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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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greta. i go live every tuesday afternoon to answer questions. up next, "the o'reilly factor," good night from washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ >> the royale factor is on. tonight: [chanting] recount, recount. >> what kind of democracy is this? >> violent threats by fans of bernie sanders against other democrats. what is going on, talking points will lay it all out there. >> this is not love and opening their bathrooms. two perverted men. i'm a mother of 12, and i'm very disgusted by this >> target the target of a rant by a woman angry about transgender bathroom issues. we'll show you what happened. >> and can you tell them to go [bleep] themselves.
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>> also ahead, a george soros funded group dishonestly attacks donald trump. ♪ >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will violence mar the upcoming presidential race, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we have already seen violence at trump rallies spurred on by anti-trump protesters and exacerbated by trump supporters overreacting. a disgusting display in a republic dependent on freedom of political expression. we are seeing same thing involving bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. last weekend in las vegas, some sanders' supporters vented their anger against establishment democrats saying the primary system is rigged. >> we need civility in the
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democratic party, civility. [crowd booing] [chanting] recount, recount, recount. recount. >> the issue in vegas was the delegate count. sanders' supporters furious that some folks supporting the senator were disqualified for clerical errors. the chair of the nevada state democratic party believes she is in actual danger. >> they attacked a place where i'm employed, posted -- it's a restaurant and gaming bar. they posted on their yelp bad things about the restaurant. they've attacked my husband. they have made a clone facebook of my name and said awful things about my husband that looks like it's coming from me. there is no end to the threats and the vile comments that have been made. >> and indeed ms. lang has
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been verbally assaulted. >> >> and i hope police are working to find that guy and charge him with a felony threat. talking points believes that far too many americans are hateful when it comes to politics. i see it every day on both sides and it's depressing. dissent is fine. disenchantment can be positive. i deliver stinging political critiques every day on this program but i don't hate anybody. and try to deal with people in power in a very precise way that is fact-based talking points also believes that america is in trouble because of terrible policies that have weakened the nation but also because compromise is now seen as a weakness by many. the truth is that trump is not evil nor is hillary clinton nor bernie sanders
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nor barack obama. misguided maybe depending on your point of view, but not deserving of hatred. for the next six months the factor will spotlight the haters and hold them accountable. a bit later on we will show you how rank hatred and dishonesty from a george soros funded group. mr. soros personally responsible for much of the vile stuff in the political arena. of course, the worst part of all this hate is the effect it will have on american children. that will be terrible. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. new fox news poll on the election. donald trump has moved ahead of hillary clinton in this survey. 45-42. reversing 48-41 deficit in april. trump loses to bernie sanders in a matchup that will never take place 46-42. when asked about favorability senator clinton -- secretary clinton i should say got hammered, 61% have unfavorable view of her. just 37% favorable.
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but trump it's 56 not favorable, 41% like him, that's improvement from march when 65 american voters looked askance at donald trump. with us now to analyze all of this kirsten powers. you're here in new york. >> i know. i had to come see you. >> i have one request, don't hit me, all right? >> why? >> don't be like those vegas people. you can leave a message on -- but don't do that first of all, are you surprised by the rage that those people in las vegas supporting bernie sanders showed? >> i'm surprised that there was violence and i am surprised by some of the voice mails. let's be honest there weren't that many voice mails that were that bad when you consider how many bernie sanders supporters there are, it's just a handful of people. i'm not surprised people are angry, no, i'm not at all surprised. i don't have any problem with them booing barbara boxer. >> what do you think -- >> -- i think they are angry about the fact that they feel the system is rigged and feel that bernie sa%lq)s has been treated unfairly by the democratic party. >> do you feel that way?
