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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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obviously you want to be safe and not be in a situation that could be in harm's way. what do you think the pilots have in their minds in addition to the security that's at the airport? >> i think typically for pilots, there's the expectation that security is working properly. pilots need to focus on their flight plan, on the weather, the conditions they are flying in to. you know, the maintenance of their aircraft. they need to be able to focus on that. anyone since 9/11 there's been more of a stress on pilots to have an awareness. you know, a lot of aircraft, at least u.s. aircraft, those cabin doors, cockpit doors are locked. different countries have different regulations, but there's a heightened awareness since 9/11, of course, at the same time pilots are more focused on the safety of their aircraft, the safety and conditions they are flying in to. you mentioned security at
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charles de gaulle airport. it's important to recognize there will always be holes in security. we have gotten very tight, particularly with passengers, but we have also noticed in recent months in the past couple of years that there have been some incidents at airports where there are concerns that employees at airports need to be able to get past security and sort of circumvent security procedure and you have to worry about what is going on the tarmac and how well it is secured, how well the fences are secured. what kinds of surveillance there is on the tarmac area. there's a lot of different ways, if a terrorist were to want to, put something dangerous on an aircraft, for that to happen. we will have to wait and see but i think -- 37,000 feet, that's a
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strange incident if we don't hear anything from folks on the ground that there is some sort of contact. >> yep. >> if a plane lost control, if a pilot intentionally crashed it, those things that we have had happen in the past, on radar you would normally see the altitude descending. for it to just disappear, planes don't just become stealth at 37,000 feet. >> so much still yet to be uncovered. it's probably going to be a long one and we will get the information out as soon as we can and hopefully swing back to you when we know more. >> thank you, lea. >> thank you for joining us. >> joining us on the phone is fox news correspondent adam housley for his insight in to the hostilities that have plagued the region in recent years. any thoughts since we last spoke? >> yes.
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egyptair, i'm not sure if you have put this on yet because i have been doing my research and listening but haven't gotten every single word but looks like egyptair tweeted out ten minutes or so ago that egyptian armed forces are at a site for inspection and rescue. that's what they tweeted out 13 minutes ago according to the egyptair official twitter site. they have been given numbers and pilot hours coming in through them. i don't know if you have reported that but they may have found a location where the plane went down. again where the debris would be. there are multiple radars in this area where it went down or where it was lost. so they would have a decent lead on it. i have been told that. i will tell you more information about the unrest in the region and also people may not take in to account when you think of this going down you think egypt,
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it was coming from paris, keep in mind u.s. authorities and for that matter interpol, everyone is looking at the possibility that something happened on the plane that was possible terrorism. it is very much in everybody's mind. because of what happened in paris, because of the arrests that happened over the last year and a half specifically, you know, is this a situation where potentially isis or somebody like that, a sympathizer was flexing their muscle so to speak saying with you may have increased security and we can still get to you. that's one thing that has people concerned. this flight began in europe and headed to cairo, rather than vice-versa. as for the region when this was first reported and i spoke to you 45 minutes ago, there were some reports it had been ten miles over egyptian land. that's where we had the thought that m this could have been something from the plane. but now it is over the water it
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makes it less likely. the problem they are having right now, anytime in that region, egypt and libya r talking about them together when you talk to u.s. authority and the gals and guys on the desk that monitor the chatter and intelligence, when you talk to those working right now the intelligence they will tell you they are grouping those two countries together. the reason why is it is basically a wide-open border between the two. you are seeing significant training of terrorists in libya right now. they'll tell you the number one threat to u.s. security is not syria. they believe it is libya and egypt because egypt is a direct link. so there's been this concern. i've seen it built up much more in the last year. when i talk to intel people an i talk to them on an almost daily basis they have been waiting for something to happen. it wasn't as if but when. and then you bring in the influx of problems that have happened
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in paris, happen in belgium, and that just plays back in to all of this. i think the issue hard for us right now, egyptair tweeted out saying the egyptian military has gone to a site. so that suggests ma maybe they did find some debris someplace. you hope that somehow, somebody survived this but it went down at 38,000 feet and it was immediate, it leads you to believe, okay, maybe this could be a terrorist attack. they are going through the same questions. and they will have more intel than we have but the same processes. was this plane, did it have a mechanical problem? was this something where it was something on board. the pilot and everybody can do all they want to but if there is something in the payload it
