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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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us. >> debris has been found of the nissing flight 804. >> the news coming as the search intensifies in the mediterranean for plane debris. >> benjamin hall joins us with the latest. >> good morning. the consensus very much as you said there terror was responsible for this crash not technical failure. meanwhile the search continues in a vast area south of the island of crete. we have heard in the last faw moments debris found which was belonging to the aircraft and passengers debris found. the p 3 is known as the bad boom. magnetic objects such as an aircraft bea low the sea
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surface. details of the plane's final moments have been coming out. 3 hours and 20 minutes after leaving paris greek air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot. he was in good spirits they said. he thanked this em in greek. then 39 minutes later the plane crossed into egyptian airspace they tried to reach him but he was responsive. two minutes later the plane 90 degrees to the left and did a circle to the right and plummeted down to 15,000 feet disappearing at 10,000 feet. the weather conditions were ideal. the pilot was experienced. the plane had a maintenance check. many saying they haven't been told much yet. there were 15 french, one canadian. one belgium kuwaitis, iraqis from all over the world. they are looking into people who
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had contact with the plane before it took off. we don't know what that suggestions yet. no claim of responsibility. a lot of questions unanswered. a big mystery, a big tragedy. investigated fors looking at four different scenarios. a smuggled bombing on board, an inside job, a technical failure or a pilot plot. you may remember three months ago in somalia a bomb on board became a horrifying experience. el shab bob brought a bomb through an x-ray point which exploded during the flight. two somalia airport workers later seen on surveillance video handing the bomber the explosive lap top. it will shows 20 percent of all commercial accidents are caused by technical or mechanical
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failure. while possible a glitch brought down flight 804 it is unlikely. they are also considering a pilot plot who crashed a plane into the french alps killing 144 people. the first step in reaching any scenarios finding all of that wreckage. both likely presidential nominees are already calling it oon act of terrorism. good morning, dare receigarrett. >> while they are trying to cause the crash, the black box would heanswer a lot of these questions. egyptian french and greek officials say terrorism is the
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likely cause. here in the u.s. both frontrunners pespeculate it is likely terrorism as well. they doesn't think donald trump is qualified to be president. >> it appears it was an act of ter rim. how the investigation will have to determine. it shines a bright light on the threats we face from organized terror groups. >> do you think donald trump is qualified to be president? >> donald trump said the plane w crash was a result. that changed as the day went on trump shot back at clinton with this. >> today we had a terrible tragedy. she came up and said donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism.
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she used a different term. she reducfuses to use that termd he shouldn't be running for office. he doesn't have a right to run for office? what happened 12-hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. >> at the white house josh harris says it is too early to say what's behind the crash. when asked about trump's tweet he pivoted to talk about the progress in the flight against isis. >> i don't have a specific reaction to the tweet. since you brought it up my colleagues provided a useful update with the progress that has been made against isil in iraq and syria. we are pleased with the progress iraqi security forces have made. the sucht led coalition has little progress in taking
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control of the isis controlled areas. garrett tenney live for us. thank you, garrett. >> raising new questions if the race for the white house. who is best to take on terror? brand new fox news polls shedding light on what voters think. 52 percent think donald trump will do a better job as commander-in-chief against terrorism as opposed to 3 percent who say they trust hillary clinton. 49 percent said they felt more comfortable with hillary clinton making that decision compared to 38 percent who went with trump. according to the polls the most important issue to voters is the economy. donald trump is the favorite in that category with the 53 to 41 percent edge over clinton. let's keep talking about the new fox news polls. who do you trust to do a better job on terrorism? donald trump or hillary clinton? log on to facebook page with a life debate at keep talking.
