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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thank to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. hope to see you next week. hello, i'm arthel neville. >> i'm greg jarrett. a battle brewing over gun policies between the two presidential front runners and the rhetoric is heating up. >> a massive manhunt under way for a gunman after a police officer outside boston is shot and killed during a traffic stop early this morning. >> and growing questions about whether it's time for tesla workers to unionize as they are outsourcing some production to lower paid workers.
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we begin with the war of words erupting between the presidential front runners as they clash out for the second amendment and variety of other issues. hillary clinton saying that donald trump's gun policies are dangerous and will make the country less safe. this coming after trump nicknamed her heartless hillary for supporting restrictions on gun ownership. and live from washington with more. hi. >> reporter: hillary clinton shifted her gun control criticism to donald trump. as two move closer to the delegates they need to clinch their policy's nominees. he claims clinton wants to strip away the rights of americans to possess firearms and she said she supports stronger background checks and expose gun manufacturers and sellers to greater legal liabilities and limit availability of what she
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calls military style assault weapons. she spoke to a group of mothers whose kids died from gunshots and said he's pandering to the gun lobby. >> if you want to imagine trump's america, more kids at risk of violence and bigotry. more anger and fear. ask any of the mothers here tonight if they want to live in that kind of america. enough is enough. >> hillary wants to disarm vulnerable americans in high crime neighborhoods. whether it's a young single mom or a grandmother in ohio, hillary wants them to be defenseless. wants to take away any chance they have of survival. and by the way, you have men and you have women sitting in an apartment and outside is tremendous crime. >> trump and clinton could secure enough delegates to clinch their party's nominations
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with victories on june 7th primary in california and new jersey. polling shows a tight race between the two and "wall street journal" poll has clinton up 46% to 43% and the last fox news poll with trump up. back to you. five months to go. a lot can happen. thank you. >> hillary clinton can't afford to look too far ahead because she's still fighting to put bernie sanders away in the race for the democratic nomination. senator sanders planning to spend a full week of campaigning in california. the biggest delegate prize in the primary race. live in california with more. hi, hillary. >> reporter: he takes his final stand against clinton. all comes down to california. 475 pledged delegates at stake and a must-win for sanders if he
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wants to make a case at the convention in july. now, sanders admits this is an uphill battle for him to overtake clinton but he's making his pitch to voters saying he's the best person to beat donald trump in november. the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll shows just that. sanders would beat trump by 15 points in a general election match-up. here's clinton and sanders. take a listen. >> well, i think that hillary clinton has not looked at a lot of the national polls which has me doing better than she does against donald trump. >> polls this far out mean nothing. i'm in a much stronger position, have been, and the voters who have turned out and given me 3 million more votes believe that as well. >> reporter: sanders will rally supporters in just under an hour here in vista, california. you can see we're on the football field at the local high school. the crowd is filling up to the 50 yard line. the bleachers are full.
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sanders has consistently pulled massive crowds but clinton skeptical of sanders' decision to stay in the race. he's even fund raised off his candidacy but this morning, clinton changed her tune. take a listen. >> senator sanders has every right to finish off his campaign however he chooses. >> reporter: sanders will campaign hard here and hope to have a big payoff. arthel, back to you. >> hillary, i can also hear the marching band behind you as well. thank you, hillary vaughn. we learn more about the final moments of egyptair flight 804. the jet crashing early thursday morning in the mediterranean sea. all 66 people on board died. search crews still looking for the plane's black boxes which could reveal crucial information about the cause of the crash. in the meantime, a recording released yesterday is shedding some light on what happened
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inside the plane before it vanished off radar. senior foreign affairs correspondent live at charles de gaulle airport in paris. greg? >> reporter: the search in the mediterranean where the egyptair flight went down is intensifying. it left this airport just about four days ago. the u.s. navy is in the mix of the multi-national effort to try and come up with bits of the plane. three are in rotation out of a base in italy. just reported that over this weekend, they found a large debris field on the surface of the mediterranean with about 100 pieces of the downed aircraft. this is a very important find. recovered already parts of the plane, personal effects, human remain but no sign of the black box, voice and data recorders. egypt is dispatching a submarine
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to the area that can go deep as 10,000 feet in search of those recorders and emerging this week, as you noted, a short communication clip between the egyptair crew and a swiss air traffic controllers. about an hour into the flight out of here from paris. it is workman-like. it is routine but all is well. take a listen. >> two hours later, the plane crashed. the question remains. why? the first egyptian president comment since the crash. all scenarios possible. here at charles de gaulle airport, they're certainly treating the terror scenario seriously. they've been interrogating workers who had contact with the plane. one was on the ground here for about an hour and gone through