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doesn't matter. >> right. now you mentioned earlier about the whole idea of their economy being hurt by people not wanting to travel there. the tourism, the impact on that an how a lot of groups would like to impact that even more. with the idea that sometimes as we spoke of earlier, it is putting the pieces of the puzzle together quite often finding out once they find debris what took place. i would think that even if a group claimed this, and took credit for it, that could have a big impact even if it is later found out they weren't responsible. >> right. keep in mind, what's happened in the region. you have the russian passenger plane that was taken down over the sinai on october 31st of last year that killed 224. that was brought down by an explosive device on board. a local branch of extremist
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islamic group state claimed responsibility for it. these are all things we have to keep in mind. what the intel folks -- and we have a good insight on what they do in the last couple of years, as much as they can tell us, what they do when they hear this. first concern is u.s. security. what is the chatter been? has it come across that -- have there been threats? when we have attacks against u.s. facilities in 2012, there had been chatter several weeks that an attack maybe coming. was there threats against planes? had some of that come across, has anyone claimed responsibility somebody do you have an isis, al-qaeda branch, somebody claiming responsibility and at the same time, where was the plane coming from? you have a stringent security situation taking place in paris. at charles de gaulle. if it wasn't coming from a more insecure location from cairo to charles de gaulle.
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they know the stringent security system there. that will play in to their thought process. all of these things go in to their thought processes. this affects us and it effects each of us. if this was terror, two things this does, one it shows that they can get on a plane in one of the most secure airports in fe world that's been on high alert for sometime. that's the first thing. the second thing it does, it absolutely buries the egyptian economy again. egypt is a -- was a strong nation before -- as strong as you will get in north africa for sure before the arab spring. it has had problems and instable since that. their economy has taken a significant hit because tourism is down massively with the insecurity. if this is a case of terrorism, not only does it effect europe but all of us because it shows
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they -- it opening the door for more hard line extremist islamic leadership. that's what they want. they want unrest so they can fill the void. >> there are other media reports that have not been confirmed by fox news that there was special cargo on the flight no, notification of any dangerous goods on board and there are some again unconfirmed reports that among those passengers two infants and one child. >> yeah. >> the pilot so far has made no known disstress calls either. >> one of the guests earlier, i heard her say, i believe, that the plane only had 66 people on board. the numbers don't matter. it doesn't matter. if it came from egypt maybe. if it came from libya, maybe. the plane came from paris. it doesn't matter if there were six or 600 on board.
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if, and i want to make sure we say "if." because there could have been a situation where there's a fuel tank. all kinds of things could have happened but if this is a situation where a bomb, like we saw with the russian airliner on october 31st of last year or an explosive device took the plane down immediately it doesn't matter how many people were on board. any loss of life is obviously horrible but for them this is a, would be a massive victory for them. that's a huge deal. it would put a chill up on the spine of a lot of intel folks. they take all of the stuff serious but you like to believe more secure airports are as secure as they will get.
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so that's something to take in to account as we learn more what happened as the nooet goes on and of course daytime in the region now. as we move in to the hours, they may have an idea early on, they really may. especially if the egyptian air force is already on location. that means they found the plane pretty quick. >> i was going to reiterate hopefully that tweet is hopeful that they are in the process of pinpointing something that that could hopefully be good news that that is what that is indicating. >> it is all speculation at this point. i know that sometimes we get criticized in the media for speculating but so you know that is happening on a lot of levels. not just with us but within governments. because no one knows. you have to go down every path. obviously, the wider the path, that's the one you focus on, the least likely, you can start to eliminate stuff early, too. if this is over water, 37,000 feet or whatever they are saying it was in the high 30s. the likelihood it came from a
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shoulder-fired missile is pretty slim. you can start to eliminate, that's probably not what happened here. so you can look at other things. if it did, immediately disappear off radar. that suggests an explosion of some sort. so you can start to focus there. it's like anything, any person who does investigative work, whether a murder scene or something like this there are certain things right away that give them insight of where they will go and give them a path right away to make cases. >> definitely at this point you have to consider all options. adam housley. thank you so much. hope to check back with you while the night goes on. thank you again. >> no problem. for the latest on the plane that went missing during a flight from paris to cairo, let's turn to fox news correspondent benjamin hall. he's live in our london bureau. what can you tell us? >> well, look, europe is just
