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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 22, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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right now on "justice," he said it. >> donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism. >> she didn't. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. exactly how, of course the investigation will have to determine. >> will the words islamic terrorism determine the next president of the united states? tonight, the man who runs the trump campaign weighs in. then, i take on a hillary clinton supporter live. plus, governor mike huckabee on trump, clinton, and how the republicans can win and lose in november. then --
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>> oh! >> why are you screaming? i'm old enough to be your mother. >> things get out of hand when i take scott baio to trump to your. but could we get in to meet the done? you can bet your shirt on it. >> change shirts? i'll put that shirt on right now. let's go. >> you are not getting this off my back. >> "justice" starts now. hello, and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now my opening statement. you know, there's only one person who can keep americans safe. and although it may have happened in another part of the word, it has crystallized an issue confronting us and will ultimately who moves into 1600 pennsylvania avenue in 2017. the ripples from the crash of egyptair flight 804 have reached
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our shores and teed up the question, who will keep us safe? take a listen to the contenders. >> do you think that donald trump is qualified to be president? >> no, i do not. >> she is so ill equipped to be the president. >> now, to be clear, the cause of the flight's demise is yet undetermined. but each of the contenders has said the probable cause is terrorism. trump tweets at 6:27 a.m., hours after the plane vanishes, looks like yet another terrorist attack. more than seven hours after trump's tweet, hillary says, it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. >> now, i suspect a seven hour or more than seven hour difference reflects either hillary's need to sleep late or to gauge the president clinton wins. now, economy is a number one issue. terror, number two. but i would venture a guess even more important than money for most is safety.
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so who will keep us safer? the polls, almost even a week ago, show most trust donald trump to do a better job than hillary on terrorism. but each one of them says that we're safer with him or her. so where's the truth? let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? in spite of their protestations, the world is a more dangerous place since barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton came to power. the so-called arab spring, sold as a refreshing movement towards democracy was nothing more than a volcanic eruption, leaving a vacuum that barbaric medieval islamists ran to fill. now, madam secretary, you cannot deny it was you who lobbied for the overthrow of libyan president gadhafi, creating a decent into chaos and a welcome mat to terrorists. it was you, madam secretary, who
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didn't protect ambassador chris stevens, instead responding to your so-called friend's plea for more security by actually reducing his security. and it was you who left americans at that consulate when the brits left and the red cross left because everybody else knew it was too dangerous. it was you who lied about a video when you told your own daughter that same night that it was an al qaeda-like attack in benghazi. and you have the audacity to say the parents of those killed are basically liars when they repeated what you said. but then again, you talk a big game about terrorism. >> once again shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups. isis, of course, but then there are other networks of terrorists that have to be hunted down and defeated. >> you are going to hunt them down? hillary, how long do your hunts
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take? who has been brought to justice in the attack in benghazi? and your doublespeak for the last seven and a half years -- when a shooter yells allah al akbar and kills americans at fort hood we are supposed to call it workplace violence. and after benghazi, the word islamic is removed from the term islamic extroo treatmentists because we don't want to inflame their anger. as if they don't already want to kill us. by the way, hillary, why haven't you taken a clear position on the release of those 28 sealed pages in the 9/11 commission report that discusses saudi arabia's role? could it be because the persianan gulf states notorious for their own human rights violations and their leaders reportedly donate of the as much as $100 million to your family's so-called charity.
