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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> we can go now. that does it for us. "media buzz" is next. >> thanks for joining us. >> on the buzz beater, donald trump said he is the target of a media witch hunt and ripping "new york times" with a report on how he treats women and tries to shift the spotlight to bill clinton's past. >> i looked at the "new york times", are they going to interview paula jones or kathleen willie? in one case it is about exposure and another about groping and fondling and touching. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> and massive settlements. >> $850,000 for paula jones. >> and a lot of other things. >> impeachment. all the "new york times" and if you look at stephanopolis, these are like the pipe organize agains for hillary clinton. >> is the press taking the
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campaign into the gutter? is the crash of the egyptair changing the media's campaign coverage? megyn kelly finally sits down with donald trump after ms. of being attacked with the billionaire saying he has some regrets about language and certain twitter tirades. >> you would be amazed at ones i don't re-tweet. >> bimbo? thank you was a re-tweet. >> did i say that? >> many times. >> okay. excuse me. >> we will look at the high steaks interview and what the kickics say. >> and bob woodward why the "washington post" suddenly has 20 reporters investigated donald trump. what about hillary clinton? >> and different fusing liberal bias accusations at facebook with tucker carlson. >> remembering morley safer, a giant. and a gentleman. this is "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz.
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the crash of the egyptair airplane dominated the news for day with donald trump quickly tweeting it looks like terrorism. he got into it on msnbc. >> the worry also is how you will be a president and present your positions and your words. there are concerns you could be trigger happy with your words. for example --. >> for really i didn't want to go into iraq. we cannot continue to let things like this happen. >> analyzing our campaign coverage is betsy woodruff, and kelly riddell, and joe trippi democratic strategist and fox news contributor. betsy, she castigated trump offer the tweet and then was the criticism fair?
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>> understandable. >> no one from egypt or the united states government said it was terrorist attack. donald trump for political reasons should not be the one to break that news. >> break the news? he was offer his opinion. >> to say that is the case, it "looks like." >> we know what he means. man he should his powder dry. >> when the reporter goes from say saying donald trump is a warmonger, did the media have an obligation to point out he opposed the iraq war early and less of a hawk than hillary clinton? >> and a lot of times, he was a private citizen and not expecting the intelligence reports so --. >> that accident let him off? >> not completely but the tweet, he took a direct stab at hillary clinton and the benghazi coverup. he basically want out and said this is an accident of terrorism and the american people are sick of recovering this stuff up. we will call a spade a spade.
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i am not a traditional politician. i am not reading off the scripted talking points but will tell you how it is. that is would donald trump is. >> and you shaking your head, talking about the news cycle. hillary clinton is on cnn and she said that it does appear to be an act of terrorism which is what trump tweets but is questioned of donald trump's tweet because he was out of gate faster. >> what trump does is he creates the news cycle oz he jumped interest it no matter what it is. a plane goes down, bam, he is right there and he is in real time and he is tweeting and that is how he has gotten to where he is. >> would you say this admiringly or would it keep you up at night? >> as a campaign manager that is scary because you don't know when your candidate is going to me himself up. everyone keeps saying, trump never will but that is a problem
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at the of other candidates --. >> probably not the best frizz but i know you did not intend it that way. the continuing fall intermediate over "new york times" piece last weekend, two full pains, about donald trump's relationships and conduct toward women, the woman named roanne, and someone pushed back hard when portrayed as having a negative interaction with donald trump and she is on "fox & friends" followed by defending the piece. >> they said to me several times and my manager it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that i was telling it and honestly. and it absolutely was not. >> and she has asked for an apology. what do you say? >> we stand by our story. we believe we quoted her fairly and accurately. and the story speaks for itself.
