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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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final fatal moments. be sure to stay with fox news tonight with the latest throughout the investigation. see you tomorrow. greta will be back tomorrow night at 7:00. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from new york. "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> family members and passengers have been gathering at paris airport and crisis center in cairo, hoping for the best, fearing the worst. >> another big mystery as egyptian airliner disappears in the mediterranean. some believe terrorism is the reason. we will tell you what we know in a live report. >> we're going to win, win, win, and we're going to make america great again. >> there is nothing that will hold us back. we will have the future that we deserve if we work together. >> a new fox news poll on who do you trust more hillary clinton or donald trump? this may surprise you. dana perino will analyze.
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>> does live here? >> he does. >> is he in the penthouse? >> one of the highest valued penthouses in new york city. >> no wonder bernie sanders hates him. >> jesse watters touring trump tower. >> he doesn't trip. >> no. is he very graceful. >> okay. did you see that? >> you are did b. to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we will get to the disappearance of egyptian airliner first in a moment. but first a brand new fox news poll on who do you trust more, hillary clinton or donald trump? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. poll order of importance.
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first thing you will see on your screen in a moment is what americans care about most. number one, the economy. who do you trust to do a better job? trump wins big here 53% to 41% over mrs. clinton i think because of his business success. second most important issue terrorism. here americans once again favored trump 52%, secretary clinton only clocks in at 40% on terrorism. third issue healthcare here hillary clinton does better 48% of americans trust her more on the issue. 45% for trump. number four, education, 51% for hillary, 41% trump. education spending traditionally a big democratic issue. next up immigration. the big surprise here. secretary clinton comes out on top 47% to 45% over mr. trump. the anti-illegal immigration guy. finally, social issues like abortion, secularism and that kind of thing, 50% of americans trust hillary clinton, just 38% donald trump.
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now, you would have to consider this poll good news for mr. trump because the economy will be the driving issue next november and he wins on that. also terrorism which is number two. talking points was surprised that mr. trump did not prevail on immigration. that shows many americans do not want illegal aliens deported. i do believe most americans would like an effective wall on the southern border, but we'll have to do an independent poll on that. big headline in america's politics is that donald trump is very competitive with hillary clinton. remember much of the national press thought that impossible just a few weeks ago. of course, that same press is rooting against trump so there is that. summing up, the more donald trump defines important issues the better off he will be, the more hillary clinton gets out of her campaign mode and in to one-on-one communications like doing interviews with me and others who don't openly support her, the more currency she could gain. we'll have more on that in the tip of the day. finally, one footnote, fox news also asked americans
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about how they feel after almost 8 years in the obama administration. just 26%, 26% feel they are better off now than they were when barack obama was elected in 2008. it says a lot. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. what's the top poll for you. >> top two issues economy and terrorism say a lot. donald trump the fact that he is beating her by so much in those polls that was not just a tightening like on immigration 45% to 48%. that's pretty close. on economics and terrorism two issues where all americans are saying to us in all the exit polls frustrate with the government as it is. they want an outer. they want something different. which is why it is hard for any political party to hold on to the white house for longer than two terms. only happened once since world war ii and that was in 1988 when george h.w. bush. >> took over for ronald
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reagan. >> but you would think that a former secretary of state, deeply involved with terrorism would at least be competitive in the terrorism issue. why isn't hillary clinton? >> i think that a lot of people see her as a third obama term and they are not happy with, especially on economics and on terrorism. they feel like there is a better and different approach. they are worried about terrorism. that's another thing that the exit polls showed that there is anxiety across the country that we are not on a war footing. >> it's containment policy. >> right. >> mrs. clinton was part of that containment policy. and you know, look, if you are going to contain terrorism, isis, then you are going to have planes getting blown out of the sky every few months. >> right. >> and guys going into del can as at del can as at the. acceptable losses i don't believe we should be doing acceptable losses. >> americans aren't going to accept that. >> there has to be. you see, everybodies me
