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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: and he's an excellent golfer and can catch a marshmallow in his mouth. what more do you want from a man? have a great weekend everybody. greg, thank you for being here today and we will see bill: "happening now" starts now. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. a new report, egypt air officials says more wreckage from flight 804 has been found in the mediterranean including luggage, passenger seats, even human remains as french authorities in any airport workers who had contact with that doomed jet before it took off from paris. welcome to this edition of "happening now" on friday, i'm jon scott. melissa: i melissa francis in for jenna lee. here's what we know now. egyptian military officials say search teams have located passenger belongings and other wreckage in the water, some 170 miles north of eritrea as the search for the planes black boxes ramps up near the area where the plane
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vanished from radar screens with 66 people on board. egyptian officials say the pilot had no known political affiliations and both men passed security checks and this tragedy is sparking concert security concerns in the us ahead of a busy summer travel season asthe tsa also struggles with long delays at airports nationwide . jon: we got fox team coverage with maxime at chicago airport with the latest on the tsa situation what but we begin with senior affairs correspondent greg powell, outside charles de gaulle airport in paris. >>. reporter: john, the latest word that we are getting, a report saying according to european intelligence forces there were no known names from the current terror watch list among those on the june egypt air flight 804. the other information we were going about those commanding the plane, pilot, 36-year-old mohammed cited shop air, the copilot a young man, 24-year-old mohammed med mom
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do. both those men are from cairo. both had a fair amount in the air including the young one. pilots of course as we know have played roles in past crashes that have been a bit mysterious so the cause of this crash still unknown. everyone is looking at all options. this as you noted the search for debris from that plane crash continues in the mediterranean. in the past 20 minutes we had a report of more body parts, debris, arts of seats as well as luggage being found on the surface of the water. all being brought to egypt. there are french and british specialists there along with egyptian investigators, united states has offered to help as well. this is again the cause of the crash is still unknown. terror remains a possibility but frankly, there are no new clues to report today. the french foreign minister
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was on french television today, he said all. behind the possibility of this crash are being treated equally. he did say the security at the airport we are at right now, charles de gaulle airport has been increased in the wake of the attack. it was already up in the wake of the transport attacks inside paris and we talked with a security expert and he said it's not beyond the realm of possibility that obama could have been placed there but again, all possibilities out there right now. finally, the families of the victims are being cared for. there is a center here that has seen some of the families but many of them actually travel on to cairo to join families of other victims to be closer perhaps to their loved ones. there have been services there in the past 24 hours, also service plan for paris tomorrow with government officials as everyone tries to concentrate on exactly what happened inthis terrible incident, back to you . jon: greg palkot reporting
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live from paris, thank you. formore on this let's bring in doctor wally ferris, middle east and terrorism analyst, also a foreign policy advisor to donald trump . while lead, there has been no claim of responsibility from any militant group. are you convinced this is a terrorist act? >> not convinced 100 percent, nobody can be unless authorities would provide us with the absolute final evidence but having said that, the tendency now is within the community internationally to believe this is a terror organism origin because of the type of events that happened, it was a violent event inside that plane. having said that, if this is the case that it would be most likely agent hottie nature. "happening now", isis we would have to look at. jon: there were 57 workers at the paris charles de gaulle airport who had their security clearance yanked late last year and early this year after screenings began in the wake of the paris terror attacks area they got 67 people. that sounds like an awfully
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scary number and that doesn't necessarily mean they got all of them. >> that's absolutely true. they got the numbers they were able to compare information about the connections these individuals have amongst themselves and with other lists that are on the terror list of the french and euroans as well. a measures have been taken in brussels and london and in other capitals in a very discreet way. indeed there is a suspicion there's a large number of either jihadist or sympathizers who have been able to hire themselves into airports including security, including technical services close to the airport the one i am reminded of the san bernardino terror attacks area guy and his wife who apparently pledged loyalty to isis but work on anybody's radar screen. how do we know that everybody airport maybe doesn't share some of those symphonies?
