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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we still don't know. we still don't know what exactly happened to this egyptair flight. we're not all on the same page about whether we have enfound wreckage from the flight. turns out now we have not. what was thought to be wreckage was in fact something else entirely. so we are back to zero. we are back to wondering how it is a plane that was in 30 minutes of landing, had just entered, well, egyptian air space and was almost ready to end the flight, ended prematurely, loudly, potentially violently. on the phone, a reporter in
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athens, greece. what are we learning? >> reporter: the latest info we have is that a chairman of the greek air accident investigation and the aviation safety board reports the debris found about 200 nautical miles to the southeast of crete is not from the egypt airplane. this is the latest. this kind of perplexes things because up until now we knew that the plastic object floating on the sea, and actually two life jackets, and we even had reports that said that there was white and blue debris, corresponding to egypt air's colors. so, these latest bit of info kind of perplexes things, and we
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would spend a lot of time trying to figure out what has happened with egypt airplane. >> even was a confusion in the beginning to say whether it was an act of terror or something violent that brought down the plane in the united states the official feeling seems to be from the white house we're not ruling anything in or out. the read from french authorities, greek authorities, egyptian authorities, seems like it was. why are they or at least the authorities with whom you have been talking so sure it was terror. >> no possibility has been ruled out. we know that the egyptian -- if you analyze the situation properly the possibility of having a different activity -- in my opinion it is how abrupt
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these incident was that point to a probable terrorist attack. let me give you this info. the greek minister of defense, reported in these exact words that the air crash happened in this way. while the plane was well into the egyptian air space, it turned abruptly, 90 degrees to the left, then turned again 360-degrees to the right, plummeting from 37,000 feet to 15,000 feet, and then again fell, dropped to 9,000 feet. at that point, it disappear from the radar, and now the senior greek official says the debris is not from this airplane. so, there is evidence pointing
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to something very catastrophic can, an explosion onboard, an aircraft that spun crazy in the air. so this is what we have for the moment. >> thank you. very, very much. remember this left from paris, and generally when you hear about egyptair and the problems it has had, you start saying it left from paris so wasn't suspect there couldn't have been suspect there. in fact, egyptair flight made five stops in the the last 24 hours before disappearing over egyptian air space. so was it something in the plane if it was terror related, it have been in the plane since paris? how do authorities miss something like that? so many questions to little time to get to the bottom of this. former homeland security adviser
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on this. when people start hearing it was the reverse of what many thought this morning, it was -- had left paris and then blew up over egyptian air space. people thought it happened leaving egypt, heading out for french air space. that starts raising questions. we know about the marks and spotty hoyt with egyptian air and egypt itself, but if this was something planted on in france, in paris, where security measures are reportedly much tighter, that is worrisome. >> but you pointed out just a minute ago, this plane, the same plane, that has been destroyed by some sort of catastrophic event, was in tunis before it stopped in paris and picked up the last 66 passengers, including the crew, and so there are a lot of questions about what was the security in tunis.
