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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. tonight: [chanting] recount, recount. >> what kind of democracy is this? >> violent threats by fans of bernie sanders against other democrats. what is going on, talking points will lay it all out there. >> this is not love and opening their bathrooms. two perverted men. i'm a mother of 12, and i'm very disgusted by this >> target the target of a rant by a woman angry about transgender bathroom issues. we'll show you what happened. >> and can you tell them to go [bleep] themselves.
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>> also ahead, a george soros funded group dishonestly attacks donald trump. ♪ >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will violence mar the upcoming presidential race, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we have already seen violence at trump rallies spurred on by anti-trump protesters and exacerbated by trump supporters overreacting. a disgusting display in a republic dependent on freedom of political expression. we are seeing same thing involving bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. last weekend in las vegas, some sanders' supporters vented their anger against establishment democrats saying the primary system is rigged. >> we need civility in the
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democratic party, civility. [crowd booing] [chanting] recount, recount, recount. recount. >> the issue in vegas was the delegate count. sanders' supporters furious that some folks supporting the senator were disqualified for clerical errors. the chair of the nevada state democratic party believes she is in actual danger. >> they attacked a place where i'm employed, posted -- it's a restaurant and gaming bar. they posted on their yelp bad things about the restaurant. they've attacked my husband. they have made a clone facebook of my name and said awful things about my husband that looks like it's coming from me. there is no end to the threats and the vile comments that have been made. >> and indeed ms. lang has
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been verbally assaulted. >> >> and i hope police are working to find that guy and charge him with a felony threat. talking points believes that far too many americans are hateful when it comes to politics. i see it every day on both sides and it's depressing. dissent is fine. disenchantment can be positive. i deliver stinging political critiques every day on this program but i don't hate anybody. and try to deal with people in power in a very precise way that is fact-based talking points also believes that america is in trouble because of terrible policies that have weakened the nation but also because compromise is now seen as a weakness by many. the truth is that trump is not evil nor is hillary clinton nor bernie sanders
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nor barack obama. misguided maybe depending on your point of view, but not deserving of hatred. for the next six months the factor will spotlight the haters and hold them accountable. a bit later on we will show you how rank hatred and dishonesty from a george soros funded group. mr. soros personally responsible for much of the vile stuff in the political arena. of course, the worst part of all this hate is the effect it will have on american children. that will be terrible. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. new fox news poll on the election. donald trump has moved ahead of hillary clinton in this survey. 45-42. reversing 48-41 deficit in april. trump loses to bernie sanders in a matchup that will never take place 46-42. when asked about favorability senator clinton -- secretary clinton i should say got hammered, 61% have unfavorable view of her. just 37% favorable.
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but trump it's 56 not favorable, 41% like him, that's improvement from march when 65 american voters looked askance at donald trump. with us now to analyze all of this kirsten powers. you're here in new york. >> i know. i had to come see you. >> i have one request, don't hit me, all right? >> why? >> don't be like those vegas people. you can leave a message on -- but don't do that first of all, are you surprised by the rage that those people in las vegas supporting bernie sanders showed? >> i'm surprised that there was violence and i am surprised by some of the voice mails. let's be honest there weren't that many voice mails that were that bad when you consider how many bernie sanders supporters there are, it's just a handful of people. i'm not surprised people are angry, no, i'm not at all surprised. i don't have any problem with them booing barbara boxer. >> what do you think -- >> -- i think they are angry about the fact that they feel the system is rigged and feel that bernie sa%lq)s has been treated unfairly by the democratic party.
