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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  May 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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it is great and fantastic. and very well deserved and i am mar thel nevle. >> and i am greg jarret. laur ingal is up next. >> have a great weekend. >> this is a fox urgent. the pentagon said the strike in pakistan likely killed the leader of the taliban. this is the fox report. details are still coming in but this is what we know. the sick happen 6:00 on the pakistan side of the border with afghanistan. the target was mansour. he was actively planning attacks with coalition forces in kabul and afghanistan. and there was reports that and joining me for reaction was fox
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news military analyst. and thanks for having me, laura. >> this would be a huge accomplishment for them. peter cook said the u.s. was studying the results of the attack to confirm. how soon could we know if mansour is dead. >> they will get pretty quick, i think, laura. they have ways of doing that and the taliban will announce it is it excellent, excellent intel work and craftsman ship. and the president did probably approve it because he was the leader of the taliban and a high value target. >> there were other agencies that assisted in locating mansour. who was involved. >> there was agencies that were
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work withing this continuously. they have very, very good technology. you saw catherine herridge had a special last week that talked about the technology they have, the administration was kind of bragging about it. and they have not had the successes they want and they use it as a filler and we have excellent technology over this. >> we'll have more on that later on in the show. we have superior intelligence to find the high- ranking terrorist. some people are asking why are we not able to do more in afghanistan and syria that is a $64,000 question. why are we not doing more in afghanistan and iraq and syria? the white house has put handcuffs on our forces. >> general, thank you for being here. we appreciate your perspective.
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to politics now. a new barrage of donald trump. the presumpative nominee blaming hillary clinton for the rise of isis. crooked hillary clinton foreign interventions unleashed isis in syria and iraq and libia. trump hit clinton against guns and saying she wants to eliminate the second amendment and strip gun owners. a claim he made to the nra. they are winding down the primary system. clinton topping trump in fund raising and organization. clinton's campaign employing ten times more staffers and more offices in battleground states. we have fox team coverage tonight. steve is following the
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democratic race and starting with peter dossy. how has trump's attack on clinton and guns evolved today. >> trump said he says hypochrissy and tweeting that crooked hillary wants to get rid of gun and yet surrounded by body arms and no more guns to protect hillary. he warned nra members, he thinks they will be disarmed and unable to defend themselves from violent criminals she will release from prison. >> hillary clinton is telling everyone and women live nothing a dangerous community that she doesn't have the right to defend herself. a woman live nothing a rough and bad community, sorry, you can't defend yourself. that is so unfair and that is so a ggregious. trump has loaned his campaign
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$44 million. >> that's a lot of money. what did we learn about a meeting with trump and leading evangelical. there am will be 500 to go to trump tower to ask mr. trump about his beliefs and values. tony perkins told fox you news.comabout something that trump needs to discuss. a presidential pick is crucial. mr. trump doesn't have a track record and i will reloy on who he will pick as a running mate. and trump addressed a large group of hispanic evangelical with a two minute video message and the video shows that trump is trying to broaden his appeal and hillary clinton is still courting democrats trying to shake bernie sanders, laura? >> peter, thank you so much for that.
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and hillary clinton is off of the trail today. she attended a fundraiser and set to speak in florida in the third annual trayvon martin circle of mothers event. this group is dedicated to reducing gun violence that it was founded after zimmerman shot trayvon martin. bernie sanders shows no signs of slowing down and campaigning in new mexico. his campaign is spending faster than it is it taking in. he only has 6 million left. he trails hillary clinton. and steve haringan. clinton is expected to speak. hi, steve. what will clinton say tonight. >> it is it a remarkable crowd for hillary clinton.
