hold them accountable. critics say the bill could create a huge legal hassle and undermine international law. it's also unclear whether the families would ever see a dime. you see, the saudis deny any responsibility for the attacks of 9/11. they also could sell up to $750 billion in american assets. you remember, most of the 9/11 hackers were saudis and osama bin laden was from a well-connected saudi family. there's also that classified section of the 9/11 commission report. a senator says the 28 missing pages may show a connection between the hijackers and the saudi government. they're reviewing the pages to
12:23 pm
determine whether to release them to the public. it sounds kind of natural that you might put them -- put a lawsuit up against them. >> sure. >> it's what happens in return that -- that's whacky. a little scary. >> sure. you've got the $750 billion that they're threatening to sell. plus, there's all these diplomatic relations that we've had with saudi arabia. so that's also difficult. let's now shove all of this case into the new york city federal court system with new york jurors. there are so many issues that are going to come up. where's the money? who are you going to depose? this is now so many years ago. where are the documents? where are the witnesses? we're going to go through this process and a jury -- it's going to be difficult. it's already difficult with cases that aren't stale. >> bigger picture. if american citizens can sue the saudi government, can citizens
12:24 pm
from governments around the world sue us? >> that's great point. essentially what the law will do is, it lifts all sort of immunity. now u.s. citizens can sue foreign governments and foreign government officials. before this, libyan government because of all of the sanctions that the u.s. government put on libya ultimately paid $8 million per family to the tune of $160 million. so you have something like that. you have other ways to get that type of compensation for the families. it's just that the u.s. government hasn't done any of those embargoes and penalties that could push the saudi government to compensate if they were in fact responsible. libya did ultimately say they were responsible. >> one of the arguments i'm hearing now about the 9/11 commission report, one of the things i'm hearing is that some of it may not be factually accurate and once you put it out into the soup, if you will, it becomes accurate whether or not
12:25 pm
it is. >> so if those pages have the smoking gun that the saudi government somehow funded these hijackers of 9/11. all right, you still have a jury that has to make that determination. how long will it take to get a jury of 16 people, alternates, do you know how difficult it's going to be to empanel 12 jurors to decide on a case of this magnitude? very difficult. >> this nation, this saudi arabia that doesn't let its women do anything and treats its citizens in ways that would put the government on the shelf in the united states, we've been working with these people forever because of oil and yet claiming all this righteousness about human rights and all the rest. it's duplicitous and ridiculous. it's starting to bubble up. >> that's exactly right. a lot of it -- >> with friends like that, my
12:26 pm
god. >> who needs enemies. this may be the law that's actually going to bring in any foreign government that may be responsible for terrorist acts. arrest at least -- either active or passive. that's one thing about this act. it doesn't have to be an overt act. it can be passive. i know these guys may do something horrible to the u.s. government, but we don't care. >> cans of worms. careful when you open them. the obama administration pushing to get overtime pay for millions and millions and millions more american workers. some business owners of course say that could force them to cut those workers' hours. we'll have both sides of this debate. plus, a bloody home invasion that cops say was all a case of mistaken identity. a husband stabbed while defending his own family. wait until you hear the 91 call from the white house. on america's choice for news and
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information on cable. this is fox news channel.
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we have a fox report. a pilot barely escaped after a fiery crash at an airport. he collided with a parked plane while trying to land. that's what rescue crews told local tv nation. this happened not far from sacramento. the pilot is in the hospitalized after suffering third-degree burns. cops in florida say they arrested an uber passenger after he pulled out a syringe and threatened to inject the driver with hiv. and u.s. officials have returned to the italian government a rare copy of the stolen letter that christopher columbus wrote. at some point, someone nabbed the copy before selling it. the thief replaced the original with a forged version. the news continues with shepard hit right after this. thousands of people
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cops say three attackers stab add father inside his home while they were looking to steal thousands of dollars in cash and drugs. but it turned out, they had the wrong guy because they went to the wrong house. that's according to the police in golden, colorado. they say a teenager and two other suspects forced their way into this house on monday night. jessie and jessica swift were home. their two dids asleep in the basement. the wife ran to a neighbor and called 911. >> they're in my house! they attacked by husband and i! please! my husband's bleeding really badly! >> do you know who these people are? >> cops say the attackers stabbed the husband in the lung and kidney. he's recovering now we're told.