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>> do you feel that way? >> yes, i do. >> how? >> so the dnc has made it pretty clear that they are behind hillary clinton from the word go. >> that's debbie wasserman schultz. >> set up debates in a way to minimize exposure. they were on the weekends and on holidays and small number of debates and so i think bernie sanders fans, supporters feel he wasn't given a fair shot. >> you kirsten powers believed that the democratic establishment rigged the primary system against bernie sanders. >> yes, absolutely. yes. >> that's interesting. trump thinks the republican rigged. even though he won. >> sentiment on both sides. >> super delegates. delegates in hiding. delegates in the closet. >> so, trump's criticism and a lot of people who said no, it's not rigged because it's all out there for you to see, right? >> no, it's not. >> i'm not saying i agree with it, people said that rush limbaugh said trump is
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wrong because actually, if you just -- he should have sent people to fight for the delegates. and that's not what trump was saying. >> i don't like the whole sim. i think the system should be revamped so that the people are voting have much more say and that much easier to figure out which delegates are this and which delegates are that and states should have one uniform system national election. if you want to do state elections do whatever you want. new poll. good news for trump in the fox news poll. do you know why trump is surging? by the way? do you know? >> i'm not surprises, frankly. i can't say exactly why i know why i just want to know if you are as smart as me. >> did he come on the factor? >> no, he always comes on the factor when is he not mad at me. here is why trump surged because there are no more opponents, the people rooting for the opponents, all right, opponents are gone. some of those people have come over to trump and said look, is he inevidence
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tillable. don't like hillary clinton. therefore unfavorables dropped because people who liked marco rubio or ted cruz or john kasich, they, some of them, not all of them have said he is a guy so i'm going to get behind him. that's why hillary clinton hasn't moved because bernie supporters still don't like her then her unfavorables will drop. is that a good explanation? >> i followed that. >> good. >> i'm not sure that i agree that the same thing will happen when bernie sanders drops out. >> bernie will clutch hillary -- clutch maybe hand to hand, i don't know, and he will say vote for hillary and some of his supporters will just like the republicans. >> maybe. i think there are the bernie sanders people are going to be very unhappy and a lot of them. >> what's the alternative, trump? >> i don't like hillary clinton. >> i don't think many democrats will vote for donald trump it's possible they will stay home.
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>> we won't speculate on that. i predict mrs. clinton's unfavorables will go down as soon as she consolidates. i know why you like bernie, is he very entertaining but support him, venezuela is falling apart. >> does that have to do anything w. anything. >> that's a socialist state. that's social glism so is sweden. wife. >> no, sweden is not like venezuela. >> democratic socialism is what he supports. >> that's what happened. hugo chavez was elected democratically. >> he has said that it's more like a norway or a sweden. when he talks about the types of countries. >> there is only 18 people in those countries. >> more like viewpoint, it's not the countries that you always insist on bringing up that have nothing to do with him. and she would be another one. >> go to nicaragua. go to socialist countries and nothing works. >> why do you choose the ones he doesn't identify women. >> norway and sweden are not really socialists what they are are welt fair states. >> democratic socialists. >> welfare states.
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>> they are democratic socialists. >> no they are not. the government does not run private industry in those countries. >> that's the point. bernie sanders doesn't want the government to run private industries. >> yes, he does. >> know doesn't. >> you are constantly smearing bernie sanders. >> is he closer to fidel castro than he is to you. >> no he is not. you are making it up. >> he hone honeymooned in the soviet union? anybody watching this broadcast honeymooned in the soviet union? i make that. next on the rundown, was jesus a socialist? new poll asked americans that question. later, miller, on more campus madness on schools see nothing difference between men and women. i'm glad i did not go to those schools. that report upcoming.
