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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 19, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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communication. ee egypted air confirms emergency distress signal sent two hours after it crashed. let's get to benjamin hall who joins us from london with the latest. good morning again>> good morning again. reports are coming out about what exactly happened. the facts that we know about the plane and pilot the plane was air bus 320. there are around 5,000 of them plus in operation around the world. they are the work horse of the aviation industry. this plane left charles-de-gaulle a major hub of aviation around 11:00 p.m. local time. 3 hours 40 minutes into the flight it was at 37,000 feet. it was flown by muhammad sakar. this is an experienced pilot
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over 6,000 hours of flying time over 2,000 in this specific type of plane. his co pilot over 2,000 hours of flying time. the weather was fine when they dropped off the radar. usually this would suggest a catastrophic event, high drop in pressure. no one is suggesting that is what it is egyptair has gone to great lengths to say no one should jump to conclusions. the prime minister saying nothing can be discounted. they are setting up meetings with the national security advisors. the french issued their condolences to those involved. that is the first suggestion everyone on the plane may have died. of those 56 passengers, 30 egyptians, 15 french, one britain, one belgium and a few from other countries. 7 staff on board and 3 security
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officials which is normal operating procedure for this kind of flight. security is the highest all over europe all over the world in aviation. charles-de-gaulle is such a major airport that something got on board is remarkable. waiting to hear if it was. egypt going to suffer greatly from this. they have been at the forefront of the terrorism. their economy dropped countless times because of the threat of terrorism. even if it was not terrorism you have to feel this is between fitting isis this is creating chaos in countries that they need to thrive on. we don't know what it is yet as the families of the people on board in an anxious search. >> all we know is that it has crashed and there were 66 people on board. >> about 11:00 a.m. local time in cairo. you start to see the still pictures coming in. we are getting them by the
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minute. families and loved ones obviously very upset at the news of this. 66 people on board the plane that was due to land overnight is gone, is missing, has crashed chld>> if you could tell me once again the reporter we are going to. garrett tiny. garrett tiny is standing by now with the latest information. an inside look at the history of other egyptair tragedies. unfortunately there have been others. garrett? >> yeah, heather and heather we have been looking at the history of the airline itself. we have not found any reports of major mechanical issues with any of the airline's planes. the airlines will sound familiar. it will has been in the headlines for hijacking related incidents. since 1976 the airline has been the victim of 8 hijackings according to the aviation safety network. you may remember the most recent
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one when a flight headed to cairo was supposed to land in cyprus by a man who claimed to be wearing a suicide belt. the suicide belt was a fake and said the man only wanted to meet his ex-wife whochz living on the island. a sudanese passenger pulled out a knife and demanded the plane be diverted to jerusalem to liberate it. they over powered the man before landing. the deadliest hijacking of an egyptair flight was in 1985 when three terrorists shot and killed a security guard and two flight attendants before taking over the plane and forced it to land on a mediterranean island. the event turned into a massacre when egyptian troops stormed the plane even throwing hand grenades that led to 60 deaths including the hijackers and many of the passengers. we should stress as we have through out the morning that we
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have not heard from authorities that hijacking or terrorism played any role in today's crash. >> garrett tenney joining us live. thank you very much. additional information? >> returned retired air force pilot lieutenant general john mc inernie. you have been dolling following this all night long. 37,000 feet. it was off the coast of egypt. apparently in the dissent. although that has not been confirmed but 187 miles off the coast. what does all of this information tell you? >> there's a lot of conflicting information, heather. i go back to the basic fact that 37,000, and i am not sure it was descending because that's about the altitude for a 320. but it could have been up at 38 or 39. the fact is, when you have a catastrophic event like that where it completely disappears
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there is at least an 85 percent chance in my opinion that it was an explosive device. go back a year plus ago when the russian airplane was taken down. again, that was put in an explosive device put in by baggage handlers at char mel sheikh. i am saying there is a high percentage there is terrorism. i don't believe it was a martyr on board, this goes to the pattern isis has been using. isis is trying to destabilize the region. what they did yesterday and the day before in baghdad. now what they are trying to do in cairo with the president. we should look at the patterns of behavior of what isis is doing and see that. i know of no event in all of my years fighting fighters with bombs on them that they just exploded mid air. you never hear of that, of
