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  Hannity  FOX News  May 18, 2016 7:01pm-7:55pm PDT

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it must be because i do your show. >> it's a big part of it. i agree with you. >> i have a feeling. >> today was a very big day. you have a list of names. >> i do. >> and you talked to me for a while now about releasing these names. your judicial philosophy. you said you wanted originalists. you said you wanted people like antonin scalia and clarence thomas on the supreme court. tell us about this list of names. >> i've been having a lot of feedback from a lot of different people and i've had, as you know, tremendous endorsements and i'm a conservative and i may have different views on different things and i think i'm extremely conservative as an example on trade. but a conservative would say i'm not because i don't necessarily believe only in free trade. you know what i believe on trade is good deals for the united states. >> fair trade. >> well somebody said to me, what is your view on trade? i said, my view is good deals for the united states. it's a very simple view and if you can call it conservative, call it whatever you want, but so with the judges they were saying, well, what happens if he appoints the wrong judges? and what we did, i just have it,
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we just took a -- >> tell us -- >> -- i thought what i would do is put this forward and this would be the list that i would either choose from or pick people very close in terms of the spirit and the meaning of what they represent and, of course, justice scalia is mentioned in here as right upfront as being one of our great judges and one of our great justices and i came up with the list, the federalist society was very much involved. various people were involved. as you know, jeff sessions, to me, somebody who i have great respect. >> it's gotten very good reviews in its immediate release. >> great reviews. the people who have seen it have give i will do it now. i can read them. i don't -- i hope your people aren't going to fall asleep as i read them. >> no, it will only take a second. >> highly respected conservative people. again, federalist society and others and others with the
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input. steven colloton of iowa. a man who is really an amazing person. allison eid of colorado. raymond gruender. and raymond is from missouri. thomas hardiman of pennsylvania. raymond kethledge. raymond kethledge of michigan. joan larsen also of michigan where i think i'm going to do very well, by the way, in the general election. i think we're going to do very well. thomas lee of utah. william pryor. >> by the way, thomas lee of utah is related to mike lee. >> brother. >> right. >> mike lee's a great guy. and his brother is highly respected. william h. pryor of alabama. david stras of -- somebody -- a friend of mine who's a great lawyer said this is a fantastic
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man. david stras of minnesota. diane sykes of wisconsin. don willett of texas. and that's your list. and we're going to either choose from this list or people very close to it in terms of their -- >> so this is your judicial philosophy. >> yes. >> you know, one of the things i think people had questioned, i had interviewed you a lot during this process and you gave me very specific things. and one of the top things i would ask you often is your judicial philosophy. you mentioned, as i said, scalia and thomas. they are what we call originalists. >> right. >> constitutionalists. >> correct. >> you are a constitutionalist. >> correct. correct. and i'm also -- i want high intellect, great intellect. these people are of high itellect, they're pro-life. we're going to choose from this list but at a minimum we'll keep people within this general realm and again, i have a lot of
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people that are conservative that really like me, love everything i stand for but they really would like to know my view because perhaps outside of the defense of our country, perhaps the single most important thing the next president is going to have to do is pick supreme court justices. >> this will have an impact for generations to come. >> for generations. i will say if hillary clinton, who's doing very poorly in this whole rigged system that sanderses happens to be in, but if hillary clinton for some reason wins, your country will never be the same because she's going to put disasters on the supreme court. so these are -- >> so this is interesting because i think there might have been some people -- i've talked to people on the radio show. some people said, well, donald trump is a recent convert to conservatism, and i asked you very specific questions, for example, you know, you say you want a balanced budget. actually told me once it's immoral to steal from our kids. >> i do want a balanced budget.
