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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: tucker, thank you for being here. it's been a very busy news hour with breaking news and more now on the egypt air crash. watch "happening now." with 66 souls on board. >> i am jon scott. >> the plane made two sudden swerves before vanishing from the radar screens. egyptian officials are pointing to terrorism as the most likely
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cause. >> the possibility of having different actions higher. >> catherine field is reporter from global news. what is the latest from there? >> reporter: what i can tell you, they are are going over every bit of information that they have about that plane, the egyptian airplane when it was here on the ground in the paris airport. it was on the ground one hour. investigators including police and air safety investigators and all of the airlines are going through every piece of information. who got off that plane and serviced that plane while it was on the ground and refueling and cleaning staff and who had access and the passengers, who got on that plane and was around the plane?
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were the passengers acting suspiciously. that's what they are looking at and another french investigation and authorities they are looking at the wider picture. they are looking to see whether it was an accident or the great fear it was a terrorist attack. they are not ruling either terrorist or accident in or out as a theory. >> catherine field, live on the ground in paris. jon. >> we'll bring in catherine bankses who is an a erospace journal. we played the animation at the top of the segment there, there is a about the of suposition here. we know the plane turned sharply left and 360 as it dove from 37 feet on down to where it was
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lost on radar. when you see maneuvers like that what first comes to your mind? >> the first that comes to the mind, it was a unrecoverable loss and control. there were severe mechanical damage to an airplane and the airplane did a barrel roll and the flight crew were able to recover. but in this situation, it was 2:30 or 2:45 at the time of the accident. when you see that extreme maneuver and loss of over four miles in the decent unrecoverable and definitely looking at a crash scenario. >> so far, no wreckage has been found. if they can get to the voice recorder and flight recorder it would tell them ha brought this
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thing down. would you say there have been problems with air bussing with the sensing equipment on the outside of the aircraft. the speed sensing, could be this another air france 447 situation? neveryone is leaning to terrorism right now. not only commentators but officials. when a plane goes down we think terrorism rather than pilot error. but you bring up a point. there is a number of high profile accidents. german wings and air asia and air france that you mentioned, and two of those were palt error. one of them was terrorism by the pilot. and so, before people go too far down the terrorism route, you have to consider all avenues. we need to find the wreckage and
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get to the black boxes and that part of the ocean and mediterranean sea. it is an average depth of 5 or 6000 and that will make it retroughable. but there is an area near there that is 18000. we'll not get the answers we want probably in days or possibly within a week. it will take sometime once they get the wreckage to find the black boxes and retrieve them. >> the flight that went down, that altitude and suddenly plungeed they haven't come up with an explanation as what brought down that air bus 820. there were storms in the area. >> initially they thought it was weather related. but now in the prelimary report there was a recurring mechanical
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problem with a rudder load limiter and the captain was busy trying to re- set equipment on the airplane. they lost normal will law of the air bus and the co-pilot over reacted and pulled the airplane up in a stall and english was a second language for the captain and co-pilot and they came from different backgrounds. the captain said pull down. pull down, that didn't make sense and they stalled and lost control of the aircraft. it is a thinkable in the airplane in perfect conditions. we just don't know in terms of egypt air. npilots think about p a stall. pointing the nose that the air flow over the wing system disrupted and the wings lose lift. that is a stall.
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we understand that egypt air confirmed that some debris has been found on the surface othe ocean from that flight. if they have that, they will have a much better idea where the rest of the aircraft is submerged. what about a possibility of intruder in the cockpit. >> we can't rule out that or the flight crew. egypt air has a history of that with the 1999 with the suicidal co-pilot. there were three security people on this airplane. we don't know if they were armed or off duty and just traveling. but there were three security people on the airplane. >> this the '99 crash that was blamed on the suicidal co-pilot. you you have to think about these armed security guards who are also on board and you know,
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might one of them have been responsible. you just have to explore every potential avenue here. >> you bring up a good point, jon, the timing is suspicious. the aircraft went down essentially over the mediterranean. it department go down over land. that would have been the co opportunity to wait until it is over a large body of water. snshg the flight track took it down over italy. terrorist in the past have generally tried to make their bomb targets come down over water. in fact that was the goal in the pan am 103 crash. it landed on lockeriebee scott left-hand. and we have to be careful in jumping to a conclusion. there has to be satellite
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imagery and we get reports at that time. were there heat signatures that they saw that indicate a bomb on board? that would be helpful and possibly lean it out if not and point to mechanical failure. >> kathleen, thank you. >> fox news alert. cbs news announced morley safer who joined "60 minutes" and stayed there until he retired last week died at age 84. morley was a fixture and pillar and a master story teller and a gentleman and a wonderful friend. we'll miss him. howard kurtz will join us later in the the show, jon?
