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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 21, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you next week. a massive worldwide effort to find answers as to what brought down egyptair flight 804 over the mediterranean two days ago. this as brand new clues emerge with each piece of debris pulled from the water and details about every passeer and crew member on board. plus on the campaign trail with the big three candidates left in the race for the white house. trump is celebrating a big endorsement as sanders shows no sign of pulling out of the race despite clinton's escalating calls for him to leave. why this vietnamese dissident is free today thanks to president obama's historic trip to vietnam this weekend. where the president heads after that is shall we say highly controversial.
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good saturday to you. nice to be with you at home. nice to have you down from new york. thanks for joining us. flew down this morning. welcome to "america's election headquarters" from washington, d.c. the sun is setting over the mediterranean as crews in the air and on the water continue to search for evidence from doomed flight 804. two days after all 66 aboard the paris to cairo flight lost their lives, investigators do not know what if any role terrorism may or may not have played. this morning, conflicting reports are out as to whether the crucial black boxes have been located. we have been on this story since the beginning and greg palkot joins us with the very latest.
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>> reporter: we are getting our first glimpse of the first debris recovered from that doomed egyptair flight 804. among the items recovered in the past couple of days, bits of the fuselage of the plane, life preservers, parts of plane seats, luggage and other personal items, and yes, sadly, human remains as you noted, 66 souls on that plane. all being brought to egypt, where an egypt-led international team of investigators is going closely through everything. all this the result of a massive air and sea search combing the mediterranean just about 200 miles off the coast of egypt. the u.s. is contributing two orion p-2 surveillance planes to the cause. despite early reports today, no, there have been no sightings of the two black box voice and data recorders which could explain so much. yeah, as you noted, we are getting more information in the past 24 hours. today, french officials are
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confirming what we first reported to you yesterday, that smoke was detected at several locations inside the plane, probably coming from a fire there. experts we spoke with yesterday said that it was detected in the cockpit, in the forward bathroom right next to the cockpit and in the electronics bay right underneath those two rooms. meaning either possibly an electrical short, mechanical failure that led to this catastrophe or yes, terror, in this case maybe something lower key like a flare igniting a fire, maybe set off in the bathroom where some of that smoke was detected. once again today, the french foreign minister coming out, and other officials as well, saying that all options are open but as we have been telling you and more reports confirming today, everybody, all staffers who had any contact with that plane which left this terminal wednesday night are being interrogated and we have just learned there will be tighter
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controls, security checks of all passengers leaving this airport beginning on monday. leland, in paris itself, there was a gathering today at the foreign ministry of members of the families. again, 66 victims, many of those family members are down in cairo now to be closer in whatever way to the lives, to their loved ones who have been lost. back to you. >> can't forget those lost. right back to you as more information comes out there late information/early evening in paris. before we bring in our expert to weigh in on the latest from greg, let's revisit exactly what we know about the crash and the timeline. 11:09 p.m. on wednesday, the flight departed from paris terminal one. then at 1:48 a.m., thursday morning, the pilots made contact with air traffic control and are cleared to exit greek air space over the mediterranean. at that point, no problems are
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reported and according to those tapes, the pilots were in good spirits. last contact with the plane came at 2:30 a.m. then just a few minutes later, 2:37 in the morning, shortly after it entered egyptian air space still over the mediterranean, the aircraft made a 90 degree turn to the left and a full circle back to the right. the plane then plunged from about 37,000 feet to 9,000 feet. it was at 2:40 a.m. thursday morning, minutes later, the aircraft and all 66 souls aboard disappeared from radar and all contact was lost. >> while aviation officials are not prepared to say exactly what caused the smoke inside egyptair flight 804, it does give investigators a valuable clue in their search for answers. joining us is former ntsb member dr. vernon gross. thank you for being with us today. unfortunately, under these circumstances. the sun is just coming down and probably the next hour, where
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the search is taking place, but the big news out of today was what we just heard, the smoke coming near the cockpit, coming out. what does that tell you if anything? >> it tells us we have an abnormality and you don't have smoke normally in the aircraft so the first thing that they would be concerned about is the cause of the smoke and it could be a variety of causes. it could be either wiring that shorted which has happened in the past, or it could be lithium batteries in the bay below the lavatory and the cockpit. that smoke could be very deleterious to the crew. >> there are mixed reports over the last hour about the black boxes, whether or not they have been found. that is crucial obviously in this search. when they in fact find those boxes, how much can that tell us? can that rule out terrorism, for example? >> it's the only answer we really need. if we can get those recorders, you have a cockpit voice
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recorder which gives you all the audio that's occurring in the aircraft as well as a lot of parameters of the airplane itself on the flight data recorder. that's the key to knowing why this aircraft went down. >> we are beginning to get pieces, piece by piece, luggage, small pieces of the plane at this point. how much can you learn from just a small part of the airplane? you have investigated crashes similar to this before. how much can that tell you about what happened? >> you learn some things, for example if there was an explosion aboard the airplane. apparently i don't think there was. if there was smoke damage, we might find on some of the bodies some evidence of what the smoke was. if it was carbon monoxide, that's not going to leave very much of a residue on the passengers if they recover them. but the recovery of the body or the wreckage in general is not very helpful except for those
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recorders and they will be the secret to knowing why. >> leland just laid out what happened, what we do know that the plane veered to the left, did a 360 turn before going down to the ocean. from what we know, what is going through your mind about what possibly happened? >> well, something radical with regard to the crew. for example, on the a-320 it's a side stick airplane. it doesn't have a wheel in front of it like the boeing airplanes do, and that side stick could be bumped in such a way that it went into these turns, but the turns are very deleterious to the aircraft because it then plummeted very high speed in this turn down to the water. >> if they haven't found the black box yet, as i said, there are conflicting reports about that, how long can a black box stay that deep under water and still be useful? >> quite a long time. air france 447 that went down
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two years before they found the boxes. so the boxes are very survivable. however, they have to be found. and location, they have a pinger on them. if they get under water in that area, that's the thing i'm concerned about, do they really know where they have located them yet, because to locate them, they have to hear those pingers and get them and recover them. >> because at this point, it's very deep where the plane is. >> i heard it's up to 10,000 feet of water. >> how hard is that investigation? the weather's unpredictable. there are a lot of factors here. >> it will be very, very hard to get 10,000 feebt down to get thm because that's a great depth. in the malaysian crash there was only 5800 feet of water and this is almost twice that amount of water. >> so hard when so many families just want the answers to what happened. thank you for helping us better understand at least where we are at this moment. appreciate you being here.