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passenger lists and checking them against terror watch lists and screened hours and hours of surveillance video. there's a lot of cameras around this airport and in a respected article out today, the word is nothing irregular. written behind the crash, probably not on the minds on the families of the victims too busy grieving. there were 66 people on that plane and their loss is marked in many ways. in cairo over this weekend, a lovely young flight attendant who lost her life was remembered at a memorial service by family and friends. pope francis at the vatican also remembered the family of the victims, offered them prayers, offered condolence and offered in a word of the spokesman, solidarity in this difficult time. back to you. >> live in paris. greg, thank you. president obama arriving in vietnam today. the first leg of his week long trip to asia. the president looking to boost
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economic and security ties with the country and gain support for the transpacific trade agreement. more now from vietnam on the president's visit. kevin? >> reporter: good morning from vietnam, arthel, as the president brings with them an ambitious agenda, quite frankly. security and economic issues during his time here in asia but certainly also some sensitive diplomatic issues the president will want to address here in vietnam and later in japan. as you have pointed out, for the president coming here to vietnam is pretty important. he has a fair amount of political capital here. he's thought to be fairly popular and hopes to expand the economic and security cooperation between our nation. in particular, when you think about the transpacific partnership, the president is hoping to have that enacted and bring along the vietnamese. they are signatories along with the japanese and expected to spend a bit of time talking about an effort to lift an arms ban, decades long, by the way,
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the vietnamese would like to extend the opportunity to the americans to purchase some arms and for the american perspective, they would like to increase the security counterbalance here in the region especially when you consider china's growing influence in the region and in the south china sea in particular. there are also some u.s. veterans, arthel, hoping the u.s. president will address the m.i.a. issue, that is, the return of the americans service personnel that have been kept here since the vietnam war. this is ahead of the president's visit to japan for the g-7 summit where the tpp will be the main issue with another historically significant event expected to dominate it and the president will make remarks but not going to apologize for the bombing of the city out of nagasaki. there are a couple of major headlines i want the folks at home to keep in mind. number one, is this continued pivot towards asia, especially from an economic and a security perspective, and two, expect
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fairly high emotion as the president navigating sensitive waters of the past with these countries in particular as he talks about what has happened in the past in japan and specifically here in vietnam. but we'll talk about that throughout our coverage here during the president's visit. by the way, i should also point out very quickly, upon arriving here, the president was not greeted by high level vietnamese officials. that was probably a bit of a surprise. some would say that was a bit of a snub. we'll talk more about that as the president gets his day under way including a meeting with the leader of the communist party here in vietnam and expect he'll have some comments at a press availability but for now, back to you in the new york. >> kevin corke, thank you so much. pakistan condemning drone strike that killed mansour that
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happened inside pakistan and saying that was a violation of its sovereignty since the united states didn't give the government any warning about the strike. secretary of state john kerry defending the drone strike. if people want to stand in the way of peace and continue to threaten and kill and blow people up, we have no recourse but to respond and i think we responded appropriately. overseas, a gunman in austria killing two people and wounding 11 others at a concert. the man fired shots directly into the crowd, apparently, at random. witnesses saying the man was arguing loudly with a woman before the shooting. she was not hurt. the gunman later took his own life in the parking lot. tragedy striking two climbers who made it to the top of the rld. what investigators now believe may have caused their sudden death. plus, another security scare at the white house. what the secret service is revealing about today's
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incident. and bernie sanders upping the ante in his bitter back and forth with the dnc. now sanders is taking direct aim at the committee chairwoman. >> new york cido i think she isf chair the democratic party needs? no, i don't. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf
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of the headlines. two climbers died while descending mt. everest of altitude sickness. authorities say the man and woman were from the same expedition team. exaggerator won the preakness stakes. it was very close for second. nyquist run together. >> and the stunning finish to the end of the preakness as exaggerator pulled off the surprise win at yesterday's race. nyquist, the odds on favorite, and kentucky derby winner finished third. and another scare. white house just days after an armed man was shot near a checkpoint there. the security service issuing a brief lockdown this afternoon when a couple of balloons landed
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on the ground. turns out they were party balloons that drifted over. it is a war of words between senator bernie sanders and leaders of the democratic party. sanders called out hillary clinton for benefitting from a super delegate system he said was rigged from the beginning but now he's focusing his attacks on dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz, even sending a fund raising e-mail on behalf of her primary opponent in florida and if elected president, he made it clear he would not reappoint schultz at the dnc. >> clearly, i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than is wasserman-schultz's and let me also say this. with all due respect to the current chairperson. if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair
