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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you in a little bit, back here in an hour. tony: bill: "outnumbered" starts right now. as we begin with fox news alert, big break in the search for 804, human remains and ry reporting wreckage spotted 200 miles off the coast of the mediterranean sea. so many questions remain unanswered. did terrorists attack the plane? this is "outnumbered". on this fine friday sandra smith, host of kennedy, kennedy herself, former national security council member and veteran of the bush and obama administrations julian turner
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and one lucky guy, political editor guy vincent, "outnumbered". thank you for being here. >> happy friday to you all. >> funny to drop hints with your name. so subtle. >> not really. >> the luckiest guy. >> can you say one lucky guy? long hashtag. good to see you. let's begin with american search planes joining in the search for what remains of flight 804. authorities identifying pilots of the doomed jet, reports both had thousands of hours of flying experience. all this as investigators say terrorism is not ruled out. the flight from paris to cairo stopped in greece when it swerved in mid air, jerking, turning 360 ° before plunging thousands of feet and vanishing off radar. carrying with it 66 people on board.
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foreign affairs correspondent live from paris. >> reporter: the latest word we are getting about the search for debris from egypt air flight 804 is it spread over an area 40 miles in the mediterranean sea. leaving from this airport in paris on wednesday night before going down. two different reports later in the day, and pieces of seeds, another report about a location a mile wide. the search seems to be ratcheting up but no word about the locations of black boxes on the plane. they could tell all they could be on the bottom of the sea. as for those commanding the plane more information about them. the pilot, mohammed shakir, and
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the copilot, mohammed ahem, both from cairo, no known political affiliation and both said to have the airline security checks. there were no known names on current terror watch lists. tara does remain a possibility with absolutely no new clues on the direction to report to you today, no claim of responsibility, the french foreign minister went on tv this morning and said all theories, terror, mechanical, pilot, operations, will be treated equally. he did say security at charles they gaulle airport has been ratcheted up since the crash raising questions that the same plane made five stops in north african cities on the same day before it went down. this as families of the victims
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were being cared for at a center here at this airport. many have joined other families in cairo to be closer to the ones they love, the ones they lost. today, a muslim holy day, prayers were said in cairo, must remember those to remember the minutia and details of the investigation. >> thank you very much. you can see it is nighttime there, there has been a second day not only of trying to figure out but the human element in this, people gathering yesterday wanting to know what happened to their loved ones. a tough journey now that they are finding the remains of people inside the wreckage. a couple things stood out to me. the oil slick, satellite pictures didn't see any signs of an explosion. they are leaving everything on the table but some things are
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being checked off. >> we can't rule that much out at this point. what is happening at charles they gaulle airport is important. french authorities are going through the main hub at the french airport looking for security breach that may happen before the plane took off. reuters reporting investigators were interviewing officers on duty at the time and the wall street journal reporting french investigators pouring over the surveillance footage from the airport as well as reporting background checks of those on board the plane, anyone who would have access to the airplane before took off. and immense search, unbelievable task these authorities have at hand. >> much of it is digital at this point. the actual site has grown 40 miles radius but the digital deep dive they have to do just on the pilots alone we have access to a lot of information.
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>> the egyptians yesterday admitted there is which i applaud them for doing the possibility, likelihood this is a terrorist attack. the pressure is on. 48 hours after the attack they have the capability to get the most useful information for preventing subsequent attacks. if there is any inkling there is terrorism involved it is the best idea for government to move ahead with that. you don't want did. >> they are starting to check these things off doesn't mean they are not still looking at terrorism. what is complicated is as we saw with the russian plane that was taken down, islamic state took weeks to say it was them. the investigation was almost parallel with their propaganda. just because someone has not taken responsibility is not an indication that it didn't happen
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that way. >> isis historically is pretty quick to the draw. they like to be there right away to claim victory and claim respond to the. al qaeda lags a little slower. they take their time, let the political hype build up and then step forward and take credit. different styles as much as i hate to say that. it is a pr approach the organization takes into these attacks. >> we will watch this closely. if anything happens in paris the week need to know about and new questions about our own air safety at home in the wake of what happened over there. no official changes have been announced but major airports like los angeles international are starting to tighten their security. the tsa is under fire, travelers facing longer lines and wait times then recent weeks. this is unreal. the agency is blaming tight budgets for this. a stunning report finding just over the past month the tsa spent $2 million from services unrelated to staffing or improving security.
