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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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how frightening. everybody has loved ones going on flights everywhere and you watch this happen and think about what's going on at the airport in cairo and paris. very tough situation, our hearts go out to these families dealing with this news . jon: we will try to figure this out together. right now, there's a lot we do not know. our coverage continues throughout the day on the fox newschannel and "happening now" starts now. jon: a fox news alert . european and egyptian officials now saying the crash of a egyptair fright from paris to cairo with 66 souls on board likely was a terror attack. welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. we are getting reports and egyptian plane has located debris believed to be from the missing jet out of the greek island of crete and now the us maybe flying reconnaissance aircraft as part of a massive international search
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operation in the eastern mediterranean for more signs of debris. in the meantime we have to live pictures now from charles de gaulle international airport where flight 804 departed and where relatives of the passengers are now gathering.senior correspondent greg palkot is live outside charles de gaulle international airport in paris with the latest. i can only imagine what the scene is there, greg. reporter: its agreement seen it for sure. charles de gaulle airport paris, terminal one right behind me.this is where egyptair flight 804 left last night, that doomed flight and interesting, it's where another egyptair flight is leaving just about now. some regular passengers on board but also we have been told family members of the victims of that doomed flight . remember, 66 people on board, 56 of them were passengers, egyptian, french, canadian man, europeans and others. they have been here waiting for any kind of answers.
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they got a very grim response from trench president swap along the. he said sadly the plane has crashed but he also said that france will be firm and searching for answers. take a listen to what he said. when we have the truth, we need to draw all the conclusions whether it was an accident or another hypothesis, we may be considering perhaps a terrorist attack. at this stage we should prioritize our solidarity with the families and the search for the cause of this catastrophe. reporter: as you noted melissa, and egyptian official is going further than that, saying the terror option looks more likely and that is why we have been seeing police officials and other investigators going very closely over anybody who had contact with this plane. we are talking about baggage handlers, crews, mechanics in
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case possibly something was planted or something was changed on that plane. a mechanic will be looking for flaws as well. terrorism not confirmed yet, that plane has been doing a lot of flights back and forth over the past couple of days but still, there was a report in december that 70 workers from the paris airport labor force were fired because of ties to islamist radicals. 70 workers. one thing that might help answer the question is some of this debris is turning out to be the real thing and perhaps it was terror, explosive residue could be found on the items that are said to be found right now on the mediterranean sea. certainly, in the possible context of what's been happening in france and egypt, terrorism could be unlikely. as our viewers well know, isis has targeted france numerous occasions and they have a branch of isis in the
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sinai peninsula targeting egypt as well including yes, another plane blown outof the sky last year. for now, this city remains on edge and yes, looking for answers. back to you . melissa: haven't we seen francoise along making those remarks all too often lately. thank you for that report. john? jon: the european aircraft maker airbus is the a320 aircraft was delivered to egyptair in 2003. it had logged 48,000 flight hours before it went down in the eastern mediterranean sea. greek authorities say the plane made a sudden swerve and drop 22,000 feet moments after crossing into egypt and airspace and just before vanishing from radar screens. one of the questions obviously is who had access to this plane?we know it was on the flight from paris on the way to cairo when the plane went down but before that in the 24 hours ahead of
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the crash, it had made stops in tunisia and also down here in eritrea. those airports are not in the developing world, those airports are not necessarily as sophisticated in terms of their security capabilities as they would be up here at paris, charles de gaulle airport but there are questions about paris as well. in the wake of the trend for attacks in paris it turned out a number of airport employees had been on terror watch lists so the french authorities have been trying to purge possible terrorist sympathizers from the ranks of those working here at charles de gaulle airport in france. it's one of the many questions that authorities will be looking at as they piece together the puzzle of what happened to flight 804. let's bring in doctor alan diehl, a former national
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certification safety board faa and u.s. air force crash investigator, also the author of air safety investigators. doctor deal, it's good to have your expertise. where do you start in a situation like this? john, we always start looking at all possibilities and there are four categories to those who are familiar with this. the human error issue, mechanical problem, weather and of course a criminal act and right now it looks like the only thing that is probably off the table is the weather so i know the egyptian government early on has raised the flag over some kind of terrorist connection but until we find the records and find the recorders i think everything except weather still has to be on the other thing that may be very helpful is if there are any sophisticated us warships in that part of the world.