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now this fox news alert. we are watching the international search for egypt air flight 804, 60 souls on board when it went down. is terror behind the disaster? we'll continue to bring you the news when we know it. and a horrific collision between a train and truck carrying a dad and two kids frmth >> i really couldn't talk to 911. i was hysterical.
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police in mississippi say a father and two children were killedstantly when their pick-up truck collided with an amtrak train. they were on the way home when their vehicle crossed the
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tracks. no one on board of the chicago- bound train suffered injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. fox news alert and back to our top story, search and rescue crews including the u.s. navy are scouring the eastern mediterranean sea for egypt air flight 804. despite widespread suggestions that it might be terror- related, there has been no claim of responsibility yet. we have the latest from benjamin in london. >> reporter: yeah, hi, jon. so many people pointing at terror groups including russia and french and uk officials but p no claim of responsibility from isis presumably who have remained quiet. in contrast last year, they were responsible for bringing down a jet, killing all 224 people on
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board and in that case, they proudly claimed responsibility for it and posting images of the bomb that was used. but today, there was no mention of the egypt air flight and no extra chatter in the lead up to the crash. the time line is important to remember as well. 12:48. greek air traffic controllers and spoke to the pilot and they thanked him in greek and he responded. 39 minutes later he was noun responsive and tried to reach him on secure lines and 12 minutes later, the plane went down. the plane was flying normally and yet he was not responding and that is so mysterious. today unfortunately egyptian air tweeting they have found wreckage. and the families who might have
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been holding out family and loved ones are still alive is no longer the case. no claim of responsibility from the terror group. waiting to it answer those questions before we get ahead of ourselves. >> there are far too many left to answer. benjamin, thank you. >> donald trump flipping the script from hillary clinton and wrestling away the national lead. what does that tell us about conventional political wisdom and loved ones wait for news of a plane that never waits for its investigation. we are covering the crash of egypt aerate 04 in the search for clues. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo
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>> fox news alert. egyptian ministry of foreign affairs confirmed that crews have found debris of egypt air flight 804. including life jackets. families have been waiting in airports in cairo and paris and have little in the ways of answers. >> there is nothing. they said the plane is missing, that's all. >> they don't have information or specific information. but obviously there is no hope. >> egypt's aviation minister said it was likely to have been brought down by a terror attack but nothing has been ruled out. >> from america's election headquarters. we are are a long way from
10:21 am
november 8th. donald trump is edging out hillary clinton in the latest fox nows poll if the presidential election were held. 45- 42 percent. compare that to last month where the polls had mr. trump down to mrs. clinton. 48- 41 percent. and the voters a overwhelmingly under impressed with either candidate. we have kelly, commentary writer. anny, it is a reversal. what do you make of that? >> you are right. the poll is terrible news for hillary clinton. i thought what was most striking, looking at the numbers. donald trump is leading in the poll among men and white men. but he's leading with white
10:22 am
women over hillary clinton. and that is something that she has to turn around. i mean, look, it is early and things are going to change and there is a fluidity. but conventional wisdom that hillary clinton would walk away with the election on the strength and support of women. but donald trump with white women is leading. >> anny, i am sorry, kelly, if you look at it from a math point of view. he wins with men and she wins with women and it will be depending on what margin there is in there and which is bigger. if she is ahead 14 points with women and he is with men. it is 14 million voters. >> and look at 2012 results, mitt romney lost 12 points the woman vote and that's what
10:23 am
donald trump is winning by and male vote by eight. donald trump is 22 points and if these numbers hold true he would win the general election and he's winning among independents and that is a key voting block. since at least 2000. which ever the independents go wins the election. they are breaking to donald trump. >> anny, what dew make of that. they say independents are women. and they will go for her. but this flies in the face of conventional wisdom. >> it does fly in the face. and elections are won in swing states. and if you are looking at the polls too hard. you need results from ohio version of the poll and pennsylvania version. but it is it showing a picture
10:24 am
