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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. you're foolish if you miss that. shawn back monday, have a great weekend! ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric i'm filling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the factor election 2016. how the crash of egyptair flight 804 is a central issue in the battle for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton are blaming the crash for terrorism while trying to position themselves as the best terror warrior. here is what we know so far about the crash. search teams found plane wreckage, human remains and personal belongings in the mediterranean sea but so far, no black box. investigators don't know what
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the cause of the plane to go down but now there may be a new clue. smoke alarms are reportedly reported going off moments before the crash and terrorism is not being ruled out. trump was the first to call it that. >> what just happened about 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. if anything, if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100 % wrong, folks. >> chris it does appear that it was an act of terrorism, exactly how of course, the investigation will have to determine. but once again, it shines a very bright light on the threat from organized terror groups, isis of course but other net kwoworks o terrorists that have to be defeated. >> she blamed trump with the terrorism -- with the muslim ban.
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>> you're sending a message to the terrorists, we have seen how donald trump is being used to essentially be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism. >> trump responded in a statement saying hillary's comments prove she is not qualified to be president. as we reported, a new fox news poll shows registered voters trust trump over clinton. trump arising a arousing tough on crime speech saying if the good guys had guns during the san bernardino attack, they might have been able to fight against the terrorists. >> they walked in. no guns on the one side. they had the guns and killed 14 people. many wounded, many in the hospital to this day but they wounded many. but they kill 14 of the co-workers. the co-workers thought they were friends. so there is something going on.
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i tell you again, same story, if we had guns on the other side, it wouldn't have been that way. i would have, boom. if we had guns on the other side, it wouldn't have been that way. >> joining us now from tampa, adam goodman, a gop strategist and david safori. trump, rousing speech. i would have gone boom. he got a rise out of that one. >> you saw with the square off what the election was all about. we want, not scripted rereplies. we want spontaneous reaction. i love the words trump used when he tweeted out unfortunately our hearts go out to the family by the way. he tweeted out when will we be strong, smart and vigilant. that is striking to the core and i think when it is all said and done, you're about to see a new
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theme emerge in the campaign. i like to say it this way. you might not always like what donald trump says but you'll love what he will do for america and i think he'll bring the crowd at the nra feels it. he is commanding the stage, controlling the conversation and i think everybody's ears are open to a new kind of leadership on display with donald trump. >> okay, david, hillary clinton has said, she is like barack obama, she basically wants to run as a third term of barack obama on many issues. if she does that and you have the position of barack obama's being weak on terror, he can't even say islamic terrorism and donald trump coming out of the box saying this is a terror attack, isis we're coming after you, it has to stop. that does define the difference between the two candidates, hillary and donald. >> hillary clinton has four years of experience of secretary of state. donald trump is woefully unprepared to be commander-in-chief. i say that not just because he hasn't studied foreign policy issues, he doesn't care about
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foreign policy issues and hasn't put people around him that know foreign policy issues, though all are true, i say that because shockingly ignorant things he has said about foreign policy. yesterday was a prime example. he said this tragedy, the egyptair tragedy is terrorism. there is no facts yet to support terrorism. -- i don't know if it matters if it ends up being terror or not. what matters or what is resonating among the americans, we showed the poll, 52% to 40%. that donald trump would be tougher on terror is resonating is because he appears to be tougher on terrorism. >> he called it terrorism before anyone -- any facts suggest it is. >> on the left you talk about hillary's experience. she is far more experienced than donald trump. it doesn't equal qualifications. just because she has experience doesn't mean she is qualified to lead a fight against terror that hasn't been fought for eight years. >> look, you can criticize
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hillary clinton in 2008 for maybe not having foreign policy experience and not knowing the issues. but after four years of secretary of state, meeting with hundreds of foreign leaders, conducting many trips abroad and over seeing our foreign policy during a time of mostly peace and prosperity and effective foreign policy and reaching out to countries that used to be enemies and making them friends, she has a strong message -- >> let's talk about her record. four dead americans, the ambassador and three of his people in benghazi. there is a deal on the table that most americans think was a terrible deal with iran. what is her foreign policy legacy, adam? >> eric, i mean, make the list. iran, iraq, syria, yemen, isis, the aggressiveness of the russians, benghazi. it goes on and on. he is defending a -- srecord th led this country into peril as
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opposed to what donald trump is. shae demanding what must be done. i think we're looking for a strong, determined, clear headed leadership at the top and i think the world is looking for america to stand up and be there again. i think we haven't had that for the last eight years. i would love to have a debate on hillary clinton's foreign policy credentials. i think she has a lot of explaining to do as they say, but the biggest thing in this election. we don't want to hear the guilded responses. give it to us straight. let us know how you feel and that is where donald trump is scoring big right now. >> david, in a strange met for, strange situation today. almost exactly the same time going on, donald trump was accepting the endorsement of the nra while there was a lunatic, could have been a terrorist going at the white house with a gun, he gets shot. listen, you hear donald trump taking that, meanwhile, where is president obama during this whole thing? sh he is golfing.
