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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> it's getting rid of dead skin. >> that's it for us. >> that's on my list, get a spray tan. >> have a great week, everybody. afghanistan says a u.s. drone strike can killed the taliban top leader. we'll take a look at what his reported death could mean for the war against terror. donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck. now sparring over guns in america. our political panel and foxes news digital editor chris stirewalt is here to break it down. meanwhile, bernie sanders ratchets up the tension with debbie wasserman schultz. he accuses her of playing favorites and not listening to the millions of his supporters. we're live on the campaign trail.
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good sunday to you. thanks for being with us. nice to have you back. >> thank you. >> good to be here. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm shannon bream. women k welcome. donald trump heating up the war of words with hillary clinton over gun policy with less than six months to go over the junl election. they have staked out their issues on opposite sides of the issue. it started on friday when trump picked up the nra endorsement calling her, quote, heartless hillary. the next day, speaking to a group of mothers who lost family members to gun violence, clinton said trump's policies were, quote, dangerous. he responded again this morning on "fox & friends." >> he said that also on his first day in office, he'd mandate that every school in america allow guns in classrooms. this is someone running to be
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president of the united states of america. a country facing a gun violence epidemic. and he's talking about more guns in our schools. >> i'm not advocating guns in classroom. remember n some cases, and a lot of people admit this, teachers should be able to have guns. trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms. >> we'll have more on that topic later in the show when our political panel breaks down exactly where these two stand on gun policy. first, let's take a closer look at the democratic race. clinton is still fighting to put away rival bernie sanders. his campaign is now down to less than $6 million in the cash, in the bank, as he mounts a final push. fox news reporter hilary vaughn joins us now from vis tashta, california. >> reporter: good afternoon, leland. it's now or never for sanders with 475 pledged delegates at
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stake, california has all the delegates sanders needs. now, sanders, the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows sanders beats trump by 15 points in a general election match-up. here's clinton and sanders. take a listen. >> i don't did know for a moment that we have an uphill fight in order to win a majority of the pledged delegates. but we are going to fight in california and the remaining five other states to get every vote and every delegate we can. >> i don't think he's had a single negative ad ever run against him. finally, i would say, you know, polls this far out mean nothing. >> today sanders will rally supporters here in vista, california. you can see people already lined up behind me. the event doesn't start for another four hours, but clinton has been skeptical of sanders' decision to stay in the race, even fund-raising off his
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candidacy. clinton found a different tune this morning. take a listen. >> i think that senator sanders has every right to finish off his campaign however he chooses. i do think there will then be the obvious need for us to unify the party. >> reporter: sanders is openly critical of the superdelegate process and has feuded with the dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz. now he's backing her primary opponent in florida. take a listen. >> i've known debbie for many years. personally, i like her. do i think she is the kind of chair the democratic party needs? no, i don't. >> reporter: sanders plans to campaign here in the golden state all next week and is hoping for a big payoff on june 7th. leland, back to you. >> so much at stake in terms of standing in philadelphia. hillary vaughn there, thanks so
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much. while sanders says clinton is getting ahead of herself if she thinks she has the democratic nomination wrapped up, clinton is increasingly shifting her focus to donald trump and the november general election. now polls out this morning suggest it may be a tough road for clinton as her lead over trump shrinks to a dead heat. here to break it down is the one and only chris stirewalt. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i want to get your take. we have the fox news poll. in is head-to-head clinton and trump. her at 42%, him at 45%. washington post/abc, clinton at 44%, trump at 46%. nbc/"wall street journal," clinton at 46%, trump at 43%. are you surprised it shows up this close? >> the win is it took mitt romney 14 weeks to win the nomination. donald trump did it in 13 weeks. it was an unorthodox campaign,
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to say the least. in our poll he got exactly the same bump as mitt romney did four years ago when he clinched a republican nomination. republicans are coming together. we think it was a wall street journal poll that has republicans at 46%. there will be holdouts. the threshold is you have to get over 90%. you need to be in the 90s if you want to run a conventional campaign. >> within your own party. >> mitt romney was at 93. that's where trump wants to be if he's going to run a more conventional campaign, as his party is urging him to do. hillary clinton is still out there talking about bernie sanders and that jazz. and she is suffering as a consequence. >> this morning on the sunday shows, he's talking about he's not going anywhere, which has always been what he's been saying through this process. you know, when you do the math of the superdelegates and delegates, unless something radically changes, there's no calculation for him. so, how is her camp feeling behind the scenes? we hear this chatter, she's going to have a talk. let's go.