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their radar has a lot ofreach and could probably see an in-flight breakup from the aircraft, that might provide some clues . jon: the last major incident involving egypt air that crashed in 1999 off of nantucket island. that was blamed by the national transportation safety board on a suicidal pilot who deliberately put that 767 into a dive . the egyptians have never signed on to that conclusion is my understanding but you have to look at things like that, witness what happened to the german wins flight in 2015. you have to look at things like that but in some ways this plane with its wild gyrations doesn't necessarily lend itself to that possibility. >> we don't know. you are right, it indicates some kind of technical issue. on the other hand we don't know, pilots might have been
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struggling in the cockpit with a terrorist. we saw this in united 93 and these maneuvers may have been designed to throw the terrorists off. we are only speculating here and clearly, they are looking at everything. we understand those maneuvers and john, you being a pilot are well aware that 37,000 feet feet you fly these aircraft with kid gloves so these kind of maneuvers are way out of the normal and they can result in structural failure as you said earlier so maybe engaging the terrorist or hijacking or suicidal copilot, whatever, you could lose control of the airplane and literally have a breakup in-flight. jon: the air asia flight that went down more than a year ago in december was also an airbus and it's my understanding they have not determined inclusively what brought that flight down. it was flying in an area of thunderstorms though and there have been questions ever since the air france crash about some of the speed measuring equipment, the tubes on certain airbus models but again, it was
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clear weather over the mediterranean when this flight went down. hard to believe that any kind of mechanical error would have suddenly interrupted at 37,000 feet in a plane that's in level and stable flight. >> things can happen as we both know. you could have an engine had an uncontained engine failure, cause a rapid decompression and with the airbus, you got so many levels of automation. you got seven main computers and to pilots and sidestep controllers so it's possible. i'm only speculating of course, john but a small problem can turn into a large problem. the pilots do want to get down if there's a so-called rapid decompression loss of pressurization of the fuselage so everything is still basically on the table until we find the wreckage and maybe see some signs of metal fitting that would indicate an explosion from
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pyrotechnic and ofcourse the recorders are going to tell a story . the data recorder will tell you what happened. maybe the voice recorder will explain why that's going to take some time. jon: and that cockpit voice recorder, if there was some kind of intruder in the cockpit or struggle in the cockpit, that clearly is going to give a very solid indication about what happened. >> absolutely john and we say those are the holy grail of investigation. jon: doctor alan diehl, it's good to have your expertise, thank you. >> thank you john. melissa: the presumptive republican nominee donald trump also weighing in on this tragedy. chief political correspondent donald cameron is live in new jersey with the details. hi carl. reporter: it is rare for a presidential candidate to weigh in on such things before we've actually gotten an official word from the authorities doing
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investigations but long before the french and egyptian governments began to suggest that perhaps there was a terrorist attack that led to the downing of flight 804, donald trump on twitter speculated that in fact it was. he said it looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris. when will we get tough, smart and vigilant? great hate and sickness. trump has been criticized for being occasionally premature with his tweeting and weighing in on things that could be politically dangerous. this was treated long before the french president suggested that terrorism had to be considered at least one egyptian official said that was a possibility but now they seem to be trying to get back to that it's still too early to say in some quarters. trump is clearly way ahead of that. he had been on the campaign trail for a campaign event. lots of interviews and tv and media, he hasn't been campaign with voters in more
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than a week and a half and today he returns the campaign trail in new jersey, he will cross the hudson to get here and tonight has a fundraiser /rally , basically to help chris christie, the governor of new jersey, a former candidate and trump rival who was the first to drop out of the race and immediately endorsed donald trump and chris christie is now leading up to the transition team so it from wins the nomination which he seems lined up to do and the presidency, christie would be in charge of putting together the new administration next january and tonight, when donald trump comes here, one of the big goals is to help christie stave off his campaign debts from his run the primary which was several million dollars and it is expected that tonight he will raise enough money with concept to get rid of that debt and of course we pay christie in the political kind and dollars for his endorsement early in the process. back to you in new york. melissa: thank you so much for that. from donald trump supreme court choices to who he might as a running mate, we will take about the names now in
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play with kyle condit, co-author of mary 70's crystal ball plus a 25-year-old cold case comes back to life and now there's a verdict in a sensational murder trial. plus, grief on two continents as loved ones gather in paris and cairo to learn what happened to the passengers and crew members on board egyptair flight 804. with continuing coverage of this latest aviation tragedy just ahead . >> the call just came in. she's about to arrive.
