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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 21, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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there. go to my facebook page and also stay with fox for updates on this egyptair crash. good night. see you monday. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i happen to be tom shillue and let's check in with andy levy. >> coming up on the big show, a group of read it users say donald trump is helping them quit drinking. funny. he is having the opposite affect on me. and a popular shop is on fire for the english only policy. will this institute win the culture war or will it prove to be custard's last stand? and a list includes attractive hot guy and stud. luckily for shillue they haven't banned pasty white face, casper and white devil.
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>> i didn't under the last comment. >> let's welcome our guest. her smile is registered as a deadly weapon. joanne snow uh chin -- joanne nosuchunsky. and free think media producer camille foster. she is more southern than a deep fried bourbon battered virginia slim. fox business contributor dagen manage dowel. and he is pricklier than a 5:00 shadow. let's start the show. >> get packing. there is a new self-help guru in town. a group of read it users are living their lives based on the teachings of one donald trump. their mantra is myga or make
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yourself great again. it is the white males who credits with everything to help quitting smoking to asking out hot chick. one read iter said it may sound lame, but it has lead to positive changes in my life. ad adds, trump has inspired me. i am getting sober and doing my bit to make america great again. the apprentice showed me what a world class alpha male looks like and operates as a group of dominant alphas you can achieve impossible things. i am inspired by this. i think this is great and he is making america great one dude at a time. >> exactly and it will convert more people to liking smoked glass and brass again. and salmon colored marble. in a world on social media applying eye liner is just as great as computer code or
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having an ass the size of a caw role law -- corolla this makes perfect sense. >> i don't know why you have to go after people the ass the size of a corolla. >> a lot of people love them. don't they love the corolla-sized asses. >> some people are into that. >> i think it is great that these people are -- they are turning their life around. trump doesn't drink. >> he did you president -- he doesn't drink or smoke or do anything bad. >> i can't be the only person who heard this story and then wondering what it is like in the secret society of trump. like the secret handshake and the secret magic underwear and the "eyes wide shut"-style orgies. i imagine all of those things happening. >> they don't need orgies. they are getting these chicks. >> they are the only one who are sell -- selebate. >> he said i jumped out of bed
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this morning after two hours of sleep and literally shouted high energy. i am peddle to the metal 24/7. >> that was a guy being sarcastic. there was also a little truth in it. he sums it up perfectly you can't make america great unless you feel it yourself. >> did you see the guy that got his [bleep] bleached so there wouldn't be anything brown on him sph. >> that's not true. >> i don't think that happened. >> teeth bleached teeth [bleep]. >> they are white sue prep mist. >> one guy was fired because he was kind of suggesting it. >> there is always one guy who ruins it for everyone. >> i don't under how he is inspiring them to do marathons and things that trump doesn't
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do. >> but he looks like he does. that's the magic. he doesn't have the exercise -- >> he looks like he doesn't have to because he is super rich. in that way he is great. politicians are the gods or at least the priests in the religion. you go to dc and visit the washington mall and see the lincoln memorial it is a cathedral to zeus. lincoln is 19 feet tall seated. >> you can see the words carved in stone. >> it is eerie. >> there is something creepy about a civil religion. i don't like it. >> people love self-help and anthony robbins awakens the giant within. trump saw wakening something in them. >> think about what the other side of the coin is. it is the bigots who supports trump. this is a group who means well
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and they are trying to help themselves. and whatever gets you on the right track in life and inspires you, so be it. i am not one to judge. we all have the things we use, positive affirmations and that's how you live your life. but we have to remember that trump was not perfect and neither is jesus. >> the media will not focus on this, will they? there was a bit of tongue and cheek on these people. >> why? why were they making fun? >> i am saying the media will focus on the few people who sucker punch people at rallies. >> i wonder how many have been inspired by hr puff and stuff. the hr puff and stuff is kind of fat. >> charles nelson riley was an inspiration to me. >> clearly. >> that is the male talk.
