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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. you're foolish if you miss that. shawn back monday, have a great weekend! and don't miss trump, the disrupter. this is a fox news alert. there are new clues about what may have brought down egyptair flight 804. right now flight data shows a fire may are v. broken out on the airbus 320 but why the fire? tonight, there remain more questions than answers. "on the record" live team coverage across the globe. we're in paris, athens, and cairo. plus, catherine herridge is here with the intel angle. and forensic pathologist dr. michael baden is here as the search turns up body parts. those body parts could contain important clues. fox and foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in paris. greg? >> greta, in the past couple of hours, we have gotten important new information about the harrowing last
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minutes of egyptair flight 804. according to aviation website, backed up by our own aviation expert, smoke alarms went off in the forward bathroom and the avionics compartment of the plane just before the crash. this, according to a satellite monitoring system. our source says that this affected the computers and the controls on the plane and that could have led to these spiral death dive of the aircraft. possible sign of a critical ma'am function or simply a plane system recoiling from a terror attack. this as the air and sea for debris from the plane continues in the mediterranean where it went down. plane parts, personal belongings and even human remains were found some 200 miles off of the egyptian coast. as more information emerges about who was on the plane, the pilot of the aircraft identified as 36-year-old
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mohammed syed shkar his co-pilot, both said to have passed periodic security tests run by the airline. here at charles degal international airport paris from where the doomed egypt airplane left the terrorist operation still a possibility and that has sparked security tightening across the board at this airport according to french officials. remember, staffers with islamist leanings already had their movements limited here on the site. finally in cairo, where many families of the victims are or had troubled to, prayers today on this muslim holliday for those who lost their lives, for those who are just beginning to be recovered for whatever reason. back to you, greta. >> greg, two quick questions. do you know how much time that plane was on the ground at charles degal airport? that's the first thing.
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and the second thing is i remember a while back there were reports about questionable security among workers at charles degall, do you know anything about that? >> a short time on the ground here, greta, probably not much more than an hour or so, that's the average turn around of some of these planes and that according to experts is one reason why there was such a rush and it could lead for i will play, possible terror tampering with the plane. that's a big concern. and, yes, you are right there. were something like 84 passes, red passes that the workers here at this airport complex get, were taken away from workers because of those islamist leanings. that was back in december of last year. greta, an important thing to note about those passes, have you them for three years. three years, a lot of things can change in a person's mind. a lot of people can go in the wrong direction.
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so, that is being looked at, too, greta. >> greg, thank you. the egyptian navy has now found debris from the doomed egyptair flight. grn reporter is in cairo with what investigators are saying tonight. what are they saying there? >> so basically the news coming in from cairo is that egyptian military and navy forces have found some information from the plane indicating that there was smoke in the aircraft right before the crash. egyptian minister in a statement said that it was too soon to know exactly what could have caused the smoke and if terrorism was involved in any way. egyptian authorities throughout this crisis asked not to speculate or jump to any conclusions until this investigation is over. this comes among statements made by egyptian foreign minister claimed this could have been a suicide attempt by the pilot. also, coming in now the egyptian authorities have been retrieving body parts
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of the victims and identify the victims but egyptian state tv indicated they are in the process of sending the body parts to cairo to be looked at and to try to identify the victims and maybe find more clues. the families of those involved in the plane crash have been camped out at cairo airport awaiting for further news and instruction. people are at the airport waiting in hopes of getting their loved ones back for burial. the scene there has been described as very, very sad and emotional. the families gathered together waiting for more answers. obviously, this is very grim news for egypt who has been involved in a series of unfortunate events this year. these events will no doubt will have a very negative effect on its already struggling tourism and economic sector. >> is there any information tonight about the maintenance history on this aircraft? i know it had been in service for several days. is there any history of whether it had any problems with it prior to this four day trip?
