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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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you guess this 23-year-old doppelganger? adam sandler, dead ringer look alike. actually, i met the star face to face and that young man will join us on the curvy couch and talk about the meeting. >> they do look ilike. martha: there is a break on the crash of flight 804. we are getting our first look at the pilots at the controls. egyptian officials say they have found debris and body parts of people on that plane. they found it 200 miles off shore in the mediterranean. gregg: it was south of greece then turns 180 degrees and
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plunging before disappearing off the radar. the pilots never made a distress call. 56 people were on board. martha: we begin with gregg palkot in london. tell us about the individual at the helm of this plane. >> it's important to find out who was commanding this plane, the plane that left wednesday night from the charles de gaulle airport behind me. the names of the pilots. mohammad suhkar. the co-pilot, 44-year-old mohammad mamdu. they had 2,500 hour of flying time. they both had security checks.
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but again that angle we look at very closely as all options are being studied as to what brought down this plane, martha. martha: talk to us about the search. there were false starts in term of debris findings, but they think now they have the site. >> we have the first confirmation of fir debris found that went down in the mediterranean. the military saying debris had been found, and a body part, two seats and a suitcase. two u.s. surveillance planes are in the mix. these items were brought back toup for investigation. the u.s. is offering assistance. the engines on that plane are pratt whitney, that's a u.s.
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manufacturer, so there could be a u.s. connect as well. martha: any terrorist connection? any lead on that? reporter: officials are saying they til are not sure. the foreign minister saying there are no indications either way. but of course terrorism looked at very hard. people have been interrogated who were in contact with the plane before it left here. security clearances have been pulled a few months ago. but despite all that, we talked to one of our top security expert in paris, and he said it's not unbelievable that a bomb could have been put on this plane. the bomb could have been as small as a coke can and done the
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damage. the families, there is a center here working with them. 66 crew members and passengers, and some heartbreaking stories. a young family and two children coming from a small town. they ran a shop, they went to egypt, and they died. martha: the families are going through the most difficult moment of their lives right now. bill: investigators here at home are trying to figure out what may have happened here to determine if there are any ties to terrorism. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live with us from washington. reporter: u.s. government officials confirmed to fox news that a preliminary review of the
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infrared satellite data did not find any evidence of an explosion. that said, the up s. intel general community is -- u.s. intel general iu.s. intelligencg all information with authority. wore not aware of any individual identified with ties to known terrorist groups. a terrorist source says they have been going back through the chatter of the louisiana 72 hour to determine if something was missed or has new significance. as of this morning there has been no claim of responsibility by isis or al qaeda. a second up s. navy p-3 plane, a 4-engine propeller aircraft, in
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think kay it's used to find part of the fuse lawn that would be under water. gregg: what do you think we'll learn from the debris that has been found so far. reporter: the debris field is maul and compact, that's in keeping with a loss of power. but if it's more spread out it would be consistent with a breakup over a longer period of time and is consistent with an explosion. they are reviewing closed circuit camera tv from the areas of the aircraft that had access to the plane. the ranging democrat on the house intelligence committee said to fox late yesterday that it's too early to call it terrorism.
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but a twice planted at the paris airport would be a game changer for airport security. >> if they were successful placing a bomb on an aircraft leaving out of charles de gaulle in the heart of europe. that would mean even those hardened defenses are not hard enough. >> a homeland security official said they are not looking at any changes with security in our airports because it's been on a heightened state. >> lots of investigations still to do. catherine herridge. martha: some airports in the united states say they are taking measures to ramp up security in the wake of this crash. l.a. airport beefing up it security present. officials say they have
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restricted the access to 150 doors and reduced the number that remain open to an operational minimum. officials stressing there is no specific threat against that airport or the u.s. >> we are monitoring what's occurring, the information is coming out of egypt. we are keeping close to our federal partners. >> an uneasy northeast and a little bit of fear. >> you get anxious and a little nervous and anxiety? >> yes. martha: airports are already operating on high alert in anticipation of any potential terror threat. gregg: mike mccaul weighing in saying it's a reminder of the critical role the u.s. plays in how we may be taking our eye off
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the ball in the ongoing fight again terror. >> this is. >> new phase in the fight against terror, and many ways the tide has turned against us. 15 year after 9/11 our enemies regained momentum and are opening up front beyond the battlefield to which they were confined. our own streets are becoming battle zones as islamic terrorism spread through the the rest of the world. martha: that's a didn't message than we are hearing from the white house. gregg: so many questions, very few answers. the debris field now apparently found may provide some serious clues about it all. martha: the disaster becoming a major topic on the campaign
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trail. donald trump slammed hillary clinton for her refusal to use the term "islammic terrorism" in the downing of flight 8804. >> she says he doesn't have the right to run for office. what just happened 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the skin. in anybody thick it wasn't blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong. martha: the crash of egypt flight 804 highlighting the differences how these two candidates are running for the presidency. we'll talk to dr. ben carson. he will be with us in a few minutes. gregg: donald trump showing strength in the polls on the u.s. economy, hillary clinton
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getting the next foreign policy. which issue will be the difference maker? byron york is with us to talk about that. martha: hillary clinton says getting the democratic nomination is a done deal. but bernie sanders apparently hasn't gotten that message? will these two candidates debate? bill o'reilly has advice for hillary clinton. bill: it would be to your advantage madame secretary to do this debate even though we know you have the nomination locked up, that's true
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gregg: chinese leaders saying the country is ready to defend itself. officials say the country is not looking for war, but a warning that the united states should not provoke china. it's something the united states and other countries argue is against international law. tuesday two chinese fighter jets came within 50 feet of an american ship. >> she won't use the term "radical islamic terrorism." she refuses.