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of the dnc. >> let's talk about it now. white house correspondent at the "wall street journal," good to see you. clearly, sanders feels aggrieved about the delegate process and blames wasserman-schultz who has a close relationship with hillary clinton and allegedly engineered the whole thing. not just super delegates but the debate schedule, the fund raising between clinton and the party and the clinton partisans as convention leaders. does sanders have a legitimate beef? >> he certainly has a long list of concerns and as you note, this has been simmering for a long time and it's still out in the public view a couple of times, particularly over the debate schedule and one point in the campaign when sanders staffers were able to view clinton's data. we've seen this bubble up a couple of times but now it is the relationship deteriorating rapidly in realtime. so sanders' latest beeves relate
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to the kerfuffle over the chaotic nevada convention last weekend. debbie wasserman-schultz was not only unhappy with the response but went public with her criticism and said -- >> let's talk about that. because last saturday, for people who don't know, nevada convention, sanders supporters absolutely exploded. they went ballistic over what they call an unfair selection system. there's some of the video. they allegedly tossed chairs. they certainly hurled profane insults, issued violent threats and thought about putting some up for the viewers but really too vile. but what does that say, colleen, about the democratic party right now? >> it's an interesting moment. heading into the convention, i think everyone expected the republican convention to be the one that was potentially chaotic and divisive and all of the sudden, you have this situation where the democrats are the ones who are divided and so the
1:21 pm
question is whether bernie sanders can control his supporters. he's created this movement and it's not necessarily clear that he has control over their actions certainly. >> he didn't condemn them in more vociferous terms. sanders seems more determined than ever to take this all the way to the convention to rest the nomination from clinton even if that means doing harm to her in the general election. does he damage her chances, the longer he stays in and hammers away at her? >> well, he's made clear that he's not going to pull any punches between now and mid june when the primaries end. so he's going to continue to hit clinton and fight as hard as he can, the key question is what he does in the approximately six weeks between the last democratic contest and the convention and i think he will likely endorse clinton but how
1:22 pm
active he will be in trying to unite the party, he's not a long time democrat. he's not someone trying to lay the groundwork for a future white house bid so it's not entirely how clear how aggressive he will be in the party. >> he seems to be reinvigorated with the process and another reason, perhaps, that he's staying in the race. is it that he is sort of winning like everybody else to see if hillary clinton is indicted? >> well, they're certainly not saying that out loud in the sanders camp. >> but somebody's got to be whispering that in his ear, hey, look, it may be a long shot because she may be getting protection at doj in the white house, but stay in here, it could happen. >> if the campaign season taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. the sanders camp figures there's
1:23 pm
no harm in seeing what happens and clinton fought until the end and sanders is going to fight until the last contest and you never know what is going to happen. he admits that he has pretty slim hopes at this point but he's going to keep fighting. >> very interesting. since march 1st, sanders has actually won more states and delegates than clinton and really, but for her early primary victories, she could arguably be behind right now. does sanders' momentum in the last couple of months, the democrats get a case of buyers remorse over clinton? >> this is much of what happened until 2008. hillary clinton stayed until the end and won contests late but by that point, barack obama had already built a large delegate lead. he didn't exactly end with momentum. this time, you see the reverse but hillary clinton won huge
1:24 pm
early on and i think if you're the sanders camp, you have to have some regrets about decisions you made not to fight in the south because not only did they lose those states early but huge margins and created this deficit they just couldn't overcome. >> great to see you, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, a tragic reminder about the dangers police face every day. police in massachusetts launching a massive manhunt for someone who shot and killed one of their own. >> isis going on the defensive trying to write off some major losses on the battlefield as no big deal. what it means for the fight against the terror group. [ guitar playing ] ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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massachusetts. a manhunt under way right now for whoever shot and killed the police officer during the traffic stop. the gunman apparently firing at the officer after being pulled over and then speeding off. brian is live at the new york city newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: this is active at this hour. fox news is working to independently confirm but "the boston herald" is saying they offered at oxford, massachusetts. and the search for the suspect began early this morning after auburn police ronald tarantino fatally shot during a traffic stop about 12:30 a.m. sunday. they stopped a vehicle on the residential street about 45 miles southwest of boston. the driver then shot tarantino, fled the scene and now on the loose. >> we will leave no stone unturned in our investigation to determine who was responsible for officer tarantino's murder.
