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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 21, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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episode of "the five." that's it from us, "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington on what has turned into a busy friday, with news breaking all afternoon. we have four major stories we're following up on right now. we're learning about new evidence on the possible cause of that egypt air disaster. at least one expert says an elect cal fire may have led to catastrophic mechanical failure. they're not ruling out terrorism. we'll bring you the latest. a shooting at the white house this afternoon, president obama was not there. law enforcement sources tell fox news a secret service officer shot an individual in the stomach. after that person approached the white house complex with a weapon in plain sight. president obama is telling congress to get moving on the
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funding fight against zika. there are now 157 pregnant women infected with the zika virus here in the 50 united states. that means they have the virus, but not necessarily the symptoms. we'll have the latest. and donald trump received a major endorsement from the national rifle association. trump spoke to the nra this afternoon in louisville. within the past few minutes we've learned that at least one aviation expert believe there is is a significant new clue to what may have happened on board egypt air flight 804. new data is leading to more speculation, but not yet definitive answers, senior foreign affairs correspondent, greg palkot is at charles de gaulle airport outside paris, hello, greg. >> important new information just in the last 90 minutes or so. about what happened just before egypt air flight 804 crashed. according to an important
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aviation site confirmed by 0 our own aviation experts, various smoke alarms sounded just before the plane took its deadly spiral dive. this was relaid via satellite. the smoke and possibly fire included critical avionics. according to our expert this could be the first indication of a mechanical or electrical failure that caused the downing of this plane. the search for answers continues. the search for answers to the mystery of egyptair flight 804 intensified today. as ships and planes, including from the u.s. spread across an area 180 miles off the egyptian coast near the city of alexandria. the area they're scouring in the mediterranean sea, some 40 miles in size, is where the plane went down early thursday morning. searchers found an oil slick and aircraft debris. including seats, luggage and
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even human remains. what's been found is now back in egypt, where an international team, including french and british experts, are searching for clues. still no sign of the black box recorders. the depth of the mediterranean there can be over 10,000 feet. the white house is offering more assistance. >> the president has directed his staff to make sure that administration officials are reaching out to their counterparts in both egypt and france. to stand up resources, should they be requested. >> this as more information emerges of those on the plane. the pilot identified as 36-year-old muhammed siyedshoukar and the co-pilot, a 24-year-old mohammed assem. they were both from cairo, with no known political affiliations and had passed the airline security screening test administered periodically. the french foreign minister said terror is only one option. >> we have no information.
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all high poth sypothesis are be investigated. . >> for the family of the victims, the reason was far less important than the loss they suffered. more of them have travelled to cairo where prayers on this muslim holy day were said. for those who have died and are only now beginning to be found. >> translator: he was my cousin. he was like an elder brother to me, i ask god for forgiveness. this is very hard for the family and god bless all who died on the plane. >> our aviation expert calls this information very, very significant. to get the full picture of what happened to the egyptairplane, the actual telemetry of the black box will also have to be analyzed to find out exactly what happened. but it's a complex picture that got a little bit clearer in the last few minutes. brett? >> greg palkot live in paris, just after midnight. thank you. now to the breaking news at
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the white house this afternoon. a lockdown after a shooting just outside the white house complex. correspondent peter doocy is live there now, good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret, just after 3:00 p.m., a pair of very alert secret service agents spotted a man they thought was suspicious. so they decided to shadow him along the fenceline here at the white house complex and when that man revealed a pistol, and disobeyed multiple verbal commands to drop it the secret service did shoot him once in the stomach. that man now critically wounded. as he lay wounded near 17th and e street, those officers then arrested the pistol-wielding suspect and provided him first aid until an ambulance arrived. a law enforcement source does tell us that at no time did the subject access the white house complex. no law enforcement personnel or innocent bystanders were injured during this incident. president obama was playing golf at joint base andrews in
