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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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eastern. we hope you'll set your dvr. we take attendance and get upset if you're not there. see you tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. passenger plane vanishes flight 804 falls off the rarely and out of the sky. tonight all 676 people on board feared dead. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. right now investigators are searching through evidence to figure out what brought down egypt air flight 804. the passenger jet on its way from paris to cairo going down overnight in the mediterranean sea. and tonight, questions are swirling. was this terror? and, if so, who was behind it? "on the record" has live team coverage across the globe. but it all starts with fox news correspondent greg palkot live at the airport in paris where the doomed
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flight took off. greg? >> kimberly, the terminal behind me charles degal airport is where that flight left from a little wit more than 24 hours ago. but now tonight, there are more questions about the deadly mystery of egypt air 804. first of all, the airline is now saying this just came across in the past couple of hours, that the doe bree found in the mediterranean off of the coast of egypt is not necessarily from their stricken plane. there is a massive hunt in the waters in the mediterranean to try to come up with any debris, any signs of the plane. they are also saying, according to in multiple intelligence sources here in the united states and elsewhere, fox news can say that no blast was senile, no infra-red signal was seen via the satellite. it was thought that perhaps a bomb on board could have brought the plane down,
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descended into deadly spiral into the mediterranean so far no big sign of problems on that plane. it's this kind of confusion, it's this kind of horror, kimberly that is facing the families of the victims. they were here at this airport in paris, also in cairo, where the plane was heading. some even went from here to cairo on yet another egypt air flight to try to get closer, somehow, to their loved ones. closer to some kind of answers to this vast, vast mystery. french president francois hollande went on television today to address the people. he tried to answer some of the questions. he was the first top leader to say, indeed, after three and a half hours in flight the plane went down, crashed. and he was the first major leader to raise the specter that terrorism was, in fact,
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behind this plane's crash. because of that, according to multiple reports, there are investigations into those who had any kind of contact with the plane before it left this airport 24 hours ago. that is pagliano damage handlers, cleaners, mechanics, if there was terrorism, then perhaps a bomb was planted. perhaps there was some kind of tampering done to that plane. but, again, again, more than a day after the takeoff from this airport, in just about 24 hours since the crash, there are still a lot of questions and no hard, fixed answer whether it was terrorism or just some tragic horrible malfunction of this aircraft. this air bus 8-320 over the mediterranean. we will bring you coverage of this. as we said the egypt air flight was heading to cairo
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when it went down. grn reporter is in cairo with the very latest. amena? >> the egyptian authorities have yet to issue any official statements about what happened with this plane. they have made it very clear that until this point the plane is still considered missing and that the -- that they do not recognize the debris found in the mediterranean just a couple of hours ago that this is from the missing flight. also, egyptian civil aviation minister has urged the media not to speculate and to wait for official results. he has, however, also said at this point nothing is ruled out, including a terrorist attack on the plane. he even went as far as saying a terrorist attack at this point is more likely than a crash. he based the statement on his own experience and bits and pieces of information he has received so far. egyptian president has also held emergency meeting late thursday night to discuss the latest developments with the civil aviation minister and committee in charge of the search. this comes among big dispatch of military
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fighters that egypt has dispatched to the area where the last seen on the radar. >> okay. take us through what some of the passengers' families, how they are reacting to what looks like a highly suspicious terrorist attack, amena. >> egyptian families have gathered at cairo airports where a couple hours ago there was briefing by authorities. many people described this briefing on social media as being very chaotic. there haven't been official pictures yet. however, reports are coming in from the airports that are seeing that families are tense and they are out for answers which authors and the flight company egypt air had been reluctant to answer. it's also worth noting that the family has been granted access to stayed in the airports but sort of the access for the media has been hindered in a way. >> is there concern tonight about the consequences of another negative incident happening here in egypt in terms of its impact
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specially with people traveling there and tourism? >> egyptians are very shocked and disappointed at this event. third big event with a negative connotation that egypt has been involved in over this past year. many believe this is another tailing in terms of neck sector. it's believed to have crashed as a result of a terror act. everyone is of course holding their breath to see what will happen with this situation and how this will have an effect on the country's economy and already ailing tourism sector. >> indeed, amena, thank you for that important update. earlier today officials said they found wreckage from the crash floating near greek island. now the vice president of egypt air says that wreckage does not belong to their plane. nikko's. >> kimberly, hi. greek senior official just a while ago he spoke and said
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debris found so far does not belong to flight 80 will. now, the material -- close to does not match the colors of the plane blue and white. the objects of the plane found includes the life jackets and plastic material. thought it could be debris from the last aircraft's. soon the story was pis twisted around, so it's still a big mystery here. as far as the search gross, teams working together with special units on the search and recovery mission. defense minister said press conference that the plane made 90-degree turn left and then dropped from 37,000 feet to 15,000 feet before losing contact with greek airspace, authorities around 10 miles inside the egyptian airspace. the last contact was at 2:30 a.m. local time and almost 24 hours ago. >> really unbelievable.