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>> is this damaging to the "new york times" the woman, who, by the way, went on to be donald trump's girlfriend for several months say they got it wrong? >> it is not helpful. she did not disspew the we ares they quoted her she did not dispute that it happened but she said it was a positive interaction rather than negative. the reality is, "new york times" readers can decide for themselves in the behavior was okay there is a difference between welcomed behavior and behavior we find appealing from someone who years later will want to have it goes nuclear. >> she was at a pool party and he said do you want do change and a swimsuit and she did and he introduced her as a beautiful trump girl but "new york times" said it was debasing and she said she was proud. >> this is a classic case of these reporters having an agenda and having reconceived narrative they wanted to be proven true so they want through all of the sources and they put together a story they had reconceived and
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touted the narrative of donald trump as a creepy guy when clearly this was proven baseless by the woman and miss usa who said they does not interview her but want through the book and took out parts where they felt it was necessary. it is not representative and it was a hit piece. >> look, it clearly showed bias. even coming from my corner, this was no republican to lead the whole lead of this thing with someone that they say was debased and she said she was happy. >> that does damage -- it damages the credibility of the story and they should not have put it that way. >> what do you make of trump pushing back hard against "new york times" which is fine, but in the contempt of that story with sean hannity he brings up bill clinton and allegation by broderick dating back to 1978,
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and it was not public for 20 years but he rapid her, what do you make of trump going there? >> trump is going to go there, there is nowhere he won go so the clintons have to prepare for that. and the press has to cover it when he says stuff like that. >> hillary clinton in an interview during her campaign said that women who make allegations they are sexually abused or take deserve to be believed. she occupied the door for trump to bring this back and reporters do bring it back for the entire history of bill clinton's shenanigan to be fair game. >> but it is about her problem. >> andrea michigan will -- mitchell said the case of broad brick has been disproven. it that is not accurate. it has never been disproven and the report stands to the day. the media partly is responsible and need to report the truth on
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this. and not drop off the unsavory things about bill clinton and the bilbo -- bimbo eruptions a term of the former chief staff of bill clinton and i am waiting do see the evidence of hillary clinton's personal involvement. >> step step quit the white house because of this and he put it out. >> stephanopolis --. >> well, most in not all that has been heard over and over and over again. what will be interesting is the more donald trump, or the press, goes on both of them in these areas i don't think -- it will be the economy, it will be other things. the press does get preoccupied with this. >> there is a fascination with trump and women and bill clinton and women and hillary clinton's role in her husband's philandering. >> there was a huge media buildup for the fox prime time
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special the first one with megyn kelly, one of the guests was donald trump, so we will look at when they talked about whether the candidate had second thoughts. >> when you look back on the past nine months from the purse debate to now, any regrets? >> absolutely i have regrets. i don't think i want to discuss what the regrets are but absolutely cow is done certain things differently and maybe used different language in a couple of instants. but, over all, i have to be happy with the outcome. >> was the interview reveal increasing. >> not particularly. to say i could have used different language at some point is the vaguest possible thing. >> it is not an apology. >> it is year he said he had regrets but does not point anything identity. >> and meg did not ask, what, exactly, you talking about. he drew so many things that have drawn criticism but to say once in a while i said something
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unfortunate and there was no follow-up or detail, a last folks are disappointed. >> interesting phrase that megyn kelly did not go after him she made clear it was not a presidential debate or an interview on issues that were taped well in advance and it would be a softer personality profile but they talk about themselves. what is the impact of donald trump saying, gee, maybe i should not have re-tweeted "bimbo." >> anything? >> not much. the expectations were all up. megyn kelly has problemmen she can take on donald trump and really ask him the tough questions. that is how it all saturdays. again, it was a different time and different type of interview. i don't think there was a lot of gotcha, to trip him up. >> lot of critics did not like it, on whether it was too soft but some may have had an agenda.
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one called trump bigoted quasi fascist and unstable demagog. and "washington post" called donald trump hatively, nonsensical, and they did not like the interview. >> this sir ron ice, they all rallied for meg after the august debate and looked at her as a champion but she has always been neutral, she does not love donald trump and she does not hate donald trump and it would be a fair interview. that is what it was. because she did not attack him they are disappointing. that is ridiculous. it was pre-taped two weeks in advance so it is hard to do breaking news. she is looking at this to warm him up to get on the show so she can go after the hard stuff. >> it is more of a barbara walters interview. >> she has a entire year. >> you should interview megyn kelly then, not an interview with donald trump. >> the critics disagree.