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maryland as shots rang out here. but the vice president was on the grounds and taken to a secure location. and we did see the secret service rushing to secure their other protectees. at one point shouting vip, vip, to each other while rushing to stop traffic. so a motorcade could leave the white house grounds. at the same time, secret service agentsside, the south side with long guns and park police officers on horseback flooded the area trying to evacuate tourists as fast as they could. >> what were they yelling? >> they were saying get out. get out. go back. this is not a drill. just get back. get back. >> how to look at the car, it had pennsylvania plates and it is believed to have taken the wounded suspect here. it's being exhaustively searched right now, as it sits on constitution avenue. between the south lawn and the
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washington monuments, between three blocks from the checkpoint and where the shooting occurred. in the last hour we've seen what appears to be clothes taken out of the car and placed on the street and marked with an evidence tag and senior capitol hill sources do tell us they believe this subject, who is laying right now critically wounded at george washington university hospital, may have been trying to commit suicide by cop. >> peter doocy, live. there is new evidence tonight about the danger of the zika virus, the world health organization says it's spreading, infecting 7500 people on an island off the western coast of africa. the cdc says 157 pregnant women are infected with zika in the u.s. the agency has redefined what it considers infected to be a positive test. with or without symptoms. leading to a three-fold increase in that category. those are the facts and the
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stats. now for a look at the politics of zika, here's chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> briefed on the zika virus by his top health advisers, president obama pressured congress to approve the $1.9 billion package of emergency funds he requested three months ago. in part by urging citizens to tell their lawmakers to quote get on the job. >> my hope was we would have had a bill that i could sign now. >> the president spoke days after the senate voted up a $1.1 billion package and the house voted along party lines to approve a temporary measure worth $622 million. the house version was so much lower because republican leaders opted not to reimburse $589 million the white house already shifted to the zika effort from an existing pool of funds dedicated to the ebola virus. >> all the house has done is said you can rob peter to pay paul. and given that i have at least pretty vivid memories of how concerned people were about
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ebola, the notion that we would stop monitoring as effectively in dealing with ebola, in order to deal with zika doesn't make a lot of sense. >> house and senate negotiators will have limited time before their next recess to reconcile the two measures. something the top house republican vowed to do. >> we'll work with the senate to get much-needed resources in place. >> if any effort is under way to cajole lawmakers, mr. obama appears removed from it and the white house suggested such outreach shouldn't even be necessary. >> there is not a member of congress who is not aware of the requests that we have before them. >> whether either side, in the zika dispute a is made to face political costs for the delay in funding would likely depend how far the virus spreads and on geograp geography. >> that's why we've seen a lot of members from parts of the southeastern united states, where the effects of zika would probably come first and be larger. really sort of band together to try to get this funding done. >> the white house has issued a veto threat for the house
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measure, but pointedly designed to do so for the senate version that suggests despite the president's tone toward the congress and his remarks today. he might be willing to strike a compromise. bret? >> thank you. in a campaign sees than promises plenty of rhetorical firepower. the two likely candidates find themselves on the opposite sides of the gun issue. donald trump, who touted the permit he has to pack heat turned up the heat on hillary clinton. in front of gun rights supporters at the nra convention. getting the group's early endorsement. clinton will take her shots at a gun control event tomorrow. senior national correspondent john roberts has the story from louisville tonight. >> i'm announcing the nra's endorsement of donald trump for president. >> the full-throated endorsement of the nra five months before any other candidate in recent history is a clear indication of what the nra and donald trump believe is at stake in this election. >> the second amendment is on
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the ballot in november. the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named donald trump. >> trump and the nra are making the case that if hillary clinton is leekted president, she'll push for new gun laws and nominate supreme court justice who is uphold those laws. >> if she gets to appoint judges, she'll abolish the second amendment. and i have to say that would be in my opinion, that's what she's going to go for. >> the 8,000-strong crowd greeted trump with a standing ovation. remarkable show of solidarity, considering trump's past support for the assault weapons ban and a longer waiting period for firearms purchases. but to a person, fox news talked to. >> i think he's right on. >> he knows what it is, what we need to do to protect ourselves