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impact segment tonight, new poll conducted by the barna group ask americans about economics and jesus. first question, do you think either capitalism or socialism aligns better with the teachings of jesus? 24% say socialism, 14 capitalism. the question apparently too difficult for the rest of those asked. which presidential candidates' policies align closest to the teachings of jesus, 21% say bernie sanders, 9% hillary clinton, 11% ted cruz and 6% donald trump. the trump numbers though jesus would not be living in the trump tower surrounded by gold. he wouldn't. >> i don't think it applies to any presidential candidate ever. jesus was a transcendent figure. you can't assign. >> jesus himself would not be living in a trump our tower. >> he was humble carpenter. >> he ha h. no aspirations
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of material things, eboni. >> it makes sense to me. a lot of people feel the teachings of jesus was about about the collective well being of the collective is more important than the individuals. >> you said the word christ. this poll did not assign religion. so christ, if you call jesus, jesus christ, that means you are key finding him as the redeemer. >> jesus christ it me. >> ascend to do heaven. this one was jesus the man. interestingly enough, the philosophy of jesus was to reject materialism, to depend on other people for your well-being and to give to the poor as much could. >> here's the key distinction though. jesus did not believe in government coercion to redistribute wealth or to demonize the wealthy. biblical expression is the love of money is the root of evil. not money itself but the love of it because it drives a wedge between you and god. >> creates a %elf-centered situation. >> bring town caesar what is seize caesar's and god
8:16 pm
god's. there are earthly responsibilities including the tax man will always cometh and that you do have to take care of that as well. >> pay them. >> he believed in private charity. he believed in people taking care of each other, not through coercion, not through state force, for example. >> what do you think? >> that makes sense to me. i also think for many that they feel there is a moral issue around economics. there is this issue of many people having so little and few people has a lot. >> that's what bernie sanders runs on. morally wrong for the one percenters, the billionaires. >> that's why is he so vocal of his praise of the current pope, i believe. that's a place where he really resonates. >> but the pope lives in a lavish. he himself does not live in the chambers, he lives in much more modest. the philosophy bernie sanders is not what jesus, in my opinion would be down with, current vernacular. bernie wants to take.
8:17 pm
jesus never ever took. he wanted you to give. >> that is correct. >> and also bernie wants to use the full weight of the government. >> to take. >> take and redistribute because the government knows best. jesus was not a robin hood kind of figure. >> eboni or monica or humble correspondent work. bernie feels that he has the authority or should have the authority to take from us, all right, to an extent that inflicts pain. >> injury, we would say in the law. >> right. because i don't want to pay more than 50% of my earnings to anyone. >> that goes back to classic marxism. so you talked about how he took his honeymoon not in vegas but in the soviet union. >> did you see powers' face? she was giving me jazz and i hit the honeymoon and she was out of here. >> the ruling elite taking from the people to redistribute and ultimately the state would wither away never worked that way in
8:18 pm
practice. >> i believe this poll is accurate, that most people thinking about well, jesus, he probably would be with sanders because sanders wants to redistribute to the poor. all right. but here's what i have done. and i shouldn't say this, but here's what i have done. when i die, which could be any time now because -- >> -- that's a long time away. >> i have eaten a lot of sugar. >> on the show for the ratings. >> most of my money will go to a charitable, my charitable foundation. >> that's right. >> you are giving it away voluntarily. >> i'm trying to buy my way into heaven. that's the strategy. frank sib that -- sinatra tried to do that bernie wants to take more of that money that's earmarked for children and vets and all of that so he can throw it away on government programs that we all know. >> they do such a great job of managing it? >> bernie, get out of my face, i'm going to heaven -- well, maybe not. >> critical point what we known have socialism pretty bad. equal share of misery and poverty and oppression.