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>> yes, i do. >> how? >> so the dnc has made it pretty clear that they are behind hillary clinton from the word go. >> that's debbie wasserman schultz. >> set up debates in a way to minimize exposure. they were on the weekends and on holidays and small number of debates and so i think bernie sanders fans, supporters feel he wasn't given a fair shot. >> you kirsten powers believed that the democratic establishment rigged the primary system against bernie sanders. >> yes, absolutely. yes. >> that's interesting. trump thinks the republican rigged. even though he won. >> sentiment on both sides. >> super delegates. delegates in hiding. delegates in the closet. >> so, trump's criticism and a lot of people who said no, it's not rigged because it's all out there for you to see, right? >> no, it's not. >> i'm not saying i agree with it, people said that rush limbaugh said trump is
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wrong because actually, if you just -- he should have sent people to fight for the delegates. and that's not what trump was saying. >> i don't like the whole sim. i think the system should be revamped so that the people are voting have much more say and that much easier to figure out which delegates are this and which delegates are that and states should have one uniform system national election. if you want to do state elections do whatever you want. new poll. good news for trump in the fox news poll. do you know why trump is surging? by the way? do you know? >> i'm not surprises, frankly. i can't say exactly why i know why i just want to know if you are as smart as me. >> did he come on the factor? >> no, he always comes on the factor when is he not mad at me. here is why trump surged because there are no more opponents, the people rooting for the opponents, all right, opponents are gone. some of those people have come over to trump and said look, is he inevidence
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tillable. don't like hillary clinton. therefore unfavorables dropped because people who liked marco rubio or ted cruz or john kasich, they, some of them, not all of them have said he is a guy so i'm going to get behind him. that's why hillary clinton hasn't moved because bernie supporters still don't like her then her unfavorables will drop. is that a good explanation? >> i followed that. >> good. >> i'm not sure that i agree that the same thing will happen when bernie sanders drops out. >> bernie will clutch hillary -- clutch maybe hand to hand, i don't know, and he will say vote for hillary and some of his supporters will just like the republicans. >> maybe. i think there are the bernie sanders people are going to be very unhappy and a lot of them. >> what's the alternative, trump? >> i don't like hillary clinton. >> i don't think many democrats will vote for donald trump it's possible they will stay home. >> we won't speculate on
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that. i predict mrs. clinton's unfavorables will go down as soon as she consolidates. i know why you like bernie, is he very entertaining but support him, venezuela is falling apart. >> does that have to do anything w. anything. >> that's a socialist state. that's social glism so is sweden. wife. >> no, sweden is not like venezuela. >> democratic socialism is what he supports. >> that's what happened. hugo chavez was elected democratically. >> he has said that it's more like a norway or a sweden. when he talks about the types of countries. >> there is only 18 people in those countries. >> more like viewpoint, it's not the countries that you always insist on bringing up that have nothing to do with him. and she would be another one. >> go to nicaragua. go to socialist countries and nothing works. >> why do you choose the ones he doesn't identify women. >> norway and sweden are not really socialists what they are are welt fair states. >> democratic socialists. >> welfare states.
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>> they are democratic socialists. >> no they are not. the government does not run private industry in those countries. >> that's the point. bernie sanders doesn't want the government to run private industries. >> yes, he does. >> know doesn't. >> you are constantly smearing bernie sanders. >> is he closer to fidel castro than he is to you. >> no he is not. you are making it up. >> he hone honeymooned in the soviet union? anybody watching this broadcast honeymooned in the soviet union? i make that. next on the rundown, was jesus a socialist? new poll asked americans that question. later, miller, on more campus madness on schools see nothing difference between men and women. i'm glad i did not go to those schools. that report upcoming. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when...
