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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  May 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we'll see you next fox news sunday. developing in political news at this hour. the divide in one party growing as supporters are suing over widespread confusion in the primary race and the other party, what could be an epic movement toward coming together? i'm harris faulkner. this is the report. here's how it is playing out. a short time ago, a new sign the gop is combining forces to back donald trump. reports of south carolina senator lindsey graham who has had a long public spat with trump is privately telling others in the party in a fundraiser to support the presumptive nominee. graham's press secretary will only confirm graham was there and no change in the senator's
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personal position. people who were at the private fundraiser are reportedly talking though. it would be a big shift towards unity within that party. no such movement across the political aisle. among the democrats, the in-fighting seems more bitter by the hour. senator bernie sanders is holding events in california on this sunday. he feels voters on the hillary clinton side are lesser of two evils. what does that mean? all this as we get hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in a would-be showdown. down to just three points in the brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. we have all your political coverage ahead including a breakdown at the bottom of the hour with fox news political insider. first, let's go to political coverage, lauren blanchard with the trump campaign. we'll start with you. donald trump is fund raising right now. >> reporter: you know, harris, the presumptive nominee could
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need more than a billion dollars to compete in the general election. the los angeles times reports donald trump on wednesday will attend his first republican national committee fundraiser for himself. the report says $25,000 gets the donors dinner, a reception, and a photo with trump. for $100,000 grand, an rnc membership. trump and the rnc agreed to a joint fund raising agreement that allows individual donors to give $450,000 to two joint fund raising committees. much higher than the $227,000 to give to just presidential campaigns. and while trump, the party, and some individual donors are ready to raise and spend millions to elect trump, there are still high profile gop donors vowing to withhold money from the trump effort like td ameritrade founder joe rickets. trump said he has no need for that. >> these are people that want access to the white house. they understand they can't tell me what to do like every other
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candidate. they endorse people like jeb bush. they would have had total control over jeb. they would have had total control over other people. >> meanwhile, the billionaire and gop donor is backing trump. harris? >> so rich, when we started out moments ago, i was telling viewers about that new polling, that nbc news "wall street journal" polling showing it would be tighter would hillary clinton and donald trump face each other in a general election. we're also learning it could be much more negative than even we think. >> plenty of polls demonstrating that especially as more show most voters don't like either candidate. a recently released washington news poll show 41% have a favorable view of hillary clinton and for donald trump, 40%. and for hillary clinton, 57% unfavorable and 57% for donald trump too. >> this is interesting.
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potentially worse news for hillary clinton because she has a long political path. rich, thank you very much. last stand for bernie sanders. california. he has the week before june 7th primary there or a couple of weeks and his supporters are so serious about helping him win, they just filed a lawsuit. apparently, the rules are too confusing and they want more time to register the sanders supporters by tomorrow. he's in it for the long haul and he needs delegates. 475 of them at stake there and there's a new poll showing sanders beats donald trump in a general election match-up by double digits. far better odds than clinton would against trump. >> i think that hillary clinton has not looked at a lot of the national polls out there which have me doing a lot better than she is against donald trump and that's true in almost all of the state polls as well. i think she may not have noticed in the last three contests we won and we tied in kentucky and that we have an excellent chance to win the majority of the
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state. donald trump is a disaster, in my view, and i will do everything that i can whether it's the candidate or not to see he is defeated. >> lauren blanchard is live for us in vista, california. lauren? >> reporter: hi, harris. bernie knows it comes down to california. he's been speaking to 7,000 people behind me using mega rallies like this to call out the democratic national committee and chairs and leadership and also those delegates headed to the convention in july. saying that polls suggest he would be the better candidate against donald trump. >> i've made the objective evidence is very clear that in every national poll, in every state poll, we defeat trump by large numbers over secretary clinton. it is the future of this country. and i hope that the democratic
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party understands. >> now the hypothetical match-up, nbc "wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton has a lower favorability rating than sanders and a majority of sanders supporters don't see her in a positive light. polls suggest clinton still struggles with young voters and may have a tough time getting them to back her in the fall. >> state after state, we have won the overwhelming majority of young people's votes. >> now, that same poll shows 88% of clinton supporters would back sanders against trump whereas only 66% of sanders supporters would vote for hillary in a general election. now, if he wants to make his case at the convention in july, he will need to pick up a majority of those 475 pledge
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delegates up for grabs here in california, a win he very much needs and harris, add to that lawsuit you mentioned earlier, there's still no indication at which way the judge will vote on that spokeswoman for the california secretary of state did decline to comment. back to you. >> i'll tell you after what happened with the rules and angry sanders supporters just last weekend in nevada, you can bet pushing for more time to understand the rules in california will get somebody's attention from the sanders supporters. lauren, thank you very much. president obama right now is in vietnam. and facing pressure from american military families over the trip. it is the first stop on the week long trip to asia and a number of american soldiers still unaccounted for. more than 40 years after the end of the vietnam war. kevin corke is reporting live from pinoy. what is he planning to do in response to the family? >> reporter: i'm glad you said that, harris.