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waking up to this tragic news, news which comes at a time when there have been numerous incidents with planes. region in a chaos and speculation at the moment. look at the facts briefly. it is an airbus and it left charles de gaulle at 11:00 local time. three hour ena 40 minutes in to the flight it disappeared off radar. it was 30 to 40 miles north of the egyptian coast. speculation was in egyptian air space or was it not? some said it may have been over egyptian land but that is now known to be false. we know a little bit about the plane. it was 12 years old. had a spotty security record. it is traditionally one of the workhorses of the airline industry. the pilot himself has 6,000 hours of flying time. we start piecing together this story. at 37,000 feet, if a plane disappears off radar, it's very
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suspicious. if this was a failure with the engines you may expect communication with the ground and this was not received. it disappeared off radar and we expect it is in the water. we are hearing the greek coast guard have been helping in the search. they have sent two planes to recover it. again, very little information coming out about that. we're talking about the region at the moment and whether this is terrorism or not, this will be a catastrophic event for egypt itself. egypt relies so heavily on tourism hit so hard when the previous jet was shot down, blown up, rather, by isis last year. so, whether or not this is terrorism, and again some people say it might have been a bomb. some say it may have been catastrophic failure. we know egypt will be hit very hard by this. of course the main thing is about the families on board, 59 people, ten crew. of which three were security staff, security members.
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we know that egypt has picked up its security since the crash back in october of last year. it is worth bearing in mind the flight came out of charles de gaulle in paris. it didn't come out of cairo and we know that airports have heightened their security. so the likelihood of a bomb smuggled on bomb from europe seems slim. piecing together the story and trying to figure out if it was a catastrophic disaster on the plane, whether it was terrorism, pilot failure we don't know and it disappeared out of the sky at 37,000 feet and now both the egyptian army and greek coast guard are scouring the waters 30 miles north of the egyptian coast. europe waking up to this story. very sad indeed. >> you mention that three of the crew members were security staff. is that comparable to something like an air marshal?
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>> we think so. all of the details we have now, seven crew, three security members. of course this would fit in with the heightened security that's been going on across aviation worldwide, particularly in flights coming in and out of cairo. it would be remarkable if this was indeed confirmed to be a bomb which was smuggled on board because of those facts because it came out of charles de gaulle, especially in light of the terrorist attacks we have seen there. >> do you find it curious that with a 59 passengers on board and this is a relatively quick flight, three hour and 45 minutes. what would be the need for ten of those crew members for three of the ten members to be security members? >> well, again, that is curious. at the moment we don't know. it is a plane that has a capacity of over 200. the plane was not that full. i know we have been reporting
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mors of a dignitary on board. who knows if they were connected to that. >> there have been rumors that there might have been a dignitary on board. you have heard those rumors? >> there have been those rumors but no confirmation of that at this point. >> thank you so much. hopefully we can check back with you again as more information comes to light. >> thank you. joining us to discuss the disappearance of the egyptair flight is an aviation journalist and former pilot. thank you for joining us again. >> hi. >> so have you been listening to any of our reporting since i last spoke to you and any other thoughts come up? i know that we are all trying to figure this out as we go along here. what are your thoughts at this point? >> well, obviously as time passes and it has been 3 1/2 hours now. the chance of it being a hijacking gets more and more
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remote. because obviously if it had been a hijacking, someone would have seen something, something on radar, probably a terrorist group making a claim. you have to remember egyptair, i believe, had a hijacking earlier this year in which nobody was hurt. it was sort of a love sick individual who had a fake suicide bomber belt on. and commandeered the airliner. of course you know strange things can happen. but with this thing having the smoking gun of the sudden disappearance off of radar, no distress call made when it was talking to greek air traffic control, no indication made there was anything wrong. the distance they were at they should have been able to rouse jipg air traffic control since they were just coming up on their air space. the lack of a call by itself doesn't necessarily mean anything but with the sudden
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disappearance of 37,000 feet, obviously getting more suspicious. we can't necessarily point the fingers at terrorism, although i think that is where most people will be going. we have to recall two of last year's most high-profile accidents, airasia, on the other side of the world turned out to be a pilot-induced event. the pilot's induced a loss of control by momentarily shutting off the airplane's computers at a high altitude and the germanwings one in which the co-pilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and it was a suicide. there's a history with egyptair. there is a previous, high-profile accident with the 767 about 17 years ago in which everybody on board was killed, i think 200 people when the co-pilot commandeered that airplane again. had a battle with the captain for control and that went in to the atlantic ocean just off the