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new overnight a police officer has died. 35-year-old david glaser was ambushed on the job and shot in the back earlier this week. the suspect killed by police. the 12 year veteran leaves behind a wife and two small children. he is the 36th officer to die in the line of duty this year alone. a bridge collapses trapping a truck beneath it. a flatbed was driving under the overpass when it struck part of the bridge causing it to crumble. the driver not hurt. the bridge will be closed indefinitely and most likely needs to be completely rebuilt. it is unclear what caused the driver to crash. >> cold and wet weather is what is on tap this friday. >> maria molina is here tracking
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the latest. >> we are expecting temperatures to remain below average across a big church of the nati-- chunk nation. before we get to all of that taking a look at the current temperatures a little bit on the chilly side across portions of the midwest. only in the 40's in chicago. also for you in cleveland we are expecting a lot of activity across the southeastern u.s. with rain in the forecast out here across places like alabama, across florida well is several inches of rain possible. that is something to watch out for through out the day today. then we shift our focus further west where a storm system will be injected into parts of the rockies and have potential for severe weather across the high plains and over the great plain over today. temperatures below average. in atlanta only make it to 66 degrees 60 for you as well in
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kansas city. wrer climbing to the 70's in new york city this afternoon. >> maria molina life for us. thank you, maria. >> hands off, another company moving towards the future with self-driving cars. look at that. it's amazing. lauren simonetti from our sister network fox business to explain. >> good friday morning. uber testing self-driving cars right now in finishing. it is reducing traffic accidents we have an emergency two-thirds of americans would have trouble with an unexpected bill of 1,000 dollars. you know the plastic beer salt rings, they are replacing them with ones you can eat.
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♪>> elsa makes her way to wraud way. disney held a top secret meeting of "frozen" last week. the ceo was there. they are renovating the saint james theater in new york to make room for the ice castle. the show reportedly opens spring of 2018. >> thank you, lauren. a plane packed with people gone. if it was an act of jihad what are they looking for now. >> patriotism, tier jerking moments at football games may have been paid for with your tax
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>> egyptian television saying they found parts of debris that may belong to the missing airplane carrying 66 people. >> officials pointing to terror as the cause. what needs to be done differently to prevent another attack. joining us to discuss that is the major general matthew c horner distinguished chair of marine corps university and author of "defeating jihad dr. sebastian gorca. >> good morning heather, good morning heather. >> we need to understand this is not just happening 8,000 miles away. we need to be concerned about
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this here. >> absolutely. a week before the san bernardino attack my wife and i listed all of the activities that occurred in the united states since they declared the caliphate in june 2014. we have arrested 34 people linked to isis. not only that there was an individual who left america to fight for isis in the middle east who previously worked at the airport as ground crew, as an individual who it access to the planes. this is not a theoretical or hype thet tal. this is a through threat to americans right now. >> speaking of that we often heard of the bush administration, fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here. is this a direct result of failed policies by the obama administration and thern underestimating the capabilities of islamic extremists or not?
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>> i don't see how we can tlij as yet. we can say one thing, the rise of isis, former iraqi al qaeda franchise into the largest terror group we have seen with 60 million on the territory that covers area in syria, libya and iraq and even now nigeria. that is a direct result of us pulling out too early and administration not taking the threat seriously and misdiagn e misdiagnosing it when they said jihadi terrorism is the result of unemployment and lack of is heedcation they completely get it wrong and make the terrorists even more powerful.
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getting back to airport security they had warned there were 50 isis sympathizers working at the airport in brussel and nothing had been done about it. the what do we need to do in order to keep us saver at home and what kitype of things do th need to be looking for at the airport in terms of employees tied to isis. >> this isn't just brussels but in paris where the plane took off yesterday. 70 individuals were fired from charles de gaulle airport because of their connections to islamic extremism. this is a huge issue. we need to have some way to increase the vetting process of those individuals that are have flights coming into the united states. this is a human intelligence challenge. we need to scrub their social media see what the proclivities
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are and only trusted agents people with a track record that is clean that have access to our airplanes or foreign airplanes flying to america. if we don't we will see more of the plots like we have seen again and again and again. >> thank you for waking up early with us. the book is defeating jihad. we appreciate your expertise on a daily basis. >> the time is 18 minutes after the hour. the disaster leaving people think what is being done to keep americans safe? ♪ >> they are busting a move. the dancing dads going viral this morning. ♪
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>> those fears coming in the middle of a mess at airports across the country. the tsa doesn't have enough workers. we are asking the question this morning is it safe to fly? >> patricia stark has the answer for us. she is here with the latest. >> part of the concern comes from the fact that the paris airport is a major hub for those heading to the united states. they have been operating in heightened alert since last october and will increa -- won'
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increase security because there's no specific threat targeting airports. however lax is on higher alert. longer lines on thursday something we saw a lot of this week. they talked about the outrageous lines at both of the city airports. they are blaming staffing for missed flights and night air air travel. they are putting some of the blame on passengers saying they aren't following the rules slowing things down. the organization doing a demo showing how much slower the lines go when restricted items are found. >> we are in a place where it is a difficult balance between efficiency customer service and security. we want to under line we are here for a reason.
