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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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donald trump -- yeah, donald trump. >> yeah, that's him. >> donald trump. you know him. he's going fob taking to the microphones the a the nra convention in louisville. we will take you there live when you gets there. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. donald trump taking another shot at winning support from the nra today. hi, everyone. happy friday, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." massive crowd right now waiting to hear from the presumptive republican nominee in louisville, kentucky where the political arm of the nra is holding its annual convention. senior national correspondent john roberts joins us from louisville. >> reporter: we expect donald trump to take the stage in the next few minutes to some breaking news. the nra and executive director chris cox when he introduces donald trump today will announce the full-throated endorsement of the nra to donald trump. this is the first time that i can remember that the nra has ever gotten behind a presidential candidate this
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early. for example, back in 2012 they didn't get behind mitt romney until october of 2012. is this cox -- yeah, chris cox now is taking the stage so we're expecting that endorsement to happen any second now. it is interesting to note this because back in 2000, donald trump supporters took positions that were completely at odds with the nra's agenda. he supported the ban on assault weapons, longer waiting periods for firearms purchases. now he says he is absolutely in lock-step with the nra on the issues that are most important to them. that's why he's getting the endorsement of the nra. expect that to happen in just the next couple of seconds. >> we are listening to that. as you said, he has had differing positions on guns before back in 2000. if you go to his website now, he is 100% lock-step with the nra. correct. >> reporter: yes, absolutely he is and all the big issues that the nra cares about. i talked to a lot of people in the exhibition hall nearby.
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there's like ten acres of guns there. a really interesti ll lly inter people who go to these things. to a person, every person i spoke to says they would vote for donald trump and while they may have had reservation earlier in his campaign about his positions on firearms, they believe he has come around now to their position. one woman i talked to said i'm going to give him a chance -- she was a ted cruz supporter. i'm going to give him a chance. i believe he'll come around, but if he doesn't, we're combing after to him. >> an interesting side note. >> they bring firearms into the exhibition hall and they can typically bring them into the hall where people are speaking. here's a news flash, gretchen. you can't bring a gun into the white house either. or a knife for that matter. so, yes, the secret service has
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got some very strict rules as you can imagine with the proximity of donald trump to a massive amounts of firearms here. they want to be extra careful. they wouldn't even let me bring in certain things that i need to do my job today, so they're being very strict. but perfectly so because he is a presidential candidate. not everyone agrees with him. >> yeah, good points there, john. stand by. i want to deal in charles payne from fox news network in studio with me. let's talk a little bit about gun sales before donald trump comes to the stage here. in the obama administration or in the last seven years, at least background checks and presumably sales have skyrocketed. >> absolutely. it all began the month he was elected. november 2008 -- background checks went up 29%. it was the greatest month over month increase ever for background checks and it's only gone straight up since then. >> so look at the seven years before with 60 million -- >> 60 million background checks. the seven years before he became
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president. the seven years since, 1 29 million. every single month has been a record month for background checks. that's because we've got hillary clinton who's talking about the second amendment, she doesn't agree with the supreme court's interpretation. so you may go from the frying pan to the fire here if you're someone who believes in the second amendment. >> smith & wesson stock has skyrocketed as well. >> 1,000% since november 2000 uu -- 2008. the moment barack obama was elected. it's $23 right now. >> from a business point of view, obviously gun owners and people who want to own guns have been nervous under this administration. >> absolutely they've been nervous. president obama has wanted to take their guns. i don't think he's made any bones about it. they've tried different things. talked about taxing bullets. we know hillary clinton is really adamant about carrying on this goal of taking firearms from americans. >> it is interesting because
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we're just getting word now that hillary clinton will be in florida tomorrow. she's going to meet with the mother of trayvon martin. as you recall, he was the teenager in florida who was shot a couple of years ago. obviously this is going to be a huge campaign issue, charles. >> absolutely no doubt about it. this is something where the left and right will never meet on but it's been more intense similarly since president obama has been pretty aggressive with the use of executive orders. he's tried very creative ways they've put on the drawing board. none have worked yet. but there is no doubt that if hillary clinton is the next president of the united states the assault on the second amendment will continue and she may figure out a creative way to take guns or at least stop people from buying new guns. >> charles, thank you. let's listen in now, the national anthem. ♪ -- bright stars through the perilous fight ♪
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o'er the ramparts we watched were no sal gaso gallantly stre♪ ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> we're listening to the national anthem there beautifully sung. before donald trump comes to the stage, you can see chris cox, executive director of the nra on
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stage after the national anthem. apparently we are waiting now for the endorsement of donald trump by the nra. let's listen to chris cox. >> -- he's a charter member of nra's golden ring of freedom and a recipient of the robbed reagan leadership award, please welcome our good friend, joe gregory. >> chris cox is introducing another speaker here, joe gregory. back out to john roberts while we wait for donald trump. i assume that trump's coming up next. >> he will be up in just a minute here. a couple of speeches yet to be made, then chris cox will back up, he will offer the endorsement, then donald trump will come out. interesting to note that this -- the crowd in freedom hall here, it's almost full to capacity. the only reason why it is not is because there is some seats up in the nose-plead section that they weren't going to sell. but with the thousands of people who are waiting outside to get in, they, a, delayed the program, and b, decided to open a lot of those seats up.