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>> accepting an endorsement from the nra has nothing to do with foreign followsy. no kparnson -- foreign policy. no comparison. that is like the wizard of oz makes threatening statements but there is a man behind the curtain. he can't talk about foreign policy in depth in any way. it is insulting to the voters. >> let me ask you something, david, who are the iranians. they probably don't like us. we make a deal because they want their money back. who do you think the a iranians are more afraid of? trump or hillary? >> i don't think they fear donald trump at all. he is full of bluster. >> do you think they fear hillary? >> you can disagree with the agreement with iran and there are strong reasons to disagree with it, but so far, it has been effective and iran has complied with the agreement and iran has deemed -- >> have they? push back a little bit, adam. we heard this week that senior
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advisory of president obama said guess what, all of stuff about the iran deal, we were just trying to sell you. you don't know what is in the deal. >> i can't believe i'm hearing this from david. this country says death to america and we give them cash in return. this isn't a policy of strength. this is a policy of retrieve and i think americans by and large have had it. they want a leader to stand up and make america feel something again and the nra, by the way, donald trump got this endorsement today almost six months after the election that took mitt romney almost all the way to the election to get this. there is something going on. he is commanding the conversation and i think he is going to do very well moving forward. >> i'll leave it right there, adam and david, thank you. great debate. most polling shows most voters don't trust hillary clinton or donald trump. can either candidate revamp their image before the november recollecti election and does it even matter? stay tuned.
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in the election 2016 segment tonight, the trust deficit for hillary clinton and donald trump according to the new fox news poll, just 31% of registered vote years think hillary clinton is honest and trust worthy, 66% do not. 40% trust donald trump, 57% do not. and a new cbs poll finds 64% of registered voters think hillary clinton is not trust worthy. donald trump comes in at 64%. will this matter with voters come november? with us now is jennifer carlisle and ashley pratt, a gop strategist and senior political reporter. let's start with you, ashley. hillary clinton, this has dogged her for years, the trust worthy number. it seems to be hanging out at an elevated 64, depending on the polls.
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64 to 70%. >> and her likability, too. remember in 2008, barack obama said how likeable are you. that is haunting her today. and sanders is more likeable than her and i think when it comes to hillary clinton and donald trump in the general election, voters, honestly, are going to vote based upon the economy and right now, donald trump is leading there. her trust worthy numbers are plummeting and trump's are actually pretty decent considering and if you look at the fox news poll, he is more trust worthy than she is. >> what about that? that is one of the selling points of hillary clinton. if he is not truthworthy either but his numbers are on the incline of trustworthiness. >> i think that has to do with the fact that the primary is going on. as long as the contest with bernie sanders continues to exist it will look bad for her. i think it is interesting, political facts found she was one of the most untrust worthy based on fact checking her
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statements. standards down low and kasich was number two there. so, i do think -- >> i did nothing wrong. >> and wiping the server. >> and we blame the video for benghazi when we find out that she is e-mailing her daughter that it was a terror attack. >> all of her women staffers the same as her men staffers. >> there are two sets of data. one on annual -- >> let's talk about that. donald trump goes after hillary clinton, goes after bill clinton, and she doesn't really fight back too much. should she be fighting back to donald trump or does she have to focus on bernie? >> i think, i don't think it is about focusing on bernie. we heard her say i will be the nominee which is the first time she said is out loud. the math has been on her side. i think getting down in the ditches with donald trump is a big mistake. she should let her surrogates fight those fights. her super pacs -- >> any thoughts that trump won't hit her on the trustworthy
8:16 pm
