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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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overseas in iraq. they are together for the first time. it was a perfect reunion with his friend in california thanks to the spca and operation baghdad which does represent the service members with pets. >> i'm john roberts here for chris wallace. the egyptair crash raises questions about the terror threat and u.s. airport security. >> individuals and groups do remain intent on attacking the aviation system. >> with the tsa under the microscope how will it impact long lines at airports across the country? we'll discuss it with homeland security secretary jay johnson and get reaction from congressman michael mccall of the house homeland security committee. both only on fox news sunday. >> then the crash becomes a focal point in the trump-clinton clash on terror.
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we'll speak with the head of donald trump's national security advisory committee. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. plus, we'll ask our sunday panel about the impact of the nra's endorsement. >> we will effect our next president and america truly will be great again. >> and facebook -- >> they admitted they have problems they know they need 20 fix. >> all right now on fox news sunday. >> hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with new clues in the crash of egyptair flight 804 that killed all 66 people on board as it flew from paris to cai cairo. we'll discuss safety with jay johnson and house homeland security greg paul. first at charles de gaulle outside paris. what's the latest, rick?
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>> reporter: nearly four days after egyptair 804 took off from this airport the question remains -- what caused the crash? was it a mechanical problem or was it terror? right now there is a massive multinational air and sea search in the mediterranean off egypt where the plane went down. a submarine is being sent to comb the sea floor. u.s. surveillance planes are involved. debris, including parts of the plane, personal belongings, even human remains have been recovered. they are being brought back to egypt for analysis. there is no sign yet of the black box voice and data recorders. they, of course, could tell a lot. now data was sent from the plane minutes before the crash. it does indicate smoke -- probably fire -- on board. apparently starting in the cockpit and spreading to the electronics, knocking out the aircraft controls. the data does not indicate what
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caused the fire. officials here in france and egypt continue to say they are keeping all options open regarding the cause. still there's been no claim of responsibility. for example, from isis. if it was terror, some analysts say there could have been a claim by now. finally in cairo there was a memorial to one of the flight attendants on the plane. families are mourning lost loved ones wherever they are. those on board came from 12 different countries. there were no americans. terror or not, officials here at this airport are taking no chances. they were just watching passengers check in at the latest egyptair flight. massive security. >> greg, thanks so much. we'll check back with you later in the day. joining me in washington, jay johnson, mr. secretary, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thanks for having me. >> talk about 804 in a second. first news on the head of the
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taliban in afghanistan. reports that he was taken out by an air strike in northern pakistan. did we get him? >> u.s. military took the strike. he was the target. at this point we are not prepared to confirm that he was killed. it appears likely. if that's true that's a positive development. >> how confident are you? >> we are looking into it. it's still an unfolding situation. we are not prepared to positively confirm he was killed. >> if he's been taken out what's the effect on afghanistan? seems like you take out one and another grows in his place. >> he was targeting afghanistan facilities, afghanistan interests and u.s. interests. if he was, in fact, killed this would be a major development. >> when do you think we'll know. >> pretty soon. >> get back to us on that.
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>> someone will, i'm quite sure. >> let's move on to egyptair 804. reports of smoke alarms in the aircraft. one of them in the lavatory behind the cockpit. another in the department beneath the cockpit. do we have any idea mr. secretary whether this was mechanical failure or an act of terrorism. >> investigations still early. the crash was a few days ago. debris is being found. the u.s. navy is participating in the search. we have offered all manner of assistance in regards to the tragedy. at this point, we cannot rule out some type of terrorist act. but it is still very early. the black box, as was noted, has not been found yet. we'll know more in the coming days. >> the black box will tell a story. were you picking up chatter or intelligence that suggested this was a target? >> it's still early. we'll know more in a few days.