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>> front page "washington post" story said the grass roots conservative activists are trying to block trump's nomination with a scheme to free the delegates to vote how they want. really? >> join us is brit hume the senior political analyst. should the media give aid and air time to the never trump types would insist the battle is not over? >> the stories are legitimate stories. but i don't think they are front page stories. the real story is that things
2:17 pm
are moving in donald trump's direction. his effort to woo conserve differents is making progress. you can see things, it is the drift. there is a question that would paul ryan support him and now he will, and the n.r.a., and the list of supreme court nominees he want out want a long way. that is the main story. he is doing pretty well in the effort. >> it is pore like a side bar story. >> in that same vein, bill kristol has been talking eight bout mitt romney, tom coburn and others puts together a conservative third party challenge. should journalists pore ray this as desperate? >> it is extreme long shot. the people interviewed, no one has showed any interest. >> no one has raised their hand. >> no one is saying "i'll do it." and you would not do it unless you thought this was a chance it
2:18 pm
would work or you had another reason for wanting to be a presidential candidate with the attention. i don't know what we ought to call it desperate but anyone reporting it should be clear what a long shot it is. basically, that is true. >> now, we have the recent presidents of "new york times" and fox showing donald trump in a hypothetical with hillary clinton up two or three points and other presidents showing hillary clinton by a few so my question is, the media see that trump is not going to win do they now have to take trump more seriously after saying if he got the knox nation he would be clobbered? >> obviously. people did not expect what would happen after he got it locked up he would rise in the polls. but it comes when hillary clinton's troubles and weaknesses as a candidate are on full display.
2:19 pm
she clearly is overwhelmingly likely to the win the nomination but she cannot shake bernie sanders and is contending with him and pushes her to the left which makes long term prospects more difficult so it comes as a perfect storm. candidates often do get a bounce when the nomination is secure even in it is not formal. >> but ambassador. >> so there is is a lift for tr. so it is basically a file right now. we don't know what it will look like when she gets free of bernie sanders and can focus all her attention on him and when the attack machine of the democratic party is let loose. we will have to see. all the polls, i sense are a shift in the media about donald trump and his ability to unify the g.o.p. >> hillary clinton, the aides and allies working the press such as "new york times" hillary
2:20 pm
clinton new plan to outdonald trump by being boring. and the "washington post" yeted more than a dozen clinton allies talking with poor showings on unlikibility, lack laws step campaign style, and trustability. this is the spin from her side. >> what do you make of that? >> a it goes to the question she faces: do i talk mostly about what i am going on do as president and why you should elect me. the question that has hung over the campaign from the jump which has given real first to the bernie sanders campaign, what, if you had to stop and think what her campaign is about a would you say based on what she said? as a political analyst you could say, it is about another term for president obama's policies but she is fought saying that, so what is she going to campaign on? will she say i will give you president obama for a third term
2:21 pm
or will she decide that donald trump is such a target rich environment and so vulnerable that the way to win is to beat him an inch of his life with the comments. >> my own reporting said that the hillary clinton people like the contrast, her dull, reliable. >> trump unpredictable. but when she does interviews she does not seem to make a lot of news, she is cautious. >> she does. she is not a particularly good campaigner. and that is an example of why she is not. her inability to deliver the goods. >> if you we have our own people afop miscellaneously conceding that point. >> brit hume great to see you. thanks for toking by. >> bob woodward said the "washington post" is not digging up dirt by unleashing 20 reporters on donald trump. but, next, remembering morley safer and the voice he brought.
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morley safer was a giant and a gentleman. i met morleyim >> morally safer was giant and a gentleman. he was not full of himself and did not make himself the story. he died after 46 seasons on "60 minutes" which he played a big role in creating it a counter point to mike wallace. but the sad news is a weekend after his retirement was announced and an hour long tribute showing him to be a great writer, storyteller and conversationalists. >> do you feel like a legend? >> you feel like, why think like anything. >> we should do this interview in the nude. you would love it. >> what the hell. >> you liked that, pal? >> please. >> playing pool with jackie gleeson and three could confront the white of bernie madoff.
2:26 pm
>> do you feel ashamed? >> a you have course i feel ashamed. >> it is tough name to live with? >> it sure s. >> me did ground breaking reporting in vietnam especially the story of the sovereigning of civilian homes that pricked the american conscience. >> as we came in guy started lighting up with much mas, with lighters, with flame throwers clearing the people out and torching the houses. this was not like any operation i had ever been on before with american troops or any troops anywhere. that is what the war in vietnam is about. he was a comfortable presence and i love this comment but the foam canadian newspaper hand was never comfortable with the business that made him famous. >> i really don't like being on division. it is intimidating. discomforting. it makes me uneasy it is not natural to be talking to machinery. but the money is very good.