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this is a huge issue. it will not be going away anytime soon. keep in mind, there are still more than 1600 americans that remain unaccounted for since the end of the vietnam war. now the white house will tell you and they've told us privately and even publicly that this will remain a major dialogue point between the two governments because they feel like more cooperation could answer the important questions of what happened to more than a thousand americans and their remain since the end of the vietnam war and like president bush and before him, hope they can move forward on the issue. the mipaw flying over the white house and this is obviously a major issue. some would say it may even overshadow the effort to expand trade and security cooperation and the push for more arm sales to vietnam, harris, we'll be watching that conversation carefully. >> that's what i want to talk
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about now. why is the obama administration trying to sell more weapons capability? it's despite a decade's old ban already. why is that happening? >> reporter: yeah, nail's on the head. you're right. keep this in mind too, there's a lot of lawmakers that feel this is not such a great idea given the previous relationship with beijing and hanoi but more regional security cooperation and maybe that stability will help act as a bull wart those acting in the south china sea. the vietnamese want to better protect themselves with more u.s. arms. the u.s. would feel like by arming them in a better position, maybe them and other allies in the area can act as sort of a bull wort against the chinese but it's a complicated issue and may not be solved on this particular trip even though it is clear the white house would like to eliminate that ban. as you point out, it's a decade's old ban that remains in
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place and despite chipping away at it a little bit under president clinton, it's still remaining at least to this day. we'll see if that changes, harris, and watch that closely as well. >> i would imagine, kevin, before i let you go, the families see this playing together. how can you not maybe make or address one end of identity t i of the missing soldiers and also not look at what the vietnamese want in terms of military and weapons? it's a very interesting combination of things. i would imagine the families play it together. we cover the news as it happens there. thank you very much. >> yeah. right now, a manhunt under way after a police officer was murdered during a traffic stop. the latest on the search for the killer as we monitor a news conference set to begin for the latest breaking details from there and the fox news political insider on who's ahead, who's afraid and who's happy in the race for the white house. we'll take all the political headlines and two at the bottom
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fox news alert. iraqi prime minister said his country on the verge of a great victory. it's launching operations to retake fallujah which is now in the hands of the islamic state savages. fallujah was the first to fall to the iraqi army in 2014. it was the key victory for the enemy back then so this is a big day. they continue to make gains against the islamic state but continuing. u.s. officials now are working to confirm the death of a taliban leader whom they say was likely killed by u.s. drone. mansour led the taliban since 2013. a u.s. official telling fox news he was driving in pakistan just across the afghan border when
4:15 pm
they hit him. homeland security jay johnson say it is a significant blow to the taliban. >> i think it's significant because mansour was actively trying to undermine reconciliation and targeting u.s. and afghan interests. if he was, in fact, killed, this would be a major development. >> taliban has more than 30,000 fighters in afghanistan alone. some 10,000 u.s. troops remain in that country. as you may know, that is supposed to be cut in half by the time president obama leaves office. and back to the united states now. a manhunt in massachusetts reportedly coming to an end after hours, hours of a standoff. local news stations now reporting police have shot and killed a gunman accused of taking out a police officer. rona ronald tarantino at umass.
4:16 pm
and saluting in a sea of blue as they escorted his body to the medical examiner. police conference under way. we bring the news that comes out of that as it breaks. ryan is with us. with our eye to the news conference, what's been happening? >> reporter: hi, harris. the police from auburn to oxford, the fbi helping out. they have just confirmed exactly what our affiliate reported from our source 20 or 30 minutes ago. the shootout is over. the suspect who police believe shot ronald tarantino is dead. we understand that the one trooper who was shot during this standoff has been rushed to a hospital. he is expected to be okay. the shootout happened at about 9:30 at an apartment on watch street in oxford, massachusetts, the county of worcester.
