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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 22, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

9:00 am you can also respond on twitter. let me think what you think of the show. i will respond. back here next sunday, 11:00 to 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. fox news alert. new audio released from unside the doomed egyptair flight. that jet carrying 66 people, crashing into the mediterranean sea early thursday morning after vanishing from radar while in route to cairo from paris. investigators intend to find their search for answers in whether it was mechanical failure or an act of terror. hello be everyone. welcome to america's political
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headquarters. >> everything seemed normal. >> full contact, 120 decimal 725. >> 2 1/2 later all contact last. egypt's president announcing today that a submarine is joining the search for wreckage from that plane. along with the black boxes. >> senior foreign affairs correspondent is live at charles degal airport in paris. >> greg, what's the latest for the search of any of the debris remains of that missing flight? >> hi, greg. yes. the air and sea search is intensifying in that area of the mediterranean where egyptair flight went down. that's after 2 it took off from this airport nearly four days ago. we have word from the u.s. navy in the mix their p3 orion
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surveillance aircraft, three of them are in rotation working ought of their base in italy and going over the waters and trying to find anything. just about an hour and a half ago they past word they had found a large debris field on the surface of the water this weekend consisting of about 100 pieces of that downed aircraft. major find. recovered already, parts of life preservers, luggage and sadly, human remains from the plane. sadly, too, no sign of the black box voice and data recorders which would be so crucial in explaining this crash. that is what the dispatching of that submarine is all about. it can go down to a depth of something like 10,000 feet and greg, right there in that mediterranean area, the depth of the sea, about 10,000 feet. if we're unlucky, that could be where the black boxes are.
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>> and at the bottom, lots of cracks and crevices. could there be any more clues to the cause or causes of this tragedy? >> greg, in his first comment since the crash, it was said what a lot of other officials have been saying last couple of days, that all scenarios are possible. but here at charles degaulle airport in france, they are taking the terror possibility very serious. they are talking to everyone involved with the plane one hour before the airport and it was revealed, going hours and hours through surveillance videos, there are a lot of cameras around the airport as well as the passenger list and comparing them since terror watch lists. so far, nothing found to be irregular. the reason behind the crash not so important to the families of
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the victims of the crash. 66 were on board. loss marked in cairo this weekend. a lovely young flight attendant on the plane was remembered by her family. by her friends. at a service. and at the vatican today, pope francis offered his condolences to the families of the victims through his spokesman. they said he is offering s solidarity in this very difficult time. >> thank you. >> there is more breaking news overseas this sunday. president obama arriving in vietnam today. the first leg of his week-long trip to asia. the president looking to boost economic and security ties with the country. and gain support for the trans pacific trade agreement. kevin has more on the president's visit. kevin? >> reporter: always nice to talk to you.
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and an ambitious agenda for the president as he makes his way to han oi, vietnam. and you're right, he will talk about strategic, economic and sensitive diplomatic issues as well. as he makes his way here it vietnam and to the g7. there is something at folks need to understand. the security angle of this story will probably be the one that gets most in the way of headlines. the partnership is an economic pack of vietnam and japan and major significant na torres on that. i think the security aspect will rise to the top. people in vietnam would like to have more access to arms that they can purchase to the u.s. a decades-long arms embargo or limitations against some arms sold to the vietnamese. beth sides would like to change all that. it is a bit of a thorny issue. veterans groups in the states want to hear the president talk about the mia issue, especially american service personnel who have been here since the old
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days of the vietnam war. as the president makes his way to japan, clearly the trip to hiroshima will be the big story. he will be there for the g7 and economy will be the number one story over all. but the hiroshima story line will be, and the president made it very clear, he will not apologize for what happened to hiroshima or nagasaki. i find one other thing interesting, the president was not greeted by high-level vietnamese officials as he landed. something we will keep an eye on as he gets ready to dive into the action. he will be on his duty tomorrow, including a meeting with the leader of the communist party. and well be here for you. >> we look forward to those live reports from hanoi, vietnam. thanks, kevin. >> now to middle east with another fox news alert. iraq's armies warning residents of fallujah, get out of the
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city, get out of your home. that ahead of what appears in another attempt to retake fallujah from isis. you may recall that city was the first iraqi city to fall to the terror group back in january of 2014. and it comes with support of continuing u.s.-led coalition air strikes against isis, targets near the city of mosul, as well as fallujah. ahead of this planned assault. ambassador john bolton joins this u.s. ambassador of united nations. american enterprise institute, fox news contributor. good to see you this sunday. this is not the first time the iraqi army has tried to retake fallujah since it fell to isis more than two years ago. what's the prospect of success this time? >> well i thought this was a very interesting development. the thing that came to my mind first was what happened to mosul. you know, eve been seeing for
