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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a young woman asked me to take a look at her book. there's jenni fink, sentenced to life. it's about college graduation, appropriate for this season. >> thank you for joining, special report is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. was it terrorism? that is the question on tens of millions of people's minds. tonight following the crash of an egyptair flight into the mediterranean sea early today. 66 people were aboard that flight from paris to cairo. there are conflicting reports about whether any wreckage has been spotted so far. the u.s. is helping in the search. offering assistance from its experts and working feverishly to try to find out about what happened. we have fox team coverage. catherine herridge has the latest intelligence on the crash. but our coverage begins where that ill-fated flight began at charles de gaulle international
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airport outside paris. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is there tonight. hello, greg. >> hi, bret. egyptair flight 804 took off from the terminal behind me last night. little did those on board know, their fate would soon be sealed. 11:09 wednesday night paris time, charles de gaulle airport. egyptair flight 804 and airbus a320 takes off. on board, 66 people. among them egyptians, french, canadian, a britain, no americans, but there were children. among the crew, tellingly, three security. the flight from paris across europe towards the destination of cairo, goes smoothly at the outset. 1:24 thursday morning, the plane enters greek air space. air controllers there make voice contact. there are no reports of stormy weather. and then, over the
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mediterranean, something went awry. >> translator: it executed a turn of 90 degrees left and then a turn of 360 degrees toward the right. dropping from 37,000, to 15,000 feet and then we lost it at about 10,000 feet. >> 2:29 a.m., 175 miles off the coast of egypt, the plane was gone. no distress call. no other indication of trouble. in the coming hours, the families of the victims at both cairo and paris' charles de gaulle airports were racked with worry and demanded answers from the authorities. >> translator: they don't have any information, they haven't found the wreckage, but obviously there is little hope. >> late morning paris time thursday, a grim-faced french president francois hollande announces the bad news. >> translator: the information we have been able to gather, is the plane came down and it was lost. >> why did it crash? could there have been a mechanical error?
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or was it what people feared -- terrorism? a short while later an egyptian official says that's a possibility. >> the possibility of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical issue. >> late thursday afternoon paris time, another egyptair flight heads to cairo. among those on board, family members of the victims. wanting to be closer to their loved ones, wherever, however. and more questions tonight. egyptair now says it cannot confirm that the debris found earlier today in the mediterranean came from its stricken plane. as the hunt for clues continues. bret? >> greg palkot live in france. more questions than answers so far. white house press secretary josh earnest says president obama is getting multiple updates about the crash. moments ago, deputy national security adviser ben rhodes says white house officials are quote
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deeply concerned about the situation involving egyptair flight 804. and that the u.s. will be doing its own analysis of this incident. now to what we know and what we're hearing about possible terror links to the disaster. and how u.s. national security officials and aviation experts are helping in this investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been talking to her sources today. good evening, catherine. >> the u.s. intelligence community is pulsing the system of three preliminary series of what caused the egyptian airliner to go down, are bomb, catastrophic structural failure and sabotage. they're reviewing the data to determine if there's anything unusual and fox news confirming through sources that a preliminary review did not find evidence of an explosion. we spoke earlier with a ranking member of the house intelligence committee who was briefed on flight 804. >> it does appear the flight broke apart in the air. so we're looking for any kind of images we may have collected.