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>> so basically we know that the aircraft has been to multiple countries before going or flying back to paris. but it's unclear when the plane was last minute tand or when there was a last official checkup. the plane has been operating for the past 13 years but there has been no official information from either egyptair, the operating company or the egyptian officials on whether this could have been, you know, could have been because of a malfunction due to low maintenance or a problem in that regard. >> amina, thank you. greek investigators are also frantically helping in this massive search. greek public tv anchor is in athens. good evening, sir. can you tell me what the latest is there? >> hello, greta. it has been confirmed by greek authorities that passengers, belongings, luggage, aircraft seats were found about 108 miles north
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of alexandria in egypt. authorities say weather conditions could have scattered. the search area has been expand to do 40-mile radius. france, united states, cypress take part for what's left of flight 804. waters halfway between the island of crete and egyptian coast. in this part the water is very, very deep about 8,000 to 10,000 feet. so that makes it very, very difficult, you understand. there is still no sign of wreckage or the black boxes or flight recorders. this is something that they're looking -- they are looking for. yeah? >> the air traffic controllers that plane went through greek airspace. did they notice anything unusual or hear anything unusual or did the pilots say anything to them at all that is at all tonight in
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hindsight suspicious? >> no. no. everything was fine until the airplane was lost from the radar. they were speaking with greek, everything was fine. after two minutes when they entered the egyptian fyr and the signal was lost, that's what changed everything. there was no sign that something went wrong. now, it's very important for me to say being a reporter here in greece that just moments before the aircraft vanished there was smoke in one of the bathrooms. this seems to be the top story now on what is going on in the search for the airplane. >> you can confirm or not where that bathroom is on a 320. is in the rear or both? where is the bathroom where the smoke was? >> i'm not sure. i think it's in the rear. as far as i read and what the story is all about, i think it's in the rear but i cannot confirm that i'm not sure about that. >> all right.
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we'll check into it and see if we can figure it out. nikos thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> frightening question to remain what caused the plane to swerve so wildly in the final moments? what's on everyone's mind was this a terrorist attack? catherine herridge has been working intel angle. catherine, what your intelligence sources telling you? >> look, this evening what i was told is finding the black box is really more important than ever with this new data about the smoke on board the aircraft because the black box is going to allow investigators to knit together these different pieces of data. so you have smoke on the aircraft. you have the very erratic flight pattern in the final moments of flight 804 before it disappeared. and then you have this satellite infrared imagery that did not detect an explosion. if all of these things sync up it would point to mechanical or electrical
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failure on the aircraft. >> information i have from pilots if smoke comes in aircraft the pilots are immediately incapacitated. >> total loss of control of the situation. >> unless they have a system on board that they can emergency system that they may not have had on board. but, the question is why the smoke? was the smoke terrorism or is the smoke mechanical problem? and it makes a big difference if there are two spots. let's say there is a rear bathroom and a front bathroom, that would be very suspicious. >> there is also a very -- there is sort of a renewed focus on two issues tonight. one is the stops flight 804 made before it reached paris. it was in north africa and also east africa where there have been opportunity to smuggle a small device on board. and there is also an effort to do a deep dive on these pilots. egyptians say they passed all the security checks but u.s. government officials are doing their own review of tir social media profiles and accounts to see what their state of mind was
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before that flight and then to also understand their network of contacts and whether there were any extremist ties. >> of course lots has been going on in paris. catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> investigators saying they have found body parts. those body parts could have clues forensic pathologist dr. michael baden goes "on the record." >> hi. >> as grew some as this is, finding the body parts has some clues, does it not? >> well, first, of course it has d.n.a. and families are waiting to learn about the fate of their loved ones. that's what they're interested in right now is identifying their loved ones. but it also contains, in the case of smoke, skin turns pink. you can look at a person who died of carbon monoxide poisoning, for example, and see a pink color to the skin and the laboratory, the toxicology laboratory in cairo or wherever can test
