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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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seconds. >> happy birthday to my dad. >> happy birthday! >> a guy says happy birthday. thanks for being here. have a great weekend. we'll see monday at noon eastern. for now, "happening now." fox news alert. an armed driver holds a s.w.a.t. team at bay on a texas interstate after leading officers on a slow-speed chase. >> halting traffic in both directions north of houston. how the tense situation unfolded. we're covering all the news happening now. a father and son accused of holding a teenager captive. >> yeah. >> shackled in a basement for more than a year. >> i never thought would anybody do something like that. >> the miraculous escape and the good samaritans who helped. >> you never expect that. plus, mother nature swamping texas. trapping drivers in high water,
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forcing daring rescues and tricky driving. >> it past me and i'll start hydroplaning. >> even a school bus slid off the road, smashing into cars. and a bridge tumbles down across a busy expressway, trapping a big rig and its driver under the rubble. we'll tell you what triggered the collapse. it's all happening now. ♪ we begin with new developments in the search for egyptair flight 804. an airline official confirming crews found more wreckage from the crashed plane including human remains. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this friday. i am jon scott. >> i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. the search for answers in the second day as crews comb the eastern mediterranean waters between the greek islands and north africa. egyptair says the search area
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has a 40 mile radius. but it could be expanded. the european space agency saying it has spotted a possible mile-long oil slick just southeast of the plane's last known location. benjamin hall is following all this from london for us. >> reporter: more clues coming in all the time as investigators try to piece together what happened in the leadup to the crash which killed 66 people. as the search continues the egyptian military have found purses, plane seats, belongings and body parts. the radius is 40 miles and being scanned by two american p-3 planes. also spotted, the oil slick over a mile long 25 miles south of the plane's last known location, which suggests the fuel didn't burn up on ascent and no signs of explosion were picked up at the time. officials have released the identity of the two pilots.
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mohammed shoukair. he was described as kind and pilot. the co-pilot had almost 3,000 flying hours. both men had no political afillcations and had passed periodic background security checks. there were no passengers on the terror watch list. now one part of the investigation moves to paris where authorities have begun questioning everyone who came in contact with the plane prior to departure. they're also looking at where the plane was earlier in the day. most important will be the black boxes which may be at the bottom of the ocean. if it wasn't an explosion, what happened in the cockpit in the leadup to the fateful moments will be all important. desperate hunt for them now. >> benjamin hall from london. we've a fox news alert for you right now.
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presumptive republican nominee donald trump looking to the nra for a boost. he is in kentucky today and scheduled to speak soon as the -- at the nra's annual meeting. there is a lot of speculation about what trump will say to this influential group. senior national correspondent john roberts joins us live from louisville, kentucky. what's the expectation there? >> reporter: melissa, good afternoon to you. donald trump, when he hits the stage about an hour from now will try to go some distance to making members of the nra more comfortable with the idea that he could one day be president. you might remember that several years ago, more than a decade ago, trump took some positions on weapons and personal arms that were at odds with what the nra believes. he was supporting the assault weapons ban, also longer waiting periods for firearm purchases. but donald trump saying he is now in lock step with the nra agenda and we don't need new laws but to prosecute the laws on the books. it's expected nra officials will
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tell their membership to get past it. donald trump is the nominee and they need to work with him. speaking to the folks at the trade show part of the convention, we found most of them have gotten past it. listen to this. >> i'm hoping he'll evolve. >> i think he's going to take care of us. >> he'll come around. i think he will. he knows what it is what we need to do to protect ourselves and our country. i can't imagine voting -- we'll come after him, right, if he doesn't. >> reporter: in recent hours donald trump weighing in on the crash of egyptair flight 804 while the white house says it's too early to know what brought it down donald trump is doubling down on his assertion that it was in fact terrorism. at a fund raiser for chris christie last night telling the crowd that. and he says his presumed opponent won't even say the
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words radical islamic terrorism and isn't fit to be president. >> she refuses to use the term. i am saying to myself, what just happened 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks, okay? >> reporter: trump again going after hillary clinton very hard on foreign policy on twitter this morning. we are really in the period, melissa, where both sides are trying to define the other. hillary clinton trying to define trump mostly on the fact that he has never been president before, his demeanor, the things he's said particularly about women. donald trump trying to tell the american people she can't keep the country safe, that he is the person best positioned to do that. we'll see who wins the battle. >> looks like you are at a rock concert there. can't wait to see more. >> reporter: in fact, we just heard from craig campbell a while ago, famous country artist. great songs like "buy me a boat"