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>> at this point we are not ruling out something nefarious. >> the president said it's too early to tell if it was terrorism. hillary clinton and donald trump are taking a different tack. here's what they said earlier in the week. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. exactly how, of course, the investigation will have to determine. >> a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong, folks. okay? you're 100% wrong. >> donald trump a little more forceful on this. both suggesting terrorism is behind this. are they both far out over their skis on this? >> with the investigation at this point we don't rule out an act of terrorism. it is still early. there is a lot still unfolding. >> these are two presidential candidates. should they wait if they are looking for a job like this? >> i have no comment about this. except to say i think we'll know
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in the next couple of days. >> it is one thing to get a bomb on a plane, thrown out of airport security. to get a bomb or incendiary device is are the implications that? >> we have been focused on the last point of departure airports now for two years. overseas airports with flights directly to the united states, we have enhanced security at last point of departure airports. it is important for the public to know every flight, the plane, the kacar go, passengers, have be screened to u.s. standards. this includes the layover. if there is a flight from paris or any other place in the middle east that's come to the u.s. it has to be screened to u.s. standards. >> are you confident the screening measures at charles
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degall are adequate and u.s. carriers elsewhere? >> i'm confident we have enhanced security and the last point of departure. necessary based on world events. >> talk about the tsa in a second. hillary clinton. she says donald trump's rhetoric is divisive and dangerous suggesting the proposal for a temporary ban on muslims would increase terrorist activity around the world. look at what's going on around the world and in this country. does it not speak to the idea that we need to more stringently vet people coming into this country, particularly from certain parts of the world? in areas where we have a waiver program like brussels and greece -- belgium and greece -- both places a lot of refugees are going. do we not need more stringent controls? >> this environment includes the
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prospect of terrorists-directed and inspired attacks. it requires a whole approach centered around monitoring the trouble and self-radicalization by actors in the homeland. >> is it going too far? >> i believe a ban, immigration policy based on religion is unwise and counter product tiff, frankly. we need to build bridges to muslim communities. we need to build bridges to muslim communities and i have been out there personally. >> let me preface this by saying admiral peter nefergir is a friend. how did we get into the mess we are in now with three-hour wait periods like at midway in chicago where hundreds are missing flights because they can't get through security. >> first of all, in this general environment, we are not going to
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shortcut aviation security. we are not going to shortcut aviation security for public safety. beginning last year i gave him a ten-point plan for focusing and refocusing on aviation security for the report. the administrator implemented the plan. i said last summer what we were doing would add to wait times. that plus -- >> sent a letter to you? >> that plus increased travel which is good for the economy. has led to longer wait times at some of the busiest airports. what happened in chicago should not have happened. there was a surge. this past friday we had more but we got them through on an average of 30 minutes. we are working aggressively to build up the tsa work force to get more overtime to convert part time to full time, bring on
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canines. we are working with congress for more funding. congress approved more funding. we are working with the airlines, too. >> how quickly can you dig out of the hole? >> right now on average at the busiest airports. right now we have authorized more overtime. we are expediting the hiring of 800. they should be on by mid june. we are looking at more for the airlines. they can help with this. >> we want to bring up another poi point. you were in honduras and el salvador watching repatriation flights come in. there's been a surge of migrants over the border. you gave the commencement address. some weren't that happy with the immigration policy. let's show that. >> mr. president --
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[ shouting ] [ booing ] >> that was a vocal group. before your appearance 30 undocumented students wrote to say they didn't want you to. co. they didn't want you giving the commencement address. they are protected under the act your president sign ed yet they are sticking their finger in your eye. what's that about? >> well, first of all, i was in el salvador and honduras to inspect the resettlement centers there and convey the message that the borders aren't open to illegal migration. if you order the move we'll send you back. you are correct. there are a few people at last night's graduation who made noise. we live in a noisy democracy. they disrupt the event for a few minutes. i went on with the commencement address and it was fine.