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great point you make. 24 hours now in the aftermath. expected to be the work of terrorism. no group taking any responsibility or laying claim to the fact of terrorism nikko's. is there perhaps a strong working theory at this time other than obviously a catastrophic incident occurred? >> here, the media, the only thing that they talk about is some terrorist attack. this is the main story here in greece. but, actually, we don't know anything and what seems to be the most important thick is the search and recovery action that is taking place. this is the most important and i hope the greek and egyptian authorities work together well at this. >> most certainly, thank you for that excellent update. nikos, angelidis. you heard how the air bus made sudden turns before it plunged into the sea. what could have been going on inside the cockpit.
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former pilot rick, is live in phoenix, gentlemen, thank you for joining me today. a lot of weapons really remain unappeared. 24 hours in the aftermath of this incident, catastrophic tragedy that occurred and 66 souls feared dead. tell me what you evidence so far trajectory of the flight path and the bits of information we have at this point. >> thank you, kimberly, i want to preface this first sigh baying this is a non-u.s. registered airline. it's a foreign airline. it's not u.s. airline. i want penal to keep flying u.s. airlines this summer around keep their travel plans intact. having said that i'm looking at things and first i thought it could have been a terrorism blot but i don't know now. i'm trying to figure out radar images what they came up with.
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airasia and air france. there were things that happened that the pilots didn't realize what they were doing at that point and had to fly the air plane. once they get down from the top level of automation and start losing their protections, then certain things can happen. if people aren't familiar with that and can't fly a basic airplane which the air bus is not a simple airplane, they could get themselves in some trouble. i'm torn between what it could be at this point. >> you are going to hedge it. that's based on the radar images and radar data we have been able to receive at this hour. rick, do you share some of the concerns, the hesitation to call it terrorism based on what you are seeing as a pilot that has flown these type of planes? >> well, there is so many different variables of what could have taken place in this case. something catastrophic happened at 37,000 feet. that left turn off the
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airway is what the pilot probably would have done if he had an emergency. let's say the left engine failed and he made a hard right turn due to the good engine on the right side pushing him over that way, and let's say that engine came apart and took out some of the controlling surfaces in the tail, that could crattle a problem for him as far as being able to fly the airplane manually if he had to. >> how do you explain then the sharp turn to the right after the turn to the left? >> well, let's say that's when engine came apart. parts started flying off the engine. it took out the tail. where all the controls in the tail are around he lost control of the airplane and the plane made a hard left or hard right. i'm not saying this is what happened. what i'm saying is there are variables. until they get the data poxes, the black boxes, the voice recorder, nobody is going to truly know until they get to the wreckage.