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it's been nice. it's been fun. but he does have ardant supporters. he's picked up 26 states f i remember. he's not to be brushed away. >> he is to be brushed away. >> if she wants his voters, though. >> he is to be brushed away, but in what way shall he be brushed? donald trump brushed way cruz after he said cruz's father was complicit in the -- as a consequence, yes, there are holdouts. but she's going to get a bounce out of this. trump's bounce took him into basically a statistically tie. the polls disagree about where the bead is exactly but it took him into a tie with hillary clinton. she's going to get something out of it. the question is, how much? >> let's look a little inside some of the nbc/"wall street journal" poll.
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when you look at different categories broken down and how they do. trump does better with whites and seniors and independents, which could be critical, as with any of these big elections. just gets absolutely trounced when you look at minorities, like african-americans, latinos, women, which i would argue is not a minority, but -- >> they're not a minority. >> they vote more than men do. >> on this set currently, yes, but in general, no. >> 18 to 34-year-olds he also gets killed. who of those groups -- we know seniors show up more traditionally in big elections. how does this math work out for him? >> let me get philosophical for a brief second. eight years ago we were talking about a healing moment for america on race. we were talking about a moment where americans could come -- no red american, no blue america, not a black america, not a white america. now here we stand eight years later and we have never seen divisions of this degree. we have never seen this kind of polarization. at the end of the obama era and at the beginning of what will either be the clinton era or trump era.
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we have never seen a cass imbetween a group of americans where you have a lot of white dudes on one side and a lot of everybody else on the other side. how this ends up, i do not know. this is a stark moment to think about that this is where our politics have come to. >> quickly, we generally think they get a convention bounce either candidate for either side when they have all the speeches and balloons and all that kind of stuff. does she get a bounce if bernie bows out before that? is that a bonus for her? >> on the 7th of june, when she wins, when she grinds the democratic party down with the heel of her sensible but attractive shoe, as she does that, it will be -- she's going to get something out of that. after they have -- you know, parties are funny. they humiliate you, they embarrass you, they drag you down. after you finally give them what they want and you win, they say, i always kind of liked fill in the blank, romney, trump, whoever. she'll get something out of that. what she'll get at the convention is barack obama. that will account for her a lot. >> chris, always a pleasure.
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thank you and your bow tie for being here today. >> we're happy to be with you. >> leland? more politics coming up. right after our show "fox news sunday," you don't want to miss john roberts in for chris wallace. sitdown with jeh johnson, ahead of one of the busiest travel holidays. what they're doing to keep you safe and lines shorter at the airport. that's at 2:00 p.m. eastern and again at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the channel. the leader of the taliban in afghanistan is dead following a u.s. drone strike. afghan officials confirm mullah akhtar monsour was killed in a strike. we're following the story. >> u.s. leaders are still awaiting confirmation that mansour was, in fact, killed in
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that air strike. this-f that's the case, it would be a significant blow to the taliban. he has guided the taliban since 2013 and responsible for killing thousands of the afghan people as well as american soldiers. early saturday morning a u.s. official told fox news mansour was driving in a remote area of pakistan, not far from the afghan border. when ult mim aircraft operated by u.s. special forces fired and took him out. u.s. leaders are celebrating the news, including homeland security jeh johnson, who said on "fox news sunday" who said mansour was a constant threat to any efforts of bringing peace to afghanistan. >> we think it's significant because mullah mansour was trying to -- he was targeting afghan facilities, afghan interests and u.s. interests. so, if he was, in fact, killed, this would be a major development. >> while the death of mansour would be a significant blow to the taliban, u.s. lawmakers tell