that is not good news for hillary clinton. she's going in to the summer period where voter's minds get solid foyed and narratives are created and we saw, donald trump with harsh comments last night about bill clinton, hammering in this narrative that she is somebody who is hitting her on woman and that is an area where she should be strong and he is showing strength. >> but another funny thing about this, they are both hated and unfavorables are high. which is something that people have said in the whole election. we have the numbers for that one right there. and hillary clinton's unfavorables, this is all registered voers, 61 percent for her and 56 percent for him. and they are both sort of hated, right? >> they are cancelling each
10:25 am
other out in that regard. who ever has the most enthusiasm and passion and hopeful and voters that cast their balp on thes. and donald trump supporters are loyal and energetic. and on democratic side with clinton they are going through the motions. of course, a poll can't register that, but that is what it comes down to in november. thank you. >> we are following the breaking news overseas as the crews rescue flight 804 in the eastern mediterranean sea. we believe it is floating and more sad news today, we learned that veteran news correspondent morley safer has died. a look back on the ledgen. >> i don't like being on television. it is intimidating and makes me
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>> breaking news in the search for egyptian air flight 804. crews have found wreckage that belongs to the plane. meanwhile, as investigators rule nothing out including terrorism,
10:30 am
the plane made sudden abrupt turns before losing altitude and radar. we'll talk to oliver who is an aviation engineer. we have spoke to you many times in the past. what first comes to your mind? >> we are very, very pleased, jon that debris has been discovered or else we would be a long protracted search cross the dope sea oceans once again as we have sewn in the last two years with aviation incident. it is good news that the egyptian vice-president stated the debrie has been found. but p the aircraft forensics that take place with the french dea will recover the wreckage and determine from that
10:31 am
forensics was there a catastrophic event like an explosion that plunged it in to the sea? >> if they have debrie of surface, they have a good idea where the aircraft lies in the sea. you will not have a malaysian where you search a continent wide ocean and try to figure out where the plane came to rest. >> well, said, jon. mediterranean is about a mile deep. when you look at indian ocean it is two and half miles deep. and divers can't go below a fifth of a mile and you have to use a robot to recover the hull and that might be the case here so we pull the hull up. and more importantly thankfully we may not wait for a two year
10:32 am
for the hull. it is a smalleranic search and we'll get hull quickly. more importantly looking to get the black boxeses. if we have them. we'll know what is going on in the cockpit and i am sure they will clearly clear it up quickly. >> we showed animation in the top of the hour that it was straight and level at 37000 feet headed to egypt and sharply banked left and did a full 360 to the right and in the process lost 20000 feet of altitude before it disa pored from radar screen. does that tell you you anything? >> that is a lot of aircraft gymnastics.
10:33 am
and something went on in the cockpit. air traffic control was communicating with the pilot. everything was fine and calm. and all of the sudden, silence. we are talking aviation navigation. when communications stop with air traffic control, people get concerned what is going on in the cockpit and then the gymnastics take place. that is opening up the door for the questions at this point that terrorism or something catastrophic occurred in the digital glass cockpit. >> planes at 37000 feet rarely plunge from altitude. >> as i have ridden many times with the boeing 777. they don't spranish and fallout of the sky. and neither do the air bus. when we see crashes of 37000
10:34 am
feet and all of the sudden the plane plunging thousands of feet that is a grave concern. we saw that with air asia flight 801. that was pilot error, trying to over correct the situation and pulling up the flight automation computer. and when you disrupt the computer, you will lose control of the aircraft and then a big stall and the plane falls out of the sky. >> this is what we know and these are greek times. 2:24 a.m. it entered greek air space. they cleared the pilot to continue on its course x. spoke to it again to get ready to tell the pilot to get ready to leave greek air space. 3:27 a.m. controllers repeatedly
10:35 am
tried to contact the pilot and they got no response. and they tried on the emergency frequency and again no response. and at 3:29 in the morning greek time, the plane dropped off radar screens. so whatever happened in the last hour, there was no word of it from the pilots. >> thort. the silence from the pilot raises questions of concern. and with we get that black box. you have given an indication of what the conversation is going to look like. it is a great technical speculation. we get that conversation on the black box. we'll see all of that detail and we'll know what was really happening. everyone is probably speculating that something entered the cockpit situation and that we are curious to what happened to a normal flight that all of the
10:36 am
sudden goes in aviation gymnastics and plunges 2000 feet into the sea. that is not normal cruise flying and coming in the end of the flight. i am concerned when it took a straight conjectory overitily and over land. not until we got to the sea all of the gymnastics occurred and you mao want to lose the evidence. we are happy we have wreckage and floatable devices. and a debris streak to find here. we do have to perhaps see how deep the aircraft is resting. probably on the average of a mile down and require robots to recover the hull. >> it will not be another malaysian airline 370.