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>> we have to wait. the easier way the agencies are now following is linkages connecting the dots meaning people knowing people, people travel to places. that's how the french and other europeans and potentially here agencies would be able to widen their scope and understand who is possibly connected but there's the other aspect which is individuals who have no connection to have not demonstrated connections, have not traveled and have gotten these ideas . it's a war of ideas we are waging. jon: how you that those people question mark how do you figure out who may have terrorist sympathies? >> terrorist sympathies in this case are if you are a behind us ideologically or not. that is something we haven't been able to do since 2009 under this administration and other european governments because they said ideology is not a factor so there needs to be a change in the national security policy in the united states and blessed to be able to do it, to get those determining factors. jon: we are preparing for a summer in which security
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lines at us airports upper are apparently going to be atrocious because of the number of people flying and a smaller number of tsa screeners available. are you concerned that this same kind of potential problem, and no one can say what brought down this life or whether it was obama placed aboard by some airport worker but could that kind of thing happen in the united states? >> simply look at the history we had. we tend to forget that we had a shoe bomber in 2001.we had in 2006 and attempt to bring down 10 airliners across the atlantic in britain and the united states. we had the christmas day bomber. look at all these cases. one of them could have been a drama though this could happen, we have to be very attentive to the security situation be one but when so much effort is being placed into making sure grandmothers don't bring nail polish aboard airplanes, that kind of thing, are we looking in the wrong places for potential terrorists?
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>> we have been told by our administration to only look for that defense line meeting make sure no weapons or possible weapons would cross. the other is spying on the jihadists and see if they are penetrating. the other space we are not looking at is recognition. what if you hire somebody and that somebody radicalize is on the inside? what can we do about it the one that's the scary part. wally ferris, a mideast terrorism analyst. thank you. melissa: as the search for records from egyptair flight 804 intensifies is in the mediterranean, security concerns melding here in the us. this course as the tsa also addresses growing frustrations over long wait times at airport. matt simmons is live at chicago's o'hare international airport with the latest all week. the long white times, now this complicates things even further right?
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reporter: that's right melissa. this egyptair aircraft as we have been reporting on the tsa meltdown in the united states. the agency's manpower has hit a five-year low and as a result, people have been waiting in line to two hours airports nationwide. thousands of passengers have missed their flights and thousands of flightsscheduled had to be changed. people we talked to our curious but now this egypt aircraft brings to service all the airline safety concern all over again . the tsa insists it's trying to find the balance between safety and service. >> i'm not blaming passengers. it is volume and in some circumstances it is. in some places its infrastructure and being able to have the resources we need . and a small piece of it is the prohibited items so it's all puzzle pieces to a bigger picture. reporter: in response to
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these very long lines we've been seen, the tsa has question emergency backup your to chicago. hundreds of extra workers and canine teams and write out the tsa administrator has made a special trip here to chicago to address the issues. we expect to him hear from him in just a couple moments but all these extra resources, the realtest is going to come as we had into the busy memorial day travel weekend . melissa: thank you so much for that report and we want to hear from you out there. you feel our us airports are sufficiently secure. our live chat is up and running, go to join the conversation. jon: arroyo breach after a man is found wandering the grounds of buckingham palace. what london officials learned about the guy after he was arrested. plus, hillary clinton declaring the democratic race undone deal so how are fellow democrats reacting including her main rival, bernie sanders question mark do you
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jon: fox news alert and a big fire on the west coast. this is the now shuttered ruby's diner at the seal beach here, seal beach california. only involved it would seem in flames there. they are putting seawater audit from a couple fire boat as you can see but it looks like this thing is really burning at this point.they haven't had a lot of success getting it under control. there was a plan as i understand it to write replace that restaurant with another one. it closed in 2013 but that plan recentlyfizzled . looks like they're going to have to replace it with something soon because it doesn't look like there's going to be a lot left after they get this thing put out. seal beach california, former ruby's diner very much on
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fire. right now some crime stories we are following. awoman's body discovered in a good area near texas , officials determining whether the body is that of justin martyr who spent missing since april 29. cardwell's boyfriend jason low is under arrest and facing murder charges based on evidence found in his suv and his garage. two former virginia tech students charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl due in court today for a preliminary hearing. david eisenhower charged with deduction and first-degree murder in the death of nicole love well. his friend natalie keeper charged with being an accessory and concealing the body. authorities say eisenhower met the teenager online. a judge will decide whether to send the case to a grand jury. a convicted murderer pleads guilty to trespassing at buckingham palace.
