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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 21, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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he died at the age of 96. >> also from ducktails. >> thanks for coming down. >> have a great rest of the weekend. ♪ and we begin this hour with new information about the final moments of egyptair flight 804. there is evidence that smoke sensors went off in the ill-fated flight disappeared from radar. still at this hour, far more questions and answers. search teams are now finding debris from that crash, including airplane seat, life jackets and personal items from passengers. crews from several nations, including the u.s. are now in the mediterranean sea just north of egypt where the jet disappeared with 66 people on board. so much depends on finding the jet's black boxes which will
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contain vital information and news about whether terrorists are to blame for the air disaster. joining us now senior foreign affairs correspondent can greg palko live at charles de gaulle airport in paris. greg. >> reporter: yeah, we have been getting new information information about the harrowing last minutes of egyptair flight 804 as the air and sea search continues in the mediterranean where the plane went down. there are new clues emerging as to why the plane crashed. officials confirming ma we first confirmed late yesterday that smoke was detected on the plane. and that smoke probably came from a fire just before the blaney went down. this from data sent to the ground from the aircraft. analysts are now saying that the fire could have started in the cockpit, and the smoke spraying to the forward bathroom. and then underneath. to the important electronics bay. knocking out the control lead to get crash.
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so the question now is, what triggered the crash? what triggered the fire that sent the flames scattered across the mediterranean sea may be on the seafloor. was it terror or mechanical failure? experts say if it was terror, it was probably not a huge bomb. it took a couple of also they say, it probably wasn't a hijacking or suicide. there were real mechanical problems on the plane. what triggered the problems. for their part, the airline, the egyptian government, the french government, continuing their line that all options are being looked at. the investigation is being looked at by the airline. but transparency is huge here and the egyptian government has not always been transparent in
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their probe. finally back here at charles de gaulle airport where the plane guest from wednesday night. officials are take nothing chances. terror or no terror. we have learned starting monday, passengers getting on planes here will be screened in a much more serious way. they'll be subject to a much more rigorous background check. something that washington has been pushing for european airlines to do for a while now. to try to avoid yet another catastrophe. back to you uma. >> indeed, greg. thank you for that life update from paris. joining us now with search to clues following this disaster, ambassador jim woolsey, former director of the cia. welcome. great to have you today. based on what you are hearing right now, what is triggering evidence in your mind, at this point, as to what may have happened? >> well, i don't think we're going to have a very good idea
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until we get those black boxes that your report talked about. but it seems very strange to have a fire in the cockpit that goes back through the bathroom. and then into some electronics. it has to do with the design of the plane, i suppose. but i don't really recall hearing about a cockpit fire, anytime that i can remember. i'm not quite sure what catches fire in the cockpit. it's worth asking the question because that seems to be somewhere some of this new information looks like it might be headed. >> and the fact that there were no distress calls prior to the crash still gives many people reason to believe that terrorists could be tied to this air disaster. >> yes. i -- it just -- if these weren't sound reasonable aircraft of which there are thousands flying and very reliably, it would be one thing. but is this a very, very solid
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solid aircraft that was being maintained well and so forth. that seems very strange to have that kind of spontaneous fire breaking in the cockpit of an aircraft like that. >> does it surprise you at this point if it is terror related that we have not heard any group claiming responsibility? >> yes, i understand how they often wait for two or three days. but it's coming to the time now which is sort of surprising that they hadn't said anything if it is. i thought at the beginning 80/20 whether it was terrorism. i don't know that that's the case. but i don't have any reason to back off the terrorist assessment now. i'm mainly concerned about air travel all over the world, especially in the united states. and how we are going to deal with the fact that we're getting more and more foreign workers in as a result of cost shaving by some big companies that supply
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maintenance workers and janitorial workers. and that could produce a situation where we have a large number of people that it's very difficult to vet. it's hard to vet people from that part of the world. the french have done the best they can and let some 80 go. at least kept them. >> and that happened after the concerns over what happened at the airport there. they did let other people go. but in this situation, too, we also do know that this particular jet made some stops prior to landing in paris. and that's where the big question remains. because the vetting process is not consistent. and there's a lot of that can happen between different crews who are involved with baggage and with janitorial services, i point out, and other maintenance of aircraft. >> well, if there's prior planning and it's relatively
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sophisticated that the eritreaen service people put something in the aircraft because they've been told to by the folks in egypt, you know, that could make it very important where they stopped. but they only stopped usually for an hour or two. and so -- in some of these airports like paris now, de gulle, it's very hard to get up close to the plane. it might be somewhat easier, i don't know, if the aircraft were there parked overnight. janitorial service doing their business and one person was doing something in addition to. >> right now, in this country, though, do you believe that the systems that we have in place for vetting in terms of dealing with folks with security clearances is getting better? >> well, on the security clearances, except for the 20
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million some clearance data that the chinese stole, it's getting bett better, a bit, i suppose. the real problem, if you're talking about maintenance workers and janitorial workers is if the cheaper labor has been hired by these big corporations that manage the janitorial service for dozens of airfields, then you've got a situation where the janitorial service people may not be very thoroughly vetted, if they come from the mideast. say, from syria. a passport that's pretty credible costs about $100 in syria. so, that's a problem. it's not that they have inadequate -- technically inadequate vetting process. they often don't have one of
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much at all. >> it's a big concern. i know you're watching all of the developments very closely as we continue to wait for more information to come to us. particularly, the search for those black boxes which will hopefully give us more information. >> those are key. >> those are key indeed, sir. great to have you on board today. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. turning now to presidential politics, the 2016 race turning into a battle over american safety, just after the nra endorsing donald trump. he's not accusing hillary clinton of wanting to release vialent criminals from prison and disarm violent citizens. and he's also warning that women in particular would be at greater risk if mrs. clinton is electsed. >> hillary wants to disarm vulnerable americans in high-crime neighborhoods. whether it's a young single mom in florida or a grandmother in ohio, hillary wants them to be defenseless. and if you take that gun away
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from them, it's going to be very unfair situation. and that's why we're going to call her heartless hillary. >> okay. the war of words is in full play right now with peter doocy standing by live in washington with more on this. peter. >> and uma, donald trump says conservatives are starting to to rally around his campaign and he's given credit to the 11 names he would like to see on the supreme court if he becomes president. trump says the effect that list has had in promoting unity has been incredible. and now he's calling on hillary clinton to release a list of her own to show voter what is he predicts would be a night and day difference between their judicial ideology. mr. trump is hammering hillary clinton on her position on guns tweeting early this morning, the quote, crooked hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet
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she's surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. no more guns to protect hillary. yesterday shortly after the national rifle association endorsed mr. trump delivered remarks tailored to the room of nra members warning about what he thinks would happen to the second amendment if hillary clinton becomes president. >> hillary's pledge to issue new anti-gun executive orders, now that. this is the behavior -- i mean, you could say of a dictator. this is the behavior, frankly, i think that doesn't know what she's doing. she's not equipped to be president in so many different ways. but this is the thinking of a person that is not equipped. to be the president of the united states. believe me. >> and a big part of trump's appeal to people that you see to the rally said the operation is mostly self-funded. and we just found out so far he has loaned more than $43 million of his own to his campaign.