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really you couldn't put anymore people in here than are already in here under the way that it was structured. maybe put another tho thousand people in here but for the most part the place it full and it holds well over 10,000 people. a lot of people have come out to see donald trump today. really interesting to note, too, folks that i talked to earlier -- i probably talked to 10 or 12 people -- none of them said i'm not going to vote for donald trump, i don't like him. we are talking to people who supported ted cruz back in the primaries. to a person they all said they were going to vote for donald trump. while they still may have some lingering concerns, not necessarily reservations but lingering concerns about his past positions on firearms they were willing to give him the benefit of the douft and vote for him. because to a person they also said they were not going to vote for hillary clinton. as much as you see people voting for donald trump, you're also seeing them vote against hillary clinton. here is something else interesting nra officials told
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us. there want a lot off enthusiasm or excitement for mitt romney or john mccain but they have seen enthusiasm for donald trump the likes of which they haven't seen since george bush ran for president. so a very enthusiastic crowd out here today. that's one reason the nra thinks it is on very solid ground endorsing donald trump so early in this campaign. >> as we often don't see anymore, we have been listening to a prayer in the background as well. we assume now that chris cox will be soon endorsing donald trump which would be an early endorsement from the nra. we weren't expecting this today necessarily. will donald trump actually speak from a teleprompter when he accepts that endorsement. and when he speaks to this crowd of john roberts telling us at least 10,000 people potentially. there had been some discussion about whether or not he would speak ad lib which has made him so popular, quite frankly, during this election cycle but there is a very important speech for him today.
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we already hear he has the endorsement of the nra but to get all the other constituents across the country behind him and believing in him and what his feelings are now about gun control. they are different than they were as soon as 2000 -- or as recent as 2000. john, dealing you back in now. one of the things that i was just announcing to charles payne was that hillary clinton is going to be meeting with the mother of trayvon martin in florida tomorrow. obviously this is going to be a huge, huge campaign issue between these two candidates. >> oh, it definitely will. hillary and the democrats are for stricter gun control laws, whereas the republicans typically -- has happened on occasion in the past, somebody will come forward were a position that is slightly similar to that on the democratic side. but for the most part over history republicans had been enforcing the current laws as opposed to putting more laws on the books when it comes to guns. they say prosecute the criminals, don't prosecute law-abiding gun owners. at least one big issue on which
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donald trump is in lock-step with the nra is this idea of concealed carry permits and a concealed carry permit in a state, say they have a conceal carry permit in the state of georgia, under current law that's not valid if you go across the country to another state. donald trump supports the nra's proposal to make conceal carry laws in one state valid in other states. kind of like your driver's license, if you will. you can imagine if you drove from new york and when you drove into pennsylvania they said, i'm sorry, your driver's license isn't valid here, you have to go through another examination process here in the state of pennsylvania if you want to drive through. that's an area where they're in lockstep. donald trump running into a little bit of with his proposal to remove the designation of gun-free school zones. the reasoning behind that is that there are large number of people who believe that not just officers within the schools but school officials should be able to bring firearms on the premises to protect students but under current laws they wouldn't be able to do that. >> exactly. if you go to,
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you can see his exact viewpoints on all of this. we are waiting now for the endorsement from chris cox, executive director of the nra. we'll get that in just a few minutes right after this. one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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we're live still in louisville, kentucky now because we are awaiting donald trump to speak before the nra, some 10,000 people. chris cox, executive director of the nra supposedly going to endorse donald trump. when he introduces him just moments from now. we are keeping a close eye on that. we'll continue the gun debate with cam edwards, host of cam and company on nra news radio. we also have leslie marshall, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. cam, let me start with you. the nra is going to endorse donald trump today. are you happy about that? >> you know, i'll wait and see