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a quick programming note. make sure you turn to fox news sunday tomorrow. homeland security secretary jeh johnson will talk with peter johnson followed by a one-on-one conversation with mike mccaul. check your local listings for that. live pictures of president obama, marine one arriving at andrews air force base. president obama then switches to air force one for a week-long, 16,000 mile trip to asia. that's part of his effort to pay more attention to the region and boost economic and security cooperation. his first stop will be to a country that was once an enemy of the united states, vietnam. he will visit hanoi, saigon. amazingly enough, vietnam has now become a u.s. ally and intends to challenge china in the region. from vietnam, president obama
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heads to japan for a summit of the group of 7 industrialized nations and will make an historic visit to hiroshima, the site of one of the nuclear bombs dropped on japan. that has been controversial, to say the least. on friday, at the press briefing, eric schultz said the president would not revisit the decision to drop the bomb or not but as we know, president obama has been very vocal about his feelings towards nuclear weapons and the symbolism of visiting hiroshima is unmistakablunmista. >> this is the first time a sitting president has visited. >> first time for a sitting president. what he said there will be very telling. >> people will be listening. this is the time obviously, it's the middle of a presidential election here. but what the president says over in vietnam also in hiroshima people are watching closely not here in the u.s. but all over the world. >> they are listening to not only what president obama says but think about this from the japanese perspective and the vietnamese perspective.
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donald trump, presumptive gop nominee, now saying that perhaps japan should be able to have its own nuclear weapon itself. south korea as well, to defend against north korea. you can imagine there's going to be reassurance perhaps going on by president obama. that was marine -- one of the helicopters that could be marine one landing. there's three that fly from the white house and you never know which one president obama's in. some of them have staff, some of them have the president and they leapfrog through the air as they fly so this is another one of the helicopters heading into joint base andrews. >> you mentioned the importance of china in all this as he heads over to vietnam. probably our strongest ally as we deal with china moving forward. china is a relationship that is probably one of the most important going into the years to come. and you have to get it right. vietnam will be a key ally in figuring that out. >> vietnam looking to the united states for leadership and protection, for lack of a better
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term, as the chinese havecoloni term the islands in the south china sea, the spratly islands it has militarized. there's a lot of questions in asia about what role the united states will play, how strong will the united states come to the support of its allies and vietnam, the philippines, malaysia, other countries are saying wait a second, you said china wasn't going to be allowed to do this. china has certainly done a lot of things they said they weren't going to do. they put fighter planes on these islands, anti-aircraft missiles, and there's a lot of questions as to how much the united states is going to have freedom of navigation and what role the united states will be able to play in south asia as we see the president just about to head out. >> also an important part of this trip, just hours ahead of his scheduled departure, vietnam released one of its most prominent dissidents from prison. the 70-year-old catholic priest
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was jailed in 2007 for spreading what the vietnamese government said was propaganda against the state. the move is widely viewed as a good will gesture before the president arrives. a key sticking point of course during obama's stay in vietnam will be human rights. it's something that he has continued to tout whether it's going to vietnam, whether it's going to china, all parts of the world, is something that has been high on his priority list. >> yeah. more on that coming up as the president arrives at joint base andrews. we will go back there as air force one takes off. now for a fox news election alert. it has been a busy weekend for democratic presidential candidates. bernie sanders campaigning out west in new mexico and california ahead of those states' primaries next month. meanwhile, hillary clinton staying on the east coast starting her day in washington, d.c. and then will fly down to florida. steve harrigan where mrs.
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clinton will talk tea at the trayvon martin foundation conference. >> reporter: we can expect to hear about gun control from mrs. clinton, particularly in the runup after donald trump's endorsement by the nra and mr. trump's charge that hillary clinton through the supreme court would try to abolish the second amendment and take away the right to carry arms. we expect the counter argument from mrs. clinton tonight at the trayvon martin foundation. that foundation started by trayvon martin's mother. trayvon martin is the 17-year-old who was killed two years ago in florida. that killing by a volunteer neighborhood watch leader, george zimmerman, ignited the debate across the country not only about racism but about florida's stand your ground law. it's really seen by many as a spark for the black lives matter movement. it's also got a real sharp political edge to it here in florida, where the democrats are going to try to make sure they can boost african-american voter
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turnout in a key swing state which is really seen by many as a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump with its 29 electoral votes. keep in mind that in 2012, barack obama got 95% according to exit polls of the african-american vote here in florida. hillary clinton did almost as well recently in the march primary which she won handily. she got 81% of the african-american vote. really, there will be attempts by the democrats to try to make sure they can boost that margin as high as possible. preps under way for the dinner where hillary clinton will be the keynote speaker. $1500 a polite flate for that d all proceeds going to the trayvon martin foundation. back to you. >> more on this with margaret tella, bloomberg politics reporter, and now we go back to andrews air force base. president obama on a very rainy saturday in washington, d.c. walking towards air force one.
