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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 19, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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objects near the site where egyptair flight 804 disappeared on radar a couple of hours ago. >> thank you for joining us. we'll continue our coverage on the fox news channel later on today. >> in the "after the show show," tucker carlson. by the news is breaking on this they are day, may 19. egyptian officials saying egyptair flight ms804 was possibly a terror attack. the plane vanished in the middle of the night. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. let's look at what we know so far. the egyptair flight was minute away from landing in cairo when it suddenly disappeared from radar. it took off at 11:00 local time and lost contact on the
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mediterranean coast. bill: there are conflicting report on whether the pilot scene distress signal. martha: 66 people were con board, 10 were crew, including three security guards. bill: we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent gregg palkot in paris. reporter: we are in front of terminal 1, charles de gaulle airport. it was here last night, 66 people, 56 passengers and 10 crew walked across this terminal and got on a plane. little did they know, they were walking to their doom.
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there are families of some of the victims looking for any kind of clues as to what happened to their loved ones. a short while ago they got it from french president francois hollande. he said the plane has crashed. but he also said he would look into and the french would mobilize to find out what brought it down. they are not he can colluding any hypothesis, including the hypothesis of terror. we heard from an egyptian official and he says the hypothesis of terror is looking for likely. what the investigators will be doing in paris over the next days is talking to anybody who had their hands on that plane. that means bag and handlers, mechanics, any kind of crew who might have done something
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ill-fated to that plane. the paris prosecutor's office has already opened up that investigation. paris, france, has a big stake in this and they are looking hard at what's happening here now. bill: any clues to a cause? reporter: we have been hearing revealing information coming from a greek official. he says that the plane when it was over their territory was at 38,000 feet, then urgently it turned left 90 degrees, then it turned right 360 degrees, then it plummeted down 36 thousand feet before it was lost. i spoke to the best aviation expert in europe.
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i said could somebody with a bomb or a knife in the cabin destabilize the plane? he said yes, but we don't know. it could still be m mechanical. reporter: there is another egyptair flight leaving in a few hours and some of the family members will be leaving paris to get closer to their loved ones. bill: what can you say about what the french authorities have done or the egyptair officials have done given the threats from outside or inside that country. reporter: the security level is up dramatically. as our viewers know and you know, this city has been hit by
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isis twice in the last 18 months as well as the brutal bombings we saw in brussels. the terror alert at this airport was high. people say how could this happen with so many people looking at it. people are not willing to go with the terror hypothesis completely now. we saw heavily armed police behind me at the terminal obviously on high alert. but that option is being looked at very carefully. martha: as the search gets under way in the mediterranean, investigators are in the early stables of finding to try out how and why this plane crashed. the burning question is could this have been prevented. catherine herridge joins us live in washington.
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>> just within the last hour a u.s. government official confirmed to fox news that homeland security secretary jeh johnson has been briefed twice on flight ms804. and johnson was briefed a second time during a phone call. all of s. official emphasized everything is on the table and they are tied in tight with french and egyptian contacts. mechanical error, pilot error, and terrorism. a french intelligence official warned of a string of attacks by isis using package bombs but did not specifically say aviation. russia's spy chief is calling on
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paris to identify those behind the downing. martha: is there any indication there is a link to terrorism? reporter: french authorities are focused on airport workers at charles de gaulle who had access to flight ms804 before it left paris. it's following a downing of an n egyptair flight last year. they say it's too early to rule out a technical failure or terrorism. >> the army announced they received a signal, not distress call. units of army and navy are searching the area. >> can we rule out a terrorist attack?
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>> we cannot confirm or deny anything at this point until the investigation gets under way to say what the situation is. reporter: since i have been sitting in the chair in the studio, the egyptians indicated they believe the evidence goes more toward terrorism than a technical failure, but they are not saying why they believe that's the case. bill: the president has been advised and they are giving him updates. the president asked to be updated throughout the day and directed officials to reach out to their counterparts and offer assistance. egypt as you know, no stranger to aviation disasters. take a look at the troubled history. in march an unstable man diverting an egyptair flight to
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cyprus. last october a russian plane exploded in mid-air over the sinai peninsula killing 224 people on board. egyptian officials down played the claim of responsible by isis. then isis put out this photo, saying it concealed a bomb in a soda can that was powerful and strong enough to bring down the plane. martha: in 1999 an egyptair flight plunged into the atlantic ocean, killing 217 people on board. in that case the co-pilot deliberately took that plane down. then there is one of the deadliest hijackings in history in 1985, egyptian commandos
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raided that plane, leaving 59 people dead when it was all over. bill: last night in paris the plane takes off. last contact in the middle of the night at 2:45 a.m. flying over the mediterranean. they are in contact with greek officials. 4 minutes later contact was lost with this plane 245 miles north of cairo. wing span about 100 feet across and has the sharp lifts on the wingtips that allow greater maneuverability for the pilot to get lift when steering the plane in the air.
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this plane was about 1/3 filled when it went down at 34 * i of t 3:00 in the morning. martha: we are continuing to get information coming through. a.p. has reports of debris they have spot, that greek officials have spotted. sometimes these pieces are linked to the situation, and sometimes they are not. we'll be careful on all of this as we continue our breaking news coverage of this unfolding story. terrorism is top of mind, and could be the likely cause of this crash. what are the investigators focusing on? why are they saying that? another terror attack potentially related to the country of france. >> we have a terrific lineup,
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including congressman peter king. that's coming up in the next hour. an aviation expert to tell us what's happening in the middle of the night at. ,000 feet.
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martha: we continue to get new information on the crash of egyptair flight *. an egyptian official says
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terrorism is likely the cause. it was flying from paris and bound for cairo. there are reports that some debris pieces in the water have been spotted. these are early indications. they have not been independently confirmed. sometimes things are seen in the water that may or may not be connected to the operation. the u.s. navy is now helping in the search in the eastern mediterranean. bill: we'll bring in an aviation attorney, judge and law professor. every time we talk to you, it's related to a matter like this. take us inside the cockpit. you are you'ding altitude is 30,000 feet. what's going on?