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in that crowd are 60 markets who lost children to gun violence. she is expected to make the case that the world could be a dangerous place under president donald trump with guns allowed in every classroom and not silenced by the nran in her quest for gun control. it is it put on by a foundation organized by trayvon martin's mother. he was shot and killed in florida. the shooter was george zimmerman who was tried and found not guilty of second-degree is murder. >> clinton is looked in a fight with sanders that is getting bitter. >> reporter: it ratcheted up a notch saying that bernie sanders would endorse deborah
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waszer- man shutz. saying that the democratic process is biassed and back her opponent and said the game is rigged. and the use of super delegates which bernie sanders' campaign favored hillary clinton. >> thank you you for that report. >> and right now, chaos is both sides of the political aisle open the presidential race up to a third party? a brand new fox polling showing how a libertarian would do against hillary clinton and donald trump. >> and a dramatic rescue when a hot air balloon drifts way, way off course. >> it took us away and we were over the water. we didn't have the week to get us back and we were just like
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search teams in the mediterranean working to lot the black box p pgs from egypt flight 804. there were debris including life vests and personal items from the 66 passengers killed in the crash. investigators are working to try to find out what caused the plane to deputy down and looking for ties to terrorism. there was evidence of smoke in the plane in the final moments before the crash. greg, what more does the new information tell us about the flight of 804. >> reporter: it tells us quoit a bit and leading us to get a beginning picture of what happened there. french officials confirmed what we reported late yesterday data
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messages could spell out the last-minute of the flight evipt aerate 04. the overheating and possibility the raging fire. smoke is detected just behind the cockpit. and smoke is detected in a massive bay below the cockpit. and minute later the computers fail and the plane is off. what triggered the fire? a mechanical fault or terrorism. if it is a fault it could be short circuited. if it was terror it could be a low key woman should go something like the shoe bomb in the failed attack in 2001. there is a need for the black
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box to connect the dots. french officials say it is highest proirt. experts say the black boxes could be at the bottom of the mediterranean and that could be 10000 feet down. >> as we consider that this is a terrorism attack, what more are we learning on that front? >> reporter: they are looking hard at that, laur a. one reason why terrorism is not a slam dunk right now. they so far has been no claim of responsibility. experts say that isis, for example, doesn't have to claim an act to be involved. there have been waits in the past p. but it is unfushl. the spokesman for isis released a 31 minute audio address and noted widely, no mention of the
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crash. but authorities here in france are taking no chances. it is reported on monday all passengers using the airport in paris, will be subjected to a rigorous background check. the kind of thing that the u.s. wanted them to do for a long time to avoid a possible terrorist attack. >> greg, thank you so much. today's rain- soaked preakness day with a tragic start with two horses dying in earlier races. one tumbled and broke its leg. and one collapsed and died after winning the race. major airline taking matters in their own hand after a frustration with a long wait
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>> air balon passengers in australia, touching down safely after a trip gone wrong. look at this. nine people on board of the balloon when it drifted out over open waters. that was not in the bro chur. it started to sink with the fuel running low. near by boaters came to the rescue and let the balloon come to rest on the boat. >> we happened to see the
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balloon coming down. >> one came off and we flew back up with losing the weight. then the pilot was able to navigate to shore. >> and american airlines will put up 4 million of its own money to speed up security screening. the agencies is grappling with long wait times in the country. matt finn has more from chicago. >> reporter: during peak travel times, passengers are waiting two hours in security lines. >> it is it a big inconvenience for travellers. the summer and kids are out and people are traveling. >> reporter: in o'hare airport in chicago tsan administrator said they are listening. >> we are doing everything we can to mitigate.
4:21 pm
you will see the crowds in the airports but my goal is to keep you moving. >> reporter: neffenger plans to improve by bringing in more employees and canine times, approving thousands of over time hours and converting part- time employees to full- time. secretary durbin said congress needs to play an active role. >> what we have done to cap the screeners and limit the resources are unfair. >> reporter: the tsan is working on a solution, travel experts say passengers should focus and pack patience. >> get to the airport three hours early and that is the recommended time now for domestic flight. taking on a carry on bag. and that is going to save you time. >> reporter: they are urging passengers to go for the
4:22 pm
precheck. it is it a $85 feet for five years and the agencies looking to reduce that costs. at chicago's o'hare airport matt finn, fox news. >> we'll have more on fox news sunday when guest host john roberts sits down with jay johnson. check your listings. drew petersen is it accused of taking out a hit on a police officer. he is currently serving a 38 year sentence is accused of trying to kill the guy who put him behind bars, will? >> reporter: peterson is serving time for killing his third wife. but stacey disappeared in 2007
4:23 pm
and at the time drew was a suspect in that case and it was never solved and never charged. but it sparked renewed interest in the death of his third wife. it was ruled an accident after she was found in a bath tube. the cause of death was changed to homicide and petersen was charged and convicted and sentenced to 38 years and he will be released from prison when he is 93 years old. the prosecutor in that case was glams glasco. petersen tried to hire a hit man to kill glassco. and petersen didn't hide his animosity against him in the murder trial and he could face additional 60 years in prison. stacey petersen's family maintained they don't know upon what happened to her and no one
4:24 pm
knows what happened in 2007 and they are hoping to get the answers they have prayed for a decade. >> the case just keeps going on. thank you, will carr. donald trump said he does well with hispanic voters. what does it mean for november? and the challenge in the general election. a third party candidate. how he could break the race for clinton and trump?