thing. the clinton foundation is rife for a scandal. >> he knows, hit her where it hurts. he knows more people don't like her. more people would like to have a beer with him than her. i'll hit her where it hurts which is her trustworthiness, scandal after scandalal. the documentary comes a few days after the actual convention. >> couldn't that also cancel each other out? when we talked about this with the sex scanndals. donald trump is a known fillanderer himself. >> he would put bill in her administration as the economy czar. people don't want a third term of bubba. >> really? >> yeah. >> you're not actually equating bill clinton's fox news reported
8:17 pm
that. what is the issue with donald trump, a known philanderer. >> it has been reported he cheated on all of his wives. there are instances where there are women out there saying he groped them -- >> it is inappropriate for new york times to have an ex-girlfriend saying they miss quoted me either. >> i understand that. >> the new york times blew themselves to bits with the couple of people they quoted. >> he has high negatives with women. >> it is hard to say that he is a known philanderer. that is pure speculation and accusations. it is not proven. >> i think it is proven, actually, that he has cheated on his wives and has talked about miss behaving in the past and that is part of his appeal. i don't think it will back fire on him.
8:18 pm
>> if they decide to go that way, wouldn't it be smart for him to stay on the bill clinton issue. >> stay on the bill clinton, continue to play the women card. it is not working for hillary. the more she says i'm a woman, elect me, the more it seems like she has men in her corner doing the work for her. she is -- >> stay right there. when hillary clinton says don't worry about the economy, i've got bill to take care of it, do you trust, you want a president that says my husband will take care of it. >> i will delegate this to my husband, i have no legacy of my own i want to create even though i'm trying to be a trail blazer. this is a historic election, i'm a woman, elect me, but yet, obama's legacy and her husbands seem to be the two things she is focus e-cigarette. >> e-mail servers, benghazi. won't release the transcripts of the goldman sachs speeches. we were broke when we left the white house. >> there there are legitimate trust issues. >> democrats have them,
8:19 pm
republicans have them. independents. i think is where the election will be decided. >> what was the fox news poll. >> trump was up 14 with independents. >> 16%. >> i understand that hillary and bernie are still involved and bernie is holding a lot of independents. >> but trump is a businessman, a billionaire. he has a she doesn't. he can look at you and say where were you when benghazi happened. >> i understand that -- >> body of work. body of evidence. there is quite a bit. >> jessica and ashley. thank you very much. donald trump launching a scorched earth campaign against hillary clinton. will her refusal to respond in kind come back to bite her? that debate coming up next. ♪ offers free cancellations, so you're free to decide if the trip you're on... hahahahahaha! ...isn't really the trip you want to be on. hahahaha... hahaha...
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in the personal story section. donald trump's scorched earth strategy against hillary clinton. trump is holding nothing back going after bill and hillary clinton. hannity called trump out including an accusation of rape. mrs. clinton was asked about that. >> do you ever feel compelled to defend your honor, the honor of your husband. >> no. >> with statements he is making that go to the core of the relationship. >> no. not at all. i know that that is exactly what he is fishing for and, you know, i'm not going to be responding. >> but will her nonresponse strategy work? remember, trying to stay above the fray didn't work for trump's other gop opponents. joining us now to analyze from washington. ned ryan and here in new york, democratic strategist bernard.
8:24 pm
is this a smart strategy to take the high road for now against donald trump? >> well, here is the thing, first of all, she has to put away bernie sanders. looking at donald trump, i have to say as a republican, regardless of what you think about donald trump. it is refreshing as a republican to see somebody see a republican on the attack, not defending, not making excuses but an ears back attack. i think it has been interesting to see that he made it clear that everything is on the table. everything will be on the table. there will be no holds barred and this will be problematic for hillary as she pivots towards the general because she is not the greatest candidate. she is not bill clinton. she is applauding candidates. -- >> she herself will tell you, i'm not the politician that my husband is. >> exactly and i think that the fact that donald trump will attack from every different angle. it will get to her and throw her off. never defend, always attack.