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>> it's pretty boring then. they have done their navigation into the auto pilot, and the auto pilot is pretty much flying the airplane. then they get turned over and there is no contact. there is no contact from the cockpit. but on radar they in the aircraft is starting to descend and it starts to make abrupt turns. one to the left and 80 degrees to the right. bill: 90 degrees to the left, then a 360 degree turn all the way around in the other direct. what could cause that? >> it could be somebody breached
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the cockpit trying to hijack the aircraft. but the airbus is a fairly docile airplane. it's hard to break by maneuvering it. bill: what does that mean? >> making sharp turns. it's not like a fighter jet where you can make sharp turns and break the airplane. but there are other thing. they could have had trouble with the controls, they could have had loss of control because of an explosion. the non-nefarious causes of this seem to be going out the window, and we are getting closer and closer to saying this is more likely a terror act. bill: this is something catastrophic that happened onboard. >> absolutely. >> if you take the come fit
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controls and jam it to the left, then the right. could the plane do that on it own. >> chances of that happening are little to none. bill: when do we learn who was in the cockpit. >> the famous black boxes, those will tell us who was in the cockpit. we'll have a voice recorder and we'll know what the condition of the controls were at every point in those turns. bill: we are under the belief that there i a lot of radar information in that part of the mediterranean. a lot of i car assets. how much could you decipher. >> i believe a lot. the youth is very heavily in that area with radar and ships, with our bases in sicily. we'll have a lot of our own independent information. but we have the acar system, an
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automatic system that transmits data to a satellite. that will become available almost immediately. in the malaysian flight they were using that to track it hourly until it disappeared. bill: you have altitude, speed, pitch. >> you have the pitch of the aircraft but you could surmise the pitch of the aircraft based on the speed and the level of the descent it take. martha: as we have been discussing, egyptian officials are saying it's likely terror took down the flight. bubill: disturbing reports that
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russian president vladimir putin helped iran beef up it military. why would that be? the heavy artillery that could be on it way to tehran. why are you deleting these photos?
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bill: there is news that russia is helping iran build up it military. an aide to vladimir putin says russia will deliver several missiles to iran by the end of the year. the iranian president rouhani still insisted the nation's missile program complies with
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u.n. restrictions. martha: egyptian officials saying they believe this look more likely to be an act of terrorism, not a mechanical error based on it path and the way it went down. the flight originated in paris. let's talk about what we know and show you a list of the passenger in terms their nationalities. there were 30 egyptians, two iraqis. walid phares joins us now. so you have heard what the egyptian officials are saying. do you agree with them and if so, why? >> let's look at at chron long cal information. the greek report showed there
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were two incident at different altitude. the egyptians at first didn't want to accept this was terrorism. the russians said it's most likely terrorism. the minister of aviation said it's most likely terrorism. there was consultation and rush of information in the last few hours and it's looking like it's terrorism. martha: in the past with some of these incident we have spoken about, there was a perceived or real hess take on the part of egyptian officials to call it what it is because of for obvious reasons. they have a large tourism industry, they may or may not want it to appear they have a bigger problem than they would like to have on their hand. you are saying they were pressured by other countries to call this what it is. >> once they realized that the
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french ordered an investigation that means there could be a terror link at the airport in france. and the french have communicated to the egyptians. and the russians don't usually venture in that direction. so the russians are closer to the egyptians. so they accepted the fact. plus the fact the emotional reaction in egypt watching tv and getting information from my friends and sources. martha: in terms of the russian understanding of this, the russian jet plane that was taken down in november, they tried to convince everyone in the terrorist magazines that it was a soda size can bomb.
6:28 am
could it be an inside job potentially? >> if it's terrorism, most likely it's jihadi terrorism. it's part of what's happening in the region. part of the campaign in the region fighting isis in the sinai and having threats coming from libya. this could be the actions of isis and others. the question would be, is this the result of a small bomb or i this the result of a struggle inside the plane. we have to wait for the investigation to learn about the outcome. martha: you bring this out because of the jerk to the left. a pull to the left and a pull to the right which many people are suggesting opens the possibility there may have been a struggle in that cockpit. in terms of the larger picture of isis and their struggle for
6:29 am
dominance at this point. what do you think the sort of overseas plan is and the plan on the ground in syria and iraq for them. >> first of all, and i don't want to repeat myself, there is a plan by isis and other jihadists to destabilize egypt. egypt is becoming a major partner of the gulf states. and those countries have been consulting with the egyptians for the formation of a multi-arab force to fight isis. they are striking to make sure the egyptians won't be part of that campaign. martha: in terms of what we have seen in terms of isis motivation and the fact they are struggling a bit on the ground in iraq. close to 200 people killed over the course of the last week.
6:30 am
in terms of maintaining their dominance on the world stage, how does this potentially play into that? >> it will give them credibility. it's too early, we'll issue a press release. we had a discussion about the russian jetliner down in the sinai. in this case, it's losing some land in iraq, some territories, but then they start setting some of car bombs and the iraqi units are going back to baghdad. they are here for the long term if you don't dislong them from the cities. martha: in terms of security, obviously that many been a concern. we talked about that since 9/11. do you think we are starting to see more of that? >> when it happened in egypt in the sinai, the departure point was egypt.
6:31 am
but now it's coming from paris. this is why i'm intrigued and concerned about the investigation going on in paris. we know the airport in paris has been the scene of the jihadis. so there is something going on in western europe that nato and the europeans should be focusing on. bill: the markets are open here in new york. also we are learning what happened during a closed-door meeting between mark zuckerberg and a group of high-profile conservatives. how facebook addresses allegations of an anti-conservative bias. >> i'm a big pro own end of getting to know each other face to face. if there is a controversy or concern. doing things by email or letter is never enough.
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bill: the egyptian aviation minister is saying the crash of egyptair flight ms804 is more likely the result of terror. there are unconfirmed reports that possible debris has been spotted. doigdog * what can we say aboute investigations? reporter: there are other alternative explanations.