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uma. >> $43 million. wow. thank you, peter, very much. well even though the election is still months away, the presumptive nominee on both sides of the aisle, political aisle, already, making it clear you can see they're gearing up for what is expected to be a nasty fight between donald trump and hillary clinton. mrs. clinton continues to say that mr. trump is not qualified to be president. and trump is firing back, you just heard him saying that she suffers from bad judgment and not qualified either. former gop member ben carson now with trump on the campaign he tells me he believes trump will defy those who doubts he has what it makes to be dmaerncomman chief. >> what trump has to do is recognize when he actually has the opportunity to sit down with people and talk with them, they frequently come away with a very different impression than what they've gotten over the last 20 or 30 years watching him on television. watching him in the debates. >> do you have any concerns
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about the tone at times that he takes when he expresses his concerns about isis and about allowing refugees into this country, muslim refugees? >> well, recognize that the tone that he takes is a tone that seems to be resonating very strongly with the people. right now, the people are not in the mood for kind, soft ice cream and cookies. you know, they're ready for some tough talk. but not only tough talk, but tough action. because i believe that a lot of our enemies are depending on us doing things like not being willing to even mention that they are radical islamic terrorists. >> this has been a very interesting week in that we're seeing mrs. clinton hitting donald trump pretty hard on a number of fronts. and actually going back to an accusation that she shwa had wad
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some sometime that he's a recruiter for isis in his statements for terrorism. how do you react to that? >> well, i think here's a woman who has played the role of ostrich, sticking her head in the sand, and not recognizing that it was the policies of clinton/obama which created isis in the first place. by withdrawing our forces prematurely from iraq. here is an individual who has jeopardized the security of our nation by putting top secret material on a private server where it could be accessed by enemies of our nation. that shows no about the whatsoever to be commander in chief. and, you know, i can't even imagine why she doesn't recognize that. >> switching gears now, i know that you are deeply involved in the process of helping mr. trump
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select a vice presidential nominee. and that this is a team that is looking very carefully at a number of people. at this moment, i know that there are names floating around. are you someone that could possibly be on that list as well, another poll showed that many people believe that you would be the best person to stand along mr. trump. how does that fare with you? do you find that to be flattering, and also something that you're interested in? >> well, it's flattering to know that there's so many people who think that that's the case. i actually believe that i could play a much more useful role in this country as a citizen statesman who continues to talk about what the issues are. regardless of who is elected president. and, you know, the people must be aware of what the important
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issues are in this country and what's going to affect their children and their grandchildren. and, you know, i believe that if i grow into a government position, i'm not quite as free to talk about all of those things. >> i know that there are a number of names that are being talked about right now. are you ready to come forward with some of those names and make that public at this point in terms of giving us some idea of who's being considered? >> i think i'll leave that up to completely to donald trump. the names have been submitted. you know, he's considering everybody on that list very, very carefully. >> i'd like to talk for a moment, if you could, a more personal side, about the deep bond you that and mr. trump have at this point. former rivals now working together very closely. there is obviously a deep level of trust between the two of you. you can expand on that a little bit more and talk more about the
12:17 pm
relationship between you two that you have fostered over the last few months? >> well, you know, he's just a very decent person. you know, i discovered that the very first time i met him. and, you know, you realize, during the debate, when we had a situation where i couldn't hear my name being called, he was the only one who kind of stood with me. everybody else just whizzed on by. and subsequently, agency we've talked, and i find that we're aligned in many, many areas -- >> this bond formed fairly quickly, though, after you dropped out. the fact is that you both really came together very quickly behind the scenes. >> and i think you'll find actually a lot of other people who will bond with him some they give him a chance. when they really sit down and talk with him and understand where his heart is. >> what has surprised you the most about him in these months that you've worked with him? what you come away with?
12:18 pm
>> i think the thing that impressed me the most is when you talk to the people who work for him -- and i'm not talking about the major executives. i'm talking about the people who serve the food. who drive the cars. they love him. and he treats them so well. he knows people's names. and that tells me a lot about a person. >> and i thank you, dr. carson for his insights on donald trump. coming up, the latest on tense anxious moments outside of the white house as a secret service agent springs into action when an armed man ignores at calls to drop the weapon. new details on the suspect and the motive. plus, talk about being way, way off course. why this hot air balloon veered in the wrong direction and how the folks inside managed to get to safety. >> we just started -- as soon as one came off.
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welcome back, everybody. overseas now with news about a tour bus colliding were a high-speed train in switzerland sending 17 people to the hospital. that accident happening at a
12:23 pm
railway crossing last night in a town near bern. those tourists all from taiwan rushed to the hospital. those injuries are considered nonlife-threatening. police are investigating the cause what led to that accident. back in this country, in the nation's capital, tense, anxious moments outside the white house as an armed man approaches a checkpoint yesterday afternoon refusing to drop his weapon. a secret service officer ends up shooting that suspect. he may have tried to commit suicide. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> reporter: the white house was temporarily shut down friday afternoon when a secret service agent shot a man outside of the white house when he refused to put down his weapon. it was around 3:00 p.m. when secret service agents noticed a suspicious looking man and started following him. the suspect walked up to the
12:24 pm
southwest. white house grounds while holding a gun in plain sight. the agents yelled for him to put the gun down but he didn't. the agent was forced to shoot him amidst tourists, school groups and government workers. >> we heard the pop, obviously, as we were standing there. he comes out of the side door. it wasn't the front door, it was a side door pop that side door is when you could hear his ready going shot fired. suspect down. >> reporter: the secret service put out a statement saying, quote, recovered a firearm at the scene an agent provided medical aid to the subject. the subject has been transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment." the secret service has been under scrutiny for white house breaches when a man made his way into the white house before being tackled by an off-duty agents. since then, the white house added an additional barrier to the white house. and just last month announced
12:25 pm
plans to raise the fences from six feet to 11 feet by 2017. the d.c. police, u.s. park police and fbi are continuing to investigate this incident. but they say at this point, there are no indications that this is related to terrorism, uma. >> garrett, thank you very much. well, democrats facing more heated primaries than expected. bernie sanders and hillary clinton campaign in two key states. the primary site will spill over into the party's convention. plus, security heightened overseas after the air crash of egypt err 804 all of this amid growing concern here at home as u.s. air travelers face grueling long lines at airports nationwide. and the tags pusa pushes fo funding just how safe are our airports and what's being done to stop potential terrorists. we'll talk to a terror expert next.