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about trump and clinton and what's going to happen. i don't know. because events will overtake these polls. say, for example, another terror attack on american soil. >> right. >> with the poll the way it is and trump so bullish on taking care of these guys, even today before anybody knew anything, trump was saying the egyptian airliner was an act of terror because it's right in his wheel house to do that we don't know whether it was an act of terror. i believe at this point it points to that, okay, but i'm not sure. >> now, there was a new poll justedãout, just before we came on the air. we're live tonight here on cbs, head-to-head matchup. now, you remember yesterday, fox news had clinton behind donald trump. >> yes. >> i think it was 45% to 41%, something like that. >> um. >>um cbs, "new york times," and, again, you have got to consider the source, hillary clinton 47%, donald trump 41%. so, that is an exact opposite of what fox news had. now, i don't believe
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ideology plays a part in these polls. i don't think anybody is cooking the books because that would be if you get caught doing that you are dead, the whole operation is dead. there are ways to phrase the question. >> the phrasing of the question. the other thing that's going on is the settling of the republican party, the unifying effort is having some effect. i think that since the primary ended and donald trump became the presumptive g.o.p. nominee, winning looks good and americans want to be on the winning team and right now. >> he has got to because some people rooting for kasich or cruz have said all right. bernie sanders whacks trump in the cbs poll 51% to 38%. that's a fantasy vote because i don't think most people understand bernie sanders. they see he looks like a character out of mary tyler moore show. and they are kind of just voting because is he a feisty guy. if they ever knew what he really wanted and is he not going to get it the democrats know what he really wants. they are not going to put him up. trump is not nearly as
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strong as the cbs "new york times" poll. >> he is better across all polls. >> coming up. >> and even the cbs "new york times" poll a couple of months ago that gap was even wider. that's closing. >> it's closing a little bit. >> i think it will be real close up until november. >> those polls don't mean anything now. they are entertaining to take a look at them. >> you were out with all swells in california. the facebook as well swells. they give you oats and sushi. what do they do out there? >> there wasn't much whining and dining. >> they gave you lunch. >> there was food available. amazing for employees campus. i'm used to more structured environment. >> they have people in bermuda shorts. >> everything. >> flip-flops. but it was a serious issue because now they are in trouble, facebook. >> when mark zuckerberg opened the meeting he said we recognize we have a problem with conservatives. he said the meeting was long overdue and they were commit to do fixing it and i
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thought it was pretty sincere. >> a lot of money at stake. did he wear the dopey t-shirt or regular shirt on. >> he had the dopey t-shirt. he didn't wear the dopey hoody. >> no hoody? >> when the meeting started all of a sudden the lights went out and airconditioning went off. the entire building lost power but we stayed in the meeting. >> do you know why that happened? glenn beck tripped over one of those wires. i was going to have beck on tonight he wouldn't show up because it was too late. >> i got to sit next to glenn beck. >> my condolence dust sea him eat? he splashes. >> no, i didn't. i didn't have the pleasure. >> dana perino, everybody. feels like another terror attack. egyptian airplane disappearing over the mediterranean. jesse watters edition.
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biotene,le who sufr from a dry mouth. impact segment tonight. another awful situation in europe. egyptian airliner flying from paris to cairo disappeared early this morning over the mediterranean. carrying 66 passengers and crew. no americans on board. situation is very strange because there are no reported distress transmissions between the pilots and control towers as far as we can tell right now and it's a busy area. joining us from los angeles aaron cohen counter terrorism expert and jim hanson executive vice president for center for security policy. i get the feeling it's terrorism. what do you think? >> i think there is no other logical explanation, bill. i think you start looking then who has a motive to do this? the easy s&p is isis. everyone is bringing them up first. but this is egypt. i think it's worth looking at the muslim brotherhood which is a terrorist organization that was in power in egypt until the
5:14 pm
egyptian military threw them out of power and through their leader morsey in prison with a death sentence. brotherhood is a very likely suspect if this is terrorism. >> they are all suspects. if you are going to put a terrorism cap on it then anybody in islamic world are going to be suspects. what strikes me, mr. cohen, is that after the metro jet was sabotaged in the sinai last year, isis was right on the internet saying we did it. and then a lot of people said well, they didn't but turned out they did. here is radio silence. nobody taking credit for, this correct? >> that's correct, bill. i think the reason why is that it leads me to believe that there is congruent with the typical thumbprint of the online radicalization social media take the opportunity when you can to take down a plane if you can do destruction or harm to paris. like we saw with the -- in this case there is a very