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>> the hispanic vote could play a role in the prays. and hillary clinton dominating trump among the key demographic. ryan, clinton is winning the latino vote and why in >> a record 27 million hispanic voters can turn the key battleground states in nevada and florida and colorado and they can do that. and what you saw with the poll nationwide of the hispanic registered voters 62 percent support hillary clinton. 39 points more than hillary clinton that has 23 percent. that is lower than mitsubishi romney and he won 27 percent.
4:29 pm
and the prevailing thought is republicans need to get closer to the 40 percent range if they want to win the white house. clinton is winning 70 percent of the hispanic and mexican- american vote. and unlike the fox news poll showed that trump is more trusted than clinton. with latinos, they trust clinton more on the economy and terrorism and every other issue by a land slide. but the poll question that gets to the trump's root of lack of trust. and the views of latino, trump scored the lowest. 14 percent believe he represents their views. it goes back to the likeability and perception. what the republican national committee said in order to win the white house, they have to
4:30 pm
bring hispanics in the poll and that is pass comprehensive immigration reform. we hear deport hispanics. >> trump is saying that he does well with the hispanic vote. is there a silver lining for trump at this point? despite his comments about the mexican immigrants being rapist and undocumented immigrants. he's garner aring a quarter of the vote and economy and jobs is the number one issue hispanics care about. the billionaire is a strength there. and he can get support through there and despite the clinton spoke and president obama's favorability will be. and will they like her enough and will the anti- trump sentiment. and we'll see if they show up to the polls in november.
4:31 pm
>> makes it interesting. thank you for bringing it to the table. >> speculation for the gop mounting a third party challenge in november most part died down and there is a third party candidate who could make it on the ballot in all 50 states libertarian gary johnson. the latest news poll shows johnson getting double damage support. and rich has more on. that >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump. two candidates who are confronting opposition in their parties. >> i can't support trump and you can't either. we can find for conservative values. and google gary johnson and find
4:32 pm
out. >> a candidate should not pose a significant challenge to a nominee. but trump's rhetoric has conservative looking for a third party contender. johnson former new mexico governor chose william wells as his running mate. they need to be formally nominated in orlando. >> the only chance to wins be in the presidential debates and the only way i can do that is to be in the polls. >> to participate, it requires cand knowidates to have 15 percent support and average of five polls in a three way race. trump beats clinton 42- tlievenlt and johnson at ten percent. and notable trump backers are praising trump and wells. they told abc news that he is
4:33 pm
a giant fan. he support ises trump but he wants to see more of his platform. and johnson could draw republicans from trump, the libertarian is going about it the wrong way. >> if you want to see parties get disrupted. the best thing to do infiltrate them rather than attack them from the outside. >> gary johnson ran in 2012 and won a million votes or one percent of the electorate. in louisville, kentucky fox news. >> vice-president is joe boyd addressing the graduating class. greater gersity and openly gay solders will strengthen the armed services and said they have a role important. >> whenever the stakes are
4:34 pm
highest, we turn to the united states military and army whether it is fighting terrorism, training our partners or reassuring our alloys or providing humanitarian relief. we call you and right now, the stakes could not be higher. >> more than 950 cadets received their decrease. mong them seven women. >> and here we go. severe weather getting ready to slam the country. heavy rain expected from the great lakes to the northeast. and west. and rocky mountains could see snow. and there is isolated tornado to the great plains. janice dean is here. and what is happening? i thought we were on the way to memorial day? >> i have good news and stand
4:35 pm
biechlt first severe weather. hail and damaging winds and isolated tornados until 10:00 p.m. local time. tornado watch in effect. and severe thunderstorm watches as well in the northern rockies and down in texas. no tornado reports just yet. and that is a severe threat overnight. and parts of the rockies and plains. and tomorrow eastward in the central u.s. and then on monday, we'll be talking about texas and oklahoma. this is it the usual suspects where we see weather. a tornado probability in the month of may. and highest risk of tornado. they know what to do. and good news, we are below average for many of the months and may is typically one of the busiest. booel monitor.