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commercial aircraft. so that is why i am leaning so far forward and saying i believe this is an act of terrorism and probably isis is behind it. clearly it is radical islam. >> you mentioned the passenger list itself. we have additional information on that. that is what tells you also that it could be something following the pattern of isis. there were 15 french, 30 egyptian, one british, one belgium, two iraqis, one kuwaiti, one sudanese, one person from chad. one portuguese and one canadian. it runs the gamete. looking at that why would you think it was more of a pattern that isis follows? >> i couldn't prove that because i don't know the history of these people. when someone wants to become a martyr and kill himself like suicide bombers that is a
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pattern of behavior. i don't sensitize and i am not sure on that but it doesn't stand out to me. you have the kuwaitis and iraqis, et cetera, he egyptians. i don't sense a shaw heed type of attack. >> we have more information-coming in. we have other aviation experts who point to this could have been something mechanical. sticking with your concern this could have been terrorism are, talk to us about how this would effect the aviation industry worldwide and how this would effect airport security, if in fact, image begin the scenario, there was a bomb put on board at charles-de-gaulle airport in paris as it headed to cairo. >> it will have a huge impact that's what isis wants to do at one of the most important airports in the world heather. when you look at the patterns of behavior of what isis is doing
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they are losing ground now. i blame our administration partly because they have not had a more aggressive air campaign to take isis out. it is still an inspiration. it is not inspiring as many people was their caliphate is shrinking. aviation experts not in the study of terrorism don't fully appreciate the patterns of behavior that i see, that i think isis is behind this. >> we just talked about a potential bomb scenario in which something was planted on board that plane. talk to us about a surface to air missle at 37,000 feet. maen knee would believe only governments would have that kind of thing. could we necessarily rule out that isis would have or not have a weapon? >> lia gabriel said it could have potentially launched from a ship in the area. >> that is to me remote because
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you have to have a particular weapon system at 37,000 feet it a be probably has to be an sa 11 that is the one that shot down the malaysian airliner over the ukraine. it is a very, very low possibility it could have been on a ship. i really don't think so. i go back to the basic patterns of behavior what they used on the russian. get a bomb -- as you remember, that bomb wasn't very big. it was the size of a coke can. get that in an airplane, which is sometimes very difficult to detect. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. we will have you back no doubt through out the day as we continue to follow these breaking developments. >> general mcinernie, thank you very much. >> egyptair plight 804 flashing in the mediterranean sea. 66 passengers on board. >> we have live pictures from cairo. we will follow the latest
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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you >> a fox news lart. an egyptair flight crashing early this morning between paris and cairo. the cause of the crash remains unknown. nothing is being ruled out. 66 people were on board that flight. 56 passengers and 10 crew members. >> we have had a lot of expert on overnight. some pointed to terrorism as being possibly what happened. others talking about it is something mechanical. joining us to weigh in is former f 18 pilot and fox news
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correspondent lia gabriel. digging through the information this morning, what strikes you about this, what do you think may have happened? >> heather, again, we are looking at every possibility right now. i look at it as did this distress call happen or not happen. if it did it is different than if it did not. let's say something catastrophic happened. if the plane disappears from radar at 37,000 feet. that would mean a large object potentially disappeared from the sky for the radar no longer to see it which would indicate an explosion in flight. catastrophic aircraft accident more likely would be something like a bomb on board or something from outside the aircraft causing it to explode potentially a missile, something like that. you have to look at vr ry possibility at this point. it is important to point out we have u.s. nave reassets in the mediterranean. we have 6 fleet at naples and italy over here.
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the sixth fleet will be involved. i sfoek with a u.s. navy official who said if we have ships in the area they will probably be involved in the rescue effort. there will be intelligence assets signals intelligence, satellite imagery there will be a lot of different things we can piece together to figure out what happened here. i want to point out the fact that we have seen a lot of what we considered hot dogging that could cause a miscalculation to happen. the egyptian navy is a serious navy, robust navy. they say i think it's the 6th largest in the world. they have had a lot of threats to their navy bioterrorist organizations cyanide peninsula in particular the isis affiliate there. you have a russian port right over here in syria, that's the port they essentially maintain ships there and they also have aircraft staged south of that location in syria. it is a very challenging area.