5:15 pm
specific things that lead me to believe it was terrible. >> one the actual activity of the plane, 90-degree bank to the left and then extreme 360-degree bank to the right followed by almost 20,000-foot drop. these are really so sophisticated aircraft's. the security perspective where i'm coming from on this one doesn't have to be some type of explosion here. this could have been some type of wrestling match in the cockpit. this could have been so low tech to cause a plane to make these types of drastic banks left and right that i feel like this could have been the easiest type of terrorism which is just people getting on the aircraft and then going for the cockpit. >> it's tough though. the cockpit doors are, of course, locked and they have iron -- it's hard to get in there but i want to throw out one more thing and this is based on -- i'm doing my little sherlock holmes things here, mr. hanson. in the malaysian jet disappearance i believe,
5:16 pm
based upon people i have talked to in the fbi, that was a pilot suicide. pilot thing. and the pilot took that plane and took it out into the middle of the indian ocean and dumped it and everybody died. all right. they still haven't found the plane. some parts were washed up on island. the pilots have to be looked at. if there is any jihad strain, that's easy to do. you get in and, bang, you drive that thing into the water. on this one, yeah, the craziness of the plane going like this and that, you could deduce there was a struggle, but, at this point, i think it's easy to rule out a mechanical because that's not what happens. and when you get in trouble, mr. hanson, the first thing do you is radio to your guys and say, look, we have got a problem here on the plane, correct? >> oh, absolutely. the lack of any communications from the cockpit makes it likely that there was a catastrophic event of some sort and whether aaron is correct and they manage to somehow
5:17 pm
disable the crew or there was an explosion or some other, you know, catastrophic event in the aircraft, the question is who had access to do that? and i think the last two aircraft explosions were inside jobs and we need to take a serious look at the baggage handlers and airport service personnel. >> absolutely. the thing was that 11 minutes before this thing went crazy, mr. cohen, there was a routine transmission with the pilot talking to, i'm not sure what tower. i think it was greek. everything is fine. we are going to be landing in cairo in 53 minutes. so, you know, it was out of the blue. >> yeah. it was out of the whether you, bill. and that's not uncommon with terrorism. the terrorists want to find the ideal time to be able to carry out the act of terror, so let's wait until everything is quieted down on the road and i completely agree with jim. i feel there is definitely some inside play going on here. the question is, what is degal and the other major
5:18 pm
airports going to do about the fact that they can't flush out who these rats are internally that could possibly lend to this type of terrorism. >> if they are working inside the airline, if they are pilots or co-pilots, whatever that may be, that's tough. speculation is hard. nothing else we can bring the folks at this juncture other than we are deducing what we know what it is likely to be. gentlemen, we appreciate it very much. thank you. directly ahead. big scandal with black lives matter. one of their big shots arrested for pimping. human trafficking. and this guy says he was invited to the white house for an event just days after the bust. also, bernie goldberg on my analysis of the "new york times" trump article. watters running around trump tower. those reports after these messages. incentives,
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invited to the white house just two days ago after he was busted. we don't know the time line on that. but he was invited for a movie screening. we called the white house and haven't gotten back to us. also, this guy, innocent until proven guilty, so we all want to remember that was the subject of a rather complimentary article in the "the washington post" and appeared on cbs news. >> people are already like after ferguson. i'm in ferguson like after ferguson? are you kidding me? how are we after ferguson? when the very thing that got
5:23 pm
us here has happened two more times in three months? for some people justice is a legal victory. that's not justice for me. to me justice is equality and accountability. >> and now mr. wade will find out if he will be held accountable by the justice system. joining us from los angeles to analyze geraldo rivera and here in new york city eric bolling. what does this guy in black lives matter? >> well, black lives matter, according to the "the washington post" and daily caller, they have tied him to black lives matter. turns out is he a social justice warrior who raises money through twitter and other means and uses it towards housing and feeding protesters. you want to be a protester and you don't have money, you go to this guy and say give me a hand here. he puts you up in a motel room and feeds you a little bit. turns out one of those hotel rooms that he paid money for turned out to be pimping operation. >> allegedly? >> allegedly. >> 17-year-old prostitute ends up having detective come in, posing as a john and busting the group.