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what the announcement is. i'm hearing this from you, actually. we'll wait and hear what chris cox will say. i don't think anybody was expecting the nra to come out and endorse hillary clinton today. >> that's for sure. it is very clear donald trump is pro-second amendment, in sharp contrast to hillary clinton. this will be a huge, huge issue in this election? >> i think it actually could be. because obviously democrats are very much in favor of what secretary clinton is proposing and that is actually an area of division among democrats, as you know, gretchen, because of the voting record historically with regard to gun control measures of bernie sanders. the problem here is that the people that support hillary are going to support her measures with regard to gun control, expanded background checks, not taking away those gun-free zones, perhaps even expanding them, and the opposite could be set of donald trump as of late
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compared to what he wrote years ago in his book. he's done a complete 360 on this tissue. what about the centrists, moderates, independents who live with social issues, fiscal, they're more conservative, where are they going to lie because i think they're the ones that are going to make this decision. i'm not sure this issue will slit them and push them to one candidate alone. >> a recent fox news bol donald trump was clobbering hillary clinton among independents by 16 points. i don't know how that would be on this specific issue. but cam, listen to what donald trump said after the paris terror attacks, what his take was on how that situation could have been different if there were more guns with private citizens. listen to this. >> paris is one of the places in the world that's toughest on guns. all right? and france. so you had all of these people sitting in these different places, no protection whatsoever. if you had 25 people in there that had guns, okay? it would have been a totally
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different story, folks. and you would have had death, but it would have been their death. >> cam, this is what donald trump agrees with now and he's also calling to eliminate gun-free zones at schools, as leslie just alluded to, and on military bases. both places where we have seen a lot of violence. cam, what do you think about that? >> absolutely. look, it is not just donald trump saying this. ron noble, former head of interpol this week out with a video talking about the attack at the west gate mall in nairobi, kenya that lasted for four days. ron noble still believes in some gun control measures but he also believes in the power of the armed citizen. good guy with a gun really can stop a bad guy with a gun. there is no way that you can harden every target in this country or throughout the world. so there is a place where responsible law abiding gun owners should protect themselves, their families and those around them. >> leslie, of what cam just said, what would you disagree with? >> oh, look. i am in favor of the second
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amendment but i have rights, too. i have rights to send my children to school without other people having or owning guns. and in addition to that, if guns really make us safer, then how come we have more mass shootings last year than we've had in ages and gun ownership is at an all-time high and every time there's an attack, more people buy guns but that hasn't made us safer. on nestly if everybody having a fun would make us safer, i would sign up. but the statistics or facts don't bear that to be true so i don't feel as a parent or citizen safer around everyone packing a weapon. if you don't have a background check at a gun show and a bad guy is getting a gun, as you talk about, cam, then that person i not there necessarily to save you or i or our kids. they could hurt you or i or our children. >> what do you respond, cam, to gun violence rising? >> first violent crime has been declining for the past 2 1/2 decades in this country even as
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more americans have been owning firearms. 13 million americans become concealed carry holders, violent crime has been dropping from this country. last year we did see an increase in homicides but largely in cities like washington, d.c., chicago, baltimore, maryland, los angeles, california which had had some of the most restricted gun control laws on the books. 126% increase in aggravated assaults last year. bad guys don't care what the gun laws are. these laws are aimed at the law abiding gun owners in this country trying to minimize and narrow what it means to exercise your right to keep and bear arms. >> donald trump has said is he a lifetime member of the nra and that his sons have an appreciation for hunting and you can find out all of his viewints at his website as well. it is very explanatory there. i want to take you back to how both of these candidates talked about the oregon shooting at the school there a couple of months ago and how their opinions were completely different from one another. here's trump, and clinton. >> you could make the case that it would have been a lot better
11:21 am