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>> again, the people who were protesting your appearance there are protected under daca. >> i don't know about the particular individuals -- >> not the ones who disrupted but the people who tried to keep you out. >> it is true. it's true. we enacted daca in 2012. we are working to expand the possibilities of deferred action through the program for adults in the supreme court now. we are fighting to defend that policy. >> this is puzzling to me. the people you protected would actual actually -- >> we live in a democracy. >> stay around in case chairman mike mccall. good to see you back. what do you know, if anything, about egyptair flight 804. >> clearly something catastrophic occurred in a short
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period of time, three seconds, to cause a plane into a downward spiral and crash into the ocean. many signs do point to terrorism. or an explosive device on the aircraft. sensors went off, smoke detectors in the lavatory. the window in the cockpit was breached, indicating it may have been blown out. we won't know until we get the black box and the confirmation from that. particularly given the high threat environment of where the plane was traveling. cai cairo, tunisia and praise where they needed out 70 out of the airport. it worries me about the safety of the flights. last point of departure coming into the united states. >> no one claimed responsibility, mr. chairman. kour could it be something other than terrorism? >> it could be a mechanical problem. it happened so quickly, i
11:15 am
question it. remember after sharmel sheikh it took a couple of weeks for isis to take credit for that. when i visited cairo i was concerned about the state of security. they have only magnetometers. they are not vetting employees properly. the bigger threat is the idea that you can have insider threats. the best technology. but if you have an inside job of a worker with access to the plane that's corrupted, bribed or radicalized they can get a bomb on the aircraft and blow it up. that might be what happened in this case. >> you heard the secretary said we have stringent screening processes or planes bound for the united states. do you believe those screening processes are adequate given the potential for what might have happened here to egyptair 804?
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>> they are better. i applaud the secretary for ramping those up. we passed two bulls in the house. it would allow the secretary more authorities to go into the last point of departure airport and assist with the screening and technology and equipment like the cairo airport which i think is vulnerable to not only an insider type of tact but these nonmetallic ieds al qaeda and the peninsula are developing to get past the magnetometer. >> the president has said several times in the past. to the university the other day you said they are not on the run. is the white house not getting it? >> he wants to deny it's going on. they are the jv team.
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the caliphate, the day al baghdadi declares a caliphate he declares war, the president did. we are making some limited success in iraq and syria. as in tunisia right next to libya with the team in exile. libya is a failed state. it is a launching pad for external operations. we see isis pulled off sharmel sheikh. about external by the safe havens now being created. from which they can launch external operations in the u.s. security is the biggest threat. it is the largest convergence of terrorists. the last big terror strong hold was afghanistan. compare what's goeng on in syria
11:18 am
and iraq to what was going on in afghanistan pre9/11. >> bin laden operated in caves, very primitive communications. now we have a new generation of terrorists that know how to use the internet, know how to exploit it, use it to recruit. they have recruited 40,000 foreign fighters, largest convergence of jihadists in what's now called the caliphate due to the internet. they are expanding their bandwidth in a global jihad movement. that concerns me about the modern day terrorists we face is this global expansion. >> let me ask you a question i posited to the secretary a short time ago. donald trump continues to be criticized for proposing a temporary ban on muslims until we figure out what's going on and who's coming into the country. right or wrong? >> i wanted to make sure we
11:19 am
properly vet and screen individuals before they are certified at the highest level. interest that provides the greatest terror threat. i have discussions with mayor rudy giuliani about this issue. >> would you go as far as a temporary ban at least? >> i don't think you can ban a population, say you can't come into the united states of america. you can look at specific threats and properly vet those individuals from coming into the united states. >> do you think banning muslims on a temporary basis would foster more terrorism? >> i think it would cause in the muslim community a bit of a backlash. it could help their recruiting
11:20 am
efforts certainly in iraq and syria. i'm talking about a vetting process in areas that are high threat areas. >> chairman, thanks for being with us. we appreciate you keeping an eye out for threats. anything you want to respond to? >> chairman mccall is a huge supporter of homeland security and we have an excellent working relationship. in fact, we have taken back a lot of territory isil used to occupy in iraq and syria. we have taken out a number of their leaders including those focused on external attacks. we have to stay vigilant. mike is right to be concerned about security of airports in the region which is why the enhanced security at the last point of departure airports in the region. >> good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. coming up next, donald trump wasted in time calling the egyptair crash terrorism. we'll talk to the advisory. can about this.