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we're looking also at our signature, excuse me, our signals intelligence to determine whether there were any intercepts or any communications that indicate a plot against aircraft in europe or against aircraft coming out of france. >> once the passenger manifests are shared with u.s. authorities, the names will be run against watch lists to determine whether anyone hes to. counterterrorism source who tracks al qaeda and isis for the government says they're going back through the chatter over the last 72 hours to assess if something was missed or has new significance. while offering qualifiers ahead of the house homeland security committee who has also been briefed, say it may be similar to the downing of a russian airliner by isis over the sinai in october killing 224 people. >> the threat indicators are very likely they were dealing with a sharm el-sheikh type of attack. an insider threat where a bomb could have been placed on that
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aircraft. even one using a timing device that would have started out of cairo. or whether it was a luggage put in the cargo hold. >> the navy has joined the search over the mediterranean, deploying flyers from italy. this is a an anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft that detect debris beneath the surface of the water. meantime fox news is told not to expect any changes to airline security at airports here for the time being. here on a heightened state of alert after the downing of the russian passenger jet at the end of last year. bret? >> more on this with the panel, thank you. in america's election headquarters tonight, new indications about how specific issues, including terrorism and national security, may factor in to the presidential election. the latest fox news poll out tonight indicates the economy is
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far and away the most important topic for voters. national security and terrorism as you see here are next. donald trump is significantly ahead of hillary clinton on the economy. 53-41%. he is also favored on the terrorism question. by 12 points. secretary clinton remains unimpressed. reacting today. >> i know how hard this job is. and i know that we need steadiness as well as strength and smarts in it. and i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> all this comes on a day when donald trump goes across the hudson to help a former rival pay some bills. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in lawrenceville, new jersey tonight. >> long before the french and egyptian governments were willing to say terrorism likely caused the overnight crash of egyptair flight 804 the gop presumptive presidential candidate did. saying it look like yet another
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terrorist attack. when will we get tough, smart and vigilant? great hate and sickness. top aide paul manfort met with more members of congress today. >> we're continuing to unify the party. >> while the candidate escalated his fight with clinton clinton on the left for accusing him of misogyny. when sean hannity referenced allegations of her husband while he was president. >> groping and touching a woman against her will. >> amongst other things and impeachment of lying. >> the rape allegation is by roderi roderick. >> mrs. clinton's spokesman said trump is doing what he does best. attacking when he feels wounded and dragging the american people through the mud for his own gain. >> trump's businesses have gained from his presidential campaign. his latest financial disclosures say his corporate revenues are up $190 million. with trump under fire for refusing to release his back tax returns while being awed hitted. his critics note he's been in
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hundreds of lawsuits to pay fewer taxes may be the real reason that he's refusing to release them. priorities usa released another news ad. >> welcome to the trump network. trump airline. trump steak. >> trump tapped the same man, washington lawyer kaldhouse to conducted the vetting of sarah palin. former new mexico gop governor gary johnson has tapped bill weld on his running mate. johnson a distant third with only 70% of the vote against trump. trump is in new jersey tonight for a fundraising rally, aimed at helping chris christie pay off his campaign debts. christie has been tasked with runni running trump's transition. >> trump leads hillary clinton in the latest fox news poll. here in blue democratic new jersey the latest quinnipiac
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poll suggests donald trump is learn not just to hillary clinton, but to bernie sanders as well. bret? >> carl cameron in new jersey. what is the number one issue for you? this presidential campaign season? let me know at hillary clinton sin sising her place on the top of the ticket is a done deal. apparently nobody told bernie sanders. the vermont senator continues to insist he is not done. even as clinton urges him to get with the program. her program. senior political correspondent mike emanuel has both sides tonight. >> i will be the nominee for my party, chris. that is already done. >> yet bernie sanders is challenging clinton to face him in a fox news debate before the june 7th primary and in front of close to 10,000 supporters, sanders revealed he's going to campaign aggressively in the final stretch. >> our job is to go to the democratic convention and
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together win the democratic nomination. >> clinton says sanders must help with party unity. >> i am absolutely committed to doing my part, more than my part. but senator sanders has to do his part. that's why the lesson of 2008, which was a hard-fought primary as you remember, is so pertinent here. >> if sanders wants to ease tension, it's clear some of his supporters aren't there yet. >> the other day they were upset that you guys were a little too loud in nevada. well, i got news for them -- we're only going to get louder. >> sanders and his team are encouraged by the latest polling showing him as a stronger general election candidate against donald trump. the latest fox poll has trump beating clinton 45-42, after she had been ahead of him for months. while sanders is leading trump 46-42, although trump has cut into his lead. the clinton campaign has made an issue of trump not releasing his tax returns. and produced this web video to continue the pressure.