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with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands. welcome back, everybody. time for a quick check of the headlines making news right now. president obama traveling to asia for a week-long trip that begins in vietnam and also includes an historic and controversial stop in a city of hiroshima in japan. the course that ever changed history after the u.s. dropped the first drama in world ward i. vice president joe biden delivering the commencement address at the academy for the cadets about the important work that lies ahead of them. >> whether it's training our partners, reassuring, providing humanitarian relief, we call you. and right now, the stakes could
12:31 pm
not be higher. >> and also sad news about a tragedy at the world's highest mountain. a dutchman dying while on his back down from mt. everest summit. the 35-year-old victim reportedly suffering from high altitude sickness. well, back to our top story, the crash of egyptair flight 804 raising new questions about airport security here at home and across the globe. egyptian officials are suggesting that terrorism is more likely the cause than mechanical cause at this moment as searchers continue to pull wreckage from the mediterranean waters. security was heighted across the u.s. and in brussels, but here in the u.s., under criticism for the massive delays. one nation that might learn a
12:32 pm
great deal israel. here to explain former head of the security for israel's airline who now runs his own airline consulting business. welcome. good to have you. >> thank you. >> you know, it's always very interesting to talk about the differences in security across the globe. and israel is known for its precise and very methodical approach to dealing with security at airports because, of course, israel has had to think about its own security on a daily basis. given what you have heard about this particular story up to this point, what went through your mind, as you think about some of the causes that could have contributed to this disaster? a lot of folks believe that terrorism could be responsible for what happened. do you agree with that? >> no. >> tell me why. >> because what we have, terrorists want to blow up an aircraft, they don't put it that
12:33 pm
would hold an aircraft on air for even seconds. you take the example of the russian aircraft, 254 passengers, blown up as a result of explosives placed over there. and in seconds, the aircraft was not anymore in the air. >> right. >> here, because it comes to pieces. and we cannot go in the air. the same here, if this was explosives, should be strong enough that he would not be seen like what we saw on tv how he's -- >> well, it could be a weak bomb. it may not have been a bomb that was, you know, as strong as others might have expected. >> let's take the reality. the terrorists want to explode aircraft to kill innocent people. this is their own target. they don't play games and do it
12:34 pm
with two, if they can do it in a half, they will do it. let's face reality. this was not, number two, it was at night. at night, if it was explosive, fire would be seen by the satellite. nothing was seen. so, this is not explosive. this is a technical problem, i think. and we have to check to investigate the security people. and the technical people. how they, you know, until people start coming to clean the aircraft. do we trust them? do we check that no one has something that has -- does not belong to the intent to use. >> in israel, the vetting process, though, is quite intense, is it not, for all personnel who have security clearance there? >> correct. >> and do you feel like in this country and others we are still vulnerable because our practices are not as rigid?
12:35 pm
>> i'm ashamed to tell you, here we don't have security. >> in what way? >> any way you want. i'll prove to you that we don't have security. how is it possible that only last year, the office of inspector general from security decided to test the tsa. and he sent 17 guys, some of them hiding explosives, some of them in hiding weapons. >> and they made it through? >> 70 -- 67 went through. and we can say we have security? >> i know, that story generated a lot of headlines. given the fact that folks right now are gearing up for the summer travel season and that there's a lot of emphasis about the concerns about the way the tsa runs our security check points and nation's airports. what do you think it's going to take to really send the message that we are serious about security here in the united states? >> first of all, not serious.
12:36 pm
maybe serious by talking but not acting. look what happened september 11th. group of terrorists came to study flying aircraft. and knew it. >> understood. >> okay. >> since then, the vulnerability, many people worked hard to try to close the gap. where do you think at this moment we are still vulnerable? >> we don't have qualified people. the training is not a training. the test is not a test. and somebody failed, we keep him. instead of showing others go home. thank you very much. you do not belong anymore to us. we spend $5 billion a year only for the tsa, for what? where's your security? how is it possible that security people can get caught smuggling
12:37 pm
weapons into the aircraft with the uniform? how is it possible that uniformed security people can steal -- >> it's a very troubling situation indeed. i know, there are a lot of concerns and many people in this country are demanding better security and reforms. we shall see what lies ahead. >> i spoke so many times about this. and it's about time. not to change the faa after the september 11 with the tsa, but the difference between them and nothing, except one. billions of dollars extra we spent. and we don't see any kind of security. it's impossible to 96% of tests that they do it, and they out zero. zero is out. shame on us. >> we'll continue to work on it, sir. hopefully, people like you will continue to make a difference and get them to make a difference. >> i leave here, i fly, too.
12:38 pm
i don't want to be killed for stude stupid things if we can prevent it. >> absolutely, well said. thank you. bernie sanders is not giving up in his battle to clinch the democratic nomination. mr. sanders now holding a rally in the town of voto the near mexican border. meantime, hillary clinton is set to deliver a keynote address at the trayvon martin foundation. steve harris joins us in ft. lauderdale with more. >> reporter: hillary clinten is fighting on two fronts one side defending herself against sanders. at the same time, trying to go on the offense against donald trn this taped message to christian hispanic leaders in california. >> you know, we're hearing some divisive and dangerous rhetoric in this election.