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>> nobody who obsesses is an alpha male. >> the culture is being feminized and now trump is inspiring them. >> again with the -- >> that didn't take long. more trump. you kids out there may not remember, but back before trump woos our first president he had a show called "the apprentice" where they would compete for a job. in 2005 the reclusive billionaire told howard stern about an audio they had. here is the audio unearthed. >> nine blacks against nine whites. >> this i like. >> who doesn't? go on. >> nine blacks against nine whites and all highly educated
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and very smart and strong, beautiful people. >> in response to a question about light skinned and dark skinned blacks they said the black team would be an assortment and the white team would be blonde. they asked if it would set off a racial war in america and trump's answer was trump as trump can be. >> actually i don't think it would. i think it would be handled very beautifully by me because as you know i am diplomatic. >> you are very sensitive. >> and i think you have 35 million people a nightwatching. >> he would get ratings and he knows ratings. he is right. >> context matters. this is is the howard stern show. he did say it wasn't his idea. they did the "time" magazine interview. might have actually been him.
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you can't sensor yourself. no ideas are bad ideas. let them all out on the table. he thought it was an interesting idea and they would get ratings. >> it was not enough to put good television on. you wouldn't even have to call it "the apprentice." you could call it, i don't know, race wars? >> you have to appreciate this idea. >> i lessened to the whole recording. i think it shows he is not a racist president he is a guy that would like to pit races against each other. i bet if he did do the race war one and the black team one he would say they won. he just wants to see the fight in front of him. >> he brings amusement across the board. >> he took that campaign because he couldn't do the show. >> the race is another quality
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that would make for good tv. >> well, you know what, it brings out something ugly in people. >> this obviously they publish it and they say look what trump said. >> i listened to it and i said this is a man who brought material to howard stern. how many times do you have a guest on your show and they got nothing. i am just here to talk. i thought it was a bit. i don't even know if this happened. i think he brought something that they knew howard stern would be amused by and a lot of comedians stink up the room when they show up to do tv. >> they are not being real. they are not in the moment. >> they don't bring anything.
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>> it was kind of a joke. >> he knows -- he understands competition. he understands. >> this is absolutely disgusting. no brunettes? >> no. >> you [bleep] kidding me? >> that is the part he was joking. >> stern was trying to set him up. what shade of black? >> my hair was two colors at miss usa. i had blonde highlights to confuse people. >> he is the master who unders media. this show great ratings and let's be honest. maybe nbc wouldn't go for it, but there are shows like this -- i mean "naked and afraid" is pretty out there. >> there is basically competition between networks. there are culturally two types of shows on at the same time with the same premise. >> and by the way, nothing can
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be worse than "southern charm" on bough vow. >> -- on bravo. >> i love that show. >> with every belch of idiocy out of those twits. >> i love that show. >> you are concerned thisy are giving you a bad name? >> they gave everyone who has ever given anybody who has driven through the south a bad name. >> not me, but most people. >> lots of shows pit races against each other. you just don't say it out loud. >> quiet racism. >> are you a white guy. all things being equal you are watching a boxing match and it is a black guy and a white guy. there is nothing but race involved. are you going for the white guy? >> when did you see this? that is an automatic underdog
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story. >> who is the underdog? >> as long as they are not boxing the white guy is the underdog. >> moving on to dessert. a frozen custard stand is under fire for an english only policy that has some calling for a federal investigation. they recently discovered that the employees are instructed not to speak spanish to anyone placing an ord. >> it is america and we have spoken english a longtime. any foreign language is a problem. i am trying to avoid people coming up here and get waited on in a different language because there happens to be an employee who speaks that language. it will get disruptive and we have to be buy -- bilingual and tri-lingual. >> the policy has been in place for a decade and any
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employee who breaks the rule would not by fired, but they can expect a chat from the manager. >> in english. >> the policy got the attention. lead of united latin american citizens of wisconsin. we heard of them, right? they say they are requesting an investigation by the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission. okay, kurt. >> i am surprised the seinfield music wasn't playing he is a nazi. that's amazing. >> an employee happens to speak spanish one time and people will ask every time in spanish? all that will happen is there won't be someone speaking spanish like i do at the dominican place this is his way of saying you are not welcome here if you speak spanish. you can make the menu in english only. they could just as easily do
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this why can't they just as easily learn to say vanilla on a cone? >> they will in a hurry when the spanish employee is not there. >> they will just say it in english. this is a weird -- this is not racism. at best it is a creepy power trip. >> i have seen this at other places. you go to a cheese steak place and they say english only. >> where? >> i think i went to one in philly and there was that exact sign in the window. >> how hard is it to -- >> by the way you have a talking to for generating more business. >> i think he is trying to bring more white people out to the store. >> how hard is it to order custard? the language of custard is -- that's what you do. you go up and you just go --