4:17 pm
this began at about or 10:00. police blockaded watch street where the suspect was held up in that apartment and they pushed media and neighbors back. the two locals that i spoke to, one man was looking to actually visit a friend on that street when it was blockaded. he saw an armored vehicle go with s.w.a.t. members on to that block. he heard negotiations happening from the speaker attached to that armored vehicle. police urging the suspect to turn himself in. they would try every ten or 15 minutes. he said this went on for about five hours and every once in a while, they would hear gas canisters, tear gas that was thrown against the apartment, is what the police were saying during this standoff. at 12:30 a.m. this morning, officer ronald tarantino stopped on a residential street in auburn, neighboring about 25 miles southwest of boston. the driver, this suspect, who is now named as jorge zambrano shot
4:18 pm
tarantino and fled the scene. 40-year-old tarantino rushed to umass medical center and leaves behind a wife and three children and earlier, we saw, as you mentioned, harris, in the intro, just dozens of officers saluting a motorcade as the body was transported to the medical examiner's office earlier today, and fellow officers also laying flowers in front of a stone monument honoring officers who lost their lives in the call of duty. in the meantime, as we have said, the fbi had been working, this was a team effort to make sure that they got this person. tarantino had spent just two years on the auburn police force. before that, he spent seven years in the police force in neighboring lester. so popular, they named a sandwich after him and called him a dedicated publicer serva.
4:19 pm
leaving behind three children and a wife. our local affiliate reporting that he served our country and he is on his way to lay his father to rest. >> brian, thank you very much. crews around the globe joining the search for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804 and americans are helping out. and now raising some new questions about one angle they've been looking at since the very beginning when the plane first went missing. terrorism. a live report from paris. the latest on the investigation. and a donald trump supporter going out with a special dedication for the special nominee for president. you'll have to see it. >> i haven't voted in years, but this year, it's election because mr. trump is not a politician really caught my attention. >> in my lifetime, all politicians have made promises they've not kept.
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an egyptian submarine headed to flight 804 the crash there. pulling more from the eastern mediterranean seas trying to zero in on the black boxes which could help them determine exactly what caused the disaster. they thought they had him and now we know they didn't so their still looking. mike mccall said multiple clues point to terrorism. >> i think many signs do point to terrorism. an explosive device on the aircraft. since there were not smoke detecters in the lavatory, it was breached indicating it may have been blown out. we won't know until we get the black box and all the confirmation from that. >> senior foreign affairs
4:24 pm
correspondent live for us in paris. greg? >> reporter: the air search is intensifying in the mediterranean where flight 804 went down about four days ago right now. in the mix, the united states navy have their p 3 orion active. three of them in fact on rotation coming from a base in italy. this weekend, they report that they found a large debris field on the surface of the mediterranean consisting of about 100 pieces from that downed aircraft. this is considered a very important find, harris. we covered already parts of the plane, personal esqffects and remains. but no sign of the black box voice and data recorders. those are critical, of course, to figure out what happened in this crash. egypt is now dispatching a submarine that could go deep as 10,000 feet. it might have to to find those
4:25 pm
black boxes. also emerging this weekend, some short communication bursts between the egyptair crew and a swiss air traffic controllers. this happened about one hour into the flight. you'll hear it. it's workman-like. it's routine. it all seems to be well. take a listen. >> two hours later, there was a crash. the question is, why? on sonday made the first comment saying what others are saying. terror is a possibility, but there are other possibilities. here at charles de gaulle in paris, they take the terror operation quite seriously. they've been interrogating workers who had contact with the plane and going through the passenger list comparing them against terror watch list and
4:26 pm
screened hours of surveillance video. in a reliable report that we got on sunday, it seems like so far, nothing has turned up. and finally, the families of the victims, of course, they are continuing to grieve. there are 66 victims of this crash. the loss marked in many ways in cairo. there was a memorial service for a lovely young flight attendant. she was remembered by her family and her friend. and at the vatican, harris, pope francis offered his condolences, offered his prayers, and offered solidarity. in his words in this very difficult time. back to you. >> you know, it is horrible what these families of the loved ones they've lost must be going through and at the same time, you know, the prayer would be that they would get some answers early on and we saw with other missing planes in the last couple of years that it can be so, it's just really heart wrenching for those families. what are some things done for
4:27 pm
