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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  May 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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land. >> already in the field. i know not what they maintain but as for me give me liberty or give me death. watching. when mexico sends their people they're not bringing their best. they're bringing drugs, crime, rapest. >> donald trump has rewritten the rule book in politics. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> and won the party's nomination doing it. >> i won with woman. i love winning with woman. >> could he be the next president. >> the country is is going start winning winning winning.
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>> or will he be a dead end for the republican party? fox news reports donald trump the disrupture. >> it maybe the biggest story of our lifetime. a business man who never held office and winning the nomination and changing the party in the process. this hour we will give you a close-up of what no one was talking about a year ago, but may end up changing the world. not long ago we were able to give a look into donald trump. it was clear something was bildsing. here is john roberts. >> st. louis, missouri. donald trump is on stage.
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>> we're going start winning again. we're going win with the military. we're going to win with the veterans. >> he is in the elements and giving what amounts to his version of a stump speech. >> we're going win with health care. we're going to win win win and we're going to make america great agachblt i love you all. thank you up there. >> he does seem to love them and they love him back. after the speech the love fest continues as he goes into the crowd. the fans surrounded him and many crowd for an autograph. trump has been at it for months but this is something that he never seems to tire off. meeting the fans face to face appears to liten him. to the supporter, finally her is a guy that gets it. someone that understands them and talks like them. they don't seem to mind that he
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is most decidedly one of o them. it's the trump paradise and it's been the biggest strength. after the rally he is ready to fly away on one of the luxurious airliners. he is joked that if he is elected president switching to air force one would be a step down. the plane can hold up to 43 passengers and each with 24 carat gold plaited seat belt and the name into the head rest. there's a dine aerg i pirate bathroom and shower and a main lung with a tv and multiflex tv
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system. >> here is a picture of you and your father on the roof of the building. if your father were told that his son would be the front run over the president of the united states what would he say? >> he would be proud. that was a nice picture. that was the first time that i had my picture dmin a magazine cover. who would have believed. it's been a great process. i have learned so much. >> what have you learned about yourself? >> i have been doing this stuff one way or the other. this is aa different world. i really he felt that it was important to surround myself with the best people and then make your own decision but surround yourself with the best people. >> you say that you have known yourself but certainly you have learned something. >> you have to be able to handle pressure. my life has been a big pressure cooker. i have been through that and political pressure is different.
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>> how so? >> it's coming at you very quickly. >> very personal? >> very personal. i would like to watch it. he is going do you mind john. >> trump cut the interview short when ben carson popped up on the 57 inch flat screen and he is is now supporting trump. >> why trump? >> we have operatives trying to manipulate the results. >> it was a moment for trump, and while there oub would be some turbulence along the warks trump was gain the edge and force out the candidates still pose opposing him. where he is going is up in the air. where he got right now and changing the world of america politics will no doubt be prafsh marvelled at for generations to come. >> when we come back, the
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the all-new audi a4 is here. when don said that he was running for president, they had a good life when they were done chuckling, guess who was in the lead? >> my father, donald a. trump. >> it was an entrance that may have seemed more appropriate for a vegas act. last june donald trump had something very fortunate say to america. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president
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of the united states and we're going make our country great again. >> the 69-year-old billionaire real-estate mogul had never held off, but now he was going for all of the marbles. beyond the announcement one section of the speech got all of the attention. >> when mexico sends the people they're not sending their best. they're bringing drug. they're bringing crime and rape rapist. i assume some were great people. >> they announced it dead on arrival how should they -- >> they need to ignore them. >> trump kept it up and banging the speech. >> i will build a great great
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wall on the southern border and i will have mexico pay for the wall. >> it was counter for punch line. >> how are you going handle immigration? >> build a giant wall. >> what about economy? >> build a giant wall. >> yet his tough talk stuck struck a cord and the concerns seemed vile seemed validated when 32-year-old was shot dead an illegal immigrant that was already deported five times. by mid-july he shot to the top of a field. the free wheeling style got the share of the media attention and for in stance no one makes fun of the war hero expect donald trump here talking about john mccain. >> he is not a war hero.