4:36 pm
northeast and atlantic, a lot of people are not happy with me. low pressure in ohio valley will strengthen in the atlantic and give us yucky weather overnight tonight and sunday. not fun at all. as we head to memorial day next weekend. we'll watch this. here's the good news, my friend. here's your outlook. i don't like forecasting past five days. but above average. look at that in new england. above average in the west as well. and look at rainfall. we could see more rain in the northeast. and then above average for part ares of the high plains. i think we will get warm and then people will complain it is hot. >> and coming to you saying what happened. >> and we'll role the videotape. >> that is amazing.
4:37 pm
and the seriousness of what you showed. the wide swath is important to take note and know what is coming down the pike. >> may is tornado month. you need to be prepared for watches and warnings and we'll keep you posted. and always nice to see you. have you seen pictures of julie's baby? how cute is he. >> he is gorgeous and congratulations and i am sitting here filling in. she's on maternity leave and we'll taking turns on the old anchor desk. and huge congratulations. post those pictures on twitter, julie. and we them. >> i love you. >> i love you back. >> janice, i will call you when we have the heatwave on long island. frustrating scene on the roads in california today. my home state. look at this. a massive fuel tanker winds its
4:38 pm
way through city streets and may have been created for the shuttle program but it does not move face. that is the 405 for you. >> revealing exclusive details and the fight against terrorism. >> since 2001. we have them to iraq and afghanistan and 18000 to areas around the world.
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seaworld. real. amazing >> fox news alert. hillary clinton is p to goift key note address. the group wants to reduce gun
4:42 pm
violence and founded following the death of trayvon martin. we are monitoring this and bring you news as it breaks. >> the armed man shot outside of the white house in critical condition as fox reports tonight. he's jesse from pennsylvania and he walked up to a white house security checkpoint and refused to drop his gun. agents opened fire. no one else was hurt in this. court records show he pled guilty in 2004 to careless driving. >> nsan officials giving us a look at a high he secretive intelligence program. they have intel on the battlefield in real time. fox news intelligence corresp d correspondent catherine herridge
4:43 pm
got exclusive interview. >> reporter: personnel in the iraqi surge drove the need for role time intelligence. >> start nothing 2005. we saw a uptick in casulties. >> reporter: the first time the nsan is speaking about the highly secretive program called rtrg. >> keith alexander had had a vision to provide in real time or near real time warning information to the troops. >> reporter: you were one of the first people on the ground in iraq. >> the colonel was in the camp victory where nsa computers housed in the area married information in the raids. >> we were able to get phone numbers and addresses and see connections. >> reporter: think of it like
4:44 pm
a phone app but flagging terrorist. >> it might connect a phone number to a location or activity and then display that to a analyst who could then via radio contact a convoy and said there is what looks like an ambush. >> reporter: experts like christian pike were working side by side with special operations. the program went from iraq to afghanistan and other conflict zones that the nsa will not publicly identify. >> we have deployed 5000 to iraq and 18000 to hostile areas around the world. >> reporter: the wall pays tribute be to the fallen. christian pike and his team were badly outnumbered. >> he was killed in 2013 supporting the seals. >> reporter: what is ground
4:45 pm
breaking is a standard tool. and catherine herridge, fox news. cuban citizens risking their lives in an attempt to reach u.s. soil. this attempt didn't seem to work. this is our top story as we go across america. florida, cuban migrants rescued after climbing a light house to stay in america. they will be allowed to stay if they reach american soil. the light house is not considered dry land and so they will have to return to cuba. the light house is 20 miles off of the coast of florida. >> pennsylvania, this blimp making an emergency landing and wrapping around a utility pole. emergency crews had to close a portion of i- 95 to deal with
4:46 pm