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you know why she won't? because her president won't use it. that's why. i'm saying, what just happened about 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. martha: donald trump putting in stark relief, the difference between he and hillary clinton in regard to egyptair flight 804 following earlier attacks on his qualifications to be president in which she said he was not qualified in her mind to be pres dr. ben carson, it's good to see you again. what do you make of those comments by donald trump. some say he jumped the gun. we are looking at the debrief field and experts are trying to figure out if this was an explosion or mechanical. but he seemed to have made a conclusion. >> he's expressing his opinion. everybody forms opinions about
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what's going on. i suspect when the dust settles, there will be mischief implicated in this crash. martha: many people believe it's pointing in that direction. the bottom line is we don't know yet at this point. would you expect a different reaction if he were president than as a candidate to this kind of event? >> i would expect him obviously to entertain all the different possibilities. and more than likely as president, he's going to have a spokesperson. and they are going to be issuing statements and they will be talking about the different possibilities. martha: you don't think we'll hear tweets and early proclamations from a president trump? i doubt a spokesperson will have a larger voice than he will. >> he will be too busy for that.
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it will not only be the crash, it will be things going on in iraq, things going on in north korea, things going on in the south china sea. he will be dealing with a lot of things and won't have time to be tweeting about that. martha: when you look at the number on national security and foreign policy. hillary clinton does better on foreign policy than he does and he does bert on national security. there is no doubt his reaction yesterday resonates very strongly with his supporters. they want somebody who is willing in the larger picture to call islamic extremism what it is. there is no doubt they will respond favorably. here is hillary clinton. i want to play it for you and get your reaction. >> tino how hard this -- i know how hard this job is, and i know we need steadiness as well as strength and smarts tonight, and
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i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the united states. martha: what do you think about that? >> i think that's ridiculous. the fact of the matter is, here is an individual who doesn't have enough judgment to know not to put secret information on a private server and she is talking about somebody else who isn't qualified. somebody who doesn't have the judgment to send help to the conflict in benghazi when they are begging for help, and who doesn't have the judgment after the problem starts to get help there. she just says, we are not going to do anything about it. 9 hours later the navy seals are on top of that compounds firing away, saying if we can just hold on help will be arriving. but help wasn't going to arrive no matter how long they stayed there. martha: who do you think he will
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appoint at secretary of defense or secretary in terms of national security issue ofs and secretary of state -- in terms of issues of national security and secretary of state. >> we have terrific generals and people who have been in the diplomatic corps. they are talking to him all the time. as you can tell when you talk to him, he has gained an he normous amount of information. martha: bernie sanders, should he stay in this race? >> i don't see any reason why he shouldn't. he has won the majority of the races lately. a lot of people seem to be gravitating toward him. i think he should fight it off. he shouldn't just capitulate to a system that is quite corrupt.
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martha: ben carson, thank you very much. gregg: new fox news polls to show you. how trump and clinton measure up on specific issues with voters. who comes out on top on the economy and foreign policy. >> it's always the same with her and it's always the same with them. she's probably going to get out. they keep letting her. what she has done is so as much worse than what anybody else running ever has done.
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martha: crews are working to clean up a mess after a bridge collapse in oklahoma city.
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that's the scene as they try to fix that. investigators say they are not sure what caused the driver to crash into that bridge. they say the bridge will probably be completely rebuilt. gregg: u.s. poll numbers show more voters trust donald trump to handle the economy. american voters also expressing more confidence on how to lead the war on terror. but clinton is ahead on healthcare and foreign policy. is it ironic that hillary clinton, whose husband presided over a long period of economic prosperity, she is losing to trump on the economy. >> it's not a big surprise. there has always been a part of the american electorate who believes it would be the right
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thing to do to elect a businessman for president. if you remember, mitt romney tried to get elected on that. he expressed his own business experience in 2012. if you listen to trump a lot his message is fundamentally economic. even when he's talking about immigration. he will say i'm going to bring our jobs back from mexico and other countries. so right now it appears that message is resonating with voters. gregg: i want to show you the list of what are the most important issues, and by far it always happens this way, byron. people vote their wallets. that's what affects them day in and day out. economy and jobs way at the top, almost 14%. but when it comes to the economy, she says, i'm going to put my husband in charge.
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is that a change of her campaign ploa slogan, "vote for bill"? >> will clinton left the white house despite all his scandal problems, left the white house with a high job approval rating. if you listen to any democrat who has been campaigning since the george w. bush years, they promise to bring back the kind of economy that existed under bill clinton in the 1990s, and who better to do that than bill clinton's wife, former secretary of state, hillary clinton. gregg: more people trust hillary clinton with the nuclear code than donald trump. but trump does better or equal to when using the military and national security and war on terror. how do you assess that?
6:28 am
>> those are interesting numbers. we have to try to figure out what are the voters saying here? what they are saying is when it comes to national security they think of fighting terrorism, handling the military, and they think trump is the stronger candidate on that. they want a candidate who is going to hit isis hard and they think donald trump does that. on the other hand i think they are looking for somebody who would with behave responsibly and handle america's foreign affairs responsibly including having the nuclear code, and they say hillary clinton is the person to do that. how they figure it out i don't know. but there is a division among voters as they look who is best able to handle national security and foreign affairs. gregg: if trump were to become president would he name conservative justices in pretty large numbers, 65%.