12:39 pm
we have a candidate that wants to tear families apart and forcibly deport 11 undocumented immigrants who calls mexicans rapists, talks about banning muslims from entering the country. that is not who we are. >> reporter: clinton is here to speak at the trayvon martin foundation tonight. she'll be the headliner. martin, of course, the 17-year-old unarmed african-american who was shot and killed in central florida in 2012 by a volunteer watchman, a community watchman, george zimmerman who was later found not guilty of second degree murder charges. clinton will likely be doing fund raising here in florida. of course, is this a key state where most polls have trump and clinton neck and neck. in the primary in march, clinton did manage to win 81% of the african-american vote. efforts like this will try to boost that vote in the general
12:40 pm
election. uma, back to you. well they put their lives on the line every day. we're talking about police officers across the country. we're going to showcase a few of them who received our country's highest honors at the white house. two of them who risked their lives to keep us safe are joining us in just a few moments. their incredible stories just ahead. >> each of them will tell you, very humbly, the same thing, they were just doing their jobs. they were doing what they had to do. what they were trained to do. intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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we could not be prouder. >> indeed, we are all so very proud. turning now to a story that gives reason to say thanks and inspire so many of us who know there are many folks on the front lines who put their lives on the live every day to help protect our communities. this week, the president recognizing 13 police officers for their heroic dangerous work in keeping americans safe. awarding the public safety medal of valor, the nation's highest honor to law enforcement. among raymond bostonfield who was part of a team of officers who put themselves in harm's way three years ago to protect student and staff during a school shooting. also deputy jerry terello who is here with his son sam from
12:46 pm
disarming a gunman and preventing that gunman from a nearby elementary school. joining us now to tell us more about their award and to tell us what that means to both of them. gentlemen, great to see you today. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> deputy, let me begin with you by saying thank you for your service. and to give me some insight as to what it means to receive this honor, knowing that you really made a difference in saving the lives of so many people, at the element area scho elementary school and the fact that you also took a bullet and what saved your life was a protective vest. >> right. well, what it means to me is obviously, extremely, you know, defining moment in my career, obviously. but more important to me to represent my family more special to me because my wife erica, my
12:47 pm
wife son, my daughter liliana and my other daughter jana were with me at the white house so that was nice but this is bigger than me. it's nice to be able to represent all of the law enforcement in my department and the county in the western new york area and buffalo and town of wakefield. and more importantly, all the guys on the streets getting it done every day. >> absolutely. captain botenfield, most of you say you're not heroes, but to so many of us you really are. when it comes to protecting people if your community, why is this so important to you and why do you feel so passionate about the job that you do every day? >> all of us are trained in california for active shooter situations so we're pretty centered across the board. everybody has a certain level of preparedness that they have,
12:48 pm
that will carry throughout their life. and on the day this happened i was actually off duty. and when it started, the second i was off duty didn't matter to me. the switch just flipped. and i went and did what i had to do along with the two officers from santa monica pd. >> give us more information about that particular moment and what was running through your mind as you there trying to save lives on that school campus. >> it was very surreal to start out with. nobody expects to see and hear the things we were seeing and hearing. the gunshots that were going on. and as we were moving initially, i was with two of my partners, and i was in plain clothes, and one of the things that you worry about as an officer in that situation is the fact that nobody knows, a third party, nobody knows that you're an officer, and you might become a
12:49 pm
victim of friendly fire. and the other thing is at that point in time, facing a man with a rifle, even on a norm aal par of every day might not be enough to stop those rounds and i did not have body armour on. >> deputy, i know your wife and your son were actually nearby when this gunman were running loose. and the fact that this gunman had killed his own parents. >> well, my wife, my daughter and my son were at the school. my son being about 50 feet away. actually both parents sustained a gunshot wound directly to the head. because of the quick action from the department that entered the house, they're actually alive today. >> sam, do you think your dad's a hero? >> yes. >> what does it mean to you knowing that your father really makes a difference every day and
12:50 pm
that he protects so many people and saves lives? >> i'm very proud of him. >> of course you are, and we're very proud of him as well, captain bottenfield, means to you personally about being an officer to the public, what would you say to all of us? what do you want us to know? >> officers are real people. we have families. we have friends. we bleed. we cry. we do everything a normal person does but we also have a duty and responsibility to do our job each and every day. most of the people in law enforcement are in law enforcement because they had a calling to be there, and no matter what, they're going to continue doing their job. even when people don't necessarily like law enforcement as we're seeing quite a bit now, the true men and women of law enforcement are going to go out there and do their job every day no matter what.
12:51 pm
>> absolutely. you're heroes to all of us. i know you're all very humble. we thank you for your service and we're so very proud of you and we honor you today. thank you your joining us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> and we'll be right back. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. if you then you'll know howuth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants...
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biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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we are back. take a look. all caught on camera. a breathtaking rescue mission in the land down under. nine people getting trapped in a hot air balloon on melbourne's port phillip bay. authorities saying strong winds pushing the balloon out over the water where it struggled to find an open place to land with fuel running very low. now this boat coming to the rescue where startled passengers were able to climb aboard. >> just took us a minute before we knew we were over water and there wasn't enough wind to get us back and it was just pushing u.s. out and we were hovering there for a while. >> thankfully everyone on board was able to make it to safer ground with no injuries. okay. a texas mom going viral with, get this, a chewbacca mask. take a look. [ laughing ] wow, isn't she cute, folks?
12:56 pm
that's candace payne, a mother of two trying out the mask when she bought in dallas. when she opens her mouth it emits temit s chewbacca's growl. her post racked up 109 million views so far on facebook. can you believe it? that's quite a sight to see for sure. and that's going to be a wrap for me here in studio. we thank you so much for joining us today. i hope wherever you are, you have a fantastic day and make it a great weekend. i'll see you again next time.
12:57 pm
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. hello, i'm laura ingle in for julie. welcome to "america's election hq." >> topping the news this hour, crews recovering debris in the search for egyptair flight 804. this as investigators make a disturbing discovery of what may have happened before mat plane crashed. donald trump, a big endorsement from the national rifle association and making some claims about hillary clinton on the issue of gun rights. and an eye over a new study on exercising. its potential to lower the risk of a deadly disease.