2:27 pm
>> morally safer was 84. >> remaining up the press puts bernie sanders on defensive after the supporters make horrifying death threats against the democratic officials and zuckerberg's meeting with conservative critics: can he fix the facebook bias problem? may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le
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>> the democratic campaign awash in negativive headlines after bernie sanders supporters causing problems last week in never at the convention. the party chief called the senator's response unacceptable with the dispute over delegates prompted some to make death threats beginning the nevada chairwoman and it turned ugly. >> i wanted to let you know people like you should be hung in a public execution to show the world we will not stand for
2:31 pm
this corruption you powerless bitch i hope people find you run off the stage. >> wow, a subject of vermont senator was not anxious to discuss with the press. [ inaudible ] >> back with the panel. kelly in terms of the coverage, sanders now is out against debbie wasserman schultz. >> this took out on saturday at a trump rally it would be headline news. the "washington post", did not even cover this until wednesday and the headline was on the 7th page of the paper and the headline "hillary clinton wins to untuck and sanders picks up oregon," with a improve and a little problem in nevada. this is underreported and now the press is reporting it only
2:32 pm
because it was a formal complaint filed by the nevada democratic party against sanders and hear was on the floor and said bernie sanders should abillion jazz and now it is covered. it should have been covered more. >> there are differing accounts of how bad it was but what is not in dispute is that even some liberal media outlets and writers are turning on bernie and asking why he is in the race and does not condemn this more forcefully. ayou he should have handled it -- it is legitimate to challenge him for not denouncing it but it is everboard when we do not even know who these people who called the chairperson are in they are bernie supporters to hold him responsible for it, is wrong. to hold him, you do want to denounce this stuff, don't you, before any, that is legitimate. the press is part of it. >> and now, he has been saying if he is behind in delegates
2:33 pm
after the final primaries he may not concede and wants to go to the convention. here is "new york times" "bernie sanders eyeing convention willing to harm hillary clinton in the home stretch." the subtext seems, is he crazy? >> that is theater. this is an example of folkserring on the side -- of folks er on the side of story. hillary clinton stayed in, in 2008, through june. there is zero evidence her staying in that long or float the possibility that it damaged obama. >> but bernie sanders is trying to harm her because he is trying to went nomination. he may not have a chance. that is how campaigns work. law is no indication he will be out in june he said he will take it all the way. there are four positions filed in philadelphia and all for bernie sanders supporters for protests and that will damage her. >> willing to harm hillary clinton. >> we talk of the more personal
2:34 pm
criticism from donald trump aimed at hillary clinton's husband and she is on cnn and asked the question. >> do you ever feel compelled to defend your honor, the honor of your husband? >> no. >> with statements he is making? >> no. not at all. i know that is example what he is looking for and i am not going to respond. >> i understand that hillary clinton doesn't want to get and a point by point response when trump brings up any of the bill clinton scandals but i watched interviews, and she does not seem to make much news. everything she says is incrementally different from what she said year s that a problem or is in my bias because i want candidates to say colorful things we can talk about? >> we will find out. that is the different style obviously, from donald trump.