those families too? a lot of times, we hear they're languishing waiting for answers. >> exactly, harris. there's been a center here both near the airport and in paris. there was 15 french people on that flight. many of them, however, have been brought by egyptair to cairo to be closer to their loved ones and we got a late report as you indicate, it could be a long wait. it could take weeks, it could take even months to find that black box. again, a very treacherous part of the mediterranean sea bottom and even with the black box, it might not be a final conclusive answer, but right now, we do know it was a terrible accident. may be terror. may be aircraft. back to you. >> that terror angle they've been looking at is holding together from the beginning. we continue to follow the news as it happens. greg, thank you very much. coming up, we'll look at how the likely general election
4:28 pm
match-up is shaping up early on. we say this too. wow, it's so early to take a peek at this. what i want to ask the fox news insiders is why is it tightening now? usually you see this closer to the actual contest. new polling showing the two are neck and neck. what is driving that? does this guy have anything to do with it? the democrat primary is far from over and the ongoing fight only getting nastier within the democratic party. remember, we love it when you tune in and chime in. twitter and facebook. we're coming right back. ♪
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our fox news political insiders are here. john is present and accounted for. put your hand in the air like you just don't care. and pat in the middle, pollster and fox news contributor and by the way, bill clinton just a little while ago on the stump. we'll talk about that in a moment. he had a late day event. let's talk about this new polling. is that a poll looking at donald trump looking at hillary clinton? nbc news, washington, or "wall street journal" and then you've got the abc news poll and "the washington post" showing similar things. look at how that's tightening.
4:33 pm
my question for all of you is why now? that's what you see when you get close to the contest. >> here's what's happening, harris. we have the democratic party still divided. hillary clinton has had. >> did you think you would have to say that? >> no, i never thought we'd say the republican party would be consolidating behind donald trump this early in the process. because of that, and because of a sense that hillary's the insider and donald trump is the outsider, this race is now effectively deadlocked. some polls show hillary ahead and others have donald ahead but this is all good news for donald trump. >> i want to dig deeper in this and have you school us on something. some of these reports say this is even the case when you have a d plus poll sample critical for hillary. talk to us like we're 6. >> the new polls are not well done in many cases, as much as
4:34 pm
they get publicity for it. "the washington post" always had a huge democratic edge. >> that's a plus 8. >> and yet they have trump ahead among registered voters. >> even that big of a percentage. more people polled. >> probably would be bigger depending on the weight supplied. but they spent a lot of time talking about adults as though anyone, it's irrelevant to us what she's doing with adults. registered voters are not as important, am i right? here's the thing. there is a mindset and you can look at it in the "washington post" poll where they only ask questions about trump. not questions about the hillary or e-mail and the scandal. you could see that poll was designed to extract what they assume would be, i believe, many, many negative comments and i guess it fits their bob woodward 20 person path towards to take care of donald trump. but it didn't work out in that
4:35 pm
poll. >> she's still losing. >> he would say and his ratings, while bad, have caught up to hers. but we'll talk about this. but two weeks ago, it was hillary can't be beat. two weeks ago. everyone said she's going to win and then not doing well and this week, oh my god, she's collapsing. the movements here are like the campaign. erratic and major. >> erratic and major. all right. so as i come to you, john, senator lindsay graham started out with this news not just saying he changed his position, but he's telling others, reportedly in a private event fundraiser to get behind donald trump. what does that communicate to you? >> he's afraid of his own, perhaps, reelection in south carolina, doesn't want to get on the wrong side of the whole party which is, at the moment, coalescing behind trump. the donors, faster than any of
4:36 pm
us could have thought, today, the big donors are not yet there for trump but trump's whole deal is not money. he doesn't need a lot of money. his message. now, let me say this about these polls. i think they're a double edged sword. they're bad for hillary now. but in a way, they're good for hillary because they're, as they say in new york, slapping her upside the head and slapping any overconfidence out of that campaign. they now -- >> john, there is no overconfidence. >> that's good. could describe it as the death march. >> all right. so -- >> on the other side, i'm not sure trump, because he's doing so well, that he quite sees what's coming and what he needs to do to be ready for it. he hasn't adjusted his message. we're going to talk tonight about it. >> there is no argument that i've heard discredible that looks at the situation with
4:37 pm