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this includes $1.7 million on advertising. nearly $200,000 on furniture, nearly $15,000 for a digital virtual assistant. that is a good thing. the house homeland security committee plans to hold a hearing on the tsa's problems. >> the furniture i question do they have time to sit down? hope it wasn't musical chairs which >> how many times have you been to the airport and seen a dozen dsi agents standing around. based joke around it, it is not funny. it is very serious when you have an incident like this with the flight we are dealing with currently trying to gather answers and people are starting their summer travel. lines were two to three hours long if we have enhanced security how much worse doesn't get? i look at this problem in first thing i think is they are not spending that money on furniture and advertising, we are spending that money on furniture and advertising. how many times do you interface with the tsa agent who was
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inappropriate or apathetic. some are very hard-working, it is a tough job, a lot of people leave the administration but having said that why not look at privatizing? obviously this bureaucracy is not working. >> senator chuck schumer said in new york if it means bringing in dogs and other types of things from your local department, your local law enforcement to help out at these airports particularly the busiest in the world in the new york area it is a matter of security. that is the first thing i thought of. what happened in belgium? >> can you imagine what our enemies are thinking as they see our people sitting like ducks in our airport? >> they want to get over there skis on this flight. we don't know what happened but if it was terror when i saw the headline, you feel terrible there was a plane crash, i thought it was probably a flight that originated in cairo.
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this was a western airport, once again western europe. of this was terrorism this was originating in paris, france which has a recent history with jihadi's and if that is the direction this is going. when you see this type of report about our tsa here, $1.7 million on advertising. >> i don't want to blanket all tsa workers as incompetent. we travel a lot and i come across very competent hard-working people who are doing their job and in some cases i had them apologize to me because they have to do what they have to do and people yelling at them all the time but i want to talk about that $1.7 million contract. the tsa has cut back on staff, their tight budget and lack of workers, long lines and inability to do their jobs. they cut their staff in recent years, pre-check program that
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can pay $80 for would expedite the normal screening process but not enough passengers and rolled, people didn't sign up for it. the same agency they hired to advertise the pre-check program to get people to sign up is the same one they are now issuing a new contract to for $2 million and previously worked on the pre-check program. they are rehiring them for failure to pay. >> what i mentioned about what our enemies can see with people lined up at airports is irrespective of what happened. they don't need that recent tragedy to trigger what they can see all over video. >> reminded of people working in us airports, maybe they passed background checks two or three years ago, what can happen in two to three years? people can self radicalize was
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how many have easy access through tsa portals into the airport security screening. it is a lot. huge investigation underway in paris and things that people consider are starting to increase travel. >> we don't know what happened or what caused it but they fired 70 airport workers at charles they gaulle for ties to radical islam. brand-new fox news polling shows which issues voters call most important and which presidential candidate they trust to handle them. donald trump or hillary clinton, one of them may have something to worry about. it looks like ben rhodes is not the only one who may have a dishonesty problem. a federal judge is bringing the hammer down on the justice department attorney. he says they were intentionally deceptive. is this emblematic of a wider problem? we will talk about it. stay with us. nsure. nsure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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>> brand-new fox polling show voters trust donald trump more than hillary clinton on the issues that mean the most to them. 53% of voters trust trump to do a better job on the economy, 41%
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trust clinton, 52% trust trump on terrorism or national security, only 40% trust clinton. she has the edge and other key areas including foreign-policy, social issues and education. the poll finds the economy and national security are the two issues voters rate is most important. is she in trouble here? >> sure. hillary clinton leading donald trump by six points, up by 3. if you look at the internals, it underscores this data how weekend vulnerable she is. trump is leading on the economy, terrorism and national security. her advantages, there is a case to be prosecuted against her. on socialist she has been craven on gay rights, only doing what is politically expedient her entire career, and extremist on