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for carbon monoxide in the -- any body part or in the blood and know right away whether there was any smoke inhaled by the tee see decedent. >> which, of course, would tell us how the person died but wouldn't tell us necessarily what the cause of the smoke was, whether it was some mechanical or systems problem or whether it was terrorist. am i right or not? >> not necessarily tell if the person inhaled the smoke. you have to inhale a lot of it in order to die. so, it can be a cause of death but it could also just be evidence of smoke in the atmosphere that whoever is near the smoke can inhale and be easily identified. greta, also, if there were a bomb on board, for example, the shrapnel that created will go into various parts of the body, especially if somebody is carrying it on themselves, to all people who are around him. we have had cases in the
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distant past where bombs on board have blown up and one can identify which seat the person was in who carried the bomb. >> it just seems to me and obviously i don't know but if a plane has a problem at 35,000 feet, whatever the problem is, the chances of finding body parts that there might be shrapnel in would seem rather remote and especially in such a large debris field and with water constantly moving. >> there is a plane over italy some years ago, about 20 years ago, a bomb went off under the seat of an individual in italy, blew up, who was put there by the previous occupant of the seat. and the passenger was ejected from the plane. it didn't cause the plane to collapse, and they found shrapnel from the bomb 25,000 feet below when they did the autopsy. >> is there any way, i guess it's almost a silly question how fast someone is
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incapacitated you are in a cockpit and all of a sudden the smoke is pouring. in you are going to be disoriented and incapacitated quickly but not immediately it doesn't cause immediate loss of consciousness. we are breathing in smoke. it takes many breaths before one becomes incapacitated if one realizes that there is smoke. if there is carbon monoxide without the soot and all, then a person might not appreciate that he or she was breathing in carbon monoxide because it doesn't hurt or cause any symptoms. >> and i guess that's what i came back to what catherine herridge has said the importance of finding that black box to find out any clues or conversation going on in cockpit in final seconds. >> she is right on target. the speech would be affected by the carbon monoxide. >> because usually if you have enough time, if you have engine failure you have enough time to sort of notify somebody we're losing an engine or something. >> unless everything was --
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went silent at the same time, which you know, and ordinary fire shouldn't do. it depends where it is. >> dr. baden, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> the egyptair crash and the tear possibility causing fear around the globe here the t.s.a. has come under fire. hours long line and gutted staffs are dogging the agency. matt is live in chicago. what's going on there? >> good evening, greta. today the tsa administrator made a special trip here to chicago where he took the blame for the meltdown that we have seen in america's airports. and now the tsa is rushing in almost 800 additional screeners nationwide and additional canine units here to chicago we have been covering the story all week. some of these lines are two hours long. brings to fear airplane terror attacks. can it happen here especially since terrorists are using new techniques and explosives. the head of the tsa says
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they're actively screening for new types of bombs. >> we focus specifically on the types of devices that have both been talked about in the news as well as those things that we see coming. >> the terror threat aside the tsa warned it's going to be a challenging summer as the tsa tries to fix staffing problems. the agency is encouraging people to sign up for security option that gets you through security faster. encouraging people to get to america's major airports two to three hours before your flight, greta. >> matt, i heard harris faulkner our colleague today make reference the fact that in belgium that terrorist blew up outside security. is there additional security before you get into the airport or what are they doing, you know, to check that there is a lot of concentration what goes through security or after but what about before as you are standing in those long lines? >> you know, that's true. after that initial attack we came to this exact airport,
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greta, and we security here. and they said, of course, it is possible that a terror attack can happen anywhere. they said don't be worried because there is security covering every inch and surveillance covering just about every inch of every airport nationwide including these public areas where we are standing now. so they encourage us that they do have safety and security measures in place even before you hit that tsa security line. >> thank you. developing right now shooting at white house gate. a man carrying a pistol refusing to drop it shot by a secret service agent. witnesses saying the suspect approached officers with a gun in hand and after multiple attempts to get him to drop the gun, the suspect was shot in the abdomen. the suspect is now in the hospital. the incident causing a lockdown at the white house. president obama was not there at the time and vice president biden was secure inside the white house complex. and egyptair crash investigators are desperately trying to figure out what happened or didn't happen inside that cockpit of flight 804.
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flown that route is here next. surprise endorsement from the nra. how did donald trump get nra how did donald trump get nra support?