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impact segment tonight, new poll conducted by the barna group ask americans about economics and jesus. first question, do you think either capitalism or socialism aligns better with the teachings of jesus? 24% say socialism, 14 capitalism. the question apparently too difficult for the rest of those asked. which presidential candidates' policies align closest to the teachings of jesus, 21% say bernie sanders, 9% hillary clinton, 11% ted cruz and 6% donald trump. the trump numbers though jesus would not be living in the trump tower surrounded by gold. he wouldn't. >> i don't think it applies to any presidential candidate ever. jesus was a transcendent figure. you can't assign. >> jesus himself would not be living in a trump our tower. >> he was humble carpenter. >> he ha h. no aspirations
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of material things, eboni. >> it makes sense to me. a lot of people feel the teachings of jesus was about about the collective well being of the collective is more important than the individuals. >> you said the word christ. this poll did not assign religion. so christ, if you call jesus, jesus christ, that means you are key finding him as the redeemer. >> jesus christ it me. >> ascend to do heaven. this one was jesus the man. interestingly enough, the philosophy of jesus was to reject materialism, to depend on other people for your well-being and to give to the poor as much as you could. >> here's the key distinction though. jesus did not believe in government coercion to redistribute wealth or to demonize the wealthy. biblical expression is the love of money is the root of evil. not money itself but the love of it because it drives a wedge between you and god. >> creates a %elf-centered situation. >> bring town caesar what is seize caesar's and god
5:16 pm
god's. there are earthly responsibilities including the tax man will always cometh and that you do have to take care of that as well. >> pay them. >> he believed in private charity. he believed in people taking care of each other, not through coercion, not through state force, for example. >> what do you think? >> that makes sense to me. i also think for many that they feel there is a moral issue around economics. there is this issue of many people having so little and few people has a lot. >> that's what bernie sanders runs on. morally wrong for the one percenters, the billionaires. >> that's why is he so vocal of his praise of the current pope, i believe. that's a place where he really resonates. >> but the pope lives in a lavish. he himself does not live in the chambers, he lives in much more modest. the philosophy bernie sanders is not what jesus, in my opinion would be down with, current vernacular. bernie wants to take.
5:17 pm
jesus never ever took. he wanted you to give. >> that is correct. >> and also bernie wants to use the full weight of the government. >> to take. >> take and redistribute because the government knows best. jesus was not a robin hood kind of figure. >> eboni or monica or humble correspondent work. bernie feels that he has the authority or should have the authority to take from us, all right, to an extent that inflicts pain. >> injury, we would say in the law. >> right. because i don't want to pay more than 50% of my earnings to anyone. >> that goes back to classic marxism. so you talked about how he took his honeymoon not in vegas but in the soviet union. >> did you see powers' face? she was giving me jazz and i hit the honeymoon and she was out of here. >> the ruling elite taking from the people to redistribute and ultimately the state would wither away never worked that way in
5:18 pm
practice. >> i believe this poll is accurate, that most people thinking about well, jesus, he probably would be with sanders because sanders wants to redistribute to the poor. all right. but here's what i have done. and i shouldn't say this, but here's what i have done. when i die, which could be any time now because -- >> -- that's a long time away. >> i have eaten a lot of sugar. >> on the show for the ratings. >> most of my money will go to a charitable, my charitable foundation. >> that's right. >> you are giving it away voluntarily. >> i'm trying to buy my way into heaven. that's the strategy. frank sib that -- sinatra tried to do that bernie wants to take more of that money that's earmarked for children and vets and all of that so he can throw it away on government programs that we all know. >> they do such a great job of managing it? >> bernie, get out of my face, i'm going to heaven -- well, maybe not. >> critical point what we known have socialism pretty bad. equal share of misery and poverty and oppression.