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>> i'm really rich. >> trump has been a master of tax loopholes. >> i fight like hell not it pay taxes. >> with democrats increasingly concerned that sanders is willing to damage clinton to win california and keep his dream alive, patience is wearing thin with some of his democratic colleagues in the senate. senate democrats met privately tuesday to discuss handling sanders after california democrat barbara boxer was shouted down. >> senator joe manson said bernie is not a democrat. what are we worried about? why would bernie want to play nice. >> michael briggs reacted to clinton saying she'll be the nominee. he notes voters in indiana, west virginia and oregon respectfully disa agreed and points to the latest polling, says it's clear that millions of americans have growing doubts about the clinton campaign. >> we should point out that
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bernie sanders accepted our invitation to the debate in california. we're waiting official word from hillary clinton. a former hillary clinton aide has testified under oath about his knowledge of her private email practices. louis lukens worked for clinton when she was secretary of state. he spoke for two hours in a deposition that is part of a lawsuit by conservative group judicial watch. at least five other officials are scheduled to testify. this is separate from the fbi's investigation into clinton's emails. hillary clinton is promising to let her husband run the economy if she wins. but is all the nostalgia over the prosperous bill clinton years really justified. correspondent peter doocy takes a fair and balanced look. >> hillary clinton is the only presidential candidate promising to move her top economic adviser into the white house residence with her. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy. because you know, he knows how to do it. >> is bill clinton the guy for the job? well during his tenure as
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president, nearly 23 million jobs were created, more than reagan and both bushes combined. the gdp grew an average of 3.9% annually. higher than most modern presidents and unemployment on his last day in office was low. 4.2%. >> these were things he did. it wasn't necessarily things that his administration did. meaning that these were decisions he made. it's possible that he knows more about economic policy in the states than anybody in the country. >> on paper, husband and wife are split on a very popular issue among 2016 democratic primary voters -- wall street reform. clinton's platform outline as plan to quote impose accountability on wall street. but bill clinton's record reflects a far friendlier attitude. he deregulated wall street when he signed a bill that repealed the glass-steagall act. that landed him on a "time" magazine list, 25 people to blame for the financial crisis. experts now say to clinton's success came from collaborating with a republican congress on
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things like welfare reform and free trade. >> i just feel like this is more of a softball she's throwing out there. remember the good old times, if we look a at the good old times and peel back the details, those are conservative principles behind that prosperity. i don't see bill clinton being a dynamic player in shaping economic policy. >> you know who else has said that bill clinton hasn't been the strongest president in modern history when it comes to strengthening the economy? bill clinton. who thinks barack obama did better. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> and during her last campaign for president, hillary pitched her husband for a different job, a sort of goodwill ambassador to hostile foreign countries so offering him on the economy may be a purely political calculation, and as we've seen, it also makes him fair game for attacks from the presumptive
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republican nominee. bret? >> peter thank you. up next, are the markets and your 401(k) getting the yips over a possible interest rate hike? we'll look into it. first, what some affiliates are covering tonight. fox 25 in boston, the federal extortion charge against boston's so-called minister of fun. director of office of tourism, sports and entertainment is charged with forcing a musical festival company to hire union workers. kenneth bressette could get up to 20 years in prison. fox 8 in new orleans, expanded access to medical marijuana for people in louisiana. democratic governor john bell edwards signed the bill today. it increases the number of diseases that can be legally treated by marijuana and allows physicians to recommend the drug rather than prescribe tlt. this is a live look at new york, from our affiliate fox 5, one of the big stories there and around the country tonight, the death of veteran "60 minutes"
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the senate has approved a bipartisan bill to pump more than a billion dollars into the fight against the zika virus. that conflicts with a much smaller $622 million measure approved last night by the house. the white house says it could live with the senate bill, but is threatening to veto the house version. wall street is bracing for another interest rate hike by the fed. it's considered likely next month. markets were down today, the dow lost 91, the s&p 500 dropped 8, the nasdaq fell 27. fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barnes is here with the possible ramifications of inching up the interest rate. >> the fed is rattling stock markets by signaling it may raise its key interest rate slightly again, as soon as next month. the dow is down nearly 300
3:22 pm