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we are now learning that egyptair flight data shows smoke alerts. those coming just minutes before the deadly crash. what could the information mean? former airbus -- who has flown the same rout goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. it's nice being here. >> nice to have you. let me start with a very open-ended question. what do you think? >> well, this new information about the system picking up the smoke and
11:22 pm
then there was also some information as to co-pilot had a window overheat and that blue room or the restroom in the back of the right behind the cockpit also had a smoke alarm going off, that being said, you know, the electronics compartment is right below the cockpit, which is right below that bathroom and if there were a fire, the a 320 is an electric airplane. and if it went down to that compartment, not only would the smoke come up through the floor and inhibit the pilots from seeing depending on the dependence city of density of the smoke, they would get their masks on immediately. that may be why there was no communication taking place. sometimes if you don't switch the right switch with
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the mask on, you are not going to be able to communicate with fire there and not knowing why that fire started, i mean, the fire could be because there was electrical short and it required fire in the department or somebody put some kind of nefarious device in there on the ground and it was set to go off on a timer or something nobody knows right now. right now this lead today is one of the strongest. in terms of the avionics bay that is right there you can access it from the exterior of the plane? it's not locked. >> right. you can just open it there is no lock on it. >> in terms of in the cockpit, i assume i was doing study. talking to someone that would have been something that if smoke quickly filled the cockpit that the pilots would still be able to see their controls and still
11:24 pm
control the airplane. i suspect they didn't have that? >> depends on the density of the smoke they might not have had it. you know, that's a good question. >> all right. the -- this plane, the a 320 is a fly by wire and -- >> -- correct. >> boeing 777 that malaysian flight was fly by wire as well. does that similarity pique your interest at all? >> you know, the fly by wire is very safe system. i mean, the air force has used it for years acres is extremely safe airplane. next to the 777, the airbus and the 777 are the two safest airplanes out there. i wouldn't blame it on a fly by wire system. no. >> lithium batteries, a fear of a lot of us passengers. we hear all sorts of stories about lithium batteries. that's one of the suspicions in malaysian flight. i assume you would not have cargo in this area like a
11:25 pm
bunch of laptops or anything else in this area? this is strictly an avionics area where it appears, and we're just guessing that something started? >> right. right now, if the a system communicated the fire was in a forward lavatory and heat taking place on the co-pilot side of the cockpit, these all generalized in that compartment area. and that would be pretty traumatic if there was a fire down there i could see the pilots losing control of the aircraft. once the plane did -- once they did lose control and the plane was off the auto pilot, it would -- on the dissent that they had, it could have torn itself apart an the way down to be honest. >> rick, thank you very much for joining us. >> well, thank you and you're welcome. >> and donald trump bringing out the big guns, literally,
11:26 pm
at a campaign stop. will newest
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major endorsement. the national rifle association is officially announcing trump is their guy. on the endorsement happening at the nra national convention. >> i've been a member for a long time and my boys are members they are much better shooters than i am. this they know much better about guns.
11:30 pm
not many. to get the endorsement, believe me is, a fantastic honor. [cheers and applause] and i just said to wayne and i just said to chris i will not let you down. remember that i will not let you down. [cheers and applause] >> does this endorsement matter? senior advisor to president george w. bush karl rove goes "on the record." good evening, karl. >> good to see. >> you how big is this endorsement. >> big. they had not backed trump in the primary they had other favorites because of concerns of statements he had made in the past. for the nra to come in so strongly behind him. the nra is a grass roots organization that has millions of ordinary americans who may be republican, may be democrat but they all love firearms and guns and hunting and mark manship. when they get wired up, they get wired up. and they are wired up about hillary clinton. >> will they go to vote? >> they do.