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very bad security situation in the entire region right now, heather. >> specifically where they are searching and they believe this beacon went off is about 175 miles in the mediterranean sea off the coastline of egypt, north of the mediterranean port city of alexandria. so where in that particular area would that be that you were just discussing? >> well, at this point to try to be specific on this map would be challenging, but what we can talk about is what would be in this area. you have lots of ships you have u.s. military ships greek military ships you have a lot of different assets. you have just the immersion ships that would be in the area at this time. i mentioned a miscalculation. take for example the ussvinchenz where the u.s. military believed an iranian airliner was an f-14 attacking a ship. there was a gun fight that was happening on the water on the
2:18 am
seas at this time. that airliner got shot down. miscalculations have occurred. we have seen russian aircraft buzzing the ship in the area. we have seen chinese buzzing in the south china sea. there's a lot of activity where you are seeing opportunities for miscalculations. something like a surface to air missile from a ship standard fm 2 missile which we have on a guided missile destroying that would go up 65,000 feet 90 miles according to the stats on-line. a lot of things that could happen here. >> puts into perspective how busy and dangerous a time it is on the seas, all across the globe. another thing she points out the radar. tons of radar in the area. that should help us better determine what happened. thank you. >> highly populate pd ad and he traffic. at least one witness a captain from a mercantile ship in the area reported seeing a flame in the sky.
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>> we are following all of the breaking news taking place overseas. missing egyptair plane crashing and disappearing from the radar between paris and cairo. we will be right back. why are you deleting these photos?
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charles de gaullecharles de gaulle >> a plane has crashed into the mediterranean sea this morning. egypt flight 804 it was lost in the radar around 2:45 local time when it was flying at approximately 37,000 feet that is according to the airline. it vanished about 10 miles after it entered egyptian airspace.
2:23 am
>> the 10 miles was closer to 187 miles offshore. within egyptian airspace but offshore in the mediterranean sea. they are trying to find a debris field or any information they can any hopes of survivors not likely if the plane came down from 37,000 feet. >> the sefrp going on 175,000 miles off the coast of the port city of alexandria. at least one of the search and rescue ships has arrived on scene in that area and that there is no sign of any objects in the water and there is no field of fuel, either. >> joining us on the phone and we are getting a lot of information as it is coming in. some folks are saying this could be terrorism, other folks saying it could be a mechanical problem on board the plane that caused it to go down. we don't know yet. let's take a look at the possible terror angel. waleed farris joins us on the phone.
2:24 am
as you wake up and learn more information about what went down and look at the dangers of this overall region, we know isis is certainly active and isis brought down a russian plane last year that was -- well a russian plane killing many, many people on board. what does all of this information tell you? >> at first we have to be in the center of the research circle, which means we don't have a general indication where to go. so you have part of these experts who are looking at mechanical failure, possibly have an accident. the weather condition is now remote because we have the report that was so intense. but we have as you just said the other direction, and the other direction has some energy to it because egypt has been found in a situation like that. the sinai with the russian plane. also egypt is fighting, isis is fighting al qaeda in multiple areas and because of the location of the disappearance of
2:25 am
the flight. so two things one looking at mechanical failure and the other looking at the (indiscernible). >> the russian airline crash in october, october 31st. it killed all 224 people on board. in terms of isis and their, what do you call it, modus operandi, we spoke to an expert earlier, and he said a loan tne terroris possibly getting on board or someone getting an explosive device on board he believes there was some sort of explosion mid air and that's what caused the plane to go down. >> for that specific scenario we need to go back to the imagery and the underlying device. i am sure the egyptian governments are reflecting from
2:26 am
those who have the imagery to provide them with the time frame to see if there was a flash, there was an explosion. that is one theory. theory 2 the bomb basically had been planted in paris wheat the french are nervous about and looking at the possible failures in paris and we have reason to believe isis may have or isis or other jihadis might have. thirdly someone was on the plane and forced a direction, put some pressure. we don't know. we don't know any information about where the impact was. was there an impact? did it really land in the mediterranean? fa the center of the research about this. >> walid, we have a list of where the passengers were originally from. this plane was filled with a lot of egyptian passengers, 30 egyptian passengers, 15 french, two iraqis one sudanese and it goes on and on and on. does that tell you the nationalities of the people and
2:27 am