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wheels up in a couple of minutes for vietnam, a controversial trip to a former u.s. enemy and the big question is, as president obama heads overseas, what is he going to get in return? a lot of critics, the president's trip to cuba, says the president didn't come with any deliverables. obviously there will be hope he has deliverables for the vietnamese and japanese. number of folks from vietnam talking about that recently. president obama wheels up to vietnam in just a minute. now back to politics. bloomberg politics reporter has been covering the democratic race. she is here to weigh in now. we just heard from steve harrigan. hillary clinton on her way to this trayvon martin foundation dinner. this is not the kind of dinner, this is not the kind of thing hillary clinton wanted to be doing come may. >> well, she would love to be campaigning for the general election but this is a really important part of her base in terms of not just the primary election but in terms of the
10:18 am
general election in the fall, assuming she is the nominee. she has relied very heavily on not just minority voters but black women and people affected by gun violence to kind of rally around her and champion her. >> was in south carolina, in the stou south, other places like that. >> this is a thank you to them and a chance to go to florida which is never a bad idea. >> considering the weather, it's not a bad thing. hillary clinton over the past couple days has sort of racheted up the rhetoric saying i will be the nominee and the math seems prohibitive to bernie sanders. agreed? >> that's right. >> why is bernie sanders still in this? what does he want out of this? >> we like to be the democratic nominee for president. really. it's really true. beyond that, he would like to be able to influence the party platform and the party agenda going forward. >> the dems have said we will give him various things at the convention, seats on committee and those kind of things. that hardly seems like enough for somebody who mounted such a
10:19 am
real challenge to who was a runaway front-runner. >> that's really the conundrum. they can't give him much more than that without tugging clinton too far to the left in position just at the worst time for the general election. they also really don't want to. the democratic party establishment has been sort of maligned and insulted by bernie sanders. but they understand they need both him, a couple of his key surrogates and his supporters. a great number of supporters who are either first time in the process or who are really liberal democrats who have been disaffected with her. they need those folks to either vote for her or not to vote for donald trump. that's really the conundrum. >> we even saw in places like west virginia, exit polls showing that 40% plus of folks who voted for bernie sanders would vote for trump, not vote for clinton, in a general election. you brought up an interesting point in terms much how far to the left hillary clinton has been pulled by bernie sanders. you always see folks in the
10:20 am
middle but this isn't a jog. this has to be a dog leg right to the center for hillary clinton. can she do it? is it just an impossible feat? >> she has been doing this for three decades. her husband perfected the art form of triangulation. many in the party have been surprised to see her move policy-wise on trade and a number of other things and rhetoric rhetorically in the way she talks about income equality. i expect we will reposition herself towards the center in terms of policy but in terms of rhetoric and how she talks about it, she has to find a way to keep the people who have been more engaged emotionally by bernie sanders in the fall. >> he has been running on real issues. you point out bill clinton. he's so far different economically and his presidency was so far different economically than what it seems the base of the democratic party wants. >> it's a real question they haven't resolved. she would like to be able to use him in the campaign, particularly in the rust belt cross-section between ohio and
10:21 am
pennsylvania, because bill clinton still inspires confidence in those folks but are those the folks in the other states who represent the future of the democratic party and will want to turn out. it's really, the polling is very early now. just because polling shows bernie sanders ahead of trump, vis a vis clinton, doesn't necessarily mean anything but it is a clue to the challenges she is going to face. >> a lot of questions in terms of whether sanders has been vetted or people are just sort of answering poll questions willy-nilly. great reporting. we will check in with you as the campaign continues. it all happened yesterday. a secret service officer forced to take down a man with a gun outside the white house. ahead, the latest on that man's position and what investigators are finding out about him. migrants trying to make it to u.s. soil come close in the florida keys but is it close enough to count? the story after the break. plus donald trump says he loves hispanics but protests aside, how does he really feel about them? a fox news poll is just out. we break down the results coming up. >> latinos for trump. i love that. thank you. thank you.
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welcome back. republican presidential hopeful donald trump is spending a rare day out of the public eye after
10:26 am
winning a coveted endorsement from the national rifle association yesterday and launching a new wave of attacks against hillary clinton's gun policies. peter doocy, what are you hearing? >> reporter: the second amendment was donald trump's mind as he continued warning gun owners about what he sees as hillary clinton's hostility toward firearms, tweeting that quote, crooked hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she is surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. no more guns to protect hillary. this continues to critique the presumptive republican nominee started yesterday in kentucky where he accepted the endorsement of the very influential national rifle association and told the group of very excited nra members that a president hillary clinton would put them in harm's way by letting violent criminals out of prison and then taking away the guns those citizens would use to defend themselves. >> hillary's pledge to issue new anti-gun executive orders. you know that.
10:27 am
this is the behavior, you could say, of a dictator. this is the behavior of somebody frankly i think that doesn't know what she's doing. she's not equipped to be president in so many different ways but this is the thinking of a person that is not equipped to be the president of the united states, believe me. >> reporter: trump's spoke yesterday about how he thinks releasing that list of potential supreme court nominees is helping him rally conservatives around the trump campaign. he said that list with 11 names on it now will eventually expand and called for hillary clinton to put out a list of her own with possible supreme court justices she would like because he thinks that would show voters a day and night difference. at this event in kentucky, trump also tried out a new nickname for clinton, referring to her as heartless hillary. now we wait to see if that one sticks. >> very interesting. we will see how much he uses that. anyone who watched that speech yesterday, the crowd was loving it.
10:28 am
thanks, peter. on this saturday, we are learning more information about that shooting outside the white house which put all of washington on high alert yesterday. president obama was not there during the incident. he was golfing which involved an armed suspect and secret service. garrett, nice to see you. >> good to see you. any time there's a security incident at the white house it quickly becomes a very chaotic scene. yesterday was no exception. there were crowds of tourists, school groups and government workers near the white house friday afternoon when secret service agents noticed a suspicious-looking man and started following him. around 3:00 p.m., the man walked up to a perimeter checkpoint on the southwest side of the white house grounds while holding a gun. secret service agents yelled for him to stop and put the weapon down but he didn't. an agent was forced to shoot him. the white house was put on lockdown. roads were blocked off and the
10:29 am
grounds were cleared, sending crowds running. a law enforcement official speaking with the associated press identified the man as jesse olivieri of ashland, pennsylvania. sources tell us that his motives appear to have been suicide by cop. as of last night, he was in critical condition and not expected to survive. the secret service has been under a lot of scrutiny from lawmakers over the last few years, thanks to a series of security breaches, most notably in 2014 when a man climbed over the fence and made his way inside the white house before he was tackled by an off-duty agent. that incident spurred the agency to add an additional barrier in front of the fence and then to add small spikes on top meant to keep folks from climbing over. just last month, the agency announced plans to raise the fences from six feet to 11 by 2018 but by all accounts, the agency handled yesterday's incident by the book and they prevented the man from actually coming on to white house grounds
10:30 am
so waitsit was a win in their b. >> the secret service has been so shall we say troubled over the past few years. for them to be able to chalk one up this way. >> you were there yesterday. >> i think what's most stunning about this, you have been at the white house a lot and those kind of things, was you totally saw a change in the demeanor of the secret service. you go from a situation where the secret service is typically pretty relaxed as you see them, then all of a sudden something happens, there's a suspicious package or suspicious person, and they kind of lock things down and tell everybody to move away. then you saw yesterday where you saw everyone with full assault rifles out, with shotguns out, screaming at people go, go, go, run, run, run. very different posture. then a couple hours later, everything was back to normal. coming up later, ron kesler will join us, somebody who has been very critical of the secret service and also done a lot of reporting about it. we will talk to him aboutom s of the issues facing the secret service including understaffing which a lot of agents always complained about in terms of the number of hours they are being worked and what that means. coming up at 2:00 p.m. hour.