11:31 pm
they were a big part of george w. bush's victories in 2000 and 2004. everywhere you turned around, there was nra member, whether it was ohio or colorado or notified or ohio. manning the phone getting out the vote. everywhere you went there was nra bumper sticker on a car some place saying i'm for the second amendment. i vote. >> donald trump said that hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. is that a little strong? >> that's a little over the top. >> she doesn't want to abolish it. >> no. she is opponent of gun rights and is advocate of gun control measures and she has been so for many, many years. and she has made it an issue in the democratic primary where she has criticized bernie sanders for having not voted to support a measure that would allow people who were victims of gun crimes to sue manufacturer. trial lawyer dodge. don't go for the person who is responsible gun to the go
11:32 pm
machine manufacturer so you can get into the insurance policy and get a big judgment. he sloot voted against it hand she made it a part of the primary and that riled them up. >> we will bring the viewers in now. now your chance to vote at home on twitter. do you think gun-free zones are good for the united states? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. how is donald trump doing? >> he has had two good weeks. he came to washington had a meeting with paul ryan. the message afterwards was distinctly different than the message before. the message before was chip on the shoulder. if he doesn't get a board is he going to have a problem with me. when he walked out, trump's message was we had a great meeting, we're going to be able to work this out. i'm going to unify our party. which was important. that was the message of a confident victor. >> do you think he will get any of the bush vote? >> 41, 43 or jeb? >> no. they have been clear about that you know, they have got
11:33 pm
their reasons. and i thought it was wise that he didn't try and engage them over that and just moved on. he has also got a couple of good polls. the fox poll this week. and probably best of all for him is the democratic contest is getting meaner and uglier. hillary clinton's positives continue to decline her negatives continue to rise. people are seeing who she is. she got walloped in west virginia -- excuse me in kentucky after making her comments about coal in west virginia. and they are going to have a fight at their convention. republicans are consolidating. i think primarily because of her not necessarily. all because of him. >> great to see you, karl. >> great to see you, greta. >> controversial abortion bill just vetoed in the state of oklahoma. pro-life republican governor mary fallon refusing to sign the bill saying it would not hold up to constitutional challenge. the bill would have made it a felony for doctors to perform abortions also
11:34 pm
revoke medical license unless the abortion was net to save the mother's life. side note governor fall lynn's name is rumored to be on the short list for v.p. picks. you heard it from donald trump, he says he loves hispanics and that they love him. but a brand new fox news latino national poll of registered latino voters suggest otherwise. secretary hillary clinton with 6% of the hispanic vote and donald trump is 39 points behind with 23%. and now donald trump is making a push to get more hispanics inside his tent. one key group is hispanic evangelicals. in california the president of the national hispanic leadership conference reverend samuel rodriguez goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> explain this to me i think the hispanic vote is evangelical is republican and tell me what happened. >> hispanic evangelical vote is very independent, very fluid. a vote that reconciles billy
11:35 pm
graham's message of salvation through christ with dr. king's march of prophetic activism. what's going to happen? 23% is a far cry from 44% that supported george w. bush. the latino evangelical vote was instrumental in george w. bush because of commitment to life, commitment to marriage and ledge just liberty and immigration reform. the problem with donald j. trump is he engaged in rhetorical hyperbole and demagoguery that humiliated hispanic conservatives that may have embraced him otherwise. >> does that mean those on the fence before evangelical hispanics are now moving over to the democratic side of the ledger and that now that secretary clinton have those votes or can donald trump still get those votes. >> again, all things are possible, right? there is great angst. even on the other side there is great angst with hispanic evangelicals and what is perceived as a democratic party that is becoming more and more anti-christian and more and more secular.