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and our country. so i can't imagine him voting you know, we'll come after him if he doesn't. >> regardless of how they feel about trump, one thing the tens of thousands of people that attended said the nra meeting appear united on, their opposition to clinton. and it's spreading across the party. new "new york times" poll found 80% of republicans think party leaders should support trump even if they don't agree with him. at the nra today, trump took a new turn, insisting clinton's push for new gun control laws is bad for the very women she proclaims to defend. >> so you have a woman living in a community, a rough community, bad community. sorry, you can't defend yourself. that is so unfair. and that is so egregious. >> trump continues to try to flip the narrative that hillary clinton is attempting to right write about him on women. after hillary clinton said yesterday, she would appoint her
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husband, billion billion to oversee the economy. trump said hillary clinton just wants to get bill in the white house so she can keep an eye on him. while the nra endorsement was welcome news for trump, the billionaire businessman who often cites polls will not be citing this one, showing he has a lot of catching up to do with hispanics. the new fox news latino poll of registered voters indicates clinton has a 62-23% lead with hispanics. her favorability ratings are far ahead of trump in that poll. up next, there will be a third-party option this fall to clinton and trump, we'll show you who it is, coming up. here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles, a big fire this morning in an abandoned restaurant on the seal beach pier. firefighters poured water on the flames, it burned beneath the pier. one firighter suffered a
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shoulder injury. fox 45 in baltimore, the preakness weekend. the second jewel of the triple crown will go off in a little more than 24 hours. kentucky derby winner nyquist is the star attraction at the preakness, officials expect a record crowd for the 141st running of the race. and this is a live look at detroit from our affiliate fox 2, the big story there, an outburst from a murder suspect force as break in the hearing. jason dalton was dragged out of a kalamazoo courtroom when he started talking about people with black bags. he's charged with killing six people and wounding two others in february. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway
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while hillary clinton says her nomination is a done deal, her supporters apparently recognize that bernie sanders still pose as threat. now clinton's friends in high places are trying to do something about that. here's senior political correspondent mike emanuel. >> prominent democrats are trying to figure out what will appease bernie sanders and his supporters. an effort to avoid chaos at the party's convention in philadelphia.
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democratic sources say possible ideas include positions for sanders' backers on the influential party platform committee and a prominent primetime speaking slot for him. in south dakota, forminger president bill clinton talked about finding unity. >> as democrats our job is to come together and say we're about the future, not the past. but we want a future we can all share. >> yesterday in an interview, hillary clinton put a lot of responsibility on sanders. >> lass to do his part to unify. he said the other day he will do everything possible to defeat donald trump. he said he would work seven days a week. i'll take him at his word. >> but sanders continues fighting for every last delegate, he's on the trail in new mexico today after spending the week in california. in his supporters say they expect to be treated with respect, and fairness. >> why should i be as a proud progressive principled progressive. why should i be the one to back off. >> i don't think it would be violence, but i think it would be anger if it's not fairly taken care of and fairly carried
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out, the process. >> today the former president addressed the suspicion of many sanders supporters that the system is rigged. >> more than 90% of the people who serve with both of them have endorsed hillary. if you believe as they did it just because they're all part of some corrupt political establishment there's no difference between republicans and democrats, you shouldn't vote for her. >> so far the democratic establishment is being careful to avoid turning off millions of passionate would-be voters. >> i want to be respectful of the amazing job that bernie sanders and his support he is have done. bringing crowds and votes that are going to help us win in november. >> yet sanders is still trying to win in june. he's accepted an invitation to debate clinton on fox news in california ahead of the primary there. the clinton campaign has yet to accept or decline the invitation. bret? please join me this weekend for a special look inside the trump campaign machine. we'll give you access to what may be one of the most unlikely
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presidential campaigns, ever. and a candidate who despite bravado admits he still has much to learn. >> i've learned about myself. i've been doing this stuff one way or the other all my life. this is a different world and i really felt it was important to support myself with the best people and make your own decision, but surround yourself with the best people. >> you say you've known yourself. certainly you must have learned something about yourself. >> you have to be able to handle pressure. i have been able in my life, my life has been a big pressure cooker. i've always been through that. but political pressure is a little bit different. >> how so? >> it's coming at you very quickly. >> very personal? >> very personal. >> please join me for donald trump the disrupter. it runs saturday at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 9:00 and midnight. the irs says it will continue to pay out billions of your tax dollars on fraudulent tax credits and there's nothing you can do about it.