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we want to make sure we get everybody to their destinations as safely and securely as possible. the agency sending 58 extra security officers and four more bomb sniffing canine teams. the summer travel season bringing them to the airport. >> word of advice give tsa probably worth every penny. >> they create a social media storm for every candidate. 24/7 xm 2015 is here with what's trending. >> good morning ladies. bernie sanders feeling the burn himself on social media after the hashtag bernie lost me started trending this week. some sanders supporters turning against them in response to the group of violent rally goers. bernie lost me when he failed to tell the truth about dangerous
2:25 am
behavior of his followers in invest invest last weekend. bernie lost me when his campaign stopped being for something and just became against someone. others are standing by his side. darren says bernie lost me by caring about selfish things likely quality, affordable healthcare, women's rights and the working class. psych, bernie won me. >> a little boy tries to hide during his recite el performance. >> this is the cutest kid you might ever seen. a little boy uninessentitention stole the show. he took one look at the crowd and he took cover under his hat and shirt. this reaction is typical of him. it was his first time performing. he later told his mom he thought the ballet school was scary. >> guess he thinks he can't see him if he can't see them. >> he ended up stealing the show for sure.
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>> a group of dads they are dancing with their babies strapped to their chest. it has gone viral. >> group of line dancing dads are side stepping their way into the hearts of millions across the internet. >> the per storm man's was part of a mommy mingle daddy dance class. the studio saying they were dancing and moving to the proving to show their partners how much they appreciate them. >> moms always get the biceps. >> carley chimkus, thank you so much. >> 26 minutes after the hour. a friday morning. fox news alert now reports of possible debris from the missing egyptair flight 804 found just moments ago. >> this as terror is now being eyed as a possible cause. we will have the latest on this breaking news up next. we're out of ink.
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>> finally friday the 20th of may 2016. we have a fox news alert for you breaking at this hour. reports sent wreckage at egyptair flight 804 has been found. we are live with the latest. >> the tsa blaming a budget con trant of nightmarish lines. the outrageous report that will leave you furious. >> an alarming report about poll problems. "fox & friends" continues right now.
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>> beautiful sunrise over new york city. good morning. welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i am anna kooiman. >> debris from the plane was just found in the mediterranean sea. >> crews are searching for the plane's black box as terror is eyed as the cause. >> there's a call following the breaking development for us live in london. >> good morning anna and heather. we are hearing from the egyptian military the belongings of passengers were also found. this was found north of the egyptian coastal city of alexandria. a reminder terror far more likely than technical failure despite no responsibility yet of
2:32 am
a terrorist organization. the coast of alexandria desperately searching for the black boxes which will give more information about what happened. the u.s. is sending a surveillance aircraft to join in. it is capable of detecting magnetic pieces such as those of the plane. three hours 20 minutes after the plane duke off they spoke to the pilot. he responded in greek he thanked them. when he went into egyptian airspace he went unresponsive. two minutes later is when the catastrophe happened. the plane veered to the left and mrem eted 22,000 feet down. it went off the radar at 10,000 feet. we know at the time the weather
2:33 am
conditions were perfect for plying. the pilot were experienced. 6,000 hours for the pilot himself. the plane had maintenance checked. the passengers have been found. they are awake many of them in cairo. for more information there is 50 french belgium canadian and people around the rest of the world. they will pick up the all important black boxes which will tell us what happened during the moments of silence when the plane was flying stably but was unresponsive. we will give you more as we hear from the egyptian military. >> makes you wonder what was on the minds of those people on board. >> and all of the families. investigators are likely focusing on four different scenarios.