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police say he climbed over a wall and round wandered around the grounds while queen elizabeth was home. officials say the suspect who was not armed was on parole after being convicted of murdering a homeless man in 1992. melissa: now to america's election headquarters. bernie sanders keeps insisting he is still in the race. hillary clinton says it's all over. >> so you go to the general election if you are the nominee. >> i will be the nominee for my party. that is already done, in effect until there is no way i won'tbe . melissa: senior political correspondent mike emmanuelle is live in our dc bureau. ernie sanders loves hearing that. that must his hide. >> the sanders campaign says clearly democrats in west virginia, indiana and oregon don't see it that way.those are places sanders has one recently. the concern for democrats is the longer this goes hillary clinton must fighting on two fronts against bernie sanders and presumptive republican nominee donald trump.
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some also worried after an incident at the democratic national convention last weekend about democrats being divided. clinton putting pressure on sanders to do what is best for the party. >> he has to do his part to unify. he said the other day he will do everything possible to defeat donald trump. he said he would work seven days a week , i take him at his word. >> leading democrats are worried sanders is continuing to campaign aggressively could damage clinton in the general election. they are saying sanders has every right to bring his campaign and message the convention in philadelphia because they don't want to lose sanders and his passionate supporters. >> i want to be respectful of the amazing job bernie sanders answers followers have done. candidates to the right values, dramatically bringing out crowds and votes that are going to help us win in november. >> sanders has invested a lot of time campaigning in california which is the big delicate prize on june 7. he talked about sweeping the entire west coast and certainly doesn't sound like
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he's ready to call it quits. >> our job is to bring out our friends and family and our coworkers, our job is to win the vast majority of those delegates. our job is to go to the democratic convention and together win the democratic nomination for president. [applause] >> sanders will be back on the trail in new mexico today, clinton doing pre-fundraising events in texas. melissa: he doesn't look nearly done. mike, thank you for that report. jon: the loan surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks refusing to speak at a french court hearing as one of the victims from those attacks is honored here at home. plus, facebook mark zuckerberg meeting with leading conservatives after reports the social media site the press conservative topics . was this meeting more than just a publicity stunt? fox's own dana perino attended that gathering area.
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jon: no information today from the abdeslam, the sole surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks refusing to talk to investigators during questioning. last month, abdeslam indicated he would reveal details about the november massacre. today his lawyer says he invoked his right to silence. it was the first time he was questioned since his extradition from belgium to france. abdeslam is believed to be the only suspect with a direct role in the deadly attacks who survived .