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and "my baby loves to fish." it's been an interesting day so far. >> thank you very much. i love to fish. for more let's talk with danielle hap pern online editor of the weekly standard and betsy wood rough. political reporter at "the daily beast." betsy, you say one of the questions here is not whether donald trump likes nine millimeters over .45s, it's whether he uses a teleprompter. >> exactly. nbc is reporting there is a possibility he'll get one out for the speech. it's extraordinarily rare that he will ever have any sort of prepared notes or outline for the speeches that he gives. one of the things that folks at his rallies love the most about him is that he's free-wheeling and not scripted, that he says whatever he is thinking, however the spirit moves. that said, this is a really important speech for him. it's on an issue that can be kind of complicated. he's talking to an audience of folks who are interested in public policy, who are interested in law and who still, to an extent, need to be
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persuaded that his new-found enthusiasm for the second amendment is lasting, that it's not going anywhere. there is a lot on the line for him. if he gets out a teleprompter i think it indicates that he has a certain amount of investment in being clear and reaching the hearts and minds of these members. if he opts not to use one, i think it shows he is feeling a little more confident with this crowd, a little more comfortable and more, i don't know, more aware that he has support from them. >> the nra might be unsure about where donald trump stands on guns, daniel, but they sure know about hillary inton's position, don't they? >> exactly. i agree with betsy in that it's an important speech but disagree in that it's not a difficult speech. it is rather easy in the sense that hillary clinton has run a big portion of her campaign against the nra, specifically naming them and naming gun rights owners and gun rights enthusiasts and suggesting that she is going to roll back a lot
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of these gun laws. i think coming out and showing solidarity with them is enough. we heard in john roberts' package earlier a lot of enthusiasm for donald trump and a lot of willingness to believe in him despite his previous positions not being so in favor of gun rights. and so i think it's important but it won't be that difficult because hillary clinton has made this part of the campaign so easy for him. >> donald trump's gun stance has changed over the years, but it has, you know, for hillary clinton as well, betsy. >> yeah. clinton's tenor particularly on gun has changed dramatically since the 2008 election. i think it has had some impacts on the way she's done in the democratic primaries. in a way she criticized obama for his comment about pennsylvanians clinging to guns and religion. she talked about how she grew up learning how to shoot guns and related to gun culture. she's made support and
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investment in gun legislation a central part of her campaign. it's one of the few issues where she is to the left of bernie sanders. i think part of the reason she has struggled in states like michigan, west virginia and missouri, hasn't done as well as many would have expected is because she has lost a lot of support with white male democratic primary voters. that particular cohort is supportive of and interested in gun right. i think that's one of the reasons she won white men by double digits in '08 but lost them by double digits in the same state. it's been a liability. >> what happened to the candidate who in '08 was comparing herself to annie oakley. >> she is a very calculating person. she made the comment that things have changed on gun rights. you hear this from the obama administration people. that gun issues are not the same, they don't have the same
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widespread support. hillary clinton is obviously running for obama's third term. she is testing the same thesis. i think this is really, obama's last election was one thing. this will be one of the first national tests where we see if the thesis actually holds and whether the gun rights constituents have the same pull they once did. hillary clinton is betting that they haven't. in hindsight i think that's why she has changed her positions. >> daniel hallpel and betsy w d woodruff. thank you both. we're keeping our eye on donald trump. he is getting ready to address the nra forum. we'll bring you his speech live as soon as he steps up to the microphone. a dramatic end to an armed standoff on a highway north of houston. this all unfolding just moments ago. the suspect arrested on the ground near the vehicle. officials say the incident
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started with a man threatening suicide at an apartment building. the armed suspect then fleeing from police in a white ford pickup truck. police and deputies surrounded that suspect on the interstate before the standoff came to an end. >> wow! beijing unleashes a new high-tech tool in its quest to dominate the south china sea. the latest on the tensions escalating there. plus, a rain-soaked part of the country grappling with more dangerous flooding. we want to hear from you. do you feel confident that our airports here in the u.s. are sufficiently secured? our live chat is up and running. it's our topic of the day. go to to join the conversation. hey!