2:34 am
>> an inside failure, a pilot plot or a bomb on board. >> in somalia an on board bomb was at the horror. it was an side job. two somalia airport workers seen handing the bomber that explosive lap top. >> a recent study by boeing shows about 20 percent of all commercial accidents are caused by technical failure. it is possible a blech may have brought down the plane but it is unlikely. a oo the first step is finding all of the wreckage. that is breaking news this
2:35 am
morning. it is too early to figure out exactly what happened. >> most likely presidential nominees are already calling this possibly an act of terrorism. garrett tiny is live with more on this. >> while egyptian officials were saying terrorism was the likely cause of the crash the white house wasn't able to go that far saying an investigation is underway. >> earnest went on to try to he's concerns among u.s. travelers a similar incident could happen here at home. on the campaign trail the frontrunners said they believe terrorism was behind the crash. it appears it was an act of terrorism -- this is what hillary clinton said about it. >> it appears it was an act of terrorism. exactly how of course the investigation will have to
2:36 am
determine. but it shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups. >> clinton went on to say in light of the fact that hillary said she doesn't think donald trump is qualified to be commander-in-chief. trump said this. >> today we had a terrible tragedy and she came up and said donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism which she doesn't want to use. she used a different term. she refuses to use that term. he shouldn't be running for office, he doesn't have the right to reins for office. i said what just happened 12-hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. >> the search teams have found wreckage of flight 804 it lo go a long way in helping investigators to term exactly what the cause was of this
2:37 am
crash. >> garrett tenney live for us. >> 56 minutes -- 36 minutes after the hour. cold and wet weather is on tap. maria molina is outside tracking the weather. >> it should be clearing out later into the weekend. across the midwest temperatures in the 40's and chicago also for you in cleave lapped. we are expecting rainshowers to develop. we have one line of storms in the panhandle and parts of alabama. as we head through the weekend we will see the high planes closely. there will be potential for severe weather to develop out there. otherwise forecast high temperatures you are only going to reach the 60's today.
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later in the afternoon in kansas city. in the 10s as we head into later today. >> the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. paid patriotism at football games paid for by your tax dollars. how the nfl is responding. >> you may want to avoid a swim in the swamp. florida known for the gators but not like this. the new warning about the marinating monsters. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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>> hillary clinton leads bernie sanders. his supporters are wreaking havoc at events. i have to think hillary is thinking when is this old man going to die already? >> paid patriotism, the envelope admitting to using tax money to honor our troops. >> cheryl casone has the latest on this. >> good morning. this is a wild story. the envelope set to return more than 723,000 dollars in tax payer money that had been paid to nfl teams for tributes. envelope commissioner roger godell confirmed is in a letter how much money of a contract between the nfl and military worth by the way 5.4 million was spent on the tributes?
2:43 am
the contract is a marketing and advertising contract intended to promote local recruitment in the military. in order to ensure they remain separate from military kr recruitment efforts they will an assessment of marketing contracts and reviews. the idea that they were loving the piet yachtic moments first came to light last year and the story ends there. back to you guys. >> all right, cheryl, thank you so much. 43 minutes after the hour. if you want to find cheryl on the fox business network log on to r there you will find her. >> the tsa wasting your money and your time. they are good at that. a new report shows the tsa spent
2:44 am
money on man power and upgrades. a cash with government contracts went towards public holograms new uniforms and office furniture. they are stuck in the long lines missing their flights. >> 44 minutes after the hour. luxury apartments will be built in the shadow of ground zero. the $219 million replacement of the mosque in new york city. the plan for islamic cultural center calls it the ground zero mosque since it was four blocks away. the new development should be ready by 2018 we're told. >> if you wanted to spend a night in the eiffel tower the dream might become a reality. travelers can go on-line to win an all expense paid trip that
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includes an overnight stay in the quote home away eiffel tower apartment along with tickets to the 2016 soccer tournament. four lucky winners will be chosen each is allowed to brining five additional guests for the once in a lifetime opportunity. winners will be announced in june. >> the air b and b. >> but in the eiffel tower. >> the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. health hazards with summer around the corner. an alarming report about pool problems. >> get away from me. >> they are using it as a weapon. >> get out of here. >> one-on-one with jack efron about neighbors, too. what he has to say about his new movie. >> first a good neighbor to any one. steve doocy is here. >> you are not going to see me getting the hose out. get off my lawn, kids.