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is it possible a device was placed on the plane there and not picked up in paris ultimatum you have the concern about while security screening measures for passengers is very tight at charles degaulle, what if you had an insider threat? an airport worker or cargo handler, we know western europe there are 5,000 foreign fighters who have fled out from the syrian war. it is possible that someone like that inserted themselves an an airport worker and posed a threat so they could get around screening there more questions than we have answers right now but certainly looks this is the is a catastrophic act that brought this plane into the mediterranean sea. >> josh earnest didn't want to link it to terrorism thinks
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french and greek not so shy. what do we know or not know they do? >> the interesting thing is i think it was after the white house briefing, an unnamed intelligence source said that u.s. intelligence authorities have strong indications now that this was an act of terror. the implication is from satellite and radar imagery, the intelligence is consistent with an explosion. again, think they're right to be sort of cautious about calling this a terror act until we know, was that explosion a result of some sort of catastrophic failure of the plane or was it's man-made agent. everything we're seeing so far suggests it was more likely man-made but people are being cautious of labeling it terror until they know for sure. >> thank you very much. to show you how skittish this is making the world, anything having to do with
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leisure stocks were getting hammeredful this is not unusual. sometimes it's sell first, ask questions later. but all of this on the one-year anniversary of the dow's all-time high, we're still four percent or so away from that reach. we have nod had a single report almost every year since we had a dozen or more records, but since that year-high one year ago today, nothing. today's selloff in airline, transportation related stocks, leisure stocks, did not help. to charl payne, an overreact of we know it's a routine response but a lot of people think, we're one week away from the summer travel season in this country, and people are getting skittish. >> absolutely getting skittish bus these things are happening with more frequency. and i think that's the case here, and of course, the notion that this plane came from france
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where we would expect security to be top notch, i understand that it has several stops before then, but that is very unnerving to a whole lot of people and then compound the fact the market was already skittish. we were up 200, then down, and then to a certain degree, maybe irony, feels like the federal reserve is not on the same page as the american public. for some reason, they see such a robust economy they may have to raise rates as soon as next month. everyone else is scratching their head. so the market is under a lot of pressure, and then layer this on with the travel stocks and you have the kind of pressure we saw today. >> i wonder if people've -- people pivot. what they plan to do this summer. don't know the source of the trouble, whether it's paris or airports they decide, i'm not
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going to europe. i'm not traveling abroad. i'm not taking a plane when i hear the tsa say i might have to get there three hours early and dot put a crunch on economic activity. know it sounds silly at the surface but how one incident like this -- we have seen if we the lockerbie scotland doctors -- it can chill economic activity for a while. >> absolutely. particularly travel. this is a leisure event. not something we have to do but something we want to do. look back at 20, 2001, you saw alarming trend, outbound travel, from 7 billion to 3 million and took three or four years to recover and americans started going the dominican republic, jamaica, mexico. last year we had out of the 68 million trips or the money involved, almost half of it went to mexico alone so we stay local and if we do go overseas, it's
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in the caribbean or the staycation. there's no doubt the average person watching this who can still make a choice for the summer vacation, between the dominican republic and europe they may say the domesticcan republican. >> or the poco knows to catskills. >> you don't want nobody know your secret spots. >> thank you, my friend. two hours away from his fine show and will try to make seasons this craziness. we are as well. it does raise a lot of questions. this started in paris. a lot of stops before paris. why homeland security chairman is worried about paris and supposedly safe europe. and only harken back to attacks in the city but in brussels. it has happened and reports
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today that isis wants to make it happen all over again. h becomes
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wrapped in plastic when they can have a slice of 100% real. natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people. they think in these waters this is where egyptair went down. what they're not sure, these are pretty big waters here. this is the eastern meds at the raran, 200 middle east of crete. so, you're covering a lot of territory there. but they thought they were seeing wreckage from the schupp -- from the ship, but it wasn't. kind of like finding a need until a haystack. but the think they can hone in on this. catherine herridge with the
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latest. >> reporter: the white house was asked about reports a bomb is early theory. >> i'm not aware of any sort of intelligence assessment that has ruled anything else and not aware of any intelligence assessment that ruled anything in. so we're still quite early in this investigation. >> reporter: the u.s. is sharing all relevant intelligence with french and egyptant investigators who have the lead on flight 804, including threats,. opposite the passenger manifests are shared with the u.s., the names will be run against watch lists to assess whether anyone had ties to known terrorist groups, a counterterrorism source says they're going back through the last 72 hours of chatter, including social media traffic to determine if something wag missed or has new significant. while offering quaffers the head
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of the house homeland security committee, sid this may be similar to the downing of the russian metro jet last october by isis. >> the threat indicators are very likely we're dealing with a -- an insider threat where a bomb could have been places on the aircraft, either one using a timing device that would have started out of cairo or whether it was a luggage put in the cargo hold. >> jeh johnson and the fbi director james comey are receiving regular updates and at this point fox is told there's no change in the security posture in this country based on what happened with egypt air. >> so, was it an inside job? if it was, an inside job from where? our guest ryan alexander with us right now. a commercial pilot. bob, at the themmer co-chair of the new york anti-terror task
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force. i'm confused. bob, if it is potentially or possibly an inside job, where do you start looking? >> it could be -- you look with the people who have access to the airplane on the ground, as we always do. look at the vendors who supply the food. look at the maintenance people. take a look at the luggage carriers, take a look at everyone who has access. so that -- forget about the pilots, the passengers, and all of the staff on the airplane. that -- those people have access could take just weeks to do those background checks. >> brian, as a faa licensed pilot -- if you'll indulge my idiotic question -- if there was something untoward about to happen and there was a gap between unusual behavior, the twisting and turning of the plane, and then its crashing, why wouldn't or couldn't or didn't the pilots radio trouble?