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>> different flavorses though. >> i don't know -- okay. >> i don't think those words are different in spanish. >> he is agreeing with the guy who owns the shop. >> that's not what i am saying. my wife is hispanic and i have hispanic children. >> he married a hispanic. >> that means i am not -- >> listen, custard is out and fro-yo is in with your own toppings. his business is failing because the fro-yo market is booming. >> did you see the line? >> no. he is worried and this is pre press for him. >> help me out with libertarian philosophy. >> i am not going to speculate about why the guy doesn't want you to speak a goofy language when you step in line. any language besides his is
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goofy. if he had a sign that said you can only order here if you speak pig latin i will not make a big deal. >> is your apple watch disputing your point? >> it is my mom which is strange. >> it is my mom. >> it is 3:00 in the morning. what are you doing, mom? >> it is my mom who got your number and is upset about me sticking my tongue out on television. >> why can't a guy with his own business tell me -- tell people this is the way he wants to operate. >> if you don't make it buy ling ling -- bilingual it is fine. one of the employees is like i am not allowed to speak spanish. >> they don't have to say they are not allowed. he said he should change his attitude, but is it okay for the equal opportunity employment commission to come in and do an investigation? >> he is obviously a racist. >> i think he has the hots for like a local news reporter and he was trying to get news ram
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-- cameras. >> he doesn't have time to deal with this. he has to get home -- [bleep]. >> he probably doesn't know the language and doesn't want people talking about him in a language he doesn't understand. >> but we can acknowledge -- >> if it was his house and he says i can kick you out for any reason that's acceptable. he thinks his business is his business. >> kurt is wrong on this. >> people who want to hear english are not racist. look at the time. i need to grab my laundry. and then we will come back. >> i want to hear english.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. an air and sea search resumes at dawn in the mediterranean sea. they are looking for the larger pieces of the air flight 804 after finding floating body parts, seats and luggage they are looking for the plane's black boxes so investigators can determine what brought down the air because a320. on friday they reported centsers on the plane and -- detected smoke in a lavatory suggesting a fire before it went down. 66 passengers and crew were on board when it went down on thursday. a security scare at the white house. a uniformed secret service guard shot a man at a checkpoint outside the white house. the man ignored several commands to drop a handgun he was carrying and the suspect is in critical condition. the white house went into a brief lock down period. the president was away from the white house at the time playing golf. donald trump getting the
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endorsement of the national rifle sociation at its convention. the gop nominee slamming clinton saying heartless hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. >> the main suspect in the paris terror uhing tays last november november -- the paris terror attacks had nothing to say in court. investigators hoped he would shed some light on isis strategies in europe. 130 people were killed in the paris attacks. he faces a half dozen terrorism charges right now. they used teargas to break up a demonstration by hundreds of protesters. they stormed the green zone in baghdad on freeway day to protest the government corruption. many of the protesters were supporters of al sader. dozens of protesters were injured. i'm paw patricia stark and now back to "red eye.
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>> there is a video that popped up in my video feed. it is called the bad map we see every election. it is useless. >> there is one visual aid we see over and over again. >> show the mitt romney map. >> let's go back to the 2000 map. >> it is in dire need. it is not just unhelpful. it is misleading. >> in the case of the maps the highest priority is geographic accuracy. that's so random showing the states their actual size. who cares how much land you have. it is about how many delegates you have. romney lost by a lot, but there is still so much red. it is a constant reminder of the large swath that never
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vote democrat. that is much better. look at the beautiful blue. this map is more illuminating. it is about what the elite on the left think about this country. when they are flying from new york to l.a. and back to dc they look down on the heartland and see a waste land of pesky conservative voters taking up too much space in their country, and they just love to shrink them down to size. >> look at them with their racist custard stands down there. >> exactly. they don't want people enjoying custard without english. it is ironic democrats want to shrink the heartland of the country. they aren -- they are environmentalists and care more about land than people, right? >> >> who cares? >> when he posted this video
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he said, yes, this, a thousand times this. they are tired, lib brps of -- they are tired of seeing the liberals and it annoys them and i think it is ridiculous. >> i think it makes them want to have the metric system or the guy who wanted to speak esperanto. remember that kid, one day you will speak esperanto. it is more of a nerd thing than. >> they think of the country as a bunch of voting districts. they don't think of it as a great land. they say it is for the election and not the map in your classroom. >> they say when you talk -- it annoys them to remind people how much of the country is a red state. >> i need a reminder. i am awful at geography and i
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need the geographic map. i don't care about the weather on the west coast. i don't know what happens in the middle and i don't foe where the countries are. if you want to redesign, don't do a map. do animals or a weird graph. >> they said the "new york times" when they made the map it is the same shape so so you can see where the states r. obviously they arranged them by population and this is why they want the electoral college. they don't like the electoral college because they can concentrate what they would really like to concentrate on. am i correct? >> kind of. a lot of the theory you have, the whole left-right thing, i don't think most people care at all. it is ridiculous.