8:19 pm
>> i agree with not criticizing and demonizing prosperity. >> all right, ladies. vicious attack ad against trump dishonest. wait until you see it martha maccallum up ahead woman upset about the transgender situation freaking thought a target store. >> when are you going to wake up? when are you going to stand up for the right things, america. are you going to let the devil rape your children, america? >> i hope not. the factor is coming right back. allergies. and i'm doing just fine. there are hundreds of different allergens that come from pets, pollen and dust. just one claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin, she's not focused on her allergy symptoms. she's focused on winning. with powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin, my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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this is a fox news alert. a flight headed towards paris to cairo disappeared from radar. the egypt air flight ms804 went
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missing south of turkey. the air bus a320 carrying 59 passengers and crew of 10. we're not aware if there were threats before the plane went missing. once again, if you're just joining us, an egypt airplane has gone missing during a flight from paris to cairo. both france and egypt had their transportation network as tacked by islamic state and allied terrorists ranging from a lone jihadist on a french train to a shooting down of a russian airliner leaving an egyptian resort. at this point there are no reports that suggest this is an act of terrorism. joining us now to discuss the disappearance of the egypt air flight kathleen bangs an aviation journalist and former pilot. kathleen, what is your take on this so far? >> this is just breaking news,
8:24 pm
within the last 25 minutes or so. so what we have an air bus a320 involved in an accident but that is not suspicious because this is one of the most-popular jets that the airlines use across the world. egypt air had a famous accident about 17 years ago on a flight from jfk, headed to europe. it's pretty famous accident in history never resolved fully to the satisfaction of the egyptian government who had different findings on that one. on this accident tonight, if this is what it is, they're making that assumption because the airline sent out the tweet they did have a flight missing. it's gone about an hour and a half over, when etc. supposed to land when they went and
8:25 pm
announced it's missing and presumed probably in an stent. it appears it was lost over the mediterranean sea from the radar i'm looking at. perhaps 40-45 minutes from the shore of egypt. looks to be about. the last readout i have on it is cruise flight at 37,000 feet. speed normal. nothing abnormal on the last radar image that we have. >> so 37,000 feet when it fell off radar? >> yes. >> and it looks like it's supposed to be a three hour and 45 minute trip but it's been over six hours now, is that correct? >> yes. and it looks like, it actually almost at this point would have just about ready to start descent down very soon. this is opposite of what we had a few months ago with the russian airliner. metro jet, that went down, that
8:26 pm
one as soon as it got to the cruise altitude it was lost. so this is very, very new and of course, i'm sure they're going to be have recognizance airplanes out now, ships on alert if there is any debris. could it be possible hijacking? at this point we don't know. >> looks they were lost, the radar was over water? >> yes. at least the radar image that i have now, the last sweep of the radar reported missing after this, it is out over the sea. >> no reports so far of anything unusual taking place just prior to the flight? >> no. nothing that we know yet. this is so new. i mean, this is truly a breaking story. that we'll be following closely. >> what are the possible thing that's could make the radar contact lost? >> you know people are going to
8:27 pm
be thinking because of the area, is was it terrorists? was the airplane shot down? obviously this is somewhat of a hot bed being in egypt and coming into cairo. it is a national airline. so i think that is going to be what people are thinking. we don't know at this time if it was a terrorist attack or a mechanical failure. >> so what are some of the first steps they'll be taking out, out of the gate? >> they're going to send airplanes out there to do recognizance. they're going to look back at radar scans for anything unusual, sending ships in the area. the government itself, there are things that are going to be happening in terms of terrorism that average civilian would not have knowledge of, and that probably won't be shared sometime. so they're going to go into all aspects, looking at weather in
8:28 pm
the area, what is the weather? they'll talk to other airplanes flying in that exact route minutes before that, minutes after that, to see, did they see anything? did they get any air to air call? did they see a flash? they'll look at satellite imagery to see, like they did with the metro jet accident. was there a heat signal sent out? is there a satellite that can pick anything up about that time? one thing we have is a lot of tools at our disposal to go back to try to start to piece together. where is this airplane? >> is it usual in this area there can be severe weather? >> no. that is something the mediterranean, of course, any location on the globe can have some kind of freak storm. is it known for that? like here in the united states across the summer? no. no. >> can you talk about more about this type of plane, the air bus. how old are they? have there been any types of
8:29 pm