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it looks like everybody is coming together in a very great manner that everybody, you know, all the countries are coming together to search for this plane. i'm sure they will find if. because that's a veryiy ocean way. >> and plight pattern. i wouldn't any drug gling on the fight collect either. very sketchy security past. they just got hijacked recently. i would not rule out that somebody entered the cockpit and there was a struggle over controls at that point either. and intentional ditching in the ocean of that airplane because i'm trying to figure out why they haven't even found a scrap yet. a napkin, a life vest, a cup, anything at this point after all these ships and planes were log out in the mediterranean all day today. >> that's a great point. puft it in there in the water like that is going to make it more problematic to be able to determine
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forensics and data of what happened. that's why there are so many ministries about what went on. real click, t disjt does this telling you anything? >> irknow you have been asking that. so many other air cavity incidents, to. we have got to aviate, navigate and communicate. through that level of things that people have to do on the flight deck, that's going to be the last thick that's going to be done. at that point, they might have just run out of time. so we just don't know at this point. we can't really speculate entirely until we do find the black boxes and specifically the voice recorder. that's going to give so ministry more clues and make it apparent of what happened? >> hopefully they would be able to pick that up and give us the essential clows. no oirs terrorist group has
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laid claim. >> kimberly? >> yes, go ahead. >> i'm sorry. i was going to say they had three sky marshals on board that airplane. i would really like to see them find out who they were, where they are coming from and why there are were three. normally there is two. and if there were three sky marshals on board i doubt there was a breach of that cockpit. >> very interesting. that is something that stands out in terms of the number that they had on there for security. general, what a pleasure. thank you for your expertise and joining us this evening. >> you're welcome. >> you're welcome. >> u.s. is now helping out in the crash investigation. the u.s. navy and the ntsb are assisting in any way they can. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more on america's role in the investigation. the white house was asked this afternoon about reports that a bomb is a working theory. >> i'm not aware of any sort
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of intelligence assessment that has ruled anything out. i'm also not aware of n.i.v. intelligence assessment that has ruled anything in at this point. we are still quite early in this investigation. >> the u.s. is sharing all intelligence with the flight 084. signals intelligence, as far as threat data held by the national counter terrorism center the nation's hub for threat analysis. once a passenger manifest is shared with the u.s., the names will be run against watch lists to determine whether anyone had ties to known terrorist groups. a counter terrorism source who tracks al qaeda and for the government 72 hours of social meet i can't columbus blue jacketter. new information in slight of 204. the then who passenger jet last october by isis. >> the threat indicators are very likely they were dealing once again with the
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scharm el sheikh type of attack, an insider threat where a bomb could have been placed on that aircraft. either one using a timing device that would have started out of cairo or whether it was luggage fit in the cargo hole. >> fox news is told no changes are expect to do airline security here at home for the time being. it remains at a high level following the downing of that russian jet last year. kimberly? >> and the big fear right now and big unanswered question is was this terrorism? officials in several countries now say the signs point to an act of terror. catherine gorka goes "on the record" with us tonight. thank you for joining us, catherine. >> happy to be here. >> okay. so i'm sure you were able to listen to the program here perhaps. the experts that were on. right now, what is your, woulding theory based on the information and intelligence we have been able to gather? >> i think the comments from the pilots were very interesting and they do raise a lot of questions
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about the possibility of mechanical failure. but at the same time, i do think it's interesting that a week ago the director of french intelligence warned that they expected more attacks against france. at the same time, there was a flurry of propaganda activity from isis, from other isis affiliates in support of its affiliate in the sinai in so there are very strong signs that something was coming down the pike. >> well, and you look at the opportunity and terrorism taking the path of least resistance and opportunity, as we mentioned earlier on the program. >> egypt has had several incidents in the past getting hit hard in terms of acts of terrorism. should would he be concerned that more isn't being done to thwart these type of things from an intelligence-gathering perspective? >> absolutely. and, you know, egypt is very cengetly a high target for isis but it also shows that there is a real vulnerability in airport
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security. you know, we have put so much emphasis on the passengers being a potential perpetrators of acts of violence but, you know, in this case if this was an act of terrorism. there may have been a breach. we are not doing enough there. >> that's a great point because right now what they are doing at this hour is they are going after the fact to be able to determine, in fact, any employees, they are going through the airport and determining who anybody baggage handler somebody with access to the airplane, mechanic academics anything like that who can. that can take same to be able to do enel no group has laid claim to this. nothing in the harasser haute of sois sis. aqap also known to target you was acts of terrorism. >> i think that's an excellent point. the fact that no one has
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claimed credit for it also really cast doubt on the fact that this would be an act of terrorism. i think that's a great point. >> yeah. so we will see. interesting that there was three air marshals on board when normally there are two. i think that's something that's going to be important to determine why, who those individuals were, because as the pilot said whether or not there was a breach to the cockpit, something from within the plane is going to be important as well if there was a struggle versus an explosive device and such. >> that's right. >> all right. catherine, thank you so much for joining us tonight. and ahead, continuing coverage of egypt air flight 804, former mtsb investigator is here next to talk about the daunting task of recovering all the clues from the water. stay with us.