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abortion, and foreign-policy, libya was her baby. if donald trump is able to do some homework and be briefed on key talking points, she might be able to erode her advantage is even on those areas where she is leading. >> you have a response. >> i have a different take. she is on par with trump when it comes to using military force abroad, beat them on the nuclear issue and he beat her on terrorism. they cancel each other out. >> we are talking former secretary of state running against a businessman and they say he is going to do a better job? >> here is where her track record hurts and helps. experienced candidate to ever run for president on foreign-policy which is true on paper, has the most years on the law. what comes along with that is a proven track record and people will look at that and evaluate that and decide if they agree,
9:19 am
and we were talking earlier about when you go to the polls. when you judge a candidate's approach and intentions, do you judge the outcome when thinking about foreign-policy and that is an important nuance, a lot of people have trouble reconciling. a more hawkish approach to national defense but you see what happens in countries like libya where she was the key stakeholder and -- how do you evaluate that? >> better that we went with her plans and did nothing after we renege on the red line. in order to evaluate -- >> let's talk about my favorite subject. what voters think about the economy. top issue for voters. as far as when they are asked are they better off today than when president obama is entered office, fox news polling showed 26%, just 26% believe they are
9:20 am
better off today than when he took office, 26% believe they are worse off today. 47%, no change. >> that is stunning. what these numbers show, it is possible to overstate them, the two major issues, the economy and security and he is doing better than she is and if you ask people are you better off they are saying absolutely not. eight years of frustration right there. that is such a core fundamental issue for voters. that hits closer to home and is an indictment of the obama administration. to run on obama's record and her husband's record she has to run a against so many of her husband's policies and the obama economic agenda has failed. >> the bit she is hedging his she would rather run with her husband's record than with obama's record. is was seen as more successful. if she is going to go farther left to scoop up those bernie
9:21 am
sanders supporters she would be counter to some of bill clinton's but for her, with success rather than obama but i will say this. who took over the delicate situation for donald trump and did well? paul manafort has a bump up in his authority and title. he is in charge of this campaign. he will be leading this. you can that he doesn't miss the talking point coming out of this polling we are seeing now and if donald trump has been able to hit her on the personal stuff he could stay in that lane as paul manafort can handle what he knows. he can hit her from different perspectives. if hacking comes into play with her unsecured server, he has ground to run with. we will see what happens. if they are the nominees don't count out bernie. he could win california. she could be indicted. so many variables. >> moving on to polls, voters prefer trump on the economy and
9:22 am
terrorism but hillary clinton declaring he is simply not qualified to be president. trump's response quick and cutting. the latest on that battle and when it comes to the economy we hear a lot about the recovery from the great recession of 2008. sobering new data show a huge number of americans don't have the cash to cover a rainy day. we debate why and what to do about it. olay luminous illuminates skin with pearl optics science. your concert style might show your age, your skin never will. with olay you age less, so you're ageless. olay. ageless. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered," hillary clinton and donald trump, they are going at it. it started with former secretary of state. >> i know how hard this job is and i know we need steadiness, strength and smarts in it and i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the
9:27 am
united states based on the way he has behaved and spoken and policies he has literally thrown out, it adds up to a troubling picture. >> such an objective opinion. 's trump said crooked hillary has zero imagination and even less stamina. china, russia and all would love for her to be president, four more years. and crooked hillary clinton looks presidential, i don't think they, four more years of obama and our country will never come back, isis laugh. on fox and friends trump is asked to respond, one of clinton's critique said his plan to bar muslims from america would only lead to terrorism. >> is that the dumbest thing you ever heard? to me it is one of the dumber statements i ever heard. she is so ill-equipped to be the president. >> no one gets to be president if these two are our nominees. what do you make of this?