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a treasury department inspector general's report says 25% of the earned income tax credit payments doled out last year should not have been issued. that amounts to almost $16 billion with a b. it says the irs does no have the resources or authority to stop the payments. s&p 500 finished ahead 12 and the nasdaq was up 57. the dow lost a fifth of a percentage point. its fourth straight losing week. the s&p 500 was up a quarter, the nasdaq gained 1. an accident or something else? the focus of the investigation into the mysterious crash of egypt air flight 804 with new information tonight.
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now back to the air disaster involving egyptair flight 804. we told you at the top of the
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program a leading aviation expert is pointing to evidence that an electrical fire may have led to the crash of the passenger jet yesterday. still not ruling out terrorism. we're waiting for more information. let's get more on the investigation from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> a u.s. government source confirmed to fox news tonight that the plane's data link known as akars reported smoke during the flight. the source who has been briefed during the investigation said it was not clear from the data where the smoke came if or at what point in the flight it started. that level of detail is recorded in the flight's black boxes. one aviation expert said smoke on board an aircraft is consistent with a number of events, including a bomb, as well as mechanical and electrical failure. which could explain flight 804's erratic flight path. the sudden 90-degree turn to the left and then the 360-degree spin to the right before it disappeared. >> this is what's called a fly by wire plane. very sophisticated computers where if there's something that is totally inconsistent with
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something that somebody would want to happen, the plane will reject those commands. in other words, it was out of control. something had happened, that caused the plane to then do those things, something other than the pilot actually telling it to do those things. >> fox news is told that investigators are doing a deep dive on the two pilots identified today and a review of their social media accounts to determine their state the midas before their flight and any extremist ties, so far the passenger manifest has not turned up positive hits from the terror watch list. the white house said this afternoon the investigation remains wide open. >> for us it's too early to say what may have caused this. we continue to pursue all potential factors. obviously the egyptian authorities are in the lead. but we stand ready to assist any way we can. a counterterrorism source who tracks al qaeda and isis social media accounts for the goxt said there's been no credible or sem i credible
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claims of responsibility. the islamic state terror group put out new propaganda yesterday. that mentioned no reports of the flight. >> thank you. fox news has learned the house select committee on benghazi expects to release its final report sometime next month. chairman trey gowdy tells fox the hold up has been dealing with the bottom on tobama admin with the release of documents. it's been looking into the terror attacks that left four americans dead including the u.s. ambassador of libya, on september 11th of 2012. not a day goes by without some mention of the possibility of a third party or independent candidate for president. there actually already is a third party. the lib tiertarianselibertarian correspondent rich he hedson te
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us who is on it and likely a threat to hillary clinton and donald trump. >> hillary clinton and donald trump, the likely democratic and presumptive republican nominees. two candidates who are polling low in likeability and confronting significant opposition within their parties. libertarian party candidate gary johnson says he sees an opening. >> i can't support trump, you can't, either. we can fight for small government and conservative values. just google gary johnson and find out. >> a candidate asking voters to google his name should not pose a significant challenge to a major party nominee. yet trump's rhetoric and policy positions have some conservatives searching for a third-party contender. william weld will be his running mate. both are two-term governors, they need the libertarian party to nominate them next weekend in orlando. >> only chance i have of winning is to be in the presidential debates. and the only way i get into the
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presidential debates is to be in the polls. >> to participate in the general election presidential debates, the commission on the presidential debates requires candidates to have 15% support in an average of five national polls. in three-way race, a recent fox news poll shows trump beating clinton. and johnson is at 10%. and notable trump backers are praising johnson and weld. republican consultant and trump supporter roger stone tells abc news he's a giant fan of the libertarian ticket. he said he still supports trump, though he wants to see more of his platform and who trump chooses as his running mate. yet while johnson could draw some republicans from trump. analysts say the libertarian is going about it the wrong way. >> if you're someone who wants to see parties get disrupted, the best bet is to do what trump and sanders have done, which is to infiltrate parties, rather than attack them from the outside. >> in 2012, johnson ran the libertarian party in the most
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successful campaign, ever. winning 1%. oklahoma republican governor mary fallon has vetoed a bill that would have made it a felony for physicians to perform an abortion. fallon says she is the most pro life governor in the nation, the bill was vague and would not with stand a legal challenge. the head of tsa met with chicago mayor rahm emanual and other officials today. long lines at chicago's o'hare and midway airports have come to symbolize the extended wait for tsa screening at many airports. president peter nefinger took blame for the letdown. he says congress has also freed up $34 million for overtime pay and to hire an extra 768 screeners. the nra says yes to donald trump. bernie sanders still says no to
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hillary clinton. we'll talk about all the elements of the presidential race when the panel joins me.