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us it would be by no means be enough to allow the u.s. to disengage from afghanistan all together. the taliban has been losing a growing number of recruits and fighters to other terrorist groups such as isis over the last few years. but it continues to be a very lethal threat. a u.s. military official tells us that the taliban now has more than 30,000 fighters in afghanistan alone. and that the group is now working with al qaeda on a more regular basis. just under 10,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan as part of the u.s.-led coalition to fight that insurgency. and that number is supposed to president obama leaves the white house. shannon? >> thank you very much for the update. leland? >> mosh on this as top afghan government officials says mansour's death could bring the taliban to the table for peace talks, and others say it will
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deepen existing splits. here to weigh in, retired navy captain chuck nash. >> nice to be with you. >> how does this end? >> i think the bottom line is we'll keep killing the top guys as quickly as we can until either we get a guy in there too weak to lead the organization and it fractures and becomes divide and conquer or we get somebody in there who's willing to make a political deal. mansour was not willing to make a political deal. he was working against it, so good riddens to him. >> he may no longer be with us. as you look at what's going on in afghanistan, the taliban's been a little like cockroaches. they they've been awfully hard to stop, taking them on close to 15 years. the russians weren't really able to control the afghans. it afghanistan controllable? >> afghanistan has never been controllable. i think the last person to actually take semicontrol of
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afghanistan was genghis khan. >> slightly different tactics than this administration. >> slightly different tactics. oh, by the way, what he did was he killed all of the men of fighting age and then used the -- he used their wives and daughters as wives for his soldiers and they raised their sons and their sons killed their fathers. so, yeah, there's a lesson to be learned in afghanistan and that is, it's always going to be hard. the terrain's hard. the people are hard and the politics are almost impossible. >> so, we have at last count multiple thousands of u.s. soldiers still there. is this basically triage and just short of trying to keep the status quo alive so the taliban can't grow any stronger? >> i think it's to bolster the central government. >> what exist of it. >> it's mostly in kabul and some of the provincial capitals. when you get in the country
10:15 am
side, the taliban are running the countryside. the strong horse used to be the united states. at one point. we had a control of certain areas where people were coming along with the program. once we pulled back and concentrated there, we've replaced a lot of our fighting troops with contractors and we're trying to hold onto that concept of a central government, whether the afghan people accept that concept of a central government or not remains to be seen. >> a lot of blood and treasure spent trying to get behind that concept of a central government. so far it doesn't seem to be working. >> i know. and there is the problem, which is, you can't have one foot on the dock and one foot on the body. you're going to fall in the water. have you to make a choice. >> sdaifd ignatius writing in "the washington post" writing about iraq. here's what he said. america's military strength remains overwhelming, even after the tests of the past decade and the emerging campaign, almost surely will gradually disable
10:16 am
the islamic state. perhaps you could replace taliban for islamic state. the problem, as nearly every commander here will acknowledge, is that the u.s. military might cannot make a broken iraq work as a nation. so flip that around. can the united states make a broken afghan? >> no. the afghan people rlt only people who can decide whether it's going to be unified state government with borders and same thing with iraq. it's up to the iraqi people. what the united states did in iraq was overthrew a tyrant, that dam hussein. same thing with afghanistan. only instead of going into topple a dictator, we went in basically to take out the people who were attacking us. the taliban, obviously, supported al qaeda. so, now things have changed. and as things change, have you to adapt your plan, you have to adapt your strategy. what is it that we want? what is the end game in iraq? what is the end game in afghanistan?
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those things are defined by a strategy. i'm anxious to hear what those are. >> right. it seems the administration has had to change a number of times what that end game, what that one sentence they wanted is. captain nash, appreciate you being here. all the best. a submarine sent by egypt's government is heading to the site of the egyptair crash in the mediterranean in an effort to find the airliner's black boxes as the sun is setting on another day of searching for remains of flight 804. we're following is from charles de gaulle. hi, greg. >> reporter: hi, shannon. the air and sea search is intensifying in the mediterranean where egyptair flight went down after taking off from this airport almost four days ago. now, in the mix, many nations are involved in this search. the u.s. navy's p-3 orion surveillance aircraft. there are three of them. they're in rotation out of their base in italy.