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where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. donald trump met with henry kissinger. going after hillary clinton on guns and drawing a distinction with her on terror. jeff sessions is the first senator to endorse donald trump and now the chairman of his national security advisory committee. senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. we spent time in the louisville airport the other night. good to see you for a more lengthy period of time. donald trump wasted no time as we pointed out labeling what happened to egyptair flight 804 as an act of terror.
11:25 am
there is no evidence yet to suggest that's the case. there is no evidence to definitively say that. did he get out there a little too far ahead of himself on this? >> it certainly appears to be a terrorist act. it was one of the critical flights from paris egypt where you have a lot of people in paris who are part of the international terrorist movement. it has every indication that's what it is. i think it probably will be true. >> but if it isn't, say for instance it is a mechanical problem and the jury is out as to exactly what caused this. is it problematic for somebody who wants to be president to come out with that deck la tori a statement to say this, in fact, was terrorism and if you think it is anything else you're fooling yourself. he may have to walk it back. >> under mining our ability to be effective that we are so
11:26 am
politically correct. if it is not a terrorist attack it's great news. it probably is and we should be able to take action as soon as possible to deal with those threats. we can't be in denial. >> mr. trump is meeting tomorrow with senator bob corker who is the head of the foreign relations committee. he's met with henry kissinger, james baker. is he learning about foreign policy from these meetings? is it a box checked en route to becoming the president? what's happening? >> i don't think there is any doubt he's enjoying the meetings. he's focused on being more prepared. his basic philosophy and approach is the kissinger type model. it's realism, caution, being cautious about how we deploy our men and women in harm's way, not
11:27 am
to be involved in excessive efforts to alter, create democracies in countries not ready for it. i believe that's a legitimate criticism of recent foreign ols policy. he's on the right track in that regard. i have supported president bush and a lot of activities. but i think most americans believe correct ly that we need to be more cautious about our engagement around the world. >> does he have more to learn about foreign policy? >> of course we all do. i have been on the armed services committee for years. the details are so complex in some of these countries. you have to have the best intelligence you can get. to decide whether to commit even a small number of troops really is a serious decision. you don't have to know everything the day you hit the office. you have to seek advice from the best people before action is
11:28 am
taken. >> does mr. trump know what he doesn't know? >> i think his instincts are correct. he believes in peace through strength, identifying threats that are threats to us. what does it do to america? we respond aggressively to protect america. at the same time we recognize their limits. we need more support from our alleys. they can't just ride us forever. we have a serious financial challenge in america. we need more support from allies. all of that's bound, gaining support from the best minds on some of these issues. >> some notable people are involved. james baker at a senate hearing said he believed his foreign policy was based on ill informed bluster and threats. in particular he didn't like what he was saying about nato or
11:29 am
nuclear demands. the former secretary of defense bob gates said he's not comfortable with donald trump's finger on the nuclear trigger. >> right now? no. the question is does he moderate his views on national security issues going forward? does he begin to have more informed views about the complexities of some of the issues, some of the challenges we face. and who does he choose as an adviser. if all of those things turned out in a positive way then my concern would be significantly reduced. >> senator sessions, secretary gates correct. does krump need to moderate his views on foreign policy and become more involved on the complexities of foreign policy? >> secretary gates will find and donald trump will find they are a lot closer to agreement than
11:30 am
many think. >> secretary gates opposed a libyan action. he was correct to do so. secretary of state clinton got president obama to participate in the collapse of the government. now we have chaos there. gates was correct. clinton was wrong. donald trump believes that was a mistake. there are other areas of agreement. donald trump said he would have early on a meeting of nato to discuss our common aims and goals and to talk with them about giving money and sharing more of the cost. they must be in agreement there. he said they would discuss common interests there and call on them to be participating in the cost. >> donald trump got the endorsement of the nra. it's the first time since at
11:31 am
least 1992 but they didn't endorse in 1992 and 1996 the earliest a presidential candidate got the endorsement. it would seem to indicate the depth of concern the national rifle association has about what may happen in november. correct? >> it is correct. they are correct. he said again recently the decision that protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms was wrong. right now the death of justice scalia and the vacancy on court is 4-4. four to support the decision, four against. she will appoint somebody who changes it. that means it is no longer a personal right to have a gun but every city, county and state can completely ban firearms in america. this would be the greatest reduction of second amendment rights since the founding of the
11:32 am
republic. this is a tremendous issue and americans need to understand the extent of her radical physician on it. >> donald trump came out with a list of people he would consider earlier in the week. did he have that much of a problem five, six months before the election say here is whom i would appoint to the supreme court should i become president? >> he's said he was going to do it early on. he wants to establish that his goal for the supreme court is a professional, thoughtful jurist who believes in the judge as a neutral umpire. this is a great decision. it's been well received throughout the country. >> it seems he does have to take steps that most presidential candidates don't.