points in three days, about 2%. socking retirement and investment accounts for many people. the fed had kept its key short-term rate at near zero since 2008 to help the economy recover from the financial crisis. but it raced it a quarter point in december saying the economy finally seems strong enough to handle it. the move was part of a difficult balancing act. the fed does not want to short-circuit the recovery with even small rate hikes, but it also does not want too much growth too fast. because the economy could overheat and create new housing or stock bubbles or trigger sharply higher inflation. when the economy stalled over the winter sh, the fed postponed additional rate hikes, now there's new signs that the economy is rebounding and new talk from fed officials that more rate increases could be coming. just today the labor department reported new claims for unemployment insurance fell by 16,000 last week. signaling a stronger job market. >> it looks like it's growing
3:23 pm
above trend. and inflation stabilizing, labor markets tightening so it seems like we're on track to satisfy a lot of the conditions that we would need to see to actually continue the policy tightening process. >> higher rates would make it more expensive to buy cars with auto loans or to use certain credit cards, but they would be positive for safers, including retirees who would welcome higher interest on their deposits. oklahoma republican governor mary fallon is not saying whether she will sign what something touted as a first of its kind bill that the performance of an abortion a felony. abortion providers could get three years in prison. state senators pass that bill today without discussion or debate. a spokesman for the governor says she will with hold comment until her staff has time to review it. opponents of the measure say it is unconstitutional.
3:24 pm
a wet winter and spring in california mean a lot more free-flowing water this summer. the state is easing rigid rules over water usage in place during what habits historic drought. but national correspondent william la jeunesse that not everyone is jumping into the pool. >> two years after california governor jerry brown made that statement, the drought is still not over. yet california lifted water restrictions on the state's 39 million residents. >> very confident that our customers can continue to save water without the need for these drought restrictions. >> problem is this winter's el nino brought record rain to parts of the state. mainly northern california. but in the south, where a majority live and vast fields of fruits and vegetables require billions of gallons, ground water supplies and reservoirs remain low. >> in drought you're always
3:25 pm
trying to balance between the good civic pride that you try to get people to conserve water and crying wolf. >> uc davis water expert jay lund says the state is trying to strike a balance by allowing individual water districts to set their targets based on local rainfall and snow pack. >> the down side is if next year is dry, as dry as the last couple of years have been, then we'll probably have gone back and wished we had a lull more mandatory conservation. >> as the graphic shows, much of the state remains in a severe drought. watering golf courses in the desert and growing almonds for export is not a message of conservation. especially as california enters the dry season. >> overall people have done well and i would just, i wouldn't want to see that slacked off until we're far enough away from the drought. >> the new rule eliminates the governor's mandatory 25% statewide cut. yet some worry it could breed
3:26 pm
complacency and reopen regional conflicts as some are seen to squander water and others are forced to conserve it. one of his former defense chiefs says president obama is doing semantic back-flips to try to avoid the truth about his military involvement in the middle east. we'll explain, next. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.
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visit and ask your doctor how you can get farxiga for free. go to and post your job? to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click, then simply select the best candidates from one easy-to-review list. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to the top story now, bottom of the hour, the investigation is under way into the cause of the crash of egypt air flight 804. into the made trannian sea. u.s. officials tell fox news no explosion was detected in the vicinity by u.s. infrared satellites. the white house says it will conduct its own analysis of the incident. but is quote deeply concerned. egyptian and u.s. officials both said terrorism is considered a likely cause. 66 people were on board the flight out of paris which was
3:31 pm
headed to cairo. so far the wreckage of the flight has not been recovered. one of president obama's four pentagon chiefs. refuses to correspondent kevin corke has the story from the white house. >> americans troops are in action. they are being killed. they are in combat. and these semantic back-flips to avoid using the word "combat" is a disservice to those who are out there putting their lives on the line. >> for some, it may have been a stirring, almost jarring assertion. former defense secretary bob gates in plain speak, said americans are in fact in combat in the fight against isis and iraq and syria. no matter how the obama administration tries to frame it. >> the why the white house can't bring itself to acknowledge what everybody in the world knows. is unfortunate, and particularly
3:32 pm
in the message that it sends to those folks out there on the ground. >> it's the latest in a series of stinging critiques of the obama administration offered by gates, last month the former secretary said he felt double-crossed by the president who at one point promised no the to change the public while the democrats led the pentagon and did anyway. back in march gates complained the president ignored the nsc's advice about egypt and this january gates called deputy national security adviser ben rhodes and samantha power, naive and clueless. white house officials tried to explain away the suggestion they were trying to avoid the using the word "combat." >> there have been instances when u.s. personnel found themselves in combat situations, in the context of carrying out the training and advising mission, they have not been deployed to iraq to wage combat on the ground.