9:28 am
never anyone. what do you make of this most recent round? >> charge and counter charge, she shouldn't be allowed to run for president because she is under federal investigation, not qualified to be president, i have not made a secret that i have deep enduring concerns about his knowledge, temperament, his character, but if she wants to talk about qualifications i think he is ready. we saw his punch back on twitter, he can get into the fact that is now an established fact that she compromised national security knowingly with that email scheme. she was want to stop because of the threat, she continued anyway and proceeded to lie to the american people to our faces. we are going to have a fight over who is qualified here is a woman who knowingly and you could argue elaborately at least compromised national security.
9:29 am
what does that say about her qualifications? >> that is not a bigger part of the republican push back at all. you just articulated it, almost like a three strikes and you are out plan against hillary clinton but we are not hearing it definitively like that and a wider spread matter among republicans. >> you will. >> is she flipping between 2-sided coin and both sides have a woman on the? she got upset when bernie sanders said she was not qualified and they all our. there are four constitutional requirements, got to be 35 or older, natural born us citizen, resident for 14 years and not finishing a second term on the job. those make you qualified. >> it is an odd thing three people left running for president all running to ban each other from the highest office. they have no formal ground to make such charges but they are going back and forth and when you have an international
9:30 am
tragedy like the egypt air crash and trump slamming hillary clinton's response to this plane crash. >> it was an act of terrorism and reinforces american leadership for smart, steady leadership that only america can provide, working with our allies, partners, friends in europe and the middle east and elsewhere. >> we had a terrible tragedy. she came up and said donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism which she doesn't want to use, she used a different term because she doesn't want to use that term. she refuses to use that term. what just happened 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. >> which response to you think resonates with voters who may be frightened? national security we just talked about, the number 2 concern voters have right now. who make their case more
9:31 am
emotionally? >> donald trump is emotionally connecting with voters when he gets out there and get in front of this issue and says i am going to call it what it is, this is terrorism, planes don't spontaneously combust midflight. we can understand the sentiment and hillary clinton is restrained in her response and she wants to be perceived as some kind of voice of reason and she is always raining everything in which is to be expected. what i will go back to is what i said earlier on the program, optics aside, there is a very real slate for calling it potentially a terrorist act. from a counterterrorism perspective. >> the new array of tools in the international community. >> this is -- >> donald trump is gifted at coming up with what the american public is going to connect with and what he said, she won't even
9:32 am
name the enemy. i have heard you talk about how important that is in the past. you don't have a horse in this race. he is good at coming up with what will connect with voters and she has done it again. >> absolutely right. if you have not been reassured by the president's temperament it seems what hillary clinton is doing is a continuation of that. very reserved and somewhat comforting but on some level you have to ask whether voters want a more forceful and emotional response which believe me if that has dangers implicit in itself -- >> how many more terrorist attacks do we have to condemn before we put an end to this? how much more can people -- >> we don't know yet that it is terrorism. >> in the broader sense do we want a president who stands back and says that was terrible or a president who makes moves to change things? >> good to get your thoughts on
9:33 am
that and the stinging rebuke for the justice department a federal judge ordering ethics classes for doj lawyers and other sanctions for those who viewed the case involving president obama's immigration executive action. the lawyers were, quote, intentionally deceptive when arguing the case before him and barring them from appearing in his courtroom. the judge writes in his 28 page order, quote, clearly there seems to be lack of knowledge about our adherence to the duties of professional responsibility in the halls of the justice department, this just weeks after top obama advisor ben rhodes appeared to blagg about misleading the press intentionally to sell the here and nuclear deal and the public guy. what do you make of this? >> i am satisfied because this is a judge ordering ethics training for government lawyers. we will be fine. are you supposed to have ethics training passing the bar? i am not an expert on this.