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breaking right now, investigators are desperately searching why a plane fell from the sky and crashed into the mediterranean sea. 66 people were on board when the plane swerved sharply and began losing altitude then the air bus jet dropped off radar. what clues will investigators look at to determine the cause. keith maguire goes "on the record" with us tonight. keith, a lot of different theories. if you listened earlier, we had some pilots on who have actually operated, piloted this exact same type of aircraft the a 320. obviously, something catastrophic occurred. what clues are they looking at tonight to give the answers? >> therein is really not too many clues for them to look
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at tonight. i mean, at this point of the investigation, there is not a lot of evidence for people to examine. so,. >> what are they searching for? >> well, first, they have to find the wreckage and the last i heard they hadn't even confirmed that they have to find the wreckage. then they will start looking through cameras and video down on the ocean floor of what's there. they will recover that wreckage. then the painstaking process of putting it back together again i have probably got literally thousands of pieces of wreckage. it's not an easy job. >>. no and so certainly you want to try and decipher in terms of what forensic evidence you can recover. obviously, voice recorders, things like that. we do have radar information that's come in. is there anything significant at this point that stands out to you and what operating theories do you think are in play? >> you know, it's interesting you asked that. i'm teaching a class here at usc this week. and i actually took 804 into
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the class and say what do you think? do you think happened? i was very pleased that the class said we don't know. we don't have enough information on that. that's exactly the way we train new investigators to try to keep open mind. develop all the facts and let those facts lead to you a logical conclusion. >> okay. so what about this? the size of the debris field, does that tell investigators anything? >> sure. the size of the debris field basically tells you where it broke up in flight as opposed to being intact. so if the debris field is scattered over a long area, that's more indicative that it broke up in flight at altitude. however, income the ocean like, this and whatever current you have may change that a bit. but the pieces that are going to sink down to the bottom, that's one of the things the investigators will look for. >> okay. and if you were in charge of this investigation if you could get one piece of evidence that would be amongst the most compelling, what would it be?