11:36 pm
and not defending religious liberty. but in favor of immigration reform. so, can donald trump redeem the narrative with the hispanic community? i'm a pastor, do i believe in miracles but boy, this would really be a miracle. it would require a mea culpa. i'm sorry, not all mexicans or majority of mexicans of immigrants that have come in here are murderers and rapists. it would require some reckon sill tear redemptive narrative coming from donald j. trump and we have yet to see that. >> it's so confusing because you say the democratic party anti-christian. i don't know if it's completely fair. republican party anti-immigration, i don't think that's completely fair either. i don't understand who is going to get this vote? >> and neither do i. it is a constituency that is very fluid. i'm not going to be presumous presumptuous. we vote and very active and
11:37 pm
engaging others to vote. will latinos stay home? absolutely not. we will vote. >> reverend, thank you very much. i hope you'll come back, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> and why don't we have the answers about where former fbi agent bob levinson is and why hasn't the obama administration done more? that's next. plus, families of the 66 souls on board egypt flight 804 are desperate for answers. how long will it take to get i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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an slool bizarre scene in the michigan courtroom today. sudden and very loud outburst from the uber driver accused of viciously murdering six people. one survivor the february shooting spree was giving emotional testimony at today's hearing when multiple murder suspect jason dalton started ranting. >> i seen him coming. and i followed. [black bags and people drive
11:42 pm
around and you look at them. it gets real like -- that's what you tell people time to get -- >> you need to listen to your attorney. >> yeah, you need to get going. >> you. >> need to be quiet in today's proceedings, okay? >> yeah. >> you have anything to say, you whisper to your attorney. that's today's rules, okay? >> deputies dragged dalton out of the courtroom. he will watch the rest of the hearings from jail. and former fbi agent bob levinson. levinson is the longest held hostage in u.s. history. in march of 2009, levinson was working for the cia as a contractor and vanished in iran. so far the obama administration halls no answers. and neither the obama administration or iran will say whether levinson is still in iran or alive. "new york times" journalist and author of the brand new book "missing man" barry
11:43 pm
meyer goes "on the record." i might say not just brand new book but really important book. boy, this puts a spotlight on something very shameful that we left this guy behind. let me ask you a question from your book and your research and your investigation. is there -- is this a cia coverup? >> well, greta, first of all, let me say that your viewers are very passionate about this case. and that's a great credit to you as well. there is a coverup throughout the government about this case. it's just not the cia. it's just not the obama administration. it's also congress. we have gathered a tremendous amount of evidence pointing to the involvement of top iranian officials in this episode. and the obama administration has not released it and congress hasn't forced them to release it. >> why not? i mean, why are they leaving this guy behind? >> i guess, you know, sometimes foreign policy triumphs the lives of individuals. but this is a case where a former fbi agent, a
11:44 pm
government employee has -- was captured, possibly tortured and may even be dead at the hands of some folks in iran. and it's remarkable to me that our government has let that happen. >> and what i think is so appalling was in january when i was so happy to see jason rezaian. press secretary saying he was no longner iran suggesting they had some information but they won't tell the family. >> the white house is giving out mixed messages. they are playing off old play sheets. they are telling a different story than the fbi is saying. i honestly believe that if you had james comey, the head of the fbi on and you asked him straightforwardly do you believe that the intelligence apparatus in iran was responsible for bob's capture, and his detention, he would probably have to say yes.
11:45 pm
>> do you think bob levinson is alive? >> we have not heard from him in five years. we haven't seen visual evidence of him in five years. it's very difficult to believe that he still is alive. i still hold out hope. the only way of really knowing that is by forcing the issue with iran. >> do you think the united states, do you think president obama and the obama administration knows a lot more that they just won't tell us? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> barry, it's a great book. i encourage the viewers to buy it, if nothing else, to continue to put pressure on the obama administration. we owe it. he served us in the fbi for a long time and contractor for the cia. great book. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. i really appreciate it. >> what clues from egyptair flight 804 could point to terror? terror
11:46 pm
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egyptian navy now reporting it found debris on the missing egyptian airplane. >> crews are now searching for the plane's black box as terror is eyed as the cause. >> egyptian officials say they have now found debris and body parts and personal items that belong to the people who run were on that plane and they will found it about 200 miles offshore in the mediterranean. >> the threat indicators are very likely that we are dealing once again with a scharm el sheikh type of attack, an insider threat where a bomb could have been placed on that aircraft. all possibilities, including terrorism being treated equally but, of course, terrorism being looked at very hard. >> what evidence egyptair crash either confirm or deny terror. fox news middle east and terror expert and one of donald trump's foreign policy add advisors walid phares goes "on the record." >> thank you, greta. >> so early in the investigation to determine whether it's accident or terrorism. so far no one has claimed responsibility.