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we could do it a lot quicker. i've heard people say we'll balance the budget within 20 years. i'm sayi ining 20 years, what a you talking about? i do want a balanced budget. you have to understand, i was born in new york and really started my business, you know, i was in brooklyn and queens with my father but i moved to manhattan and started doing really, really well in manhattan. if you look at the statistics on manhattan, whether you like them or don't like them, it's very liberal, it's very democrat, and i think that, you know, probably a lot of people feel because i come from essentially manhattan, i would be that way. and i wanted to put this list out because i wanted to quell any fears that people may have. this is a list of people that i got them from people i most respect. >> you vetted each one. you almost did it like a job interview. >> well, i really -- i vetted but to a much greater extent the federalist society vetted and has tremendous respect. heritage has looked at it who i
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have great, great respect for. and i know senator sessions has brought the names around to different people in the senate. and people have seen the list. i mean, people have seen the list, but you're the first one that's seen it publicly. >> yeah, you know, this is the most important thing as you now transition to a general election. you talked about very specific things and i think when you look at all the exit polls and 65% of republicans feel betrayed by the republican party, that they haven't kept their promises. >> i felt betrayed. >> i felt betrayed, too. >> part of the reason i'm doing this. i had a very nice life. a very schiimple life. i have this great company, i have a family. >> i noticed your financial statement. you're doing okay financially. >> we're doing well. we put in our financials two days ago. we people are seeing -- i built a great company. people are saying why are you doing this? you're at a point where you can take it nice and easy and go to scotland and go to dural and do
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all these things you want to do, but i'm doing it because -- i'm putting back -- i want to put back. >> you want to give back. >> i want to give back, put back. what i want to do is make america great again. you know, the theme is such a great theme and i didn't even realize it was that good until i started really getting out there and i add to it and it's called america first. we're going to put america first. on trade deals. like we make deals that are so bad, they're so inconceivingly bad. and i said, no, no, we want you all to do well. america first. when china's ripping us to, you know, you look at trade deficits of $500 million a year, who's negotiating -- >> you want fair trade. you're not a protectionist. you want better deals. >> i want fair trade. problem with fair trade, the people we have now are incompetent. our president is, you know, he used the word the other day, not a nice word, but he's an ignorant president. he's an ignorant president. he doesn't know what's going on in my opinion. okay? >> and the opinion of plenty of
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other people. statistics also speak. millions more in poverty. millions more on food stamps. median income down thousands of dollars. he's taken on more debt than every other president -- >> not only that. >> by the way, one in five american families don't have a single member of the family working today. >> okay. and so much more. look, so much more. and you say that and i hear you say that, but so much more. we're losing our jobs. they're moving to mexico. our jobs. you look at carrier, look at ford, look at all those companies, nabisco, they're moving plants to mexico. we're losing our jobs. we're not making things. pretty soon we're not going to make anything anymore. i felt i had an obligation to do this. you look at our trade deals. i will make those deals so good, so fast. you know what, great relationships with these countries. we don't have a good relationship with china. china is building a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea, okay? yet they're ripping no inping m us left and right. we rebuilt china.
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single handedly what they've taken out of our country, we have rebuilt china. they have railroads and trains that go 250 miles an hour. we have a long island railroad that chugs out to long island. >> i've been on it many times. >> we don't have anything. we've become a third-world country. i'll tell you what. >> we're becoming one. >> a lot of the technology is our technology. we're selling technology to the world and we don't have it ourselves because we spent $4 trillion-plus in the middle east, we're in worse shape now than 15 years ago. 15 years ago if we wouldn't have done anything, we would have been much better. wouldn't have had the migration, would have had a couple dictators, killers, strong men, whatever they want, they were good at one thing, killing terrorists. you look at iraq, that's like harvard for terrorism. >> i want to stay on this focus, though. you made a promise to release the names so people would know your judicial philosophy. you're making a promise to balance the budget, making a promise to build the wall, going to repeal obamacare and replace it with -- >> we don't have a chase.