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some months now, propaganda from the government of iraq and statements by the united states that mosul was kind of next up in the effort to roll isis back. now suddenly fallujah has appeared as the iraqi government saying that's the next major operation. it is hard it see, frankly, how iraqi forces could do both at the same time. so whether it's a tactical shift or what, not entirely clear, mosul would be a much harder battle for the iraqi forces and maybe see an opportunity. but there's a shift here they have done their best to conceal. >> it appears as you point out that winning fallujah may set the stage for a protracting concerted effort to retake mosul. which is the second largest city in iraq. but a major offensive was launched against mosul and all the iraqi forces could manage was to see villages on the
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outskirts. do you see the fight for mosul unfolding differently? >> well that may be the reason that now the target is fallujah, that mosul was just too hard a nut to crack. but i think another aspect of fallujah that's important, at least we understand now, the disposition of forces that the iraqi government would use, there appears to be a heavy reliance on shia militia. not just regular army, which you shia dominated the sides but shia militia who in the course of this offensive against isis over the past year or so have committed more than their fair share of human rights abuses and war crimes and this goes directly to the shia sunni conflict of fallujah a long-time sunni strong hold and gave us a fight in the immediate aftermath
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of the overthrow of saddam hussein over a year ago. no doubt it would be a step forward for the government in baghdad it take fallujah. how easy it's going to be is another question. >> and whether their forces are up to it. if i may, am bat bass dor wb /* am back dor, the white house talking about killing a major obstacle for the u.s. hopes for ending the war in afghanistan. what does this mean, do you think, for ending the fighting there? >> i think it is good news he's been cold. he was the taliban leader who took over after mullah omar was was killed. although he concealed the fact mullah omar was dead for two years after he announced he was the leader. i'm on the skeptical side as to whether this will mean anything in the operational technical
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terms. the taliban has been divided. with his inability to get different groups to work together. so i'm not at all sure in terms of events on the grounds it'll make that much difference. but a welcome strike, very targeted, not an assassination because he was a military leader, command and control, a legitimate target but good to know we could still do it. >> well he repeatedly, he repeatedly rebuffed efforts to get the taliban to enter into peace talks with the afghan government. if he is simply replaced by somebody who is equally intransigent, nothing changes, does it? >> well precisely. and that's one reason why i'm skeptical that this kind of -- it is really targeted, killing, assassination if you want to call it that, does violate executive orders, i indicated before. but going after the leaders like
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this, which is hallmark of the obama administration, i don't think over the long-term can successfully degrade whether it is taliban or isis. while i'm not going to shed any tears over him being killed, i don't see this is a necessarily -- will reflect a big shift in what taliban does -- military or -- >> and a another to fill his big shoes. always good to see you. >> good to see you, greg. >> now strong words from both presidential front-runners as they clash over the second amendment. hillary clinton calling donald trump's gun policies dangerous saying they will make the country more unsafe. meanwhile trump criticizing clinton for supporting gun restrictions. rich is in washington with the latest. hi, rich. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are focussing more on general election likely involving the two of them.
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but the national rifle association endorsing trump friday, the presumptive republican nominee and democratic front-runner are arguing over two very different positions on gun ownership and the second amendment. clinton is calling for more background checks and liability from gun dealers and manufacturers. she made gun control a central issue in her campaign against bernd in the democratic primaries. now she is turning to trump. >> we will not be silenced, and we will not be intimidated. as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting for our kids because they deserve a president who stands up for them. >> clinton spoke this weekend at a trayvon martin foundation event. organizers say 60 mothers who lost a child to gun violence attended the speech. she painted drum trump as hatred
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and bigotry.rum trump as hatred and bigotry.hatredand bigotrnd d bigotr d bigotrad bigotrynd bigotry. >> she is reading off a teleprompter. she always does.bigotry. >> she is reading off a teleprompter. she always does. i don't want guns in classrooms, but polling shows some want guns in classrooms. >> the latest fox news poll has trump up 3 percentage points. >> thank you very much. so the question is, will this debate over the second amendment have staying power and last until the general election or will it fade away? we will have more coming up on that. plus you won't want to miss fox news reporting, donald trump the disrupter, anchored by brett bear. you can catch that here on the fox news channel. >> fox news alert, manhunt under