10:18 am
it was just reported this weekend that they came across a large debris field on the sumpbs of the water of the mediterranean, consisting of about 100 pieces of the downed aircraft. that's a major find. recovered already, parts of the plane, personal effects, human remains. no sign of the black box data recorders. that's what the submarine is heading to the area to try to find. also emerging this weekend, a short bit of communication between the egyptair crew and a swiss air traffic controller. this is about an hour into their flight from paris. take a listen. >> egyptair 804 contact padova 120.725 good night. >> this is 0725 padova control. 804. thank you so much. good day. >> everything sounds calm. two hours later, big, big trouble. what caused that plane to crash? egyptian president came out
10:19 am
today with his first comments and said, all scenarios possible. here at charles de gaulle airport, they're certainly taking the terror scenario as very seriously. they've been interrogating workers in contact with the plane. they've been going through the passenger list, and screening hours and hours of surveillance video and report out today is, they have found nothing irregular. finally, the reason behind the crash is ral really probably not upper dwst most of the families of the 66 victims aboard that plane. they are too busy grieving, as well they should be. in cairo this weekend, there was a memorial service for a lovely young flight attendant. she was remembered by her family and her friends at a service. at the vatican today, too, shannon, pope francis had some words and some prayers for those who lost their loved ones. he offered condolences and
10:20 am
assured them of his solidarity with them during this difficult time. back to you. >> thank you, greg. leland? coming up, two climbers made it to the top of the world's highest mountain only to lose their lives on the way down. and now others are in need of rescue. we'll tell you what's happening on everest coming up. plus, horse racing's dream of a second consecutive triple crown winner drowned in the mud. what role did the miserable weather here in maryland play? plus, president obama is wheels down in hanoi, arriving in vietnam just a couple hours ago for an historic investigatoinvestigatovisit, an historic trip. >> reporter: always good to talk to you. the president is on the ground here in vietnam. coming up, i'll tell you what he will look forward to in this trip as well as a trip coming up to japan. that's coming your way next. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf
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there's a place for vacationers than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. the world's tallest peak and then tragedy struck. two climbers died while descending mt. everest. a dutch man complained of weakness, died friday. hours later, a 34-year-old aus train yan woman from the same
10:25 am
expedition team showed signs of altitude sickness before dying today. it's still not clear when or even if their bodies will be brought down from the mountain. two indian climbers have now also been reported missing on everest. president obama is hanoi for his first visit to vietnam more than four decades after the end of the war. president obama is looking to turn an old foe into a partner. kevin corke is there as well. hi, kevin. >> reporter: shannon, good to talk to you. the president brings with him a fairly ambitious agenda, including economic, strategic and even diplomatic issues he hopes to address during his time in vietnam. it may surprise some americans that the president actually enjoys a fairly high regard here in vietnam. he hopes to use some of that political capital during his time here in vietnam. he will be talking a great deal about the transpacific partnership, which the vietnamese are signatories.
10:26 am
obviously, the effort to lift an ongoing arms ban that has chipped away at. the vietnamese would certainly like to have more access to arms here. the americans, at least our government, it is thought, would like to give them a bit more access so that they could counterbalance the growing security threat by china in this region. some u.s. veterans, shannon, as you can probably imagine, really want the president to focus on the mia issue, including the return of the remains of some american service personnel that have been here since the vietnam war. all of this comes ahead of the g-7 summit coming up in japan. i think the headline there, in addition to the economy, will be the visit to hiroshima, where the president will not obviously apologize, but he is thought, instead, to make comments about reconciliation and the need this never happen again on the planet. there are two headlines i want to make sure people at home understand about this. this continued pivot toward asia we've heard the president speak about at length, he wants to make sure he's building up the security and the economic and
10:27 am
even diplomatic ties both here in vietnam and elsewhere in the region. but also keep in mind the sensitive nature about this visit. it's not just about the vietnam war and the use of agent orange or even in the case of japan, the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki. it's about collectively looking forward. that's what the white house will tell you. we'll see how it goes. i can share this with you, interesting, when the president arrived in hanoi, he was not greeted by high-level vietnamese officials. a bit of a surprise. some would even call that a snub. >> all right, kevin. stay safe in your travels. see you soon. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. donald trump says he's on top when it comes to the evangelical vote. fox news has learned he'll get to put those words to the test in an upcoming meeting with evangelical leaders. we'll talk to one of the people spearheading that gathering, tony perkins, coming up after the break. >> i heard the firewall, the one