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>> well, a lot of possible explainations for that early on so difficult to give a good answer to that. if it's a catastrophic event, which remains a possibility, the pilots may have had no time whatsoever to react. even though there's been some simulations depicted about the flight, it may very well be they lost some of the structure and are reacting immediately to an emergency. pieces of the aircraft may be coming off in flight. it may be much worse than what i've seen some of the simulations depict based on preliminary radar data. so that's one explanation. the other explanation they're teaming with in any circumstance a very significant emergency event and all pilots are taught the first thing is fly the aircraft and deal with the emergency situation. actually getting a call off is one of the last things that you do. so the first step here is going
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to be to get ahold of this radar data and actually see if it's primary or secondary and what it tells us about the flight profile and whether it is the entire aircraft we're seeing with the radar hits. >> bob, we're showing animation here based off intelligence we're getting that show the aircraft was swinging violently, making full 360-degree turns and all of this within 30 minutes of its presumed landing. it was already over egyptian air space at that time, so it was almost finished. what do you read into that, anything? >> it could have been just the timing of the individuals on the aircraft. they wanted to wait until there was some distraction on the airplane. the one thing i know is that when we look at paris and what is happening with isis and al qaeda and all the terrorism taking place in europe, it's been a heightened awareness
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since the fall, and it's really been the epicenter for western europe in terms of looking at potential problems, and we he been communicating with the europeans regularly about possibilities and different scenarios, our government and their government. this is well beyond syria and iraq when it comes to isis, and unfortunately it's spreading very quickly, and the governments are doing everything they can to contain these individuals and stop these thing from happening, but unfortunately we are starting to see more of this. >> gentlemen, thank you. so much we don't know but we're learning a little bit about egyptair itself. it has a problematic history, and it's well chronicled. well'll start chronicling. you decide whether you should start worrying.
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waking up to discover there was a plane crash involving egyptair. you say where have i heard that airline's name before? because it's come up a lot in the past and a lot of disasters with the airline. trace gallagher spells its out. >> egypt air was founded in 1932 and has had a history of accidents, hijackings and financial problems. the last fatal crash prior to today was in 2008 when faulty software was blamed for a crash landing landing in tunisia. in 1999 a los angeles to cairo flight crashed into the atlantic ocean near nantucket, killing all 217 people onboard. the ntsb ruled that suicide by copilot and despite ample
1:26 pm
evidence, egyptian officials rejected the ruling, instead saying it was mechanical failure in 1976, pilot error caused a plane to crash into a factory upon landing, kill 52:00 onboard and 19 on the ground. back in march, a man hijacked an egyptair flight, forcing it to land in cypress. the hijacker claimed he has a suicide bomb. the bottom was fake and the guy waned to meet up with his wife. in 1985 three men hijacked an egyptair flight. they agreed to stop the plane for refueling but after a 24-hour standoff, egyptian military officers stormed the aircraft and before it was over 60 people were dead. it's also important to note that egypt air has been losing money for years, meaning even if today's crash is terrorism, investigators will take a very close look at how satisfied airline employees are and
1:27 pm
whether mechanical upkeep is in line with the standards of control in aviation. >> trace, thank you very much. a lot of you might not have known this but among those killed on the flight were three air marshals. what to make of that. former commercial pilot. what do you make of that? >> i'm not so sure they were all on duty. perhaps two were dead-heading, returning to base and one on duty. they may have, due to their activity and security that is faulting their airlines, they may have had three individuals onboard that aircraft. i would fine it extraordinary, though, for an aircrest -- aircraft set up for 150 passenger flights, why they would need three air marshals. >> let me ask you about something unusual happening in the cockpit, even those just returning home or to their base,
1:28 pm