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coast of new york. so initially, you know, we never know. it is just speculation until they start to find debris. if they find debris in the waters of the mediterranean, which now it is daylight there for two hours, i'm sure they are scouring the area. as soon as they find debris they will be able to get a better idea from the debris field itself how widely scattered are the parties of the plaep airplane? they will be able to understand did the airline come apart in flight or hit the water intact if that is what happened. and that is significant if they can find debris or debris field or did it come intact in to the water. >> yes. i don't know if you were listening to the previous call when i was on with benjamin reporting from london and he had mentioned, a, that there were some rumors that they had been hearing. again, these are just rumors that there could have been a dignitary on board. we are talking about a plane
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that had a short, fairly short trip of three hours and 45 minutes and not at full capacity at all. 58 people and ten crew. and he told us three of the crew members were security office members. do you find that odd at all? >> i find it odd they would have possibly three. here in the u.s. we have flights that frequently don't have any air marshals and then we have some flights that may have one. this is a different area of the world. in light of kre recent events since the arab spring and the metrojet terrorist crash in egypt earlier this year it would not be surprising that egyptair would have more security personnel. but when they say the three security personnel, we don't know if that is randomly selected tsa-style air marshal guards or part of a security detail that was going with one individual.
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if that is what you are getting at. if it was a high-profile person was that the security detail with that person and that makes, obviously the logical thought would be did someone have prior access to this knowledge and was there perhaps a bomb put aboard the airplane set with the time detonator to go off? >> so, you know, let's just say this is based on heightened security because it is such a volatile area that they would put three security personnel on that crew. from your point of view, what would be the benefit of having those additional security members on a flight like that? >> oh, i mean, obviously, just look at what they had last month in march when they had the hijacking on the same airplane. he commandeered the airplane to cyprus. i think what we learned from the events of 9/11 is certainly having able-bodied people that are ready and willing to assist
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as soon as something gets out of hand on the airplane or hopefully before something gets out of hand if there is suspicion or unruly passenger or looks like something is about to take over. again, it's not necessarily suspicious they would have three. we don't know what their company regulations are. it doesn't matter how many passengers you have on a flight you still, for instance on an airbus a-320 you have to have four flight attendants. if this was one passenger on the flight attendant you have to have four flight attendants. one for each exit and that sort of thing. because we don't know what their company regulations are, their government regulations we don't know if this is standard or a security detail for a particular person or if we had, you know, off-duty security people traveling on the airplane. we don't have the details yet. >> we will keep an ear out to find out if those rumors of a possible dignitary on board is
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rumor or if it becomes true. because that could certainly open another avenue of possibilities of what might have happened to this flight. adam housley, of fox news, was telling me earlier there was a tweet apparently about the egyptian military heading to a possible location. what are your thaufts on them possibly already maybe pinpointing something? >> yes. there are stories out right now that there are greek airplanes from the greek air force have been dispatched and also from egypt. this is a pretty traveled civilian area also. so, if there is anything on the surface, with it being daylight now, with the weather being fairly good. we don't see any cloud coverage on the satellite imagery right now, it should be fairly good for picking something up. they have the exact radar path from where the aircraft is. they should be able to narrow it
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down within one top two miles from where the plane was last seen tracking. again, you know, we have to rein it in a little bit. it seems when you hear paris, when you hear egypt, some of the things right now, airplane disappearing, it sounds like a terrorist act. of course it could have been. but we have to remember in the last couple of years with the germanwing's crash, with the airasia which was an identical airplane, an airbus a-320 which is a workhorse of the world's aviation fleet, a highly reliable airplane, but both of those initially same thing. there was no distress call made and so initially people start to think terror but just because there was no distress call because a airplane vanishes doesn't mean it wasn't something mechanical or pilot error or crew induced. >> as an aviation journalist and
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former pilot yourself, what are some of the things that you are going to be listening for that will perk your ears up throughout the night as this unfolds? >> well, right away, we have already heard a little bit about the pilots. we know the captain is experienced, over 6,000 hours. over 2,000 hours that type. co-pilot 2,000 hours. we have a fair live experienced captain. not necessarily by u.s. standards would that be heavily experienced but perhaps for this area of the world. what we want to know is what was their state, what was going on in their lives. wa about to know about the crew, their training record. in terms of the airplane, we want to know the records on that but it is a fairly new airplane, i think it is a 12-year-old airbus. in terms of the black boxes if the plane went down in the mediterranean. what we want to know is the depth of the area.