1:01 pm
investigators now saying smoke was found in multiple places on egyptair flight 804. just minutes before the plane crashed into the mediterranean sea. experts trying to figure out whether the smoke on board was caused by an electrical fault like a short circuit, or whether some kind of explosive device started a fire. all 66 people on board were killed and search teams are now finding more debris from that crash. joining us with more, senior foreign affairs correspondent who is live in charles de gaulle airport in paris. greg, what more does this new information tell us about the fate of flight 804? >> interesting stuff, laura. we don't have that black box recorder yet which, of course, will be crucial. we do have new interesting hints. new interesting clues about what must have been a harrowing last few minutes of egyptair flight
1:02 pm
804. again, as the debris is recovered, so are some of these clues emerging. french officials today are now confirming what we first told our viewers late yesterday. according to data received from the plane, smoke was detected on board probably from a fire, they say, just before the crash. analysts are now saying whatever happened probably started in the cockpit. and then spread to the forward bathroom right next to it and then spread to the crucial electronics bay underneath the cockpit that controls the plane. all this happened about four minutes. all, as we all know, to deadly effect. at the air and sea search continues, yes, the question remains, was it an aircraft fault? or was it terror? again, according to analysts, as you referred to, this catastrophic event might have had a very simple beginning. if it was aircraft, bad wiring and a cockpit window defroster
1:03 pm
was suggested, or if it was terror, it might have -- the fire might have been ignited by something as small, as simple as a smoke bomb. or flare. again, these black boxes should say everything, hopefully, maybe we'll hear the pilots talking to each other, probably screaming at each other during these terrible, terrible last minutes, laura. >> and greg, you know, if this was terror, what new precautions with being taken? what more do we know about that? >> yeah, french officials like those in egypt are still keeping to a very even line saying it's not necessarily terror. they're keeping all their options open, but they seem to be taking no chances. we are here at charles de gaulle airport, terminal 1. this is where the egyptair flight 804 left from wednesday night. well, starting on monday, according to reports here, security will be ratcheting up seriously. there will be serious background checks for passengers leaving this airport. checking to see if there are new
1:04 pm
security risks on board these flights. this is something that washington has wanted europe airports to do for a long time. and now they're doing it. as for the families of the 66 victims, of course, they continue to grieve. many of them are either in cairo, egypt, or have gone there to be somehow closer to their loved ones. some were here in france gathering at an event, but that's small consolation. back to you, laura. >> all right. greg live for us in paris. greg, thanks so much. the 2016 race now turning into a battle over american safety. donald trump accusing hillary clinton of wanting to let violent criminals out of prison. and disarming law-abiding citizens. trump making those remarks after scoring the endorsement of the national rifle association. let's turn now to peter doocy live in washington. peter, before we get into that, what are we learning about how much trump has spent so far on
1:05 pm
his campaign? >> that he's spending a lot, greg, $44 million loaned already to his campaign and makes up a huge chunk of the $47 million the campaign spent so far. trump talks about being impossible for special interests to control since he says he doesn't need any donations from lobbyists but there have been some small donations, make up less than $2 million of the campaign total. greg? >> plus, these are loans so if he expects them to be repaid they'd likely be repaid by someone else which mean he's not actually self-funding as he claims. look, trump continues his criticism of hillary clinton on guns. tell us about that. >> yeah, he's really turning up the heat on hillary tweeting first thing this morning a suggestion that her tough talk about guns is hypocritical. here's the quote from trump today. "crooked hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she's surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. no more guns to protect
1:06 pm
hillary!" this all started yesterday as trump was accepting that endorsement from the national rifle association. and trump told the crowd he thinks her policies would put them in harm's way. >> trying to overturn the 2nd amendment, hillary clinton is telling everyone, and every woman living in a dangerous community that she doesn't have the right to defend herself. so you have a woman living in a community, a rough community, bad community, sorry, you can't defend yourself. that is so unfair and that is so egregious. >> trump also urged hillary clinton to do what he did and release a list of people she would nominate for the supreme court. so voters could see how each of them would fill the court and he tried out a new nickname for his likely democratic opponent, calling her yesterday heartless hillary. greg? >> heartless hillary. crooked hillary. there have been several others. one a week i suppose. all right. peter doocy, peter, thanks. later on in this hour our
1:07 pm
political panel weighs in on this latest trump strategy regarding guns. how it could impact the 2016 election and just who is telling the truth and who is not. we'll look at it. and greg, we have a new polling on a crucial voting bloc, the latest fox news latino poll of registered latino voters shows hillary clinton with a huge lead over donald trump in the battle for their next vote. brian isbrian. >> a brand new fox news poll, shows if the election were held today hillary clinton would win the hispanic vote by a 39-point margin. 23% say they'd vote for donald trump, lower than mitt romney in 2012 when the then-republican nominee won 27% of the hispanic vote. the prevailing thought is republicans need to get closer to the 40% range if they want to win the white house. that's about what george w. bush won. now, some are surprised that trump's support is that high given comments on immigration and mexican-americans and one
1:08 pm
reason why he may be garnering close to a quarter of the latino vote, 41% of hispanics have an unfavorable view of hillary clinton. in fact, president barack obama is viewed much more favorably than her. interestingly, latino voters overwhelmingly say a hispanic vice presidential nominee would make no difference in deciding who they vote for. 86 % said it wouldn't change their opinion of trump if he chose a hispanic v.p. 80% say the same of clinton. the fox news latino poll also shows the number one issue for latino voters remained the economy and jobs. latinos were the hardest hit group of the great recession. importantly, though, the number of latinos who say immigration is the most important issue has doubled since 2012 from 6% to 12%. immigration may be fourth on the list of most important issues but nearly a third of hispanic voters say if they agree with most of the candidates' positions, a differing stance on immigration is a deal breaker. trump says he's going to deport
1:09 pm
undocumented immigrants. the 90% of hispanics are against deportati deportation. a tense situation outside the white house ending with a secret service officer shooting a man. that man coming up to a checkpoint yesterday afternoon ignoring orders to drop his gun. the white house then went under a security alert after the secret service agent shot and wounded the suspect. sources say he may have intended what's known as suicide by cop. >> the white house was temporarily locked down friday afternoon when a secret service agent shot an armed man outside the white house when he refused to put down his weapon. around 3:00 p.m. when secret service agents noticed a suspicious looking man and started following him. the suspect walked up to a
1:10 pm
perimeter checkpoint while holding a gun in plain sight. the agents yelled to put the gun down. he didn't. an ajebts forced to shoot him. >> when we were standing there, the officer comes out of the side door, not the front door, the side door. the side door is when you could hear his radio going, shot fired, shot fired, suspect down, suspect down. >> the secret service put out a statement after the shooting saying they, "recovered a firearm at the scene. an agent provided medical aid to the subject. the subject has been transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment." the secret service has been under a lot of scrutiny from lawmakers over recent security breaches such as the white house fence jumper in 2014 when the man jumped the fence and made his way into the white house before being tackled by an off-duty agent. since then agency added an additional barrier in front of the white house. just last month announced plans to raise the fence from six feet
1:11 pm
to 11 feet by 2018. the d.c. police department secret service, u.s. park police and the fbi are all continuing to investigate this incident, but they say at this point, there are no indications that it was related to terrorism. greg? >> garrett, thanks. and jury selection now under way in the murder-for-hire trial of drew peterson, former chicago suburban police officer already behind bars for killing his third wife. you might remember, his fourth wife still missing. he's now accused of trying to find the hit man that he allegedly hired to kill the prosecutor who put him there. will carr joins us live from our west coast bureau with the details on this one. >> peterson is serving four decades behind bars. if he's convicted after this trial, he could face an additional 60 years in prison. you may remember he came into the national spotlight back in 2007 when his fourth wife, stacy peterson, disappeared.