10:28 am
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. reconciliation between donald trump and, quote, establishment republicans seems likely, but another conservative voting bloc isn't fully on board yet. s evangelical leaders and top christians. not sure trump's beliefs match up with their own. this weekend trump agreed to meet with evangelical leaders next month. tony perkins will be at that meeting and joins us live. this is important because trump often touts the support he has of evangelicals. he says, i won them over the south and everywhere else. do you believe he has that lock-up or do him coming to this
10:33 am
meeting? >> he did remarkably well with people of faith. when you look at evangelicals, those that go to church on a weekly basis, where their faith is central to decisions they make, he didn't do as well with them. and that's what a lot of these leaders represent. there's been this conversation about how -- how can we get to a point where we can support donald trump. a lot of people want us to be supportive of donald trump. we were discussing this and one of my colleagues reached out to dr. ben carson, who's been kind of the one who's gone between here. ben carson does understand evangelicals. he's playing, i think, a key role in the trump campaign which is very -- i think, very helpful to donald trump. so, i'm optimistic that out of a conversation, and that's what this is, it's a conversation, that we could see positive things come. >> is this going to be public or private? >> it's a private meeting. probably have 500 conservative -- social conservative leaders. not just evangelicals, conservative catholics coming together for a conversation. i want to emphasize that. this is not a precursor to an
10:34 am
endorsement. it's a lot of people who are just indifferent, have not been supportive of donald trump. not against him but simply want to have a conversation. they want to be comfortable. he's made some good moves. you know, you follow the court. he released this list of potential court picks. which was a positive sign that he's listening to the concerns of conservatives who understand that the left has used the court to radically alter america's political and cultural landscape. >> let's talk about the court a little bit because there are 11 names he put out there. he did say talking to our sean hannity, these are the time of people i'm talking about. there are some names that jumped out, diane sykes, a federal judge who has been on the conservative wish list for a long time. so, looking at that list, do you feel if it's one of those folks or someone very similar -- >> they were all good. it was a smart list. don willet i know -- i probably would not have put out a list of names because now they become targets for the left.
10:35 am
there will be hundreds, as you know, nominees in the lower courts, appellate courts. i think him saying that, look, i'm going to work with the federalist society. they're going to help me vet these nominees. i think that's a strong message. you know, even reaching out and saying, you know what, i'm going to have ted cruz help me in vetting these nominees. now, will he go that far? i don't know. but it will be a positive message, i think, to conservatives who really did trust ted cruz when it came to the courts. >> do you trust mr. trump, though? because there are those who say, i like this list but i'm not confident when the rubber meets the road and he has to deal with congress, he has to deal with the senate to get someone to the highest court and many federal benches, there will be hundreds of openings. do you feel he'll be consistent? >> that's a valid question many are asking and a concern that's been expressed. i've been in politics for 0 years. i've held public office, i've been here in washington advocates from the outside for 13 years. record is important. someone's record is the best
10:36 am
indicator of future performance. donald trump doesn't have a record in public office. and his record and his stand on some issues actually contradicts what he says today. that's why i think his vp pick will be very important. it has to be a conservative who conservatives trust but also has the ear of donald trump and w l will -- donald trump will take his counsel. i think that's going to be very important in building this confidence that he needs to have with conservatives. >> we look forward to that meeting, i believe, june 21st. >> in new york. >> you're going to find 500 conservatives in new york? you're shipping them in. >> i'm not going to get into new york values. >> you won't do that. but it will be an interesting meeting and what comes out of that as well. tony, thank you. good to see you. leland? take a look at this. an elderly woman trapped under a van. her only hope, a group of nothing short of heroic pedestrians. we'll tell you how this miracle of muscle prevailed. and the economy, terrorism,
10:37 am
immigration, a new fox poll is out showing which candidate voters like best on those issues. plus, he said/she said. trump and clinton go back and forth on gun policy. our political panel is here after the break. >> hillary's pledged to issue new anti-gun executive orders. you know that. this is the behavior, i mean, you could say of a dictator. this is the behavior of somebody, frankly, i think, that doesn't know what she's doing.