9:34 am
to call this out by saying it is an overstatement and when you go through and read the judge's letter it is pretty scathing. he may have misled me and you may have -- you specifically there is evidence proving justice department lawyers new what they were saying was not true. they brought these deceptions into court and the only repercussion for that is ethics training. i am confused by that. >> i want to learn more about what his options are because maybe this is just the beginning. the letter the judge wrote is as close to liar liar pants on fire as you get with these attorneys. what is really disturbing about it is he might never have known how much he has lied to. if ben rhodes hadn't come out bragging, he is back at the bar. if he hadn't come out with all the bravado about he spun the minds and the narrative. about the apps deal. the judge might never have
9:35 am
known. >> a couple things that are especially troubling. when is the ethics -- employees at the justice department donating money to hillary clinton. the fbi is about to wrap up. what role will the justice department have in deciding the ultimate fate in that case. you have people who are going to get three hours a year of additional ethics training which is not that much but the judge was so frustrated he talked about this barring some of these attorneys in the justice department. >> they said that would be just respectful to the supreme court, just heard an argument on this case in april. >> rewind to 2008. remember when president obama promised the fairest presidency in us history? >> i don't remember anything before last year. not to play too much devils advocate but if you separate out the two stories, he ran and the doj story.
9:36 am
this narrative about doj being too political is older than time. the judge is trying to point finger and say you are supposed to be non-political and here you are being political. it is a very old story, won't made much traction. that is a constant tension in that, the executive agencies, questions about political leanings of justice appointment lawyers always on the table. >> what about lying? >> for political reasons. >> these lawyers could have said to the state you can go ahead and file this brief right now. these regulations won't come into effect
9:37 am
>> there are political odds -- >> the air and deal and all of it, what can you believe? >> the latest on our developing story as investigators search for new clues in egypt flight 804 crash. defense secretary robert gates accusing the white house of playing politics over its refusal to use the term combat to describe the battle against isis. is the administration trying to downplay the iraq operation? let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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9:42 am
combat operations in iraq are over. >> i think it is incredibly unfortunate not to speak openly about what is going on. american troops are in action, they are being killed. they are in combat. these semantic backflips to avoid the term combat is a disservice to those who are putting their lives on the line. >> asked carter, the troops are in combat, unfortunate the white house won't do the same. a pentagon spokesman says this. >> we made very clear what american troops are now engaged in overseas. in many cases they are in harm's way and there have been instances where they are engaged in combat situations lose the
9:43 am
secretaries clear about that. these folks are in harm's way and have been in certain situations. they found themselves under fire. they are not in combat operations, they have found themselves in combat. >> is the white house sanitizing the news for our protection? >> secretary gates spoke out on this. we have literally got thousands, and trainers, advisers, and combat troops, a strategic decision by the administration but a certain point, and undermining as secretary gates doing a service. they are putting their lives on the line every day. what we have to see moving forward, a navy seal died in combat fighting alongside -- what does that say about the
9:44 am
role he played, at a certain point -- >> what about the families in this. when you change the wording of what men and women are doing, the paycheck in particular. >> i'm guessing it does. i know the answer and have to get back to you. for the civilians not in combat roles it probably doesn't, and for military members i don't know. keep in mind these men and women signed up to be on the front lines to serve in combat so to have them doing that for our nation is not acknowledging, really a painful stab in the back. >> we have seen a pattern of behavior from the administration in the sanitized, to use your
9:45 am
word, language pertaining to what our men and women are going through. kinetic military action instead of war. workplace violence at fort hood. man caused disasters and sudden terrorist attacks. of course it is political. the president ran against the iraq war, held out recklessly and precipitously which created a vacuum into which isis has poured. >> that is a man caused disaster. >> more accurate use of that term. now that this terrible cancer has been growing in that area he has been slowly filtering thousands more us troops back into the country to clean up the mess that he in large measure caused but doesn't want to take the political hit for that and thinks not referring to it as combat service somehow makes a difference. it is pure semantics and it is cynical. >> this is what people hate about the government. the facts don't match what they are hearing or seeing or they know. >> a major point gaetz is making in addition to not labeling these roles as combat he is saying the president is not