technical issue was this plane? any other cases that you know of? >> well, air bus has been involved in high profile accidents but again, it's a very safe jet, just due to sheer numbers. we know there is an excellent safety record. there are thousands of these. it's considered a work horse of the airline stables around the world. of course, we'll look into that and we don't know if it was an accident. we don't know if it's a hijacking. if this is a terrorist attack or a mechanical failure. we don't know if it's weather related. it's very new at this point. i imagine we're going to have more in this picture. >> looks like this aircraft can carry between 85 and 215 people. so it seems like it's a
8:30 pm
relatively not very-crowded flight, with apparently 59 passengers and 10 crew. >> yes. this is not a jumbo jet. you mentioned the passenger range, that would depend if it's a charter airplane. it depends on what configuration they had. it could be 59 passengers and 10 crew. that is less than about half. that is less than half of what it could potentially be carrying. >> what is the -- will they look right away to mention anything unusual that might have taken place right before takeoff? >> yes. one of the things the government will be doing, of course, is looking for unusual chatter. is there anyone making claims? they'll be combing the passenger manifest to see who is on the
8:31 pm
flight. and who had access to the flight. one positive is that with the metro jet crash, the russian charter jet, it went down in egypt last year, the plane was yet to be made official. many are leaning toward it being a terrorist attack. what they did is egyptian government drew a lot of experience from that. i think their teams are primed and ready. they're caught unaware with the metro jet crash. there is a lot of stumble. i think now, they're much-better prepared to send their go team tz see where is this airplane. >> help us, what could go wrong at 37,000 feet? you hear that take off and landing are the crucial moments. i know when i fly, i feel good when you're up there and you're cruising. what are the things at that
8:32 pm
altitude that could become a problem? >> there is a reason you feel good at cruise. part of that is that is the least-dangerous part of the flight. the most-safe time. any time you're far from the ground is the safer time during the flight. this looks to be a routine flight. it's a short flight. fuel would probably not be an issue in this. and there is many, many things that can go wrong, but generally, these are moreso today, the engines are extremely reliable. this is a fairly calm-area weather of the world, different than oklahoma in july in the united states. so probable mechanical issues, they'll be looking at that. right now, because of the location, because it's proximity to the middle east of where this aircraft is, first thing they're going to be looking into is was this an act of terrorism.
8:33 pm
>> you said relatively short flight. it looks about three hours, 45 minutes. and you're saying it seems to be the flight sf. >> it looks like there would have been within an hour of the shore line there. maybe 30, 40 minutes so i don't think fuel could be a factor in an incident like this, if the plane turns out to be an accident. >> kathleen, thank you. we appreciate all of your help and time and if you can stay with us that would be a terrific so we can check back in with you. >> sure, i'll be on all night. >> thank you. to recap, this is what we know so far f you're just joining us, an egypt airplane has gone missing during a flight from paris to cairo. the plane is said to be 59 people and 10 crew members. joining us on the phone is michael boyd for his insight into the disappearance of egypt
8:34 pm
air flight ms804. he is an aviation security analyst. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> what do you feel at this point? i know this is new, but 37,000 feet, short trip. what is your combut? >> my gut is probably mechanical issues. it doesn't make sense an airplane of that altitude would have any kind of a problem, or a security problem. who was on the airplane? of the 59 or 69 who was on the airplane? was there any people of interest on that aircraft? so you can rule in or out sabotage. an a320 is not usually a target, if you will, unless the prime minister of egypt is on the airplane, you can probably rule out terrorism. >> this is simply because it won't have a huge impact because
8:35 pm
of the smaller-capacity airline? >> well, terrorists go after something that is going to make a big splash. an airplane with 59 people and nobody of note, it doesn't look like they'd waste their time and energy to do that. the real issue is who is on the airplane? if we can rule out important cargo, then, we're looking at probably mechanical problems, more than likely. >> okay. so one of the things that they're going to look at is what kind of contact and communication is happening before getting off the radar area. what kind of communication is happening with that plane, prior to a time up at 37,000 feet where they could have lost radar? >> there is an hour to cairo,
8:36 pm
they probably would have been in contact with cairo. so there is probably some contact there. the real issue to look at why would it come off the radar screen an hour outside of cairo? so that would be the thing to look at. probably you're looking at normal communications and until such time the plane disappeared. if disappearing at 37,000 feet, you wonder if it could have been a terrorist attack. terrorists don't attack things for nothing. they attack for impact. i don't think 59 people on an a-320 is much impact. >> right. you're mentioning if there is someone of note on that plane, and they're going to check those manifests, how quickly is that something they can find out? >> within minutes.