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you don't have to repeal it, we're going to do it before it happens. in '17 it's going to implode. in fact, november 1st, new numbers are coming out right before the election. they're trying to change the date. they want to make it after the election. and it's going to show the increase necessary to sustain balm. ma ca obamacare. it's going to be massive. everyone is talking about it. >> you want to replace it with health savings accounts maybe? >> yes, but there are so many others things. just so you understand, once we get competition going with free enterprise, with insurance companies actually have to go and compete instead of having states as a monopoly, get rid of the borders, get rid of the lines where they can't go outside. once we get rid of that, they almost had it this time, they could have had it this time and you would have seen such competition. there will be plans, health care plans you never even heard about that haven't been thought about right now. there will be such competition, it will be a beautiful thing. the numbers will go way down. firsts of all, obamacare's no good. the premiums are through the
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roof. but have you looked at deductibles lately? >> huge. high thousand -- >> unless you're dead or in the process of almost death, you can't use them. >> what i'm trying to get to is with the release of this -- these names, that was a big promise. balancing a budget is a big promise. building a wall is a big promise. repealing obamacare is a big promise. i understand you're giving a speech next week on energy independence. >> right. >> that's a big promise. >> in north dakota. >> building our hmilitary, takig care of our vets. those are big promises. ending common core. my question is on those agenda items you've told me about in our interviews, how rock solid are those promises for the people that may be on the fence that want to know you're going to do those things? >> i want to get it all done. >> you want to get it all done. >> our military, i saw a show the other day, perhaps not even on the great fox, but i saw a show the other day where our fighter planes are so old that they go to junkyards to get parts. they call them graveyard, airplane graveyards.
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to take parts off old planes that haven't been flown in 25 years. they're taking parts off these planes and trying to put them on and fix them on our fighter jets. we are really in trouble. our military is so depleted. >> we got to take a break. we'll come back. more with donald trump. we'll talk about hillary clinton, "the new york times" and all the other issues now facing the country as we continue with donald trump for the hour from i guess what is the trump war-room straight ahead. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies. try clarispray. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion.
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man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. live from america's news hq, i'm patricia stark. a u.s. b-52 bomber crashing shortly after takeoff. the u.s. air force saying it hammed on guam. the seven crew members all made it out safely. the bomber was deployed to guam from north dakota as part of
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military's continuous bomber presence in the pacific. foreign hackers are spying on the presidential campaigns according to u.s. intelligence. james clapper, director of national intelligence, says his agency is now working with the fbi to help campaigns tighten their security. the republican-controlled house passing a $622 million bill to battle the zika virus. the move setting up a challenge with the white house which has been seeking a $1.9 billion to fight the virus. zika which is spread by mosquitos and sexual contact can cause severe birth defects. i'm patricia stark and now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity" as we continue for what is now the trump war-room, inside of trump tower, donald trump is with us for the hour. i watched your daughter, ivanka, this morning and she had to say, my dad's not a groper. now this is referring to a "new york times" hit piece. i have in the last three days
7:17 pm
interviewed three people that know you well. two that were featured prominently in that piece. we have rowanne brewer lane. carrie prejean. and a woman that actually came from war-torn bosnia that worked for you and was a vice president for you. >> right. >> three women. day were absolutely livid at "the new york times" piece. we now discovered that this particular writer had been tweeting negative things about you. this is supposed to be the paper of record. 20 pages and it's now been completely debunked. does that anger withdr? >> first of all, i have to thank those women, rowanne and carrie and all of them. because they were written about and -- >> and a girl from utah, too. >> usually -- and a girl from utah who's just -- they made -- they said i kissed her on the lips. i guess in front of her parents? with thousands of people. now she's come out and said this is crazy. by the way, you know, it's not
7:18 pm
like the worst thing, okay, you look at what clinton's gone through with all of the problems and all of the things that he's done. but it was so -- to read this piece on the front page of "the new york times," which was i think their most read story in the last year, according to what they say, and to have these young women come out and say, that didn't happen, that's not what we said, that's not what we -- it was the intent. and i was so furious at that. there's nobody that respects women more than i do, sean. you know that. and i treat women with respect and i have -- we all have fun, we all have good times. but, and i'm also in the entertainment business and certain things -- as an example, they have me making a statement about we're going to essentially stop them or we're going to say something very nasty. i was talking about either china or mexico. i was talking about one of the countries because they've been ripping us off. that was their punch line for this commercial. this phony commercial.