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jon: right now some crime stories we are following. us marshals arresting this suspect in the murder of an 11-year-old boy in houston. police say the child was repeatedly stabbed in an apparently unprovoked attack as he walked home from school tuesday. 31-year-old che calhoun is currently undergoing a mental evaluation. a jury finds michelle the brewski guilty in the 1991
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murder of her five-year-old son in new jersey. she reported her son missing from the carnival and almost immediately became a suspect when she changed her story several times then she faces up to life in prison when she is sentenced in august. now to california where police are searching for the man they call the hipster hand. he robbed the bank this week and is suspected of robbing at least four other banks since july. authorities call him a hipster because of his clothing and the dark round glasses he wore during some of his robberies. melissa: now back to our top story, the crash of egyptair flight 804. our homeland security secretary in tight contact with french and egyptian counterparts. or taking the lead in this investigation with egypt's aviation minister saying while he doesn't want to draw any conclusions so early on, indications suggest terror attacks were more likely the cause of the crash than
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technical problems. beth is live in washington with the latest on the investigation. doug, what have we learned. reporter: latest reports are that greek authorities have found large color debris in the mediterranean 30 miles southeast of crete which would be right in line with where egypt air 104 would have been. at the last moment before the plane disappeared from radar it was on a southeasterly course of 136 degrees within 534 knots at a multitude of over 36,000 feet. that is at odds with reports the plane made a 90 degree turn to the left then a 360 degrees turn to the right before it plunged into the mediterranean. while most speculation centers around a terrorist bomb as you've been saying there could be other explanations for such a catastrophic failure. they gave the palace no time to communicate a mayday. remember not long after 9/11, and american airlines airbus
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eight 300 crash in queens after getting wake turbulence read that extreme turbulence on the rudders that the stabilizer broke off and was unable tobe controlled and it crashed . then in another incident in 1999, eight egyptair boeing 767 crashed in the atlantic after the copilot committed suicide by putting the plane into a steep dive. the plane went straight down into the ocean, killing all 417 on board. hopefully had been reprimanded by a supervisor for inappropriate behavior with women at the new york hotel where egyptair flights stayed. he was told it was his last flight to the us and he pushed the plane into a steep dive. the egypt's aviation governing body which one expert is told me has a reputation for incompetence never accepted the ntsb's finding of suicide even though the voice recorder showed otherwise. keep in mind as the investigation unfolds that egypt air and egyptian authorities are protective of their deviation record in part because of tourism. it is a vital industry in
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egypt which has been badly hurt by flight cancellations to the vacation mecca of charm l-shaped after that bombing last september and because of generalized political unrest. all things to consider as this investigation progresses. melissa: thank you for that report. john? jon: is one of the first big presidential decisions a nominee makes area our next guest explains why donald trump might prefer flash over substance when he chooses his running mate. >> soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at
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jon: fox news alert, updating our top story. eight egyptair flight from paris to cairo, 66 passengers
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and crew members crashed into the mediterranean sea south of the greek island of crete sunday morning. debris from the aircraft has been found in that search area with south of the greek islands and 170 mile north of the african coast. egypt's aviation minister says a terror attack is perhaps the most likely cause of this crash but they are looking at all possibilities. the u.s. navy taking part in a massive international search operation. we are awaiting comments on secretary of state john kerry . he is in brussels, nato headquarters today. he will be taking to the podium shortly to make some remarks on his visit but we expect he might address the crash and search for answers. if he does we will take you back there live.
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melissa: with donald trump getting closer to clinching the republican nomination, there is speculation about the who he would use as a running mate. a new article from santos crystal ball waste some options, it is called the deep-sixed part two. trumps temptation. a candidate who prefers flash might be better off playing it safe and the article explains some of his choices", trump could obviously go any number of ways on this residential pick. his instincts to the extent that we or anyone else can understand them probably will push them in the direction of an attention grabbing pic a better option would probably be a safer, more substantive selection. the co-author of that article, kyle condit joins us now and he is a political analyst at the university of virginia center for politics and managing editor of larry santos crystal ball so thank you for joining us. you make an interesting comparison between jerry jones and the draft in 2014 saying he was tempted to go for flash and draft johnny manziel and instead went for substance and regretted it but you say trump is in the
8:26 am
same position. who is a flashy pick he would be tempted and why is that wrong? >> i think someone like sarah palin or ben carson or people that are kind of outside of government and might make a lot of attention but i don't necessarily know if they would help with what i think probably is trump's biggest problem which is he needs to convince the majority of the voting public that he's qualified to be president and is going to exercise good judgment. the vp pick is one of the few ways, his only way that a presidential nominee can show his or her judgment and i think while palin or carson for instance might be flashy pics, i don't necessarily know if they would help him in the long run. >> you outline a lot of people that would help with some of his weaknesses. obviously he's not terribly strong with women, he could choose someone with female, choose someone that's a minority.