3:33 pm
against isil. >> the distinction for the white house? their mission is largely one of helping local forces lead the fight against the terror group. a strategy that's increasingly come under fire from lawmakers on capitol hill. >> the president is sticking to a drip-drip doctrine that is more suited for losing a war rather than winning one. >> and smeeking of isis, the administration announced that the coalition has claimed about 45% of the area previously controlled by isis in iraq. the final 5% of the figure? took almost five months to acquire. >> live in the north lawn. the nfl is giving you a refund. the league is repaying more than 700,000 tax dollars paid by the pentagon for teams to honor military service members at games and events. republican senators john mccain and jeff flake had complained about the defense dpafrtment's outlay of more than $10 million in marketing and advertising
3:34 pm
contracts with professional sports teams between 2012 and 2015. calling it paid patriotism. the egyptair tragedy, was it terrorism? how will it affect air travel here? a lot of other questions as well. we'll ask the panel, when we come back. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. possibility of having a different action or going, having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical problem. >> we've got to look at in detail who was on that flight. to know whether there's anything we need to be worried about. i think it's unusual for a modern day aircraft at 37,000 feet to have a mechanical catastrophic failure. but in this particular case, the radar says that this aircraft
3:39 pm
went into some type of uncontrollable decline. >> egyptair flight 804 took off from charles de gaulle airport in france. heading for cairo. at one point the air bus a320 then something happens, and the greek officials say it executed a turn of 90 degrees left and then a turn of 360 degrees toward the right. dropping from 37,000 feet, to 15,000 feet. and then according to them, they lost it at about 10,000 feet. some place in the mediterranean. so far we do not know exactly where that is. u.s. navy and the u.s. officials are saying that they are helping in the search. but we do not have answers yet. the suspected cause was likely terrorism. but that can't be confirmed yet. let's bring in our panel, syndicated columnist george will, kirsten powers "u.s.a. today" columnist and tucker carlson, host of "fox & friends"
3:40 pm
weekend. george you listened to all of the different explanations, it seems like they were getting themselves to a catastrophic event that might be terrorism. but there's not confirmation yet. >> the reason it is reasonable to suspect terrorism is paradoxically, is that flying so unbelievably safe. billions of people traveling trillions of miles a year. with almost no accidents other than whether there is malevolent intervention on the par of someone. i flew yesterday on an airbus from london to washington. i think like a lot of people i feel safer at 37,000 feet than i did in terminal 5 at heathrow, which is a good terrorist target as we discovered in heathrow. as we discovered in brussels. what's different here now is this was terrorism. why isn't someone claiming credit for it the whole point of terrorism is to announce that you can distribute random violence. no one has claimed credit. >> kirsten, there's a lot of concern, no matter what happens,
3:41 pm
about travel and how that affects us here. >> the other thing, too, is there was no distrust signal that was sent so that would suggest that something happened suddenly. if there was some sort of mechanical problem, they probably would have been in contact. that definitely leads towards terrorism. i think in terms of traveling, there's a question of is there an insider threat problem in these airports? there's been a concern in paris about the possibility of employees being radicalized. and also looking at where this plane went before. and it was in north africa, flying to eritrea and tunis. so we have to look at that and figure out did something happen in those countries. you heard the senator intel chair, senator burr looking at those lists to see if anybody here's the former c.i.a. director on the possibilities out there. >> if you're a terrorist hangars
3:42 pm
and maintenance facilities are very attractive places, because you can put a small bomb in some portion of the hull, that if you know what you're doing, were to put it. you could well have something that would go off at an appropriate altitude, appropriate time and no fingerprints. >> the tough part, tucker is that this is all speculation. until we have black box data, we hear that the satellite infrared satellites didn't pick up any heat signature. but there are reports that some fishermen saw flash in the sky. >> we will know at some point. we do know there are going to be terror attacks on airplanes, the only way to respond is with common sense measures, you don't unionize your security guards at the airport. any more than you would unionize your s.e.a.l. teams. you have to ask yourself, what do we want out of this? we want cheap and convenient air travel. that's why they're attacking