6:29 am
deport illegal immigrant? 50% think he would, 44% think he would not. does he have a credibility problem on the issues of immigration and building the wall? >> trump has said many times that he want to give himself some flek built when it come to handling issues. but go to his campaign events. he many build the wall, build the wall, build the wall. he emphasized that. his voters, if you are going to vote for donald trump, you would expect him to do that. the issue of depore takes is different. he said everyone who is here illegally must leave or most could come back, or it would be a quick affair. he hasn't pessified what he would do as far as the depore takes are concerned. gregg: all of those people by
6:30 am
law are entitled to a court hearing. this could stretch tore 10 years when you think about it. byron york. good to see you. martha: we are seconds away from the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. the dow closed 91 point lower yesterday, on the same day as that crash story came out of egypt. a little bit to the plus side as things get rolling on wall street. we'll keep an eye on it. gregg: as authorities investigate the possibility of another deadly attack overseas. a warning the youth is not doing enough to stop terrorism. >> we are not winning this war and violent extremists are not on the run as the presidentyo says. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer.
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gregg: los angeles it national airport ramping up security following the crash of egyptair flight. at o'hare the head of the tsa is holding a news conference. reporter: this egyptair accident, we have been reporting about the tsa's meltdown here in the united states. the tsa'sman power has -- the tsa's manpower has hit a five-year low because of bun the cutbacks. people have and flight had to be rescheduled. this brings to light people's safety concerns and people have micked opinions about the tsa's
6:35 am
efficiency. >> it's good to be safe, and lines are long. but if it's going to happen, it's going to happen whether it's a long line or not a long line. >> if i was goingto wait three hours to prevent terrorism, i would do that. reporter: the tsa rushed in metropolitan resources in chicago and canine teams will be in place. the tsa administrator will meet with the mayor and other officials about the tsa problems. the tsa has taken responsibility for the long lines. make sure you don't show up with liquid or pocket knives. it slows down security once you hit the airport. gregg: lots of folks will be up in the air. martha: the crash raises
6:36 am
concerns for safety around the world. investigators in france are searching for potential security lapses. they are going through hours of surveillance tape, looking at the people who may have had access to that plane. joining me now is ambassador james woolsey. good to have you here, sir, good morning to you. yesterday the president basically did not -- he didn't speak publicly at all on this, basically josh earnest said we are waiting. donald trump went completely the other way. he said we saw what happened. something just got blasted out of the sky. what's the better way to go here? >> this does seem pretty clear that it's terrorism. i think it might have been wise to left a little bit of wiggle room. mr. trump did in his first statement where he said it looks like terrorism.
6:37 am
and later, i think he said, well, 100%, if you don't think it's terrorism, you are 100% wrong. i think one want to avoid the 100% formulations. but it does look have much, and if it's terrorism, i would say 90-10. >> it goes to this whole issue of calling out islamic extremism. recognizing the threat that exist in the world. newt gingrich was on saying wake up, people. we need to understand the enemy and get what's going on out there. we don't hear that from the white house. we don't hear those clarion calls and wake up. here is mike mccaul. i want your thoughts on his statement. >> we are not winning this war, and violent extremists are not on the run as the president says. they are on the march. and they are expanding at great
6:38 am
cost to the free world. we worry about terrorist cell ask and full-fledged terrorist armies as they capture territory and enlist thousands to join their ranks. >> he's basically right. it's ridiculous to call them violent extremists. they are jihadis. they are islamics, or his lambists. violent revolutionaries. there are different things you can call them, but violent extremist is politically correct and i think that's not a good formulation. the muslim brotherhood has a violent ring on a lot of the planning for a number of terrorist operations. and they strive mightily to create a peaceful image in the united states.
6:39 am
but they do have a violent side to them. martha: the president has to keep the country safe at home and eliminate isis, both of which he says he believes are serious obligations of the presidency. yet he communicate these things to the american people some would say very rarely. why is that? >> because it doesn't fit the narrative. this white house phoning uses more on the narrative than reality. so they are capable of calling major hassan who merged his fellow soldiers at fort hood a case of workplace violence it's like calling the puritans who burned the witches in salem, massachusetts, fireplace perpetrators.
6:40 am
it's nuts. martha: when you look at more practical things that can be done, the president said he will not profile. are there ways you would recommend that we get to the heart of the problem, that we keep people from being in line for three hours? >> i think we have to pay attention to people who are likely to be causing the problem. i would call rudy giuliani and have hip reassemble the team he put together in new york to do patrolling in such a way to focus on the real problems in new york and had a successful reduction in the crime rate. it's the same thing at airports. one wants to focus on the people who are likely to be the problem, not the very elderly tottering through and getting frisked. it's so politically correct that
6:41 am
it's not effective. martha: all right, ambassador woolsey, thank you very much. gregg: a new yorker speaking out about his decision to join isis, calling it the mistake of a lifetime. >> are you apologizing? >> absolutely. i don't know how people could be so evil. i saw severed heads on spiked poles. >> you saw head on a stake? >> yes. >> what did you think? >> i blocked it out.i tried to . i saw madness in their eyes. >> do you regret you have gone there? >> more than anything. it's the worst decision i ever made in my life. gregg: he spent several months with the terror group before escaping.
6:42 am
now he's in federal custody and cooperating with authorities. i would love to hear what he was thinking initially. didn't he know they behead people? and you seemed so surprised to see that there. martha: it appears he's trying to get himself the best possible deal he can. he knows he was caught and was doing something wrong it's an incredible story and an interview i think people will find extremely eye opening. bill o'reilly calling on hillary clinton to follow bernie sanders by agreeing to debate on fox. bill: let's wrap this whole dime, call me tonight, we'll confirm. bernie versus hoyle are you on fnc in california. temperature bernie versus hillary on fnc in california.