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melissa: families of the victims in paris are still grieving the sudden loss of their loved ones. the parents of one young americankilled last november , jo henny gonzalez accepting her diploma during a heart wrenching moment during the cal state long beach graduation ceremony. >>. [applause] melissa: he was anindustrial design major and a student assistant in the design department. her mother saying that's what her daughter will be remembered for . >> when it comes to remembering all that she's lived and my daughter, it's very sad for me. she will always live in my heart and the diploma is going to remind me that of that wonderful person she was . melissa: yo him he was one of
8:24 am
the 130 people killed and coordinated attacks at the concert hall, a soccer stadium and several cafcs. jon: the meeting you may have heard about between facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and influential conservatives is being called a bird first step. it comes on the heels of allegations from a former contract employee that facebook editors downplayed conservative content. some familiar faces attended that summit. while skeptics called the meeting a pr stunt. most of the participants said they came away feeling confident their concerns about liberal bias that facebook would be addressed including our owndana perino, listen . >> they definitely don't think this is a joke. they didn't think this meeting was just a cover your you know what for the conservatives and placate them. i found them to be genuine and sincere and vague knowledge they have a trust
8:25 am
problem with a significant portion of their customer base and they were trying to figure out a way at least a first step to open a dialogue and try to fix it in the long run. jon: let's talk about it with our media panel. judith miller a prize-winning investigative reporter, ellen rather your chief or talks media news, both fox contributors. what do you think of the way they spoke handled this controversy. >> they should have put something in the employee handbook saying theydon't discriminate . then it would have been policy but then they did a good recovery. jon: but people like matt's lap from the american conservative union say it's not going to go, it's all a dog and pony show.>> well, you know, if you start out by saying i disagree with that person so i'm never going to talk to them i don't see how you make any progress. i have to agreewith ellen. i think this is a textbook case of how to handle a potential pr nightmare . jon: facebook, social media is supposed to be all about individual ideas and the power of the individual and to find out hat lo and
8:26 am
behold, the events during the discussion in a way they might like, that's really depressing. >> it is depressing and hopefully it will continue and that's the only thing they can do is not make it continue, to open it up to all ideas. jon: but in this world where if it seems like you run on computer search and for the next three weeks you are bombarded with ads about that very item, it seems like the computer almost nose what you want to hear. how do we know that facebook was being honest in promising this change? >> i think we know based on what goes up on facebook. if we see a change in the trending topics: if we see conservative themes and conservative concern is training on facebook, if we see that facebook is hiring people who are sensitive and even identify with conservative concerns, then i think you can say there's been progress but this is a
8:27 am
first meeting. to get 16 conservatives in a room to come out and say this is a good meeting, i call that a great success. >> it's fair to say you're not exactly conservative. >> i am a liberal for sure. >> so california, there is no more liberal state except possibly massachusetts. >> there are huge pockets of conservativesin california . >> huge pockets but not necessarily in silicon valley where this meeting take place. >> were sure but. jon: mark zuckerberg who comes from new york and went to school at harvard, again, how do we know that he can be trusted. >> the proof will be in the pudding as judy miller said. we are going to see how they write trending topics, if it is my way, the liberal loony way, that's one thing but if it's more toward the middle or to the right, and they really are honest about topics and people, that can
8:28 am
be something else. jon: so is some web designer going to have to come up with a algorithm to monitor facebook postings? >> it's all about the people doing the monitoring. that's the problem. as in the newspaper where 75 to 80 percent of reporters self identify as liberal democrats you have to go out and recruit people who say hey, i saw an interesting theme or topic on a conservative website that is not reflected here but let's also be honest about facebook area donald trump has used facebook very well. conservative candidates have used it well so it's we are talking about tinkering with the margins. facebook has been open and zuckerberg, his response to the criticism is really admirable. rather than say no it's not true, this is all lies, he dealt with the problem. jon: part of his defense is fox news drives more interactions on its facebook page than any other news outlet in the world, it's not even close. that's from mark zuckerberg. >> we like that. jon: dana perino says it's a
8:29 am
good start. all right. thanks very much.ellen ratner, julie miller. melissa: republican meters move toward accepting donald trump as their standardbearer but the voters are saying just do it already. this according to new polls and we take a closer look at the trump bump and whether hillary clinton will get one too. plus search teams scour the mediterranean and investigators the deeper into the egyptair disaster. what us officials are confirming to fox news about satellite images at the time of the crash. you pay your car insurance
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look at what is still to come this hour of "happening now". more republican voters coming around to back double trump. now they say it's the time party leaders did the same thing. what brand-new poll found. plus another trial for former cop drew peterson who is already in prison for murdering his third wife. now he's accused of trying to rub out the prosecutor who put him there. and the cdc releasing disturbing new information about the zika virus. how many pregnant women in the us have tested positive for the virus that can cause severe birth defects?