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question, why would these arabs give monies to the clintons instead of helping those in their own countries? after all, hillary, charity doesn't begin at the clinton foundation, it begins at home. and you are going to keep us safe? your own state deputy's refugee program can't even vet refugees coming here. and what's that? all those are only words? you have everyone so fearful of being called an islamo phobe that ordinary americans didn't report suspicious deliveries at the home of the islamic terrorists that killed 14 in san bernardino. and you're going to keep us safe, hillary? hell, you can even keep top secret intelligence on your blackberry, without russia, china, and a romanian hacker accessing it. so how can you keep us safe when you speak a different language from ordinary americans? how can you keep us safe when
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you can't even say who the enemy is? it's not violent extremists. it's not terrorists. it's islamic extremists. it's islamic terrorists. and you can't mouth the words. say it. say it. but you won't. this season a parlor game. and not one for the faint of heart. so go back to bed, hillary, there's someone else who's going to protect us. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter hashtag, judge jeanine. with me now is donald trump campaign manager corey lewandoski. corey, good evening. let me ask you this. how can donald trump convince ordinary americans when he doesn't have a record of foreign policy to refer to that he can
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keep us safer than hillary clinton who can at least say she was secretary of state, united states senator, and first lady? >> hey, thanks for having me on, number one. number two, let's go back and look at the clinton record. it has been a dismal disaster from the very beginning. i think what the american people want is exactly what you alluded to at the beginning of your show, safety at home. they want to know they can get on an airplane and they will be safe when they land. want to know their homes will be protected, there will be jobs for them, that our country is going to be placed first again. that's not the case with hillary clinton. what we have seen in her administration through the time of secretary of state, whether the u.s. senator or first lady is nation building outside of our country and giving those special privilege to everyone except americans. donald trump will put americans first, put our people back to work and renegotiate our trade deals so for a change people will be proud to be americans again. and that's what this country needs. >> what do you say to those who say that donald trump's
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statement that halting muslim influx until we can figure out what's going on is actually racist? >> it's not racist at all. what we have is a failed immigration policy right now. we don't know who is coming into our country. we don't know who is crossing our borders. we couldn't even do simple background checks on social media for these people before we bring them in. we want to put a temporary hold, let's look and make sure that our government, which isn't doing their job properly can vet these people so we me we are not bringing terrorists into your country. what we saw in san bernardino was 'we saw a woman come into the country, a radical terrorist, radicalized her husband and killed 14 peoples. they came in on a k-1 visa because they couldn't do a simple background check. >> will we be ever be able to do background checks on refugees. they are not coming out of these countries with their license, registration, and their criminal justice record. >> let's ask ourselves, what do
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we bring the refugees to our country. we'll create a safe zone for them and they can stay in the region of the world where they are most valuable. tell me what the value is to bringing people into the country who we don't know anything about. when we come into the country, we lose them. we can't build a wall in front of mexico to stop people from acrossing the border and killing innocent citizens in san francisco. how can we guarantee they are not going to go off on theirmerry way and be a burden on the country. let's control our borders. >> donald trump is not doing as well with women as hillary is. she is not doing as well with men as he is. given his endorsement by the nra yesterday, does this help or help him with women? >> donald trump is doing exceptionally well with people they always said he never would. in the last poll, he has a ten
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point lead against hispanics over hillary clinton. what woman want, in my opinion, they waent want safety for the homeland, for their families. they want to make sure they have a good paying job. they want to make sure they can take care of their families. they are not single issue voters. this notion that donald trump doesn't do well with women is crazy. 30 years ago when he started building his business he put women in the highest positions possible. they still run the business today. >> the poll numbers. so hillary has got 14 points up on women than donald does. you know, so that's the latest poll that we have from fox. >> but we also have the polls that she he does well with african-americans, unbelievably well with hispanics. he is bringing everyone together. don't forget. he has been the presumptive nominee exactly two weeks. we haven't even started on hillary clinton yet. she has a failed record as secretary of state, as u.s.
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senator, and i think donald trump is going to highlight that failure and it's going to bring those women to us bass they want safety. >> all right. now, as you know, i've been in five campaigns, and i know there is a lot of tensions in campaigns. there is a lot of excitement. there is a lot of competition. and recently, we're hearing about some tensions in the trump campaign. now, paul manafort, is he now the chairman of the campaign? how does that affect your role? what's going on in the campaign? >> sure, so this is typical media wanted to hype something that isn't there. let me tell you what's going on. our campaign has 70 people in total running a presidential campaign. hillary clinton's campaign has 732 people in it. we are small. we are tight knit. we are working very well together and want to continue to grow and bring more people in. but you also have to look at the mind-set, what we can accomplish with a small group is the mind-set that our government needs. look at the amount of money our campaign has spent. she spent $182 million.