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>> he is. >> this is a war hero that was captured i like people who were not captured. >> he needs to apologized and need to do that. >> cannot say the kind of things that you can over a period of time without crashing and burn zblg instead the polling improved. >> everyone else bing. >> what would make other candidates radio active only seemed to make him stronger. there was the comment that he made in rolling stone magazine about carly and said look at that voice. would anyone vote for that. even mocked a reporters disability. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. he is like i don't know how to remember. >> trump's position remains firm. >> they say that i have is the
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most loyal people. where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot people and never lose any voters. it's in are credible. >> taking stances that were ex treechlt he zbl he supported a database for the muslim in the u.s. >> yes, we have to look at mosques, we have no choice. we have to see what's happen zblg he was condemned for statement. >> it protects religious liberty, and i spent the last decade defending them. >> once gain the news seemed to go his way. >> we're getting word for the fire department in the city of san bernardino that 20 people have been been shot in a mass shooting. >> on december 2nd there was a terrorist attack by a muslim couple in san bernardino couped that kill canned 14 and injured
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22. by year's end trump had a 21 lead in the polls. it was 2016 that would truly test it. so far it was all talk but now it was the voters turn to have their say. after a misstep? iowa where he lost ahead cruz. >> i am just honored. i want to congratulate ted. >> he recovered and taking three state in a row, south carolina, new hampshire and nevada. on he took seven out of 11 states. over the next month and a half the campaign had the twists and turns. trump scored a series of win and a land slide victory in new york. >> thank you new york. >> and suddenly donald a. trump
6:15 pm
was the nominee. >> we gave it everything woee got, but the voters picked another path. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> he has fought a campaign not only against 16 other candidates but wisdom and he won. they did not think that he could do it but the people did. >> donald trump did not express himself like other politicians, but what mattered the most was that he seemed the feeling of a lot of americas. we will talk to some of them next. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn!
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don is safe to say o came a surprise to the political and media class. this is partly because he sees upon issues that matter deposition deeply to americas. once an issue, trade. from the start of the campaign donald trump's pop religion made him a favorite and then once again seem anticipated when this went
6:20 pm
viral. >> the best way to stay competitive and protect the business from long term is is to move the production from our facility to indianapolis. >> it shows the moment when 1,400 workers were told that the jobs were shipped from indianapolis to mexico in 2017. >> we're moving. we're shutting down and approximate moving to mexico. it's like wow. really. >> mark wetle that's worked there for 24 years was there when the management made the announcement. >> i want to be clear that this strictly is a business decision. >> some people raising cane. you heard one guy said f you. >> dave has worked there for 13 years. >> that one guy really set it
6:21 pm
off for everybody. >> i looked up and saw someone cry asking my friend cheryl is crying. it just devastated here. i was just basically no. i did not know what to say. >> days later during the gop debate donald trump was the only candidate to speak about the mass lay out. >> all of these 1,400 people are being laid off and crying. it was a very sad situation. >> he explained what he would do to carrier if he was elected president. i am going to get con sen souse, and we're going to tax you. stay where you are, or stay in the united states. >> it had deck kasd on free trade. >> i did camp that on the news. i was like hell yeah. about time that he said something. >> he is a union member and time this around he is supporting trump.
6:22 pm
>> i believe that the system is going to be different from now on. it needs to be changed. nothing gets done and nothing happens to benefit the american people. >> this will election is important to everybody. not just me but to everybody. we have got to start to do something. >> if we let everybody go to mexico we're not going have any jobs the for our grandchildren. >> i think that everybody is just mad. they got fed up with the government letting things like this happen. >> i appreciate any candidate that's going to do more to keep jobs in america. >> i hope that we can save my job and everybody else's job that's in the same situation. this is not the first time to close down. >> another one is in buffalo, new york that closed in 2013. >> it was just impossible for us to compete with the foreign
6:23 pm
market. asia in particular. >> joe bronco was a vice president. >> it was difficult for us to manufacture a product in the usa and dollars approximate per piece more than you could buy land at a port on either coast. >> today the old warehouse feels almost haunted. not by ghost but memories when the factory employed approximate more than 400 skilled workers. >> it was so unexpected and they really only told us we were going to have a two week shut down. we all got a phone call saying not to return. >> we held out as long as we could and slowly trimming it back and going as close to the bone as we could to stay operational, and we could not do it. it was one to have saddest point of my life to be honest with you. we've had hundreds of families suddenly without work.