11:51 pm
is that significant or would we expect silence at this point from someone if it were terrorism? >> if it was terrorism, it depends if it was organized by a central organization such as isis or al qaeda. they knew who was inside. they have prepared it. they have a video. then we will see it early. >> what's early? are we already in that early phase or no? would you have expected it by now? >> the isis method is to wait, to analyze how they are going to do it. if it's them. remember, in the case of the airplane over the sinai they waited three weeks. in other cases under al qaeda, they waited a month and a half when zawahiri many things. so far if jihadis who is not link to do them, they have to confirm jihadist and then declare. we don't know if it's really terrorism or not. >> is there any significance to the fact it is egyptair? >> of course. egypt is at war with the jihadists in sinai as you know but also coming from libya. egypt. egypt is targeted pause egypt is part of this arab alliance that may go against.
11:52 pm
>> you are a jihadist who hates egypt, how do you justify or killing people who are just innocent people? even nonnationals who are egyptians, other nationalities, how do you justify that. >> that's the jihadi ideology. not just in egypt. look they what they have done to muslims in syria. >> it doesn't matter? so it's not government entity anybody. >> anybody who obstructs them building this caliphate. >> some innocent passenger pays 400 bucks for a ticket is not obstructing a caliphate it's a passenger. >> that's true but they don't have the doctrine that we have human democracies and human rights to them destroying egyptian ability to fight against them goes above everything else. >> why don't they go after the egyptian hierarchy, the egyptian government. if this is terrorism? >> if this is terrorism, of course, they do. they are attacking egyptian officers and killing people. they have attacked high ranking officials and egyptian government. this is not very big news for us. they can down an airliner is big news.
11:53 pm
also bring about the ability of isis claim. we can disrupt transportation. it's not just egypt. >> we don't know if it's terrorism or not. very early on. walid, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, i have the best staff in television. why?
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let's all go off-the-record. i had the night off last night. where was i? at the national press club here in washington, d.c. why? the american news women's club presented me with its 2016 excellence in journalism award. humbled by this award. what i said last night is a start. >> it does take a village. and i couldn't do any of this without all the many wonderful things fox news channel has been an enormous platform. got a table of all my colleagues.
11:58 pm
i got my friends coming down from new york. and each one of them has been such an important part of this show. fun and interesting things to put spotlights on a lot of important issues. and it is because we all work together and we sort of do it the old fashioned ways. gum shoe journalism where we try to go out and get the facts. we do an awful lot of traveling on our show. it would happen unless we have the advantage of a platform. my assistants, i'm warm and fuzzy, right? applause. >> no i'm not and they know it you know what? i love them. i have got to tell you these women, that's why i wanted these women here tonight it's unbelievable their success. i have so much pride in them. it's unbelievable. they are all very different and they are all very successful and, you know, i will go through a burning house for them and i know they will go through a burning house for me. getting this award is a big deal for me, it really is. i got a bolling trophy in
11:59 pm
1967. i brag about that one, too. [ applause ] i accept this award tonight i'm not so stupid not to know the only reason i'm getting this award is because i have worked with wonderful people and they deserve the award to be just as much a part of the award as i do. you don't do this one alone. and i'm very proud of everybody here who i have had a chance to work with and thank you very much for the award. [ applause ] >> now, it was a great event and as i was driving home afterward i realize those co-workers i was talking about are not just co-workers. they're my friends. my best friends and i love them. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and before we go, live twitter voting results on your screen right now. do you think gun-free zones are good for the united states? and results are 86% say no. 14% say yes. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see you monday night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. now, make sure you go to my facebook page.
12:00 am
there is a lot going on there. go to my facebook page and also stay with fox for updates on this egyptair crash. good night. see you monday. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i happen to be tom shillue and let's check in with andy levy. >> coming up on the big show, a group of read it users say donald trump is helping them quit drinking. funny. he is having the opposite affect on me. and a popular shop is on fire for the english only policy. will this institute win the culture war or will it prove to be custard's last stand? and a list includes attractive hot guy and stud. luckily for shillue they haven't banned pasty white face, casper and white devil.


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