5:24 pm
he says he had nothing to do with it. >> of course. is that your understanding of wade's activities with black lives matter, geraldo? >> more or less. he doesn't seem to be in the leadership of blm, black lives matter, but he has this other group hope or hush, you know, help or hush, you have got to participate or keep your mouth shut. he is kind of a race hustler. and if these charges are true is he a gross hypocrite. when i was a young lawyer representing civil rights and antiwar activists we had special contempt for what we call poverty pimps. a poverty pimp was someone who enriched themselves as they raise money. this guy raised 25,000 a week sometimes on twitter. where that money went is no accountability. it's all in cash. we don't know if he really was lining his own pockets, but he did opportunistically go wherever the action was. whether it was ferguson and michael brown or staten island and eric garner, freddie gray in baltimore. >> he was pretty articulate and this and that.
5:25 pm
what was his pitch, to raise money? what was he telling people to do. send me money why? >> because you want to be part of the movement. >> what movement? >> the black lives matter movement. >> did he mention black lives matter? >> i believe he did. he didn't specifically say he works with black lives matter. >> just want to help. >> if you want to help the cause. >> the cause? >> against social injustice with cops, et cetera. don't forget, this is the same group, remember we went from -- ended up here after eric garner on december 12th walking down fifth avenue saying what do we want? we want cops dead. when do we want it? we want it now 8 days after this group did that, they got two dead cops, a guy came from maryland. >> that's what i don't understand. >> and blows away. >> pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon. >> there are horrible negatives about the group,
5:26 pm
it's true. some of the -- many of the people though are good spirits who really want to help and see, you know, the african-americans being victimized by real problem. >> lots of groups that do that. that don't have this stigma. >> that's true. let's concentrate on charles wade. wade could very well be, now, reading the police report, it sounds like the undercover has him cold. the 17-year-old, you know, prostitute in the howard johnson. the cop comes in, she offers oral and vaginal sex for $100 for half an hour. wrapped only in a towel. wade is the one who rented the room. he used a passport. paid cash for it he leaves the room. he had three cell phones. one of which was used to place the ad, i am told in the online hookup site that the cops were monitoring. that's how they found him. so it sounds as if the case against him is pretty strong. but he is a jerk, let's concentrate on the jerk in the bigger picture.
5:27 pm
>> we want people to know that my beef is, this the "the washington post," cbs, they don't vet these guys. they just throw them out there. >> absolutely. >> they don't vet them. i want to reemphasize. this is a 17-year-old. is he trafficking a 17-year-old. and that is a huge problem all across this country and all around the world. >> do you know who else didn't vet him in the white house didn't vet him. >> we don't know that yet. i'm not going to condemn the white house. >> according to him. >> according to him he is dr. martin luther king. so we can't believe this thug. >> what this does say -- >> -- answer our questions. >> the black lives matter movement is alive and kicking because of president obama. under obama the race relations were supposed to get better under president obama. they have done nothing but -- >> -- all right, guys, good debate. bernie goldberg may have some issues as they say in california with me over a "new york times" report on donald trump. then later, watters,
5:28 pm
skulking around trump tower. >> they have a currency exchange here at trump tower. >> we do. >> do they exchange pesos? [ laughter ] >> let's find out. >> is he a wise guy or what? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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threatening party. one of them senator barbara boxer. >> i'm not going to tell bernie sanders my colleague and my friend what to do. he knows how i feel. he knows that i felt threatened. he knows that it was wrong. now we will see. it was a scary situation. i was there. i saw it. it was frightening. i was on the stage and people were 6 feet away from me. and if i didn't have a lot of security, i don't know what would have happened. >> and joining us now from miami attorney and sanders supporter and del brown. what do you think is going on here, mr. brown? >> i think we have a situation -- we had a very contested event in nevada where people on both sides walked away saying what just happened here? sanders supporters say the rules were changed at the last minute and senator boxer was very preturned' she got into the crowd about booing her because they weren't happy with the outcome and they weren't
5:33 pm
supporting what she had to say. >> there is more than that we ran last night a recording sent to the head of the nevada democratic party acally threatening the woman with death. and as you heard senator boxer say, there is the woman who was threatened. here is senator boxer say if she didn't have security around her, she felt physically that she may be harmed. that's way beyond. >> she says she doesn't know what would have happened. >> we can see that if a senator makes this big a deal about it, criticizing her own party members that it's more intense than i just didn't know. >> well, if you watch the entire clip in senator boxer's comments she did more than making criticisms the day after. she criticized them while she was in the room about booing her. she said, look, we have the victory. go ahead and go boo yourselves out of election. there was contentious environment from the beginning. >> that doesn't justify.