8:37 pm
so they'd know as who identified themselves as being on an aircraft. they'd know generally speaking if there is anything untoward or suspicious. >> it disappeared about 80 miles from egypt's paris base. is that correct and. >> that is what i hear. i've not verified that. >> so what does that tell you, though, if that is the case? >> 80 miles, they're style in contact with cairo. those contacts will be important to identify. there is a good chance they'll find something in the water that would give them an indication of what happened. when there is daylight there. >> and what other things from your point of view, could cause
8:38 pm
them to lose that radar contact at that height? >> losing the airplane. if that means you lost the airplane to a catastrophic break up in the sky, or something like that. when you think of catastrophic break up, you're thinking about something that could cause it, that could be an explosive. it just doesn't seem to fit here. >> if the plane was possibly taken over and diverted is there a way to disable radar so they couldn't be tracked? if per chance it's a hijacking? >> if radar contacts from the ground, you conditioned disable that. the transponder could be turned off. but radar from the surface, you can't turn that off. they can find the oblt flying through the sky. >> today's day and age with
8:39 pm
tight security and so many people on edge, what are the chances they could have gotten explosives on to that flight? >> it's always possible. but keep in mind, after it happened with the earlier airplane out of egypt, the western airplane, one would think that security was very, very tight on this aircraft. that doesn't necessarily mean it was and so it's logical to assume security on this airplane to paris would have been very, very tight. one has to assume that. >> no problems whatever. it's one of the most-advanced airplanes in the sky. even the first ones built 25
8:40 pm
years ago, so as far as airplane having intrinsic problems that is just not in the mix. >> you mentioned as long as 25 years ago, you know, what is the age of most planes out there now? what is the normal? >> well american airlines they're all brand new. egypt air, i don't know what the age is. keep in mind, these are advanced airplanes and i suspect this type of airplane. i don't know if it would not be one where age would be an issue to look at. >> as far as anything that might have taken place, i know they're going to be looking at who is on the plane, what other types of things you think they'll be looking at as far as what happened just prior to take off.
8:41 pm
>> i think is there any possibility of a person of interest that might have broken into the cockpit. they'll look at the crew. and it doesn't make sense to have these 80 miles from a landing. so, there is a lot of issues that investigators will be looking at. at this point, it's all supposing. >> at 37,000 feet, you usually feel safest. likely there not going to be a lot of issues. what is the chance of anything weather-related affecting a flight at that level? you know that feet, 37,000 feet?