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10:42 am
of the college republican national committee, democratic strategist and radio talk show host cagarland nixon is here. is this the right fight for hillary clinton to be picking with donald trump? >> i think it's the right fight for both of them. if you look at the numbers, importance for voters nationwide, it's about 8%. i don't think this decides the election, but i think both of these candidates need to reach out to the base, they need to build some trust with the base. for both of them, from the perspective of inside their party, i think it's a right move for both of them. >> when you think about playing to the base, this is a very important issue to republicans. doesn't seem -- and republicans seem pretty united in how they feel about this issue. democrats not so much. >> absolutely. which is why i think we're seeing hillary clinton really turn to this issue right now, which is an interesting pivot from where she was in 2008. in 2008 she sort of ran to the right of president obama on guns before the presidential primary in pennsylvania, my home state.
10:43 am
she came out and dwnded the bitter gun clingers to their religions and guns ahead of president obama in the elections there. so, i think that right now what we're seeing is her try to go to the left of bernie sanders on this issue in an effort to outflank him and maybe get more credibility on the liberal side. >> she's going so far to the left right now on guns and a lot of other issues. someone said, well, she doesn't have to pivot to the center after the convention. it's got to be a dog leg to the center. can you make that turn, as she's standing there talking to trayvon martin's family and other families about gun violence and then have a much broader appeal come the general? >> i think so. for hillary it's going to be easier than most because she's turned so frequently that i think people are -- >> very honest. >> in the interest of all honesty, i am i -- i am feeling the bern. i'm not the biggest hillary supporter in the world. i think with hillary she moves around a lot.
10:44 am
in the democratic party, you made a good point, it is a tough position. this is not necessarily a democrat and republican position in our party. it's more an urban versus the rural. the rural -- >> right. to that point, though, it's got to be a little tougher for republicans because trump seems to flip and move and change his positions almost as much as hillary clinton does sometimes. >> well, you know, i think it matters how the voters perceive that. i think with hillary clinton, what we're seeing particularly in the new fox poll with the numbers coming from the independents, they're seeing her as someone they can't trust. i think with hillary clinton, when she changes a position, it looks like a political calculation. she looks like a creature of washington that's just changing to fit the times. whereas donald trump looks like a businessman who is trying to change his position to maybe meet circumstances at a different time. i think that's how voters are actually perceiving -- >> people except that out of a businessman and don't necessarily allow it out of a politician? >> i think so. i mean, you could look at anthony's latest opinion piece in the "wall street journal"
10:45 am
where he talks about donald trump's assets as a businessman. he taus about sort of unpredictability and the ability to adapt and change as an asset you would want in a business person and maybe even a leader in the united states. >> garland, i'm going to come back to you, bring this full circle when you think about someone like bernie sanders, who you're a big fan of, i know. going into this there's this huge debate about electability. sanders' argument is essentially the john kasich argument, i'm the better guy to take on donald trump now. does that continue to work when it comes to these social issues and other things, or are we past that argument doushgs think? >> i think if you look at the polls, what's most important to american voters, 39% of american voters say the economy and jobs are number one. i think bernie feels that. that's his high ground. and i think that he figures the social issues, when you look at like 8%, when you look at education 10% or 11%, i think bernie feels, i've got the power when it comes to what's most important. and i think that's -- that makes a lot of sense. >> great line, james carville,
10:46 am
one of the great clinton add advisers, it's the economy, stupid. does that play? >> 100%. this is donald trump's core area of competency. this is what he's tried to put out throughout the entire primary process. i think he can come in as the fix-it ceo that's willing to turn the country around from where it's on the wrong track, according to many americans. >> if you look at the poll numbers, trust to do the best job with the economy, trump 53%, clinton 41%. we didn't have numbers for bernie. there's the poll. appreciate you guys being here. good discussion. thanks so much. coming up on the show, there it was. it was the preakness. a sloppy rain-sloshed track dash the the hopes and even a few careers at preakness. that story ahead. janice dean is tracking storm clouds. is there an end to any of this rain, please? we're almost out of time for may