7:19 pm
paid for by wall street, by the way, have to tell withdreyou, p out of the superpac. >> spent $130 million. >> yeah. just so you understand, the main punch line wasn't about women. they put it in like it was about women with a blank. they put it in like it was about women. now i guess they have to do a retraction. these are dishonest people. these are really dishonest people. nobody respects women -- >> are you demanding a retraction from "the new york times"? >> we're already talking to "the new york times." "the new york times" is yovery upset because the piece was a con job. it's one thing, it's inside the paper because that happens to me all the time especially with the "times" and frankly i could mention plenty of others. if you're a republican conservative, it's very, very hard to get good press. that i can tell you. >> i speak from -- >> i'm telling you. it's really unfair. but this was a con job and, but just think of it, these women instead of saying, no, that's too bad, who cares, they were incensed that they were
7:20 pm
portrayed the way they were portrayed and all got up and said we respect donald trump, we really like donald trump. did nothing wrong. here's the thing. anybody reading that story, sean, they make me look bad. >> carrie and particularly rowanne both said they purposely manipulated what they were saying and that they did it on purpose. because they had said just the opposite. >> i thought it was so amazinin because i saw carrie on your show and rowanne has been all over and i didn't speak to her specifically, okay, because i didn't think it would be good if i call ed her to thank her. i didn't want to do that and let this go by and i will absolutely, but i will tell you, to think what they did, they put themselves out on the line to do this for me. for me. and i haven't spoken to them in many years. i just have such respect for them. but it j i'll tell you, it's been a disaster for
7:21 pm
"the new york times" because "the new york times" is a whole big con job. >> this is going to be the campaign. with the clintons known for being very dirty. >> the good thing about this, this sets the table. this sort of sets the stage. people have seen this. people have seen carrie. they've seen rowanne. they've seen others now that are coming forward that were mentioned in that story. which frankly wasn't even that bad if you want to know the truth. it's not like -- i hope that people that haven't read it -- >> it was 20 page s printed. >> no, no. one case -- minor stuff. i said to one of the women, i said, don't eat -- you shouldn't have a piece of candy. okay? that was -- >> i tell my kids that all the time. >> compare that against clinton, okay, what clinton's done. >> what about what clinton's done? how big an issue should that be in the campaign? for example, i looked at "the new york times," are they going to interview juanita broaddrick, barbara jones, kathleen willey? groping, touching and fondling
7:22 pm
against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> $800,000 to paula jones. >> lots of other things. impeachment for lying. >> smearing. besmirchment of women. >> losing your law license. he lost his law license, okay? couldn't practice law. you don't read about this on -- >> let me ask you. >> now "the new york times" and if you look at stephanopoulos, these are like the pipe organs for hillary clinton. ste st i was on his show the other day, i said, obviously you're representing -- he gave a lot of money to the foundation. he did a lot of -- he never told anybody. never told anybody. but you look at some of the people, the dishonesty. i tell you what, i'm in a pretty tuf busine tough business, real estate. i meet tough people. i've never seen lies and deception like i see not only with the people, not only with the politicians, but when you're in politics, it is a deceiving -- it's really a
7:23 pm
pretty rough profession. i will say this, the political press, worse than anything else is the political press dishonesty. >> i have to take a break. exit question, would you consider suing them? >> well, they're talking to us right now so we'll see what happens. they know. yeah, i think the "times" actually, look, they got caught in a very bad situation. when we come back, we'll continue from trump tower and the trump war-room, political war-room. it's "hannity" on the road. donald trump for the full hour. we'll continue. we'll talk about hillary clinton ben when we come back.