12:33 pm
they're still looking for the third attacker and a woman who might have been a getaway driver. the wrong house. trace gallagher in the west coast news room this afternoon. >> reporter: the homeowners thought the suspects were just kids fooling around. turned out the attackers were dead serious about finding $10,000 and drugs inside the home. aside from having the wrong house, they also picked the wrong couple because the swifts had no intention of lying down. when jessie swift went to his kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed the 21-year-old suspect caleb williams, that was enough for the other two suspects who fled the scene. a 17-year-old was caught shortly after. police are asking for the public's help in finding the third suspect, this guy, 21-year-old cody jones, who is also wanted for a string of other crimes. the female getaway driver has
12:34 pm
not yet been identified. >> the couple's neighbors, they ran over to help right? >> reporter: these are good neighbors to have. they never hesitated for second. jessica swift ran across the street screaming for help. three neighbors responded. one grabbed a baseball bat, ran into the house and sat on top of the injured suspect until police arrived. and the other neighbors spread out acting as both medics and caretakers. watch this. >> my buddy justin was helping our other neighbor with jessie's arm because he was bleeding pretty badly. then the other neighbors went downstairs to stay with the kids. >> reporter: the dad suffered stab wounds to his kidney and a punk chired love. jessica swift and her kids were not injured at all. >> trace, thank you. do you have a linked in
12:35 pm
account? time to change the password. a hack attack a few years ago was worse than they first reported. they reported 6 million passwords stolen. they meant 117 million. the tech site mother board reports a hacker is trying to sell them. never hurts to change your password and don't use the same passwords for all your other sites because that's dumb. millions of workers will get overtime pay. right now, in order to receive overtime, your salary has to be about $24,000 or less. but that amount is doubling to more than $47,000. the labor department estimates that will make more than 4 million new salaried workers eligible for overtime. labor groups and unions say it's been a long time coming. many business owners say they're upset. the business owners say they may have to switch salaried workers to hourly positions to give them
12:36 pm
fewer hours of work in order to afford them. jerry willis is with us on this. so $20,000 more a year you can make and still be required if you work more than 40 hours, you got to pay me overtime. for the worker, that sounds awesome. >> the administration is saying, hey, we've had a problem with incomes, they've been stagnant. what can we do? this is one of the solutions they've come up with. they believe there will be another $12 billion paid out to workers in overtime pay because of this rule. that's what they see for workers. particularly address people in retail, restaurants, hotel, even nonprofit associations will see a benefit from this. and what they didn't mention which is buried in the language of the bill is that they're going to reconsider this number every three wreers. >> and businesses hate this? >> businesses hate this, conservatives, republicans hate this. they say what's going to happen is there could be fewer workers, there could be more automation. let me tell you what the national federation of
12:37 pm
independent businesses had to say. entry level management positions are going to disappear and those employees will fall back into hourly jobs. small businesses everywhere will be affected. they say it's going to make it harder for small businesses to hire and grow their staffs. sometimes the dow is kind of boring and sometimes it acts like a roller coaster. we got up about close to 100 points. then the fed announces there may be a rate hike and down we went. is this all about the rate hike? >> there's a couple other things going on. i think it's mostly about the fed. you know how traders feel about rising rates, they don't like them. let me tell you this, it will be good for banks. >> because they'll make more money. does that come around to cds and deposits? >> i'm kind of waiting for that -- >> trickle down -- >> i'll let you know, okay. good to see you. the labor reform protest in
12:38 pm
france getting so bad that police are taking to the street to protest the protestors. you can see the police firing tear gas. the demonstrators say they're upset about a new law that extends maximum working hours while cutting holidays. the french president francois hollande says that the law will help jobless numbers. remember, they have a 35-hour workweek and that is too much. that's too much. so they're burning things. burning a car. many protestors chanting things like everybody hates the police. officers coming face to face with the protestors. police at one point chased a group of people along a canal in paris. causing a real mess down in the streets. you can see broken glass everywhere. people round and about taking pictures just about everywhere
12:39 pm
and there's always art in the mix. some artists seeing this as an opportunity. they're painting the burning cop car. we're getting a first look inside a highly secretive program from the national security agency. one that sends thousands of workers right onto the battle field. officials say it's saved american lives. plus remember boko haram chapture e ed -- captures hundr of school girls years ago? now for the first time, one of those girls has escaped and we have her story coming up.