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under water after heavy rain. the area is under a flood watch through the weekend. similar scenes in san antonio. the zoo there warning people to stay away until the rushing water outside its gate subsides. not to worry. the zoo says all the animals are safe. tensions on the rise in the south china sea. there are new reports that china is stalking foreign warships with a giant spy drone. as beijing stakes its claim on contested islands there. doug mckelway joins us live from the pentagon with more. >> reporter: this report of china's giant spy drone first reported in "the daily beast" is being played down a little bit here at the pentagon. they tell us the u.s. military is not tracking the drone and would suggest it poses no escalated risk beyond what is ordinary and they add that the chinese routinely fly drones
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near u.s. ships. according to one defense official here they look a lot like ours. this one is called a ch-4 and looks a lot like the american reaper drone. it's probably a copy. it can be armed with weapons. the reported buzzing incident by chinese fighters of an orion plane is being played down at the pentagon. while the fighters were close to the ep-3, 50 feet away, they were not doing barrel rolls or aggressive maneuvering as we have seen with the russians. peter cook at the pentagon. >> these kinds of incidents have been rare, and that's been a good thing. so i am not sure we're prepared to conclude at this point whether this was an isolated incident. >> reporter: the chinese do have reason to be very sensitive about u.s. surveillance. hainan island, the spy plane was about 50 miles away, is home to one of the submarine bases. they're very protective of it.
10:18 am
the ep-3 crew had very good reason to be wary of the close proximity of the chinese fighters. recall in 2001 another ep-3 plane was closely surveyed by chinese jet fighters that came so close and were being so aggressive that the two planes actually made contact, badly damaging the u.s. ep-3 which was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing on hainan island. it was resolved and the crew was released after high-level and tense negotiations. jon, back to you. >> thank you. bizarre and disturbing story, a father and son in ohio accused of kidnapping and chaining a 13-year-old girl in the basement. she told police she was shackled on and off over the course of the year. she escaped with a spare key. she and two other children in
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. crews cleaning up a mess after a bridge collapse in oklahoma city. police say a truck carrying a boom lift struck a bridge causing it to fall. wow. look at the picture there. the truck was trapped under the wreckage but no one was seriously hurt, thank goodness. investigators are not sure what
10:23 am
caused the driver to crash into the bridge. they say the bridge will probably have to be completely rebuilt. yeah. i think that's right. what do you think, jon? >> looks like it. as the republican party starts to coalesce around donald trump, the democratic party is starting to come apart. peggy noonan of the "wall street journal" suggests one way hillary clinton can keep the party together writing, quote, presuming she goes on to win the nomination her desperation might prompt her to make bernie sanders her vice presidential nominee. why not. it would hold the party together for this cycle and help keep sanders voters and unsettle trump world. let's talk about it with a fox news contributor and former political advisor to the late new jersey senator frank lautenberg. mark larssen is a radio talk show host based in southern california. julie? a bernie-hillary ticket? >> i don't think it will happen.