the problem. >> the blimp started to come down and if i went through, it would have landed on my car. >> no one was hurt. california, look at the this. a huge massive fuel tank making its way through the streets. it's final destination california science center and it is it a slow commute. the 165 this happened tank moves five miles per hour. it was built for the space shuttle program and never used. washington, a student collecting 500 stuffed animals to help children suffered traumatic experience. local policemen giving them away to show the kids their community is thinking about them. that's the fox watch in america. >> a canadian couple choosing
4:47 pm
the perfect wedding ven ow. it is held in a southern california cat situation. it is it a no kill shelter. the couple toying the knot as a way to celebrate the mutual appreciation of cats. >> we are both animal lover ares. and that's why i married her. >> some of the deline guests sported formal tuxedo. >> russian's military is expanding. how moscow is showing its prowess in the sky. just in time for the republican national convention. rock and roll hall of fame and showing that rock music and politics are more intertwined
4:48 pm
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wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. >> you know you like to rock. cleveland is, too they are ready to rock out in the republican national convention. it is home to the rock and roll hall of fame. and there is a new exhibit about rock music and politics. this is before the convention comes to town. >> rock and politics together for deck cads and search for unitty and peace in the political spectrum. louder than words.
4:52 pm
rock power and politics is show cased in the rockefeller in cleveland, ohio. ahead of the republican national convention scheduled for july. the exhibit was to help a twisted sister front man who testified in the 1975 hearings on censorship. futars and lyric sheets help to show case the artist and figures. some raged against the machine and talked about the importance of politics. >> and that supports the status or challenges the status quo. >> civil rights and war and campaigns and censorship are shared and rare artifacts and video exhibits.
4:53 pm
u2 singer wrote the bullet the blue sky while he was in elsal vador. >> shots fired over our heads and the shooting and sounds of gunfire in the open. you are not in closed streets is unromantic. i remember the ground shaking and the smell of, of being near a war zone. >> visitors can check out johnny hedrict. >> and john henon's guitar he played in 1969. and louder than words, runs through november 27th and then pack up and head to the museum in washington d.c. guess what, that is in time for floods leaving entire tion. neighborhoods under water and
4:54 pm
people scrambling to escape. that is our fox report around the world. >> china, more than a foot of rain fell in ten hours, flooding entire neighborhoods and destroying homes. and crews asked thousands of people to pack up and leave. and forecaster ares are predict being five more feet of rain. and in indonesia. hot ash in the air and lava spewing up to three miles. three people were killed, reportedly farmers who are work nothing a red zone. the mount is one of more than hundred active volcanos in indonesia. russia, air force jets performed spectacular stunts in to it formation. they are celebrating fwif years since the creation of russia's
4:55 pm
elite a erobatik team. they will receive new jets. india, dwoet devout hindus. marking the last day of the festival. legend had it that the waters wash away sins. they attract tens of millions of bathers over 55 days and that is it a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> this armed services day, a reunion you don't want to miss. how this marine mom gave her kids a surprise of a lifetime. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn.
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>> today, we celebrate armed forces day. it is time to offer a heart felt thank you to the men and women who sack be -- sacrifice us to keep us safe. all americans to fly the american flag and support the sailors and air men and guards men. >> and a homecoming for a military family in virginia. a military mom coming back early and guying her kids a big surprise on the haft day of school. >> kids back in their mother's arms first time since september. they could not will believe their eyes. >> i thought she was not supposed to come in two weeks. >> i have been in the states thee days and it is hard to hold it in. it was one of the most exciting
5:00 pm
days of my life. >> the lieutenant cornell served for two decades. that is the fox report. i am laura ingle. thanks for watching. >> mexico sends their people they are not bringing their best. >> donald trump has rewritten the rule book in politics. >> i what i said i don't remember. >> and won his party nomination doing it. >> i won with the evangelicals. i won with women. i love winning with women. could he be the next president. >> the country's going to it start


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