8:25 pm
>> at what point does hillary go. they have a ton of money to go negative. when does this happen. >> i think it will be the most negative, nasty decisive campaign in history which is saying a lot. in the street fight this will be, i give huge advantage to hill raech. there is not a single thing that can be said that hasn't been said before. none is new information. donald trump, every single day, there is something else. today, he says, we should let people carry around loaded guns in schools and churches and synagogues and office buildings and post offices. what kind of country would we be with that. you know what, nasty thing about women, let's put out of nato. give nuclear weapons. this is a gift that keeps on giving. >> what is happening? his numbers keep going up. >> from the very beginning whether it was about the john mccain comment or a reporter for the new york times. he said trump is done and he keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> i believe by june 15th when bernie sanders is in and hillary
8:26 pm
clinton is the nominee, she will be able to -- >> bernie sanders out, hillary clinton focuses on trump. game changer for you? >> let's face it, i'm not going to disagree with bernard. this will be an ugly campaign. one of the ugliest we've seen in recent times. i think donald trump is more suited than hillary clinton. hillary is a ploding candidate who needs to have structure who has to follow step after step and it will benefit donald. that all to say, i think the thing that is going to help donald in the general is this is the year of the outsider. nothing screams more establishment than hillary clinton. nothing screams outsider more than donald trump and i think this is the year of the outsider, people are looking for somebody that is maybe not as scripted. somebody that is more authentic. somebody that is a new face, a fresh face, not taking us back to the 1990s. i think that it will be a very interesting campaign and i give the advantage to donald when they start to debate head to
8:27 pm
head. >> fox news poll has donald trump leading hillary clinton by 16 points with independents. let me ask you this. you're a democrat, a hillary hater, bernie sanders supporter. not you, just random democrat. says i can't vote for hillary, i don't like the establishment factor going on. it is not working on the gop side, does donald trump get some of the bernie sanders supporters? >> i think no doubt he will get some of the bernie sanders supporters but more likely hood that hillary will say one in five say i would never vote for donald trump and i would consider voting for hillary clinton. you look at the negatives. they both have negatives. >> 63%. two in three women are negative towards donald trump. three in five latinos are negative towards donald trump. he attacks for -- for being responsible for her husband's affairs. the numbers will sky rocket. it will make him unelectable.
8:28 pm
>> going back to republican voters some how voting for hillary. what is crystallized especially with donald trump releasing his list of potential supreme court justices. it will be about the supreme court it will be about obama care, i think it as more and more people get closer to the general, some of the people saying we will never vote for trump, i get 90% will vote for trump. >> bernard, the fox news poll has donald trump leading with white women. donald trump is running against a white woman. >> absolutely. the average of the last six p t presidents who have won. 39% of whites have voted. we have a problem with whites but you know what? 84% of people of color are supporting hillary clinton. it is almost mathematically impossible for donald trump to be able to achieve enough support among whites, 63% right now, mitt romney got 57% of white votes. he needs 65% of white votes. >> he is doing better with
8:29 pm
women. donald trump is polling better with white women than mitt romney did. >> under performing where john mccain did. >> not with white women. >> i don't know about that. >> no, no. actually romney, romney had a slight deficit with donald trump. women, romney performs better. >> white men hate donald trump. that is what you're talking bg. >> white men, he is crushing it with white men. >> he is. and i think the thing that is interesting is listen, i do think hillary has i a little bit of a likability gap. you get into the election, again, i think the support for donald trump is a lot more enthusiastic. there is a lot more on his side than hillary's side. he is doing very well with white men. >> you know what it is? i'll give you this, bernard. he needs to do a little better with hispanics. >> a little better? >> not much. no. no. he doesn't need that much. >> he is in the high teens. if he gets in the mid-20s, he has it down.
8:30 pm
>> the next thing is let's put up a mosquito net and ban zika. bernie sanders refusing to drop out of the presidential race and he could be the greatest gift donald trump could have asked for. we're back with this with this special edition of the o'reilly factor. ritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray.