10:31 am
>> thank you for being with us. also coming up, another big story in silicon valley. the company is drawing criticism this time over their home page. we will tell you why one lawmaker wants google to say they're, how does fa back the trust of conservatives? we will ask one of the tea party leaders who attended that meeting with mark zuckerberg.
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg admits his site lost the trust of those who say his company discriminates against right-leaning content. numerous reports allege bias on how the website picks its trending topics. now he says he wants to regain that trust. jenny beth martin took place in a meeting this week between conservative leaders and facebook and she joins us live
10:36 am
now. appreciate you being with us. you sat down with mr. zuckerberg who says look, there is no bias, there was no bias, there never has been any bias against conservative issues in the trending section. do you believe him? >> well, he was there to listen to us and fiend ways to improve and he said he wanted to find ways to build a trust. he understands there's a perception of a problem so whether the problem exists or not, whether he understands that it exists or not, he understands there's a perception of a problem and is trying to solve that. >> it's a bit of a catch-22 because if all of a sudden a lot of conservative issues pop up and they say we are going to fix this, they admit they control what trends. on the other side, if they don't do anything, everyone says well, it's still the same problem. >> the problem specifically related to the trending topics is that they have editors who are picking what topics based on the algorithms they are picking
10:37 am
topics to actually use. i said to the facebook team that i met with you need to understand and admit that you are a news organization, you are not just a tech company. >> we actually are able to look right now at what's trending on facebook. amazing technology. here it is. boom. all right. we have got egyptair 807 -- 804, then the cdc about zika, west africa, hiv, i don't see any conservative topics up there trending right now. >> kind of surprising -- >> oh, yeah. you would think trump would be on there. hillary clinton meeting with trayvon martin's mom, those kind of things. >> remember, the trending topics also cover the entire world. right now people are looking at the plane crash. >> or terrorism as it related, but that didn't pop up. all right. you were in this meeting. thought this was interesting from tucker carlson. count on tucker to speak his mind as he did about the meeting. i went to that meeting expecting glenn beck, another person who
10:38 am
was there, to cry, rend his garments while quoting james madison but that's not at all what happened. he began the most extended, audacious suck-up, i have ever seen a grown man commit. he acted like he was auditioning to be zuckerberg's man-servant. it was awe inspiring. you don't have to wonder what tucker's thinking right there. but do you think zuckerberg got asked the tough questions and got told it the way it was or were people handling him with kid gloves? >> i was there because we have over 740 active groups around the country. our organization tea party patriots started because we were able to organize on facebook. the active local groups around the country use facebook to organize. we have -- >> did you notice -- >> these groups have noticed problems. i was there to advocate for them, to find out, to express some of the concerns they have seen not just related to trending topics but to their group, to the events and the
10:39 am
news feeds. >> what do you think? do you think facebook has something against conservatives or its employees do or this is just the cosmos aligning? >> there are people who are programming the code that goes on behind, what we don't see on facebook is the code that makes it where we see what we see. it's human beings. human beings naturally are going to have biases and they will work their way into the code. what facebook needs to do is find a way to check and balance that. publish an editorial list so that we know these are the people we can go to to hold accountable when we think there's an issue. >> hire some conservatives to be on the other side of those picking the stories. >> they can do that but the fact of the matter is how they run their business is up to them. i just want to know what it is so we can understand how things work. we invest a lot of time and money into making sure that we are able to organize and communicate through facebook. >> jenny beth martin, appreciate it. this isn't going away over the
10:40 am
next six months. come back and talk to us about it. abby? it's not just facebook. another silicon valley giant is also drawing criticism for -- from conservatives for celebrating a life of an activist who once called america the world's main terrorist. this is on thursday. google's home page doodle celebrated what would have been the late radical activist's 95th birthday. she fought for human rights but also took highly controversial stands such as praising osama bin laden after 9/11. republican senator pat toomey sent a letter to google calling for an apology for the company's doodle choice. to be clear, it is not just praising osama bin laden. this was someone who was an admirer of maos tse-tung. i wonder about these pieces of art that people around the world see, you wonder what's going through their mind when they are making this decision to say here's someone that is so
10:41 am
controversial that there's no way we are going to be hit on this? that had to have gone through their minds. >> or they wanted to be hit on. as jenny beth said, it was a good point, the tech organizations sort of say at one point i'm just a company, i'm a tech company, a search engine, social media feed, increasingly they are becoming news organizations. >> they represent all of us, too. they have to think about that. >> we can vote with our feet. all right. still ahead, donald trump tries to make inroads with latino voters. who can forget his tweet celebrating cinco de mayo and the taco bell. ever had that? >> i'm not sure i will after that. >> is he gaining any ground with latinos? we have a new fox news latino poll out that provides pretty interesting answers. >> we vote for mr. trump. mr. trump! we love you! we love you!