8:34 am
jon: breaking out as investigators into the background of the egyptair pilot and copilot, us officials confirmed to fox news satellite images so far show no signs of any explosion on the aircraft. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with that from washington . reporter: the counterterrorism source also tells fox news that so far they've been looking at the council associated with isis and al qaeda and they see no credible claim of responsibility for the downing of 804. for some context, it took isis released the claim responsibility after they brought down that russian jet in october of last year. the fbi director dressed these questions yesterday in chicago. >> with respect to the egyptair incident, so far at least we have no claim of responsibility or evidence that this was an intentional act but the fbi as you would expect is working with our partners around the world to try to gain a better understanding of what. given we don't see any indication yet cause, it's hard for me to say whatthe implications might be at this point . melissa:
8:35 am
reporter: european officials are telling reporters the passenger manifest contain no name on the terrorist watchlist nd government officials told fox late last night that a preliminary review of the infrared satellite data did not find evidence of an explosion along the flight path. meantime, the european space agency reporting one of its satellites has spotted a possible oil slick in the same area of the mediterranean where flight 804 disappeared. they detected a 1.2 mile long slick about 25 miles southeast of the planes last known location. also, a second us navy plane is in the air today from sicily, others will also be in the air later today and tonight. demetrio ryan of former aircraft used primarily for submarine operations and in this case used to find parts of the fuselage that are under the water. investigators will be inspecting that plane debris once it's recovered and the personal belongings for any evidence of explosive residue
8:36 am
and finally on the debris field, an important data point to the side. experts say it's a small and concentrated. that's an indicator of a sudden catastrophic event on the aircraft such as loss of power. you would know that john better than most and it's diffuse or spread out, that would be more evidence that some kind of explosion or event caused the plane to fracture . >>. jon: i would think the us military, the cia, other intelligence agencies would be keeping a close watch on that part of the world the fact that they had seen no infrared is pretty >> that's an extremely important data point because there are some parts of the world as we found with the malaysian jet that disappeared and has never been found, there are some parts of the world where we have these blind spots but there is probably no better area under scrutiny than that part of the middle east and the south eastern mediterranean so to find no evidence of heat event which
8:37 am
would be an explosion is very significant. >> and if there's fuel on the water, making that kind of fuel slick it clearly didn't burn in the air. lots of questions yet to be answered.karen harris, thank you. melissa: fox news is america's election headquarters. you know that, that's why you are watching. most republican voters now calling for party leaders like house for paul ryan to rally around donald trump. this according to a new poll from the new york times and cbs news. nearly 8 out of 10 voters say it's time to embrace the presumptive residential nominee and our fox news poll shows more republicans running around trump during the past couple months. 72 percent named him favorably this week compared to 55 percent in march area chris diebel is our politics editor and he joins us now. let's drill down on some of these numbers because it
8:38 am
seems like voters are coming around in his on favorability going down quite a bit. what do you think about that send you two percent number? >> major party nominees get a bump after they secure their party's nomination. in our poll, donald trump was up or points overall against hillary clinton, that's the same number of points that mitt romney gained against president obama in 2012. donald trump has been an unconventional candidate but the response among voters is still conventional in the sense that even if you didn't like the guy in the primary, even if you had reservations, republicans want to win and you get to the binary choice where it's not donald trump versus your dive, it's donald trump versus hillary and if the binary nature of american politics can clarify. melissa: does it make an arrest to others in office were saying wait a second, we don't want him to run, we're going to be afraid of what's going happen down by.
8:39 am
do they seize numbers and say maybe it's time to get on board? >> absolutely. people who don't mean what they said and objections to trump or people base their objections to trump on his outperformance, i think we are going to get to see a lot. you put the teased cheese out the, the mice will come running and you see here people who were insincere in their trump reservations who said if he can win i guess i like him fine. what it will do is review revealed those whose objections are more principled, and willing to pay the price. melissa: i think you're the only person on thisnetwork all day uses the word craving . that's fantastic. is increasing on favorability among gop women, the 65 percent of gop women you him favorably according to the brand-new fox news poll, what's interesting to me about that is the number is going up significantly so it's 55percent in march, 49 percent in september . he's gaining ground with women.