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we've spent $60 million. a third what have she has spent and candidly we are doing much better. millions of more votes than anybody else in the republican field donald trump has gotten. >> cary. what's your title on the campaign. >> i'm in campaign manage manager. that's not going to change. >> corey lewandoski, campaign manager. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thanks judge. joining me now live from paris best selling author and screenwriter dan gordon who also serves as a captain in the reserves of the israeli defense forces. thank you dan for being up late tonight. i understand you got to paris the day after the egyptair flight crashed correct? >> yes. actually i flew to paris a few hours after the crash. and i was shocked that when i got to charles de gaulle airport absolutely no one checked my passport. i could have come in from anywhere. no one knew who i was, let alone
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if i was on a terrorist watch list. i think that's one of the main problems facing europe right now. >> you know, dan, what's so surprising is that president hollande after the attack in paris in november of 2015, seemed more determined than ever to make sure the people coming into france through charles de gaulle would be people who would be vetted for the safety of his own french citizens. is that not happening? >> it certainly wasn't happening the day that i came here. and you are right about president hollande. after the bataclan attacks just six months ago in which 130 people were killed in six different locations in paris, the president said this act of war was prepared, decided upon, and planned in syria, organized in belgium, and carried out on our territory with the complicity of citizens of france. i think that summed up the problem that the europeans face in a nutshell.
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they have lost control of their borders, and they have allowed pockets of islamist extremism to exist. and they are paying a price for it. >> and so, you know, with the downing of egyptair -- and we still have to say, don't know whether or not it was an act of terrorism. but are there any international standards so that -- i have these statistics that every year something like 12 million, 13 million americans go to europe. how do you think this is going to affect overseas travel? and which of the carriers do you think people should or shouldn't be flying? >> look, i think the terrorist strategy is already starting to work. paris right now is quite frankly desserted. there is a complete lack of tourism. people would generally find crowds and the cafes and the satisfactoryious squares in
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paris -- it's desserted and it's empty. that's by design from the terrorists point of view. they have succeeded in that regard. the carriers that they target touchily are national carriers. if you look at our own experience, they attacked american airlines, united airlines. i think we're proved differently we have to assume that this was an act of terrorism because if you look at history, al qaeda placed a bomb in 1994 on philippine air 434 and never took credit for it because they planned to place 12 such bombs in 12 different airplanes in the project in 1995. the fact that no one is taking credit for this actually is very disturbing to me. >> okay. so you think it may be a trial run? >> i think it may be a trial run because usually, even if there had been a crash of an airplane, one terrorist organization or another would have taken responsibility simply to establish street credited.
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so the fact no one has taken responsibility i think is a bit sinister, and see that's exactly what ramzi yousef did in 1994. >> stay safe over there in paris. of course we still don't know the cause of the downing of that jet. thank you. all right. mike huckabee still ahead tonight. and next i'll break down the general election with pollster lee carter. then, is donald trump tougher than tony soprano? i have a former sopranos cast member and current gop delegate here tonight. and ask him that very question. later scott baio and i head to trump tower to try to meet the man who lives in the penthouse. and we ran into interesting people along the way. how does he treat women? >> better than us.
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a brand-new fox news poll out this week shows that in a head to head match up this
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november donald trump would now beat hillary clinton. so, can he continue to gain momentum as we head into november? with me to break it down is republican pollster lee carter. lee, just a few months ago, hillary clinton has a huge lead over donald trump. and a few days ago, hillary clinton has a slim lead. today -- >> yeah. >> and we have got a fox news poll from a couple days ago that right now trump leads clinton 45 to 42%. >> that's right. >> or on the screen, 37 to 42%. so i have a presidential vote preference in front of me. anyway, what's happening? >> there is a huge momentum shift that's happening. you know, it's almost impossible to say how two candidates are going to stack up against each other until you see them against each other. what we are seeing. they are almost head to head. bernie is not out of the way yet. attack ads are out on trump. they are going back and forth. the bottom line is donald trump
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is more trust worthy than hillary clinton. people think donald trump is less corrupt than hillary clinton. and the more people hear from him, the more they are responding to him and the polls are starting to change of it's not what anybody expect. it's not what anybody predicted. but it's certainly happening and the momentum is with donald trump. >> as donald says, he hasn't even started on her. you know, with this issue of women going forward, according to the polls done is still not doing as well with women but is doing better with men. how does he change that? and does the nra endorse mment help him in that regard. >> it's going to be hard for him to change that as it is for republicans. republicans historically haven't drawn women's votes. hillary is having trouble drawing male votes. that's going to be a big issue. donald trump has had ivanka
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talking this week. i tested all the attack ads this week. the attack ad that was the most hurtful to him was the one where he women. certainlying? he understood to come back. i think the best way for donald trump to come back is donald trump by association. if he can start surrounding himself with strong women, people who are proopponents of women, it's going the make him seem better, stronger. i think his daughter ivanka is one of those but there are many others that are going to be coming out and will be coming out for him. >> the whole point, by hillary. as a woman, i kind of took offense at this, when she says she is basically going to outsource economic issues to her husband. i thought as a woman, as a supposedly strong woman, she looked very weak in that regard. and obviously, the whole thing boom ranged, did it not? >> it absolutely did. i dial tested this twice this week with two different sets of
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audiences. even the democrats were devastated by this. the bottom line is this, the number one most important issue to americans today is jobs and the economy. if the economy is going to say look i'm going to give that job over to my husband. it makes it seem flip, glib, makes it seem she is not qualified and like a throw back to a time -- >> real fast, lee, because we've got to go. what about the issue of terrorism? does that help or hurt donald? >> it helps donald because he does much better on terrorism and national security. she does better on foreign policy. but terrorism, national security is donald. >> lee carter thank you for joining us tonight. >> any time. great to see you. "street justice" still ahead tonight. plus one of my favorite democratic foils is here to talk about hillary's chances at beating donald trump. that will be fun. and next, governor mike huckabee joins me live as we break down what the republicans need to do to win in november. back in a moment.