6:43 am
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>> i will be the nominee for my party. there is no way i won't be. gregg: somebody get bernie on the line and let him know. hillary clinton is saying the nomination for democratic ticket is over. but bernie sanders shows no signs of dropping out of the
6:47 am
race. she needs only 90 more delegates. even if she does poorly in the remaining states, proportional allocation will give her the 90. is she fundamentally correct or is she forgetting superdelegates are not actually bound? they don't have to be bound. >> in all practical consideration, she is the nominee. i think the news is she is so brash as to say it while bernie sanders is still punching. bernie sanders is still putting on maximum effort and it's causing great dissention among the democratic ranks. they suddenly become critical of bernie because as donald trump rises in the polls.
6:48 am
bernie supporters don't show signs they are coming over. gregg: i wonder if bernie sanders is really sticking around to see whether hillary clinton will be indicted over her handling of classified emails. >> i think in large part he feels he started a revolution and he has two months to leverage that. until philadelphia, if he's winning. he won 11 of the last 14 contests. he has the rationale to leverage the platform and change the nomination process. but here is hillary's problem. whether she is mathematically right, she needs sanders' supporters. and you see 45% of them saying they plan to not vote for hillary clinton. they say they are voting for trump.
6:49 am
that leaves 30% of them sitting on the sidelines. gregg: sanders is pushing hillary clinton to debate him in california before the june 7 primary. conventional wisdom would say why would you give his campaign even more oxygen. but bill o'reilly had say different take on it. >> it would to be your advantage to do this debate. even though we know you have the nomination locked up, that's true, lots of folks who may be sceptical about you will be watching that debate, and you might impress hem and get some votes in the general election. so let's wrap this whole dime, call me tonight, we'll confirm. gregg: would you agree or disagree with bill o'reilly. >> i agree. because it's fox. people would say, hillary
6:50 am
clinton versus megyn kelly, chris wallace, bret baier, prime time, and you have got bernie sanders supporters. it would be. >> huge audience. i think the audience would be record-breaking. it would be sensation, benefit hillary clinton. gregg: we are out of time. tony, i short changed you. make up for it later. march report nfl is under. martha: the nfl is under fire for taking taxpayer money to honor our troops.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
martha: if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. those are sage words from ferris bueller. a group of loyal buehler fans are putting on a three-day ferrisfest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the cult classic. reenactments of some of the well-known. gregg: don't crash the ferrari through the window down below. you could really be in trouble. martha: when he visits his friend and he says, "i'm dying," it's just that he can't think anything good to do.
6:55 am
gregg: the nfl is being audited and is now set to return $750,000 to the federal government. how did this start? reporter: it came out last year when it was revealed the department of defense sent $5.4 million in contracts with nfl teams for sponsored military tributes or some call it paid patriotism that was supposed to be used for recruitment. this was something the public was not aware of. the new york jets reportedly receiving $150,000 from the new jersey national guard including honoring a hometown hero during the halftime show. roger goodell said the nfl will
6:56 am
promptly return $723,000 of taxpayer money that was wrongly used. he said in order to insure military honor ceremonies remain separate from recruitment. the senator said it set a new standard and strengthens its place as a supporter of the military. he says now the attention must be turned to other sport. this may have opened a can of worms. gregg: let the audits begin. martha: more information about the final moments of egyptair flight 804. the pilots, the pictures of them are on the left. this is the latest information
6:57 am
we have as the investigation into their background begins.
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>> the grim search for records from egypt air flight 804 has turned up some belongings and one victim, some of that degree taken in for analysis to determine whether it came from flight 804. the pilots have been identified, mohammed sri srinivasan -- his copilot clocked in 2000 hours, both are said to be very experienced pilots and have no political affiliation, the term used at the beginning of that, has just started in figuring out the story. glad to have you with us. i am martha maccallum. >> during the search of the
7:01 am
mediterranean, european state agency says satellites have spotted a possible oil slick near the crash area, if debris is confirmed, they will turn their focus to recovering the data and cockpit voice reporters. martha: and aviation law professor, welcome back. of the new information we just talked about what is significant to you? >> the location of where the debris was found. i found it interesting debris was found a short distance from loss of contact by radar. that tells me plane came almost straight down so considering light winds of that day. martha: when you talk about that if the debris is largely scattered, it is more indicative
7:02 am
of an explosive? >> that is true. a conflagration at altitude, winss will take the debris further and further away and have less large pieces of debris. martha: we need more before we know if it is a scattered debris field or if it is in one location. if it does turn out it is in that area does that point significantly toward the struggle in the cockpit? >> could be a struggle in the cockpit or something that happened, badly can the back of the aircraft that caused loss of control of the airplane which caused the pilots to struggle in the cockpit so not necessarily a hijacking or somebody in the cockpit trying to do something in a nefarious act, it could very well be something mechanical or explosive and the explosive keep coming up in our thought processes that would have caused this to happen so
7:03 am
quickly. martha: in terms of that if it was an explosive in the back of the plane or a mechanical malfunction in the back of the plane you are saying that would be consistent with the big turn to the left and the 360 ° spiral? >> perhaps. what i want to know the most is how long did it take. if you turn to the left 90 ° or turn to the right, if that was done over 5 or 6 minutes that would be indicative of a pilot making a correction or struggling with controls. if that occurred in a short time in one or two minutes which they are trying to tell us, that might be more concerned with the fact that it was a problem aboard the aircraft causing it to be totally out of control. martha: you think a mechanical malfunction is a very real possibility? >> it is a possibility.