2:46 am
>> good morning to you, ladies. coming up on "fox & friends" the latest on the desperate search for answers in the vanishing of that egyptair jet. donald trump will be joining us. newt gingrich and geraldo riv a rivera. we are going to talk politics. judge nan neen pirro went on the streets with scott baio. wait until you see what happens. ted cruz's former communications director with what trump can learn from her candidates. also miss usa 2014 olivia jordan. it kicks off right here on the channel you trust for your morning baio. hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha... [mountain woman and key laughing together]
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> from new york city to washington, d.c. for you this morning, everybody waking up and we all are working for the weekend. summer, it is almost here, and block buster, the summer block buster season is actually already upon us and this week two comedies are hitting the big screen but are they worth your box office dollars? let's ask kevin mccarthey. good morning. >> i live in d.c. so it's cool to see my home there.
2:51 am
i haven't been there in a while. the big question is can "captain america civil war" beat out these comedies? i thought rose byrne was the best part of that movie. the sequel comes out. this time around, it's called "so "soreority rising." in the united states, sororities can't throw fraternities can. one of my favorite shots ever was in the first "neighbors," you remember the airbag.
2:52 am
scene. i tweeted you before how you did the first one. how did they do the scenes in this one? >> you use a dumby. you would put a dumb my in my same position. blast it into air and look at the position it lands in and i was like swapped in that position. >> does the dummy look anything like you? >> it's dressed like you. it's a white dummy. >> in this movie, they do another airbag moment. seth rogen was saying they make it look like one shot. it's not as funny as the firgs one. it has great messages about equality. it's a little too long.
2:53 am
but overall, i think it's a solid sequel. not as good as the first one. three out of five for this film. >> isn't that what we always say, not as good as the original? >> yeah. there are some amazing see qels. you don't really see good comedy sequels. there's another comedy. russell crowe and shawn black -- ryan gossling. it's an action-packed comedy. this is a great role for ryan gossling. i love him in serious films but he shows his comedic chops here. he's fantastic in this role. russell crowe is great.
2:54 am
the cast works, the problem is stay away from the trailers, they give away the best scenes in the film. the movie will work for you. it's very, very funny. very fun to watch. i give it a four out of five. if you haven't seen captain america civil war, nerd out. that movie is awesome. very cool stuff. >> maria said a rainy cold weekend for a lot of folks and they can head to the movie theater and stay there all weekend. >> angry birds opens up this weekend as well. not as good as the game. >> thank you for having me, guys. 54 minutes after the hour. we have this to tell you about. breaking just moments ago, possible debris found in the search for the missing egyptian flight. the latest in the desperate search for answers of missing flight 804.
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when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you good morning, everyone. 58 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening this friday. debris from egyptair flight 804 just discovered overnight off the coast of africa. the search is on for the black
2:59 am
boxes as more nations point to terror as the cause of the disaster. is the leading paris terror suspect keeping quiet about the deadly november attacks. this is his first court appearance since being extradited fr extradited to paris from belgium. winding lines at cities airports. some are pushing the mayor to privatize the security lines and pass the costs to washington. charlie lynnville lost his leg in afghanistan back in 2007 -- 2011, he wanted to prove that disabled vets could do more than people think after climbing
3:00 am
to the top of a mountain. finally, the ugly, man-eating crocodiles have slithered their way into florida swamps. is there possibly more? thank you. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye! good morning, to you. it is friday may 20th. i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with a fox news alert. we have brand-new information coming in just now about the missing egyptair flight. did they just find debris? was donald trump right from the very beginning? as authorities all point to an act of terror now. we are live with the breaking developments. then hillary clinton says the democratic race, it's over, she wins. >> i will be the nominee for my party, chris. that is already done in effect. there is no way that i


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