1:30 pm
every investigative avenue is being pursued fully and completely. >> reporter: the 42-year-old tarantino was rushed to umass medical center pronounced dead and leaves behind a wife and three children and later earlier this morning, dozens saluted a motorcade. officer tarantino's body transported to the medical examiner's office. fellow officers laying flowers in front of a stone monument offering to those who lost their lives in the call of duty. in the meantime, the fbi, state, and local officers continue their search for the person responsible for searching tarantino to death although given little specifics. >> in order to protect the integrity of this ongoing investigation, we will not release any details about it at this time. >> tarantino has spent just two years on the auburn police force but clearly left an indelible
1:31 pm
mark calling him a quote, dedicated and brave public servant. >> sad story. we'll keep our viewers updated. thank you. >> yep. meanwhile, the islamic state chief spokesman delivering a rare statement. the tone suggesting isis may be feeling the heat after the recent setbacks on the battlefield including losses of both territory and senior leaders. the terror group spokesman saying in part, quote, do you think you have won because you have killed one or more leaders is th ? it is a false victory, even if we lose raqqa or sirte, we won't be defeated. the senior advisor and a fox news contributor, rick, always good to see you. >> you too. >> what strikes you most about this message? >> it's a little bit of good news and we've needed some good news but still not quite enough. look, we were here three weeks
1:32 pm
ago and we were talking about how president obama had changed his political promise. he had gone back on his political promise not to send boots on the ground and the white house announced they would send 250 special forces into the region to fight isis. that was a good piece of news and we complimented him then and we said more should be done. 250 is not enough. but what we're getting from these 250, three weeks later, is a little more timely intelligence. we are now trying to push through and push isis into a defensive mode because we're able to figure out exactly where the targets are. we cannot run a four-year campaign which we've been running with president obama saying 63 other countries that are in this coalition and yet, just drone strike randomly
1:33 pm
without having specific intelligence. the only way tohe specific intelligence is to have boots on the ground and preferably, u.s. troops, which are the best at gathering the intelligence so that we can crush them. this is a little bit of good news but more needs to be done. >> let's talk still though, rick, about this message. from the second in command. he's saying, look, we want our members to target americans the start of ramadan, next month. i ask you, is this a serious threat? i mean, is there anything to the timing, except for the fact that it's going to be the start of ramadan or is isis getting weaker, thus this reaction? >> reporter: well, you know, three weeks ago, we knew they were getting stronger. and that's why president obama and the white house even admitted that. so i think we have a small win here and isis is feeling the heat. we should take this as an example that more needs to be
1:34 pm
done and quicker. this threat from ramadan in the coming holiday in june is a serious threat and we should take it seriously. >> if so, by whom and what form? >> it could be. isis inspired attacks up the road from me in san bernardino. this is a serious issue and we need to support the intelligence gathering techniques and law enforcement officials to find out the information before the strike happens. isis is giving us a little bit of a tip-off to say, you know, watch during ramadan. i find it troubling we still have politicians who refuse to call it islamic terrorism because if they're calling their followers to do something during ramadan, it's clearly religiously motivated and we need to call it out. >> rick, let me say this on the
1:35 pm
fight against isis. you gave me some indication. do you feel any progress has been made and the biggest challenge that exists, is there a foreseeable future you could see isis annihilated as an organization? >> look, when it comes to national security problems like isis and a growing threat of isis, you can't bring politics into this. we can't have a leader who makes a political promise to say i'm not going to start a war or put boots on the ground. that's a political promise. when you look at the intel and look at what's kmicoming at us,u have to gather the intelligence and get them. you can't do it from just a drone strike without specific intel. >> can you see u.s. and coalition forces annihilating isis? >> absolutely. u.s. and coalition forces could do it very quickly if we had timely intelligence.