8:42 pm
>> that would depend on the meet logical reports at the time. we had that two years ago in the past. and that would be something to look at. was there severe turbulence? that is a very difficult one, it's rare to get torn apart in the sky. it happens but very, very rare. >> and does this bring you back to where it was a short flight, three hours, 45 minutes, something disappears from radar at 37,000 feet and now been about six hours or more since take off. you know, anything you can remember perfect your past that this is kind of reminding you
8:43 pm
of? >> what is the next information you think would come in next? >>' search over where the airplane may have come down. where is the wreckage? what is the condition of the wreckage? of any survivors or any lost souls. were they wearing life jackets? that would give an indication to prepare for it. or they'll look at forensic kind of things on the surface. >> yes. so we're getting word that some search teams have been sent. can you give us a sense of what that looks like? what is a typical search team? what would that look like in your mind? >> it depends. if you're looking at aircraft
8:44 pm
and coordinating what the airplane was. and so i don't know the resources the egyptian government has to look for these things. it would be search aircraft, then calling in helicopters to take a look more closely. >> michael, thank you. we hope we can check back with you throughout the night. >> not a problem, have a good evening. >> to recap, an egypt air flight heading from paris to cairo airport disappeared from radar. the flight vanished south of turkey and carrying 59
8:45 pm
passengers and a crew of 10 was at 37,000 feet and disappeared before entering the egyptian air space. search and rescue teams are looking for the plane. at this point we're not aware if there are threats before the plane went missing. both france and egypt had their airports attacked ranging are from a lone attacker to a shooting down of a russian airliner leaving an egyptian resort. at this point there are no reports to suggest this is an act of terrorism. joining us now is canalling heen bangs, thank you for standing by with us here. so this looks like there were search teams, what is your take
8:46 pm
on these next steps? >> interesting developments in the past few minutes. i've been able to pull up satellite imagery of weather at the time. right now according to the satellite image is clear skies and there is some stratus clouds in the west, but from an aviation standpoint it's what we would consider clear weather. as your previous guest mentioned there is a possibility of clear air turbulence. it's very, very rare that takes an airplane down. it usually just causes some damage. and some injuries but we don't see storms or anything. and again, it looks like the airplane was 80 miles off the coast just entering egyptian air space when it went missing. >> we got an update it was 10 miles inside egyptian air space. >> okay. okay. depending on -- each country can
8:47 pm
be different. your air space can extend over water. so in other words we don't know if that means that it could still be 70-80 miles off shore and possibly considered egyptian air space depending on what they claim. air space is different terminology and different places. and there could be a boundary further. >> got it. thank you. >> so your thoughts on the next steps of them and the search and what these teams will be doing next. >> well, it's looking at weather that is less of a consideration. we don't know what the surface weather is. hopefully, there is good surface weather to aid in getting ships out there. right now, there is just missing two and a half, three hours, if we look at the cairo time, it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. there. i believe, shortly. cairo sun rise is supposed to take place in about 578 so one
8:48 pm
good thing it's just becoming dawn. so thankfully, this -- they're going to have ships and airplanes looking. if this was at night, we would have waited hours. we should have some idea if anybody is seeing debris. they have the last radar track. so they know where to go. to look for this. that is also a big bonus. and they're going to take a look and see if there is debris. >> the timing of the daylight is going to be a big help in the search. they ask you do they go out there and it's daylight, there is no debris, then, what? >> well, of course we have a similar accident if you look at air bus a-320 that disappeared a year ago.
8:49 pm
it was a seemingly normal flight but there was weather at the time. and it turned into a loss of control accident. it turned into a loss of control, actually, an air mean seemed to be having a small computer glitch the crew overreacted to. that is something that nobody could see coming. that airplane, there was big storms and everybody thought they hit a thunderstorm. and so we don't know. the absence of debris does not necessarily mean anything. and mha370 took a year for any debris to start washing up. but, the difference is, they did not know where to look. they know exactly where to look for this aircraft.
8:50 pm
if it did go down there should be debris on the surface almost immediately. >> they'll be able to pinpoint quicker in this case. >> yes. we hate to hope this and think this. we don't know. at this point, the airline has declared this aircraft missing. >> let's talk about that. what is the likelihood if there is no debris found what are the scenarios of the plane being in one piece with people alive? >> well, unfortunately that is what everybody hoped with mh370. now, with the debris we found in different locations around the world everybody, except the most die hard skeptics would say don't believe what happened.
8:51 pm
so the chances of this, you know, you have to go with what generally happens. there is an accident, looking now, at least, at the satellite imagery there is not appear to be any significant weather in the area. so of course, that might be because we look at terrorism. that is going to be, i think right now, going to be a lead being followed up on as we're speaking by many, many agency as around the world at this time. >> yes. so much yet to be determined and we will certainly update everyone. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> joining us on the phone is fox news correspondent adam housley for his insight into hostility that plagued that region in recent years, adam, what are your thoughts? >> interesting thing here is i know from talking to us us authorities first thing that goes through their mind is this a terror incident? a hijacking?