7:04 am
as the story unfolds i find myself having less and less credibility when i try to think about natural causes. airplanes don't just explode in the sky. they usually explode because somebody did something bad. martha: in terms of the fact there were three air marshal the board this flight and from what i read it is more typical to have one air marshal what do you make of that? we will never know what role they may have attempted to play in this but what does it tell you? >> we have criticized egypt for lax security on their airlines. this might be overkill to show they are doing something. do we need three air marshals on a flight especially with 66 people on board? probably not. martha: we are trying to put this all together, good to have you back on the show. bill: donald trump calls it an
7:05 am
act of terrorism, saying in new jersey that anybody who disagrees is 100% wrong. john roberts is live with us from louisville, kentucky. >> reporter: at the nra convention, good morning, the white house still says it is too early to know what brought down egypt air flight 804 but donald trump is not waiting for evidence before making his pronouncement. last night at the fundraiser for chris christie doubling down on his assertion that it was indeed terrorism that brought down the flight saying he is better equipped to be commander-in-chief and hillary clinton because she won't even say the word radical islamic terrorism. here is trump from last night. >> he doesn't want to use that term, she refuses to use that term. what just happened 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you are
7:06 am
100% wrong. okay? >> donald trump going after hillary clinton on twitter saying crooked hillary looks presidential? i don't think so, four more years of obama and our country will never come back, isis laughs! . that was one of a series of tweets he put out this morning, going after her on foreign-policy, she of course tried to do the same thing. >> also taking on somebody else, former defense secretary bob gates. >> bob gates famously was secretary of defense in the bush and obama administrations working for a republican and democratic administration, tearing a strip off of donald trump at a yahoo interview a couple days ago saying his foreign-policy consisted of ill-informed bluster and threats. bob gates saying he would not be comfortable with donald trump having his finger on the nuclear trigger. trump fired back against that in
7:07 am
a testy exchange. >> bob gates has no idea, misrepresenting. >> bob gates is one of the greatest foreign-policy minds in history. >> we are doing so well, doing well with his foreign-policy? >> i think the worry is how you will be as president and present your positions and your words and concern you might be trigger-happy with your words. >> i am the one who didn't hunt to go into iraq. >> reporter: gates qualified his statement by saying he is not comfortable right now with his finger on the nuclear trigger but if he were to moderate his foreign-policy views somewhat and become more informed to the complexities of foreign-policy, bob gates might be more comfortable with donald trump as commander in chief. martha: the tsa is dealing with long lines at major airports and the agency is waiting for budget
7:08 am
cuts for that but there is a new report that says they are spending millions of taxpayer dollars on anything but this major issue. peter, what is going on here? >> a lot of money is not being spent to make lines shorter but tsa agents are sharper, at least -- spending $31,000 on new uniforms, instructors paying a company whose products promise clients they can enhance their brand image. more numbers reported by the washington -- $53,000 in change that the tsa paid for a news clipping which is a fancy google alert that digitally organizes everything good or bad that is published about the tsa. the big one of the bunch, $1.7 million to sage communications, the company that promises marketing, advertising,
7:09 am
support on google and facebook and other travel websites, a surprising thing to spend that money on, not like travelers have a choice between which agency they want to be screened by when they fly. martha: has the tsa responded to this? >> reporter: we are waiting to hear back from the tsa. they announced last friday at 10 point plan to make lines shorter this summer and some of the items on the list are maximizing over time for agents, expediting hiring of nearly 800 new screeners and drafting different security blueprints for different airports depending on individual needs and now we know more than $1 million of that money that could go towards making these improvements isn't. martha: they might not have to spend so much money on public relations and marketing. if they did a better job. the fact is a year ago they did a test, 67 of 70 cases they were
7:10 am
able to get contraband through the tsa. almost feel like they need to start over from scratch. >> it comes down to manpower and organization. they have tween 9 instead. we will see what happens. bill: new concerns about the spread of the superbug and the danger it could pose. >> rangers will not come in texas, flooding in a waterlogged state. bill: ari fleischer joining us, is donald trump taking the right tone in the wake of the egypt air crash? >> she won't use the term radical islamic terrorism you understand. she refuses. you know why she won't? because her president won't use it. that is why.
7:11 am
♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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bill: new flooding in southeast texas just one month after heavy rains devastated the region. parts of galveston already underwater after heavy rain, areas under a flood watch through the entire weekend. same thing for san antonio. the zoo warning people stay away until the weather calms down a bit and the rushing water just outside the gate subsides.
7:15 am
the animals are safe. martha: within hours of the egypt air flight disappearing donald from called it an act of terrorism long before any official evidence points to an official bomb or terrorist act we are still waiting for at this point the a lot of people do say including the egyptian government they believe that is the direction this is heading. a lot of people are asking if that was the right tone to take for the presidential candidate. ari fleischer, press secretary to president george w. bush. what would george w. bush say? >> i went through this on veterans day 2001 after 9/11, the plane took off from jfk and immediately crashed. it took five long hours, longest hours of my life because the press corps demanded, terrorism is terrorism. i wanted to address the press when i had the fact. donald trump and hillary clinton
7:16 am
said this appeared to be terrorism, jumped the gun. we don't know yet and when you are running for president you should wait until the facts are in before you reach the conclusion especially one that says this is terrorism. martha: donald trump is resonating with the american public who are sick and tired of people pussyfooting around this issue. regardless whether or not this particular crash turns out to be terrorism, they are saying we need to call this what it is, islamic extremism. in other cases in the rest of the world, wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be mechanical and donald trump says not that time. >> too late. he said the plane was blown up and saying it was terrorism. if anybody doesn't think it was terrorism they don't know what they are talking about. 50/50 chance, he is right or wrong. martha: it doesn't matter, he can easily backpedal and those people will say so what? he was wrong that time. >> if he had tweeted this might be terrorism, we need to stop
7:17 am
it, i will fight it. martha: that is what he said at first. >> first when he concluded it was terrorism. my only point is you can have it both ways. you can hedge your words which donald trump doesn't hedge and be strong in fighting terrorism. he needs to get better at how he chooses his words instead of only trying to rev it up. he could be a stronger candidate if he does that. maria: let's look at the numbers. the republicans think -- do you think republican leaders should support donald trump even if they disagree with him on important issues? 80% say yes, they believe he should. >> donald trump wasn't my first choice. i said this a lot that i disagree with him, but him over hillary clinton any day because he is a better person than she is, better policy judgments than she has and has a track record that is terrible. that is my conclusion. people have the right to be different. what is fascinating is donald
7:18 am
trump will lose a lot of suburban republican women who republicans need but hillary clinton will is a lot of white blue-collar males democrats need. politics isn't frozen in time. martha: i wonder when they walk into that booth, what they are going to do. polls could be wrong in many cases because of this candidate is a lot of people are reluctant to say they support him who probably do. >> i looked at the last three primaries and donald trump won new york, pennsylvania, indiana, dramatically underestimated trump's actual -- pennsylvania, 22 won by 35. martha: let's look at some more polls. the unfavorable numbers for hillary clinton and donald trump, 61%, 56%, let's go to the honest and trustworthy poll.