5:34 pm
>> that's always going to be a problem. >> that is a problem. >> that is not allowed. bernie sanders has condemned violence in all forms and no one is supporting that whoever that person is. >> bernie sanders condemning violence in all forms can i read you the statement that bernie sanders made after the nevada event this is a quote: party leaders in nevada for example says the sanders campaign has a penchant for violence that's nonsense. we have held rallies all across the area including high crime areas zero reports of violence. not true there have been a bunch of rallies where sanders supporters clashed with traditional democrats. i go on. sanders goes on: but when we speak of violence i should also add that months ago during the nevada campaign shots were fired into my campaign office in nevada and apartment housing complex. my housing complex lived and was broken into and ransacked. is he justifying bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior which no politician should do. condemnation of violence
5:35 pm
doesn't seem to be there to me. is he kind of making excuses saying we don't really do this there is no doubt his supporters did do it? >> when he condemns violence in no forms it, gets no clearer than that. >> he can say to his people do not ever do that again. that's what he do. >> it would be -- you know what? bernie sanders has gone far and beyond any other candidate when it comes to talking about violence. trump has never told anyone we don't want that. >> we are not talking about donald trump tonight. we are talking about bernie sanders. why wouldn't bernie sanders go on television. >> donald trump has never done. >> counselor, very simple question. i'm a simple man. why did not bernie sanders go on television and say to his people knock it off. i never want to see that again? last word. >> i condemn violence in any and all forms. that says don't do it. don't do it now. it shouldn't have been done then. >> and then he adds that his campaign was attacked or whatever. i'm not buying it i think persony should be much
5:36 pm
stronger on this. counselor good debated. we appreciate you coming on. thank you. when we come back, bernie goldberg wants to talk about the "new york times." watters causing trouble at the trump tower moments away. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo®
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. talking points on tuesday put forth that editors at the "new york times" should not be assigning feminists or known anti-trump reporters to cover the presidential candidate. after hearing that memo where bernie goldberg was even mentioned mr. goldberg had some thoughts and here is he in new york city tonight. where are you? >> it's a safe bet that everybody at the "new york times" is a feminist that includes men as well as women: it's a safe bet that feminism is one of the guiding principles there. but you raised an interesting question. and that is can a feminist cover somebody who, among other things, puts on pageants where beautiful women stroll around the stage half naked in high heels? fair question. the answer, i think is, if
5:41 pm
that reporter, if it's known in the newsroom or worse if it's known publicly thinks that beauty pageants are a crime against humanity and people who are involved with them should be sentence to do death in the electric chair, of course not. >> but isn't that the feminist doctrine? >> you can -- >> --do you know any feminists who like beauty contests? you can have been even on something like that. this is a bigger issue to me. and not be disqualified from covering the story. >> i disagree. if you are a quaker, okay, you can't cover a war because you believe that anyone participating in a war is wrong. if you are a quaker. so there are no quaker war correspondents because they can't, they are so revolted by war in general, that's their doctrine. >> i would have to know if that particular woman thought that. >> you would never know that
5:42 pm
that woman is a good reporter by the way. >> here's how i would do it personally. first of all, if it was known that she thought it was a crime against humanity, she is out. that's easy. if i'm the editor. i say, look, i understand on the upper west side of manhattan, beauty pageants are seen as the stuff of than knee an neanderthals. i need to know from you and think before you answer, this if you can be fair. >> reporter then. what do you think they are going to say? >> i will tell you this if they say they can and they hand me copy that isn't there is going to be big problems. i think the bigger issue. >> let me challenge because we want to be always fair here. this twohey put her picture up there. the other guy is a light weight. is he a tweeter.