8:27 am
maybe someone that has a military background to compensate for the knowledge they are. what do you think of those categories and who do you think is strongest? >> one example is senator bob corker from tennessee, the head of the foreign relations committee. he's someone who would bring some gravitas to the spec and also maybe reassure some conservatives who might be worried about trump for one reason or the other. there are several state governorsyou might ask , john kasich of ohio, scott walker of wisconsin who he competed against in the presidential primary. they i think would we assure republicans indifferent kinds of ways , walker maybe more appealing to the more conservative part of the party, k-6 more the moderate part of the party and there are also surnames you could float out there. one of the questions that the potential candidates have to answer is do they actually want the job? one good sign for trump is that it does seem like republican elites have rallied around him recently, maybe to an extent greater than one may have thought so
8:28 am
that may open up a wider range of possibilities trump could consider for hisrunning mate . melissa: some of the wedding on your list are interesting. jan brewer is someone we've heard, jody urged, who is strongest in the female category? >> jody urged is a new senator from iowa who really got high marks for her campaign. she doesn't bring a lot of experience to the table though. another interesting name that would be more of a lesser known person is shelley more capital who is the new senator from west virginia, in house for a long time. capital is another person who's been around capitol hill a long time and i think is a respected person. melissa: i see chris christie on your list, lindsey graham and a lot of interesting choices. we will know soon enough. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it.jon: this mysterious crash of egyptair flight 804 is sparking securities are concerned in the us. what officials are telling fox news about homeland
8:29 am
security official jay johnson's involvement in the response. plus, as investigators be together exactly what happened to that airbus, one of our guests highlights the problem of aviation security worldwide area. ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night.
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security secretary pyongyang has been briefed at least
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twice on the craft of egyptair flight 804.senator obama is a us official to offer support and assistance to our international counterparts in the search for flight 804. he disappeared from rada overnight, 66 people on board. the chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris is live in washington. catherine, what are you hearing? reporter: earlier this morning a government official confirmed homeland security official pyongyang had been briefed multiple times on flight 804 beginning early this morning as events unfolded and johnson who is traveling outside the us today was then briefed again during a midair phone call. the last hour we've also confirmed the fbi director is monitoring events. at this early stage the us government official emphasized everything is on the table and they are tied in tight with french and egyptian contacts who had the lead on the investigation . all scenarios, mechanical
8:34 am
error, pilot error and of course terrorist attack, we can go a french official said france's official equivalent of the cia director warned the government committee in a rare session that a string of terrorist attacks by isis using package bombs was possible though he focused on stadiums and did not specifically refer to air traffic. quote, clearly flat is the most threatened and we know that the islamic state is planning. he told the committee may 10 that transfers were just released today. he is in a position where it would try to hit as quickly as possible and as hard as possible. facing military difficulties on the ground and so they want to divert attention and avenge coalition airstrikes. this morning he gets civil aviation minister said it was too early to rule out technical failure or terrorism. >> is a true the army received a distress call? >> the army has received the signal, not a distress call but this is being checked and
8:35 am
are units of army and navy are searching the area and there is coordination with the greeks and greek planes involved in the search can we rule out a terrorist attack? >> we cannot confirm or deny anything at this point until the investigation is underway and based on it we can say what the situation is. reporter: egyptian security officials now running background checks on passengers to assess whether they had any ties to a known terrorist group and the reuters news service citing the russian language news service that says russia's domestic spiky calling on the europeans to identify those involved in the downing of the jet and we spoke to a counterterrorism contact who said they are going through the last 72 hours of the jihad in traffic social media for isis and also al qaeda to see whether they missed anything that now seems significant giventhat's what happened what with egypt . jon: the russian jet crash over thesinai last year, that was down by a bomb . reporter: we were among the
8:36 am
first to report that it was an airport insider and the device was placed in the airport, that was correct. jon: g terrorism correspondent, thank you. reporter: you are welcome. melissa: for more on the implications of the egyptair crash, let's bring in jillian turner, formerly on the white house security council staff under presidents bush and obama. he is also a fox news contributor. we also have james tara bono, senior fellow at the heritage foundation and a security and foreign policy analyst. james, let me start with you. what is jumping out at you so far? >> the number one thing is you always don't want to get too far ahead of the fact. many things that have been reported sometimes turn out to be an error. we know what to look for in a terrorist event and a mechanical failure so those facts will come out and we got to sit through them.