6:24 pm
>> bronco was down but not out. he's opened a new ceramic facility called north star. much smaller but growing. he has hired back some of the original employees. >> skilled craft is definitely what we need here. without that it would be difficult for us to compete in the market. >> bronco maybe managing but he agrees with the employees that we saw earlier. >> donald trump made it clear that we made some bad trade daels, and they're affecting businesses like me today. we're definitely not working on a level playing field. >> he believes that trump has the know how to help the economy expand. >> the fact that donald trump is a business man is playing a huge factor in my support attempt. he understands what it's like to be where i am in a much larger scale. >> how do you decide to support
6:25 pm
trump? at what point did you say this is the kind of candidate that i want to get behind? >> well i started out as jeb bush supporter and when all of the dust settled and he with draurks there was trump standing. >> i experienced that first hand and trying to save the jobs that we were going to save and my case partnering with the management team and thinking of a smaller company that we could compete with the chinese. >> the firsthand experience is one reason that he became the first city member of congress to endorse trump, and is now one of the official emissaries to capital hill. >> people get behind the winner and that's mr. trump. >> you're seeing new voters come in. >> he is going cross over to the
6:26 pm
independent vote but to the blue collar vote and many of those living in my district. >> so he speaks the language of the blue collar middle class worker? >> it's getting the jobs back that were stolen by china and mexico devastated new york state and a lot of folks say when is enough enough. that's the language that don is speaking. >> with his views on trade, donald trump lasted wide open and a fault line in republican and america politics. it may not be surprising that the frustration and the anger of the working man are playing such a large role in the election. how is it that the secelebrity became the one to tap into the powerful currents? that's next.
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no matter what the ut outcome, they will some day write about trump's run for president. the those that thought it came out of nowhere, there's a lot of history leading up to it. in fact a whole lifetime worth. >> donald trump son of fred and mary trump was born june 14th 1946 in queens new york. young donald grew up around building sites and construction workers, but he had a rebelous streak and fred was a no nonsense father. he sent his son to a military school. >> my father was raised in military school and said that it
6:31 pm
was the best thing that happened to him. >> i think that's donald there. he was the biggest guy. >> ted went to military school with trump. he became friends. perhaps the first time trump connected with one of the little people. >> he did protect me a lot from bullies, you know i was sort of like a mascot to them i think. when had he said don't go near the pond he did not go near the pond. >> even back then the young trump was a competitor. >> anything that he wanted to do he would be it. he far exceeded what the group was like. >> trump followed his father into real-estate. in 1971 he was given full control of the family company that renamed the trump agency. had he had a taste for the spotlight and was regularly seen on the town with a beautiful woman on his arm. in 1977 he married a fashion
6:32 pm
model. together they became an inescapable part of the manhattan scene. he opened up his flag shipbuilding trump tower. he published his best seller art of the deal. you never knew where he would show up next. back then they saw political promise in the billionaire. he liked the idea of a business man that could get things done. >> that's why i started a draft trump campaign. >> so in october 1987 as people waived trump for president signs, donald trump made his first campaign speech. speaking without notes he hit on some of the same economic theme that is had have made him a front runner today. >> the message in 1987 did not change, just the players.
6:33 pm
back then it was japan and saudi arabia. today is mexico and we're getting the lunch eaten by the trade partners and people that were hurting are the ones like me. the ones working. it appeals to us. >> they moved trump to a nearby press conference. >> i had to get him from the speakers podium to a side door. that was a good distance. as we moved along, he kept on stopping and shaking hands with the wait staff and firemen. it was the common man that attracted donald trump and that he reached out to. that's what is happening today. he is reaching out to us and not the guy in the suits. >> he did not run back then but the seed was planted. in the 90s his business ventures had the ups and downs, and so
6:34 pm
did his love life. >> we have had a great relationship. >> he divorced her in 1991. he then married actress mar la maples in 1993. >> well it was just a relationship that was happening. >> and divorced here in 1999. in 2004 the profile rose as never before when he was the star of nbc's hit show the apprentice. >> you're fired! you're fired! >> and he married his present day wife in 2005. >> but trump never stopped thinking of politics and twhen he entered the 60s, if he was serious about iran he would not play the waiting game. he asked the president of the polling company to see where he would stand in the 2012 race.