10:24 am
peggy made a lot of good points in her column today. if she were not to win, i think it's going to be facing the same seismic shift that the saw the republicans go through this year four years from now. ironically the democratic party is much more united now than it was eight years ago when hillary ran against barack obama. back then only 60% of democrats said that they would support her, who supported obama. right now she is getting 72% of the vote. so even bernie sanders' supporters for the most part are coming around to the fact that if she is the nominee they'll come around and support her. ironically more people than are supporting donald trump on the republican de. she is better off than obama was eight years ago and i anticipate she'll do exactly what trump is doing which is unify it and pick a vice presidential nominee who is probably younger and ethnically for diverse. this would be an unprecedented
10:25 am
old ticket and also white. >> combined age of 142 years if the two of them were to run together. lars, let's step back and say why not. he has excited young people. college campuses love bernie sanders. why not put him on her ticket? >> you can talk to lars or mark. mark here in san diego. >> mark. pardon me, mark. >> that's all right, jon. the weekend at bernie. bernie is in town in san diego twice this weekend. bill is here. trump is here next week. it ain't over yet. to say the democratic party is more unified now, julie, i think that's a stretch. they have let the genie out of bottle in terms of some of the chaos. we saw it in nevada last weekend with barbara boxer saying she feared for her life. this is not come together time. george mcgovern would be spinning in his grave right now when you look at how far left the party has gone because of bernie sanders. if he stays in there to this point on they have a whole lot
10:26 am
more unifying to do than republicans do right now. that ticks them off. >> i am not inventing these numbers. it's from today's "new york times" cbs news poll showing she is getting 72% of the democratic vote. at the same time eight years ago obama was only getting 60. >> i'm talking about the difference between the eight years of a limping along economy -- >> you can go with your gut. i prefer to go with math. >> the fbi digging into hillary's issues and so forth. there is a lot more there. and the chaos that's been out there. you don't want to go back to 1968. diane feinstein didn't want to either. she said so the other day. that's what happened when all the peaceful people went out in protest. they got nixon. >> i think what you are seeing right now is the difference between people who like to go with their gut and people who like to look at math and
10:27 am
statistics. what wins elections in my experience is you have to look at statistics and math. more importantly you have to look at the turnout models not as you wish they were but as they're going to be and prospectively how they're going to be. i'm giving you statistics right now. it's not gut or spin. it's numbers. you can't argue with mathism' giving you math. >> statistics have not worked so well on the republican side. in the early going everybody said no way could donald trump eventually win the nomination. he was too polarizing. >> with all due respect, julie, i know that's the way it's been this year. no experts figured it would be like this now on either side. i don't know that any of that matters. i don't think it will settle down that much by the time we get to fall. the mood is the mood. the mood of the public. the mood of californians and sanders fans is prickly. we'll see. >> we'll see if she pulls bernie sanders' name out of the hat. mark larssen. my apologies for getting it
10:28 am
wrong earlier. >> it's friday. >> that's all right. we're all together. >> and julie. >> have a grade weekend. as the grim search continues for egyptair flight 804 we're talking to someone who taught courses at egyptair for insight into the tragedy that claimed 66 lives. plus, why is the nfl returning hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money? i'm betty white and i'm known for
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in just a few minutes we'll take you to louisville. donald trump will be speaking to the nra ila. institute for legislative action leadership forum at the kentucky exposition center. mr. trump expected to take to the microphones any minute now. when he does so, we'll take you back there live. a fox news alert with more wreckage surfacing from the crash of egyptair flight 804, according to the latest reports. luggage, air plane seats and human remains located in the mediterranean sea near where the plane disappeared while en route from paris to cairo. the search is expanding for the main wreckage and the very important blacks boxes. bringing in seth ckaplan. managing partner of airline weekly. he's travelled to cairo and taught airline management courses for egyptair.