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way in massachusetts for whoever is responsible for the shooting and killing of a police officer early this morning in auburn. that's about 35 miles southwest of boston. a shooter apparently drove off in a vehicle but has not released any other details. officers lining the streets to pay respects as their fallen colleague's body was taken to the medical examiner's office. >> a deadly rampage at a concert as a gunman shoots into the crowd. what police say happened in the parking lot just minutes before the attack that killed several people. >> and a heated debate over guns with both presidential front-runners waging a war of words. is this a preview of what's to come in the general election? if so, which candidate benefits politically? you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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a gunman in austria killing two and hurting others. the man fired shots directly into the crowd seemingly at random. he later took his own life in the parking lot. witnesses say the man was arguing loudly with a woman just before the shooting. she was not injured.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton waging a heated debate on the second amendment. trump accusing his likely democratic opponent of trying to abolish the amendment and therefore putting more americans at risk. clinton responding by doubling down on her call for stricter gun control laws speaking at an event for the mother of trayvon martin, clinton says it is trump who will make the country less safe. >> do you want to imagine what trump's america will look like, picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry. picture more anger and fear. >> hillary wants to disarm vulnerable americans in high-crime neighborhoods. whether a young single mom in florida or a grandmother in ohio, hillary wants them to be defenseless. >> let's talk about this now. we have jamie weinstein, senior editor for "the daily caller." jamie, as i ask you if this will
9:21 am
oob political issue throughout the general election, i want to acknowledge that, as we know, this is an issue that evokes high emotion as there are many parent who lost children to senseless gun violence. as we have also acknowledge the second amendment and the right to bear arms. which candidate standing on gun control will likely resonate with voters? >> i think just to the point you made first is that i think both candidate are trying to pitch themselves it both sides of that debate and play on the emotions that are out there already. you know, you see hillary clinton suggesting that donald trump will create an america where there will be more gun violence and see more massacres like we have seen across the country over the last several years. donald trump is trying to suggest that hillary clinton will take away guns from all gun owners in the united states. playing on those emotions. who will benefit? my guess is that donald trump is the better pitch man of almost any issue. he might be the most likely to benefit. but there are polls own both
9:22 am
sides of this that suggest it could go either way. >> and how firm is trump's footing on gun control? >> it is not so firm. and that's a real question that gun voters, people that are really pro second amendment and vote on the second amendment issue have to consider. before he developed this very strong pro second amendment stance, he had a proposed policies on guns similar to hillary clinton when he ran or considered to run for president back in 2000. and just after the newtown massacre a few years ago, he praised president obama's speech which included proposals to restrict gun rights. this is a recent evolution he has become the world's greatest second amendment proponent. people who are gun supporters will have to take that in mind when they consider whether to trust him. >> however to be fair, in the latter point, everybody's hearts were broken. so of course at that point of americans we came together in mourning for the losses, senseless losses. anyway, i just wanted to make that clear. >> sure. >> let me move on.
9:23 am
secretary says, look, i'm not vying to take away americans' rights to own guns. but she would like to see what she calls more common sense laws. to your point, earlier, you say that donald trump has a brilliant way of selling any message, whatever it is, he wants to get across. is secretary clinton's position clear to voters and has it been consistent? >> he has a foot hold here to attack her. she will claim i never said i wanted to gut the second amendment. if you look at her policy proposal, she is not doing away with the second amendment but she had, for instance, last year while campaigning from the presidency during one town hall event, someone brought up the australian method to get rid of guns. which was a forced gun buy-back. she said that is worthy of consideration. donald trump can point to that and say she is saying it is worthy of consideration, a forced buy-back of guns, that's abolishing the second amendment. so he has a foot hold.
9:24 am
even if the proposal she has on paper isn't quite that. >> we know that president of the united states, jamie, runs this country according to what is best for america. however, as usual, what the u.s. president does is closely watched by other world leaders. they are watching this election as we well know. how do you think the opposing positions of trump and clinton on gun control is perceived on the world stage. >> there is no question that outside of the united states, most countries have stricter gun control laws. i don't know if that makes a difference to americans voting. we have a unique constitutional system that protects the second amendment which other countries do not have. while the world may not understand our gun culture and gun control laws, that is something americans will deeply, many americans, are not going to sacrifice the second amendment rights because some world leaders and some people around the world don't quite understand our particular set of laws. >> a quick yes or no before we good. so to the original question, do
9:25 am
you think gun control will carry out as major issue throughout this election? >> i think it will one of many issues out there. but i don't think it'll be the decisive issue. >> okay, jamie weinstein, we will leave it there. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> usda has a cutting line feature for early detection prostate cancer. and a new study offering compelling evidence about the importance of exercise. all this and more coming up on sunday house calls next.
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chief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. mark seagul professor of medicine at nyu's medical center. also author of the "unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> good to see you. >> very good. >> so may is national fitness and sports month. and coincidentally, there's a new study that shows that regular exercise can lower the risk to some cancer by as much as 20%. which is nothing to sneeze at. what's the best way to get into shape? especially if you're in your later years? so i was really stunned to learn that exercise can have an impact on cancers. >> greg, first of all, i want to say that i had done a report a couple weeks ago about how sloan memorial is looking a the cancer patients, exercising them, finding their recurrence rates are down, they are doing better overall. an


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