1:12 pm
now, that case was never solved and he was never charged in connection with that disappearance, but during the courses of the investigation, authorities took a second look at the death of his third wife, kathleen savio's death was initially ruled an accident. her body, though, was exhumed. the cause of death was changed to homicide. peterson was charged, convicted and sentenced to 38 years in prison. now the prosecutor in that case was james gloscow. peterson tried to hire a hit man while in prison to kill him. they have recorded conversations to back the accusation up. opening statements start on monday. stacy peterson's sister said last year she hopes the family may timely get some much-needed answers. >> maybe tell where stacy is, game over, you know? so just tell the truth, where's stacy? >> stacy peterson was last seen in 2007.
1:13 pm
during the course of their investigation, authorities say that the pastor, the family's pastor later told them that stacy peterson told the pastor that drew peterson confessed to killing kathleen savio and stacy peterson was scared for her life. so her family still looking for answers almost a decade later and one thing for sure, no matter what happens in this trial, drew peterson will stay behind bars for quite a long time. laura? >> what a case. all right. will carr, thanks so much. search teams now finding debris from egyptair flight 840 804 including airplane seats, life jackets, personal items from passengers. we're going to have the latest on the search effort and what we're learning from those items. plus, can you guess how long it takes to move this fuel tank just five miles? here's a clue. over ten hours. >> that's slow moving. a big blimp making a terrifying emergency landing in
1:14 pm
philadelphia. what we're hearing about the people who were onboard. >> over here. by the time it ended up, he got drove across the road, over the barrier, inside of his little basket. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. 80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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time for a quick check of the medliheadlines. new video showing uber driver jason dalton getting forcibly escorted out of a michigan courtroom, it happened after he interrupted witness testimony with sporadic outbursts. earlier this year, remember dalton admitted to his involvement in a shooting spree that killed six people and injured two others. plus this -- >> and a blimp making an emergency landing in philadelphia after getting blown into an industrial area and ending up wrapped around a utility pole. two people were on board. unfortunate and fortunately they were not injured. the faa and ntsb investigating what happened. out west the space shuttle's external fuel tank is on its way to the california science center. the giant orange tank will move five miles per hour along the
1:19 pm
route to the science center. it's supposed to take between 13 and 18 hours. >> how do you move it? very slowly. hillary clinton will release violent criminals from jail. more so than even obama. she has a more open policy than obama if that's possible. and put innocent americans at risk. i'm going to put criminals behind bars and guarantee that law-abiding americans have the right to self-defense. 100%. >> donald trump slamming hillary clinton on gun rights. that was last night. igniting a furious debate that hits close to home for many americans concerned about their safety. as we told you earlier, trump getting the endorsement of the nra. let's bring in radio talk show host, fox news contributor. corey elans, a former communications adviser to president obama and a partner at vox global. good to see you both. let me start with you, tammy,
1:20 pm
because it's not just what he said last night but what he says almost every campaign event he says, repeated, hillary clinton wants to abolish the 2 nd amendment. politifact looked into that, they investigated and they gave donald trump a false on that claim. "we found no evidence of clinton ever saying verbatim or suggesting explicitly she wants to abolish the 2nd amendment and the bulk of clinton's comments suggest the opposite. she's repeatedly said she wants to protect the right to bear arms." so tammy, is trump actually guilty of a blatant smear? >> no. not at all. quite the opposite as a matter of fact. you'll notice in that politifact statement they used the words "verbatim" and "explicitly." that's key with hillary clinton, she's vague when she speaks about things. when she's caught in private comments, not public events, it's clear what her position is. she said the supreme court decided wrongly about heller, the first scotus position, only
1:21 pm
one at this point who said americans have the right as individuals to own firearms so self-defense. she said that was decided wrongly. >> right. >> she's been very vocal about -- her daughter even reinforced this as well in her public speeches actually. hillary, depending the audience she is speaking to changing her approach and this is why people don't trust her because she's vague enough, she talks around it and that's her main issue. >> corey, what about it, because hillary clinton was caught on tape secretly at a fund-raiser in which she said the supreme court is wrong on the 2nd amendment, referring to the heller decision which gives an individual right to bear arms. so in truth, isn't that evidence that hillary clinton does, albeit secretly, oppose the 2nd amendment? >> absolutely not. look, hillary clinton and the american people are very much in alignment on this issue of common sense gun control in this country. >> that's not what she said.
1:22 pm
she said supreme court got it wrong. >> here's what she has said consistently, here's what the american people have said. they both believe that we should have laws in place that allow people solely to protect themselves, certainly to carry weapons, but we should have universal background checks and american people believe we should have stricter control over who has access to weapons in this country. the fact that we're going to something she said at a fund-raiser, i mean, whatever. >> people don't think they're being tape recorded, they often tell their audiences the truth. the truth they don't want the general public to know about. speaking of which, tammy, cuts both ways. what bothers a lot of people about donald trump is that they feel he switches positions, not just on, you know, minimum wage and taxing the rich, but on guns. for example, in his book he said "i support the ban on assault
1:23 pm
weapons, i support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun." well now, tammy, now that he's trolling for votes, he's changed his mind on all of that which prompted one nra supporter to say, you know what, i don't know what donald trump's core values really are. >> well, the majority of the nra obviously, this is first time they've endorsed a candidate this early on in season. they feel very strongly. they feel that they know what his stand is. they've spoken to him. and for myself, as somebody who's moved from left to the right -- >> right. >> -- i know that people can, in fact, change their positions after learning about the issues and i think for many of us who are kconservatives, we hope mr. trump experiences more changes and moves toward -- in this particular case, i don't think the decision, the choice would be more clear. hillary said about a supreme court decision that affirms right to bear arms, she dis agrees with it. mr. trump has the correct position and clearly feels -- >> corey, last year hillary clinton said we should consider doing what australia has done,
1:24 pm
that is to say banning automatic weapons, semiautomatic weapons and a mandatory, no a voluntary, but a mandatory buyback of prohibited guns. does that give us an insight into what a president clinton wants to really do? >> no, i think it gives us an insight into how she is thoughtfully considering how this issue on gun control should be managed, but i want to quickly tgo back to this point about donald trump and his acceptances of this endorsement. this is a pivotal moment in this campaign. donald trump very quickly and with utter ease transitioned from anti-establishment to establishment and from a self-funder to sellout. with the acceptance of this endorsement from the nra. here's why. it's because he needs to raise money for himself and he needs to raise money for folks down ballot this election cycle. the nra is also sending a signal, look, we need to line up
1:25 pm
behind donald trump, he's our guy. that is real -- that's a real moment -- >> talked about hillary making $100 million per speeches for wall street and -- >> you're leaving out the cattle futures but that's a whole other story. >> oh, my. oh, my. ancient history. >> tammy and corey, thank you very much. >> thanks, guy. >> thank you. there's been a tragic start to the preakness stakes in baltimore. what caused the death of two horses at the race course today. and investigators searching for clues about what caused egyptair flight 804 to suddenly plunge into the mediterranean. what they're learning about the minutes before that plane went down. >> with respect to staff, i think we need to increase the staff size of tsa to meet all the demands of the growing travel population as well as the potential changes we might see as we learn more and more about what might have happened to egyptair.