had people had guns because they had something to fire back. >> do you maic that case? >> i would say that it couldn't be much worse. i think the police did a great job. they got there quickly and they were kill him. i can make the case that if there were guns from that room other than his, fewer people would have died, fewer people would have been so horribly injured. >> we need to go back and with all of our hearts working not just in washington, but from the grassroots up, demand that we have universal background checks. we have to close the loopholes. you know, we've got what's called the gun show loophole. and we've got what's now being called the charleston loophole. >> all right. you just heard both candidates. cam and leslie, i'm going to get your comments on that right after this as we still await donald trump. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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fox news alert. we continue to wait now for donald trump to come to the stage to speak before 10,000 people at the nra convention in louisville, kentucky. as you can see now, the ceo of the nra, wayne la pierre has taken the stage after chris cox. not sure if chris cox will come back to give the endorsement. fox news has learned the nra will endorse donald trump today in his candidacy for president. we are keeping a close eye on this. meantime, let's continue our discussion with cam edwards, host of "cam and company" and leslie marshall, radio talk show host, fox news contributor. before we went to break we were listening to the diverging opinions on gun control with regard to what had happened in oregon a few months ago. donald trump definitely saying that if more people had concealed carry, less people would die in these types of
11:26 am
events. cam. >> look, i think it is the same argument that he made when he talked about the attacks in paris or the attacks in san bernardino. when it comes to the campus carry issue, you can see what's happened in states that have adopted this law. colorado passed theirs in 2003. campuses in both of those states. these are people who are already lawfully carrying throughout society. why would they expect them to be any different when they step foot on a campus? >> liberty university was the first and maybe the only institutions to also say they would allow that to happen on their campus. your thoughts? >> i have a problem with this. i really do. because one of the things -- i have to say, left and right that are not addressed with broad sweeping generalizations with regard to legislation is we're not addressing a multi-faceted approach to a multi-faceted problem. neither left or right is address mental illness. u.n. vesal background checks are overwhelmingly supported by
11:27 am
americans regardless of their yid gol gi and even if they are gun owners. here in california, they have -- ballot measures and initiatives to require background checks on ammunition. other states are trying to get rid of gun-free zones and allow people to carry weapons on campuses. the bottom line is that my problem would be -- i'm not a trump supporter -- for those that say they support trump, he's not been consistent with the rhetoric i think we'll hear him say with regard to his opinion on guns and the second amendment to this nra audience. i would as a voter if i were voting for him would be concerned he's just saying what i want to hear to get my vote. hillary clinton has been consistent with regard to gun control measures her entire career, even prior to being senator, first lady be with and even prior to that in wellesley days in massachusetts. >> thank you you both as we continue to wait for donald
11:28 am
trump to come to the stage. before we go on to the next story, there are college campuses where you are allowed to have concealed carry. liberty university was one considering adding it. the other big news story of the day, officials continuing to investigate with a caused that crash of egyptair, the plane that went down yesterday. satellite images detect a potential oil slick in the eastern mediterranean sea in the same area that that flight disappeared. trace gallagher is looking at this today. what might that mean? >> reporter: that satellite image from the european space agency spotted the oil slick 25 miles from the area where egyptair flight 804 disappeared. it could be from a ship or something else. but if it is from the missing a-320, it would be very helpful in the investigation. the slick is said to be about a mile long which is an indication the plane was largely intact when it hit the water. experts say if the plane blew apart at 37,000 feet or say 20,000 feet, you would expect
11:29 am
the oil slick to be spread out over a much wider area. and, of course, as they recover more degree from this area, they'll also be looking for telltale signs of any kinds of explosives, things look shrapnel, burn marks and dimpling of the metal. the bbc is also reporting the same airplane that crashed into the mediterranean was forced to make an emergency landing in cairo three years ago. the report did not give a precise reason why the plane turned back to the airport, saying it was only because of a "technical fault" which was later repiairerepaired. egift air says that has absolutely nothing to do with yesterday's crash. we should note -- who knows? a 51-year-old pasqual hess was about to cancel his flight because he lost his passport but a neighbor then found it just in
11:30 am
time. one of his friends said, "it was strange but he wasn't feeling this trip at all. it's as though he had a premonition." more updates on the investigation as we get them. >> such a sad story, trace. thank you. we are still waiting for donald trump to take the stage in louisville, kentucky, at the national convention of the nra. wayne la pierre, ceo, still onstage now. the nra apparently going to endorse donald trump very early in the election cycle. it is going to happen right here on "the real story." we'll bring it to you right when it starts. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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bottom of the hour here on "the real story." fox news alert because you can see wayne la pierre, ceo of the nra, still speaking now in louisville, kentucky. we're still awaiting donald trump and the endorsement apparently coming from the nra. we'll beret that bring we'll bring that to you immediately when it happens. the egyptair plane went down in the mediterranean and now the expected depth is way more than originally thought -- as much as 11,000 feet possibly complicating recovery of the plane's black boxes. could be down 111,000 feet. >> conditions in the short term are a little bit rougher than they were yesterday though