10:47 am
flowers. >> so, yes, i have good news on the horizon. stay tuned, leland. we'll talk about it after the break. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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a remarkable rescue in china after an elderly woman was hit and crushed by a speeding van as she was trying to cross the street. the victim, said to be in her 80s, said the passenger van was going too fast. she ended up trapped under its wheels. check this out. about two dozen good samaritans rushed to her rescue. after ten minutes, they were able to lift the vehicle up off her. she's recovering in the hospital with simple bone fractures and cuts a cording to doctors. could have been much worse. he has won the preakness stakes! >> and with that, waiting begins anew for a triple crown winner. nyquist finished third. tragedy struck at least twice. our horseracing guru following
10:52 am
the story from new york. hi, brian. >> good afternoon. a tragic start to a historic day of racing after two horses died before the running of the 141st preakness stakes in maryland. during the fourth undercard race a 4-year-old horse was euthanized on the track after breaking her left front leg. her jockey broke his collarbone after falling as the horse collapsed. the horse is owned by the same owners of barbara, a triple crown hopeful that shattered his legs in the preakness stakes and was euthanized. earlier a 9-year-old horse named homeboy chris won the first race of the day only to suddenly collapse and die after having his picture taken in the winner's circle. racetrack officials believe it was a cardiovascular collapse. the two tragic deaths were unrelated but put a grim damper on a rainy day.
10:53 am
a celebration of the sport of horse racing. a crowd of 135,000 plus watched exaggerator win the preakness, dashing triple crown hopes for nyquist who won the kentucky derby. the deaths served as a reminder of the risks of horse racing. peta called on the owners of the horses to immediately release health records and medications used on the horses in the two weeks before the race saying, quote, studies and our own investigations show most breakdowns and deaths occur because horses have pre-existing injuries masked by the excessive use of legal medications. we want to know if that's what happened in the cases of pramedya and homeboykris. they say deaths are rare according to statistics from the jockey club, the fatality rate for horses is 1.62 for every
10:54 am
thousand races. >> interesting perspective for a tragic day yesterday. thank you, brian. >> no problem. >> the wet weather that brought mud to the preakness stakes yesterday still lingering around in the midatlantic today. the question is when is it leaving? our meteorologist is full of sunshine herself. is there any on the maps, janice? >> yes. i have good news. let's talk about the bad news first and then the good. we have a low pressure system off the coast here bringing showers to the region of the midatlantic toward new england for the next 12 to 24 hours. a storm system is moving into the central u.s. with the risk of strong to severe storms not only today but for much of the work week. across the central u.s. today, tomorrow as well from texas all the way up to the great lakes.
10:55 am
then on tuesday as well for the central u.s. this is not unheard of. it is tornado season. this is typically where we see the most probability for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes across tornado alley. by month it's been below average. that's the good news. i want to get to the forecast for the d.c. area. there is good news on the horizon. we have to get through today and tomorrow. but -- ♪ the sun will come out ♪ on tuesday >> back to you. >> ♪ bet your bottom dollar ♪ that on tuesday ♪ there'll be sun >> we should quit before we get fired. >> i would hope you guys kept going. tough to follow that act. maybe this can. coming up, this vet and his furry friend were ready to see each other -- well, right meow. >> isn't he cute? he loves me. >> we'll tell you about the long
10:56 am
journey this four-legged friend took to finally get to his buddy. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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11:00 am
overseas in iraq. they are together for the first time. it was a perfect reunion with his friend in california thanks to the spca and operation baghdad which does represent the service members with pets. >> i'm john roberts here for chris wallace. the egyptair crash raises questions about the terror threat and u.s. airport security. >> individuals and groups do remain intent on attacking the aviation system. >> with the tsa under the microscope how will it impact long lines at airports across the country? we'll discuss it with homeland security secretary jay johnson and get reaction from congressman michael mccall of the house homeland security committee. both only on fox news sunday. >> then the crash becomes a focal point in the trump-clinton clash on terror.


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