1:36 pm
>> rick grinnell, i have to leave it there. we'll see you next time when you're in new york. >> thanks. massive volcano shooting. there's a view in the distance. the unusual story and what crews tell residents to do now. new charges for a former police officer already convicted of killing his third wife? we line up the facts and the case that our legal news panel, by the one and only, greg jarrett. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule.
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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. test test a town in western indonesia because of a dangerous volcano. blasting ash and rock two miles into the sky after it erupted killing 7 people. it was dormant for years before
1:41 pm
revived six years ago. rescue teams looking for other victims in the area. the statement scheduled to begin in a former suburban chicago police officer's murder for hire trial. drew peterson is his name and there's his face. how can you forget? currently serving a 38 year sentence for the murder of his third wife and now facing new charges for allegedly plotting to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars in that case. our legal panel is here. a fox news legal analyst and david schwartz and defense attorney, former prosecutor. good to see you both. this guy is notorious. he's infamous. he's all over the media and not only killed wife number three but he's suspected of killing wife number four. bodies never found but can he actually get a narrow trial?
1:42 pm
fair trial? >> what a great question. there's not a single juror who doesn't know what transpired because that's going to be the biggest challenge. someone who lived under a rock for the last five or ten years. but say you probably know about this case but the key question is, can you be fair and impartial and that question is posed to that particular juror in front of everyone else? who's going to say, no, this guy is a murderer, a psychopath, i can't sit on that jury. >> not that you don't already know about the case. it's whether you can set that aside and just judge based on the evidence presented in the four corners of the courtroom. >> it's so hard. in a case like this, it's the hardest case for a criminal defense attorney to find a fair and impartial jury. it's nevxt to impossible. you have to do an intense voir di
1:43 pm
dire. >> it's not just a confidential informer that's a key witness saying, well, he asked me to hire a hit man to kill a prosecutor. no. there's wiretapped conversations. so you're going to hear the words of the accused himself pretty substantial effort. >> great point. and the defense really worked so hard to keep that wiretap out. they even started accusing the judge of having some issues. >> they met with a confidential informant prior to issuing, i guess, the authorization. >> which is unusual. we've all been practitioners. that's unusual but you know what? bottom line is the judge ruled and he will hear peterson's voice to be a hitman. >> fairness to the judge, trying to decide that his confidential informant is legit to issue the wiretap. >> it's credibility of the confidential informant something the defense will harp on.
1:44 pm
they're going to harp on that and usually, these are winnable cases with these informants, these jailhouse informants but if it's a character assassination. >> are they going to claim entrapment? >> it's always part of that defense. he was planted there to entrap peterson to making that statement. and he could just be pontificating about anything. >> it's not the first time that drew peterson has allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill somebody. there is evidence he tried to pay $25,000 to a coworker several years ago to kill wife number three. she ended up dead anyway and his hands, the jury found, and it's a little bit unclear for the news accounts whether the judge is going to allow that prior bad act of hiring a hitman earlier into evidence in this case. what do you think the judge should do? >> i think it's too prejudicial. the judge will say it's too prejudicial. if you go to the heart of it, he
1:45 pm
tried to do it and didn't need that particular hitman, peterson must have done it with this informant. >> the standard is that the outweighing of the effect and it's permissible. >> i have to say, i agree. i didn't think you would come up with that answer but certainly, this is prejudicial and the effect outweighs the other. don't for that. and the judge doesn't want to give the defense a reason for appeal upon conviction. >> that's exactly right. > >> peterson never took a witness stand in his first trial. if he takes the witness stand now though, he can be questioned about that prior murder conviction, right? >> the murder will come up. that will be the first question and start to say, well, oh, weren't you convicted of murder? it will definitely convict him this time around. >> the judge needs to make a pretrial ruling on that. >> i think he has.
1:46 pm
he has made that ruling and that would be a reason to keep peterson off the stand. >> why? >> you're already doing 38 years. i mean, look. >> that's what it is. he's cocky. >> the one thing we know about him. he's brash, he's cocky, he's arrogant. >> it's still a winnable case. if you can get the jury to take out the past history and just judge him on these facts, you've got the jailhouse that's warm and the credibility. >> it's a winnable -- >> the wiretap, no way. with those, the wiretap that's going to come in, that's already coming in and the criminal background. >> people say things. >> what is it with husbands named peterson that kill their lives? scott peterson. he's on death row, right? in california. killed lacey peterson, now drew peterson. always good to see you guys.