10:37 am
oliver, thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> now to the passing of a legendary on television. morley safer has died at 84. if mike wallace was the hard charging, morley safer was the master story teller and the longer serving reporter in the network's magazine history. howard is our fox news media analyst and thank you for joining us. you know, what strikes me about him. you felt like you anyhow him and felt like you could sense his personality through the camera, but he didn't make the stories about him. >> that's exactly right. in the business full of egos, morley safer didn't make it about him. he was a modest guy for a big-
10:38 am
time star. he played pool with jackie gleason and interviewed odd row help burn, and dolly parton and bernie madoff's wife. and that was earlier in vietnam where he was with one story changed the story about marines setting a vietnamese hut on fire. he was a writer and a sense of humor and favorit i don't like to be on television. it is not natural to talk to a piece of machine row but the money is very good. >> i love that. >> he didn't look uncomfortable. but he had a long time to get used to. and what do you think p the magazine now. you you talk about the number of years on television. and this is a passing of one of the founders, you know? and it is changed over time.
10:39 am
what does it mean for "60 minutes" going forward? >> it has changed over time. but the show was launched in 1968. and morley safer helped to invent it at that time and freiently in the top ten. it has adapted. and because of the sunday night time spot it does unhurried journalism. morley was not on very much in the last couple of years and he was semiretired. but we know now that the big tribute that cbs did on the program announcing the retirement was because he was in failing health. >> we didn't know that at the time. you mentioned vietnam. but what are the other stories of things and introduce he did. you went through a couple and what stands out. >> time he intrude helen murin
10:40 am
and she said we'll do the interview p in the nude. and he did a story on the benefits of red wine. one of the reasons people know him, he was a conversational character. and he took you in the living rooms and hotel suites of the celebrities and he once confronted a lec baldwin over the horrifying nasty phone message left for his 13-year-old daughter. it was those stories that made him feel welcome in american's newsroom. >> cbs news legend, morley safer dead at age 84. >> and the verdict is in, in the the civil trial krarding the a urora movie theater where james
10:41 am
holmes killed 12 victims. the jury said no, finding the cinemark movie chain is not liable for james holmes's actions. 12 people died in the horrific shooting in the batman movie première. holmes himself was sent to a prison out of state. and the state department of corrections is being being sued by family members, victims who want to know where he's been sent. so far, there is no word on that. but the civil jury finds that the cinemark movie chain was not loibl for lax security that led to the shooting at the batman premier. >> after his unconventional rise, is it time for donald
10:42 am
trump to pivot to the presidential persona. my next guest said don't count on it.
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> donald trump pivoting to be more presidential. they have hired a top pollster and according to analyst, it could be be signaling the beginning of trump 2.0. we'll bring in lars. and thank you for joining us. lars, pivot time? >> sure to some extent. i think donald trump because of his business background, knowses you have to adopt different messages, will that change who he is? not the at all. he's now effectively won the fight to be the republican
10:46 am
nominee despite all of the efforts of the big money folks in the republican party to stop him. he's got that and now going up against hillary clinton a summing that she doesn't get indicted. >> jessica, you can see him meeting with henry kissinger and put out the list of possible nominees for the supreme court showing that he would pick from a group the party would approve of. and raising funds. is that his effort and he's done with it? >> no, i think as paul ryan said, he is the head of the republican party because he is the presidential nominee. and he's doing the efforts which i find disappointing to reach out to the gop, and a lot of conservatives and unite them. as you said he was going to
10:47 am
going forward. the list for the supreme court candidates at least eight of them are from the foundation. and one of the folks from texas who is tweeting negative things about donald trump already. it is just a wild, i can't imagine he would let that go if he was actually vetting them or going through the process and sticking to his guns. i think there is a little bit of sort of outreach going on, and how much will happen and if there will be a back lash, we'll see. >> lars, it would be more traditional to wait for the tragedy to unfold. he did jump in the fray and tweet. locks like yet another terrorist attack, airplane departed from
10:48 am
texas. when will we get smart? that is not a pivot. >> no, it is it not a pivot and it is something we haven't sewn in eight years. we have a president that is so disconnected. our current president waited hours to respond. i like the fact in donald trump who is engaged with what is going on in a minute to minute basis. and his announcement of potential supreme court nominees is encourages and transparent. for all of the people who are transparent. imagine this. put me in office and these are some of the people i will pick from. and it would be great fors in nominees of cabinet and spell out to americans, if you elect me, this is what you are going to get instead of mysterious president obama. >> we'll see, jon? >> we have continuing coverage
10:49 am
of crash of egypt air flight 804. how the white house is reacting and how the u.s. navy is helping in the recovery effort.