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>> i agree with not criticizing and demonizing prosperity. >> all right, ladies. vicious attack ad against trump dishonest. wait until you see it martha maccallum up ahead woman upset about the transgender situation freaking thought a target store. >> when are you going to wake up? when are you going to stand up for the right things, america. are you going to let the devil rape your children, america? >> i hope not. the factor is coming right back. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, one ever the so-called political action groups supporting hillary clinton is priorities u.s.a. heavily funded by far left financial guy george soros. secretary clinton is not allowed by law to have direct contact with a group
5:23 pm
like that. which is hammering donald trump over the woman issue is recent ad featured women mouthing words that trump has said. >> i view a person who is flat chested as very hard to be a 10. >> you can tell them to go pleep themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you? priorities u.s.a. action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now the go 2k3w0 [bleep] yourself line had nothing to do with women. >> we are going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to gore themselves. >> so they took that line about economics and put it into an anti-women commercial. joining us from washington molly hemingway senior editor at the. and political editor at bustle online women's
5:24 pm
magazine. do you consider that to be deceptive? >> you know, i wouldn't have included that line of focusing attack ad trump's use on women just because he provides plenty of evidence on his own and his misogynistic comments about women. it's important to put out to voters it raises questions about presidential temperament. completely game to have it evaluated. >> not in the context in the way they did it the ad featured all women and the ad was all of the other things in the ad were points that they believed priorities u.s.a. believe shows that trump is antiwoman and then you throw in that as a descepter. is that acceptable to you as a journalist? is it acceptable? >> i think it's acceptable because the comments are all fair game. >> so you are okay with that? see, i'm not. >> i don't think it's ineffective ad. >> that's aside. i don't want deceit, all right, in the public airways, am i wrong, miss
5:25 pm
hemingway? >> all quotes are going to be taken a little bit out of context. this one was really bad and undercuts the entire point of the ad. if you are going to have to go after donald trump you have to be careful how you do it, can he easily say this was totally taken out of context and i think he has a very legitimate point here. >> right away he tweeted it was and it diminishes the whole ad. what i'm trying to get at is there are no rules for priority u.s.a. no reporter for these people. they can do whatever they want to do. internet ad. soros kicks in millions and millions of dollars to this group. they are not honest group. they have never have been. it's smear merchant stuff as emily just pointed out there. is enough stuff legitimately that you can debate about donald trump and women in the u.s.a. you don't have to do this. but these people are compulsive. they almost can't stop. >> i think the bigger problem might be, too, we know candidates can't
5:26 pm
coordinate with super pacs. isn't it interesting that the media have been hitting this very seem theme at the same time as the "new york atta. >> one of the issues they believe that can hurt trumped in the general election. so do you believe that there is a concerted effort and you work for a woman's magazine. >> i do, indeed. >> concerted effort by not only the soros crew, which is working on behalf of hillary clinton, they want her elected an the "new york times" and other liberal media to kind of paint this picture that trump is antiwoman guy? >> no. because he does that himself. this election with his own comments about carly fiorina and heidi cruz. these completely rub women the wrong way. he, of all republican candidates, since 1972, polls the absolute worse with white women. is he doing this all on his own. it's almost ineffective to
5:27 pm
do an ad targeting him on women. >> you think the whole issue has been decided already? >> look. >> you don't have to do it anymore? >> i think he puts his own evidence forward that i wouldn't be are super pac ads on him. >> that's hillary clinton going to do. you know what trump is going to do back. don't mess with me on the ladies issue because you have got your own ladies issue and that's where it's heading. >> if you have one name of women from politics that's is clinton. her husband having this prominent role and it's a disaster to bring him back into the white house and he has some serious problems and donald trump is not afraid to bring those back up in the same way that the media. >> women back on what their spouse is doing. that's not really fair. >> trump needs 10% more women as the latest poll shows to get the white house. he needs to persuade 10% more to go his way. ladies, thank you. plentd more ahead as the factor moves along this
5:28 pm
evening. miller on more pc on campus. women should be blended. no differences. wait until you hear this. also, martha maccallum on a woman going nuts in a target store. >> what target has done is very hateful. it's hateful towards families. it's hateful towards mothers it's hateful towards women. >> and that was the cereal aisle. we hope you stay tuned to these reports.
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unresolved problem seeing want tonight. money and those who want to be president. as you may know donald trump has resisted making his tax returns public. this week released a financial disclosure statement to the federal election commission citing a $57 million in income last year and a net worth of more than 10 billion with a b dollars. hillary clinton reports she made $6.5 million last year, speaking and from book royalties, bernie sanders has asked for extension in his reporting. joining us now from washington, dave leventhal, senior reporter at the center for public integrity and nonpartisan investigative news agency. sanders' deal is strange. he doesn't seem to have any income outside of his senate salary why does he need extension. >> by u.s. senate standards bernie sanders is dirt poor from what we know. >> yeah. >> last time in 2015 when he released one of these reports, he hardly had anything to his own name. a lot in his wife's name but very little in bernie sanders name. even had credit card debt.