6:36 am
not long after 9/11, an airbus crashed in queens after hitting wake turbulence. the pilot put such extreme input on the stabilizers. it broke off, the plane was uncontrollable and it crashed. another incident raises possibilities of terrorism. in 1999 a boeing 767 crashed after the pilot put the plane in a steep dive. and the pilot went straight down into the ocean. because of its limited resources the egyptian government asked the ntsb for help. when it discovered the co-pilot wanted to commit suicide, they fall in the f.b.i.
6:37 am
egypt rejected the finding that its pilot purposely dove the plane into the ocean. bill: cultural considerations may play a role in this investigation? reporter: yes. in the past egypt has been deeply sensitive to things that suggest a less than safe aviation system. it has been badly hurt by government turmoil and the influence of the muslim brotherhood. many airlines have ceased flying into sharm el-sheik since the russian jet was downed. this plane will likely be found pretty quickly. that part of the mediterranean is half live traveled by air, and by boat, and even refugees.
6:38 am
bill: come back when you get more. martha: there is some other news we want to get to today as well. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg sat down with conservatives yesterday afternoon amidst allegations of censorship. zuckerberg says there is no bias for selecting trending news stories, but he does admit there has been somewhat he calls mistakes. zach moffett joins us. you sat in the room. what was it like in there. >> it was an interesting dynamic. you had media personalities, media representatives and.
6:39 am
martha: i heard from people in the room they didn't admit they had done anything wrong. >> indianapolis fair. they are undergoing an internal investigation to determine whether anything happened. the larger recognition is there are structural and ideological temperature at play. martha: do they acknowledge the tremendous reach that they have in the comparison has been made to newspapers which people might look at as having a conservative or liberal bent. but this is so much bigger than that. do they acknowledge that and understand that at their core. >> i think so, and i think that's what they grapple with. their power is they are an open platform to ideas. if someone believes they are biased that threatened that. trust is the foundation of the
6:40 am
platform. hopefully this is the step of many. one of the challenges is, if you don't have a rip with them, it's hard to respond. martha: do you think it's isolated to the trending news feature or do you think the problem is bigger than that. >> that's what i raised. i think the trending topics is a smaller part of the conversation. but also how does advertising work. encouraging people to register to vote. what does that look like? that transparency and dialogue is necessary to keep this going. if that trust is not there it has a fundamental problem for facebook. martha: in terms of having a diverse population at facebook do they discuss any effort to do that. 80% of their employees consider themselves to be liberal.
6:41 am
>> that was definitely raised. you don't want to dictate how that should look, but acknowledging they had a problem is the most necessary first step. when the ceo says he's looking into it, i think that's very positive. martha: we'll follow this going forward to make sure changes are being made. bill: an egyptair flight missing in the mediterranean. we have the latest on the search and mess nation as it happens this morning. martha: some new fox polling on the trump-clinton matchup. clinton had the lead a month ago. how does it look now? >> if hillary clinton wins, your country will never be the same. see me.
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martha: a u.s. government official confirmed to fox news that u.s. homeland security director jeh johnson has been briefed on the egyptair flight and president obama has asked to be briefed during the day. bill: donald trump leading hillary clinton nationally by 3 percentage points. clinton was ahead of trump by 7 points in the same poll one month ago. doug schoen and monica crowley, i think there are big takeaways. she crushes him among african-americans and hispanics, but he is still leading in this poll.
6:46 am
>> i think polling this early is always a little suspect. but what's important is the overall trend. donald trump is no longer in a primary fight. he's running an election campaign. that being said, mrs. clinton is overall a relatively weak candidate and we saw this week she continues to be weakened at the polls. her honesty and trustworthiness numbers are low. the constituency she talked about, the black vote, that's true, it's soppedly democratic. but donald trump is chipping away at some of the traditional democratic con city wentsies. peel enough of them away. you are seeing cross currents happening not just within the democratic community. there is a major realignment
6:47 am
going on and we don't have a handle on what's happening. but i think based on the trend we are seeing with polling, this is dangerous territory. >> i think monica is almost certainly right this race is trending in donald trump's direction. it would be a mistake, though, to think he is ahead. it's within the margin of error. other polls have shown secretary clinton ahead. the advantage remains with the democrats and secretary clinton. but unless the clinton campaign is able to pivot away from bernie sanders which appears to be increasingly difficult to do and to get on to trump, this race will be much closer. bill: trump lead among independent by 16 point. now, among women hillary clinton 50%.
6:48 am
but look at the men for trump, 55%. hillary clinton honest and trustworthy. 6% say no. donald trump honest and trustworthy, 57% say no. >> donald trump has the advantage going into this general elect race assuming mrs. clinton is the nominee. but if donald trump is going into this race taking any democrats he has the advantage. you are coming to of 8 year an incumbent democratic president. but donald trump is the change agent in this race. mrs. clinton is the status quo candidate. people want a strong leader and they want a change agent, and that's hip, not her. >> the clintons understand this, $2 billion will be arrayed by
6:49 am
the clintons against donald trump. i wouldn't write her off just yet. bill: there are event outside our power. and that is the issue potentially of terrorism and national and international security. does one have the rang over the other in your view in. >> i think so. he can term event are a wildcard in any campaign like this. you could go slip into a reseg before the elect and you could have a terrorist event. bill: trump was tweeting about this at 6:30 this morning. donald trump immediately took to twitter to talk about this. mrs. clinton has reserved comment at least of this moment. there is a difference in tile. people are thirsty for leadership, they want a strong leader.