1:26 pm
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just now getting word from the pentagon that a u.s. air strike has likely killed a very important top taliban leader by the name of mullah mansur. an air strike that targeted him in a remote area. see the geographic region. it was somewhere along the afghan/pakistan border. mansur had been a leader of the taliban active will i involve l lot of attacks in facilities in kabul. he'd taken over for mulla hxh o after his death. the air strike likely killed mullah mansur, top taliban leader. the pentagon can't say for sure. they're still assessing it. democrats stepping up their
1:31 pm
campaign now. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both appearing at events in two key states. as the candidates continue to battle for the democratic nomination. steve harrigan live in ft. lauderdale, florida. steve, hillary clinton still has to fight on multiple fronts, correct? >> reporter: exactly right. she is fighting bernie sanders and at the same time she's fighting donald trump. she's on the defensive against a sanders and trying to take the fight to donald trump, fighting over the same voters, particularly ahead of the california primary, they're fighting for the hispanic vote. recently hillary clinton taped an address to california hispanic leaders against trump. here's what she had to say. >> you know, we're hearing some divisive and dangerous rhetoric in this election. we have a candidate who wants to tear families apart and forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. he calls mexicans rapists, who
1:32 pm
talks about banning muslims from entering the country. that is not what we are. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be here in ft. lauderdale today a address a foundation run by trayvon martin's mother. trayvon martin was gunned down by george zimmerman. an unarmed 17-year-old african-american killed in 2012. aides tell fox news she'll also address the recent nra endorsement of donald trump and increasing gun violence in the u.s., greg. >> steve, how critical is the african-american vote for democrats in florida? >> reporter: certainly florida a key swing state with 29 electoral votes and a few numbers really stand out. african-americans make up 13% of the electorate in florida. president obama was able to carry 95% of that vote in 2012. now hillary clinton has done very well, but not quite that well. she got 81% of the african-american vote in the primary here in march.
1:33 pm
so trying to keep those margins and keep black turnout high could be critical to see who wins florida. greg? >> steve live in ft. lauderdale, steve, thank you. investigators finding evidence of a possible fire onboard egyptair flight 804 saying smoke was found in some places on the plane before that plane disappeared from radar. the egyptian military posting some of the first photos of debris found at the crash site. experts trying to determine whether terrorismhanical failure caused the plane to swerve and spin before plunging thousands of feet into the mediterranean sea. we're joined from washington, d.c., retired u.s. navy captain and now a fox news military analyst. thank you so much for being with us here, captain. >> my pleasure. >> as we wait to find out what cause ed these reported fires, think we all want to believe their ample and working fire extinguishing systems onboard all planes.
1:34 pm
what can you tell us about that? >> well, all aircraft are mandated to have fire extinguishing systems in the cargo compartments and electrical compartments and depending on the number of passengers the aircraft can carry, hand held fire extinguishers as well. there are different types of fires that can occur in the aircraft, a class "a" which is paper, that kind of thing, clothing. class "b," now you're talking about things like gasoline or fuel from the aircraft. class "c" which is an electrical fire. class "d" which is metals. we've heard a lot about lithium batteries. a metal fire is really devastating. the systems involved in those aircraft, the cargo compartments or elsewhere are derivative systems which is a gas that displaces the air so in other words if you remove the oxygen from the fire, the fire goes out. and that's how those systems
1:35 pm
work. the only problem is if it is a metal fire and you put helon on it, it can actually make it worse like using water on a grease fire. >> all right. and you know, when we look at the blueprint of the airbus a320 and where the fire reportedly started in the avionics bay, right in the nose, in the front, could somebody have gotten do that area before the plane took off? a lot of people now, captain, are looking at the stops this aircraft made before taking off from paris and the people that could have been involved in touching it. >> yes, it's possible, laura, because, you know, the aircraft went to -- was in tunisia that day. then tacame back to cairo befor it went to paris and turned around and was on its ill-fated flight on the paris to cairo leg. it's possible somebody could have put something in there, but trying to figure out the timing to get that right to make it go off over the mediterranean, if that was the intent, that would have been very difficult.