whether or not it could be terrorism? >> most of the flights going to egypt, many of those have them mostly from egypt and international passengers going to egypt or piloting to egypt. when we look at the countries they are coming from every one of the countries that have the jihadists. it could be along with -- we don't have the names, we don't have the backgrounds. they could be themselves jihadists. they are not chileans or asians, this is the possibility of having jihadists on the plane responsible. we need more information. >> you have to think of how the world would react if the scenario were correct a bomb was planted on board of all places charles de gaulle airport in paris. we know they have stuck paris
2:28 am
before with numerous attacks including last year that killed so many people. that will be interesting to see how people look at this if that was the case. >> thank you very much walid. walid p,hares joining us. no juan has claimed responsibility. we do not know why this egyptair crashed. >> we are taking a look at all of these angels. we will have more on the egyptair craft when we get back. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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♪ offers free cancellations, so you're free to decide if the trip you're on... hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha... [mountain woman and key laughing together] >> welcome back. a fox news alert for you. breaking news we have been following for you all night from overseas. an egyptair plane with 66 people on board has crashed. >> military search and rescue teams now following an automated emergency signal sent from the plane in the mediterranean sea. egyptair flight 804.
2:32 am
it was flying from paris from charles de gaulle airport to cairo, egypt. it was minutes away from landing at cairo international airport when it vanished from radar. it went down 187,000 miles or so in egyptian airspace but not over land. it crossed 10 miles into egyptian airspace and is now located off the coast of the port city alexandria. here's a time line to break down what happened. airbus a320 took off from charles de gaulle airport after 11:00 p.m. local time on wednesday. 56 passengers including children, two babies. they were all on board as well as 7 crew members and three security officials. >> the plane was 10 miles in egyptian airspace it was 37,000 feet when it went off radar. egyptair had an automated distress signal was sent from
2:33 am
the plane two hours after it crashed around 4:20 a.m. some could say that was the beacon when the plane went down signaling to aviation officials it was in the water. >> initially egyptair said the pilot sent an emergency signal at 2:26 a.m. the egyptian military denied ever seeing this. now egyptair's report was incorrect regarding the 2:26 a.m. rrdiegarding the pilot. >> the only signal to be clear was the one that came from the water after the plane went down. amena is live for us in cairo with the breaking details. good morning. >> good morning. so currently what is happening is there is a lot of confusion among the egyptian officials, the aviation minister has just
2:34 am
cut to be able to go to cairo airport and help out with the process there. also the egyptian army has dispatched fighter jets over the area of the debris and are trying to help with the search in that area. obviously after the crash that happened in cairo in october egyptian authorities are very worried about another terrorist attack although no such group claimed responsibility for the disappearance of the plane yet. also the egyptian authorities haven't been really giving information about what happened to the jet. it is worth noting they haven't ruled out terrorism which is different from the general statements they were making when the russian airplane crashed over sinai six months ago. i think this is also due to the fact that this plane is coming
2:35 am
from paris which would mean if in fact there was a bomb on plane or a terrorist activity this would be a failure on behalf of the french not egyptian which is a very interesting situation. >> thank you very much. all of this news continues to develop by the hour. we have an expert to join us on the set with this particular incident. thank you so much for coming in this morning and joining us. you just heard the latest information for us from the reporter on the scene. the radar was lost around 37,000 feet. there was a 10-minute out time frame where there was no indication of the plane itself. what does that tell you? >> there is some kind of catastrophic incident either they had a mechanical problem it exploded in the air and lost the electronics on board that would have given the signal to the radar signals. if that happened the ray car would still pick up on a primary
2:36 am
signal, a signal that the debris or object itself bouncing off the radar itself. we have to learn whether that happened or not. >> if that did not happen that would had a tell you? >> the aircraft probably came down in pieces if there was that catastrophic event. >> there was one member of the team that said he witnessed what he described as a flame from the sky. >> sometimes it is difficult they may have seen something different. this is a merchant marine, this is someone who you would think would not make a report that was over the top after the fact. >> and we are not ruling anything out at this point, and to clarify for everyone at home. no one claimed responsibility for this. we do not know if it is terrorism related. if it were, the country origin
2:37 am
the destination those would be targets and that's what you need to look at. >> charles de gaulle airport is a secure airport especially now. you would not have expected it this way. >> the other way around from egypt to paris. >> i am more suspicious about that. i think we will learn early. the mediterranean is not a deep sea and they do have elt signals. the elt is a device on the aircraft that is sending out a location signal to where the box is. that is separate from the two black boxes. once we get a few of those things in place it will be rapidly. >> thank you for joining us with your expertise. appreciate it. we will have more with the egyptair craft when we get back. keep it right here on "fox & friends first".