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i mean the polls right now have trump beating hillary. that's today. >> well, they do. and this is early. and there is something that i think people miss. hillary is going to be very predictable. she is not like her husband, who was very nimble politically. he could react. he could respond. he could pivot. hillary is like the british army in the revolutionary war. she will wear a very bright red coat. she will march to the cadence of a very pronounced drum. and she'll march in an open field shoulder to shoulder with other red coats. >> donald trump is going to cop at her from the trees like she has never seen before. >> but he will have a blue suit on anyway >> well -- but it's going to be -- and there's one other thing, judge, that i think people have not really thought about. donald trump has eviscerated every opponent he had in the primary.
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when he goes after hillary, it's not going to be unlike the kind of campaign he has run against his own team. so when typically what happens, the republicans, well, they have their battles, but it's not that mean. and then they get to the general and when they go after their opponent. it really can come across poorly, especially if it's female. that's not going to be the case with trump. he went after everybody. >> all right. now, what about this gary johnson, this libbertarian who has bill wells running for vice president? how is that third party candidacy, if it even is one -- how does that affect the race? does it hurt trump or help him? >> it could hurt him a little bit. but in the long run let's remember there has always been a libertarian candidate. i don't think there is a ground swell for the libertarian candidate. i know larry johnson. he was governor of new mexico when i was in office as governor
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and had a good record there. i knew bill as well. he was in massachusetts. these are good guys. but we don't have a history of having it. plus, here's what i do think -- keep in mind, there will be as many bernie supporters who are not going the vote for hillary. >> that's what i was going to say. >> yeah, that's a worry she has got to have. >> and quickly now, we don't know why the egyptair flight's demise was terrorism or not. but does terrorism help or hurt trump? >> it's a big issue for him because he's the guy who makes it very clear he is not going to put up with this. and he is unafraid to call out terrorism as just what it is. >> all right. >> people don't have terrorist acts sake jesus saves, they say allah akbar. he has been clear to point that out and that's a big advantage. >> governor huckabee. thanks so much. next, she's back. i go one on one with liberal radio talk show host coco sue
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dak about hillary and the words she refuses to utter that i think could cost her the election. don't miss it.
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hillary clinton still hasn't clenched the democratic party's nomination. but bernie isn't her only problem. at least two other new polls show this week that donald trump has edged out ahead of her in a head to head matchup come november. joining me now is liberal radio show host coco soodek. okay coco. >> hello, judge. >> hello. why can't she close the deal? >> you know, bernie is a terrific leader.