8:40 am
you think he can go further from here and he's not gaining ground with women in general or democratic women yet. >> know and that's the thing. you've got the bump. now the question is, can you expand your market from here? donald trump has to probably give up to a certain degree on trying to get the holdouts in the republican party, at least now. you've got to let those to be. you can't keep going after them. this focus has to be on trying to convince other women, independents and democrats to convince hispanic voters. we had a new box latino pullout that is yikes and trump has to worry about these voters in figure out how is he going to scramble the electoral map is not trying to do a base versus base election because i don't think he ultimately will be able to count on as much of his face as hillary clinton can of hers. >> it still shows you, there are so many people who said no woman would ever vote for donald trump. kelly after he said that all the time as well and you look at it and 65 percent say they
8:41 am
supporthim, 31 percent have a negative view . but that's a smaller number than deniers would have you believe no? >> deniers, i don't know what it deniers. >> deniers are the person in the electorate to said there's no way this i can win he definitely has a chance to win. he has a not insignificant chance to win but here's the deal. when it comes to female voters and donald trump, yes, he's got a boost among republicans but he still has now this amazing gender gap. so does a equipment and in our poll, it's worse for hillary clinton with men that it is for donald trump with women away or setting up this battle of the sexes election. there are more women in the general electric than men. we could either continue going down this path or trump trikes to slacken those numbers with women as hillary try to do better with men. it's going to be a melee . >> what is your prediction on that because you brought up that gap and i think that was one of the most interesting elements out of the whole is that they both havethese
8:42 am
tremendous gaps . he's got the men, she's got the women. if you never out the numbers it looks like hewas 4 million votes ahead . if the election were held today, it's not but how does that gap move around overtime? what's your prediction? doing twice as badly among women as mitt romney did and the same goes for hillary clinton and barack obama with men. these things are outside. i doubt the gender gaps will persist at this level. i think you will see both of thosenumbers come down . melissa: interesting. love seeing you. exciting times. thanks for coming on, be craven. >> know. melissa: don't be craven. forget it. thanks a lot john. >> by. jon: new numbers from the cdc on zika infections. officials reveal how many
8:43 am
pregnant women in the united states have tested positive for the virus. and he once told the judge quote, i don't do well in incarceration. a former illinois police officer already serving a 38 year sentence for killing one of his wives, now another trial for drewpeterson set to get underway.we talk with our legal panel next .
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tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. jon: justin, 157 pregnant women in the us are known to be infected with the zika virus. officials also say 122 pregnant women in the us territories have also tested positive. it's the first time officials have revealed specific numbers ofzika infections. health officials say the virus spreads through mosquitoes and sexual contract , can cause microcephaly, a birth defect that can lead to severe developmental problems. president obama meeting with his health team this hour on the us response to the zika
8:47 am
virus. melissa: drew peterson back in court, if you can believe it. the former illinois police officer serving a 38 year sentence already for the murder of his third wife. now jury selection set to begin in his murder for hire trial. peterson charged with trying to hire a hitman to kill the prosecutor who sent him to prison. formore on this, let's bring in our panel. fred kesey a former federal prosecutor so watch out. he shook even is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor . fred, this is amazing to me. what do you think, let's start there? >> what do i think? i think drew peterson is a bad guy and quite frankly he's one of those people for whom the death penalty was invented. the guy, one of his wife's is still missing, he's serving 38 years for killing another white and while he's in prison he tries to hire a
8:48 am
hitman to have the prosecutor killed. i dealt with this when i was a prosecutor. killing the prosecutor serves no purpose because someone else in the office will prosecute the case to the guy did it because he's a bad guy and frankly i'd be a cowardif i didn't tell you that i'm craving a conviction in this case . melissa: is not terribly logical to go after the prosecutor and also not logical to marry this guy after what happened to his other wives but i digress. keisha, you are trying to defend him. you've got your work cut out for you. where would you start in this case?>> basically, he's a classic sociopath, we all know that. if i was his defense attorney i would try to attack the reliability of the confidential informant in this case. the police basically use a confidential informant and there are recordings of his conversations trying to hire the person so that the only angle i would go out. i personally think he's looking forward to having more time in court. he's born in prison, he's a sociopath and it's a circus to him so a 38 year sentence