6:50 am
so he can term event like this bode to the benefit of donald trump. >> president obama has been silent. if we don't have leadership from the white house, if there is not an assertive fight against white house and if we don't declare war on them. bill: he has been briefed. >> briefing is one thing and taking leadership and saying this will not stand is another thing entirely. bill: donald trump is drawing in democrats. that's her piece today. martha: a possible terror attack in the skies off the coast of egypt. the u.s. navy involved in the search for debris. (man) ah i forgot to record
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martha: there are fast-moving developments on the story of the crash of egyptair flight ms804. homeland security director jeh johnson has been briefed on the crash of this flight, and president obama has been briefed. the u.s. navy is on the scene and they are helping in the search. an official from egypt comes forward and has said that a terror attack is indeed the likely cause of this crash. the plane had 66 people on board shortly before entering egyptian air space. it was flying from paris and
6:55 am
bound for cairo. there are reports of debris in the area. as we know from our reporting, it's a fairly shallow area of the mediterranean. it's highly trafficked. there are reports that this will go on for a long time until we know we found the location of this plane. the tsa is increasingly in the spotlight because we had huge lines and difficult situations going on in this country. the french intelligence officials as we look at this situation were concerned something was going to happen. now you have the situation where you have 56 passengers on board this plane. two babies, one child, 10 crew members including three security guard. bill: air marshals. a greek min were said the plane
6:56 am
turned 90 degrees to the left, then 360 degree turn to the right. that has to be an absolutely terrifying moment for the 60-some odd people on board as to what was happening at that time at 3:00 a.m. dropping into the darkness of the eastern mediterranean sea. we have a lot of reaction on this from all over the world. as that happens, too, it's hard to avoid. you have a national election that is argue blindway already, and donald trump jumped into this conversation very early on. bret baier will be here to weigh in on that. also we have peter king coming up. member of the homeland security committee, he will be live on the hill. what he has heard about the investigation and what the american people need to know.
6:57 am
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martha: continuing to get a lot of information coming in this morning of course and the first possible signs that wreckage may have been spotted in mediterranean. egyptian officials pointing to terrorism as the most likely cause they say of today's egyptair crash that had 66 people on board. we welcome you back to another hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. an egyptian search plane locating two orange items believed to be from the wreckage. that is not confirmed. it is being reported however. 200 miles southeast of the greek island of crete. no independent confirmation of this as we work through it. egyptair flight 804 en route from paris to cairo when it disappeared in the dark of night. the airbus a320 vanished from radar 10 miles after entering egyptian airspace.
7:01 am
martha: senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot near charles de gaulle airport in paris which was the takeoff spot tore this plane. what is it like there, greg? reporter: we're in charles today fall airport in front of terminal one where egyptair flight 804 left from. where another egyptair flight is set to go to cairo. we have been told among the passengers will be some family members of the victims that you mentioned. 56 passengers and 10 crewmembers and security. they have been waiting all morning for some kind of an answer here about what happened to their loved ones. basically heard it from french president francois hollande, he said alas, the plane has crashed. he went on to say the tough measures french authorities would take to try to find the answer to the mystery. take a listen.
7:02 am
>> translator: when we have the truth we need to draw all conclusions whether it was an accident or another hypothesis because some may be considering perhaps a terrorist type attack. at this stage we should prioritize our solidarity with the families and the search for the causes of this catastrophe. reporter: francois hollande was talking about terrorism as a possibility as you noted, martha. egyptian officials are also are also talking about that possibility and we know from multiple reports right here on the ground that french investigators are now talking to everybody who had their hands on that plane. baggage handlers, mechanics, crew, they want to find out if it does turn out to be terrorism, that whether anything was planted on the plane when it made the stop here. they also, however, and we must say this again, martha, the
7:03 am
terrorism is not the absolute cause for the crash. they will be looking at mechanics of the plane, whether anything was technically wrong because this airbus had seen a lot of action, a lot of activity back and forth between egypt and europe just in the past couple of days. my audio is little bit down. let me continue with a couple of other points as we noisily operate among the planes here. very quickly as you noted debris has been found according to various reports on the surface of the mediterranean sea. if that is recovered, then certainly investigators will be looking at any possible details on that debris. maybe explosive residue to point in the direction of terror. as i spoke to aviation expert, we just don't know what caused it to destablize at 3thousand feet. was it a -- bomb or something
7:04 am
else. back to you. martha: greg, thank you very much. bill: member of house homeland security tee, chair of the subcommittee on chair of counterintelligence. sir, good day to you. it is early, you could argue that based on what you are hearing what can you pass to us this morning? >> bill, it is early but if you had to come down on the side of the scale it would be terrorism. it is not official but indicators are in direction and you know what happened in the past with egyptair, knowing how isis has been talking about, major events and, again, right now, would i say, i don't want to prejudge this but if i had to bet right now i would say most likely it is terrorism but there is always a chance of mechanical defect but again world which we live i would lean toward terrorism right now. bill: we don't have identities of pilot, copilot. we don't know who could have been there at the time, even if
7:05 am
that was involved. what we have learned however, that the airport in paris was infiltrated by members of the isis or isis sympathizers. have you followed that story, if so, how much do you know about that? >> this is a real concern we have. we have real issue in the united states. there is almost a million workers behind the scenes, insider threat if you will. real issues we had, we think most have been resolved here in the united states, but again not all. certainly when it comes to france and european countries insiders, that is where the real threat i think comes. obviously you have to check passengers going on board but insider threat is in many ways more difficult to stop and i know the french intelligence has been very concerned about the presence of islamist supporters, working at airport, being at the airport. in fact they even made statements in the past several weeks, concerned about an isis operation in france. certainly in the past and right now as far as i'm concerned in
7:06 am
the present there is a real concern, a real worry that there are isis supporters working as insiders at airports. bill: also we're watching the activity on the ground in iraq. isis is changing its tactics there as well. there appears to be a measure of success on the ground perhaps in raqqa, perhaps in towns in the western part of iraq and they're reaching out to kill civilians in baghdad. that is a, that is a significant change just over the past seven days for the terror group. so as you watch them and observe them change their own tactics what do you discuss in your meetings at the highest of levels that you can share with us? >> well i can just say my own observations are we have to be much more concerned about the spectacular attacks right now. because isis is suffering losses on the ground. they are suffering a loss of territory, and that's why you've seen the attacks in baghdad.