11:33 am
>> it certainly has confirmed and their belief he will nominate good judges. all of them are accomplished. good scholarly backgrounds, proven records. i think it did reassure some people that were attacking and saying he would not nominate conservative judges. >> we heard it a lot. lots of themes in the campaign that donald trump would nominate liberal judges. >> good to visit with you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> see you in an airport somewhere in america in the future. up next, our sunday group discusses the growing republican support behind donald trump. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about his supreme court pick? go to facebook or twitter at fox news sunday. we may use your question on the air. ...clear for take off.
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11:37 am
court justices to uphold the laws. time for our panel. kirsten powers, head of heritage action for america michael needham and author of "we the people" juan williams. very enthusiastic crowd. you have the nra endorsing five months before endorsing anybody else. what's going on? >> one of a number of signs that donald trump is well on his way to pulling nearly all of the republican party behind him. it will be holdouts and conservatives second who will not be reconciled to him. but the supreme court listing put out, the meeting with paul ryan. these things are pointing in the same direction that republicans and most conservatives are
11:38 am
increasingly ready, particularly because they still fear the alternative to back him. that's where we are going. >> you have a lead piece in the new york times that says big donors for the republican party say they won't raise money for trump. i liken it to 2000 when everybody is saying how will he afford that? >> the nra has pretty much said the reason is to your point they are trying to take the lead on bringing the party together. >> what about the donors on the sidelines. >> will it matter? >> it seems like trump has been able to do well. we'll see how much he wanted to spend. i don't think he can get through the general election. not spending as much money. there will be people who are partisans and idealogues.
11:39 am
they will put that before trump. i think ultimately most people will tend to come around. it's between hillary and trump. he's very pro gun also. >> now. >> the things 's said are the things the nra dreams of people saying like with the san bernardino shooting saying if they had guns and the other side hadn't had guns. >> after the president made the speech about newtown. the president says everything i'm thinking. >> that's a statement where the democratic party is. they are hopeless when it comes to defending second amendment rights. hillary clinton is to the left of bernie sanders on this issue. this is also on the issue of gun control. the nra saying they will take their chances and the challenge for donald trump is what are issues with his vice presidential nominee. he can give conservatives confidence. >> he has 11 people he said he'd put on the supreme court. don't worry, conservatives, i'm
11:40 am
with you. he seems he has to go to great lengths to put people with him. >> that was a great gesture, a microcosm of the campaign. it is a phenomenal list. conservatives say, fantastic. donald trump said, where is hillary's list but then he says maybe i will add to the list. this great moment for donald trump gets a question mark at the end. i think that causes some people saying this is really shrewd, how you make deals. this is how to negotiate and others say, that's erratic. does he mean it? is this fraud? >> the challenge is to give conservatives confidence and convince people who look at the question mark and see erratic behavior and say we'll make them comfortable. we are going to make them come over and join the coalition. >> he has groups behind him. the nra conservatives behind him. look at this fox news poll about hispanics. they are willing to talk to trump, may come around. hillary clinton 62%.