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bernie sanders refusal to drop out of the presidential race despite hillary clinton's insurmountable delegate lead, he says he is not going anywhere. >> we're going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14th and then we'll take our fight into the convention. >> die hard sanders supporters love it but it may be donald trump who is bernie's biggest fan right now. >> bernie sanders, who i'm sure you all love. he did say one thing that is interesting. he said that hillary clinton is unqualified to be the president of the united states. and he said that, and it is just, you know, one of those things, he says she suffers from bad judgment. and she does. you look at so many of her decisions have been bad. >> joining us now with reaction, harlen hill, a democratic strategist and bernie sanders
8:35 pm
supporters. i like bernie sanders. i love the fact that he is staying in the race. he will stay all of the way to the convention. doesn't that hurt the democrats? >> you know what i think hurts the democrats? hillary clinton. you know who advanced donald trump? hillary clinton. she has a 30 year record of fraud. it has been an economic disaster for the middle schooclass. she is bee holden to the last eight years. candidates like sanders and trump who have a lot of commonality. i think they're the future of the middle class. >> tell me about the bernie sanders supporter. who are you? who is is it. >> contrary to popular opinion, the average bernie sanders supporter is actually not a democratic socialist. there are people that are fed up, rolling the dice on a candidate like sanders or candidate like trump. >> what is your background? are you a democrat? >> no, i'm a democrat. i've done 120 campaigns all over this country. >> are you not worried about
8:36 pm
socialism? >> i don't think that is the direction we should head in. that tells you, my support for sanders. he called himself a democratic socialist. >> most of the supporters support sanders because they cannot stand hillary clinton. she actually gives ted cruz a run for the lucifer in the flesh name. she has the blood of american ambassador on her hands. she supported that during the 90s, led to the export of millions of american jobs. middle class can't compete with slave labor in china and mexico. >> you and the massive number of people that come out for bernie sanders may be the reason donald trump becomes the next president. are you okay with that? >> i'm going to come out and support donald trump. if bernie sanders can't -- >> are you a trump supporter in disguise? >> i'm supporting sanders -- >> look -- >> this will be a brilliant strategy. i'll get 100,000 people like you saying how great bernie sanders
8:37 pm
is and liquid date the candidate vote. >> if sanders doesn't win the it nomination. if he doesn't win the nomination, then i'm going to support donald trump. i'll start a super pac for donald trump honestly. i think she will push us in the wrong direction. >> what happens if he does beat her? what happens if bernie sanders does beat her and the super delegates say you know what? we're wrong. we're going to flip. do you see what is going on in venezuela. venezuela is socialists. they can't afford food. inflation is this is one of the top oil producers. socialism is a failed policy. a failed government policy. why in the world would you support a guy that would be willing to put america at risk? >> i think sanders would have to work with the congress if elected. i don't think he will be ramming the socialist party through. it looks like it will be paul
8:38 pm
ryan in the republican caucus. if he does win, maybe i'll start buying gold but you know, i have mixed feelings but i would support him over hillary clinton any day. >> there are a lot of you like that. i get hundreds of e-mails like that. you talk to people who are hillary supporters, no, no, no get in line. there are a lot of goppers saying i could not vote for donald trump but now that he is the only nomination, they change their tune. will you change your tune? >> absolutely not. >> i saw a poll that showed 45% of bernie sanders supporters would never support hillary clinton. i don't think the number is that high. >> is it the outsider versus the insider. >> i think it is. >> and also, look for the enthusiasm numbers. 40% of democrats were excited to support hillary clinton. disaster. she is a disaster. >> they worried about that on the republican side saying that the establishment versus trump was going to bifurcate the vote
8:39 pm
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thanks for staying with us for this special edition of the factor. election 2016. i'm filling in for bill o'reilly in the factor flash back. donald trump entered the no spin zone. bill spoke with him last week about a range of issues beginning with his choice for a vice presidential running mate. >> the associated press is reporting trump narrowed potential vps to five. all experienced politicians, not ruling out chris christie, is that an accurate report? >> well, i like chris a lot. i won't say ruling in or out. i would say that i have in mind five different people. i think they're excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> can you give me one? >> i would love to give you all five but i can't. >> you're in charge. you can. >> it is not even fair to you. >> it is fair to my viewers it is fair to me. you're in charge, you can do it.