8:52 pm
this locations been filled with weapons and shoulder fired rockets over the unrest there in the last few years. and in libya. they're concerned about the possibility of this, if this is the case. it could be technical. it could be likely not weather related. if you look at the weather, there is no major weather so it has right away, you might imagine, u.s. authorities looking into the possibility that this is a hijacking and terrorist and some might have brought it down from the outside. and they say last location is 10 miles over land. over the area with cairo. again, an area that has been not
8:53 pm
the most pure. that is where the first process goes. folks to deal in national security, first up thought okay. is this terror? is it something taken down by radio? by somebody on board? there are folks looking at the possibility. there is a lot of concerns. we've been told that. and with one of us saying they're very concerned in the area. due to just influx of the shoulder-fired rockets. >> one of our aviation experts mentioned if there is a terrorist event they want it to make a big impact and his thoughts were this is a small plane, not a lot of people on board. if there was anyone of note, it
8:54 pm
could be a target that that might change that. what are your thoughts on that? >> if it was, hypothetical, i do agree there is a strong likelihood they'll find it quickly because of a different situation. and in this case they'll have an idea. the question does become the fact is it could have been terror. now, i disagree with the person that said only 69 souls open board. when you're taking down a jet going into a major metropolis like cairo, and remember if it's a jet that have that many people on board, it's going to hurt the economy of egypt even more,
8:55 pm
tourism is down. you're going to freak out people going there which is down from what the norm used to be 10, 15 years ago. so you know, i can tell you the u.s. has our available people all over this thing to make sure this doesn't pose of a threat to the united states and this is not just the first of something else still to come. >> how quickly do you anticipate we'll get this information? and looking at who was on the plane and if anything took place prior to the flight taking off, if anything has been found? what is your feeling on that turn around time of letting the public know? >> if it is a terror group they'll likely claim responsibility.
8:56 pm
that if that is to happen, you'll hear from them. and this is a flight from europe to egypt. not the other way around. and security situation is different. there is that to take into account. if the situation had trouble within the plane, that is causing security measures in europe now. and if the outside of the plane, it could be none of the above. it's speculation but these are the things that go through u.s. authorities' minds now. the guys and gals working for the cia and fbi and for special forces, they're going over why is this an issue? probably they're going to hunt down towards the bottom of the list. is anybody claiming responsibility about this?
8:57 pm
any threats? in 2012 there are threats coming in about possibly a u.s. facility. had there been chatter about a jet? and it could have been a mechanical malfunction. egypt relations have been different for egypt as well as north africa. did they keep their planes up? those are things that are going to be looked at and it could be eliminated. >> and you'd have to imagine that that security level in paris has to be enormous. >> including through there
8:58 pm
recently, it's very significant. in cases stronger than you have. you know, i know from, i've been told it's more secure. the paris attacks, and it's a situation where you had someone get on a plane that brought this plane down. it's going to put a, lack of a better turn, lack of security situation in europe. and then, again, it could just be a mechanical and what we're doing is speculating is what u.s. authorities are doing right now. and they're putting their ears to the ground. you know, and all international
8:59 pm
authorities and it's probably a ton of information coming in now is what the possibility may be. and there are ears on the ground to see if there is chatter among terror groups. that is a big deal. >> they're saying, kathleen is saying about 5:00 a.m., the sun is going to come up which is going to help to look to see if there is any debris. what are you going to be keeping an ear to the ground for as the sun comes up? and steps uphold? >> we cover the terrorist situation on fox as most do. i'm monitoring all of the folks i know.
9:00 pm
and i'm sure my colleagues in london are doing the same thing. those are the things we'll be doing. one thing i've noticed is that the last four that show up is off shore a bit. and if egypt air said they tracked ten miles inland or is it the point over the occasion? they can hopefully find items. you don't know what the signs are that lead to miraculous survival. they're going to try to get to the location right away whenever that might be. looking at another map coming to us at