12:40 pm
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12:42 pm
18 minutes before the hour. the islamic state is nailing its victims to crosses, viciously whipping people for listening to music, and forcing fathers to hand over their daughters. those are just some of the examples of the terror group's brutal crimes detailed in a new report from human rights group. this time the horror stories are
12:43 pm
from libya. the report documents the terror group's chopping off people's heading after accusing them of being spies. isis has gained power in libya by taking advantage of the political vacuum left by the killing of muammar gaddafi back in 2011. it's part of a highly secretive program to help save the lives of american troops and target terrorists in the middle east. that's what senior nsa officials told us. now for the first time, they're revealing details about this program, parts of which we previously classified. officials say the agency worked to send realtime intelligence to u.s. troops to help them avoid ambushes and zero in on the location of the terrorists. meantime, a u.s. army general is now warning that the islamic state could be getting back to its roots and focusing on
12:44 pm
carrying out terror attacks again. isis claimed responsibility for a series of bombings over the past weekend, killing hundreds of innocent people. the group may be trying to shift attention away from the fact that it's losing territory in iraq and syria where it's trying to set up so-called caliphate. we have a former cia military analyst herself. tara, thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> you saw all of these -- the horrible killings in baghdad over the weekend. you're like, you know they're trying to cover for something or is that logic flawed? >> basically you've seen they've lost territory, so they've shifted away from the battle field fighting and now turned to soft targets. this shows you that in addition to fighting them on the battle field, we need to be fighting them online, we need to be d
12:45 pm
disrupting their rerecruitmentment. >> i would we were doing all that? >> we are, but there's more that can be done. we need to be putting pressure on the technology companies and we need partnerships between the private sector and the government to work on this on all fronts. not just the military campaign, but the softer elements to it. undermining recruitment. >> we're hearing a lot more about isis in libya now. what are we to make of that? >> i think that's troublesome as well. we're seeing increased numbers in libya. a debate now going on here at home about what to do in terms of sending arms to the libyan government. that combined with the ramping up in baghdad is concerns. it's something to keep your eye on. >> katherine's report i found interesting that the nsa is sending people directly in there to try to give ground forces and
12:46 pm
others for that matter a little bit better intelligence. it sounds positive. what's your take? >> i think her report was interesting. it referred back to the 2005-7 period in iraq and afghanistan. and i don't think it's surprising. we want our intelligence agencies coordinating, both within the government, military. we want coordination both domestically between agencies in europe, international cooperation. these are all really important. this is important when fighting domestic terrorism in places like france, in places like belgium and here at home in the united states. information collection is an inter-agency process and you need to collect the information and share it in order to connect the dots. i think this was a good example of that happening during the height of the insurgency. >> i wonder what your take is on what's going on with the iraqi government. there were high hopes it seemed like that when this new
12:47 pm
government came in that it would do the very basic things we all know are necessary to make it work. first of all, be inclusive. have the different sects feel a part of it as a nation. that hasn't worked has it? >> it hasn't worked as well as we would like it to. it's a lot of deja vu. the same remarks were made back in 2004, back in 2005. we've been pushing the iraqis to unify for a while now. and it is disheartening that the recent political strife has been a catalyst for violence. >> how much of that's in iran's wheelhouse? >> you know, there's obviously smu some of the shia militant groups. but i think what you seen now is the ramping up against soft targets. i think this is something that is going to affect the iraqi
12:48 pm
security force's ability to focus on mosul and fallujah. that's really a reason to be concerned. we need to not only take away isis territory on the ground, but we also need to be undermining their recruitment efforts. when they have territory, they're able to do that better on the ground and online as well. >> your organization spends all of its time coming up with threat assessments from extremists. are you feeling better these days, worse these days, how would you characterize it? >> our organization works to develop reports on extremists themselves, you can go to our website. find all that information. i think there's definitely reason -- cause for concern, a lot more work to be done. we have seen progress made by the state department. technology companies have taken some small steps. but there's a lot that needs to be done. that's why we're working to make sure there's financial pressure
12:49 pm