10:33 am
thank you for joining us, seth, you have experience with this particular airline and you've brought along photos for us that show the flight simulator and some of the things you saw when you were working with them. you have a unique perspective. what jumps out at you that we're missing? >> yeah. it's an airline. when you're on the ground there, you get every sense that it's a professionally managed airline. good training programs. i am more on the commercial side, but i taught pilots transitions into management. you sort of contrast that against the mixed history here. an airline that had, well, egyptair flight 990 in 1999. the airline disputed this, but almost certainly a murder suicide by the pilot. the recent hijacking. thankfully no one was hurt during that. on the ground you get the sense that this is an airline run according to international standards. here, though, gosh, facing one of the toughest crises in what's
10:34 am
been now a long series of incidents not just for the airline but for the country, if you include what happened in sharm el sheikh last year. >> you heard the report. they've found a debris site. you make the point that we shouldn't have any false hope, that it's going to be an easy search for what happened, right? we're still a very long way from knowing that. >> very much so. you know, this is water, and not to oversimplify it, but it's much more difficult when you're dealing with that, when you're dealing with potentially very deep water. to be clear, this is not malaysia airlines flight 370 in terms of a mystery where we're just, who knows, maybe never going to know exactly what happened. we're going to get to the bottom of this, but for perspective, air france flight 447, that was the one that crashed off the coast of brazil in 2009. one where, just like this, you know, rather quickly we knew more or less where it went down. in that case it took two years
10:35 am
to find the debris field at the bottom of the ocean, and then the black boxes. so you can have a rather good handle on more or less where the plane went down, have some good ideas about what might have happened yet have it take a very long time to really know. >> in your expert opinion where do you think the evidence is pointing right now? i understand it's early times and no one has claimed credit one way or the other. we have no idea whether it's the result of terror or not. what does your gut tell you? >> anybody who claims to be doing anything more than, let's be honest, educated guessing at this point is not being forth right. look, it seems to have been an explosion. more likely than not an intentional one. though, you know, even there -- with no group having yet claimed responsibility. my mind goes to an incident actually exactly 20 years ago this month, valuejet flight 592 where you had the oxygen canisters explode. i want to be clear. i'm not saying that's the most likely explanation here. the big question, if in fact
10:36 am
this was a bomb, an intentional explosion, is where was it loaded. pan am flight 103 which exploded over lockerbie, scotland, the bomb was loaded in malta, transferred to pan am in frankfurt and exploded after taking off from london. you're dealing with a plane that spent parts of its day in eritrea. in tunisia. in egypt itself. the answer to that question about where and how it got aboard is very important, because if -- if somebody penetrated security at paris charles de gaulle, there is not a lot of precedent for that. for an airliner taking off from a developed world airport like that and exploding with a bomb loaded there. >> you make a very good point that there are two different routes you want to look at for a failure. was this a failure of airport security or was it a failure, if it was in fact intentional, of
10:37 am
intelligence systems, right? >> exactly, melissa. when you think about plots that have succeeded and failed, just go back to the past decade and a half starting with 9/11. more often than not it was at least as much a result of intelligence that succeeded or failed. even 9/11, for all we did in terms of beefing up airport security, it wasn't really a failure at the airport security checkpoint. those box cutters were legal on that day. that was a national intelligence failure. we had guys who were interested in learning how to fly planes not land them. brussels largely intelligence failure. the plot to blow up planes out of london heathrow about a decade ago resulted in the l liquid restrictions.
10:38 am
those guys were caught by intelligence operatives in the u.k. obviously airport security is tantamount. it's necessary but it's not sufficient. intelligence also has to work. >> seth kaplan. thank you for your insight. >> thank you, melissa. the national football league is promising to return more than $700,000 of taxpayer poin. an audit shows money from the department of defense was used for military tributes during football games instead of going to recruitment efforts. abby huntsman live in our new york city newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: good to see you. you remember this. it all came out last year when republican senators john mccain and jeff flake revealed the department of defense had spent $5.4 million in contracts with 14 different nfl teams over the past four seasons for sponsored military tributes and some people are calling it, quote, paid patriotism, this was money
10:39 am
that was supposed to be used for recruitment. this was something the public was not aware of. it has drawn a ton of criticism. one example, the new york jets receiving $115,000 from the new jersey national guard for a number of different ceremonies including honoring a home-town hero during a halftime show. earlier this week nfl commissioner roger goodell wrote a letter to senators mccain and flake saying the nhl with return the money they say was wrongly used. goodell also said in order to ensure the military appreciation activities remain separate from recruitment they'll keep a close eye on future marketing activities. both senators were quick to respond applauding goodell's handling of the situation. senator flake saying the nfl's response to the invesgation sets a new standard and only strengthens its reputation as a supporter of military service members and veterans.