11:35 am
that's kind of a quick storm moving through. one thing, if you think about -- i've never been to the mediterranean. you probably have but i've seen pictures along the coastal areas of france and into greece. it is really rocky shores and it is really rugged. that goes down deep into the sea here. think about that kind of a terrain where you would have a sea floor. it is not like if you've been to the caribbean and it is very smooth area where they would be looking for this wreckage. there is a lot of canyons and crevices and cliffs in the ocean but maybe 10,000 to 15,000 feet deep. you are watching an area yesterday we said maybe 8,000 to 10,000 feet deep. we are talking about an area that's probably a little bit deeper than that but also really rugged terrain under the sea. i think that's going to be difficult for them. whether wise, you see this storm getting close to them. a storm moving through overnight. this said, it is going to cause major problems. it is going to bring the wind up just a little bit. overall, an enclosed
11:36 am
mediterranean sea here isn't prone to the gigantic waves in the open ocean like the atlantic or pacific. things a little bit better. wind wise overall, that blue that you see moving there, that's 15-mile-an-hour winds. we might see that come across couple times over the weekend. >> interesting thing you bring up. if it is not the waves that are going to be difficult to get through it is what might be underground. and what sort of weather patterns do we typically see during this time of year? >> if this had been winter you end up with systems across europe and that can bring a lot of winds. but transitioning toward a summer pattern, overall weather isn't that bad and the sea is pretty calm. that will certainly help. what will maybe make a bit of a current is the ocean currents around this area. there are different currents in this sea in the same way that there are across the open ocean. there's also eddies which can just be little circulation that
11:37 am
gets broken off from a main current. it is difficult to tell where those eddies are but we do know the overall ocean currents here will probably, based off of where they found this debris, pull it a little to the north away from egypt, if it is that far in fact north into the mediterranean. >> thanks much for that. >> you bet. back to politics now. the race for the democratic nomination. hillary clinton feeling pretty confident about that essentially telling cnn's she's already won. she's holding a fund-raising event in texas right now but bernie sanders not giving up, makes a big push for support next door in new mexico today. mike emanuel is live in washington. what is the sanders campaign saying were regard to clinton clinton? >> they are saying not so fast. votes in indiana, west virginia and oregon where sanders won. with almost every national and state poll showing senator sanders doing much, much better
11:38 am
than secretary clinton against donald trump, it is clear many americans have growing doubts about the clinton campaign. a short time ago former president bill clinton in south dakota made this argument for his wife. >> more than 90% of the people who served with both of them have endorsed hillary. if you believe that they did it just because they're all part of some corrupt political establishment, there a he no difference in republicans and democrats, you shouldn't vote for her. >> but we've seen on both sides, this is a very anti-establishment election cycle. >> what are the concerns about july's democratic convention in philadelphia? because bernie sanders has been very explicit about it, he's going to be there. >> absolutely. there are four demonstration permits that have been authorized by the city, demonstrations supporting bernie sanders. philadelphia officials say one is expected to attract 30,000 participants. clinton and her allies have talked about needing to unify at the convention but this past weekend's democratic convention in nevada has many democrats alarmed when sanders supporters said they thought the state
11:39 am
party was favoring clinton, they rushed the stage and the convention was shut down by security. so the big worry is if sanders and his supporters are unhappy with the national convention, might we see this on a larger scale with a national audience watching sanders supporters say they want to keep his movement going. >> mike emanuel, thanks much. we are still awaiting now donald trump to come to the stage at the nra to speak to some 10,000 people. wayne la pierre, ceo of the nra, still on the stage now. we are also expecting the nra to endorse donald trump. this would come very early. nra typically does not endorse a candidate until much later in the campaign season. for example, they did not endorse e endorse mitt romney until2012. but the nra says there is an excitement with donald trump that they never saw with mitt romney or john mccain. looks like wayne la pierre is finished with his speaking.