5:33 pm
he said this is probably a great thing because can i relate to people who are in those financial situations. i'm not beholden to the billionaires and millionaires he likes to say. big question mark in 2016 what he has been doing the past 12 or so months with his own finances. different time for bernie. >> he won't talk to us. and that's disappointing but i think trm makes him look bad look, you know this is coming. may 15th was the date. you knew it was coming. put it out there. and it looks like is he hiding something but i agree with you. he does have a lot of stuff in his wife's name. i would like to know what that stuff is. but i don't think sanders is a wealthy guy. here's the question. do you believe with all this income inequality business that american en masse care if their president is extremely wealthy like trump or a relative pauper like sanders? do they care? >> first of all i don't think you have too many
5:34 pm
people sitting around in kansas or texas or vermont wondering oh, oh, you know, what does it say on page 72 of donald donald trump's special disclosure? are people going to vote according to that. a lot has been made of personal wealth during this election cycle. on one hand you have donald trump who waves his wealth around as a great advantage. hey, i'm successful. i'm a billionaire. i have $10 billion or whatever it actually is in reality to my name. i am a paragon of success and wealth. and hillary clinton, of course, very double edged sword for her. on one hand she can say yes, i have been doing pretty well but somebody who has tried to do everything that she can to relate to the middle class, to the every day voter as she likes to say and it's very difficult to do that when you are, yourself, a multimillionaire and have very strong ties to wall street and other places that the average american typically does not. >> what about the folks sitting at home who don't have much money, do they
5:35 pm
resent -- are they going to resent voting for a president, will they vote for the president who would be the richest president in history that would be trump or a woman as you just defined her who tries to pander to working americans but who gets $250,000 to give a speech. i mean, are they going to vote or are they going to stay home? are they mad? what do you think? >> if you are a bernie sanders voter that is probably crossing your mind right now, wondering because, in all likelihood, bernie sanders will not win the democratic nomination, of course, so they have a big choice in front of them. either get on the clinton train, maybe consider trump, who knows. you know, a third party candidate. but their options are limited because they have gone all in and supported not only in word or deed but financially. a lot of people who don't have a whole lot of money to spend, given their 1010 or 20 or 50 to do so bernie sanders, he is not the nominee what do they do. >> historically americans are not resented wealthy
5:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, the family policy institute of washington state asked some students at seattle university about gender. >> is there a difference in your mind between men and women? >> no? yes? i mean -- >> um, possibly? >> in general? yes. but, i don't know why i think that. >> socially, currently yes, there is. there is no need for that difference to exist scientifically and logically. >> if you think that you are a male, if you think you are a female that matters more than the biological difference. >> there is not much difference besides what society forces on to people. >> i don't think there is any way to distinguish between a man or a woman and
5:41 pm
i don't think it's necessary. >> again, that was legitimate survey not "watters world." joining us from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. >> things are different since we attended college, hey, miller? >> i couldn't see anything else but the difference in college for four years. these kids can't see the forest for the lack of a tree for god's sake. what are they? kidding me? you know what i see in that video, billy, i see fear honest to god. people will say oh they are stupid. they are not stupid. kids aren't stupid. are they brain washed a little? sure they are, mostly i see fear. if you say anything on a college campus now, you will be os ostracized. can't listen to anything but boy smoking in the boys ropes it's got to be smoking in the transroom. >> they are scared. they don't want to say
5:42 pm
