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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  May 21, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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uber and tesla, i tell you we're going need more television in the cars because we don't have to watch the road anymore. verizon up 15 nrkt in a year. are billionaires giving the billionaire the brush off? when this guy says donald trump stem cell listen to their guy. welcome everybody. i'm kneel cavuto. a new survey. a business trade association says they would happy trade hillary for donald. because they still don't know what to make of him. charles, you first. to not know him is to not vote for him. >> they know some of the things
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he's thrown out. the main point is that these are large organizations. they are trade businesses. they do a lot of business overseas. so they don't want to hear about trade wars. they don't want to hear about anything to do -- >> trade wars by definition you are petitioning from the government. >> petitioning something from the government. 16 of these organizations that cover hundred thousand businesses. 3 trillion dollars. >> like her. >> they like her. they don't want a trade war. on the other end of the spectrum. the small businesses, which have created all the jobs in the last ten years, net. they probably if polled the same way would go for donald trump. they would probably be very happy about his insistence in building things in this country. his insistence on not outsourcing work and those things. i think what we've got a situation where this reflects that big businesses know they can spend money, probably
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persuade who over is in the white house. i -- >> that may be true but -- >> talk -- >> i understand. but that is the first time large business groups have skewed this way. now that could change leading up to the november but if i'm donald trump should i be worried about that or use that as a campaign pitch. >> i think this is where he should use his flexibility and dial back the rhetoric on trade and creating these massive tariffs. and listen to the businesses. they don't want impediments. they don't want more barriers to entry. and you are not talking about mom and pop shops. you are talking about places that do a lot of business overseas. my friend made such a good point. step back before the election. what kind of president do you think he would be. what would be his main issue and creating an economic environment
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for businesses to flourish. >> you can also say that economic growth under this president t slowest we've seen under postworld war ii president. so there does seem to be wind at his back in that regard. >> i think for him it is better to have the big businesses against him. the croney capitalists. i'm not for a a trade war by the way. i think donald ice bigger problem is not having a coherent economic message. all over on taxes. all over an whether you are going to renegotiate the debt or refinance it. by the way refinancing the debt is nothing new. but he definitely said renegotiated. that is going to get anybody with an economic pulse scared and one other thing he does need these people to raise money. i was at a conference where it was basically fundraising central for donald trump. and the guys that are there are all fat cats so he's going to have to get some of this vote!
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if you are donald trump and you are looking at a core a base for the republican party, at least in the past, could it actually work to his advantage not to have them this go round? >> i think it would work to his advantage with the voters. as you were suggesting neil. it won't work to his advantage in fund rags as charlie lay says. and this group of people that surveys there is nothing about hillary clinton's economic policies they like. there is only one thing they like and that she's not nuts. you know they think she will -- [ laughter ] -- world order. >> one of them quoted in the -- by the way -- hates america too. we know that. i'm kidding. make the point. she seems knowledgeable. in other words they could work with her. i don't know in that's true. what do you make of that? >> she's for stability and
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prib predictability in the global world order. and trump doesn't. and he probably would agree with that. he's run that way. no we got to shake up that thing. >> predictability and order has worked just fine right? >> no not at all. and i think she's a corrupt and -- businesses don't really care about that. they are like robots. they don't have moral centers. they want to make sure she's the person they can pay in order to make the road smooth. >> they would like a coherent tax policy. and they would like more stuff. i think donald has to be more coherent. but the fact of the matter is that he should be appealing to small businesses and not the croney capitalists that pay off government. >> -- of this country do probably root for a donald trump. he's saying he wants to bring things back here. those are opportunities. if he can do it, if he can bring
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manufacturing back. >> but e can't. >> here is the thing. you also have to think hillary clinton is going to continue the policies of barack obama. and this has been the worst postrecession recovery in history for everyone. big to small. >> and to that point and this is really important she can't run on her husband's record. he was a free trade president. this is a bernie sanders democratic party. she's going to continue leftward and it is going to be impossible more her -- >> small businesses like chirinos. they likeoherence. coherence coherence.