8:37 am
why was this possibly a terrorist attack? clearly it fits the profile that is very rare for a failure at a high cruising altitude like that unless it's kind of unusual mechanical failure or something else so it's certainly in the realm of the possible but here's the two big things. since 9/11, terrorists have never stop wanting to go after commercial international airliners . two is, there's a bigger terrorist footprint today globally than we've ever had. add those two things together and anybody that's not looking at commercial aviation as a potential target is just an idiot. melissa: jillian, what would you be doing right now? what would be the main clues you would be looking for? >> the main clues are being with the debris and any information that comes from the flight itself, whether they find a black box or other kinds of signals and intelligence but i want to point out that as a government official from any country, on the one hand you are trying to protect the best interests of the families of these passengers. you don't want to preemptively call it a
8:38 am
terrorist attack and inadvertently caused them more trauma and emotional harm but at the same time, if there's even an inkling this is a terrorist attack you want to call it as soon as possible so you can bring to bear all the resources that you possibly can. now that the egyptians have said it might be a terrorist attack, theinternational community is going to provide a tremendous amount of intelligence , law enforcement and aviation security support so i applaud them for even this early on taking that step. melissa: there are some commonalities between this story and once we have heard of late that the people shake their heads. one is the connection to france. once again, it seems like if it does end up being terror we are seeing a connection to paris . seeing francoise blonde going and making statements. james, what do you make of that? >> i think the connection with egypt is important. egypt banned the muslim brotherhood, there's an insurgency going on in the sinai and egypt has had
8:39 am
challenges before with national aviation and terrorism so neither one of those countries have things you would expect.melissa: let me interrupt you. we will take a pause for a second, and send it over to john, we have breaking news. jon: brussels secretary of state john kerry speaking at a nato gathering there, let's find out whetherhe addresses this egyptair crash . >> now a sense of purpose is very strong, perhaps as strong as it's ever been. the tragic bombings of two months ago in this great capital city simply reinforce the determination of all the partner countries to maintain vigilance within and beyond the borders of each of our nations and to prepare for the possibility of danger in any form, including terrorism , cyber attacks and hybrid warfare. now, we all know that
8:40 am
readiness does not just magically appear because you say we've got to be ready. it comes from investing in the right capabilities and in getting ahead of the challenges so that adversaries understand fully and clearly that they will never defeat or divide us. and that is why we are enhancing our forward presence in the east of europe. it is why we are projecting stability in the south and is why we are deepening our cooperation with the european union and the counter ã coalition there, i just reported in my comments a few minutes ago that not since last may, that is a year now, has ãmoved into territory,
8:41 am
taking over a community and held that community for a period of time. and we believe that we are making progress with over 90 percent of the citizens of secret which was liberated. jon: the secretary of state and a nato meeting talking about daesh, that is another name or isis. but again, the big question at the moment is isis anyway, in any way involved in the downing of this egyptair jet, that is still under investigation. melissa: let's bring in jillian turner, former white house national security staff under president bush and obama, a fox news contributor, james tara pottle back as well, a senior fellow at the heritage foundation. listening to the secretary of state, he triedto make the connection and this is one we've heard from other guests . if isis or terrorists are in fact behind it, the connection between the lashing out, as us teams to
8:42 am
make progress on the ground or the opposition, do you buy that narrative to mark. >> i do in the sense that up to 45 percent of the territory taken in iraq has been returned to that's great news. the problem is as we close in on then in the middle east, they are spending their footprintsand capabilities well into western europe , the very heart of western europe i would remind everybody with tax and terror brussels that weredevastating so it's important to keep in mind different perspectives here, right? the secretary can be right that we are closing in on one can't ignore the fact they are making progress very close by . >>. melissa: that's a great point. james, has the problem got worse or better because if you listen to the talking points out of the white house, it's gotten better but if you talk to a lot of military analysts, it seems like it's growing.what's your take?