what would they do? what would an air marshal do? >> he is arm and depends on what he say sees as a threat to the aircraft. you have the highest threat is to gun down the individual who is perhaps trying to get into the cockpit or has grabbed the flight attendant and threatening her with a tool or mechanism or fork or knife or whatever he has onboard, are so any such thing that is creating a disturbance. so the degree of what he is facing, the ultimate is he can draw his weapon and use it. >> unless it's a pilot. right? >> unless it's one of the pilots, but he wouldn't knee that because -- wouldn't know that because he wouldn't be in cockpit. >> do you ever get any sense that given, as trace gallagher was pointing united states, the incidents involving egyptair, there's problem with the airline or egypt's security measures
1:29 pm
themselves or cairo? >> don't think it's a problem with the airline per se but you have a problem with a country that is a target, politically and with the airline and also egypt is highly dependent upon tourism traffic. so if you want to strike a political bowl -- blow against the president, affect the tourism. >> i'm wondering, too, looking at this, this was back in november of last year. the metro jet crash that but a chill on curism. i wonder why, why target this country, this region, and more specifically, if it egyptair, egyptair. >> basically speaking, there was a coup by the general that took over from a -- someone said what a democratically elected
1:30 pm
brotherhood into pour, which he deposed and kicked them out of power. you have mubarak before that. and so why? well, because you have got a political problem that is occurring there and you have a muslim faction that is at war with each other, so why not target them? and particularly since france is equally a target. so, there's no reason for me to think that it is deficiencies within egyptair causing the -- and particularly in this case, i see nothing that could possibly lead towards maintenance problems. to the degree that egyptair had any problems, the e.u. has a very stringent policy of vetting airliners applied in to fly into the eu. they actually have a black lift. the very faction. that egyptair has been operate in and out of the e.u., then the e.u. aviation authorities have no problem with either maintenance or training of the pilots. >> thank you very much.
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we're getting a report from "the new york times" there isn't seem to be anything suspicious about the two pilots. a 36-year-old with more than 6200 hours of flying time. most of them on that particular airbus 320, and his copilot, also no incidents in the past. 24 years old. had more than 2700 hours of flying time without incident. both men were considered congenial, professional, always on time. more after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. you're looking at charles degaulle airport in paris, france. it's from this airport that this egyptair flight left. it is considered one of the most secure airport in the world. nevertheless, backdrop to this apparent terrorist attack on egyptair was that isis was threatening possible attacks on paris ahead of the 2016 soccer championships hosted largely by france, not exclusively, but in
1:36 pm
paris and they were going to presumably try to finish what they tried to start earlier this year back in january, when they were targeting soccer stadiums and the like. so they were and are prepared to do the same for the 2016 soccer championships. with that backdrop, greg palkot on what we're learning at charles degaulle airport. >> reporter: we are in front of terminal one, charles degaulle airport. just about this time last night that the ill-fated egyptair flight took off and then crashed into the sea, mediterranean, few hours later. now 24 hours later we're beginning to get some hard information in this still fluid story. egyptair confirming via the egyptian government the debris found in the sea, some bits of debris, is that of its airplane. there's a massive search going on right now.
1:37 pm
egyptian, greek, u.s., u.k., coming the area to bring more clues to the mid, -- to the mystery, trying to find the black boxes. it has been a tough day here. i must tell you. for the families of the victims here and in cairo, actually. there are those airports looking for some answers and some family members left on another egyptair flight here from france to cairo, just in some way to get closer. they did get some answers from the french president hollande. he was the first official to pretty much confirm there was a crash, and the first high-ranking official to raise the possibility that terrorism could have been behind this crash. other officials, both in egypt and russia and elsewhere, of
1:38 pm
course, raised that possibility, too. and to get back to france and get back to the threat of terrorism, right now, according to various reports, they are investigating and interrogating just about anybody who had their hands on this plane before it took off last night. we're talking about baggage handlers, talking about cleaners, any kind of crew. we do have to remember that back in december, 70 paris airport workers were fired, among a fairly large work force, it must be said, because of some kind of link to radical islam. so, the terror option is alive, it is being look at very closely here, but again, as we all have been saying, all day today, we just don't know yet. it is just too early. but a lot of questions. back to you. >> thank you very much.