8:44 pm
you just don't want to do it. >> i just think it would be appropriate -- the way i always envisioned it is during the convention. >> you said experienced politici politician, i'm out. i'm gone. >> you would be good. >> i don't take orders really well. >> that would be a problem. >> let me get to elizabeth warren. she doesn't like you. she is calling you names and stuff like that. what do you think that is about? >> well, she is a senator that has done nothing. she just talks and she put in things, has gotten nothing approved. she was not highly respected. frankly, as you know, the previous snthe previous senator, scott brown, gave me a lot of information about her and friends up there, she has had a big failed record as a senator and all of a sudden, about a week ago, she started tweeting violently about me, just every tweet was, like, about trump, trump, trump, and i finally hit her back and i think
8:45 pm
i hit her back very hard. >> why is she doing that? why do you think she is taking time to tweet bad things about you? >> because she sees polls that i'm going to beat hillary and she would like to make sure that the democrats win but she sees polls that i'll beat hillary and there are a lot of polls taken by individual people that show me beating hillary fairly easily and she doesn't want that to happen. now, she has, i've never seen, she went on a twitter rant that was sort of amazing so i tweeted a few things and that was the end of that and i haven't heard from her since. >> i have a question from a viewer. diane reinke from silver spring, maryland. donald trump says he is pro-life. name one specific thing he would do to protect the sanctity of human life. can you? >> i think that what we're doing and i think it is an important element in what i've done, i've become pro-life. i was in a meek fashion, pro-choice, but i've become
8:46 pm
pro-life and the reason is i've seen, in my case, one specific situation, but numerous situations that have made me to go that way. i will protect it and the biggest way you can protect it is through the supreme court and putting people in the court. actually the biggest way to protect it, i guess, is by electing me president. >> so you'll get a judge that would over throw, over turn roe v wade. >> over turn or -- i'll put conservative judges on. one of the biggest things happening in terms thif election are, you know, it could be as many as five judges will be appointed over the next four and a half years. we're talking about five judges and i think probably the most important thing that one -- one of the most important things other than the security is the appointment of four to five supreme court justices and i'll be doing that. >> diane's question is answered. your specific thing to protect the sanctity of life is to
8:47 pm
appoint a supreme court justice that would over turn roe v wade. do i have it. >> they will be pro-life and we'll see about over turning but we'll appoint -- i will appoint judges that will be pro-life. >> okay. finally, i was upset because my taxes will go up if you win. i'm going to be paying more now. i thought i would be paying less. >> no, no. i have the biggest tax cut of anybody running by far and that includes the 16 people that are vanquished. nobody even came close but i may have to raise it from that point -- >> so your original statement in the debate. you might have to go up a little for me. i might have to pay more. >> no. no. what it meant, no, bill, you will perhaps go down actually. everybody will go down. who will really go down is the middle class who has been destroyed by taxes. also, businesses -- >> you yourself wouldn't mind paying more. >> i wouldn't mind paying more.
8:48 pm
>> that is kind of an indication that guys in your bracket. >> no. >> no? >> the question is would you mind paying more. i wouldn't be paying more. everybody will be paying less and we'll run a much better -- we'll run, hey, bill, we'll run a country that works. we'll get this country going again because right now, this country has stalled so badly and taxes are going to go down and that is one of the ways we'll get it to work. >> a quick reminder, father's day is coming up and bill o' has great gifts for dad or granddad. get historical documents or hats or pens. the money that bill gets is donated to charity. up next, can the republican party truly unite around donald trump to defeat hillary clinton? right back with that debate. ♪ ♪
8:49 pm
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8:52 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight, can donald trump successfully unite the gop? since becoming the presumptive nominee, some of trump's former adversaries in the party have come around to his candidacy. but others are still refusing to get on board the trump train. joining us tim miller, former communications director to the jeb bush campaign. okay. tim. and after that, i should also mention, you were very instrumental in the never trump campaign. by the way, is that dead now, the never trumpers? >> correct. look, our pac doesn't have active fizing right now. but no, it isn't dead in spirit in terms of principles and people standing up and saying they are not going to vote for donald trump. that's still very much alive. >> by the way, you need money to continue to take out ads on the never trump campaign. is the money still coming out on