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the map ought to look like the thing it is a map of. >> sometimes people focus on things that are not much of a story. he can say a thousand times yes about a story on his website and so good for him. i don't think anyone cares. no one cares. >> if they don't care why was this -- why did this -- why is this video saying it is not only wrong, but it is misleading. you are seeing these huge parts of the country. >> is your name dagin? >> i have written my name for 50 bucks and we only get a half an hour. >> i don't understand why you think it is a dream map. >> you know what i am talking about with the monologue? >> what they are angry about is it looks like it has a greater impact on the rest of the -- if you live in poor
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nebraska -- did you see nebraska? you can't even see the boxes. >> you write nb in the middle of it. >> what is strange is these liberals, they promote -- they want diversity. and they created this map of boxes. >> it is how much i care about each state. >> coming up, andy lets the panel know. the red eye pod cast is back.
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welcome back. now time to see what we got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. >> hi, how are you? >> it is friday. >> it is. we are all excited about that here. >> yaj. yea. >> make yourself great again. you said having an ass the size of a corolla is some kind of accomplishment. i mean it is literal. [bleep]. >> really? >> i regret my half time report already. camille you can't be the only one who thinks they are in a secret "eyes wide shut"-style
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club. >> i think you can be the only one. >> you're right. it is
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>> why is the owner ron schneider? >> it was named after leon. >> tom you mentioned the eeoc is now investigating the owner. it sound like he will have egg on his face. >> oh boy. >> thank you very much. tim diamond wrote that. >> you had to slop it off. >> i think it is an excellent joke. >> he does president like the electoral map. he wants to make the map less
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accurate geographically. who cares how much land you have . i believe you meant electors. >> you know what, andy? >> what? >> i needed to give you something for half time. i knew i was wrong on that. >> is this an election that you only care about how many electors you have? it is an election map. >> they say there is a simple solution to thes problem. just put the number of electoral votes on each state. that's a real easy problem solved. >> or better yet and this is for you, shannon, get rid of the electoral college. it is done. the electoral college is done. >> i told you why we need to keep it. >> and you are exactly wrong. that map shows exactly why you are wrong. >> we don't need politicians paying attention only to the coast and the areas with the most populations. >> we need them paying attention to all people equally which they would have to do if they couldn't concentrate on states like new york and california. >> they would only have to pay
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attention to 51% of the population and absolute democracy is a terrible, awful, miserable idea. >> there you go. >> that's not your argument. >> we have to go. >> thank you, andy. >> time for a break. don't go anywhere. i will reveal the secrets of the universe maybe.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the search is on for the black boxes of egypt air flight 804. a fresh vessel -- a french vessel specifically made to find the box is on its way to the crash site in the mediterranean sea. the equipment is designed to detect pings from the black box that records the data and events during the flight. it could give investigators more clues as to what brought down the plane early thursday morning with 66 people on board. president obama is urging congress to help pass legislation that will help fight the zika virus. the president says lawmakers have to, quote, get moving and warns researchers need time to develop a vaccine. the house advanced a bill to voyt the virus -- to fight the virus, but they are coming close to the billion dollar deal. america can drug lord el chough poe may be come dosh --
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"el chapo" may be come together u.s. his lawyers can appeal within 30 dayses which would delay his arrival in the u.s. it is a new record for lake mead. it is at its lowest level since it was filled in the 1930s. if the levels continue to fall at the country's largest reservoir cutbacks may be put in place to the amount pumped to the region from the lake. linked in is telling people to change their pass words. they admitted a hacker was looking to sell e-mails and pass words stolen during a 2012 breech. linked in is e-mailing 100 million user telling them to change their pass words. and tv actor allen young has died. he was known for wilbur post, the man who spoke with a talking horse in the sitcom "mr. ed." it is rumor he landed the role after someone said he looks like the kind of guy that a horse would talk to. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye."