1:39 pm
they're going back and forth whether the wreckage was found, now egypt authorities are saying that it was wreckage. don't know what it was but runt wreckage. this changes fast. which raises a point about something that happened 20 years ago in july. twa flight 800, thought to be a terroriis attack. most were sticking to that especially those on the long island shoreline who swear they saw a missile or some type of device hit the plane. that was. no the case. i believe it was bad wiring, but the fellow on the scene at that time, taking a lot of guff at that time because it was flying against what was a heavily consensus theme of a terrorist incident. the former fbi assistant investigator. i can't believe that's 20 years but it is. >> hard to believe, isn't it. >> it is, my friend. we're leaping on this terrorist
1:40 pm
thing. that seems to be coming from the authorities with whom we have been speaking, whether in france, greece, or egypt. what do you make of the consensus that is building. >> it's a little premature. we don't know. just like the debris was initially reported as being from the plane and now we know it's not. a lot of times the initial information is not correct could very well be terrorism. your reporter there in paris talked about a weak link and all the people that touched the airplanes, and where was it touched before it even got to paris? and we know very little, i think, when i say we i mean the industry, i think globally, knows very little about the people on the other side of security and that's always been something that was -- key in mind when i look at this situation. >> what tones a plane like this when they make multiple stops
1:41 pm
are connecting flights, at a hub airport and then beyond. how closely is such a plane examined by a mechanics and others as it stops to refuel or gets positioned to fly out again? >> you know, neil, i don't mean to scare people but i mean, you are at kennedy, laguarda, you see what is going on, how fast things are in and out and reloading and taking things off. how thorough a search could it be? maybe run a dog up the aisle. or maybe look at some places, but in today's age of sophistication, and all the technologies available, and all the types of triggering devices, and the fact we know very little about the people who touched these planes, that's the facts. you know it's a scary thing when we have thousands and thousands and thousands of people that want to kill us, and i
1:42 pm
understand someone also wrote graffiti on the plane there at degaulle airport that said allahu akbar. doesn't give you a whole lot of confidence flying out of paris. >> i believe in your case in twa800, wiring was the issue. >> it was. >> so indulge me about wiring and whether it's something was fritzing out for want of a simpler term? would a plane spin around violently, maker 180 and 360-degree turns? would it do that if the wiring was coming undoon as appeared to be the nice hundred? >> i think in 800's case the plane didn't do anything unusual other than the fact the front of the plane unzipped and it continued to climb. i'm not a pilot but a lot of pilots talking on your channel, there were probably stops on the
1:43 pm
software in both boeing jets and in this airbus that would make that a very difficult maneuver to make if it could be made at all against the bumpers on the software. so that certainly points to the fact that there's something out of the ordinary going on here, and certainly wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being that. >> james, where did those 20 years snag. >> i don't know. you look younger but i don't. >> i don't know. james, thank you. just a reminder, the knee-jerk response. he came up with a very different result with 800. more after this. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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global authorities were linking this egyptair situation to a possible crash. donald trump was tweeting about it. hours before. saying that it looks like yet another terrorist attack. to kelly torrance from the weekly on what she makes of this. he looks like he was proven right. i wonder how you keep track of that. he has done this before. proved prescient. >> i think that his tweeting indicates a bit of a lack of prudence. when a president is in office, he needs or she needs to be very careful about rushing to judgment. now, presidents' word have a big effect around the world, even more than a presidential candidate with millions of twitter followers. so you have to be careful. that said, it's clear that he wanted to bring up terrorism and make it an issue in the campaign, every time terrorism has been an issue in the campaign it benefited donald
1:48 pm