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>> the first thing they are going to look for is the flight recorders. i mean, they are not the magic answer that some people think they are, but they are usually a great help. if you have got that cvr and that flight data recorder, that's a huge help. that's one of the things you look for. if i were running the investigation, yes, that's one of the first things i want. >> when you were able to get that information, that recorder, does it help you rule in or rule out certain things and, if so, like what? >> it does help you rule in certain things or rule out certain things. the thing, kimberly, you need to understand is that in the accident investigation business, nothing is 100 percent certain. even the best investigation, i felt like over the years i might get 90% and 90% is a great investigation. so, you never hang your hat on any one thing. you just develop all the facts you can and then try and look at it. it will guide you. as you develop those facts, if you will use the discipline to develop those facts, they will lead you to
11:27 pm
a logical conclusion. >> and what can i tell tonight, sounds like this could take some time, considerable time given the debris field and the fact that it's in the water might be a little bit more difficult to recover some of those crucial pieces of evidence. thank you for your time this evening. >> good being with you. >> and our fox team coverage continues next. we take you live to paris where the egypt air flight departed. plus, donald trump making waves for a treat about the crash next. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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the air base a-320 that took over from paris degal airport wednesday. egypt air flight 804 was flying from paris to cairo. >> 66 people were on board. 56 were passengers including two babies and a child. 10 were crew, including three security guards. >> aviation officials say that the pilot sent an
11:32 pm
emergency signal at 2:26 a.m. however, the military denies ever having received a signal. >> the airplane was 10 miles into egyptian airspace flying at 37,000 feet when it simply disappeared from the radar. >> minutes away from landing at cairo international airport when it simply vanished vanished from radar. >> the airplane sent signals showing those dire final moments. those signals show it took a hard turn to the left, 90 degrees. then it did a complete 360 to the right, twisting all the way around as it dropped in that time the jet plunged 20,000 feet and a short time later it was gone. >> egyptian officials saying egypt air flight 804 was likely a terror attack. >> grn correspondent catherine field is live in paris with the very latest. catherine? >> kimberly, it's been a very difficult day here in paris. we have had family members of those on board coming to
11:33 pm
the charles degal airport whether meeting security officials, government officials. they are being kept well away from the media at least a dozen of those family members have now flown to cairo. they are on the afternoon flight from paris degal to cairo. they were accompanied on that flight by specialist from the french air safety investigation. they are also going to cairo. they want to speak to their colleagues there. also on board that flight were investigators from air bus, the air bus company, of course, that was one of their planes involved in the accident. at the same time, the french authorities have given out very little information. all they are saying at the moment, kimberly they cannot rule anything in. they cannot rule anything out. >> talk to me a little bit about the upcoming soccer championship. obviously there is concern with some of the threats shah that have been made, the chatter, the intel community saying that there
11:34 pm
have been threats by isis and others to try to wreak havoc on upcoming big supporting events, that type of thing. what role, if anything, can that play on this going forward? >> kimberly, this is probably one of the largest sporting events apart from the soccer world cup that takes place. it's the european championship that starts here in france on june 10th. there will be millions and millions of soccer fans coming here for those matches. it lasts four months. it's held in various arenas all around france and it finishes on the tenth of july here in paris. now, security experts have said that they heard that jihadis, radicalled people in their community are wanting to make a sign of some sort curing that event that they have got the upper hand. now, just one day ago, the head of the internal intelligence agency here in france actually said to a
11:35 pm
parliamentary inquiry that there are warnings that france is at risk now and this risk is very elevated. so, within all of that, kimberly, you already have a very nervous france and very worried france because it seems that for at least a year now, this security threat, this threat of a terrorist attack just doesn't go away. >> it has been ever present certainly indeed. our catherine field live for us in paris. thank you so much. early this morning presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump weighed in on the egypt air crash. trump tweeted. this looks like yet another ed departed from. paris. when will we get tough, smart, and vigilant? great hate and sickness. that was hours before egyptian officials said the possibility of terror was more likely than a mechanical failure. and trump's tweet was brought up at today's white house press briefing when asked about the tweet. white house press secretary josh earnst launched into
11:36 pm
updated on the u.s. fight against isis. >> 45% of the populated area that isil previously controlled has been retaken from them. in syria, that figure is now 20%. thanks to the work of local partners, including the syrian arab coalition. that's increase in both countries. >> the "on the record" political panel is here. from "the washington post, philip bump and manhattan institute senior fellow and "wall street journal" columnist jason riley. gentlemen, thanks for being with me here tonight on this very important news day. what do you make of the back and forth and, of course, a lot of focus on our political officials and those like the presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump coming out and making a very strong statement saying, in fact, this appears to be a terrorist attack? >> well, trump is staying on message. we in the middle of a political campaign. my heart goes out to the families of the grieving.