3:43 pm
airplanes, because it's a very basic threat to the way that we live. so your response can't make air travel way more expensive or way less convenient. that's not the answer. perhaps part of the answer is to accept the inherent risk in it there's no way to ever eliminate it. at some point you have to learn to live with it. >> the two presidential candidates who are likely the nominees weighed in. a tweet this morning, donald trump says it looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris, when will we get tough, smart and vigilant? great hate and sickness. then this afternoon, hillary clinton weighed in. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. exactly how of course the investigation, we'll have to determine. but it once again shines a very bright light on the threats that we face, from organized terror groups. isis of course, but then there are other networks of terrorists that have to be hunted down and
3:44 pm
defeated. >> she went on to say, george that al qaeda is essentially defeated. and the white house was asked about the donald trump tweet and they went into a litany of how isis is on its heels. what about that? >> what has isis got to do with this? >> we don't know if it was terrorism. there are lots of franchise terrorist groups out there that can do this. you can be a very weak terrorist group and still knock a plane out of the sky. it doesn't require a network and it can't be fought with f-16s. that's why tucker is absolutely right. the israelis have lived with a low fever of terrorism for decades now. and they remain a democratic and increasingly prosperous society. this can be lived with. it's it can be fought, but lived with. >> a quick sound byte from my trip to cairo. talking about the egyptian president, he said his country was under attack, under siege
3:45 pm
and wanted more help in fighting terrorism. >> egypt is a part of the international coalition. and we are taking up our responsibilities to fight terrorism in sinai and to provide security on our western borters, egypt has been facing major terrorist threats on the egyptian area. >> that was months ago, kirsten. but you had this feeling that he felt that he wasn't getting backed up. >> i think he probably isn't getting backed up. i don't think -- when it comes to egypt, i don't think the administration has been as engaged if you want to go back to mubarak, frankly. and the muslim brotherhood, coming in and their support for that government that i think definitely was not taking a hard line against terrorists, i guess you could say. so i think that yeah, they're left to their own devices. >> why are you shaking your
3:46 pm
head? >> because whatever we need to do to keep the regimes in egypt, saudi arabia and to a lesser extent jordan, we need to do. things will fall apart in those countries go to the whackos, for real. new issue polls, facebook on conservatives and donald trump on bill clinton and the r word. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le
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i looked at the "new york times." are they going to interview juanita broderick? are they going to interview jones and kathleen wily. one case about exposure and another case about groping and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> do you ever feel compelled to defend your honor, the honor of your husband with statements that he is making that go to the core of the relationship. >> no, not at all. not so much for me, chris, what he says about me. i'm really used to it. i have very thick skin. it's what he says about other people. >> this could get interesting over six months. we're back with the panel. as you take a look at the issues. our new fox news poll and who would handle each issue better. take a look at this, the economy, terrorism,
3:51 pm
healthcare, hillary beats donald trump, slightly. immigration, foreign policy, hillary clinton up there. >> education, and social issues. we're back with the panel. kirsten, what about this, you know, going down this road? i mean, is he clearly going down the bill clinton road. and she doesn't seem like she is going to push back on that. at least not yet. >> well, i guess the question is how could she push back? that's the problem. the more that they talk about this, the worse it is for them. there is a whole generation of people who don't even know who juanita broderick is, don't know owho paula jones is. they haven't heard these stories before. there happens to be a generation who believe once a woman has made ache accusation she is to be believed. >> kelly pointed this out sexual assault survivors should be supported. this is the feminist viewpoint today. so, if that's true, how do you explain that you have these women who have made
3:52 pm