7:19 am
are they honest and trustworthy, no. 66% for hillary clinton, 67% for donald trump. what are we living in? look at that. these are the two people who are left. >> may of 2012, 2008, mitt romney, john mccain, barack obama, unfavorable in the low 30s and upper 40s, two candidate in the upper 50s. america today has nominated or on the verge of nominating two of the most unpopular people you can imagine. within each party they found a slice and broken up within that slice. hillary is in trouble with bernie. she is going to win but the split in the democratic party is profound. bernie is much more popular than she is but somehow she is winning because of the superdelegates. martha: the authenticity factor. people think bernie, love him or hate him, telling what he believes and they think the same about donald trump. donald trump's numbers as unfavorable seem to be improving
7:20 am
a little bit. he has his work cut out for him. can he get into numbers you would like to see in the united states of america? >> absolutely. for hillary or donald. >> slowly lower his unfavorables because hillary is so unpopular he has a very realistic chance to beat her. she has a realistic chance to beat him. fairly evenly matched. martha: this is a cbs new york times poll, hillary clinton at 47%, donald trump at 41%. >> a reuters poll showing hillary is up one point and a quinnipiac poll in the last week shows three battleground states the trump is ahead. it will be a close race and this pushes back on the narrative of the cnn poll that came out after trump won the indiana primary showing hillary up 13. this is a close race and polls will underestimate trump as they did in the republican primary because people are not supposed
7:21 am
to -- maria: very interesting, great to have you here, good to see you. >> in a report showing superbugs could claim more lives than cancer. doctor mark siegel is in on that. martha: new heights in the journey to the top of the world, what a fantastic story this is. if you want to feel good today stick around and watch this one. we will be right back. making your own way can be pretty, well, bold. rickie fowler is redefining what it means to be a golfer. quicken loans is doing the same for mortgages. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. official mortgage sponsor of the pga tour.
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7:24 am
bill: drug-resistant bacterial infections are on track to kill more people than cancer according to a new report from the uk. this report finding in 34 years
7:25 am
so-called superbugs could cause as many as 10 million deaths worldwide. doctor mark siegel joins us, professor of medicine at nyu, medical of the medical 18, 10 million, how is that possible? >> we are already at 700,000 deaths a year tied to antibiotic resistance, 20,000 in the united states, to million infections in the united states from resistant bugs, tuberculosis, mercer which causes a skin infection everyone knows about. it is in the hospital. these are very big-ticket items. >> why are they antibiotic-resistant? >> to start with, number one reason occurs in animals. 80% of the problem is we are feeding low doses of antibiotics to animals on a regular basis.
7:26 am
bill: people consume the meat. >> it promotes mutations. we use it just for growth so we can get bigger and fatter animals. the fda is trying to clamp down on that. veterinarians are getting involved in the process saying don't give antibiotics and list the animalistic. the compliance rate is low. of the 23 beyond animals are doctors using antibiotics and misdiagnosing things, mistaking bacterial for virus and vice versa? >> exactly right what you just said. we don't have diagnostic tools we need. we need to tell right away it is not a bacteria but a virus because 95% of upper respiratory infections are viral. most of the time you don't need it. the more antibiotics you use the more millions of colonies of bacteria figure out a way around it, they mutate and you get resistant bugs. we are not sanitizing our
7:27 am
hospitals enough. bacteria grows on doctors ties, lampposts, we are not practicing enough hygiene in hospitals and in the community as well. the other problem is we don't have new antibiotics because drug companies don't make enough money on antibiotics because you only need it when you are sick. you take it every day -- bill: drug companies are businesses and have to make a profit. >> we have to incentivize it. i'm not a fan of incentivizing things. antibiotics are stalled, we are getting no new ones. we need incentives for drug companies to come up with new antibiotics but that is the last part of the problem. the first part is cut down own over use of animals in humans. huge problem. bill: thank you. martha: as we talked about this, the tsa is blaming budget cuts for the long lines at the airport saying they can't afford
7:28 am
to hire new people. why would they be spending millions of dollars on pr, marketing and advertising? good question. when we come back. bill: donald trump says he can do better among women voters than hillary clinton. our panel debates that next. >> i won with women. i love winning with women.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: fox news latino poll shows clinton beating trump in a head to head matchup. he tripled among hispanic voters. brian joining us live from the newsroom with more on this. trump leads clinton but among latinos it is a different story. >> reporter: a very different story. registered latino voters nationwide show the election were held today hillary clinton would overwhelmingly will win the hispanic vote, 62% said they
7:32 am
would vote for clinton, 23% say they would vote for donald trump. this is fueled by major support from hispanic females, mexican-americans particularly, 7 out of 10 support clinton. trump's 23% hispanic support is lower than mitt romney's 2012 when the then republican nominee won 27% of the hispanic vote. the prevailing thought is republicans need to get closer to 35% to 40% which is what george w. bush got if they want to win the white house. interestingly hispanic voters overwhelmingly say that a hispanic vice presidential nominee would make no difference in deciding whether or not they would vote for trump or clinton. 86% said it wouldn't change their opinion on trump and if he chose hispanic vp, 80% say the same about clinton. martha: what is the most important issue to latino voters?