anything politically correct. they don't want to say you know what? there is a pretty big difference between men and women. >> you hope it's a big difference. you hope it's a big difference. >> the difference ised in the way they dress the way they conduct themselves in the market mace. they are usually savages where women are kind and gentle [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> we have to [bleep] >> he said anatomical word but we bleeped it. >> what we are trying to get at. they are afraid and you are right they are not all as dumb as they look. they really believe equality means there shouldn't be any difference in gender. that's what it should be, miller. that's what the rainbow pot is. >> maybe i'm not smart enough to follow all of this. i remember when i was in high school. if you are going to give high school guys and i remember three or four
5:43 pm
lunatics in my high school a reason to show up at school one day and say they feel like women one day and want to go into the locker room. i can't specifically express what's going to happen but it ain't going to be pretty. >> here is my solution to this whole problem, president obama, the supreme court and congress should all gather in the nation's capital and be shown the movie animal house. they should all have to watch the movie. your pal john belushiy. and then afterward we have a big discussion. there are differences between men and women and people on both sides. >> just between me and you, billy because we are friends. >> nobody else is listening to this. >> i can't say the word. i get that. but you know what the big difference is between men and women, right? we're playing this game. you know there is a big. >> men are usually better at chess. >> all right. there you go when we last
5:44 pm
left miller we were talking about president obama making bison the national animal. then we got into question about difference between buffalo and bison. >> did i read this week they can now use the same bathroom. [ laughter ] that settles it. >> so there is your funny bone. >> thank ranks with the m&m line. >> buffalo is not indigenous to america. indigenous word of the day. buffalo shows up in africa and some asian countries. bison is native to america. they are cousins. good line, miller. did you just think that up or did you write it. >> just thought it up. now that we figured that out. can we talk about the elk and the moose and next week
5:45 pm
on mysteries of the mindless man mann malls, the pelosi versus wasserman schultz. >> the d man and i owould like to thank everyone in reno, nevada. evening sun show in connecticut. denver and biloxi selling fast. info on bill o' tickets make tremendous gifts for dad and granddad on father's day. excuse me, martha maccallum on deck. woman goes nuts in target store over the transgender deal. wait until she hears miller. right back with that. they brought this on themselves.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? woman going nuts over transgender bathrooms and college pressure to support hillary clinton. >> so you have felt pressure from other women to support hillary because of her gender? >> absolutely, yes. absolutely. i have had people come up and tell me straight out you are a female, i can't believe you would vote for a republican candidate. you would vote for a independent candidate. you would vote for any other candidate. by defealt fault there is some pressure to vote for her. >> do you think the system is rigged for hillary? >> do you want the real answer? yes. >> definitely, yeah. i mean, it's obviously going to work in hillary's favor. >> maybe there is a rig or something like that. >> the system is a little bit rigged. >> i do think it is a little rigged in her favor. >> all right. with us now fox news anchor martha maccallum. what's this campus reform group again? >> first of all is fascinating. campus reform is a group that investigates bice bias college campuses. project for leadership education nonprofit in
5:50 pm
washington, d.c. or virginia, rather. but, basically, their task is to look for bias on campus. >> they do a man on the street here. >> um. >>um were you surprised that college students are feeling pressure to were you surprised that college students are feeling pressure to support hillary clinton 1234. >> i find it interesting. these young women in particular are speaking in a post feminist voice. they're saying, we don't care if she's a man or a woman. we don't understand why we would be pressured to pick her because she is a woman. the issue of trust seems to be more important to them. the game is rigged. >> although this campus reform website tends to lean to the right. this is backing up what we've seen in exit polls every week. young people support bernie sanders. they think the system is rigged. and they don't see why they need to vote for hillary clinton because she's a woman. >> what about the madeleine albright statement.