11:37 pm
that's not really his style. that's not trump. central theme of his campaign from day one has been strength, antiterrorism on the foreign policy front. and he is going -- that's his message. obama has been weak, i'll be strong. is he sticking to that the irony, of course, is that on paper, hillary clinton has all kinds of foreign policy credentials, secretary of state, served on senate foreign relations committee but she has decided to run as obama's third term and on foreign policy that has been a train wreck. so trump's not going to let her foe get that between now and november, i think trump thinks that he can really stress what he wants this election to be about in the wake of events like this. >> yeah, and philip, this comes, of course, on the heels of several national important polls come out at least on statistical margin of error trump leads by three points. sole is keeping america safe
11:38 pm
e has tried to do the just position to say you have obama administration and yet a 30 term of hillary clinton that will fail to even call it radical islamic terrorism. they can't even use the words, let alone take the action. >> right. well, yes. the fox news poll yesterday showed trump with a slight lead. the polls came out from the "new york times" showing hillary clinton up by 6 which is more of what we have been seeing recently. i think seeing whether or not the president will use the term radical islam is different than saying this is a terrorist attack before we know anything about it reminds me, very generous interpretation of what mr. trump was trying to do. reminded me after he was attacked by that kid in akron or somewhere in ohio and he immediately tweeted about how the kid had isis links because he saw this youtube video. he understands it is politically valuable to him to imply this is something relate to do terror. however, the concern a lot of people have including at love republicans is, if he is president, and he comes out of the gates and says this is a terror attack, how does he react to that even though he doesn't have the information to base it on? >> the difference between being president and running
11:39 pm
for president in terms of what can you say response sibly. i have no doubt about that. but trump also, i think, sees this as a winning issue with -- for him among women voters. is he say security moms in the suburbs, i will protect you and your family. and he knows where his numbers are among women and he thinks that these types of women will be -- will forgive some of his rhetoric on women's issues pause they view national security as priority number one. so, i think trump thinks he can get a lot of mileage by attacking hillary clinton on foreign policy. >> because he believes that to be her achilles heel. one of the latest polls she suspect with women 14% that is a group is he trying to edge into. >> i don't disagree with that at all. this is certainly something that donald trump feels plays to his political advantage. it does reinforce the questions people have about how is he going to react to crisis. i get your point, is he not the president of the united states right now. is he not going to be the president of the united states until january, at the
11:40 pm
earliest. however, is he also trying at this point in time to appeal to a lot of republicans. one of the concerns that republicans have that have concerns about him how is he going to react in a crisis. i don't think this was the best look for him to have. >> keep in mind that hollande from paris came out and, in fact, said that he believes that it was also terrorism. so he is not ha lone and so did hillary clinton. >> and when you flip a coin, sometimes guess it's going to be heads, that's how it works. >> all right. thank you so much for your time. and a massive search is on for the tee bree from egypt air flight 804. we are tracking the ocean currency that will hopely lead to finding
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breaking right now, the egypt air bus 8320 went down in the mediterranean sea and the desperate search for wreckage plays on. a huge -- fox news cheement chief meteorologist is here on that.