11:41 am
donald trump 23%. 39-point lead, four points larp what mitt romney got in 2012. is he dead in the water with that number? >> it hurts badly. we saw it with the republican national committee. the number you showed for mitt romney. if we had done better with latinos. you look at the reality. you have a growing population. more in key states. colorado, nevada. the thing is it also hurts in states where you may not initially register the presence of latinos. these are states trump would like to flip. there are more blue collars concerned with the issue. he has a major problem. one final point of republicans
11:42 am
behind trump. mitt romney is saying where are your taxes, mr. trump? you look at people like cruz, kasich and rubio. i don't see them standing up yet and paul ryan is still yet to come. >> brit, is it possible if we look at west virginia, it could translate in pennsylvania, ohio and kentucky. the pennsylvania and maybe michigan where bernie sanders supporters say they would vote for donald trump. in a way that's a premise of the trump campaign. you can make up the shortfall with minority and ethnic voters and women with blue collar white voters, mostly men. it is a matter of mathematics. tough but not impossible. the question is could he improve
11:43 am
the number 62-23 unfavorable among hispanics. i thought the number one worse frankly. he's not that far behind romney. trump will try to find a way to reach out to hispanics. maybe he can hold the clinton margins. whoever ends up with the margins down there it might be enough. >> can he pull democrats and win hispanics? >> it will be hard to pull democrats. these were hillary clinton voters in 2008 when she was running against barack obama. now she's to the left so much maybe she's losing voters because of bernie sanders. is she able to pull them back? also there are different types of democratic voters. the younger voters despise trump. he has between 70 and 80%. >> there is a feeling that the
11:44 am
dislike of trump is so much greater. frankly because of the political correctness issue. this is a generation that's not like political incorrectness. that's his hallmark. they can either stay home or potentially vote for hillary out of dislike for trump. >> let's talk about the democrats and the other side. that's a different kettle of fish. we'll take a break with the panel. when we come back, we'll find out what's going on with bernie and debbie wasserman-schultz. my goodness. it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up.
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11:48 am
>> hillary clinton calling on bernie sanders to help unify the party while bernie sanders says he'll campaign aggressively into the final stretch. fox news offered to host the final debate. bernie sanders said yes. we asked wouldn't it be to her benefit. she says, the nomination is already hers. why risk the chance that she would make questionable statements. why not agree to the debate? >> especially to the second one. you have a point. i don't see how bernie can claim the. no nation. hillary clinton is within 90 delegates of winning. this is pay-per-view material like a great match-up that would appeal to bernie sanders supporter who is are still a
11:49 am
little bit uneasy with hillary. to independents, republicans. so the general electorate looking toward going up against donald trump, what an opportunity for a large audience right before california. that's a winner for her. you think about donald trump and the tremendous media presence. this is an opportunity for hillary to take advantage of the moment before she has to go against trump. >> who do you think it plays to better? hillary clinton or bernie sanders? if she trips with a week to go before california. >> i agree with juan. in may of 2008 hillary clinton was saying obama should agree to a debate with me. maybe fox news could hold a lincoln-douglas debate between hillary clinton and bernie
11:50 am
sanders. >> what's going on with bernie sanders and debbie wasserman-shulwasserman wasserman-schultz. he said he'll support her opponent and if elected he'll fire her. >> he's been add odds with her because he and supporters accused the dnc of picking sides, setting up the debates, having them on weekends, holidays where nobody will watch the debates to try to minimize exposure bernie sanders gets. >> is she playing fair? >> i don't think so. i wrote a column criticizing her and the dnc. the campaign said she's the problem. they have found working with the dnc a pro. she's trying to say she's an ash tor of the situation and she's
11:51 am