2:35 pm
that is going to be a big, what did the membership want? this is -- both of these people are exactly what you see and exactly what you will get. one careful, thinking through every sentence and the other jumping immediately support news by saying whatever comes to mind and whatever repercussions, i will fix it later. both of them have done well. both of them are the nominees of the party. >> journalists have to ask the questions and she does not do so many interviews, nearly, and they are not get answers. your thoughts? >> it is interesting how different they are and how a last reporters will feel the whip lack covering the two campaigns because i don't know in modern american frontrunners we -- with less in common. all the polls sail both are unpopular so we are in for
2:36 pm
anally campaign. >> thanks for joining us. >> next on "media buzz" tucker carlson on whether face book used him and other conservatives as props meeting with facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg. >> and bob woodward on the challenges of investigating hillary clinton and donald trump. inton and donald trump. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones
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faceboo >> facebook has been doing damage control since former employ ease charge they are bias against conservatives when picking trending topics. zuckerberg is sitting down the or day with social conservatives as glenn beck and dana perino and tucker carlson. enjoying me from new york is the editor and chief and co-post 6 "fox & friends" and tucker, glenn beck criticized the conservatives in your group saying it was like the salem witch trial which they had to plead guilty or be burned at the stake the >> it was a pleasant meeting and i thought facebook making a good faith effort. they liberal. they know that. they draw from the peninsula, from silicon valley, and upper income highly educated people. generally. and that is a liberal demographic. they know when you have a bunch of people with the sam view in a room you make mistakes. it doesn't help their business model to suppress conservative views or to lose the trust as a
2:41 pm
huge percentage of their audience so they are worried and brought in all people and had zuckerberg and a keyboard members the head of development team, they were trying and glenn beck mischaracterized it. it was sucking up to zuckerberg in an office citizen tashes way. >> sucking up are you saying? >> sucking up. in a profound way. hilarious and theater-type way. >> wait, wait, wait, he says you guys are aing like jesse jackson trying to shake down facebook or getting quotas with conservative views. >> i find quotas appalling and affirmative action is immoral. i am not for anything like that i made the point, look, it is obvious and conventional point, if you get a room full of people with agree it is important to bring around people who do not agree as a back stop against making bad decisions and they are focused on earth ice
2:42 pm
diversity, and that is fine but there are other deeper more important forms such as ideological and cultural diversity. can you have people that look different but share the same assumptions and you are not getting beneficial effects of diversity like halfjecting, why not hire a bunch of mormons if you want a workforce that looks like america, 11% after cab americans but, america is 3% mormon so not hire 3% mormon. i was not shaking them or or suggesting any kind of affirmative action program. >> i am relieved to hear that. zuckerberg said on facebook many conservatives do not trust our platform services content without political bias and you seem persuade he is trying to fix that? >> look, any -- face book is not a news organization but the lot form for other news organizations who dissystem nature --. >> including every television
2:43 pm
network and all of us, we live in the facebook world so what they do is hugely important. that is right. and we do a ton, a ton, a top facebook business is part of our business. that is why i was there, a main reason. you host a last news sites and editorial judgments are made not based on analogy rich. there will be subjective judgments and the views of employees will have an affect afternoon and they know this. is there an attempt to step voices they disagree with? i don't think so. it is not in their interest to do that. they will lose money in the end. there is a built in incentive to try to be sort of fair distinct from "new york times" which doesn't have a diverse audience. it is aim to a specific group of people who agree with them. they pander to the people. facebook is different. >> reaching out to everyone is good business for facebook and i thought it was good that mark zuckerberg reached out to you
2:44 pm
and some of your colleagues. thank you, tucker. >> after break, bob woodward responds to attacks on jeff bezos by donald trump. my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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bob woodward made moree >> bob woodward said the "washington post" was asex budget a journalistic task force to investigate donald trump and they took a shot at the "washington post" owner, amazon founder jeff bezos. >> we are getting reporters from the "washington post" asking ridiculous questions. this is from jeff bezos who controls amazon who is getting away with the taxes using the
2:48 pm
"washington post" for power so that the politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> i sat down with the veteran "washington post" editor and. >> their here in washington, dc. >> bob woodward, welcome. >> the washington examiner quoted you saying the "washington post" has 20 reporters assigned to investigating donald trump this was widely reported as the paper's determined to dig up dirt on donald trump of the fair or unfair? >> unfair. it is to look at every phase of his life which is precisely what we are doing, a press release was put out a month ago announce ing the "washington post" is going to do this book and as the reporting proceeds, there will be stories in the newspaper. that is kind of the focus and, at the same time, we going, as i said, do the same thing on hillary clinton. >> of course my next question, hillary clinton, will she receive the same scrutiny and same public of articles?