5:43 pm
he tweeted out about trump, you know, not egregious things as i said but little snarky stuff. but the other one, megan is, a good reporter. so we call her up. we call her up. and she is on msnbc, she is on cnn, all of this stuff. we call her up. we had one question. are you a feminist? that's all. hung up. hung up. >> but you know the fox effect here. >> no, no, no. no you can't answer one question about a legitimate point that we're trying to make that you can't be a feminist and cover donald trump? >> of course she can answer it. >> right. >> and of course she should have answered it. >> right. >> she should have gone beyond the answer yes or no. >> on the program talk to me about it. >> i will tell you what, what i would have advised her to do is go on the program and say if she is, yes, i'm a feminist and here's why it doesn't matter. >> okay. >> and i'm willing to listen. >> i think you would be willing. >> i'm willing to listen. >> can i tell you what i think the bigger issue is? >> sure.
5:44 pm
>> look, everybody who follows the news has an opinion, the people out there have opinions. we journalists have opinions. there is nothing wrong with that if you are pro-choice, can you be fair to somebody who is pro-life? if you are pro-life, you can be fair to somebody who is pro-choice. if you won't vote for donald trump, you can be fair to somebody who would vote for donald trump? none of that is a problem. here's the problem. numerous are overwhelmingly populated by liberal journalists. now, when i wrote "biased" they wouldn't acknowledge that today. >> they have to. surveys. >> right. so they find the story interesting. and you and i know how this works. they get together and they say let's investigate donald trump'sa+fu treatment of women. that's a question that interests them. >> right. >> here's a question and fine if you want to do that fine with me. here's a question that interests a lot of other people. did hillary clinton have any
5:45 pm
role, any role in sliming women who made accusations against her husband? did she know about it? was she part of the political bashing? and, by the way, it's accepted that there was a political campaign to delegitimize these women. did she know about it. >> of course, her own statement. >> what i'm saying is, the editors who are interested in donald trump, they should be interested in that. >> but they are not. >> you don't have comfort in -- diversity in the newsroom, you are going to get that kind of bias. >> watters on deck. we sent him to run around trump tower and causes a much trouble as possible. watters is next. pet moments are beautiful,
5:46 pm
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to niekt night watt ters
5:49 pm
world. donald trump lives in a tower in midtown manhattan. you can go there. bring a lot of money. we sent watt ters over there to cause some trouble. ♪ >> welcome to trump tower. >> thanks for having me. does donald trump live does. >> is he in the penthouse. >> it's one of the highest valued penthouses in new york city. >> so the trump bar. ♪ all right. so what would you like to drink? i know. two sex on the beaches? >> take your foot off the gas. >> two shirley temples please. >> that's a funny way to say how do you do. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. >> so what's the average unit of a place in trump tower.
5:50 pm
>> it varies from around $5 million to $25 million. >> $25 million? >> $25 million. >> is there a fox news discount? >> maybe for you. >> no. >> so is this real italian marble? >> it is. >> pink. it helps your complex. >> i need all the help i can get. >> it will make it glow. >> is this what they're going to build the wall with. do they have a currency exchange here at trump tower? >> we do. >> can you guys make pesos with this? >> we're not mexicans. we're from out of town. >> 300 pesos. can i buy my trump taco bowl with this? ladies first. >> thank you, jesse. >> i guess it's safer than taking the stairs because you could always trip and fall. >> you could. >> well i know donald doesn't trip ever. >> he's pretty graceful. >> very graceful. okay. did you see that. i would rather not have lawyers get involved. i notice there's no change here
5:51 pm
in the fountain >> nope. >> is donald trump rolling his pants legs up fishing out owl of the coins ♪ three coins in a mountain each one seeking happiness ♪ >> might be trump spring water actually. >> made in america. >> made in america. >> that's the way we like it. where could i get a make america great hat? >> right here. >> how do i look? trump cologne. success. how do i smell? >> stings the nostrils. >> what else do we have? wait a second. wait a second. this -- something is not right here. much better. >> that settles it. >> where are the taco bowls? >> he has them right back here. >> authentic mexican cuisine.