11:40 am
we're anticipating that chris cox, executive director of the legislative part of the nra is going to come back. here he is. and potentially do the endorsement now of donald trump. let's listen in just briefly to see if that's going to happen right now. >> friends, think about this. if hillary clinton is elected had november, and serves two terms, she'll be president until 2025. the damage that would be done by her policies and her supreme court picks will destroy individual freedom and therefore destroy the america we all love. we cannot let that happen. we have to unite and we have to unite right now. so on behalf of the thousands of patriots in this room and the 5 million nra members across this country, and the tens of millions who support us, i'm officially announcing the nra's endorsement of donald trump for
11:41 am
president. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, donald trump! [ cheers and applause ] >> so as we can see the thunderous applause here, donald trump coming to the stage with wayne la pierre and chris cox after the nra officially endorses donald trump. he's giving both thumbs up for that endorsement and a rousing applause from the crowd. now let's listen to donald trump. >> thank you very much. this is amazing.
11:42 am
i did not know that. i knew i was doing well, but i did not know that. and i've been a member for a long time. and my boys are members. and they're much better shooters than i am. they know more about guns. there might be two or three people in this room, but believe it or not, not many. so to get the endorsement, believe me, is a fantastic honor. i just are said to wayne and i just said to chris, i will not let you down. remember that. i will not let you down. i wrote a few remarks and i'm going to actually read them because we go into a little detail. but i will tell you that hillary clinton -- you know i called her "crooked hillary" because all you have to do is read any newspaper you want. but hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. just remember that. we're not talking about change it. she wants to abolish the second
11:43 am
amendment. we're not going to let that happen, i can tell you that right now. we're going to preserve it. we're going to cherish it. we're going to take care of it. okay? you know, they keep chipping away. they talk about the magazines. they talk about the bullets. we're going to take care of it. a couple of things before i give you some more detailed remarks. i feel really happy with what's going on. you know, the fox poll came out three days ago and in a fox poll i'm leading hillary 41%-44%. 44%. and last night rasmussen with, is a highly respected poll, trump 42%, crooked hillary 37%. with all that, we have a long way to go. but if you get everyone of your friends to go vote -- because there is a big difference. you know, a lot of the things there are a difference. some are subtle, some are big. by the way, we're in kentucky. we're going to put the miners back to work, before i forget
11:44 am
about that. we're going to put the miners -- we just left -- and i also won kentucky so i love kentucky. i used to work in cincinnati for two summers. i worked in cincinnati doing a job with my father and i loved cincinnati and i'd come over the line and i'd be in kentucky. you'd be surprised how much i know about kentucky. it's an amazing place. but i said when i won new york -- because we won new york in a landslide. then pennsylvania and maryland and we won everything. we were winning won connecticu rhode island. and then we went to west virginia and, boy, did i win. did we do well in west virginia. wow! but all landslides. in all of the states i mentioned and more, every single county in every single state. that's called a victory. and we won by massive percentages in the 60s and some in the 70s. then of course we went to
11:45 am
indiana. as you know, that was going to be the firewall for the other side. and it turned out to be a massive victory us again. it didn't hurt that bobby knight came out and said "i want trump to win." that didn't hurt. if you're in indiana and bobby knight endorses you, i guess that's about as good as it gets. so i just want to say that i've been watching what's going on and i've been looking at airplanes getting blown up in it the air and lots of bad things happening. it is not just the same. we're going to bring it back and we're going to bring it back to a real place where we don't have to be so frightened, where we don't have to be so afraid and you know what's happening in the schools and you know what's happening everywhere. we're going to bring it back and you folks are going to be so happy and you're going to be so proud of your country again. just remember. bernie sanders, who i'm sure you all love, he did say one thing
11:46 am
that was very interesting. he said that hillary clinton is unqualified to be the president of the united states. and he said that -- and it's just one of those things. he said she suffers from bad judgment. and she does. you look at so many of her decisions have been bad. so i think we're going to do really, really well and i look forward to it. i actually look very forward to the debates. i love the debates. i don't know. i never debated before and all of a sudden i have all these debates. that was a big question mark in my mind. how will i do on debates i'm debating people on all of these top debating teams. but they never had people interrupting them every word, you're a liar, you're a liar, and they can't speak. you would have done the same. i know a lot of the audience, you would have done the same. so i just want to give this -- it is so important to me. i wrote it down. again, my sons have been members of the nra for many, many years.