9:46 am
moving fast enough with his strategy. he is not pressing forward in a way that will be effective in combating this. >> he has been very outspoken on that front. one of the first people to stand up and say fighting isis is not going to be limited to a ground war. this is going to be maybe having boots on the ground, we need a military, diplomatic and political and ideological solution, comprehensive solution. to hear him now be one of the champions of calling this is remarkable from that perspective. >> military families will tell you if their loved ones are in this. >> it is incredibly disrespectful. it shows the president doesn't care about making the world a better place because he is so incredibly apathetic about this and he could make an argument either way, are we staying out of the middle east and having greater strategy deploying troops and calling them combat forces on a combat mission? he is not doing that. gates is a very interesting person. almost seems like he is running for office, has a lot of
9:47 am
criticism for his ex-boss is except hillary clinton. hillary clinton's former foreign policy in the middle east is more dangerous if she is able to implement it. >> moving on living on the edge of financial ruin a new poll finds most americans will have trouble coming up with $1000 to cover an emergency despite years of recovery so-called from the great recession. what does this say about the overall economy? the truth when we come back. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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>> john scott with what is happening in the second hour of "happening now". jon: the lone star state cannot catch a break. more could be on the way. democrats hurting the party by staying in the race. could hillary's best move be naming sanders as a running mate. a miracle escape, a teenager told police she was sakhalin abasement for an entire year. two men, a father and his son facing serious charges, that story had, "happening now". >> the great recession may be
9:52 am
over but financial conditions for most americans still seem to be very shaky, two third of americans would have trouble coming up with $1000 for an unexpected emergency and this applies to all income levels, 75% of those say it would be hard to come up with money, difficulty dropping to 67% for those making between 50 to $100,000 a year and even among those making more than $100,000 a year. the country's wealthiest households, 38% may be hard-pressed to find $1000 in the event of a crisis. i will come to you first. not difficult to imagine you crack a tooth, crash your car and all of a sudden you owe $1000 we touted we get to this point? >> this is a new poll but not a new story. this has been the case for the american people for quite some time. they are living paycheck to
9:53 am
paycheck. we do that from retailers like walmart who are reporting their customer is suffering, their living paycheck to paycheck so when you hear that headline unemployment rate touted by the government at 5% and people are supposed to think i don't feel better but you are telling me unemployment dropped to this historically low level. if they are not spending money that is not good for the economy. >> absolutely. the percentage of people unable to come without money has increased over the last seven years. 47% having the same problem. >> some people who would be on that list are those who create jobs because they are so leveraged having to pay higher taxes and things they can no longer deduct. >> regulations cost clients. >> to have them on what looks like this is have $1000 for an
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> millennials are back.
9:56 am
>> yes they are. you can't ask young people to graduate college with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans and expect them to buy a house and have children and on top of that somehow out of the air have money to save whether it is one dollar or $100,000. >> president sanders will pay for the college and by that house. we will be right back, more on "outnumbered".
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>> i'm yielding to you in five seconds. >> happy birthday to my dad. >> happy birthday! >> a guy says happy birthday. thanks for being here. have a great weekend. we'll see monday at noon eastern. for now, "happening now." fox news alert. an armed driver holds a s.w.a.t. team at bay on a texas interstate after leading officers on a slow-speed chase. >> halting traffic in both directions north of houston. how the tense situation unfolded. we're covering all the news happening now. a father and son accused of holding a teenager captive. >> yeah. >> shackled in a basement for more than a year. >> i never thought would anybody do something like that. >> the miraculous escape and the good samaritans who helped. >> you never expect that. plus, mother nature swamping texas.


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