5:52 pm
>> yeah. >> so is mr. trump here today? >> let's go find out. >> i think i have something i need to give him. i think you need better security. >> look at this. >> i knew it was you. i could smell you getting off the elevator. >> i brought you something. this is for you. >> whoa. this is very important. >> you're tommy la sortta. >> wow, jesse. i'm proud of you. you're a big star now. >> you can hang it on your wall. >> i think it's great. thank you. >> he doesn't like you. no, he doesn't like you. he threw that right in the gar dama bar badge. >> how much was the hat? >> 30 bucks. >> i think it goes to his campaign. it's a donation. >> got to give waters credit for the marble thing is that what you're going to use the build
5:53 pm
the wall. i like that line. a woman didn't like you either. >> no. >> she wanted to get rid of you. >> that's why i had to do it twice. i wanted to hang out. >> $25 million top over the, if you want to live with the donald. >> i think his penthouse is $100 million. >> so if you buy the $25 million penthouse near him, do you get hats free? >> all the hats you can get, and the success cologne. >> success cologne. i love that. 30 bucks for the hat. jesse watters. there he is. factor tip of the day, a personal message to hillary clinton. new tip moments later. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear.
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♪ offers free cancellations, so you're free to decide if the trip you're on... hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha... [mountain woman and key laughing together] factor tip of the day, a personal message for hillary clinton. first i'm not going to bore you tonight with all of our time-outs because you know father's day is coming up and you know we have the greatest gifts in the world for dad and
5:56 pm
granddad. if you know all of that, and you do, you are compelled to go to and get the guys some signed books or clothes or pens or historical documents. come on, move it, people! all the money i get from is donated to charity. bernie sanders is not proposing anything like you say. you make him sound like he's proposing communism. you should straighten up and report right. my reporting on the socialist center has been accurate. he's a guy that want to create a giant nanny states and wants to confiscate assets from the affluent. that's what he wants. you call it what you want. brian, jay may ka, bill, it is crucial to make clear whether you regard socialism as a system to replace capitalism or modify it. sander said he would modify it
5:57 pm
would would never get the chance. bob from o o, bernie wants to provide young people with free education and room and board. the federal government program also exists, the military. keith, grapevine, texas, you say trump, hillary and sanders and barack obama are not evil and should not be hated. however you call senator harry reid evil. i said what the senator did was evil. big difference between condemning acts and an entire person. bill, evansville, indiana nearly choked when dennis miller quipped that buffalo and bison can share the same bathroom. thanks i needed the laugh. ronnie from new york, bill going to see you and miller. i was there to see queen last summer. hope you rock the joint like they did. we'll do your best on june 18th,
5:58 pm
ron. evening show in connecticut at mohegan sun, sold out. tickets are available for the special mant ntinee we added fo father's day. also upcoming who wants to be president shows in reno and atlanta, they're almost sold out, denver and biloxi going fast. greenville, south carolina, mr. o'reilly, i am a premium member on your website and love everything about it. well we are honored to have you in the vanguard, wendy. thank you very much. premium membership is good deal, you get a free book. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. bernie sanders has agreed to do a debate sponsored by fox news that will be held just before the california primary on june 7th. but hillary clinton has not yet committed to that debate.
5:59 pm
not yet committed to face off against bernie. so i have a tip of the day for mrs. clinton. it would be to your advantage, madam secretary to do this debate, even though we know you have the nomination locked up, that's true. lots of folks who may be skeptical about you will be watching that debate. and you might impress them and get some votes in the general election. so let's wrap this whole deal up, call me tonight, we'll confirm, bernie versus hillary on fnc in california. factor tip of the day. the last time a politician did not take my advice about a debate, donald trump, he lost in iowa. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. do not be mawkish when writing.
6:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. ms. megyn is up next. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new indications terrorism may be behind the loss of a jetliner over the mediterranean sea. and there are growing concerns something similar could happen to a u.s. bound plane. welcome to the kelly file. i'm sandra smith if for megyn kelly. tonight we're hearing at least one major u.s. airport l.a.x. is already stepping up security while off the coast of egypt, crews are frantically looking for signs of egyptair flight 804 and its passengers. this video of the search effort was taken earlier today. the plane was en route from paris to cairo late last night. 66 souls on board at the