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>> well yocome back to "fox & friends first". egyptair specifically flight 804 has crashed between paris to egypt with 66 people on board. garrett tenney joins us now from washington, d.c. with an inside look at the history of other egyptair tragedies. good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning. one of the things investigators are looking at is the airline itself. any kind of pattern or history of the aircraft having any mechanical issues. many don't have the same standards as far as maintenance and upkeep. it can help shed light into factor that is caused the crash. as we have been looking into the history we haven't found any major mechanical problems with
2:42 am
the fleet. it has been in the headlines for a number of times for hijacking related insurance accidents. since 1976 it has been the victim of 8 such hijackings. you may remember the recent one when a man on board the flight flames he was wearing a suicide belt and forced the plane to land in cyprus. the mentally unstable man wanted to meet his wife and children who were living on the island. on another flight a sudanese passenger demanded it be diverted to jerusalem to liberate it. those who happened to be on the flight over powered the man before landing. the deadliest hijacking of the egyptair flight was in 1985. three terrorists shot and killed a security guard and two flight attendants while taking over the plane and forced it to land on
2:43 am
the mediterranean island of malta. the event turned into a massacre when egyptian troops stormed the plane throwing hand grenades inside theabin. that led to 60 deaths including the hijackers. while they are not ruling out terrorism we have not heard any indications from them that either hijacking or terrorism played any role in this crash. >> there are a lot of angles we are looking at weather mechanical or terrorism. joining us to weigh in is former intelligence officer on fbi joint terrorism task force steve rogers. one of the things he said to me in the break you believe is significant is isis has not claimed responsibility. >> i am a little puzzled if they are involved why they haven't at
2:44 am
this point. you could have had a lone wolf do it if in fact it was a terrorist attack. what is going through my mind now if it was a terrorist attack you not only had a catastrophic failure in the air you had a catastrophic security failure at charles de gaulle airport. >> trying to wrap my mind around that it is an airport so many fly through. >> a very, very busy hub in europe. if somebody was able to plant something on board that plane talk to me about the worldwide reaction to that. >> it would mean security worldwide would tighten up. it would hit the economies of many countries. it would be so unexplainable especially in france how someone could get a bomb on the aircraft if that's the case. the delays with the tsa in the united states only double and probably triple until we find
2:45 am
out what happened we have serious problems. >> if you look at the people involved whether it be food service workers baggage workers, there are a whole lot of people that could have been touching this. >> the international community are going to as we speak, they are going to start to investigate every single person that had something to do with the aircraft the ground crew, package handlers every person their background. looking at their phone logs and computers. they will have an answer very quickly. they are facing if it is a terrorist attack we are facing catastrophic problems worldwide security. a oo there is a precedence set with the russian airplane brought down late last year and that was a baggage handler.
2:46 am
>> as a source told me this morning. this has been brought up. it has never been proven that the russian theory was actual fact. they cput the can out and showe what happened. >> many of the western governments said it was terrorism and isis related. that is something we have to consider. what does it tell you there were initial reports the egyptian air pilot or someone on board the plane made some sort of distress call then egyptair came back and said no that never took place. what does that tell you? >> that tells me what i said earlier what we do know is what we don't know. there's a lot of speculation and a lot of thought, theory, et cetera. we don't know what happened. when we get that black box we will know what happened. >> we know a signal has been located in the mediterranean about 187 miles or so off the coast of egypt. that signal would have come across after that plane went
2:47 am
down. >> the pilot had no warning and that is significant. >> to be clear to the viewers we were covering the angel of terrorism. we have experts who are covering the angle of terrorism. more on the egyptair crash when we come back in just a few minutes. stick around. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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once again, a breaking news alert. we have been following this story for you all night long. this is a crash of an egyptair flight headed from paris to cairo with 66 people onboard. egypt flight 804.