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and he is running a great campaign. she is just a few delegates away from locking it down. when she does in california it's going to be over. going to the convention, big show of unity, you are going see everybody coming together, all the democrats coming together under hillary's banner. >> what do you say to those who say that the bernie supporters are not like the trump supporters the establishment rank and file of the parties. and last week when we were throwing chairs and calling it a rigged system because of the super delegates, i should say -- what makes you think they will come in and say oh, okay to hillary? >> first of all, 2008, i remember how mad we all were at each other. if we were in the obama camp or the hillary camp. and we all came together in the end and voted for the president. second thing is, look, something is going on. people, voters on both sides of the aisle are sick of the way thing are. they want something --a want a
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more broad based governance. a more dignified a more orderly, a more fair government. that's what they are demanding. >> isn't hillary clinton a example of the system? of the establishment for the last 20, 30 years? how does the fact that people want something outside of the box help her? and how is it that a virtual unknown like bernie sanders is really giving her a run for her money? >> well, bernie sanders is not a virtual unknown. if you have been -- >> unless you live in new hampshire, he is an unknown? >> that's not true. >> vermont. sorry. >> they have loved bernie sanders for 30 years. he is not an outsider. he was a mayor, a congressman and a senator. and he has been in public life just as long as she has. he may be playing the role of the outsider. >> let's talk about hillary saying she is going to outsource the economy to her husband, bill. i as a woman, irrespective of
1:42 am
party, was insulted about a woman running to be the top commander in chief saying oh, i'll let my husband do it. didn't that offend you, coco? >> yeah, it's stupid, but look. bill clinton ran the greatest economy that we had seen in decades. so she made a joke about the success of the clinton economy. joke. she said she was bringing him in. >> it's a joke. come on. >> that's like madeleine albright. if the women don't vote for hillary, we are all going to hell. that was a joke, too. let me talk about the terror thing that's going on right now. she says she can keep us safer. he says -- donald trump says he can keep us safer. and the majority of americans, 52%%, agree, 52 to 40 say he can. why is it that a woman with all these credentials can't convince americans she can keep us safe.
1:43 am
>> first of all that's one poll a fox poll, and other polls show different. and second donald trump is insulting whole populations -- if insulting whole populations of the world will keep us safe, that's the guy to do it. that's what he is great at, insulting people. >> islamic muslims, terrorists who are coming after the rest of the word. it's not like. >> you guys are obsessed with this label. it doesn't matter. >> it is a label. if you don't know who the enemy is how are you going to kill them? >> we know who the enemy is, the enemy are people committed to taking down the west. people who hate us. >> people hate us all over the world. the only ones cutting our heads off are the muslim terrorists. and she is going to lose the election because she can't say night there are plenty of christian terrorists in this country. >> really? give me an idea? have they taken down the world
1:44 am
trade center, pair snis no, but they go and shoot up planned patienthood. >> they are telling me i have to go, i want to fight with coco "street justice" ahead. and next, donald trump and tony soprano. think they have anything in common. >> i have a former soprano's
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welcome back to "justice." joining me now is a man who went from acting on the sopranos to politics. anthony ribbo sell theo is a new york republican activist and an alternate delegate to the gop convention this year. anthony thanks for being here. i'm excited about the fact that you are pretty much best known for your role as dante greco tony soprano's driver on the hbo series. >> yes. >> tell me, what if any similarities do you see between tony soprano and donald trump? >> well, the character was way more fierce than donald trump is. most definitely. >> that's because he killed people because he got mad at them? >> yeah. pretty much. but they both have courage of their convictions. that's what i like about donald trump. and personally, jimmy was a
1:49 am
great guy and i miss him a lot. >> you know, when you were part of that show, did you feel like, you know, here was a guy who could make decisions, a guy who, you know, didn't really care about what was politically correct? do you kind of see that similarity? >> he had his own compass. what was good for his family, both families, that was it. nothing else. >> both families. >> yes, nothing else. >> and going into the convention and going into the election what do you see as the single most important issue to americans from your vantage point. >> safety. >> safety? >> yes. >> how do you think that plays in terms of this trump versus hillary? >> you know, we've had eight years of hillary and barack obama and it hasn't worked. the middle east is a mess. a quagmire. how do we get out of it? i don't know, but we have to do
1:50 am
something else. the playbook has to be thrown in the garbage and we have to do something else. >> what about tony soprano, did you ever talk politics to him? >> no. we would always talk music like beetles and stufflike. that i don't want to get into politics when you're on the set. because, you know, you're being a character and being real. that muddied the water. >> and do you miss it? >> oh, yeah. well, i still act. but i do miss the sopranos part of my life. it was a wonderful, wonderful experience. >> thanks for being with us, tony soprano's driver. >> thank you for having me. >> and what happens when scott bay yoe an i walk into trump you toer to try to meet donald trump? you'll find out in tonight's street justice next.