6:35 pm
>> well, what was missing for many of the voters in 2011 was you someone that was not a typical politician. someone that would be an outsider to washington but someone that's not unfamiliar to them. >> he still was not ready to throw his hat in the ring. instead he endorsed republican candidate mitt romney. another one that sold himself as someone that could get things done. when romney lost it was now or never for trump. he started to put together a staffer. he also started to connect with conservative media outlets and gave speeches at places like cpac. >> i am not doing for for fun but to take it back. >> one that he meet was newt gingrich gingrich. >> he talked about how do you schedule it and balance yourself. what would it cost from january
6:36 pm
2015 through south carolina? i said between 70 to 80 million and he said a yacht. i said more but i fwhu that he was going. >> by the time he announced it they were ready. >> it's not a campaign anywhere but a movement. people are following him because he they feel that he has the voice again. >> that movement is collecting unlikely voices. that's next. uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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>> what is surprising about the trump campaign not what's secureurprising is not only the support but where it come from and how expressed. some are are almost em bar rissed to admit that they like him and others are speaking out. >> he is able to generate every every -- it is unusual to see them turn their poidbodies into billboards but that's what some were doing from the start of the primary season. >> you know everybody is trying to to be politically collect and
6:41 pm
nobody saying anything because you don't want to step is on toes or hurt someone's feelings or you don't want to be called a racist or whatever. i they he is saying exactly what everybody wants to say. >> i am the one that brought all of the action. >> bob holmes is is a tattoo supporter and offer free trump tattoos tattoos. all up the day, business was brisk. >> how many have you done? >> 35 or 36. >> and between make america great again and the trump head. >> yeah we have done four or five of had his face and the rest are we the people tattoos with let's make america great again. >> when you're putting on it do you talk issues and what drives people to do it? >> yeah. >> what's the most common thing? >> they want to feel that they're secure and in the have
6:42 pm
to o worry of things happening to their kids or them so they love the fact he say what is he says and owns it. >> one of those on the receiving end was max a trump fan that came in from massachusetts to get his free tattoo. >> i got a trump tattoo on the back of my calve and it's his portrait. >> it's a permanent deal. >> yeah it is. >> you're in? >> yeah i'm in. it's there for ever. >> youlet's see. >> you want to see it? >> there it is. >> the donald. >> the billionaire business man represents hope for the working man. >> as a construction worker and carpenter carpenter, work has not been great for the past couple of it's been hard and especially with a family and supporting them. he is a business class kind of guy, you know he promises a lot
6:43 pm
of good things for the future and the future is everything to me and my family. >> so now you can look at your leg and get inspired? >> that's it. absolutely correct. i am behind donald trump a hundred percent and now don is behind me. >> he say that is he has never done political tattoos before but he has never been so politically engaged before. >> do you typically vote republican? >> i never vote. >> not once? >> nope. this will be the first time and i will be voting for trump. >> we're going do something that's going to be spectacular. >> trump's message resinated across america which is why we went all the way to los angeles to talk to kyle another voter that went out of had his way to publicly express support for trump. >> the republican party needs to get with the program.
6:44 pm
they're about three decades behind if not five. >> he has gone all in for trump and got a lot of push back. >> it was 100 percent more difficult to come out as a gay donald trump supporter than to come out as gay. i am worried about -- >> his trump p coming out was very public. >> hi. my name is kyle and after much debate i decided that i need to come clean at something. it's something that i have been hiding for a really long time. i'm gay, and i support trump, and not in an iowaronic way. i support him. reason number one infrastructure reason number two, quality. there are a number of people and part of the lgbt community that
6:45 pm
messaged and told me that i was terrible and told me to kill myself. that my family should be ashamed for what i have done. i have had people tell me that they're going find me and kill me. >> he finds the reaction hypocritical. >> that was showing how narrow minded they will be and support you until you do not align with them 100 percent, and this is silly. i have friends and family that love sand ers and clinton. it's not a big deal. >> indeed he debates politics with his friends. >> donald trump to me is is a joke. it's an embarrassment. >> are you going judge him or the platform. >> i was going to say that you were full of [ bleep ], but i would want. >> i don't think that he means it. i they he know that is the media will cover it. >> he finds that there are a lot
6:46 pm
of people on his side. >> not everybody of public support because they're afraid of what other people may think of them. >> one thing that he does not understand is where the republican establishment ever opposed trump. >> they're a little block headed. >> here you have a guy donald trump who has made such a big name for himself and the republican party. the biggest name that you had in decades, and you're going fight against it? you're a fool. >> when we return we talk to the candidate himself on what is next. it's been a long road to get where he is. to some the hard part is only beginning. the hard part is only beginning. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain nothing beats my aleve.