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the more. >> here -- he is being coherent within himself. even this week in new jersey he's saying i'm going to have a trade war. he's not flipping. he's saying he's going have trade war the. >> spaul businesses understand the economy. no small business wants a trade war where it costs more to import whatever it takes. >> they want more business in this country. my husband is in manufacturing. they want taxes lower. fewer regulations. they can hire more people and the more programs you have like obamacare. >> a lot like the idea of maybe hey if i can spell in this country and not have to compete against cheep chinese version of what i'm making -- >> isn't that his point though? he's been saying well things have been working out just dandy regarding the chinese with our huge deficit. i mean it is just working like firing all cylinders for us this
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relationship, this orderly way of going about business. i'm going to blow things up. what do you think of that? >> yes. i agree with you completely. and i think charles had it exactly right. that is the mentality of many -- >> wait a minute. how can you agree with me and charles at the same -- >> -- >> go ahead adam. >> you are both analyzing this situation exactly correctly. charles i think you are right. this is the way small business people think. they would like protective tariffs. i mean it won't work. it is terrible policy. it will be worse than before. but you are right. i think about what these voters think. >> some small businesses, i just don't think it is a universal sentiment -- >> -- than you are i think. >> -- >> -- do sell stuff over sea. >> true. >> they don't want the borders closed. >> and those same people.
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charlie it's fascinating. these same people who have succeeded in selling overseas have then told reporters but, you know, what i'm for trump because i'm tired of these people screwing us. >> well they are screwing us though. >> language charlie. >> okay. -- >> don't mind -- >> that is term of art. but if you think about it. where he's on the strongest ground is on the trade deals. the trade deals are skewed against us. >> he should make an ad out of that survey. in the meantime a week before the -- house republicans duke it out we are learning conservatives are still being singled out. still. what is it going to take to make them just cut it? today on forbes on fox, donald trump calling a "new york times" front page story how he behaves with women another hit piece by a liberal paper. now a national poll shows he's ahead. he's saying the liberal media is
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good morning. i'm leland vittert in washington. new reports indicating search crews may have located the black boxes from egyptian air flight 804. as we're seeing new video showing the wreckage of the doomed jet liner. in the meantime french investigators also confirmed the doomed plane's smoke alarms sounded in multiple places in the aircraft just before it crashed early thursday morning in route from cairo to paris 170 miles off the egyptian coast. all 66 on board are now confirmed dead. and dramatic video in melbourne australia why a hot air balloon suddenly deflated and was pushed into the phillip bay by some high winds. a recreational boat rescued all nine passengers allowing the pilot then to safely land back on the beach. back to calvano now on business.
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impeachment hearings next week. new reports the irs is still targeting some conservative non profit groups. kennedy, wow. >> this is awful. such an outrage. and the irs is blaming these organizations who spent the last five years trying to get 501 c 4 status. the 501 c 3 much easier to get. and saying you didn't push back hard enough. and that is why you have still having problems with the irs still. >> many times the number of conservative groups seeking out this status than liberal groups. argument is by math alone you are going to see cases like that. >> may be true but there is still an ideological component to that.
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we know this. and having admitted it the irs should have moved on from these practices and they haven't. >> you would think with the cloud -- >> -- where does it end? >> i don't know. >> i'm going to say that ken is going to turn into mark goodman when i read. --. i think they should turn the irs into something like the fed. here is this thing. the fed is semi autonomous. you fik the irs -- the fed chief is picked by the president. confirmed by congress. is held accountable by congress. the irs is too closely attached to the administration. -- >> audit everybody. fehr and balanced. -- >> all right. >> -- obama does it. >> i don't think the fed is accountable to anyone. so i'm a little worried about really letting --
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>> it is not a perfect. >> -- >> but it's close. >> what about the idea some of this came down to bad training and bad guidance? the va scandal, the irs scandal. listen, it all comes down interest the top. >> with the va. there is still -- >> idealogically driven and you don't change that no matter how bad the press is. you just don't. >> it is systemic. >> this type of stuff is just built into bureaucracy. i think there is a tint here to real people and their problems and they just don't care. >> in fact you are right. the bureaucracy doesn't care. >> literally made that up. >> the whole show neil. >> i'm kidding. go ahead. >> the bureaucracy isn't the person and the bureaucracy definitely has its biases. it is very difficult to get those biases out. i'm not going to condone
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targeting any group liberal or conservative. --. >> after this segment we're flashing your e-mail on the screen. >> all kid -- this does seem to be a deafness to the way large institutions work. and i see it again and again. just totally ignorant of just reality -- >> that is absolutely right. talking about by and large groups of people who are doing just enough to not get fired. just like an office space. you know just enough to not feel thing anman's noose and that is what's happening here. central planning and bureaucracy never works. these -- oh my gosh charlie with what was that? your dignity? but organizations like the va that don't really change. even if you have -- >> -- under the threat of impeachment. interrupted your thought there i
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apologize. go ahead. >> all i wanted to say is i wouldn't support taking the irs out of political accountability. political accountability is a good thing. >> how do you get it? >> we bring up the va. we bring up the -- let me just finish. clearly there are some bad apples but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of people doing good work in both of those organizations. >> made money hand over fist. >> here is the thing. how do you separate -- how do you get accountability if it is something that's so easily abused by the executive branch? there is no way. >> it becomes an oxymoron when you say political accountability dining the bidding of their master. >> -- free press. we're doing our jobs here. >> -- especially when they work for the federal government neil.