1:47 pm
okay, donald trump picking up another endorsement in his quest for the presidency. and whoever is behind the wheel of this car, what inspires the original, very original paint job. you could say speaking of hot wheels, i'm just reading this. i didn't write it, but we'll go with it. >> i like it. >> thanks, gregg. tesla planning to put a lot more vehicles on the road. what it could mean for the american auto industry and the workers on the assembly line.
1:48 pm
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>> welcome back. tesla is a big hit and has plans to increase output over three years. the united autoworkers say that tesla's good tore tune should now extend to their workers in the form of a union. but tesla said it already is helping workers by reopening a closed factory and hiring thousands at good wages. and now, we have c.e.o. of commercial partners the good to see you, mr. watson. we will start here, should tesla
1:52 pm
succumb and unionize or do they have the right to operate according to their own terms? >> it should have the right to operate under its own terms and i submit it is doing so and outpacing anything that the uaw could be able to do for it. for example, tesla's average wage is about $71,500 per worker. compared to a union shop like g.m. at $65,000, they are pay pay-as-you-go employees 10% more than what the uaw is providing. >> tell us more what they want from tesla, the unite auto workers? >> tesla is a great american story, think about all of the positive impact they have had in our country with the american dream at work and vehicle the positive impact. they have create 6,000 jobs in fremont, california. reno, nevada, they have another 6,000 jobs coming there with an
1:53 pm
estimated $100 billion of economic impact over two decades in that area alone. i own commercial real estate around the country and i see the impact of what that does to people. the u.a.w. is seeing this as an opportunity and you are looking at potentially the 9th larger manufacturers in the united states and how --. >> an opportunity to do what? >> control them for unionization. that is the point i was waiting for. i have a response from tesla saying address proudly employs 6,000 american workers from the bay area on the floor of the same factory that had previously been closed. these are well-paying jobs, each which comes by with equity in tesla, and tesla also enters into contractual agreements with the general contractors allowing them to select the resources they need while requiring them to hire and pay workers
1:54 pm
appropriately. this is a response from tesla, according to reports from the san jose mercury news. brian, how do you see this playing out? >> you have to look at facts: high weest paid worker at tesla $11,000. the lowest employee is $41,000. these are good quality jobs they are providing. hopefully as the u.a.w. president said it will be a friendly situation and tesla can continue to work with them. in tesla goes the way of potentially unionization they could follow suit with the other united states auto manufacturers and that is an environment that is stressful and uncertain future for a last machines. they are already paying their employees above average wages and they should be allowed to continue down that path of creating jobs and opportunities. about only line you say, listen, tesla, what you doing is the right way to go and keep doing what you doing.
1:55 pm
we will keep following this story and i thank you for director time this afternoon. >> we may have found donald trump's biggest fan. this driver decked out his car with his very own donald design. wow... >> to get people august and get their attention.
1:56 pm
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>> one pennsylvania man is dedicating his scar to his favorite presidential candidate: kentucky. >> ralph is a local republican party headquarters did not have many donald trump stickers so he made his own. he said he misspelled "president," on purpose. right... >> you pronounced if it it is not pronounced how it sounds. i am selling the right. that is my opinion. >> that says it all. we hear ralph hopes to bring the car to the republican national convention in cleveland. i am sure it will be a hit. >> i am scratching my head on that. >> really? >> that doesn't work. you messed up. you are fired!
2:00 pm
>> we can go now. that does it for us. "media buzz" is next. >> thanks for joining us. >> on the buzz beater, donald trump said he is the target of a media witch hunt and ripping "new york times" with a report on how he treats women and tries to shift the spotlight to bill clinton's past. >> i looked at the "new york times", are they going to interview paula jones or kathleen willie? in one case it is about exposure and another about groping and fondling and touching. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> and massive settlements. >> $850,000 for paula jones. >> and a lot of other things. >> impeachment. all the "new york times" and if you look at stephanopolis, these are like the pipe organize agains for hillary clinton. >> is the press


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