10:50 am
]s . .
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10:52 am
hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. we have new details coming from greece. now they're finding wreckage from egypt air 804 but how much has been found and what might tell us about what happened to that plane. plus, we still have long lines at airports here in the united states. how is this crash going to affect any of our domestic plans coming up? we'll break down donald trump's nominees for the supreme court just minutes from now.
10:53 am
a ballot initiative in maine is causing chaos in a battle over what's called strategic voting. douglas kennedy is live on toll pla plaza. >> reporter: strategic voting can lead to a lot of strange outcomes as it did recently in the state of maine. >> the democrats played a very smart card. they instilled enormous fear in voters. >> reporter: in 2010, elliott cutler ran for governor of maine as an independent and got 8% of the vote. >> look, most people wanted me to be the governor. >> reporter: and exit polls show he's right. in this instance, people didn't vote for cutler simply because they didn't think he could win. it's a conundrum voters face whenever there are two or more candidates. do you vote for the person you like or do you vote for person most likely to defeat the person
10:54 am
you don't like. kyle bailey, a political activist, says voters in maine will never ask again. if they pass a ballot measure that would institute what he calls ranked choice voting. this is a method where voters rank the candidates from most ferret to least faefrvorite. >> you have the freedom to vote for the candidate you like the best without worrying you help to elect the candidate you like the least. >> reporter: he also says rank choice voting would limit extreme ideologues from both sides who have smaller but enthusiastic bases. but not everyone in maine is on board. >> rank choice voting dramatically changes the way we vote. >> reporter: this state rep fears the untested method will lead to winners who didn't actually get a majority or even a plurality of votes. she says confusing the voters. >> all of a sudden someone else wins and they start to shake
10:55 am
their head and say, how can this be? this is really unfair. >> reporter: right now, whoever gets the most votes wins. but with your method, that wouldn't necessarily be the case. and some people are predicting bedlam. >> it is simply a different method of tabulating the votes. >> reporter: he describes it as an instant runoff that will save the state both time and money. >> we have seen so many wasky things this voting season, i hate to complicate it even more but very interesting story, douglas. thank you. a fox news alert on egypt air flight 804. president obama is ordering u.s. officials to offer all possible support and assistance to our international counterparts in the search for the wreckage of flight 804. of course it crashed into the eastern mediterranean with 66 souls on board in the middle of the night. white house press secretary josh
10:56 am
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very busy news day. the search for the cause of the downing of egypt air flight 804 goes on. a former national transportation safety board official who is a frequent guest on fox news is quoted as saying he believes a bomb is the most likely explanation for the downing of that jet. but of course the search goes on. french investigators are on their way to egypt to join in the search. debris has been found on the
11:00 am
surface. the jury found that the cinemark theater chain is not liable for the james holmes shooting spree. and remembering morely safer, the tv news legend who just passed away. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. wreckage from egypt air flight 804 has now been found. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" on that and much more today. crews found the wreckage in the mediterranean sea. major development in the investigation to determine how and why that plane went down. officials say it's likely a terror attack but it's too soon to know for sure. 66 people, including three children, on board the flight when it vanished en route from paris to cairo earlier today. the u.s. navy has been assisting with the search sending reconnaissance aircraft to search from the air. >> the u.s. military has reached out to kourpt par


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