10:42 am
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welcome back. a record 27 million latinos are now eligible to vote come november and they could play a key role. many say they will play a key role in determining who wins the white house. an exclusive fox news latino poll just out shows hillary clinton beating donald trump handily in a head-to-head matchup. perhaps no surprise there. brian will break the down a little bit more. >> well, brand new fox latino poll shows if the election were held today, hillary clinton would win the hispanic vote by a whopping 39 point margin. just 23% say they would vote for donald trump. that's lower than mitt romney got in 2012 when the then republican nominee won just 27% of the hispanic vote. now, the prevailing thought is republicans need to get closer to the 40% range if they want to win the white house. that's about what george w. bush
10:47 am
won and clinton's lead, by the way, is fueled by major support from hispanic females and mexican americans particularly. about 7 out of 10 from both groups support clinton. interestingly, latino voters overwhelmingly say that a hispanic vice presidential nominee would make no difference in deciding who they would vote for. 86% said it wouldn't change their opinion of trump if he chose a hispanic vp. 80% say the same of clinton. the fox news poll also shows the number one issue for latino voters remains the economy and jobs. latinos were the hardest hit group of the great recession. importantly, though, the number of latinos who say immigration is the most important issue has doubled since 2012 from 6% to 12%. an outstanding 90% of latinos also believe working undocumented immigrants should be given a pathway to legalization while just 6% say deportation. trumpants to deport more
10:48 am
undocumented immigrants and clinton does not. both candidates address the national hispanic christian leadership conference last night and clinton concentrated on immigration. trump did not. >> let's keep families together by passing comprehensive immigration reform. >> we are going to take care of minority unemployment. it's a huge problem. it's really unfair to minorities and we are going to solve that problem. >> for more on this fascinating poll, make sure to go to fox news leland? >> great reporting breaking down the numbers in new york. important group coming up to vote in november. thanks, brian. you have a lot of people that say when it comes to latinos, hillary clinton has it in the bag. but our next guest says not so fast. you won't want to miss this. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
10:49 am
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shoshow me more like this.e.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . >> we are back and donald trump will weigh in on all of this. other policy issues. welcome. thanks for being with us. we had brian talking about the new polls that are out among latino voters.
10:53 am
among hispanic voters, 62% for hillary clinton and 23% for donald trump. after that gap, i expected it to be wider than it is. what do you make of the numbers and do you expect them to change closer to november? >> if you dig deeper, and you look at four years around the same time barack obama had twice as much as hillary clinton. the other things that will polls mean is hispanics are saying the economy is the number one issue. >> immigration is number four. i found it interesting. >> absolutely. and if you are hillary clinton
10:54 am
trying to run for a third obama term. >> the issues they care about most, they have the economy or national security on both the economy and they can make inroads. >> i have seen that as we pointed out. we were talking to the national hispanic conference, hispanics and evangelicals that voted republican in the past. that's got to be the strongest part. he doesn't want to talk immigration, but how the economy is not going well for everyone do we have sound bytes where she was basically asked.
10:55 am
>> you are adamantly employing immigran immigrants. you would expand president obama's action and push for legislation that would include a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. are you flip flopping or pandering to latinos? >> there some hesitation among the community about her pandering and what the message is. >> you are seeing a generational divide. many of them said no.
10:56 am
trying to win three consecutive. >> what we have seen so unpredictable. thank you. >> fox news alert. guy who hopes something will happen for him is bernie sanders. he is in new mexico right now. crowds fired up and ready to go. we are coming back at the top of the hour. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
10:57 am
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11:00 am
. >> live pictures from new mexico. bernie sanders about to speak at a rally in the town of vato. sanders is vowing to stay in the race until philadelphia. so big question. crowd feeling the bern, but is he feeling the bern when it comes to campaign cash. hard to keep the campaign afloat without the dollars. >> truer words have never been spoken. >> hour two. nice to have you with us. >> in for elizabeth today, welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. >> with just over months to go before the general election and many miles to cover, fund-raising remains a top priority. the candidates while sanders is
11:01 am
out west and trump is taking a day off, hillary clinton is hitting fund-raisers in washington, d.c. and florida and later in fort lauderdale. she will deliver the key note address to the trayvon convens. clinton will appear with martin's mother and other parent who is lost children to gun violence. >> hillary clinton hopes to be accepting the democratic nomination for president in philadelphia, a report on one of the darkest chapters of her time as secretary of state will be unveiled. the house benghazi committee said a draft report will be released before the political conventions in july. she faced criticism for her handling of the 2012 crisis that occurred two months before president obama won reelection. the chairman said they have not received all they need to complete their work. they were killed in that attack. >> and for donald trump to win
11:02 am
the white house, he's going to need to bump up the numbers in the demographic. >> i will tell you what, the poll numbers with women are starting to go up. >> my poll numbers with men are through the roof. i like women more than men. come on, women. come on. >> joining us now for insight is elana johnson. >> thanks for having me. >> that was donald trump talking at the nra saying how much he loves women. he said most people know that about me. this comes at the same time as hillary clinton's camp is putting out ads. you can show some of this of women wearing trump shirts saying some of the controversial comments that trump made in the past, comments that i will not repeat on television. elana, is this a window into what the election will look
11:03 am
like. personal attacks like this about bill clinton and his past? >> when both candidates have high negative ratings, you are in for a very negative election and it tends to be that candidates will have the most vicious negative attacks will tend to win. i think you will see hillary say donald trump is a misogynist and him saying she aided and a betted on women. >> they are all excited about the make america great hat. i asked him are you concerned about the comments you made about women. some of them do, but the issue i care most about are the economy and keeping my family safe and you look at fox's polling and where trump does the best. beating hillary on the economy and foreign policy. it seems like some women are
11:04 am
willing to put the comments aside for other things. >> that's true. the women issue or the gender issue is not the number one issue for all women. there is another aspect that people often overlook. trump's persona is of an alpha male. the idea that he likes women and finds them attractive and talks about them in vulgar ways is part of this persona he cultivated and many men and some women find refreshing and attractive. he doesn't hide it and he's not ashamed. when he said i love women, he is cultivating that aspect of him where as most politicians would try to play that down. even bill clinton has not been forthright. he would say exactly the same thing. >> exactly. do you think he needs to see this? he talked to other women as well. do you think he needs to make a change into november? >> frankly i think he got this far because he has been honest
11:05 am
and there is a difference between being honest and rude. i don't think he needs to be rude, but people like his forthrightness and honesty. when hillary clinton said he is negative or a misogynist, he counter punches and that's exactly what you are going to see. >> this is interesting. i read this in the daily beast. expectations about trump are so low that hillary clinton claimed the woman card is not going to do anything. can you see that happening? >> i don't think he will do well with women, but candidates don't do well with single women anyway. how does he perform with married women? he is likely to do well with white men, but married women, do they leave the party?