7:33 am
is immigration? >> immigration is not the most important according to the fox news poll. it is in fact the economy and jobs followed by education, national security and immigration. it is important to note the number of hispanic voters who said immigration was there most important issue doubled since 2012 and it is more important to hispanics than healthcare and social issues. the fox news latino poll revealed 90% of latinos believe undocumented immigrants should be legalized. 6% say they should be deported. for more in-depth analysis on this poll go to bill: can donald trump win the election without women and minorities? trump says he has more support among those groups than hillary clinton. >> we won with women.
7:34 am
we won with women. we won with men. the men i don't care about but we won with men in a landslide. nobody respect women more than i do i will tell you. every one of these last contests i am winning with women in landslides. bill: former spokeswoman for president george w. bush, bernard whitman is a pollster for president bill clinton, ceo of inside strategies, authors of the upcoming book 52 reasons to vote for hillary. 52? we don't have time to get into those. thanks for being with us. i want to get your reaction, women love him, women are going to vote for him, polls don't show that. among women trump faces a huge gender gap, 33% of women view him favorably, almost double that have an unfavorable view of him at 63%.
7:35 am
those are the fox news polls that came out two days ago. he has a serious gender deficit. >> absolutely. we need to keep in mind the democratic presidential candidate usually won the women vote almost by double digits since 1992. the key for donald trump is making sure he keeps the base which would be married women, republican married women and brought in out to the single women, those center-right, independent in order to bring the meant part of it will be softening his tone. they like that he would be a strong leader but there is the tone that impacts women in a certain way. >> disparaging comments he has made but is trump's gender gap. as we mentioned it is almost double the negative. is it more pronounced because he will likely be running against
7:36 am
the first major party female candidate in history? >> it plays into that but mostly his problem with women as a result of donald trump, not just disparaging remarks. it underscores his character, dismissive tone about women, remarks he made over a couple generations about women in the workplace, anchors on this network, opponents on the gop debate stage, women's bodies. this is a problem he has not only among female voters but anybody who has women close in their lives. anyone who is a husband or brother apparently daughter needs to say do i want someone like that representing me in the highest office in the land let alone world leaders. bill: i want to segue to the hispanic vote. hillary clinton wins the hispanic vote over donald trump by almost 40%.
7:37 am
can donald trump win the presidency with such abysmal numbers among hispanic voters? >> the way i view it is we have to look at swing states. in the case of florida it will be incredibly critical that donald trump perform well with hispanics. in 2012 obama got 60% of the vote, 60% of the hispanic vote in florida, romney got 39%. we are waiting for miami-dade to be called where a lot of hispanics are and obama did better than mitt romney. we need to be viewing it in terms of swing states like florida, arizona, colorado. the key will be will clinton outperform obama with hispanics or not? he has a lot of work to do. there is no question. the mere fact when you look at clinton she is an unfavorable candidate.
7:38 am
she has trustworthy issues. bill: hispanic voters like hillary clinton and donald trump, they dislike trump more. is that because he is viewed as having demonized undocumented workers, legal or otherwise? >> two factors. 56% of hispanic voters have a favorable view of mrs. clinton, one of the hypostatic double-decker favorable views, record of two generation speaking out on issues that matter to hispanics, not just immigration but healthcare. they don't like her hair. >> get out the talking points. a third term obama, hispanics want jobs, better jobs. this is not what we have seen with obama. economic populism message will resonate with the hispanic community. >> 50,000 us-born hispanics are eligible to vote every month in the next 20 years and the standardbearer like donald trump
7:39 am
on the top of your ticket your party is about to go down to a blazing defeat assuming hillary can turn out. >> fox news poll shows 90% believe there should be a path to legalization for undocumented workers. that is anathema to the position donald trump -- >> he said immigrants would go back and can come back to the country but got to go through a legal process. bill: not sure that is a path, that is broken downstairs. thank you very much, bernard met when -- martha: americans racking up tons of debt on their credit cards. how much consumers oh. it is a real doozy. bill: security line three hours long, oh my, what a mess at some of the airports but wait until you hear how the tsa is spending your tax dollars. >> they had to cut the line and
7:40 am
take half of the line to another entry gate. >> i am wondering about the plane. >> people are missing their flights not realizing how long. you pay your car insurance
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and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. martha: the tsa is blaming tighter budgets for the nightmare situation at airports. as passengers arrive three hours before their departures instead of spending more money to make lines move faster the tsa has been spending millions on ad campaigns, public relations and other items that are unrelated to the actual security issues. a new report finds $53,000 spend on a public relations contract to monitor reports in the news media. another company got $1.7 million for marketing services, nearly 200,000 paid for new furniture at the los angeles airport and
7:44 am
15,000 spent for virtual assistant at a small airport in florida. a 2015 homeland security report we covered here show agents were able to smuggle in mock explosives and weapons past tsa screeners 95% of the time in 2015, that is what they did not long ago. elizabeth harrington joins us with the story and tom is the president of citizens against government waste. welcome to both of you. we just outlined the expenditures this report found and you documented. how surprising was all this? >> it is not really surprising. i cover a lot of government waste. the one thing when something goes wrong with the government they always say we need more
7:45 am
money. that is what the tsa said. if you look at the last month, what they have been spending money on it was easy to find $2 million on stuff that is not related to security at all and largely spending to try to make their brand better. if you look at $1.7 million to the company communications which received funding from the tsa, responsible for the pre-check advertisement which tsa promised there would be 25 million americans only 9 million americans have been rolled in it so the advertising campaign didn't work and they are giving $1.7 million more. on top of that $50,000 to a digital media company that worked on the obama 2012 reelection campaign for pr. you see lots of spending trying to make the tsa image better and if they just fix the problems their image would be better.