trump more than anybody else. >> kellishing was thinking about the other things he made hay of in which incidents would later on eerily -- fair and balanced -- whether talking about violence along the border, and sanctuary cities and then a woman killed by an illegal in a sanctuary city. the growing european culture acceptance of muslims who live in their own comments and then the attacks and paris and brussels, incidents bear out his warnings and fears, this latest terror incident may be the latest of that. what do you make of the effect that has, what voters think? they go back and start saying, yeah, yeah. >> that's the thing. he is keyed into something real here, and he is -- i mean, terrorism should be a big part of this campaign. over the last few years we have seen the rise of attacks by foreigners and home-grown radicals. they're on the rise at home and
1:49 pm
on the rise abroad. it should be an issue and he started seeing that happening and keyed into it. enough, hillary clinton has hardly made that an issue in the campaign, which it really needs to be. clearly the -- >> later the day she did cite this as a terrorist incident. don't know -- >> well issue guess there's no youtube video to blame, but clearly the policies of the last eight years have not made it safer and more loved in the muslim world, and that needs to be discussed in the campaign. >> you're right. thank you very much. we're getting this from reuters, that a u.s. review of imagery so far has not produced any signs of an explosion aboard that crashed egyptair. very early in the going, even this motion that a terrorist-related explosion downed the plane might be pretelltive. might be ahead of the affects as they are now.
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donald trump is helping out chris christie today. chris christie had some debts in the presidential campaign so donald trump is going to help him pay it off with a big fundraiser tonight in new jersey. that's where you'll find our collum mcshane. i guess this is payback, right, to help the governor out? he came out early for donald trump. what else do you think? >> yeah, it has to be, neil. he endorsed donald trump. he has a lot of debt like $250,000 in campaign debt. what's interesting about what's happening here tonight, new
1:54 pm
jersey in the way donald trump is doing this he's combining one of his trademark rallies with a fundraiser. don't see that often on the campaign trail. $200 a ticket to get in to see trump. once you get in, it will feel more like a traditional donald trump rally than a stuffy sit-down fundraiser. but he comes to the state on the back of strong national polling numbers, the numbers from fox showing trump up by three points in a hypothetical head to head with hillary clinton around the country. same poll he trailed by seven points in just a month ago. now here in new jersey, a blue state, a different story. quinnipiac has fresh numbers out showing secretary clinton leading mr. trump by seven points. and bernie sanders doing even better against trump and new jersey, up by 12 points. with all of that said, neil, we also have some logistical donald trump-related campaign news today. you likely know that paul mannafort, the top trump aide up
1:55 pm
on capitol hill talking to republican lawmakers has a new title. they called him a convention manager. he's been doing more now and his title will reflect that. he's the campaign chairman and chief strategist. he'll be overseeing the big picture. cory lewandoski will oversee the day-to-day operations. there you go. >> connell thank you very much. after this incident abroad, are flyers here thinking twice about going abroad? or flying at all? after this.
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
into perspective and people understand that they've got to slow down a little bit for security. meantime the tsa has been out at chicago's midway airport, doing a demonstration of a packing habit, hauling prohibited items can slow things down. they showed water bottles. they showed guns, admitting you don't have a problem with guns coming through many of the airports, that's what they prevent. but water bottles are prolific. still stating that it's not the traveling public and their packing habits that's causing the big back-up. the primary problem causing the back-up is of course volume. setting new levels and the fact that they have decreased staff. decreasing staff by some 4500 agents over the last five years. to an unprecedented low. there's still the administrator of the tsa is going to come out here to chicago tomorrow. and is emphasizing that new measures will be in place by the weekend to hopefully make things better by the holiday. neil? >> mike tobin, thank you very
2:00 pm
much. will airlines again, continue business as usual, planes are leaving again out of charles de gaulle airport. life goes on. but so many questions. what happened to a plane that was taking off about 24 hours ago, almost this very minute. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." fox news continuing coverage of the egyptair jet that crashed overnight on its way to cairo from paris. likely cause, terrorism according to egypt's government. but all possibilities are being investigated. the plane went down in the mediterranean sea, somewhere off the greek island of crete. authorities say it lost altitude before vanishing from radar


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