11:06 am
>> i think the lowest moment was when he talked about carly fiorina's face. that's when women get frustrated. >> the difference between being radio rude and being honest. >> thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> there was a cockpit approach. was it mechanical or terror? they were pulled from the sea where darkness is falling about 8:00 or 9:00. they were in harris where they are the end. any news updates coming out? >> no black box has been found.
11:07 am
they vab emerging throughout the day. but the crash of egypt air flight 804. according to today's official probably came from a fire. our analyst told us whatever happened probably started in the cockpit and then spread to the forward bathroom right next door and went to the very important electronics bay below areas in about three minutes and all to deadly effects. they have been counting on it
11:08 am
and this is the first time they are getting clue that is it might have been an aircraft fall. an electrical shortage or mechanical failure or computers or the wiring in the cockpit, sparking an incredibly deadly fire. we are also told about the terror option. maybe not a huge bomb, but insendiary device set off perhaps in the forward bathroom which again triggered the fire and the smoke and the crash. he is repeating the official line and all options remain open and we are not getting a claim of responsibility yet. we have learned that officials from where the flight left will be ep stepping up beginning monday. passengers getting on planes just in case they were the taken
11:09 am
in this event. finally for the families. for the 56 victims the grieving continues. many are in or have gone to cairo, egypt who in some ways can be closer and some gather today. there were 15 french on board them and there was a meeting at the french foreign ministry and a smauls consolation for the families who suffered this loss. back to you. >> covering the story, thanks, greg. >> for more evidence, the troops remain vulnerable to taliban attacks. an insurgent approach detonated explosives. it happened about four miles
11:10 am
outside the air base where most troops are housed. a military statement said the vehicle was heavily damaged and this was the third taliban attacks in just the last week. >> what were they yelling? >> around the white house, the man who officials say approached the white house yesterday with a gun. he clings to life today as they try to learn why the suspect from pennsylvania approached a check point in the first place and wouldn't put the gun down. he was shot. joining us now is journalist and author of the first family details. ron, appreciate you being here. normally we have some type of
11:11 am
scandal or misstep or problem. it seems like this one was by the book and chalk this up to the wind. >> they do a good job and they focus attention on the fact that nothing has been done to improve security at the white house. that was a point about jay johnson and the homeland security to recommend changes. and the first thing they recommend is that president obama appointed the director who would shake things up and recommended that they be increased by about four feet and be curved at the top. they appointed an inside director and what is he doing? promising he will replace that
11:12 am
fence by 2018. speaking of donald trump, two decades and his employees, i can guarantee you that he would replace that. the guy was not able to get out of it. the president was not there at the time. things played out as it should have been. >> that should have gone on forever. now we have terrorists who would love to. >> all it takes it 30 isis terrorists to take over the white house. >> come on, really? >> if one person can jump over
11:13 am
the fence. >> the machine guns on the roof. >> and why are the secret service allowing them to penetrate right inside? >> the president was not home at the time. that's the total inability. they were out of the white house or shot someone next time. that was going to be an assassination. he is like a juvenile. he doesn't understand risk. he is not taking the most basic steps to correct them. you are there with the uniformed officers and for lack of a better word, how much overtime
11:14 am
they are working. they haven't had a day off in two or three weeks. through the middle of the night. that seems to be a real issue. >> a huge problem and they have done that and the culture is imposed and one of covering up and ignoring problems. you have this outflow that can't keep up with it. there fewer agents now than a few years ago. >> we are heading into a presidential election and we have a new president. quick one-word answer. which president do they most look forward to protecting and who are they least looking forward to protecting? >> hillary clinton is so nasty to her agent that they consider it a form of punishment and she
11:15 am
claims they will treat the middle class and trump treats them with great respect. they are delighted to be on his detail. park are a ninth person died from injuries and an autopsy will be performed on an 80-year-old man. it overturned on a rain slicked highway. investigators are looking at the bus's company and the safety record. >> scary moments in philadelphia when a blimp over heated and collapsed near a construction
11:16 am
site. they were able to get out of the blimp. >> they were across the road and a few of the guys tried to hold it down. >> wouldn't you love to hear the calls? there is a limp in the middle of the highway. >> they directed the people for sure. >> hoe had the two guys out there. >> this was in industrial. a hot air balloon was blown off course and ended up over water without a place to land and that's when they came to the
11:17 am
rescue. that was before making a safe landing. could you imagine? >> that's saying something. >> how scary that would be not knowing. >> a memorable ride. the migrants abandoned the boat anded up a nearby light house. that's where they remained for hours. they said multiple federal agency will determine whether it's dry land on the policy. cubans reaching the land usually can stay and pursue citizenship and this brings up so many issues given the normalization that president obama put forth in the sense that you have people escaping that island and
11:18 am
they are willing to do this. we are giving billions of dollars. >> heart bricking stuff. already in prison for killing his third death and suspected in the death of the fourth, how drew peterson took another disturbing turn. how one airline's idea for change of scenery without having to leave your home. knowledge as we know is power on the battlefield. we will tell you about the latest tool giving fighting men and women an edge. >> they had a vision to be able to provide in realtime warning information to the troops. >> we were able to get phone numbers and addresses. we were able to see connections. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
11:19 am
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11:20 am
youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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11:22 am
♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> it's out with the old and in with with the new for american airlines. they demolished the headquarters and lucky for us, it was caught on video and took only 100 pounds of dynamite to clear. america had plans to build a new $350 million headquarters on the
11:23 am
land. you wonder why the ticket prices are so high. >> maybe that's the reason. >> perhaps. and turning to a legal case that captivated the nation. jury selection is under way in drew peterson's murder for hire trial. if you don't recall, it's the former suburban chicago police officer accused of trying to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars for his third wife's murder. this is an unbelievable story. >> that's right, abby. captivated the nation for a number of years and peterson not only was convicted for his third wife's murder, but he is still a suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance and he is headed to trial where he tried to hire a hit man to knock off the prosecutor in his case. you remember he was in the
11:24 am
spotlight when his fourth wife, stacy peterson went missing in 2007. authorities took a second look at his third wife that they initially ruled her death an accident. they changed it to a homicide and he was changed, convicted and sentenced to 38 years behind bars. he is going to trial after prosecutors said he tried to get a fellow inmate to kill the prosecutor in the savvio murder case. stacy peterson's sister said she hopes some good will come from the trial. >> game over, you know. tell the truth. where is stacy? >> stacy peterson has not been seen since 2007. we should note that peterson has never been charged with her disappearance, but as a result of her conviction in kathleen savvio's murder, he is behind
11:25 am
bars until he is 93 years old if convicted in the latest trial, he will serve an additional 60 years behind bars. opening statements set to kickoff on monday. abby? >> what a horrible story. thank you. >> tragedy at the preakness. even before the race begins, i will tell you what happened and why. >> west point graduation and vice president joe biden and his commencement charge to the cadets. what he had to say to the parents after the break. >> the defense winds its way through congress. is it enough to make sure our military is ready? at a notice. >> to start it early enough and trouble shoot what we have.