7:46 am
maria: martha: not like you get to pick your favorite tsa area. why market to consumers in the first place when they are providing a service? not like they are a retail operation? when you look at how the money was spent on the pre-check issue, if you look at long lines going on, there is an effort underway to fix the problem. to sign up for pre-check. >> if you are traveling not that often you don't want to spend $80 a $100 to find a pre-check, that is when point. in terms of pr everybody knows what they think of tsa. and don't fix the problem. they don't need to send this money on promoting their brand and they have a little competition. they have a private screening partnership, 22 airports kicked out the tsa, private contractors in kansas city, new york,
7:47 am
seattle, phoenix looking to do this. they should be worried given their performance over the last couple months. martha: how much heat are they feeling that perhaps market forces will come to bear and other markets will say let's borrow away. >> that is one of the reasons they are spending this money on their pr but it is ridiculous. if you have three our lines, hundreds of passengers stranded in chicago because the tsa is not doing their job effectively and never caught the terrorists. people don't feel that the tsa is protecting them. it is a dog and pony show, stand in long lines, talk about these ads, this guy looks like he is
7:48 am
in paris stepping on an espresso and walks through the tsa line and in two minutes this is not the experience any normal american has, these advertisements spending $1.7 million trying to present them in that way won't help. martha: there is not one documented story of them uncovering any plot or catching anybody in the millions of dollars spent on expensive equipment in many ways appears to be a large façade designed to make people feel safer and make it look hard to get through and hopefully persuade them not to try. >> they spent $40 million on full-body scanners. there are hundreds of them, they are spending $900 million on other programs other people around the world who have very
7:49 am
good security, the israeli national airline said it was a waste of money. they do this in other countries using private screeners, a lot of them outside the airport. the secretary of homeland security spending more money, $30 million and just letting you know we are trying. maria: it is clear that it is time to start over and think outside the box, good job bringing that to everyone's attention. good to see you both. bill: time for look at john scott with what is "happening now". jon: gop voters want republicans to rally around donald trump as their nominee. will hillary clinton get the same support? the surviving suspect in a terrorist attack in court today but he is refusing to talk. will french authorities get him
7:50 am
to spill secret devices? former illinois cop and convicted wife killer back in court, this time for trying to hire a hitman to murder the prosecutor, put peterson behind bars. it is all "happening now". bill: a veteran wounded on the battlefield out to conquer a world-class obstacle. that inspiring story is coming up next. switch eico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. with's range rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip.
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martha: people are piling up the plastic, debt level nearing all-time highs set in july 2008 before the financial meltdown. with interest rates so low banks
7:54 am
are pushing the card. bill: climbing mount everest is a feat in and of itself but that is not why charlie linville is so special. he lost part of his leg to an injury he suffered in afghanistan and he has just become the first wounded veteran to reach the summit of the world's tallest mountain. a reporter for fox news headlines 24/7, this guy, what a hero this guy is. >> he was injured in 2011 using a bomb. he lost part of his leg. that didn't stop him. he climbed all 29,000 feet of mount everest battling 60 mile an hour winds. without a leg he is sheer determination to finish. >> so many people have lost their lives, some famous climbers as well, the last couple years it has been dismal.
7:55 am
it is hard to find the narrow weather window where you can actually reach the summit. took this guy a couple times. >> this is his third attempt at climbing. talk about determination. the first attempt failed because of an avalanche that killed 16 sherpas. the second, the devastating earthquake, he helped in the recovery effort during that earthquake in nepal. bill: another wounded veteran behind him. >> reserve staff sergeant chad dukes also lost a leg. he is a couple days behind charlie linville. bill: best of luck and congratulations. good to see you. martha: wonderful story. back to the other story we have been following as they find more
7:56 am
debris in the mediterranean sea following the disappearance of egypt air flight 804. are we closer to figuring out what brought that plane down? epd but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ (p...that, you haveit, wait! yoto rinse it first like... that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade.
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>> . >> .
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7:59 am
martha: jordan showing off his trick shot skills involving a marshmallow. >> ,jordan. [cheering] bill: [laughter] martha: there it is again. right on the money. hard to see but he shows it between his teeth. we tried this at home with popcorn, it's hard to do. bill: how much did he get in his mouth, that's what i want to know. martha: is going on in dallas this weekend. bill: that's why people love him because he's a fun-loving guy.
8:00 am
martha: and he's an excellent golfer and can catch a marshmallow in his mouth. what more do you want from a man? have a great weekend everybody. greg, thank you for being here today and we will see bill: "happening now" starts now. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. a new report, egypt air officials says more wreckage from flight 804 has been found in the mediterranean including luggage, passenger seats, even human remains as french authorities in any airport workers who had contact with that doomed jet before it took off from paris. welcome to this edition of "happening now" on friday, i'm jon scott. melissa: i melissa francis in for jenna lee. here's what we know now. egyptian military officials say search teams have located passenger belongings and other wreckage in the water, some 170 miles north of eritrea as the search for the planes black boxes ramps up near the area


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