8:49 am
to serve, going back to court on this is giving him free time outside his cell. melissa: that's a good argument, how you counter it? >> he/she would do a good job if i ever get pulled out of the house by the fbi, i'm going to add her to my list of people call but having said that, it's not only the testimony of what we would call dirty or bad witnesses. they have them on tape. have a listening but they must have planted in his cell. they have recorded conversation so frankly this is one of those cases where the only defense this guy is entitled to is a blindfold and a cigarette. that's it. melissa: keisha, what difference does this make in terms of he's already been convicted of killing his third wife, serving time for that. his fourth wife go missing. he goes and if he is convicted of this, how much time does it actually add because i don't think he's supposed to get out of prison until he's 90 years old or something anyway right? >> i think this will make
8:50 am
much of a big difference because i feel like he's probably going to die in prison from the first incident and he knows that so that's the reason he doesn't mind going to trial on this. he should just plead guilty. >> i will tell you what, the only the supreme court decided to look at his n there's issues about statements he made and i've always been worried about the legal issues so if you get six years in this case and his other cases overturned, justice will well have been served. >> then it's an insurance policy for the other side did thank you both of you. >> thanks for having me, enjoy your weekend. jon: officials taking a hard look at airport security in citiesacross the us after the crash of egyptair 804. a live report next . (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
8:51 am
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outnumbered coming up at the top of the hour. sandra and harris, what you have? it's been a day filled with breaking news on this dory. human remains found in the mediterranean sea. the latest on the crash of egyptair flight 804 and what indications if any point to terrorism. >> plus, who the voters trust more on the most important issues? donald trump or hillary clinton? the new fox news poll numbers may surprise you. >> and the judge orders classes for attorneys at the department of justice, calling them defective on the heels of a top white house aid who bragged about bending the truth in the iran nuclear deal. >> all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. outnumbered top of the hour. >> keep this a secret. we did give you a hint there but all right. jon: we will know the answer in six more minutes. see you then.
8:55 am
a fox news alert, security at african airports very much under scrutiny as the crash of egyptair flight 804 and we will say, that missing plane made stops in three different cities in africa before flying to paris. the issuing warnings about three different countries on the continent. live in johannesburg with a look at that, paul? reporter: john, in africa today investigators asking good and explosive device have been placed on the aircraft that one of the three airports on the cotton it stopped at en route to paris? in the 24 hours before it disappeared from radar, the aircraft visited tunisia, cairo and then went to paris. the us state department warned aboutáairport security standards in a recent travel advisory sing airport staff are unpredictable and demonstrate a lack of efficiency and consistency. last week, ethiopia claimed it had thwarted a major
8:56 am
jihadist attack in the country the egypt airplane also spent time at tunisia's main airport. the state department warned last month of a terror threat in tunisia known to be an isis stronghold. islamist group has made two major terror attacks here in the last year and what about airport workers in egypt, the plaintiff home base? the bomb but brought down on metro jet in the sinai killing 224 only seven months ago reportedly put on the plane by an airport worker and egyptian airport. importantly, how safe our flight from africa going to the us? we asked the spokesperson of johannesburg's airports, one of the few direct flights to the us but she wouldn't give us an interview. it's known security has been tight ends 911, john? jon: live from johannesburg, people. melissa: new in the next hour of "happening now", a father and his son accused of a horrendous crime. shackling a teenage girl in a basement for over a year. wait until you hear how she escaped area and a
8:57 am
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>> see you in a little bit, back here in an hour. tony: bill: "outnumbered" starts right now. as we begin with fox news alert, big break in the search for 804, human remains and ry reporting wreckage spotted 200 miles off the coast of the mediterranean sea. so many questions remain unanswered. did terrorists attack the plane? this is "outnumbered". on this fine friday sandra smith, host of kennedy, kennedy herself, former national security council member and veteran of the bush and obama administrations julian turner


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