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how long will it take, if this was an accident. the airplane did crash either intack or did it come apart we want to get to those black boxes and get the voice recorder and data recorder as soon as possible. what are the depths out there? how long will it take if the wreckage is found. how much longer will it take to get and retrieve the black boxes and will they be intact? that will really reveal what happened with this missing flight. >> agreed. well, kathleen bangs, aviation journalist and former pilot, we thank you very much for all of your insight and sticking with us throughout the night. we hope to check back with you. i have one other question for you. you know, we mentioned, and this has come up several times. before we let you go, i heard several people refer to the spotty record of this airplane, but no one has gone in to detail about that, what that means.
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what do you think that a spotty record could indicate? >> were they saying egyptair or the airbus aircraft? >> you know, i felt like they were saying both at different points. >> i think in terms of egyptair -- again, this airline has been around since 1932. it is established airplane but not profitable. i have lookhood at their financial record and yul reports this evening they have been operating in the red the last three years. they don't have the annual report out for last year yet, although that is not abnormal. sometimes it can take in to 2016 before a corporation releases the 20158 report. egyptair has a number of holdings. sort of an umbrella company that has a number of cargo companies and ground service things. but since the arab spring hit the region and civil unrest upheaval, widely publicized metrojet terrorist accident last
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year, tourism has fallen off and the airline has been operating in the red the last few years. of course when that happens people say why do you care? anytime an airline operates in the red and this is a government-operated airline you look in to maintenance then. have any corners been cut? what is happening with the crew contracts? has there been a cut in pay, disgrunted crew members. that sort of thing. same situation with malaysian airline. the airline was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy when mh-370 occurred. that's not thing we look in to. in terms of a spotty record on the airbus 320, it may seem to the general public they hear that aircraft model associated with high-profile accidents but it is also, if you thought of a popular car, the more, the millions of a burglar model operating on the highway the greater the chance of accidents.
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there are many thousands of the airbus a-320 out there. i don't think there is anything systemically wrong with that plane. in some of the higher profile accidents it's been crew error. you can't say there is something systemically wrong with that model. i am sure there will be some fingers pointed perhaps at the airline. we'll see. >> stay with us for a few more moments. to recap for those joining us, an egyptair flight ms-804, went missing from -- it departed from paris, charles de gaulle airport at approximately 10:45 p.m. local time. it was due to land in cairo at 3:05 a.m. local time there. it was a three hour and 45 minute trip. at about 37,000 feet, about ten miles outside of egyptian air space, all contact was lost. any contact with any kind of you
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name it has been missing. so, we are waiting to find out what happened to this flight. kathleen, thank you. we will check back in with you as the night progresses. thank you for all of your help tonight. >> i now turn things over to my colleague heather childers who is live in the newsroom. >> thank you very much. we continue to follow this plane crash that you have been covering all evening. to recap for everyone at home if you are just joining us, an egypt airliner has disappeared from radar. the egyptair flight ms-804 vanished somewhere over the mediterranean, south of turkey. the airbus a-320 manifest includes 56 passengers and a crew of ten. we have since learned the pilot has more than 6,000 hours of flying time. he made no distress call.
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the last contact with the plane happened ten minutes before it disappeared from radar. it was an altitude of 37,000 feet when it happen but there are conflicting reports of whether the jet disappeared over egyptian air space. we know it vanished just before daybreak under favorable and clear weather. egypt civil aviation ministry said search and rescue teams are looking for the plane. that's going on as we speak. greece assisting in the search and reportedly using two aircraft. another ship is heading to the region and helicopters are on standby on the southern island of carpothos for potential rescue or recovery efforts. the plane did not land as scheduled. that's all we know at this point. we are not aware of any threats before the plane went missing.