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...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. welcome back to "hannity" as we continue from trump tower inside the trump political war-room. donald trump with us for the hour. you were getting very close, these polls are neck and neck with hillary clinton. now, hillary clinton lost west virginia 51%-36%. you talked about the system on the democratic side being rigged. okay. so bernie sanders wins 18 delegates, she wins 11 but then you have the superdelegates. he won 51%-36%, got 19 delegates, hillary got 18. >> it's a rigged system.
7:26 pm
>> that's corrupt. >> i have to say it was rigged on the republican side. the only way i could win was winning in landslides. i had so many landslides i ended up winning. if i was winning close races, there's no way i could have won. now, the republican actually is more sophisticated because they don't do the superdelegates. with the democrats they do superdelegates. west virginia is very interesting because hillary clinton, no miner, no steelworker could ever vote for hillary clinton. she said she's going to put the mines out of business and going to put the miners out of business. she's going to put them out. she's going to get rid of -- that was a week before. i don't know what happened to her, how she says a thing like that. she said we're going to put the miners and mines out of business then she suppogoes into west via and gets killed. >> and got half the delegates. >> i saw that. she got almost half the delegates or maybe half the delegates, and if you add the supers on, it's more than that. so it's a rigged system. and i'm no fan of bernie but i will tell you, he is not being treated fairly. >> you're going to give this
7:27 pm
speech on energy. i think energy independence is a key to jobs. i don't want to be dependent on countries that hate our guts for oil. is it going to be coal, fracking? >> going to be coal, fracking. going to be everything. >> all of the above. >> it's going to be everything. >> let me ask you this question. obama has been sing shots at you. took a shot at you in a commencement speech. what do you say back to him about the job he's done in your opinion? >> i know someone who knows him very well. four years ago i was thinking about running. my friend said he was obsessed with donald trump running, that he thought it was going to be -- he just was obsessed with the fact. ultimately i decided not to do it and decided to do it this time. i don't know if that was a good decision or bad decision. i think it was actually -- i think we're going to do great this time. i think i would have beaten him last time, frankly, had i decided to run. but he is now -- i'm definitely on his mind. every time he speaks he mentions my name which is an honor. i think it's probably not a bad
7:28 pm
thing. >> hillary, she keeps saying -- i know you released your financial statements. she wants your tax returns. >> yeah. >> you have talked about her connection to wall street and big banks. she has given speeches where has made in one hour more than what the average american will make in five years. >> right. >> economically. she won't release her speeches. >> well, they just announced they made, like, $7 million just now. just from making some speeches. look, first, my tax returns. i'm under a very routine order and you saw my tax returns. i mean, if you put them on the floor, they're up to here. very complicated. but a routine audit. i have for 15 years i've been audited. it's very unfair. i mean, i'll be honest. i have very rich friends that never get audited. i hope it's going to be before the election. i hope. i want to do it. no lawyer -- i was interviewed by greta who you know very well. she's a lawyer. supposed to be a very good lawyer. she said, well, i happen to agree, there's no way anybody
7:29 pm
that's under audit, routine audits, standard, you know, with the irs, but there's no way anybody under audit could release them until the audit's finished. greta said that. here's the thing. hillary, now i understand they're missing 30,000 e-mails. 30,000. she said they had to do with the wedding. okay? >> she said yoga, a wedding, a funeral, and e-mails to bill but bill doesn't e-mail. >> for her to be talking about tax returns, by the way, you learn nothing -- >> you want those speeches? should she release them? >> i think the speeches should be released. i don't know what she's doing. i know what you're probably going to see is really, really negative statements having to do with who she's running against right now, bernie. because i would imagine she made very positive statements toward goldman sachss and all the people -- >> she wanted the money. >> she wants their money. she doesn't want people to see the speeches because if you listen to her, you know, she's going to protect everybody from the big bad banks. and the investment bankers. and then if you see the speeches, they'll say, wow,
7:30 pm