bernie sanders and doesn't see an advantage for donald trump. because we talk about the juggernaut which is the clinton team, right? and that going and how donald trump may not know what it will look like, but bernie sanders is putting sand in the gears of that machine right now. >> let me speak to that. because as the prime proponent among the three of us, what the clinton machine was allegedly and ostensibly going to do to donald trump, i have to have a bit of a mea culpa per your comment. she's not past bernie sanders. bernie sanders is going to be competitive, i believe, in california. he's made it pretty clear there's going to be a rules fight about the super delegates, something pat and john and i talked about before. and he's also not going away quietly. especially when he's raising $25 million to $30 million a month. >> you know, pat, when you talk about not going away quietly, that's also a big problem because it's getting hillary clinton to focus on whatever
4:38 pm
he's talking about, rather than what she would want to be talking about. i don't know what your options are right now. >> she keeps trying to satisfy going and meet with him, however. >> it's kind of a dance. >> here's the basic problem. bernie sanders believes, and he's right to believe this, if the democratic party had had the republican rules, he would be the democratic nominee. >> he might be the vice president. >> that may get him the vice preside president. the fight that's going to take place over the issue of the future super delegates and how the system is designed is going to be all out war because i believe this and my colleagues can comment, they may know better, i just think the established democratic party will not give up easily. >> you see the supporters of bernie, what they're doing in california. they're suing to try to get a longer period of time to register for the next primary. we're coming right back. when we do, we're going to talk
4:39 pm
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. senator bob corker set to meet with donald trump. why? >> chair of the foreign relations committee. he's an establishment guy. he's been in there for a while now and looks like a senator, so maybe trump is thinking, i'm out there. i'm a business guy. i need an inside guy with foreign policy experience. >> a businessman. >> he wants a businessman. >> you see him as a top vp candidate pick for him? >> i don't know that he would take it. >> do you like him for that. >> my opinion is different. i'm analyzing. i think he's good. he's a good guy.
4:43 pm
the problem with corker is he was for the iran nuke deal. and that is going to be a problem. trump has to run against it. >> no, he was against it. >> he ruined it by letting it be a boat instead. >> interesting. so but the one thing that it allows for is donald trump to stay in as the outsider and he said he needs someone to do the things that he cannot do and he's not a politician. >> the real challenge trump has is to pick somebody who addresses his concern to have somebody who is experienced in government, but is not so much of an insider, he can be. one is prospectively newt gingrich. his negatives almost high as trump's and good as he may be, he would be a real target. >> i'm seeing a lot of polls for john kasich.
4:44 pm
polls lead ohio. chunky heifer. that's not your real name. chunky said it needs to be someone from ohio. must have the state for the election. >> let me just say something on this. i was out last week in the industrial midwestern state that was not ohio but doing a number of focus groups on another topic but presidential was involved in it. the number of republicans who are unhappy with trump who've raised kasich on their own was amazing to me and it was a consistent theme across about a dozen. i'm just telling you, they like that. and i think in many ways, even though he's not enough of an insider, he helps him. he's a manager of government. >> you tell him your job, he has one job and stay in ohio for four months, guarantee we get ohio. that helps.
4:45 pm
>> hillary has to go if that happens to sherrod brown. >> if i like your comment, it is not my personal opinion of it. it means i want to get you in on the conversation. so if you see that, it means i'm trying to get you next. i want to talk about something you just did. you did some focus grouping. we can't say the exact thing but a major midwestern. but what came out of that you think is significant? >> a dozen groups and i was in ten of them. nine or ten of them and i want to tell you, two things came up. three things. one, first of all, i was stunned in how negative women were, particularly, to hillary clinton. these were basically democrats and independents in vehemance in which may dismissed her and the first thing they said and i would say over half the participants. why isn't there somebody else
4:46 pm
which will go and the third thing is on trump is what i said to you is a lot of people who were unsure, i mean, they were going to be for trump. right now, if i had to bet, that state would be going to trump and i know how to read people's comments. this was amazing. and this would stun the world. >> before i get to you on that, because you brought that up, trisha said please address that debbie wasserman-schultz. what is up with that in your political party? >> she is running the dnc for hillary clinton along with the entire democrat party. it is the most rigged system in our lifetime and she has put her thumb on it whether it was the debates, the money and bernie sanders said he'd fire and support her opponent in the primary. this is where the establishment will not give up power is going to give up why the party is
4:47 pm