5:51 pm
>> i don't think people grow up thinking, they will vote for a man or a woman. i find this interesting, i think young women think, give it to the best person for the job. >> i don't think most college students are feminists. >> the feminists are really, you have to put a woman in the white house. the other nonfeminists, they want the best person. >> i think feminist is an outdated term. yes, women of an older generation consider themselves feminists. i think that's something feminists should be applauding. a woman goes into a target store and vents her displeasure about trans gendered bathroom issues. >> attention target customers. target would have you believe with their mother's day displays
5:52 pm
that they love mothers and children. this is a deception. this is not love. and they prove it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men. i am a mother of 12, and i'm very disgusted by this wicked practice. >> that video goes on the internet and goes viral. we don't know who that woman is. they're keeping it -- we'll find out. we don't even know where the target store is, right? we do know that she was in the cereal aisle, approaching captain crunch when she let loose. what do you think of that? >> cuckoo for coco puffs, maybe. one of her family members -- she said she has 12 children is holding this camera. she wanted this online. >> you know what i say, this woman has credibility with me. you have 12 children, you know a lot about bathrooms. i mean -- and you know, there's
5:53 pm
a different kind of rotation and -- if you have 12 kids. >> you also know you're not going to let your 4-year-old walk into a bathroom by themselves. she's yelling and screaming about the fact that she thinks transgenders are perverts and homosexuals are perverts. there's no inequality between those two terms. she has a warped view. >> this video surfaced on a cleveland anil yacht. you're right, you can't go into -- she could be arrested for doing that. >> you can boycott target. >> you can't scare captain crunch. >> you look a little dinah shorish with the sweater. >> you remember dinah, right? >> i sure do. >> pastel, springtime in new york, right? keeping secrets. tip moments away. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve
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can you keep your mouth shut in a moment? we have a number of things going on here on the factor. legends and lies begins sunday evening june 5th. legends and lies the patriots. you're going to like the series and alexander hamilton, we have him rapping out there. we're telling you the truth about these people. you can preorder the book on billo' or you get it free if you become a premium member. we'll pick up the shipping on it. then there's the factor store on billo' remember all the money i derive from the website goes to charity. give please a chance will be out in november. i am giving all of my share of that book to charity, the child help organization in phoenix will get the money.
5:57 pm
i figured you'd want to know that. oxnard, california, you are equating campaign bombast with general deportment. arturo. in his private time, i don't know. mowin, you question whether a feminist reporter could cover the trump family. katie has relentlessly bashed trump. how can she give an honest opinion. big difference between a hard news reporter gathering facts and a pundit gathering her opinion. we balance katie with commentators like monica crawly and lou dobbs. apparently you disagree with a real pro about woodward on trump. you mentioned bob costa at the new york times as a person who
5:58 pm
listens. you were talking over woodward. here's what you missed, tom. woodward and i discuss hard news reporting not editorials and mr. costa works for the washington post. not the times. rick mcdonald, tsa stands for thousands standing around. lori rogers san diego, a bill, does jesse waters have a possi? no, he does not. he has twins. my tip of the day for you is tell us the meanings, if you look it up, you will never forget it. dr. mark litum, australia. can you move here and run for prime minister? i love it here.
5:59 pm
>> thank you for the compliment. >> keeping your mouth shut. today at breakfast i had an off the record conversation with a powerful hollywood guy about some entertainment things that may be addressing. both of these people trust me because they know i will not repeat what they say ever. now, this helps me do my job, which is to look out for you. a lot of information that helps in my commentary. of course i always check out what they say. when someone tells you something in confidence. never repeat it ever. you will become trusted and keeping your word is always noble. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website. also, we'd like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o'reilly at word of the day, look it up. no chuckiness when writing to
6:00 pm
the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. glenn beck supposed to be here tomorrow. the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, donald trump takes the lead in a hypothetical matchup against hillary clinton, it comes as mr. trump readies for the fight of his political life. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. in the past 24 hours we have seen new reports suggesting that donald trump is ready to change his image. addressing some of his most controversial remarks. he's not the man hillary clinton and her supporters would have you believe. this shift in tone evidenced in my own sitdown with him aired last night on the fox broadcasting network. to the brand new fox poll that shows donald trump leading hillary clinton in a head to head matchup, with 45% of the vote to her 42%.