7:07 am
that has a double effect. one, it shows isis is still alive and functioning, often the iraqi army will pull back to protect bagged dad which will weaken the position against isis in other areas. so, no, isis is unfortunately is very much alive. while it has suffered some battlefield losses we have to be more on the lookout than ever i believe for spectacular events especially in europe and especially on planes and again, as we saw in baghdad. this is multipronged by isis. these are many ways much simpler than battlefield victories. if they score self of these spectacular attacks in baghdad and else, bring it back to the u.s. again, and you touched on this, given with the issues tsa is dealing with right now, what can you tell us how the situation is being handled specifically as it relates to domestic security here at home? >> actually the delays we see are again, really inexcusable.
7:08 am
it is not really a security issue per se. it is more convenience and more economic but it has to be addressed and we do need more tsa employees. there has to be considering more use of right contractors, even though that is not necessarily going to solve it but it could be a step in the right direction. also i believe we have to keep in mind that we should have i think more police located at airports also. the tsa employees are unarmed, if someone comes through and there is explosive it takes a while to get police there. tsa, i have a lot of faith in secretary johnson. he realizes something has to be done. i think tsa supervisors in the airports should have more leeway and flexibility how they position their personnel. bill: that is interesting. we've talked to aviation analysts it is a mystery right now, frankly we do not know. what do you know about what the french have done within their own borders going back to paris in november?
7:09 am
>> you know, if there is anything positive that came from the "charlie hebdo" attacks and the tax last november in paris, is a growing awareness by france and other european countries that the threat is real. for many years there was this, sort of almost snobbish attitude that the u.s. was being paranoid. that we were overreacting to terrorism. we used to get so much resistance from european countries about sharing terrorist information on passenger manifests and flights, that has changed. french are getting tough. president holland i give him credit. he is moving in tough way but again, this is problem that has been building for years. we were slow getting into the game but since september 11th we have been getting into the game. too many european countries thought this was american problem. president holl land, he has martial law situation which we don't have in this country. we have issues in this country
7:10 am
with isolated members of the muslim community but it is not a muslim community in revolt like in trans. they have large sections of muslim community are pro-islamist. bill: sympathizers too, far more than many care to admit. peter king live on capitol hill. thank you again. a320 airbus carrying 66 human souls on board. popular aircraft, similar to your 737. has a range of about 6,000 miles. fairly new aircraft i think, about 10 years old. very experienced pilots from what we are told. martha: overnight flight a third full as those people headed from paris to cairo in an awful situation we're watching unfold today, tragic to be sure. so as reaction continues to come in from around the world the specter of terror hangs over the 2016 election to be sure. and it did not take long this morning for donald trump to weigh in on this.
7:11 am
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martha: there is a lot we still do not know about this plane crash. the possibility that catastrophe could have been caused by an act of terror is yet a stark reminder of national security concerns as we head closer to the election here in the united states and this morning, about 6:30 a.m., donald trump tweeted
7:15 am
this response to the early reports of this crash. he says, it looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris. when will we get tough, smart, and vigilant? great hate and sickness, exclamation point, from republican candidate donald trump this morning. so, bret baier, anchors "special report" of course and he joins us now. bret, good morning to you. >> good morning. martha: so obviously there is a lot of discussion whether or not this was a terror attack. we don't know the definite answer to that but we know egyptian officials believe that is what it looks like. whenever there is situation like this candidates weigh in but it's a difficult, it is difficult territory when you're not in charge and when there is a lot you don't know? >> well, that's right. he did say looks like. in his tweet but donald trump is, using his twitter account often to push things and thoughts that he has and really
7:16 am
the frustration in america has been, if you look at the polls, that the administration perhaps has not said, things were terrorism when they were terrorism clearly, or, has not acknowledged the radical islamic threat as much as some people believe that it's out there. now some people will criticize donald trump for getting out there early and saying looks like a terrorist attack, when you know, it might not have been. i think it looks like this one will be but, we don't know that officially yet. officials who are in office often are a lot more cautious. obviously hillary clinton is a lot more cautious as well. i think it is a different style and donald trump is signaling that he is going to be aggressive on terrorism. the polls show that people, at least right now, believe him. martha: yeah. you're right. i mean it is definitely a hallmark of his, of the way he is running for office. it is to let people know what he thinks. he puts it out there time and
7:17 am
time again on twitter. people have different opinions whether or not that is the right way to do it. clearly he let people know he thought this was consideration. when you look back, the other point that you made, bret, which is a very good one, is about the fact that donald trump has connected with people in this country over his willingness to call this as he sees it and to talk about terrorism, to talk about islamic extremism. in november, during the paris attacks he did rise quite a bit in the polls during that time when he was talking very tough about the fact that if the people there had had guns, this might have been ended differently. and that kind of talk seems to have been good or beneficial for his campaign. >> yeah. and, it is that blunt, straight talk, that has at tracked some people, especially independents. you look at our latest poll. which looked at it. 45-42 for trump. but inside of that poll, independents, 16 points ahead
7:18 am
for donald trump over hillary clinton. that is significant. i mean if that, obviously this is early poll and it is one poll but if that holds going forward on the margin for donald trump on independents, that will be a significant factor in this election. martha: absolutely. there is no doubt that has to have the clinton campaign sitting up paying notice when they look at the number because the swing voter as well, that donald trump believes he can swing over believes to be major issue in this race. also september 11th, one of his strongest moments in the debate when he talked about the attack on this country, he, unlike the president has not hesitated as i said to call this as he seize it and to talk about that moment in our history being a real turning point and i, as i said, you know, it seems to have resonated with people, bret but you have to wonder hillary clinton is growing to come back with her experience, with the experience issue in dealing with these sorts of situations and how compel something that
7:19 am
experience with her voters and people who might not want someone like donald trump at helm? >> listen, she is very accomplished. she knows policy inside and out. she has a lot of experience as secretary of state but her critics would argue if you look at that experience, it doesn't paint a great picture of dealing with terrorism. they point back to benghazi. they will point back to what exactly are her major accomplishments as secretary of state? i think donald trump will hit that on the campaign. she, however, on policy specifics, is very effective on a debate stage. you've seen her on the democratic debate so far. she can talk circles knowing ins and outs of certain polls sis and who is -- names and met them but, whether that is selling, i don't know. you look at the polls and donald trump is still leading when it comes to handling terrorism. martha: yeah. he sure is. we're going to speak to the trump campaign just in a moment from here.