going to be tough. sanders people are not just there to, oh, we've got to support hillary. that's where the media which has turned on sanders is wrong. >> can they get along? >> doesn't matter. >> good question. >> if they can't and you've got supporters having the infighting, if they have another nevada in california, that's toxic. >> that's what pat was alluding to. the american people, 20%, say they will vote for a true independent. bernie sanders could run as an independent. there could be a republican independent running or prospectively four candidates. what the american people are massively dissatisfied with hillary and trump. >> i want to talk to you both about the research on the ground you've done because this is important stuff. dtb insider writes when they ask the question, are they only
4:48 pm
asking to women? >> no. everyone. >> we'll be right back. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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thank you for all of your social media right now. i've got so many to choose from, i'm going to get to what's trending here. in lobo says we all want to -- don't care about his previous blank. and you see a couple people mentioning marco rubio as a vp pick. john secowits. trump should pick a woman for his vp. you say the men for donald trump is really to pay attention to. >> it's staggering. we've talked for many years about a gender gap, pro-democrat
4:52 pm
women and different ways. trump is winning men by 23, 24 points >> that's against hillary. >> that's against hillary. >> bernie is 15 points ahead. >> here's thing. she doesn't connect with men. she alienates them. bernie sanders is actually stronger with mena and overall request the l with the electorate. >> the rasmussen shows sanders beating trump, trump beating hillary. it looks like they're getting ready to nominate the wrong candidate. the answer is yes. in the nbc poll, 15 points. >> if you just wanted to win, if that's all you thought about, you'd pick him. >> doug, does it hurt you a little bit -- >> he's a socialist. >> the two of you just said something akin to bernie sanders is atop your party.
4:53 pm
>> everybody here, certainly, i, thought hillary would cruise to the nomination. >> be coronated. >> coronated. >> and that the election against trump would be easy. that conclusion was wrong. i think we all see that this is going to be a very tough election for all sides, very close, with the american people probably more dissatisfied with their choice than anything else. >> i'm going to ask this question. the bernie voters who are ticked trump? hillary, are they fair >> yes. >> therefore, to prevent that, why doesn't hillary pick bernie, unite the whole thing. >> she's going to have to. >> see the conventional wisdom, that they have no place to go. the conventional wisdom said hillary would be coronated. >> they can stay home, third party, or a lot of them will go for trump. they are really angry at her and angry at the democratic party. >> are republicans missing an opportunity, right now, john, to get out with this message right now?
4:54 pm
it's not the drum beat that it could be. >> it's only may, okay. >> okay. >> i said to doug and pat before we came on the air, i think the real message, trump tweets she's crooked hillary, crooked hillary. the real message is going to end up being that the government is crooked. >> crooked hillary, part of a crooked government. >> and if you want to clean it up, vote for me. >> are you trying to help the memo? >> i'm explaining what's going on. >> with bill clinton,'s going to be in the white house doing what he's been doing with the clinton foundation, doing all the side deals. talk about corruption, they're going to move it into the white house. that's coming too. >> carrie nixy waltz says, we're not sure who he is considering, but i would like to see newt. actually, we do know who is on that list, because dr. ben carson told us. what happened there?
4:55 pm
>> we know newt and christie are on the list and some other people. and they said -- >> but we know dr. carson's not on it, because he told us. >> trump, they said he has six people. and it's in his head. >> it can all change, too. >> it will change. it will change. >> as he gets to go through this process. >> and the only thing there is trump doesn't want to make a big mistake. he can take a boring person. if he makes a mistake, like palin was a mistake. then you go off track. >> final thoughts with the insiders, stay with us. what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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4:59 pm
voting class. >> and randy on twitter, why does sanders poll so much better against hillary than, against trump rather than hillary? >> because people see bernie sanders as an authentic, honest person. you may disagree with him, but he comes across as genuine and he's, and he's actually kind of exciting. >> in other words, she's a lying weasel. >> come on. that's not -- >> that's mean. >> michael j. donnelly. if the gop loses the white house again, is the gop done? >> we've lost five out of the last six coming into this year. >> do you want a third party? >> we are going to reform this party into a better party. >> it's the wigs right now. >> we need a new party. >> even if trump wins the republicans will be totally different after this election. >> and even if hillary wins, i imagine the democrats will be different. >> no, they will. >> it will be an atm machine for the clintons.
5:00 pm
>> and the disagreement between you and pat is exactly what's going on with your party right now. >> okay. that's going to do it for us on fox report. i'll see you at noon eastern with outnumbered. thanks for watching. news is the first draft of history. it is immediate and takes place in real time. legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend. [ horse whinnying ]


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