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hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. just remember that. we're not talking about change. she wants to abolish the second amendment. so we're not going to let that happen. we're going to preserve it, cherish it, we're going it take care of it. the second amendment is on the ballot in november. the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named donald trump. >> he's got to do a better job to deal with the gun culture and dealing with the kinds of attitudes we we're now seeing where people reach for guns to solve their problems, it's never solved anybody's problem. it's only made more heartbreak
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and bloodshed. >> well today donald trump with the endorsement of the nra, what many thought was an early endorsement of donald trump, the two candidates on very opposite sides of this issue. as you take a look at the new "new york times"/cbs poll about the unity question for donald trump this is among republican primary voters, 80% saying that they support trump. not support trump. 17%, one who didn't, is now supporting him. >> i'm happy to say i endorse donald trump. i was a rubio guy. and if marco had won, i would have expected to a cruz supporters and kasich supporters and trump supporters to support my guy. my guy lost. when the jury speaks, i'm going to respect the jury. i'm going to support the republican nominee who is very likely to be donald j. trump. >> trey gowdy from south carolina.
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our panelist. jason riley. ann guerin, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> the nra sometimes doesn't put its endorsement down. sometimes they don't do it early. there have been presidential elections that didn't do it. they chose to do it this time. >> i'm not surprised. i think trump is the type of candidate that projects strength. he's been doing that from day one. this doesn't come as a surprise at all. i think trump will take it to school. there's a big difference between him and hillary clinton. when it comes to guns in this country. you heard that in the clips. so i expect him to take full advantage of this. and do it all the time. >> she will go to a gun control event tomorrow. the clinton campaign will tell you she's not out to abolish the second amendment. although history may show she'll try to change it or degrade it a bit in the eyes of the nra.
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>> sure, her official position is that responsible what she calls common-sense gun control can co-existent with the second amendment just fine. she likes to frequently point out that a majority of gun owners and a majority of the american public actually support an expansion of the current background check system. which is not the same thing as supporting wide-scale gun control on the order of some of the things that some democrats want. she's trying to walk a line there. but she sees gun control. gun safety as she prefers it. as a winning issue, not only in the primary. where she used it as a cudgel against bernie sanders, who had a mixed record on gun control. she also sees it as a winner in the general election because of the widespread support for it among key groups she needs. women, suburban women and independents. >> however, historically democrats have not done that great on the issue of guns.
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and it could go the other way. charles and perhaps the nra endorsement is more about hillary clinton than it is about donald trump. >> if you go back to her husband's administration, it was in his first mid-term election he got burn by gun control and the democrats avoided it for a long time. now it's true there have been some changes in public opinion as a result of some of the horrific gun massacres that have occurred. if you hear donald trump speaking about it and you heard that clip of hillary clinton, which argument is easier to make? save the second amendment, or that meandering, somewhat nuanced, you might say if you were generous argument that she made. hers is a rather tepid one. i'm not against it i'm not for it. his is strong. i think the trump argument is a lot easier to make. i think in the end it's much more of a winner.