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>> touche. by the way anything critical said about the u.s. they are all coming from charlie. >> nothing tax here. >> in the meantime target missing the mark this week not just with sales flowing. tempers growing. we'll explain. >> attention target customers. do not be deceived. target would have you believe with their mothers day displays they love mothers and children. this is a deception. this is not love and they have proven it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. coming up, a mom of 12 taking aim at target's transgender policy. could this lead to a tipping
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what target has don't is very hateful. it's hateful towards families. it's hateful towards mothers. it's hateful towards children. america, when are you going to wake up? when are you going to stand up for the right thing, america? >> every time i see that video i'm just thinking, if i'm behind her, i'm just here to get the waffle iron and then i'm out the door. she's railing against target's transgender policy where they say the changing rooms are open to anyone. that did not sit well with a lot of folks and some say it may not be sitting well with the company's customers. sales are down. is there a connection? >> i don't think there's a connection. i agree with target. the economy is sluggish to begin with, they'll have a bad second quarter. i think having the bathrooms
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being a free for all is actually fun. if target is smart, they could show the dog with the bullseye on the face and have him go and have him tinkle town where he ever he wants. >> they shouldn't have said anything. >> why they said it, they have a million signing a petition against it. why do they have to weigh in on this one way or the other? >> it's a huge mistake on their part. there are other factors, but do you want to layer on the fact that you have a lot of women who go there who have children, who feel this way, do you want to make it that much tougher in an already tough retail environment? >> i'm just saying, if you're a big successful retailer, why weigh into this with a policy when -- obviously at a board meeting you say, we'll satisfy this group but we might tick off others. >> here is why it makes business
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sense. you have mandates coming down from the federal government. >> retailers typically do not have to. >> suppose they get sued by the federal government. that's a big cost. >> what do you think, adam? is that what was going on here? >> maybe. i think it doesn't make a bit of difference to consumers, other than people who are highly motivated. >> what about those million plus that signed the petition? >> the reason they're not doing well is their products have been right or their pricing hasn't been right. give them good products at the right prices and most people will buy their products. >> where is the irs going? where is all this going? >> i hope nowhere. this is such a stupid argument. we have such incredibly pressing problems with the economy and national security, as that fox news poll just showed.
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i think this is such a major distraction. it's like two boxers hugging in the middle of the eighth round. they're both exhausted. let's not fixate on potty politics. >> all right. i want to thank charlie before the irs wheels him out of here. do you retire and regret you haven't saved enough? next, picks that you won't regret, next.
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all right. stocks you will not regret. charles. >> take a look clorox, buy it, you won't regret it. >> adam, what do you make of that pick? >> i like it, especially the buy and hold part. that's what people need to be doing. >> what are you doing these days? >> kre, regional banks. they'll be arranged for a long time, as should your investments. >> although we've had a lot of false starts in these banks.
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maybe goldman sachs. if i went regional, i wouldn't go with all of them, some won't make it. >> thanks, guys. coming up, "the place for business." this was a con job. it's one thing, it's inside the paper, that happens to me all the time, especially with the "times" and frankly i could mention plenty of others. if you're a republican conservative, it's very hard to get good press. >> donald trump calling the gray lady's front page article on how he treats women a con job, just one of mainstream media stories. trump is up, and now topping clinton. that's why some here say the liberal media is losing its power. are they right or wrong? hi, everybody, i'm david asman, with mr. steve forbes, elizabeth mcdonald,


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