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a canadian woman was kicked out of her local gym for wearing a tank top -- a tank top -- hold on. >> it is a woman in a tank top in the d block. i told you tank tops, yoga pants, high heels, that's the lead. it is the most important story of the day. >> do you want me to change it? >> we are in the middle of the show. >> she is seen here and is wearing this outfit when she was told her appearance made other gym goers uncomfortable. i'm sure all of the men were upset. she insists she was not the only woman in a tank top that day and the gym's website features women in similar clothing. but movadi gym employees say it was rear chest size that
12:48 am
was the the -- it was her chest size that was the problem. she said she was humiliated and says this is dress code discrimination. different bodies does not mean different rules. they stand by their decision and since then she has joined a different gym and gained two million facebook followers. >> that was either women complained or it was chuck e fitness, the children's gym and that's why it was not appropriate. >> she said she spoke to women during the visit and no one complained. >> that's someone's wife who complains. who would have a problem with that unless it is like wait until he sees her. she has to go. >> you think jealous? women don't want the guys ogling her. it was probably -- >> it was probably one woman connected to the ownership. >> joanne, what is your theory on why this gym doesn't want hot women in little tank tops? >> i have no idea. she looks great.
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although i have to say too great. don't you go to a gym to sweat? you will look gross. i don't see the point of looking cute at the gym. >> what would you say to her if she said i wnt to wear a tank top -- i want to wear a tank top. >> i would say great. just shave your pits. >> she has the whole full sleeve tattoo there. >> what is your theory? >> it is a story of courage. i think songs will be written about this and children's books will be written about this and they will learn about her in school and how she over came and how she was discriminated against and she could join a different gym and wear the same tank top and bring pleasure and happiness to many people who follow her on twitter. >> that and it. that is it. do you think everybody wins in this case? >> yeah, but i want to go to the gym she is going to because where i go i would say half of the people have chests like that, but they are all super fat guys. they are really sweaty.
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they are real hairy. i would choose that any day. >> there are no guys -- they will keep wearing their tank tops. >> why is it okay for the three indian guys who wear work pants at my gym? >> they don't even change from the gym to the office. >> i like the loiterers who just wander around the gym. >> yeah, they don't work out at all. >> pour yourself a glass of warm milk because we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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instagram has become insta ban. the photo sharing site uses hash tags to make new finding content easier. if they think your hash tag is inappropriate they will make them invisible to searches. what is ban worthy and what isn't? some include # boobies which i don't understand. let's look at boobies m. the pc patrol doesn't stop
12:55 am
there. it is of course only preventing us from finding these adorable creatures. also banned, # grinding. that's an assault on me. >> beam. beam. >> that's sad. i like to grind my bean. i will share my coffee drinking with the public. i am banned. >> why do you think my friend # asian [bleep] feels. my buddy richard in tokyo can't pull his instagram up. no more asian [bleep]. >> well, that's it. we have to live with this because other people can't restrain themselves from posting pictures of snow bunnies. >> i read this list and i am so excited because it is going
12:56 am
to vastly expand my vocabulary. i needed more fillet in my -- i needed more filth in my life. >> what did you do with the hash tag. >> # elevator. >> i don't under most of this. it makes me feel really old. i have no idea. >> i don't know. whatever i don't under. you can't see me. there is no way i can find new people who want to see me grinding my beans. >> when someone your age is on instagram i automatically think ped file. >> you have instagram. >> yes. i do. as andy pointed out in the meeting, the incorrect spellings of like words are included in this. so it is like for people who not only have a filthy mind,
12:57 am
but no education. >> special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and camille foster and dagin mcdowell and kurt metzger. i'm tom shillue. see you next time.
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episode of "the five." that's it from us, "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington on what has turned into a busy friday, with news breaking all afternoon. we have four major stories we're following up on right now. we're learning about new evidence on the possible cause of that egypt air disaster. at least one expert says an elect cal fire may have led to catastrophic mechanical failure. they're not ruling out terrorism. we'll bring you the latest. a shooting at the white house this afternoon, president obama was not there. law enforcement sources tell fox news a secret service officer shot an individual in the stomach. after that person approached the white house complex with a weapon in plain sight. president obama is telling congress to get


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