1:42 am
>> fits. >> and it's not only fits, it's easy to see and understand. >> fits on a bumper sticker is what i was going to say. hillary clinton on bernie sanders and the primary battle. >> he has to do his part to unify, he said the only day that he will do everything possible to defeat donald trump and work seven dags a week. he take him at his word. i will do my part and more to reach out and bring in senator sanders' supporters and i have every reason to expect he will do the same. i think we'll have a great convention, in philadelphia and then we will go out and carry on the campaign against donald trump. >> there are a lot of people who look at that as a great convention it just doesn't feel that way right look at the dem party. we've had quite a week for democratic side of the race. we're used to being the boring race, the one i cover primarily.
1:43 am
and this week it certainly wasn't. we had reports of chair-throwing, widely disputed by sanders supporters, violence, threats of violence against the nevada state democratic party chairman. coming out of the convention, the state convention there last week. a week of back and forth in which senior members of the democratic party accused the sanders campaign of being recalcitrant. not apologizing, not disowning violence. quite a week. that could all be well tamped down ahead of the convention. it doesn't appear that sanders wants it to. he's riding a wave of kind of cresting a movement here, he's got to know he's going to lose. his supporters know he's going to lose. they want to get the maximum altitude and exposure for their
1:44 am
issues. one of his supporters told "the new york times" this week that it doesn't really matter whether they damage hillary clinton in the process. if they get that message out and they take it to the convention. >> jesse? >> there's a civil war going on in the democratic party right now. it's not just a skirmish. the press focuses on the vibe among republicans. but we know it is just as bad, if not worse among democrats right now. it's not just some idle threats here. death threats have been made, recorded on phone mail. this is a serious issue. i think you're right, bernie sanders has no interest in tamping this down before the convention. and not just because he wants certain issues free college tuition for all. on the platform. i think it's going to go way beyond that. he'll want on the vp pick. he'll want say on the whole delegate process going forward. the primary process. the number of debates going forward. so i think he's really going to leverage this division going
1:45 am
into the convention. >> donald trump said today he should run independent. he's encouraging bernie sanders to do that. by the way, we have not heard back officially from hillary clinton or her campaign on our invitation to the california democratic debate. we hope to very soon. next up, the debut of the vice presidential candidate casino.
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you know what would bring you two together very quickly? if bernie sanders became your vice president. is there any chance of that? >> i'm not going to get into that. that's something down the road. >> i think somebody with political experience that really has a close relationship with the senate, with congress. with, where they go in and help so we don't have to sign executive orders like president obama does every hour. would be nice to actually get something passed as opposed to just saying, we're signing it, anyway. and i think we have some people that are very good candidates. i'm looking at wonderful people. some were on the stage with me and some are not. >> hillary clinton and donald trump likely nominees, talking about the possible vp picks. you know we did the candidate casino for many months. we had viewers tweet in. now we have a new casino opening up. the candidate casino is closed.