she's not protecting us. but listen, how can she be asking for anything when they're missing right now 30,000 e-mails. when she's under fbi investigation for being essentially a very dishonest person. i don't even know how she can run. honestly, people have been destroyed. their lives have been destroyed for doing a tiny fraction, sean, of what she's done. >> we know, look at david petraeus. >> look at petraeus, look at many others. by the way, looks like she's being protected by the democrats. looks like she's being totally protected. >> i don't know when this is going to end, the longest investigation ever. let me ask you about mitt romney, ben sasse, bill kristol then to a lesser extent jeb bush and lindsey graham who didn't keep their promise to support the nominee. but those three in particular, romney and sasse and kristol keep talking about a third party. wouldn't that elect hillary? or help elect her? >> the judges i went over with you -- we could get three to
7:31 pm
five, could be five, somebody said it. probably three, could be four, could be actually five. you will never see judges like i just got federalist society, great, everybody respects it, the list has gotten rave reviews. i don't know if you've seen that, but it's gotten rave reviews. >> yeah. >> those judges, you can forget that, they'll never be on the supreme court or judges like them will never be on the supreme court. sasse i don't know. i had a huge victory in nebraska recently. you saw that. >> 400-8 in his own state. >> he was condemned by the party in any nebraska. i had a huge victory in nebraska. i don't know him. he might be a very nice guy. i watched him on television. the level of hatred was incredible. i never met the guy. very important. mitt romney, look, he lost last time. he should have won. when he was going to run, i was very tough on him. i said, look, he choked. he's a choker. he choked. and i said very loud and clear, you can't let him on again, he should have beaten obama. that was an easier race in my
7:32 pm
opinion than this race, okay? >> it's all about electoral votes now. you need to get to 270. you've been through all these states now. what states will donald trump put in play that maybe somebody else wouldn't? >> so if i run, going to have a lot of additional states. if let's say ted cruz -- i say with respect, but let's say ted cruz or somebody else got the nomination, they have that little tiny group of states and if they lose one of those states, it's over, right? they have to win florida. they have to win pennsylvania. they have to win ohio. and any little movement, any -- you have two votes go the wrong direction, it's over. the fact is, and lot of people don't understand this, but the people that are in the world of politics fully understand. it's a much tougher road for a republican to win the presidency. now, you can run for the senate. you can run for governor. fine. everything. but for a republican to win, it is a very tough road to presidency. >> okay. >> michigan's in play. i think new york might be in play. can you imagine if i won new
7:33 pm
york? >> new york, new jersey. >> i think new york might be in play. new jersey i think i'm going to do great in new jersey. those are states other republicans wouldn't go to. >> you said something last night, you said if i didn't fight as hard as i fight, i wouldn't be here today. >> i think that's true. >> is that the same for the general? you'll fight that hard? >> it's the same. you have to be true to yourself. i mean, i was a good student. i'm a smart person. and, you know, you listen to things. it's so tough. if you're a republican, especially if you're a conservative republican, what you go through is incredible. i even talk about my uncle was a professor at m.i.t., won a highly, highly respected intellect. i mean, i come from a very smart family. i like to talk about it because conservatives are abused, they're abused by the media, falsely abused. really abused by the media. i put so many states into play. michigan being one, illinois. i tell you what, the state of washington, i was in washington last week.
7:34 pm
the state of washington, we had crowds that were the biggest they've ever had. they've never had crowds like that. they said it was like if elton john came and we broke that record. oregon. nobody would even think about oregon. i'm going to -- we campaigned there. these are states that are locks -- >> it almost reminds me a little bit crowd size, enthusiasm of obama in a way. do you feel -- >> i do. i went to california. everyone said california, give it up. i'm not going to give it up. i'm going to play california. maybe i won't win. the odds are against me. we went to costa saast costa me. 32,000 people. a record for this incredible amphitheater. >> i saw that. >> 31,000 people. nobody has seen anything like that. >> we have to take a break, though. >> good. >> i'm going to held you right there. more with donald trump as we continue with "hannity" on the road in the trump war-room. when we come back, we'll talk about potential cab innoceinet , v.p. and much more straight ahead. take a pill?