not. >> he said he's ashamed of debbie wasserman schultz and wishes reince priebus was running the dnc. >> interesting contrast. there's been a lot of criticism for reince priebus for being susceptible to trump, helping to pave the way. i think reince priebus has been neutral. debbie wasserman-schultz is clearly for hillary. though she insists she's neutral. bernie sanders has a legitimate gripe. the super delegate presence is so important in the democratic race. my sense is it is a double standard here. reince priebus is criticized for doing what everybody wishes wasserman-schultz would do. >> let's look at last saturday at the nevada convention. bernie sanders supporters thought they were treated unfairly. they were throwing chairs, threatening the republican --
11:52 am
the democratic nevada chair. if this had been trump supporters doing this, juan, what would the narrative in the media have been? >> it's not to say. >> one article said bernie sanders supporters sent a message to the democratic party. running sanders campaign. he didn't like the idea of violence at the nevada event and largely threats as a result. there is a sense among democrats. even on left wing democrats. sanders is soaked in anger against the party. we heard kirsten talking about angler at debbie water man-schultz. if you are trying to unify the
11:53 am
democrats in the way you are trying to unify behind trump. this is a big problem. left leaning organizations. mother jones and the like saying, hey, maybe bernie is taking it too far. it's about bernie and not defeating trump. >> this is being treated more like a family spat in the media at large. if this was donald trump supporters maybe we'd see arguments about donald trump being dangerous, sparking violence. >> nobody is surprised by the double standard in the media. it shows the anti-incumbent, anti-establishment sense is every bit as much there on the democrat yigs side. there amongst independents like hillary clinton is almost the last person on the face of the planet you would want to put forth in this environment. somebody whose entire professional career has been about enriching herself and her friends. you look at the clinton foundation. we are in an anti-establishment moment. you found the most clearly
11:54 am
establishment managing director or goldman sachs said she sounds like a managing director here at the company. you couldn't find a worse person than hillary clinton for this moment. >> so there is an alternative out there, gary johnson, a recent fox news poll. he polled 10%. 42 for donald trump. 10%. he pulls evenly from both parties. could he be a player? >> it is a surprise. it's usually the third party candidates are a problem when they pull from one party to the other. >> >> that's when he becomes -- >> i want to see this sanders stuff. it's been exaggerated. i think we're out of time. >> no, no. >> nobody threw any chairs. somebody picked up a chair and put it down. i think a lot of -- the media has been hard on them and
11:55 am
exaggerated what happened. they were upset and angry. there was no actual violence. >> we'll take a break. we have something to dig in on next. a new documentary on anthony weiner's political demise. lock time hillary clinton aides, could the timing impact her campaign? >> a documentary of my sedan dal. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> oh, my god. >> i can't believe i gave the press the finger. >> a new film detailing anthony weiner's run for mayor after a revival of the sexting scandal that forced him to resign from congress. the documentary focuses on his wife known as hillary clinton's right-hand woman. we are back now with the panel. start us off, brit. >> every time i hear about anthony weiner who seemed to have faded from the national light but will be back, i think of the jay leno comment when whitey bulger, the boston mob guy was captured on the west coast. he said he thought whitey bulger was anthony weiner's screen name. >> she maintains a close
11:59 am
relationship with her aide. >> that's a personal issue with her husband. i don't think she's responsible for the behavior of her husband. hillary is loyal to her. it's impossible to see it harming her. >> this looks like a hollywood comedy like "wag the dog" or "our brand is crisis." could be a good movie. >> it shows the democratic party. on one hand you have the intellectual core. elizabeth warren and bill de blasio, way to the left of the senator of the united states and then other people called for personality. hillary clinton is called for personality. cory booker is on twitter. the intellectual core of the party is with the left. >> any effect on the clinton campaign? >> the woman's issue is large between clinton and trump. this is a very good documentary. the question is why do they agree to do it? could it hurt hillary clinton with women now? >> that's all the time. thanks for joining us today. chris will be back next sunday. have a great week. see you next fox news sound.
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