8:53 pm
the never trump? >> as i said, we are not doing active advertising. i'm kind of enjoying the role reversal. you have the gop elites in politico this morning saying they are getting behind trump, including the donors. you are in primetime on fox behind mr. trump. now you get to be part of the establi establishment, and i get to be the outsider. >> i'm just record rotting here. i'm not behind anyone. i'm pointing out that -- when are you going to realize that a no vote for trump equals a vote for hillary clinton? >> it's not winning and losing. >> of course it is. that's all it's about. >> no, it's not. >> you either win the white house or lose the white house. you would rather lose the white house than win with it someone you don't like. >> no, if alexander hamilton said if we're going to have an enemy in the white house i will
8:54 pm
rather it be an enme i can oppose. >> so you are going to be establishment with hillary clinton? >> you are on the establishment side now. i'm not. he i wrote a book, failed choices on hillary clinton's failed terrible foreign policy. when it comes to donald trump, he's going to be worse than her. hillary clinton did the russian reset to try to align with med get everybody against putin. now donald trump is saying we should buddy up to putin even more. look, donald trump is not going to be in line with you if you believe in constitutional government, small government, and you believe that america is a powerful role in the world. >> here's what i believe. i know one for sure supreme court justice has to be placed. there could be two. even a third. trump mace says five. one to three i believe the real be. in i would rather have donald trump, especially with the list of potential supreme court nominees that he put up -- i
8:55 pm
would rather have him than hillary clinton any day of the week. you are talking about a lifetime of liberal course. >> what has donald trump done to give you this trust in him, eric. >> i saw the list of federal court appeals judges. >> literally a day after he put out the list, he did an interview on your network where they said, so is that it? that's the list? he goes oh, i might add some people. donald trump has changed his view on anything. he gave his speech to the nra. >> i tell you what -- >> he was for the gun free zone. -- he complimented obama on his newtown speech. he was for the assault weapons ban. why wouldn't he change his mind right back as soon as he got in washington, d.c. and got in the pokts pockets of all the anti-gun d.c. crowd? there is no reason. why do you trust him. >> i saw the nra today point to him and say you are our guy. he has the second amendment covered, he has the supreme court covered as far as i'm concerned. you guys need to get behind.
8:56 pm
this is how close it is. mitt romney was smoked in the last election. all of to do is lock down ohio and florida. and then you just need pennsylvania or michigan and you have got white house. >> oh, that's all. >> he can't lose arizona because -- no, he was going to add some ls to the table he has turned off his fans to such a dre, arizona is gone, colorado is gone -- donald trump is not auto conservative. every viewer has a line. and everyone has to make a choice for themselves. >> i've got to go. timmy, i like you a lot. you are young. think about conservativism. whaek, governor chris christie may have to boycott america's best loved cookie whether he likes it or not. up ahead.
8:57 pm
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8:59 pm
trump held a fund-raiser for governor chris christie to help the governor pay off his presidential campaign debts. but governor krissie may have gotten a little bit more unanimous i bargained for from the donald. when carrier and ford and nabisco moving from chicago, with their big plant -- i'm not eating oreos anymore, neither is chris. you are not eating oreos anymore. no more oreos, don't feel bad. for either of us. >> there is always kiebler or hoho's or whatever. bill will be back on monday with a one on one with donald trump. also i'm going to channel my inner bill o'reilly right here. be sure to pick up my new book, wake up america, if you buy it you'll get a signed copy of every one of bill's killings books for free. i'm kitt kidding. it's a joke, people. don't call. but i was serious about picking up the peculiar.
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please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. ♪ breaking tonight, search crews are ramping up the efforts to locate the black boxes from egyptair flight 804 in hopes of determining once and for all what brought that plane down. welcome, everyone to "the kelly file" oochl atrish regan in tonight for megyn kelly. right now a navy ship is on its way to the crash scene. it will search the bottom of the mediterranean sea for the flight data recorders. so far, no terror group has claimed responsibility for the plane's destruction. but there is a new clue tonight. reports now suggest smoke was detected in a lavatory near the dock pit. it's unclear what and unclear who might have caused the crash. back here at home the fear of a potential terror attack on a u.s. passenger plane


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