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those would be immediate concerns. both france and egypt have had their transportation networks targeted in the past. we know that by islamic state and allied terrorists in recent years. and the airline also has what might be described as a spotty safety record. we need to mention that. you might recall that just this past march, an egypt airplane was hijacked and diverted to cyprus. a passenger who admitted to the hijacking and described to authorities as psychologically unstable was behind that incident. and then in 1999, an egypt airline jetliner crashed in the atlantic ocean near the island of nantucket killing all 217 people on board. u.s. investigators filed a report that concluded the 0 co-pilot switched off auto pilot and pointed the boeing 767 downward. officials rejected the notion of suicide insisting that some ort mechanical reason caused the
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crash. let's get back to what is happening for us this evening. good morning, ken. are you there? >> good morning. i'm here. >> this is an airbus a-320. the manifest included 56 passengers, a crew of ten. it's egyptian air ms-804 and it vanished somewhere over the mediterranean, suite of turkey. i was reading it was just before it entered egyptair space. do you know anything in addition to that information? >> as you have been following what you have been reporting on the news. >> ken, would it be unusual it to disappear so close in to
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entering egyptair space? i'm just getting involved in this story, as well. let's do this together. the plane -- >> all right. >> okay. it was at an altitude of 37,000 feet. does that tell you anything, ken? sdpl usually when the plane is cruising altitude, everything is going normal. looks like weather wasn't a factor. it was at cruising altitude. engine issues and things like that that would normally manifest on takeoff should not have been a factor. one of the things when a airplane disappears from radar you always think catastrophic failure, whether the plane had a rapid depressurization, and the plane took itself apart, you are looking at that. that could be mechanical. again heyed that a history of one pilot, egyptian air that
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went in to the atlantic back in this late '90s or early 2000s. the accident investigation report, they did not agree with that. >> that was in 1999 i believe is when that happened. >> yeah, '99. >> do you know anything about this particular area? there were initial reports or concerns it had possibly gone down over land and now we believe it went down in the mediterranean sea. >> you know, when you are going from one air space to another, there's a handoff of the aircraft. because you are entering another country flight region. because it is a commercial region they file flight plans all the time. the route is flown daily and shouldn't be a factor this this accident.
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you want to look at rapid decompression of altitude or a bomb on board. >> of course that would be one of the immediate concerns. any possible connections with isis or terrorism related incidents. at this point no one claiming responsibility for anything like that. we need to make that clear. i understand it vanished from radar about ten minutes before. let me make sure i understand this. yeah, about ten minutes prior, it disappeared from radar. what would that tell you, would that tell you what could have happened on board? >> no, you know, sometimes, you know, in the past aviation disasters, certainly flight 93 during 9/11, an aircraft could be commandeered, taken over and it could start out as a
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hijacking or a terrorist event. and then it ends up as an aviation accident. the crews that are trying to take over the aircraft, if the airplane gets out of their hands or out of their experience level, they might not be able to get the plane back in to a flyable condition. if the aircraft overspeeds, for instance, if you are at cruise altitude and you know the plane will quickly go through velocity not to exceed and then the aircraft can start to take itself apart. this is speculation at this point. again, getting flight data reporter and cockpit voice recorder will be key in finding out what was causing the in-flight break up. >> if the last contact was within ten minutes of when the plane disappeared from radar, would that ten minutes have been time -- if there wasn't something catastrophic, if the pilot to issue a distress call
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or something like that? >> yeah, he could have issued a distress call. they have electronic data when they are outside of radar. they can communicate via satellite or radio. so they can still do that. if it was a catastrophic failure with the aircraft, the air crew quickry will have hands full with doing crew duties and they want to aifuate an navigate and communicate thirdly. so they want to get the airplane under control. take care of the emergency situation, make sure it is in a safe flying regime and make the distress call after that. >> so for some reason within that ten minutes time frame where there was no communication, before the plane disappeared from radar there was something going on within those ten minutes. obviously -- >> i think that would be safe to say.