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue from trump tower. this is sort of in the bowels of the building inside the war-room they set up for the election and donald trump is with us for the hour. all right. everyone's wondering who's on donald trump's short list for v.p.? you got to give us a hint. give us something. >> look, i have five or six people i really like, i respect. i've gotten along with them. i think it's very important that we get along. but i don't want to mention any names. it's too soon. i'm going to amounnounce in ter of vice president we'll announce at the convention. i hope to keep it secret. i know you'll be calling every day to find out. >> that's my job. >> that's your job. you do it well. but i really have a group of -- >> is there one or two that really are in your mind? >> or three. >> maybe three that are really up there. >> that i really think about. >> you want somebody that's you said connected to washington. >> i want probably -- and we have a couple of other all te alternatives i want somebody ideally who's very political, strong with getting legislation
7:41 pm
passed. i'll do great with our trade deals and with our business and with all of that and we're going to make our country rich again and we're going to make our country strong again. i want somebody that can deal with congress, can deal with the senate, can deal with our congress people so we can get something passed. you know, obama signs his executive orders all day long because he can't get along with anybody. it's not the way it's supposed to work. as you understand. >> you're not a conventional candidate. not been a conventional campaign in any way. i asked you about a potential team of rivals. look at people supporting you, rudy giuliani, chris christie, newt gingrich, rick perry endorsed you on my show, bobby jindal, jan brewer. what about announcing some other positions? secretary of state, secretary of defense. >> we may do that. >> homeland security. >> some of the people on that list, not all of the people, but some of the people on that list i really like. and i think will be fantastic when given the -- i mean, i've seen rudy's been a fan for a
7:42 pm
long time. newt has been incredible. i spoke to newt actually about something and he has great ideas. i tell you what, there's no lack of ideas out of newt gingrich. >> 124/7. >> a great guy. >> you said about hillary she's totally controlled by wall street. clinton global initiative literally funneling money to a friend. that broke. you obviously have the e-mail server scandal. you got the benghazi scandal. the abuse of women scandal. she said that she's going to appoint bill clinton to run the economy. isn't that the job of the president? >> first of all, bill clinton is the one that signed nafta. in the history of our country, that's been the worst trade deal ever. >> isn't that her job? >> what that has done to this country, that has leancleaned o our factories. we won in landslides, new york, maryland, pennsylvania, connecticut, all these places. i toured them.
7:43 pm
i wanted their votes and they're all great. they have been cleaned out. 50% down with manufacturing. 45%-50% down. these companies have moved to mexico. nafta was a disaster. it's bill clinton's deal. he's the one who signed it. and for him to be involved with the economy is a joke. okay? it's a joke. now, people didn't see the effects until later because nafta took effect a little bit later after he was gone. nafta's probably the worst -- one of the worst deals we've ever signed in this country from the standpoint of economic development or jobs. >> it seems like she almost wants to run with him. let me ask a more important question. the clinton foundation, beyond funneling money to a friend, labeled by the secret service, energizer, special friend of bill's, but a more important issue. you talk about abuse of women. you talked about their personal lives, talked about the smear, slander, besmirchment. here's a bigger question. the clinton foundation took this money from saudi arabia, saudi arabia doesn't let women drive,
7:44 pm
can't vote, can't go out in public without a male relative, have to get permission to go to school or work and women are told what to wear. i've never been able to find a quote of hillary, the clinton foundation took millions from the saudis, of her criticizing the mistreatment of women there. >> but you have other cases and many other cases in there and, you know, they talk about women and the abuse of women and forget about abuse by him directly. look at what's going on and look at who gave them a lot of their money. so, and what -- >> you think their -- >> the question is, what did all of these places where they give millions of dollars for speeches, what did they get? and they got a lot and you know that and everybody knows that. >> in other words, they're buying influence. >> the press isn't covering it. to me, it's possibly -- i don't know -- the e-mail to me, when you talk about national security -- >> they certainly bought their silence. >> what did all of these countries and others get in return for paying millions of dollars for speeches? they got a lot. >> we'll take a break. we'll come back. more with donald trump when we come back. believe it or not, the president
7:45 pm
threatening to veto a bill that would allow the victims of 9/11 to sue saudi arabia. we'll get trump's position on that when we continue. fall in love with a new daily fiber. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas. love your fiber. new mirafiber.