10:40 am
mccain saying the audit is, quote, the right thing to do but he says the attention should be turned to other sports taking in pentagon money like the mlb, nba and nhl. this could only open up a whole new can of worms. >> seems like the league did the right thing. thank you. a changing playing field for donald trump. why our next guest says the presidential race is getting more competitive. a dangerous heat wave threatening lives. how the government is trying to keep people safe as temperatures climb above 120 degrees. w alka-r heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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10:44 am
used to espouse a position that was sort of more anti-individual ownership of guns. these days as a presidential candidate, he has moved more center or maybe even right of center on gun ownership. so we will hear what donald trump has to say as soon as he takes to the microphones. we'll take you back there live to the kentucky exposition center. well, forget about candidates flip-flopping. my next guest says the press is singing a very different tune when it comes to the presumptive gop nominee donald trump. he writes, quote, suddenly, abruptly, the press is viewing donald trump as a potential president. the business that gave him no chance of winning the nomination is starting to change its tune. so how did we get here? howard kurtz is a fox news media analyst, the host of "media buzz" on fox news channel. howie, thanks for joining us. i was reading your article and it reminded me of sometimes i am out and a viewer will come up to
10:45 am
me, somebody who doesn't like donald trump and i say you need to mentally prepare yourself for the idea that he might be the president. he has a chance of winning. they'll say, no, no, he definitely does not. pure denial because they dislike him so much. your article reminded me there are people like that in the media, but you say they are starting to come around? >> yeah. it's an interesting moment. i always get on my soap box and say polls are snapshots. they can be wrong and the polls will change 50 times between now and november. for so long most of the media and anti-trump republicans told us a trump nomination would be a debacle for the gop. it became conventional wisdom. here he is a couple of weeks after clinching. fox news poll shows him up three points. a very competitive race. that has changed the political conversation. i think some of the journalists and pundits are starting to treat the trump campaign with a tad more respect. >> a tad more respect, but
10:46 am
they're not all the way there. >> you know, i -- most of them would say -- and i would not dispute -- that the electoral map favors the democrats and it might be an uphill climb for donald trump. all that we've heard about his unfavorables and women don't like him and african-americans don't like him, muslims don't like him. somehow, magically, if the polls are near accurate, he looks to be a guy who never ran for office before and looks to be in a good position against the former secretary of state. that's a sea change in the media mindset. >> you can tell a lot by the facts and parts of polls that different media personalities flock to. here is one set. you could say on one hand trump has a 24-point edge among might voters. the other side would say clinton dominat dominates hispanic and black votes. any one of the facts taken alone is compelling for one side but
10:47 am
when you group them together you go, i don't know. >> the fact remains that both candidates are pretty unpopular. both having high negatives. that's an unusual situation. but i think the numbers are bad news for the never-trump crowd. this week "washington post" had a front-page story about how grass roots conservatives are still trying to unbind the delegates and the talk of a bid that would hand it to hillary clinton. if the argument is trump would be a disaster for the party and you look at the numbers, you have to say unless you hate the guy or think on principle he shouldn't be president, maybe he's not going to be as much of a disaster as some pundits predicted. >> what advice to you give to pundits out there who said he could never have the nomination? we saw a couple famously. his name is slipping my mind. who said he would eat his column. he did a great job serving up his column to himself to humbly
10:48 am
eat crow and his own column. >> that would be dana milbank of the "washington post." a few other people could have that meal as well. i say go to pundit remediation school. it's not that they were wrong about this or that candidate. they completely and totally misjudged the election and the anger and frustration that donald trump and to some extent bernie sanders have tapped into. be more cautious in making predictions because, you know what, it's on videotape. >> i would say, in everyone's defense, this has been an incredibly unusual election, and i don't think there was anyone except maybe donald trump on the day he announced who thought that it was going to turn out like this. i wonder if even melania knew. >> donald trump told me in our first interview last year that he thought he had a 15% to 20% chance of being the gop nominee. even he is surprised on some level. >> there you go! >> it's a crazy year but many stayed in denial too long as the
10:49 am