on those organizations and stronger efforts on the digital front. the nsa story is critical because it shows the importance of technology and why you need to adapt your mechanisms to fight these groups. i think that's what we need to see more of, fighting them online and in the battle field as well. >> we appreciate your insight. >> thanks a lot, shep. traumatized. that's how a relative describes the first schoolgirl to escape the boko haram terrorists after more than two years in captivity. her uncle said somebody found her wandering in a forest with a baby. the girl has since gotten back together with her mom. she's one of the 219 school girls who boko haram militants captured back in april of 2014 after storming a school. meantime, a new united states report claims boko haram forced dozens of kids to blow themselves up in attacks just last year. children aaccounted for one in
12:50 pm
five suicide bombers in the year 2015. 75% of them girls. more politics ahead. remember all the talk of chaos in cleveland? it's going to be the democrats into the middle of that spotlight and they have some concerns of their own for philadelphia. stay tuned. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. democratic party bosses say bernie sanders is ignoring violent behavior by his supporters. sound familiar? they say they're worried the violence could spill over at the democratic national convention in philly this summer. in nevada, over the weekend, have you seen this video? sanders supporters flipped over chairs and booed california senator barbara boxer right off the stage. senator sanders has said he condemns any violence, but his
12:54 pm
campaign manager accused the chairwoman of the democratic national committee of throwing shade on the sanders campaign since the very beginning. the fox business network's blake burrman. what else are we hearing from the sanders campaign on this? >> bernie sanders' campaign not backing down at all today. his campaign manager went after the dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz this evening saying the dnc chairwoman as you said, throwing shade at the sanders campaign, i'm quoting here, "by in large the people in the dnc have been very good to us, debbie wasserman-schultz is the exception." the fallout saturday night in nevada when sanders supporters disrupted the convention. it spiraled out of control as political conventions go. a series of press releases ensued in the days following with sanders eventually condemning the violence but adding his campaign has been victimized as well. that apparently did not sit well
12:55 pm
with wasserman-schultz who said this morning that sanders' statement fell short. either way, shepard, this is raising questions no doubt about what a political scene or potential scene, really, at the democrats' national convention in philly could look like should sanders supporters feel like their candidate in any way is getting shortchanged there. >> the white house weighing in on this at all? >> they did. the white house press secretary josh ernest said a while ago he's not concerned of convention riots, instead he tried to make the case of not trying to confuse passion in the primary for unrest in the general. here he was. >> i think if anything the reason people are so passionate about the current primary process is they understand the stakes of the general election. >> however, the former texas governor rick perry back in the news today. he said on a conference call for a newly formed superpac backing donald trump that they feel good that sanders supporters will either do one of two things. either move to trump's side in
12:56 pm
the general or as perry put it, go fishing. shepard? >> blake, thank you. we'll be back with a look at the day a female pilot soared right through a major glass ceiling. and it happened on this day in history. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults.
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and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ on this day in 1953 a woman climbed on board a jet plane and became the first woman to ever break the sound barrier. historians say jackie cochran was one of the most accomplished pilots of all-time. before her supersonic flight, she had already made a name for herself as a racing pilot during world war ii she served as a recruiter and also helped to deliver american-built planes to britain. she broke the sound barrier over a desert in southern california. during her flight she averaged speeds of more than 650 miles an hour and jackie cochran flew into the history books 63 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news
1:00 pm
changes everything on fox news channel. the dow is up and down and all over the place and it's finishing flat. i guess the banking sector was leading the decline and energy leading the charge. they canceled each other out as they will. all right. more on that chances out on the markets. first to the east side of manhattan. what you're looks at is the apartment building of one henry kissinger, former policy icon, secretary of state in the nixon and ford administrations. probably one of the more influential foreign policy figures in american history. donald trump has been meeting with dr. kissinger now for the better part of an hour and you might notice that there is so much importance in this meeting that donald trump went to dr. kissinger. it is all part of anne esffort y the part of the trump campaign to develop some quality cred with those in