8:43 am
>> i think the ministries need to be careful about the success rhetoric. they've been in this for months. he goes up a lot, says we are working on this. we've seen this before with the administration has come out and says there was a jv team and right after that there's an attack that makes the united states look foolish. the administration is working at reducing and eliminating these guys focused on the j job and quit the pr campaign which is to make it seem like everything looks great. it's not helping them and god forbid there's another event and today baby another example that makes them look less legitimate. >> absolutely. thanks to both of you, i appreciate your time. john. jon: senator bernie sanders as you probably know is no fan of donald trump but why might some of his supporters prefer trump to hillary clinton? our political panel weighs in on that coming up. >>
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>> .
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jon: there's a withemerging between the sanders campaign and the democratic establishment. especially since the chaos last weekend
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>> let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour, sandra and here is what you have? >> it continues to be a busy news day. we keep bringing you the latest on the egypt aircraft on the signs that terrorism may have taken down the plane with 66 people on board. >> plus, new concerns for hillary clinton and trump takes the lead in the latest fox news poll while her negative numbers now surpassed his how worried should she be? and what happened when facebook met with conservatives who were outraged at reports the social media site repressed right wing news? our hashtag one lucky guy,
8:54 am
tucker carlson on the couch and that outnumbered at the top of the hour. jon: looking forward to it and i will be joining you as well. >> see you in a bit. jon: bernie sanders says nominating hillary clinton would be a disaster for the democratic party. here's why. >> virtually every national and state poll i have seen, we are running way, way ahead of donald trump. [applause] but more importantly, i know that the american people will reject the very basic tenets of what trump stands for. jon: our latest fox news poll seems to back up what bernie is saying. in a general election matchup right now, sanders is ahead of donald trump 46 to 42 percent. let's bring back evan sick read and harlan hill, our political experts. harlan, sanders says the
8:55 am
government ought to nominate bernie sanders. >> if you're want looking at the numbers sure it does but we see all kind of protection that ensures that hillary clinton actually secures the nomination. everything from coin flips to superdelegates to manufactured controversies. it's clear he was destined to get this. debbie schultz said on cnn superdelegates existed as a measure against the will of the people, she said that on cnn. he's not going to win and i think that in spite of the democratic voter. jon: i've seen a number of donald trump tweets in support of bernie sanders. he says poor bernie. the democrats are stealing this from him. sounds like he ought to be careful what he wishes for donald trump is trying to appeal to those sandersvoters in hopes they will cross over for him. let's be honest, nobody has ever accused debbie wasserman
8:56 am
schultz of being competent and she's a terrible job as the head of the democratic party but then again, that's what you get with democratic leadership . bernie sanders is right. he could be company general election but bernie sanders can't even be hillary clinton and she's a terrible, flawed candidate . jon: she is a known quantity, she's been on the public scene for 30 years now people maybe like yourself armed more willing to gamble on donald trump. >> she has a 30 year track record of lies and fraud. we know who hillary clinton is. every job she's held has been a complete and utter failure. everything from her time as us senator and her vote for the war in iraq to her time as secretary of state and the russian recess, ben ghazi, the email server, she's a terrible pick. jon: fascinating discussion. thank you both area alyssa? melissa: a fox news alert. now our top story, and
8:57 am
egyptian air jetliner bound from paris to cairo with 66 people on board crashed in the mediterraneansea early this morning after a mysterious series of abrupt terms. egypt's aviation minister says a terror attacks it is more likely the cause of this crash and technical failure , continuing fox news coverage straight ahead. we searched billions of flight combinations to make getting here easy. because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters. (p...that, you haveit, wait! yoto rinse it first like... that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work.
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jon: more "happening now" in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. harris: fox news alert, what brought down egypt air flight 804? was it terrorism or manager else? search and rescue clues including the u.s. navy now are looking for any sign of the jet that vanished off radar over the mediterranean sea as it was just entering egyptian air space. this is "outnumber," i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, julie roginsky, megan mccain and co-host of "fox & friends" weekend, tucker carlson is here. a lot to get to, we'll get straight to it. glad you're here today. here's what we know. egypt air flight 804 left paris


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