11:47 am
and they're incredible. they have so many rifles and so many guns, sometimes even i get a little bit concerned. i say that's a lot. okay? but i will tell you, they are -- they know so much about it and really they're surrogates. they go around and speak. every time they speak to a gun organization or a club or -- people call me and they say, your boys are great boys and, boy, do they know their business. so it's one of those things. that's the way we want it. and i mention so often we talk about paris or we talk about san bernardino. nobody had guns. paris is probably, in the world, the toughest place to have a gun. the toughest. france, generally. but paris in particular. when these thugs walked in -- thugs. you know, the press used to call them masterminds. mastermind. i said that's why people are joining. that's why they're coming in, because you are using the wore mastermind. thugs. i call them the guy with the dirty cap. remember the white cap. and it was filthy dirty.
11:48 am
this was the mastermind. and actually the press has stopped using the term. they're very dishonest people, among the most dishonest i've ever met, but they actually stopped using the term mastermind because they use that term, then they wonder why our youth is going and fighting for isis. they don't even know what they're fighting for. but i think it's gotten a lot better from that standpoint. but if you look at paris, 130 people killed. hundreds of people still in the hospital. just horribly wounded. can never be the same. horribly wounded. and these guys came in, boom, boom. you, over here, boom. and they just stood there and just shot everybody. no guns on other side, folks. if you would have had guns on the other side, if i took a couple of these folks -- and here, some especially wearing the red caps, "make america great again," i promise there wouldn't have been 130 people and hundreds of people lying in the hospital to this day. it might not have happened. because if they knew there were guns in the room, it might not
11:49 am
have happened. but if it did, you would have had bullets going in the opposite direction. and believe me, the carnage would not have been the same by any stretch of the imagination. and i tell d-- thank you. i tell the same story on san bernardino. who knows. it is a mess. we're in a mess, folks. a mess. radical islamic terrorism. we have a president doesn't mention the words, doesn't want to talk about it. and if you don't want to talk about it, you're never going to solve a very big problem. and we are talking a worldwide problem. we're not talking here. we're not talking kentucky. we're talking all over the world this is a problem and we have a president doesn't want to mention the name. you have san bernardino. 14 people. they worked with these two. they work with them. they gave them a baby shower.
11:50 am
they had a baby. the people they worked with gave them a baby shower. they walked in, no guns on the other side. they had the guns and they killed 14 people, many wounded, many in the hospital to this day. but they wounded many. but they killed 14 of their co-workers. and the co-workers thought they were friends.
11:51 am
11:52 am
we should have nonteleprompter speeches option. that way you don't find out about anybody. so, crooked hillary clinton is the most antigun, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office and as i said before, she wants to to abolish the second amendment. wants to take your guns away. the nra and the late hero -- he was a great guy -- charlton heston, who many of you knew -- [cheering] >> i met him a few times. he was an incredible guy. did battle with the clintons to protect our second amendment. the nra has led the fight, time and time again, to protect our
11:53 am
fundamental freedoms. this is an amazing group. chris, and wayne, and all of the people -- they're incredible people and they really believe, this isn't a job. they really, really believe, and we're all lucky to have people like that, i will tell you. really lucky. [applause] >> of course, if they didn't endorse me, marsh i wouldn't say that. -- maybe i wouldn't say that. i would. hillary clinton wants to reverse the supreme court decision, d.c. vs. heller, upholing the right to keep and bear arms. hillary said the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. that is bad. that's like what she said about the miners, going to put the miners and the mines out of business. then she goes, right, to -- oh. boy, tell you. west virginia, how were they? i hate to say i won kentucky but
11:54 am
i won west virginia by even more. but of course she made that statement after i had already won kentucky. we're going to win them all. we're going to win them all. we're going to win them all. if hillary gets to a -- to appoint judges -- defense is number one. everything is important but without defense we don't have a country, and our military, as you know, it's being decapitated. what they're doing to our military is incredible. i saw over the weekend a documentary on our great airmen, and these are people that are flying our jets, and they're running out of parts for our fighter jests, -- jets. they're going to junkyards, plane graveyards, where the old planes -- and they're taking parts off. they're cannibalizing the planes. and they're putting them on to the jets, and i'm saying, is