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who are you voting for for president? >> trump. >> why? >> because when speaks, i understand him. he speaks like i speak. he communicates with people very well. i want him as any one person can do is to go into washington and blow it up. i'm fed up. i'm done with them. i'm done with the republicans. they lied and conned and bs'd me for a very long time. i don't consider myself a republican anymore. >> that was back in mark in l.a. after scott bayo endorsing
1:55 am
donald trump. that endorsement trended on twitter the same night. since then, you spla seen scott just about everywhere you look. he just visited new york and there was just one place i had to take him, scott bayo and i thoed trump you toer in this week's street justice. >> she's staring at you. why are you staring at him? why you are staring at him? >> scott bayo. >> "happy days". >> what's up, brother? >> you ladies are staring at this man. >> he was on "happy days." >> are you from australia? >> sure. i mean, as a child growing up, i remember "happy days." >> how you are, young man? what is your name? >> tucker. that's an awesome name. after this interview you're going to say who was that guy. >> what guy do you know me from? >> "happy days". >> how many shows you have done? >> a lot. >> i'm here to support donald trump for president.
1:56 am
>> do you know that this man has supported someone for president. >> that's why we're here. we came by. when he to see the trump tower. >> are you a trump fan? >> i guess. >> listen to your old man. he knows a lot. >> whether do you get the braas off. >> do you think he'll bring people along? >> yeah. >> all right. >> that's so sweet. thank you. >> how many people do you think because scott bayo is supporting donald trump? >> seven. >> they'll vote today. >> well, you already have my vote. >> do you know that scott, even though he's from l.a., he endorsed donald trump. >> he's supporting donald trump. >> i'm from brooklyn. >> yeah, how long you have been in l.a.? >> i lived there a long time. i'm from brooklyn. >> what do you think of trump tower. >> it's really nice. >> whether i designed it, i really wanted that starbucks -- because i don't drink coffee. >> you don't? >> i never had a cup of coffee in my life. >> we're going up there in a
1:57 am
minute. >> are we? >> i'm bike you coffee. >> i didn't drink whiskey either. >> can you go after people and how amazing she s. >> the world needs donald trump even more. >> so when people say, you know, around the world the leaders are disgusted with us, that's a lie, right? hog wash. >> all hog wash. >> is own television? >> i don't care. >> why do you think americans are so wrapped up in they lection? >> because they're tired of the old system. >> this guy to me is indicative of a lot of people. he is tired of the same old crap. en that guy speaks for like me. he speaks for everybody. you're going to be on judge judy. >> thank you. >> what? me? >> you want a picture with me? you like donald trump? >> i hope so, yes. i like him. >> what do you mean you hope sno. >> yeah, i like him.
1:58 am
>> g. >> you guys work for donald trump. you think he'd make a good president? >> great president. he's a great boss. >> he's awesome. >> how does he treat women? >> the best. >> better than us. >> that's a classic. >> i'll put that shirt on right now. >> you're not getting this off me. >> what's wrong with the rest of hollywood? >> they're stupid. >> like with my music, i believe in giving people -- i feel in my heart and soul -- sing us something. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ and i'm going to be working in his campaign and helping him.
1:59 am
>> here, take it. >> i'll take the microphone. >> why are you screaming? >> scott bayo. i'm old enough to be your mother. >> i'm excited to see you. >> he is endorsing donald z that surprise you? >> no. >> why? >> anybody with a half a brain woen do would endorse donald. >> are you jealous because your wife loves him? >> i'm too old to be jealous. >> i love you so much. >> thank you so much. >> that was a lot of fun that day in trump tower. and i'm happy to report that it all ended with scott and his family getting to meet the man he's voting for, donald trump. and that's it for us tonight. remember, friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter and on instagram. and don't forget, i'm not going to let you forget this. if you look for a great read or
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gift for your dad for father's day, pick up my book. "he killed them all." thanks for up next. >> have a great weekend. >> this is a fox urgent. the pentagon said the strike in pakistan likely killed the leader of the taliban. this is the fox report. details are still coming in but this is what we know. the sick happen 6:00 on the pakistan side of the border with afghanistan. the target was mansour. he was actively planning attacks with coalition forces in kabul and afghanistan. and there was reports that and joining me for


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