1:50 am
the vice presidential casino is open. with that, we have $100 in chips for vp we will start in the gop side of the casino. place your bets. jason? >> i'm going to start with chris christie. he was the first major republican figure to endorse vd want to thank him. senator from iowa joni ernst would help him with female voters where he is rumored to have some trouble going on there. marco rubio is not only hispanic but a free market conservative. >> he said no. >> he would bring some balance to the ticket. so you might want to go with him for that of course, john kasich comes from a big, important swing state, ohio. so he has got to be in the mix, too. >> ann? >> i'm going to put 50, big bet on newt gingrich. he clearly wants it and certainly donald trump appears to like him. he would check all the boxes that trump just outlined there. 40 on chris christie for many of the same reasons. and i'm going to cheat a
1:51 am
little bit and put my last 10 on who the heck knows. this is donald trump we are dealing with and anything could happen. >> okay. charles. this is really a redeeming time at the casino. >> you mean this is a chance to get my house out of hawk from anything i lost in presidential casino. >> exactly. >> maybe i should stay out of casinos. we start with bob corker chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. gravitas spoke well of donald trump's speech that he gave at aipac. >> by the way he is meeting monday at trump tower for a meeting with donald trump. >> right. which is a leading indicator scott brown one of the early to come out for trump, former senator. then we have kasich, who i think fits the bill in terms of ohio, experience. gingrich, close to trump. he is a guy obviously has
1:52 am
experience. he fills that gap. as a wild card jim demint, former senator, head of the heritage foundation and the field 20 bucks. i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's go to the democratic side, the casino over there. different strategy for hillary clinton potentially hillary clinton but likely hillary clinton. jason? >> senator sherrod brown of ohio, again, has street cred as a progressive. one of the more liberal senators that we have. also from ohio again another big swing state. hud secretary julian castro could help hillary with hispanic voters. i have tim kaine, governor, safe, boring, also can raise money. he is the former head of the democratic national committee and he has contacts to the donor class. bernie sanders is one way for hillary clinton to avoid losing his voters to donald trump. i would keep him in the mix there.
1:53 am
elizabeth warren is a darling of the progressives so she has to be in the mix as well. >> all right, ann. >> i would put the biggest bet on tim kaine from virginia for many reasons that jason outlined also because she really likes him and because terry mcauliff is the governor. it's a safe seat if he leaves the senate seat the democrats wouldn't have any problems filling it. next, i would put al franken from minnesota who would do a lot for her. he is a work horse in the senate. he obviously has a background as a comedian which could potentially mean he could lob at donald trump when necessary. is he good with the base. then we have labor secretary tom perez who is a bit of a dark horse not well known nationally but does a lot of things. got a good labor ties, good with the base, hispanic. then amy klobuchar i would not list bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. >> charles?
1:54 am
>> i have half my chips on sanders and sherrod browne, two extremely progressive candidates. sanders would probably be a one-term vp, so he doesn't determine the future. brown is a younger leftist version of sanders. i think that he would satisfy sanders' demands and i added to that tim kaine and labor secretary perez who is obviously hispanic and would help on that end. >> there you go. first round. thank you very much. winners and losers next after the break.
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okay now for this week's winners and losers with the panel. jason? >> the winner of the week is dan snyder owner of the washington redskins who has been under pressure in recent years to change the name of the team. bret, a new nationwide poll came out 9 out of 10 native americans are not offended by the term redskins. apparently american indians have more important things to worry about. who knew? loser of the week is the democratic national committee. this rift is out in the open now. they have a chair woman debbie wasserman schultz in the tank for clinton and bad at hiding it. >> ann, winners and losers? >> my winner would be donald trump. he is basically even with clinton in the head-to-head national polls. i think his somewhat risky decision to call the egyptair disappearance
1:59 am
terrorism at 7:00 in the morning yesterday could have back fired for him but probably, actually is good. makes him look tough and decisive saying things before other people will. willing to call out. >> we don't know the full deal yet. >> we don't know. but i think that's probably going to do down in the win column for him. loser, bernie sanders, the nevada situation we talked about makes him look a bit like a sore loser. he also lost kentucky which he thought he was going to win. >> charles? >> winner is the jihadi wreaking utter havoc in baghdad. establishing itself in libya and quite possibly responsible for the takedown of an egyptian airliner. the loser is the never trump movement, the organized resistance such as it was has crumbled various parts of the party are acquiesce is i however reluctantly to trump. pockets remain but that's
2:00 am
all they are pockets. it's over. >> thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. make sure you check out "fox news sunday." homeland secu the fox business report hosting. i hope to see you there. "hannity" is next. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. officials are ftrying to determine what caused egyptair flight 8 04 to crash into the mediterranean sea thursday morning. i'm tucker carlson hitting in for sean. cr we're learning tonight according to the aviation herald, there may have been a fire on board the aircraft. spoke alar joining us from our london bureau is kitty logan. kitty? >> the aviation herald website has published a statement,