11:55 am
this the united states? why don't we have new equipment? and a man got up, great guy, looked as good or better than tom cruises you. know what i'm talking about. that was a great movie. he said i've been in this 20 years and used to be so incredible. and now it's like a different world. the equipment, the way it's maintained, everything. it's like a different world. and i just have to say, just to interrupt what i'm going to be talking about, i have to say, we're going to make our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and nobody, nobody is going to push us around. nobody. [cheers and applause] >> nobody. and by the way, as part of that, we are going to take care of our great veterans, and i have to
11:56 am
tell you, the proper way. the proper way. thank you, everybody. thank you. if hillary gets to a point her judges -- you know, one of the biggest and most important reasons to win this time -- it's very unusual. sometimes you get no judges. sometimes you go for years and there's no judges. probably there will be a minimum -- scalia, one of the greats. his position is up. great. he was great. but you have scalia, so you have one before you even start, assuming -- and i'm sure that mitch and the guys are going to be able to hold out, i have no doubt. we don't want anybody taking that slot. but you have scalia and you'll probably have three -- it could be four, and it could even be five judges. so, i think in terms of -- we're talking bat four-year period, and of course we intend to be there for eight years, but we'll make it so good in four you'll
11:57 am
probable live say you don't need to do it any longer, mr. president. but i can't stress in any stronger fashion whoever the next president is going to appoint, from three to five judges, and if it's hillary or whoever -- assuming she is allowed to run. because what she did with her e-mails is so criminal, is so dishonest, is so shocking, that she shouldn't be allowed to run but looks like they're going to let her run, and that is okay with me because really i do want to run against her. have to be honest with you. so, if she gets to appoint jumps she will abolish the second amendment, and i have to say that would be in my opinion, that's what she is going to go for and it's a. like she did with the coalminers. she said, about -- she is going put the mines out of business and she went to west virginia and she said, oh, well, i tried to retract. she tried to retract it.
11:58 am
didn't work out too well. she got really beaten badly. hillary wants to disarm vulnerable americans in high-crime neighborhoods. whether it's a young single mom in florida, or a grandmother in ohio, hillary wants them to be defenseless. wants to take away any chance they have of survival. and by the way you have men and women sitting in an apartment, and outside is tremendous crime, tremendous crime of all kinds, and they need to be protected. and you know the only way they're going to be able to protection themselves, and if you take that gun away from them, it's going to be very unfair situation. and that's why we're going to call her heartless hillary. we can do without that. i like -- somehow i like crooked hillary better. i put forth -- you probably saw it's few days ago -- i put forth a list of judges who will protect and defend all of our freedoms, including the second
11:59 am
amendment. the judges will follow the constitution, and these were all highly vetted -- the federalist society, heritage, some great references from jeffbw?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?, fp'tastic man, from mitch and a whole group of people, and we put down 11, i'll be adding some additional names over the next month, prior to the convention. hope you can come to the convention. and we're going to be put something additional names in. i think you'll be very happy with them. it's been reviewed incredibly well. people love these people, and i thought i'd do that because i really think it brings the party together. it realmy is going to -- the effect it's had is incredible. they weren't sure will trump appoint this win, or that one. so i put together the list, with some incredibly important organizations and highly respected, and everybody's really happy. you see we have gotten a-plus reviews on that.
12:00 pm
now, i'd like to call for hillary clinton to put together a list also. okay? let her put together a list because i'd like to see what that list consists of, and you will see it's day and night, okay? day and night. and it will not be good for the people in this room and it won't be good, by the way, for the people of ourémñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ countrt importantly. so, americans use guns to defend themselves against violent crime, more than a million times a year. okay? more than a million times a year. and they want to take them away. heartless, hypocrites like the clintons-want to take this and get rid of guns and yet they have body guards with guns. i think in addition to calling for them to name judges, we'll also call them and let their bodyguards immediately disarm. okay?


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