7:20 am
but, thank you very much. good to have you here this morning. bill: lot more to come on developing story of disappearance of an airline flying from paris to cairo. there are reports of debris likely from the plane found in the water. what are our security here at home? we'll look at that and more as our coverage continues.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
bill: reports of debris found in the water. cause of this might take some time. we have president, cofounder of global security. catherine, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: you have a specialty in us air port security. when you hear of something like this overseas, knowing that we have a lot of blanks to fill in still, what do you think about?
7:24 am
>> it should be a wake-up call. we don't know whether this is act of terrorism. it should be another wake-up call to pay more attention to airport security. we have had big lapses. we had stories in the last few days how we should be expecting lines two and three hours long this summer. then right now in minneapolis, we have a trial going on of some of the members of the so-called minnesota 10. this is a group of young somali-american men who aspired to join isis. two of the members of that group worked at the minneapolis-st. paul airport. we have a problem on our hands. i've not sure we're dealing with it in serious enough way. bill: we talked with peter king what happened in paris. what do you know about the airport in brussels, that was hit, who works there and who does not? >> right. again they think there was a lapse in airport security which allowed the three men to reach the airport with their bombs. in addition to that, there is
7:25 am
word as many as 50 isis supporters were working at that airport. whether or not they're still there, i don't know. it has been a problem at a number of airports and a problem here in our country. bill: what is cve, counter violent extremism? in your world what does that mean? >> this is part of the problem. this administration has chosen to attack this problem not so much as a counterterrorism issue but quote, cve, countering violent extremism. what that means the administration shifted resources away from training law enforcement and put resources toward, quote, countering violent extremism, which means more like experimental deradicalization programs as well as trying to work with local community leaders in the muslim community of the problem is, these programs are experimental. they are not proven and, honestly, leaders in the muslim community have not proven helpful so far in uncovering
7:26 am
some of these cases. bill: catherine, this is your specialty. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. bill: for your analysis and again we await final answers on this which could take some time. thank you, catherine. martha has more. martha: so, terrorism as you've been hearing and of course national security will be a very big issue in the november election to be sure. the latest polling from quinnepiac voters shows, "quinnepiac polls" show voters in three key battleground states, look at these numbers, this is florida, ohio and pennsylvania, this polling period ended on may theth. shows donald trump was at 49%, ahead in florida. 48% ahead in ohio. 47% on this issue by one point in the state of pennsylvania on who is better handling terrorism. so, let's bring in our guest sara huckabee, senior visor for the trump campaign. sara, good to have you with us
7:27 am
this morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: we showed a moment ago when i was speaking with bret baier the tweet that was sent out by donald trump this morning which said, you know, he felt this very much could be a terrorist attack or terrorist effort that brought down the plane. what do you make of that? is it wise to put that out there that early in the game? >> look, i think right now, the situation we have is obviously a very sad situation, whether it is a terrorist attack or not but it is very unfortunate reminder what is at stake in this election. there is a very clear contrast on the type of strong leader we would have in donald trump, and type of leadership we would have under president clinton. the obama-clinton foreign policy has been a complete disaster, a complete failure. given us things like iran deal, disaster in benghazi, the growing threat of ice skis and if we -- isis and if we continue down that road we are putting ourselves in greater danger and certainly knot in a good place.
7:28 am
our enemies no longer fear us and certainly don't fear hillary clinton and i think that donald trump is going to be a strong leader and put americans first and american safety and security first. that is what people are looking for in this legislation. martha: you've seen obviously the headline numbers that show donald trump slightly ahead in a head-to-head national contest with hillary clinton right now. it is still early in the general election game to be sure. there are still things to be sorted out on the democratic side here. let's put up more of the polls that are interesting. first one we take a look at. these are about hillary clinton. look how the respondents came in. 71% said she would say anything to win this race and then strong leader, cares about me, reliable leader, all in the 40s. strong moral values comes in at 40%. roll over look at same questions with regard to donald trump. say anything to win, also very big number, 65%. strong leader, he gets 59%.
7:29 am
and then you go down to strong moral values and he is down at 37%. what do you think about the fact that voters seem to think that both of these individuals will say anything to win, and that they don't really give them high marks for strong moral values? >> well i think one of the big things to look at, particularly in light of the current situation, it looks like it is a lot of experts are saying it is a terrorist attack, that donald trump is a strong leader. he clears that board far better than hillary clinton and that is what people are looking for. i think that is one of the biggest concerns people have in this election cycle. one of the things that keeps them up at night, who will put americans first, who will secure our country, secure our borders. and when you put that contrast, absolutely clear that donald trump will win every time. i think that is why we're seeinn the lead in this first national poll with fox news, a major shift. about a 10-point shift since the latest poll. martha: so, debates, general debates coming up, right?
7:30 am
you have hillary clinton and donald trump most likely talking to each other on this stage. she has a lot more experience than he does in terms of the state department and i know that you think that you know she has a bad record in that area but in terms of his understanding of these issues, isis, al qaeda, al nusra front, all these other organizations, what is going on the ground, what is your sense what he is doing to be ready for hillary clinton on that debate stage? >> i think americans have seen what all of hillary clinton's experience has gotten us and it hasn't been a good thing. they're looking for somebody to take us in a different direction. they're looking for somebody that is strong, that will put american interests at first. he may not know never and out. big thing he does know how to protect americans, how to look out for americans and how to make us safer. that is exactly what he will do. why you put him on the debate stage, he will do a lot better than hillary clinton and lot better than some experts think he will.