2:49 pm
>> yes. i believe so. it depend on whether we find out trump has not been a political public figure and political public figures get more scrutiny than someone in business so there could be more about him so the headline that it is to dig up book. >> it is not. >> that tells you something about media market place. this is what people say they want for journalism to hold public figures, politicians, accountable, but, has that also kind of fallen out of fashion in twitter age if you and the producing 50,000 words or 60,000 words on donald many. people will read that. that is up to them. >> it is important it is available. you do not want people going into the voting booth in november and saying, i could not
2:50 pm
find out who these people are. i could not discover what hillary clinton did in her senate years or as secretary of state or has first lady. gee, i don't understand how donald trump got in the casino business. how successful was he? where did he have his casinos? who ran them? what were the bankruptcies or near bankruptcies about and so forth, and that will be available to people. >> has the current level of reporting been inadequate in your view? >> we can always do better. in there is a them line in all of this, if you were to look at my e-mails you would see people weapon saying, we did not know enough about bill clinton before he became president. we did not know enough about george w. bush.
2:51 pm
>> is it a fair criticism that obama, in 2008, did not get the keep of response filed media scrutiny that, for example, donald trump seems to be getting? >> a lot of people feel that. >> how do you feel? >> i feel we can always do more. i think literally it is impossible to find out too much about these people. whether everyone is going to pay attention to it or be interested or read a long article or read a book, it is our job. i remember katherine graham the former publisher of the "washington post" when we were in the midst of the nixon case, and i was talking to her about, where is this going? what does it mean and so forth and she raised the question, exactly the right question, why do we dig and these things when it is hard and people are uncomfortable we are doing this,
2:52 pm
and she said, because that is the business we're in. >> as you bring up watergate and nixon and you say in hick's private e-mail or echoes of watergate but a speech you were quoted saying i don't think anyone feels there was intent to distribute classified information that was illegal or jeopardized public security. >> talking to people about it and rebound himself has said that there was in spent and it was careless. >> he defend his fellow democrat. >> of course he is. there are still, i have always said there are questions about the e-mail investigation and they should be answered certainly before the election. the question of intent and whether it was careless or not, can think anyone is suggesting
2:53 pm
that hillary clinton was putting out classifyied information so people, the russians or the chinese or somebody could read that, the purposes with efficiency and, maybe, to keep it from others. it was not to distribute classified information. i don't think her severest critic has suggested that. what they have said is there was negligence here and that is part of the investigation. >> trump reacted last welcome by criticizing jeff bezos saying that the amazon founder bought the "washington post", to increase his glue in "washington post" and to put his interest in politic but how much has it influenced? >> bezos, as put out by the "washington post" executive editor say it is his decision to
2:54 pm
do this, and to look at all of the candidates, and i have talked to bezos about this, and it is just got to be bipartisan and has to be aggressive, and, he has said, as well, that the resources will be available to do this. it is echoing in a different way, we do this because this is the business we are in. >> we will see where the journalistic efforts lead. thank you, bob woodward. >> questionable grant that may have influenced npr's report on the iran nuclear deal and a backlash over a coverup of a weather forecaster in a cocktail dress. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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2:58 pm
with a group that worked with white house to sell the nuclear iraq program. the deputy national security advisor toll "new york times" magazine that and i quote, "outside groups will part of the echo chamber the administration created to push the iran agreement and said there are no conditions on the plant and it has a rigorous editorial firewall to protect it which they are say they are not influencing, and we interviewed the president of the company and he was only identified as found are -- found are but it does not pass the smell test. >> and now a weather forecaster who needs a change of clothing. >> put this jacket on? >> a lot of e-mails. what you? what? really?
2:59 pm
all the episode went viral and the los angeles meteorologist say she was playing aject and the co-anchor said the original dress clashed with the green screen weather map? >> the little black views and some viewers come laned and in the spirit of satirize she was handed a sweater on the air to change the little black dress for something that isn' much evening wear. on average, we do what, 6.8 gags a morning, some work, some don't. i am sure it was in good fun but there is a reason many called in or likened it to the saudi religious police. they should have had the liberty to decide what to way on the air. that was it for "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz. thanks for watching.
3:00 pm
let us know what you think of show. ask me a media request and i will respond. back next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern, with the latest buzz. i am john problems here for chris wallace. the egyptair crash raises new questions of the terror threat in united states airport security. >> groups are intent on attacking the aviation system. >> with the t.s.a. under microscope how will it impact the long lines at airplanes across the country? we will discuss that with homeland security secretary jeh johnson and get reaction from congressman who is chairman of the house homeland security committee, both, only on fox news sunday. >> then, the crash becomes a focal point in the trump and clinton clash on terror. >> she will not use the term "radical islamic terrorism." you understand that. >> we speak w