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donald trump with us for the hour. a bill passed unanimously. we have 28 redakted pages from a commission report on september 11th. it appears the saudis may have financially assisted those that attacked our country. they say they passed the bill. the president won't sign it. shouldn't america have the right to see those pages? should the families have the right to sue? >> the answer is yes. we got into a war with iraq i was opposed to. iraq did not knock down the world trade center, sean. they didn't have weapons of mass destruction, by the way. the way obama got out is a catastrophe. but the answer is yes. we have to get to the bottom of it. everybody wants to keep it quiet. i think people know what is on those p papers. people do have the right to sue and should have the right to
7:51 pm
sue. >> saudis, i understand we've got to battle them against the iranian shia. don't we ned to hold them accountable? >> we protect the saudis and many countries. we're the military for many countries and they don't pay us. do you know what the difference of our country is? somebody like me can nicely say folks you've got to pay up. saudis, won't be there for two weeks. >> and tear driving our prices down to drive our fracking business out of business. >> or whatever. i don't know that for a fact. i will say this. we're spending billions and billions of dollars protecting nations all over the world. many of them aren't paying up. if i get them to pay up, just fair, fair, if i get them to pay up, our country is already a
7:52 pm
different place. >> republicans have said ben rhoads admitted he manipulated and lied and used propaganda to sell that iranian deal. he also, by the way, the whole you tube video narrative, he started that lie. should he be fired? >> maybe more than fired. the iranian deal is one of the worst deals i've ever seen negotiated. how about obamacare? how about the architect of obamacare? he had a meeting with some of his friends, and he's talking about what a conjob obamacare was. people forgot about that. well, ben rhoads is the same kind of a thing, he think he
7:53 pm
sup superceded jimmy carter as the worst president in america's history. >> you understand the clintons. you know their tactics. you know they set up a war room and will say anything and they've got the media. how does donald trump strategize tactics? >> i think the public is very smart. and i have beaten a lot of people over the last year, many are friends of yours. 66,000 negative ads in the public got it. they understood. they knew a lot of them were false. most were false. some not so bad. but many were false and i won florida in a landslide. you've never seen so many ads. i won florida, landslides. all of them landslides, indiana, landslide. if you went to indiana there is nothing but negative ads on donald trump. they're going to go after me, i'm going to go after them. if she gets in, i think our country will never recover.
7:54 pm
i'm not talking about supreme court justices but the whole, and honestly, she can't negotiate with the chinese, with japan, she can't negotiate with vietnam. it's not her thing. number one, she won't want to do it. two, i don't know if she knows it's a real problem. and it will be four more years of obama and maybe worse. i think that is why i think i should win. >> has it sunk in? you can now be the president of the united states. are you ready for that? >> it's such a responsibility. somebody just left my office and said do you have any idea? it's such a incredible responsibility. this is a movement. i go, make a speech in california, illinois. >> who is going to build the wall? >> we're going to build the wall but mexico is going to pay for the wall. it is a movement and a beautiful thing to see.
7:55 pm
these people, the people love this country. >> mr. trump, thank you very much. good to see you. >> appreciate. >> thanks. >> that is all the time we have left from trump