7:31 am
martha: my question, in the past he sort of said he didn't do a whole lot of debate prep and he went out there and just talked. there is a good argument that served him well but is that the same strategy for debates against hillary clinton? >> you know i think as we move closer to that it may shift but the reason people like donald trump because he isn't somebody who is reading talking points. he is somebody that is going out talking about things that he knows and believes in and is passionate about. that goes back to taking care of americans and american interests. hillary clinton is a wholly-owned subsidiary of washington to wall street access to power. maybe she reads talking points better. that is not what our country is looking for. that is not what needs. they're looking for somebody to be real leader. donald trump is not the contrast and doing so well at this cycle. martha: to react to and not much more over the summer. who knows. we'll see what happens. sara, thank you so much. >> you bet, thank you, martha.
7:32 am
bill: so now we get back to the plane story in a moment trying to figure out some answers. as we await that bernie sanders has said yes to a debate with hillary clinton but what about the clinton team? we'll talk with the communications of the dnc to see where all that is right now in a moment. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. (p...that, you haveit, wait! yoto rinse it first like... that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade.
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bill: we are hoping for another briefing out of cairo, egypt. until that happens i want to bring in lea gabrielle, former naval aviator and fox news contributor. what are you hearing about the u.s.? >> important to note that the u.s. navy has very strong presence in this region. sixth fleet is based out of naples. when i was in the navy we always had ships deployed in the mediterranean. it is pretty quick for us to get on station in this type of incident. the navy waits for country to ask for our assistance. when i spoke with the navy they said they were in touch with all parties. later than that assistance has been requested.
7:36 am
there is request for p-3, from a p-3 orion essentially a spy-plane. has number of sensors. intelligence gathering type of aircraft, good at sub hunting. this is good aircraft to assist in this type of search-and-rescue. we're told the navy and militaries in the region will gather intelligence from what happened. there are a lot of different sensors in the region not just from the u.s. navy but other militaries. it will take a couple days to look what they have from satellite imagery and sensors and signals intelligence and what they can share they will. bill: it is still a big ocean out there and locating this and trying to pinpoint is not easy. but the p-3 orion, that has the ability as you describe it to look down through the depth of water, correct? >> it is an excellent for platform for looking for something in the water and excellent platform to try to find this debris and try to assist in locating it.
7:37 am
but again, you know there will be a number of different assets in the area. i believe that if, asked the u.s. navy will support with air assets as well. we saw a lot of this in the support for the missing malaysian aircraft. u.s. navy is almost always willing to help and assist in search-and-rescue effort. bill: one more question, as a pilot, when you hear there are numerous assets in the area, radar assets, what does that mean for this search? what does it mean for trying to find and answer, do you believe? >> bill, i have two experiences where i actually saw an aircraft, sort of go down out of the blue, both navy jets. one was over land. found immediately but was very strange incident where it sort of fell out of the sky because of oxygen problem in the cockpit. but another incident actually happened in the adriatic we lost a aircraft and pilot. never found him, never found his aircraft. that is also a small, heavily trafficked area.
7:38 am
so it is so important, i can't stress out important it is to get on scene immediately. when aircraft go into water. parts start moving quickly. things start separating quickly, things start sinking. earlier you get on scene the better. bill: great point about tides and flow. thank you, lea gabrielle in our newsroom, working story for us. thank you. martha has more. martha: bring in another expert. captain chuck nash retired from the u.s. navy and fox news military analyst. captain, good to have you here this morning. you heard lea, and her description what transpired here. you say we have to stick to the facts. what are they telling you? >> the facts are telling me it was a very normal flight coming out of paris right up until what the greek official described as a left 90-degree turn followed by a right 360-degree turn and in that series of turns they lost over 22,000 feet and then
7:39 am
they finally lost radar contact as the aircraft passed 10,000 feet. now it may have passed, may have lost them passing 10,000 feet because they were below the radar horizon for the greek radar. or, because at that point, all of the power went off and their iff, which is electrically powered stopped working. catastrophic event could have caused that, or it could have been a situation like many believe, including myself, with the malaysian flight where a lot of the reporting systems, the iff, the acars and things were intentionally turned off and the aircraft abducted. so we don't know at this point, and that is why i think a lot of the information that we've all been discussing and data points we've been discussing, they're starting to, you know, they start as like the big end of a funnel and as time pose on and
7:40 am
the information refines itself you get down maybe not to a point but you you but get to a small area of certainty. we'll get to the point where we get the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. those things will tell us what really happened and how relevant some of the information that we've been considering really was. martha: yeah. we hope that they can get their hands on that sooner rather than later to try to get some answers here. are you saying that you believe because of those movements that happened it is less likely to be an explosion and more likely to be human interference in that cockpit? >> it could have been either one and, when you think about what was going on in the flight, the last time that the pilots, and we don't know whether it was the copilot or the captain, spoke with the greek air traffic control people, they said it was normal, very congenial conversation.
7:41 am
then shortly after that, as they're approaching the cairo, egypt airspace, that is where you were on a flight, getting close to your destination, that is where they come up, give you the cabin announcement, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to start our descent into, fill in the blank. if you need restroom now would be a good time to use it. so as they're approaching there, if there were a bomb on the aircraft and somebody was going to detonate it, that would probably be their signal to do it. conversely, if you were one of the two people flying that airplane and you knew you had a long descent and approach to fly and you needed to hit the head one one time before the descent started where you needed to be in the cockpit, that is where one of you would have left the cockpit to do that and other one would have been left in the cockpit. that is where you could set up either one of those two scenarios. martha: frightening and horrible moments sounds like towards end
7:42 am
of that flight. captain nash, thank you very much. good to speak with you this morning. >> you bet, martha. bill: we're learning ntsb will assist whatever way required when asked to. that is crossing the wires now as well. back to the story in a moment. also this story today. will hillary and bernie have another debate before california? this is gaining some steam right now. would she want that face-to-face contest? we'll talk to the democratic national committee on that and more next. i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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7:46 am
[cheering] bill: he is defiant and these high-stakes california primary about three weeks away, bernie sanders challenging hillary clinton in a way that we have not seen to make good on her promise to face him in final debate in the folden state. we have the director of communications for the democratic national committee. welcome back, luis. >> good morning, bill. bill: would you like to see another debate? >> we're negotiating, these have to be dnc-sanctioned debates. we're in process talking to both of our campaigns. we bottom invitation from fox to our candidates. we know the interest is there. bill: jeff weaver from the sanders team hinted that that is pretty much on board so long as you agree on format and debate moderators, few more details. i guess the question is whether or not hillary clinton would agree to that. would she? >> we have to facilitate the negotiations, so i can't get ahead of myself on that one but it is certainly something the candidates discussed earlier in
7:47 am
the cycle. we'll see where we are over the next few days as those negotiations continue. bill: do you think, given the state of this race, it would be a good thing to see them on stage one-on-one? >> i got to tell you, i know there is a lot of angst some about extended primary. from the party's perspective we think it is good thing. we think it energized voters. this is not just us saying it. 70, 75% of voters in polls over last few week on democratic side are excited about their candidates. said the primary is good for our party. we think we have gotten more out of having a good contest if it hadn't been. bill: back to the question, would a debate only contribute to that, even more so from the democratic perspective? >> look, what i like our debates throughout they have been substantive. both candidates show they have a vision how to build on seven years of progress. we talked about this. it is important for us to emphasize that seven years ago our country was losing 800,000 jobs a month.