11:26 am
that's an on time take off. they will trouble shoot or eight different things.
11:27 am
11:28 am
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11:30 am
most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> bernie sanders in vato new mexico. the crowd certainly feeling the bern. new mexico votes next month. sanders said he is in it to win it and will be in until philadelphia. whether the delegates can work no matter the circumstances. let's listen in for a moment. >> we address the problems when we stand together as one people. is when we never for one second allow people to try to divide us up, from where we came or the language we speak or the color
11:31 am
of our skin. and donald trump will never be elected president because the american people will not support a candidate who insults mexicans and latinos, who insults muslims or women, who insults african-americans or veterans. our job is to bring our people together to create a government that works for all of us, not just the 1%. and we will never allow people to divide us up. let me also pick up on a point that alice made. that is that we have many veterans in our country, men and
11:32 am
women who have put their lives on the line to defend us. we will never turn our backs on the veteran community. they will get the health care and the benefits they earned. >> bernie sanders speaking in new mexico to a fired up crowd. striking his always socialist and populous tone. talking about donald trump and saying he is more electable. a lot of people will tell you the numbers are soft, especially the john kasich argument. didn't work out well for him. we will see if bernie sanders has more luck with it. >> the winner of the first race, home boy collapse and died after his photo was taken.
11:33 am
another horse is euthanized when it tumbled and broke a bone on its left lower leg. the jockey has been hospitalized. the preakness event is just hours away. nyquist can be faster than the triple crown winner american pharaoh. they could be right about this. this is upsetting because i never have been to one of the horse races and these horses are beautiful. they are huge. what they do to prepare for this one day, this moment. to hear about these horses that have gone down is heart breaking. >> horses get nervous before they go out to the race. they are just like humans. >> unlike you who never gets nervous. >> never.
11:34 am
>> a race is armed forces day was created in 1949. they mark a single day to thank our american military members across all five branches. thank you to all of our military members from all of us here at fox news. i think about this every day. >> we thank them as well. next week congress continues debate on authorization for military force in the fight against isis. the debate comes amid growing evidence, the most powerful military in the world is held together by the duct tape and bailing wire. jennifer griffin has exposed issues and grounding planes and worse. >> the first year i worked on had 1,000 flight hours and we are looking at the airplanes and now over 10,000 flight hours.
11:35 am
not only the personnel, but the aircraft are tired as well. >> here to discuss what congress needs to do to fix the problem, ben collins joining us from aspen. ben, nice to have you with us. appreciate it. during the 1950s, we heard the air force cry about the missile gaffe and how each branch needs more money and there is a fight for dollars and we all heard about the $600 toilet seat. is this a u.s. military that needs more funding or business as usual? >> we will look at it two-fold. we still have the problem if you look at the obnoxious spending hands. fox news broke the story about the $53 million gaffe we built in afghanistan. things like that and the trulth
11:36 am
is they are being held by bailing wire right now. the marine corps we saw a report talking about how many wings they have ready to fly. also the training. there is not enough money for soldiers to train as they would fight. we grounded a lot of aircraft and they can't train in a realistic environment. also one of the most important pieces here, in that environment, the soldiers and marines and air men, it takes an effect on the morale when they see that we have men and women that are overseas in a combat role risking their lives and we can't get congress to debate a vote much less. >> if you talk to the white house about this, the sequestration and congress needs to deal with that. when you go to congress, it's less of a clear answer. i'm wondering what that does to the morale and the military when they have to question do our
11:37 am
leaders and those who send us to war have our backs? >> that brings up the aumf. congress is especially getting their duty and we kicked up and tabled the constitution and shown all this power to declare war up to the executives. i think what that does is cuts out a voice to the american people to say do we support this war? i continuing does affect from a financial perspective and a morale one to say look, if people are behind us. i think we have been playing political football with the authorization and use of force with the fact that we are using one that signed to post 9/11 to chase the taliban and al qaeda. >> what in your mind, is it a republican congress that wanted to score political points, shame on them or the policy differences that the white house won't talk about or both?
11:38 am
>> we certainly learned over the last 14 years how to win a battle. we can kick doors in, but how do you win a war? what's the answer? i think a lot of those questions have to be solved. in the interim, i think politics as usual. other thanes and democrats are playing political football with this. we would like to have an understanding of what does victory mean. what are we going to accomplish? these are hard questions. let's let the american people call the rep sendatives and say this is where i stand. this is where we stand. not just the members, but the troops. >> as you point out, so often lost here in washington is the idea that there real men and women on the frontlines. not only that, but lives hang in the balance. thanks for joining us. >> vice president biden spent
11:39 am
armed forces day delivering the address at west point. 950 cadets received them today. greater diversity will strengthen the country's armed forces. they thanked their parents for a job well done. >> thank you for moling such patriots. thank you for molding young women and men with a value set that is who we are as americans. thank you. thank you, thank you. for teaching them to put something before self. >> the day ended with a traditional cast off. you can see there. and of course a parton for those guilty of minor offenses. i'm sure were many.