2:51 am
flying at approximately 36,000 feet at the time. there were reports that a distress call had gone out about ten minutes prior to it being lost on the radar. that distress call coming from the pilot. but now egyptair says that was a mistake, that did not happen. so the only indication that we have that there was any type of distress, it actually follows after the airliner disappeared from radar. and that is approximately two hours after. and we think that is coming from the wreckage in the mediterranean sea. joining me is a former pilot and aviation expert, j.p., thank you for joining us. we were hashing this out earlier, the distress call versus the distress signal. egyptair is now saying initially the pilot radioed in a distress call was a mistake, that did not happen. >> i'm glad that was cleared up
2:52 am
because that was a great contentious point that would have opened up the entire bag of whether he was transmitting a threat from the back or he was experiencing difficulties. was it a full-blown emergency, a mayday, or was it just i have difficulties and so we have a different situation. >> and the situation now being that the distress signal or the -- it is coming from a beacon in the mediterranean sea about 175 miles off the coast of a port city there, alexandria. >> that would be a proper location. from about the time line that he took off and from where the aircraft left the radar at that particular time, because he would have been somewhere around 150 miles away from his descent point. that was a logical conclusion. >> i was jotting down because people asked this online, we have additional information on the pilot on board at the time, the captain, he had 2,675 hours. the co-pilot had 2,766 hours.
2:53 am
and we have learned the plane itself was manufactured in 2003. >> that's a very old model type of airline and the a-320 was first developed and delivered in 1988, about 7,000 of them are running around the world. no significant problems with them. the only problem that has occurred with most of theful fly-by-wire types are emergencies, confusion between the pilot and computer interface. but mechanically-wise, it's a safe aircraft. >> would he have been using the autopilot at the time at 37,000 feet as he crossed into egyptian air space? would that have been a possibility? >> actually, from my flying with european airlines, basically, from take off to landing, there's stick time, i'm talking about when they take off and are manuallile cooi control /*ing -
2:54 am
manually controlling. yes, he would have been in cruise. yes, he would have been in autopilot with the full flight management system engaged. >> and normal to be at about 37,000 feet as well. >> sure, that's a normal cruising altitude for that route or any route whatsoever for the a-320. basically a short-haul aircraft. not much needed -- 37,000 is also the height for that flight direction. >> what do you think occurred with this aircraft given that it just disappears from radar? >> that is the real question because there were no transmissions from the pilots. if we had a full electrical system operating or even if the aircraft began to lose electrical power. the final electrical power for transmissions goes all the way
2:55 am
back to what we call the hot battery bus. so that vhf1 he's transmitting on with a hot mike, he would have been talking all the way down. so something incapacitated the pilots or they were incapacitated, take your choice. an explosion is probable. >> a lot of questions people will be looking into throughout the day. thank you so much once again for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. and if you're just waking up, we do continue to follow the breaking news developments. an egypt airplane crashing between paris and caro. egyptair 804. we'll bring you the latest. stay with us.
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welcome back to you. we are following breaking news of an egyptair flight that went down overnight. 66 people on that plane. that plane was bound for cairo, egypt, when it went down in the mediterranean. >> this flight should have taken 3 hours, 45 minutes. but egyptair 804 never made it disappearing from radar around 37,000 feet. on board you mentioned the people, that includes one child and two babies as well. >> yes. and the passengers, a mix of nationalities including 30 egyptians, no americans that we know of at this point, and also 15 french citizens. >> yeah. and no answers as to what caused
3:00 am
it to crash. they do believe there is a debris field and there are a lot of people headed that direction to try and find possibly any survivors. >> search and rescue underway right now. thank you so much for joining us for all the overnight coverage and you especially, heather. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. we begin this morning with breaking news overseas. an egyptairplane with 66 people on board as vanished. military search and rescue teams now investigating and so far they have been unable to rule out terrorism. >> egyptair 804 was minutes from landing at the cairo international airport. 45 minutes from landing when it vanished from the radar. >> the search for debris underway. here's the timeline to break down how it happened as we know it. the airbus took off


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