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>> we have additional information coming in. this is just crossing the associated press news wire. the defense ministry source has been given them information saying that an account from a captain of a merchant ship reported quote flame in the sky. that was 130 nautical miles south of the area. at least os witness account of some sort of what he describes as a flame in the sky. that would lead us to believe an explosion perhaps happened on board? >> yeah, absolutely. if he got rapid depressurization, the plane would be greater than 10,000 feet from descent trying to get down to below 12,000 feet. but if this is a flash in the sky one would perhaps surmise it
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would have been an inflight explosion. if the eyewitness testimony is true, that could point to a bomb going off and flash in the sky and then the aircraft at that speed was going greater than 450 knots, it would take itself apart. >> in terms of what anyone would be able to find, like remnants of the plane, what would still be available for investigators? >> if there is an explosion the plane will decelerate quickly and debris will fall down. the airplane crash investigator would be looking at where is the debris field? it is all in one area? or is it strewn across many miles? that would indicate in-flight break up. when you get the pieces, you would start to see, if it was an
10:43 pm
explosion inside it would be burning remnants, explosion residue. the people and the bodies inside the aircraft would have evidence of that. and that's what you would be looking at from the physical evidence. >> -- i'm sorry. go ahead. usually in cases like that, the cockpit voice recorder would terminate at that point and the flight data recorder would terminate recording at that point. you might pick up a sound before the recording terminated. >> it would terminate at the point of impact or it would terminate at the point if there was an explosion? >> depending if it was an explosion in the rear of the aircraft or smaller explosion. sometimes you can have an explosion and the plane is able to land.
10:44 pm
if there was an explosion in the aircraft but the engines were turning and there was electrical power the cockpit voice recorder would continue to record. >> new information that is coming in to share with everyone at home. you as well. aviation ministry now reporting in terms of the people on board, 30 egyptians, 15 french and one britain among the passengers of this missing airplane. perhaps we can bring everyone up to speed as to what is happening, if you are just joining us at home. an egyptair flight that was headed from paris to cairo has disappeared. 66 people on board. the plane most likely crashing in an area in the mediterranean sea. that's near turkey or south of turkey. we were reporting this is egyptair flight 804.
10:45 pm
it lost contact, or lost on radar at 2:45 a.m. local time. it happened when it was flying at 37,000 feet. all of that according to the airline itself. any final thoughts you have for us? all of this is just developing. anything we are saying is obviously speculation? >> i think the good thing, it is just morning there now. once they get ships on station, if it did break up in the air i think you will see debris field probably oil slicks. that will be visible from the search area. and they will have all day to start to look for that. if it did break up, there will be items on the aircraft that would be floating, seat cushions and light items, light plastic, and perhaps some aircraft surfaces, as well. >> well, ken, thank you so much
10:46 pm
for joining us. i have a feeling we may check in with you later this morning but thank you very much for your expertise so far. >> okay. heather, enjoyed it. thank you. >> thank you, ken. for the late on that plane that has gone missing during the flight from paris to cairo, once again check in with benjamin hall live in the london bureau. he can bring us additional information we have at this point. this is jirpt air flight 804 that disappeared from radar. flying 37,000 feet. benjamin, i believe, at the time lost contact around 10 minutes before it disappeared from radar. are you there, benjamin? >> yeah. hi, heather. yeah, look, it is -- we heard it is the greek coast guard who first noticed the plane was missing. they said was no radio contact. they did not lose altitude. they just vanished. put in context with the flash the eyewitness reported that is a worrying concern. this is 30 to 40 minutes before
10:47 pm
the plane was due to land. we are hearing from the vice president of egyptair holdings that there was no special cargo on board, no dangerous goods on board. as you said, the list of people who were on, nationalities, 30 egyptian, 15 french, one british and another, a few other nationalities on there. the pilot experienced. he had over 6,000 hours of flying time in this particular plane. it with uz an airbus a-320 which is the workhorse of the aviation industry. bit of a mystery at the moment. we know the coast guard have gone to locations off the coast. if there is debris, something there we hope as the sunlight comes and rises in the area they may find something. it seems unlikely that at an
10:48 pm
altitude of 37,000 feet there maybe survivors on board. we hear two children, one infant among dead. 59 all together and ten staff on board, teb including three security people. a lot of information coming out at the moment. a lot of speculation, but those are the facts. it left charles de gaulle at 11:00 p.m. last night. charles de gaulle is a french high-profile airport. and you would imagine since the attacks and the rise in terrorist threats in europe there would be heightened security. there for them to smuggle a device on board from that airport would be remarkable. that was the case that would change the way the aviation industry works here. of course when you hear of an air egypt flight blowing up you think back to last october when the air egypt flight, metro flight blew up and that was isis. they have know it was a baggage handler who smuggled that device on board. look, all speculation at the moment. no confirmation of anything at
10:49 pm
the moment. we know the plane vanished. there was no radio contact. it was 37,000 feet. there was a flash seen by an eyewitness in the sky. so very worrying developments recently and we will keep you updated. that's what we are hearing at this moment. >> any comment from paris airport authorities at this hour? >> nothing from the paris authorities. there were families and people on board. the cairo airport have been moved to terminal one. an emergency team on site. they will be distraught at the moment. but no word out of paris at the moment. the egyptian country relies on tourism. this will hit it hard. frankly isis thrives off of this
10:50 pm
kind of tragedy. even if it wasn't terrorism it will be catastrophic for tourism. >> the area has been on high alert, as well. >> that's right. egypt and neighboring libya which has been in the headlines recently. many u.s. officials say libya is graver concern than some over countries in the middle east. the sinai peninsula is a hot bed of terrorism. this plane was off the coast. we are not speculating it was a surface-to-air missile at all but the area is known for jihadis and it will be another nail in the coffin for their economy. >> what i understand, there have been no specific threats. no specific concern as to when this flight took off. there's been no claim of responsibility at this hour. >> that's right.