1:36 pm
however, you can mix powders together, iron oxide and aluminum. when i was a kid i used to mix powdered sulfur and powdered zinc and make my own rocket fuel. i'd get arrested for that today. you can actually make this stuff and iron oxide an powdered aluminum makes an awful powerful burning thing called thurmite. magnesium strip, put it in a coke can, you got something that burns at 4,000 degrees fahrenheit which aircraft aluminum melts at 1,120. if you were to set that off in the laboratory, over the electronics bay in the aircraft, it could melt right through and now you've got all of these random things going off. that's one possible scenario. another is a bomb. we'll have to wait as you pointed out earlier to get the black boxes to figure out what really happened. >> the head of the french
1:37 pm
equivalent of the fbi here in the u.s. said warnings of some type of terror attack were imminent in this part of the world. he said that on may 10th. could this have been it if it turns out to be terror related? is that what you're hearing? >> it could have been, laura, because he also said in that statement it was going to be different, that isis threatened something different. well, they're hosting the 2016 soccer championships where they're expecting over 2.5 million people to be in the stadiums and hundreds of thousands if not millions more are watching in fan scythe sit big screens out in open area all over the country. so this is going to be a big eve event. i think they were focused on that. if this is a terrorism event with this egyptair flight, maybe they were focusing on the wrong thing. >> all right. captain nash, thank you for your perspective. always a pleasure to have you on the program. >> you bet, laura. >> every day more and more questions. very few answers so far. florida police now
1:38 pm
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you there's a brand new study, exercise lowers the risks of many types of cancer. scientists comparing people who exercise more than 90% of everybody else in the study to those who exercise the very least. >> and check it out, exercise lowers the risk for these 13 types of cancer. the study also adding, "a higher
1:43 pm
level of leisure time" physical activity like that. >> now you're talking. >> golf. maybe. 7% total risk of lowering cancer. let's bring in a private practice m.d. and anesthesiologist. thank you for being here. we know exercise is good for us. it's good to hear it can reduce the risk of cancers. are we talking about all chances? >> we're talking about a large number of cancers. this is compelling as it is healthy choices can be a powerful tool in our battle against cancer. we want to know our choices matter. >> what kind of cancers? >> lung, breast, colon, and 13 types of cancers it did decreases the incidence of. i want to point out there was another study came out this week that show ee eshowed, decreasin and smoking can decrease cancer
1:44 pm
by 50%. that's powerful. >> when we talk about caption--s something we have true control of of how much we get up off of the couch. is there a certain amount of days we should be exercising, amount of time, just a little bit every day? mentioned leisure. does golfing count? >> it must. >> you bring up a number of very important points. essentially this study said there is an association, a significant decrease but did not say what type of activities, did not say how much, when you need to start. what we can say, exercise is always a win/win/win solution. >> even for overweight people, even obese people from what i've been reading in this study, even if they do a little bit of exercise, the more the better obviously, it benefits them in the fight against cancer? >> yeah, it's a powerful tool in boosting our immune system which is one of the ways our body fights. it goes and destroys it. it also decreases inflammation
1:45 pm
which inflammation can damage our dna which is our body's blueprint and when it should reproduce a cell and when it should not reproduce causing that uncontrolled growth. it is very important. also exercise decreases the amount of fat cells which is a contributing factor of breast cancer. the study was not a cause and effect, it was an association. we're not sure exactly why. what we do know, again, exercise is a win/win/win. heart disease, alzheimer's, dimensidi dement dementia, depression, now cancer. they looked at about 1.5 million people. this is powerful. >> and real quick, i mean, we want to get up off the couch and get moving. there are other things we can do. a lot of people who might be obese may have a hard time to get going. there are things we can do about the food and portion control as well. >> right, absolutely. for people who are on the couch and are sedentary, 150 minutes which is the recommended amount seems like a lo, but you know what, walking is a great way to
1:46 pm
step toward that goal. no pun intended. you know, start with ten minutes in the morning. do that lunchtime. do it in the evening time. before you know it, before you try to get on the big fancy machines, stair masters, join a group activity, this is a good way to start. always talk to your physician if you're about to embark on a physical activity regiment. you want to know what's good for you and safe for you. even leisure activities, small amount can be significant in battling cancer. >> yeah, it can actually be easy, instead of getting in your car and driving to the train station to go to work, you know, consider walking to the train station and back and forth. >> right. >> doable. >> that sort of thing. >> summer's upon it us. >> while you're watching commercials, do sit-ups, pushups. move around. get moving. >> right. exercise is not moving to the coffee table to get the cheetos, okay? that does not count. nina. >> thank you. >> great to see you as always. >> thank you very much. all right. a brawl breaking out at victoria's secret. the woman five women hit,
1:47 pm
punched and kicked a store worker. not because they all wanted the same bra. the quick thinking from the clerk that could help catch her attackers. >> i was just getting ready to go in there. oh, my god. >> police need to grab these women. these people right here is crazy. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart
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this is a fox news alert. the pentagon is saying that an air strike likely killed a taliban leader, mullah mansur. it happened on the pakistan side of a remote area along the afghanistan/pakistan border region. mansur, a leader of the taliban, was actively involved in planning a variety of devastating attacks in kabul and across affect. the pentagon saying right now it's likely he was killed. they're still assessing the results of the air strike and will provide more information as it becomes available. and now for a look beyond the headlines, here's author and journalist liz trotas' weekly commentary. >> on his asian door this week, barack obama confronts two dramatic chapters of american history, vietnam and iwo jima. one the legacy of millions killed in war.
1:52 pm
in vietnam, they crave american weapons to hold them off on the south china sea. an ironic turn of event given that chinese aid and weapons ended the lives of so many u.s. troops during the war with vietnam. mr. obama is expected to apiepee hanoi if they agree to stop imprisoning political dissenters. it seems we would like to return in the interests of the administration's pivot towards ara asia. such are the vagaries of
1:53 pm
diplomacy. world war ii was an epic struggle. the enola gay unloaded the world's first atomic bomb on hiroshima, falling so silently in the morning light that almost no one heard it coming. nevertheless, there are still a few of us who can bear witness to the indifferent cruelty of the japanese. the death march, the experiments without anesthesia on captured american pilots, cannibalism and starvation in japanese prison camps. it's all in the record of their war crimes. today, 70 years later, japan is once more beefing up its forces as an increasingly belligerent china threatens the east. at a peace ceremony in hiroshima, obama's aides insist
1:54 pm
the president will not apologize for the atomic bomb. yet his very presence is an apology. we shudder at this thought. this is the rancid legacy of white washed history imposed by liberalism in our schools. blame america first. the combined death toll at hiroshima and three days later at nagasaki when the u.s. unleashed its second bomb stands at about 200,000. by comparison, a small price to pay for the 20 million or so killed by the imperial japanese forces in their murderous march across asia. so the president, a winner of the nobel peace prize, will be closely watched as he is given to groveling before our
1:55 pm
adversaries, don't expect an apology for pearl harbor. . a store clerk gets involved in a major bra brawl. take a look at this. surveillance cameras caught the whole thing. the women walking into a victoria's secret store, tried to walk out of the store without paying. one of the women came back to hit the store clerk one more time. guess what, the clerk was ready, took a picture of the suspected shoplifter with their cellphone. now police are all over it. and that, you see, is the bra brawl. >> there you go. >> try to say that three times. the olympic torch continuing its 95-day journey through brazil ahead of the summer games. [ cheering ] there it goes. the flame is set to reach most of the country's 200 million residents. about 12,000 people are expected to carry the torch in its trip
1:56 pm
through the country. locals winding up along roads to watch the flame pass through their towns. the torch relay will end in rio de janiero on august 5th for the opening ceremony of the summer olympics. >> good for them. >> fun stuff. >> yeah. just after the nra endorses donald trump, he is accusing hillary clinton of wanting to release violent criminals from prison and disarm law abiding citizens. who else is he saying would be at greater risk if clinton was elected? more than that, coming up. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. that does it for us. i'm laura ingle. >> i'm gregg jarrett. an "o'reilly factor" special, "election 2016," is next. hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition. let's get right to our top story, how the crash of egyptair flight 804 is becoming a central issue in the battle for the white house. both donald trump and hillary clinton are blaming the crash on terrorism while also trying to position themselves as the best terror warrior. here is what we know so far about the crash. search teams have found plane wreckage, human remains and personal belongings in the mediterranean sea, but so far no black box. investigators still don't know what the cause


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