11:40 am
>> there is that. all's well that ends well. after the break, fox news's new polls shed new light on november. they weigh in on the three remaining candidates.
11:41 am
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real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. . . amazing welcome back. as we know, the likelihood of a head to head matchup between clinton and trump is only increasing. they tried to differentiate themselves on the economy. trump promises he can create jobs and clinton is promising to install a close confidant. her husband and former president, bill clinton. a partner at rock solutions and the washington director of i'm going to start with you, ben. bernie sanders is out in
11:45 am
colorado at this moment talking to supporters and we were showing that earlier. there is so much energy. you can see it live. he knows the math does not add up. endorsed him. what does that mean for hillary clinton? >> a lot of these voters have not voted yet. the fact that they have a chance to vote their hearts in california and all these states is an asset to the party. when you see them in polls, democrats rather than being divided, they are energized. >> is he hurting hillary? >> there is passion on both sides. what's going to happen is the people who are active and engaged and knocked on doors and donated money, they are unite behind the nominee. this is a moment before the coming together. >> let's talk about the likliest
11:46 am
matchup with donald trump and hillary clinton. fox put out interesting polls that for the first time donald trump is beating hillary clinton 45-42. he beat her on the top two issues for voters. the economy and terrorism. what does that tell you? >> it's fascinating. i consider it to be peace time polls. we have not seen the negative ads coming out from both sides. you are seeing a tightening of republicans falling behind donald trump and hillary clinton fighting a two-front war and that's why you see trump leading the charts. with the millions in negative ads come out there, we will see a competitive race. >> it's going to get ugly and personal. hillary clinton ran against donald trump and saying it will be a joke like it's going to be easy for her. do you think she is starting to get nervous?
11:47 am
you look at the poll numbers and this is the reality. this is how voters are feeling. no one knows what's going to happen. >> if you talk to a campaign or advisers, they will say this will be a close election. it's a divided country and what you will see is a wake up call. the only way it's not close if trump wins, democrats think it's a cake walk and they stay home. everyone needs to get in right away. you can hear from them on twitter and the folks who don't want donald trump near the nuclear code need to get involved right now until the fall. >> and they can get excited about who they are voting for. what do you think will happen to the never trump movement. you have folks like mitt romney and eric erickson. doesn't that only help hillary clinton or no? >> there is a thought that a
11:48 am
vote again not voting at all is a vote for hillary. i think most republicans will fall behind donald trump. after the convention when we are faced with hillary clinton, the reality will set in. you are going to support a republican even though a volatile and you watch this phenomenon happen or it's more of a status quo that many republicans think. >> you are in that weird position like many, figuring out what to do. >> with donald trump is the nominee, i will support him, but right now i'm watching to see what happens. >> the race is so unpredictable and fascinating. thanks for being with us. >> thanks very much. >> taking high tech to the battlefield. a new with way for fighting men and women to know the henemy. ♪
11:49 am
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protecting troops is the aim of a super secret government program that cuts through data. and then immediately gets that information to soldiers on the ground. chief intelligence correspondent kathr kathryn herrage has more.
11:53 am
>> reporter: it drove the need for realtime intelligence to take al qaeda off the battlefield and to dismantle this bombmaking factory. >> starting in 2005, we started seeing a big uptick in casualties. >> reporter: the deputy director of the national security agency. and for the first time, the nsa is speaking publicly about the realtime gateway or rtrg. >> graham had this vision to provide in realtime or near realtime warning information to the troops. >> reporter: you were one of the first people on the ground in iraq. colonel paul harms where it housed traditional streams of intelligence and information gathered during raids. >> we were able to get phone numbers. we were able to get addresses. >> reporter: think of it like a phone app but instead of
11:54 am
directions, it's flagging terrorists. >> it might connect a phone number to a location and then to an activity. and display that to a panelist who could contact a convoy in route and say hey, it looks like an ambush. >> reporter: nsa experts were no longer sitting behind the desk they were working side by side with special operations. the program that the nsa will not publicly identify. >> since 2001, we've deployed 5,000 nsa people to iraq. and 8,000 to afghanistan. in total, 18,000 to hostile areas around the world. >> reporter: the nsa memorial wall pays tribute to the fallen. >> i get emotional about this. >> reporter: nsa technical expert christian pike and his team were badly outnumbered. >> killed in afghanistan. >> reporter: with groundbreaking that's a dangerous tool.
11:55 am
at fort immediate, kathryn harris, fox news. say good-bye to the man you might call the original horse whisperer. hello, everybody. coming up in less than ten minutes here on "america's election headquarters" in new york, we have new information on the crash investigation of egypt err flight 804. debris is surfacing as the search continues for the black boxes. and teaming up for the summer rival donald trump. he'll tell more about the working relationship. all that and more coming up. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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♪ ♪ famous mr. ed a horse is a horse ♪ a horse code? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> do you really think you can teach me enough to talk to lady sue? >> three lessons from me, wilbur, you'll be growing a tail. >> alan young, tastaple of the golden age of television has passed away. the side kick of mr. ed. starred in his own show "the alan young show" in the early '50s.
12:00 pm
he died at the age of 96. >> also from ducktails. >> thanks for coming down. >> have a great rest of the weekend. ♪ and we begin this hour with new information about the final moments of egyptair flight 804. there is evidence that smoke sensors went off in the ill-fated flight disappeared from radar. still at this hour, far more questions and answers. search teams are now finding debris from that crash, including airplane seat, life jackets and personal items from passengers. crews from several nations, including the u.s. are now in the mediterranean sea just north of egypt where the jet disappeared with 66 people on board. so much depends on finding the jet's black boxes which


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