these accusations, they would say they have been disproven. the women would say that they haven't. it's a very dicey issue for them. at the same time, i don't see how she gets away with that how do you get away with i don't have to defend this person who i say is going to be running the economy, basically. >> i don't don't remember the 9s economy either that he is going to run. her response is they want to talk about my past. i want to talk about your future. >> well, first of all, she has put the subject in play by saying donald trump's attitudes to and about women are reprehensible. so his response is you want to see reprehensible, look next door at your husband. we have 173 days to go between now and election day. and we're already at this where is there to go. they're is old thral is no such thing as bottom. we may explore that as this
3:53 pm
goes along. you used the f word, feminism. what a peculiar feminist icon she is. she marries her way to the upper reaches of american politics. once they there she gets to be the senator and secretary of state. what interests you people the most the economy i'm going to give to my husband to fix. weird. just -- >> just on issue that, if you look back at the old clinton gore ads when they are running. they are talking about things that republicans talk about now. >> exactly. >> her pitches on the economy are kind of opposite of what her husband was pitching to get in office in ''92. >> if only people knew what a creep clinton was in his personal life they wouldn't vote for him. we know who this guy is he is running on the economy and crime. i know we are rewriting history now it was a issue for people in the middle class. how is it that donald trump is beating hillary clinton by like 12 points on the
3:54 pm
question of the economy when her husband presided over the last sustained period of economic stability we have had. it's because her party is enthrold with like transgender bathrooms and global warming and theoretical issues that have nothing to do with the regular person. donald trump is making the pitch to economic anxiety. of course that person always wins. >> she also said today kirsten, this is over. i'm essentially the nominee. bernie sanders is not there. his response is no. it's not over. >> well, the race has basically been over in terms of delegates probably since march. and but it's not over in the sense that he has made it quite clear, bernie sanders made it quite clear that is he not going to drop out. he wants to stay in until the convention. sce going to make life difficult for her. i think she is right that she'll be the nominee. he is not going to overcome her in delegates. >> so, you know, when she said back in 2008, remember bobby kennedy, what happened to him, and she later apologized for that, why she was staying in against
3:55 pm
barack obama, is sanders staying in because is he waiting to see what the fbi does? >> it could be. remember, in 1980, ted kennedy actually gained strength after it was pretty clear that president carter was going to be renominated. people are letting off steam and making a point. and that's perfectly sensible use of the franchise. arguably the best thing that could happen for the democratic party, given that bernie sanders in many polls runs against trump more strongly than she does, is for her to get in legal trouble and have to withdraw and they bring in a place holder candidate country would sigh with relief saying joe smith, joe biden, don't care, we will take him. >> bernie sanders people wouldn't be that happy but we seal that and more and we will hope to hear from hillary clinton tomorrow. that's it for the panel about debate question. stay tuned for the latest political attack ad. (war drums beating)
3:56 pm
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made on behalf of those living with chronic pain and struggling with oic. sphimly tonight you may remember that super pac ad. one late night show found a trump response ad. >> i should have used two emails. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> i'll get you my pretty and your little dog, too. [ laughter ] >> no wire hangers, ever! >> look at me. look at me. i'm the captain now. >> does hillary clinton really speak for you?
4:00 pm
donald trump is responsible for the content of this advertising. donald trump is a tremendous whd best words. >> fair balanced and unafraid. here comes greta. this is a fox news alert. passenger plane vanishes flight 804 falls off the rarely and out of the sky. tonight all 676 people on board feared dead. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. right now investigators are searching through evidence to figure out what brought down egypt air flight 804. the passenger jet on its way from paris to cairo going down overnight in the mediterranean sea. and tonight, questions are swirling. was this terror? and, if so, who was behind it? "on the record" has live team coverage across the globe. but it all starts with fox news correspondent greg palkot live at the airport in paris where the