evidence accumulated that trump was going to win the nomination. >> wonderful conclusion. we'll leave it there. you are so right. thank you very much. we'll tune in this weekend for fox news reporting, donald trump, the disruptor it airs at 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern sunday, 9:00 p.m. and midnight here on the fox news channel. we're also going to watch "media buzz" with howie. jon. that's right. india is experiencing a major heat wave this week. temperatures in parts of that nation topping 123 degrees fahrenheit, a record for the country. the heat wave already has killed more than 100 people and destroyed crops across india. the situation is getting so bad that the government is using trains to bring water to some areas. a big surge in memorial day travel. the reason more americans are planning to hit the road this year. you both have a
10:50 am
perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. happy friday. donald trump about to give a major speech. it is going to be huge because it is before the nra. he's had an evolving view on gun control. complete live coverage here. plus how will gun control play ow in the general election. if it is trump versus hillary clinton. we'll debate that. reports of an oil slick in the mediterranean where that egypt airplane crashed. what does that tell us about the possibility of a bomb or something else. "the real story" just six minutes from now. aaa predicts more americans will travel this memorial day weekend. 38 million travelers expected to hit the road next week. 700,000 more than last year. why so many people are heading
10:54 am
out of town. >> reporter: it is the second year in a row of consecutive gains of travelers. that's the most in 11 years. they're hitting the roads, that's for sure. why are they actually doing all this traveling? they have low gasoline prices. they have higher employment. we've seen a better economy. it's been slowly improving but we have seen a better economy. and rising wages. with that most of the drivers will be driving. it is 89% of that 38 million that will actually be driving and that in itself is a record. why are the drivers choosing this option? certainly low gasoline prices is a factor there because the current average is $2.27 a gallon of unleaded gasoline, compared to a year ago, $2.72. 2011, it was $3. things were looking better. in fact, drivers were on pace to see the lowest gasoline prices in over a decade, according to aap where are they heading? here are some of the top
10:55 am
destinations. orlando, florida, also as well as myrtle beach, south carolina. new york, new york. and also miami, florida. and boston. what's interesting here is i noted that everybody's going to be driving. 89% of travelers are going to be driving. flying will see a slight increase, up 1.6%. we heard from the tsa today. what about cruises, trains and buses? that area will be decreasing. have a great memorial day weekend as you head off to your favorite destinations. enjoy barbecues, biking, fun and sailing. >> it is burger time, that's for sure. thanks very much. hoy historic work about to get under way at one of christianity's holiest places and it hasn't happened in 200 years. the final 30 is next. >> this is just to pass a
10:56 am
message to everybody and to tell them that we have -- we are delivering what we have promised so far. and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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time for our final 30. restoration work is getting under way this week at the tomb of jesus in jerusalem. the first restoration project in almost two centuries that will focus on repairing, reinforcing and conserving the structure which some christians believe is the site where jesus was buried before his resurrection. pilgrims will still be able to visit the site while the work is under way. it is expected to take about a year to finish. wow. no pressure, right? when you're working on that? you make a little mistake here and there, no one minds. >> not a problem at all. hey, it's been great having you here this week. come back and visit us again anytime. >> i would love it. meantime, i've over on fox busy at 4:00 p.m. eastern after the bell. join me over there. i got a little commercial in there. we are still waiting for
11:00 am
donald trump -- yeah, donald trump. >> yeah, that's him. >> donald trump. you know him. he's going fob taking to the microphones the a the nra convention in louisville. we will take you there live when you gets there. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. donald trump taking another shot at winning support from the nra today. hi, everyone. happy friday, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." massive crowd right now waiting to hear from the presumptive republican nominee in louisville, kentucky where the political arm of the nra is holding its annual convention. senior national correspondent john roberts joins us from louisville. >> reporter: we expect donald trump to take the stage in the next few minutes to some breaking news. the nra and executive director chris cox when he introduces donald trump today will announce the full-throated endorsement of the nra to donald trump. this is the first time that i can remember that the nra has ever gotten behind a presidential candidate this


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