7:48 am
today we have 74 straight months of job growth, 14 million new jobs and we need to lay out that contrast with what donald trump is promising which is basically tax cuts for the wealthy and dragging us right back to where we were before. bill: on that point -- >> we think the debate and ongoing primary have been opportunity to continue to highlight that. bill: "washington post," a fractured democratic party threatens clinton's chances against donald trump. clearly you're aware of that. and how injurious could it be? >> well we're certainly, i think we've been careful to do is to make sure we communicate to both of our campaigns that we want them to stay on the substantive path they have been on. so again our debates have been about the issues, how do we improve the economy, how we make sure we close the wage gap, how we make sure there are opportunities for everyone. those are good debates to be having. if tone and tenor deteriorates, we stepped up we think it needs to stay where it does justice to our candidates and our voters. bill: i think a lot of people
7:49 am
would like to see that frankly. last question, california matters on june 7th, doesn't it? >> california does matter. every state matters, and not only does it matter for the primaries but it is important to us that the candidates have had a chance to engage voters throughout the country. in 2008 that turned out to be ad good thing because no one in any state was left out of the process and it made for a lot of energy heading into the general election. we certainly want to see people motivated both heading into philadelphia for the convention but into the general. bill: we have a lot of breaking news as you know. >> i know it. bill: time is short. we have a lot to go through. we'll get it to next time. luis miranda, from dnc in washington. >> thank you, bill. martha: back to the latest information on the egypt airplane crash. u.s. will assist in authorities in this investigation. we continue with this breaking news coverage as we look for more answers to this tragedy. we'll be right back.
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martha: there are some reports that the first pieces from that missing egypt air flight may have been found. there is debris reportedly spotted in the mediterranean. they will have to get close you have in to get it out of the water to make a final determination on that. they say the jet traveling from paris to cry row crashed earlier this morning as we've been telling you. too soon to yet understand exactly what happened here. we're trying to sort it out. jon scott joins me now, anchor of "happening now." he is a pilot and so helpful to us with these situations in past. jon, in terms of what we're hearing now, the biggest piece of news we gotten over past hour is the jerk to the left. >> right. martha: and then all the way around again to the right. what is your takeaway? >> it is still is too early to tell obviously. i think chuck nash had an
7:54 am
interesting observation, he said one of the things pilots have to do before they land very often they have to come out of the sterile cockpit. they have to come through that axe-proof, bomb-proof door and use the lavatory. if at that moment, somebody jumped up, perhaps there was penetration, intruder in the cockpit. could have been. could have been a bomb in the airplane. the last situation we had like this, one of the last was germanwings flight. i said ahead of that, suicidal pilots have been known to take down aircraft. this doesn't sound like that but there were three security officers on board. what was their state of mind? might they have wanted to do something. there are all kinds of possibilities here. martha: in terms of what sends it into the spin, it could be as you say an explosion. as we've seen in the past a tail
7:55 am
can snap off. that would set that in motion, right? >> it took a very steep dive, this aircraft, from 38,000, to 15,000 feet over just the course of a minute or two. at those kinds of airspeeds, that kind of a dive, pieces can break off the plane. the structure is not built to dive that quickly. anything could have happened. martha: you know, you mentioned these air marshals. we understand there were three of them on -- >> egyptian air marshals. martha: egyptian air marshals. any thoughts on that? >> i think it is curious there were three of them on board. egypt is obviously very concerned about maintaining the safety of its flights. you know, obviously putting three of those presumably armed guards on board, it shows you that they wanted to prevent any kind of terrorist attack. but then you have to get into, wonder what is a mind set of those presumably men who are you know, flying and probably flying armed? what is going on in their minds?
7:56 am
that is going so have to be part of the investigation. martha: striking if you have three individuals on the plane who are armed and you have a situation where somebody is trying to get in, or where somebody is doing something that would be precisely the reason they would be there. >> exactly. martha: to try to prevent that situation from happening. there is a lot of question marks. you guys will have continuing coverage as we move forward. >> we will. martha: thank you very much. jon. bill: learning after heart-wrenning scene. families of loved ones who were aboard that flight await official fate at airports in paris and cairo. whoo we're learning about the flight's final moments. company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. a a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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. >> . >> .
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at the base of this is ahuman story.
8:00 am
how frightening. everybody has loved ones going on flights everywhere and you watch this happen and think about what's going on at the airport in cairo and paris. very tough situation, our hearts go out to these families dealing with this news . jon: we will try to figure this out together. right now, there's a lot we do not know. our coverage continues throughout the day on the fox newschannel and "happening now" starts now. jon: a fox news alert . european and egyptian officials now saying the crash of a egyptair fright from paris to cairo with 66 souls on board likely was a terror attack. welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. we are getting reports and egyptian plane has located debris believed to be from the missing jet out of the greek island of crete and now the us maybe flying reconnaissance aircraft as part of a massive


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