11:45 pm
rick? >> weather has been really good. in fact, last night the time went down the weather was very perfect. high pressure controlling things. that means the air is really stable. not a lot of winds anywhere. and no precipitation. so the visibility was really good. can you see the last 24 hours here, that was the case. notice off towards the west, we have some storms that are going to move in. and we have, i think, a good day that we're going to see the daylight hours tomorrow, good shot of looking at some of this. sunrise is a little before 5:00 tomorrow. we are clear throughout the day. sets about 14 hours later. a good 14 hours of daylight for searching. and i think the entire time weather is going to be really good. now, there is a storm coming in, that moves in friday night to saturday. a front moves through. increase the winds a little bit and bring decrease in the visibility. you notice the winds. this blue right here, those are winds around 15 miles per hour. right here where we are, where the exrash is, nothing going. winds aren't bad at all until you get to tomorrow night. pick up a little bit. with that wind increase
11:46 pm
increases the sea. the average depth of the mediterranean sea is 5,000 feet. right where the plane went down is deeper part of the mediterranean 8 to 10,000 feet. anything sinking becomes a much more difficult thing to find. one last thing, kimberly, the current -- the wind is one thing to push waves but the overall current in the mediterranean, lots of different patterns here. where this is likely would pull it away from the shore of egypt. one of the things they will be looking at to see the debris in area and direction that moves in. >> thank you for that update. >> you bet. >> very important information from the fox weather center. now to another big story tonight, legendary television journalist morally shaffer has died. he was 84 years old. safer was the longest serving reporter in prime time history. throughout his 60 minutes career which began in 1970, safer worked on more than
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900 stories. he covered topics ranging from investigative pieces to war covering stories around the world. emmy winning journalist retired last week after a truly legendary and extraordinary career. and much more straight ahead on the air flight. how will searchers find the black box in the former chair of the ntsb is standing by to go "on the i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long...
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. test test. perhaps will be found in the plane's black box. how will investigators find that black box in this deep mediterranean sea? joining us former chairman
11:52 pm
of the ntsb jim hall who led the ntsb during the investigations of twa 800 and egypt air flight 990. jim, i have been looking forward to speak being to you all evening. tell us right now, if you are heading up this investigation, what steps would you take and what will be the most important evidence to try to recover? >> well, of course, good investigations are based on factual evidence and that is obtained -- that factual information is in the black boxes which, unfortunately, greta, are now 3,000 feet deep in the mediterranean sea. so the most important thing is to try to recover those boxes. that, of course, is why i have been for deployable recorders that float in the ocean like we have in the military. >> why hasn't that been the case that commercial airlines have adopted those techniques and measures and have those floatable devices to be able to get the information, recover this crucial evidence quicker? >> it's just been a
11:53 pm
ping-pong ball at the international civil aviation organization in montreal. it's opposed by boeing and supported by airbus. we can't have these incidents in this world with so many terrorists without knowing the facts and be sitting here as we are tonight not knowing. it's unfair to the families and it's danger to all of us that fly. >> you know, it's an important point is you have worked with the egyptian authorities in the past with the egypt air flight 1990. what was it like to work with the egyptian authority and what can we expect in terms of this investigation? >> well, you need to remember that the egyptian airline is an arm of the government. and the government in egypt goes back, e days of the pharaon which you don't criticize the government and so it made it very difficult when we were dealing with
11:54 pm
president -- administration. i'm hopeful this administration will be more forthcoming and more transparent because these investigations are important to everybody that flies in commercial aviation around the world. >> so there is basically two sort of lines of thought right now that obviously this was a catastrophic event that they airline but they are looking at potentially mechanical failure or an act of terrorism. what clues would point them in one or the other direction? >> well, the clues, again, and the evidence are in the black boxes. and that, unfortunately, is at the bottom of the mediterranean. and we will just have to wait. in the meantime, we'll end up with lots of speculation hike we hear on all the networks. but, unfortunately, we need the facts because this is a very serious matter. the families that have lost loved ones deserve the facts. and in order to maintain a
11:55 pm
safe system of aviation safety for all of us, all of us need the facts. >> so we certainly want to hear the voice recorder and find out if there was a struggle in the cockpit. if there were three air marshals on board. there is highly specialized computerized plane a 320. one very reliable with an excellent safety record. jim, i want to thank you for your time tonight. >> continuing fox news coverage of the our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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12:00 am
be sure to stay with fox news throughout the night for the latest on the investigation. see you tomorrow and greta will be back tomorrow night at 7:00. up next "the o'reilly factor." good night from new york. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, a clinton surrogate says she will beat trump because of ugly women. plus, marvel refused to put a female villain in "ironman 3" because she didn't think her action figure would sell. i fear another sexist moment from tom coming on. and miracle on ice hero is selling his gold medal and the flag he was draped in after beating the hockey team. do you believe in capitalism? back to you,


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