10:51 pm
nothing at all. this specific plane's fifth flight of the day. it was during a normal run. the paris to cairo flight is a common one. 30 egyptians, 15 french on board. but no specific threats at all. there have been threats in general, which is why security has been raised recently, which is why if this was terrorism it would be a shock. despite all of the additional security regulations, if this could still happen, if this was a bomb another big shake-up at the moment. but europe is waking up to a tragedy this morning. a lot of families very, very anxious at the moment. >> oh, yeah. >> we are waiting to find out more. >> one of the reports i was reading at least 15 family members a this point. family members of some of the passenger on the missing flight have arrived at the cairo airport along with doctors who were on the scene at the airport and several of those distressed
10:52 pm
family members have collapsed. so a lot of questions and concerns and prayers for all of those family members, as well. what do we know about the pilot aboard this plane? >> a very experienced pilot. he's had i believe 6,000 hours of flying time. i think it is 2,000 hours on this specific kind of plane. his vice captain, less experienced but also few thousand hours of flying time. so certainly very experienced. when you think of the various options you remember the germanwing's flight where the pilot took the plane down. similar thing happened a couple of years earlier, as well. one of the possible speculations but the pilot experienced. we know the plane, a-320, 12 years old. we are hearing it had a spotty security record. we don't know what that means but that is also reports coming
10:53 pm
through to us. put together we don't know. it is speculation but very, very suspicious this plane vanished off radar. no radio contact. >> okay. thank you so much for joining us. benjamin hall. we appreciate it. standby, any additional information you get, please bring it to us and we will check back in with you. thank you. to recap for everyone at home, if you are just joining us, and egyptair flight heading from paris charles de gaulle airport to cairo airport has disappeared from radar. the egyptair flight ms-804 vanished somewhere over the mediterranean south of turkey. the airbus a-320 infests a crew of ten, two children and a baby on board. the aviation ministry says 30 egyptians, 15 french and one britain are among the passengers. we have learned the pilot has
10:54 pm
more than 6 thousand hours of flying time t. he made no distress call. the last contact with the plane happened ten minutes before it disappeared from radar. at an altitude of 37,000 feet at the time. there are conflicting reports over whether the jet disappeared over egyptian air space. we're told it is just before it entered egyptian aerospace. we know it vanished just before daybreak. under clear weather conditions. egypt civil aviation many inindustry says search and rescue teams are looking for the plane. greece is assisting in the search. they are using two aircraft. also a ship is heading to the region and helicopters are on standby. we will take a quick break at this point. but we will continue to follow this developing story. once again, this airliner, this egypt flight 804, disappeared
10:55 pm
from radar. the surge the search is underway to find it with 66 people on board. we will follow the story here on the fox news channel. when we come back, our own lea gabriel who is a pilot will check in with us for the latest. stay with fox news. we'll be right back. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.
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welcome back. we have some additional information to bring everyone up to speed as to what is during in egyptair flight from paris to cairo carrying 66 people on board have disappeared from radar. this happened early thursday morning. excuse me. my alarm is going off. so once again, to bring you up to speed. an egyptair flight disappeared from radar early thursday morning. most likely crashing into the sea. that's according to at least one spokesperson. we'll go directly t