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>> dfs a bare incomele brawl, and when the dust cleared, donald trump was the last republican starchding:now with a nomination assured you new challenges have first and foremost unifying the cabinet behind it. as donald trump looks more and more like the nominee. the attacks from his own party continue. >> if this becomes the david duke donald trump party there are a lot of us who are out. >> donald trump is a feny phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> trump proved he could be the disruptive.
6:51 pm
>> everyone is out, i'm the only one left. that's all right, right? right? ♪ ♪ >> once it became clear he would represent the gop, the question became who does he be trump the united? an early test came in a series of meetings with republican leaders on capitol hill in mid may. they accepted trump if not necessarily embracing him as nominee. >> we will have policy disputes no two ways about that. mitt prom knee and i didn't agree on anything in 2012. we will have policy disbuts. i'm not interested in lit getting the past. i'm interested in going forward and seeing where that common ground exist to make sure we can have a unified republican party. >> next on may 18th trump released a list of 11 names he would consider for a supreme court vacancy which some interpreted as a preemtive move to reassure waivering republicans he could be counted
6:52 pm
on once in office. but no matter how the political establishment read this move they still wonder whether trump would change his campaign either in tone or substance. i recently spoke to the candidate about the transition from potential to presumptive nominee. >> do you think that you are changing the republican party? or do you think the republican party has changed and you're just the only one who happened it capitalize and realize? >> weltl, i think it is a combination of both. i think the people that vote in the masses are where i am. the elite are saying that perhaps they don't like my views. no, i'm actually very conservative but they say i'm not conservative on trade. i believe in free trade but we are getting ripped off in free trade. every countries rips us off. china, tremendous trade deficits. mexico border and trade. japan. everybody rips us off.
6:53 pm
>> chris collins from new york endorsed you. he is a member of your congressional leadership team. he's against mass deportation of illegal immigrants. he is against a temporary ban on muslims. he says that when you become the nominee and then his idea when you become president that you are going to be more nuanced than you are on the trail. what do you say to that? >> well we are going to say, look everything honestly is going to be up and we have to negotiate it. i can't make these decisions myself. >> so you're open to moving -- >> we have a lot of people. you know i can't just take executive orders like obama. it is me and let's of congressmen and lots of senators and lots of everything. so i would say that certain things will be changed. certain things will be stay exactly the same. >> you said you are going to reach out to bernie supporters.
6:54 pm
because you think you can get some of those voters. >> i think i can. >> will you be reaching out to conservatives like you've announced you are reaching out to bernie sanders? >> i pretty much have conservatives, other than people who want publicity for them selves. >> there are clearly people in the republican party who are not on your side. you have to acknowledge that. senator from -- >> well i -- >> i know. you have a twitter back and frj a little bit. >> here is a guy, i watch him on television know nothing about him. >> he is calling for independent -- >> yeah he is a real genius. if you have someone run and the republicans can't win now you have four to five supreme court justices picked by hillary clinton or whoever it is. but probably hillary. >> here is what critics say. i know you've heard this. that you have a nominee now, presumptive nominee, who throws things against the wall an sees what sticks. citing reports maybe they are not backed up. sometimes they are truth challenged.
6:55 pm
as we've seen, you really don't pay any political price for that because you have a loyal following. but there's a concern that new as gop nominee you will be given classified briefings by the cia and fbi. will your style be the same on the campaign trail? kind of throwing things against the wall and -- >> first of all, when i site reports or major magazine articles or something, it is up to believe o believe it or not believe it. i'm not writing it myself or doing the research. i think that's an acceptable thing to do. as far as briefings and all i do much better than hillary clinton ever did with her e-mails where she exposed the entire country to whatever she is learning as secretary of state. you don't get any worse than that. so i think that frankly, yes, i can keep a secret probably better than almost anybody i know. maybe better than anybody i know. >> have you two, the last two republican presidents saying they aren't going to endorse you. >> i understand that and i understand why they're not. the war in iraq was perhaps the
6:56 pm
worst decision ever made in this country's history. made by bush. i took jeb bush on very hard. >> so you think their decision has to do with jeb bush? >> of course it does. >> so there you have it. on one hand, trump the negotiators who recognizes the president is not a dictator and conditions ten change. on the other hand there's the trump who will not back down when challenged. you will soon take on the democratic nominee. but there's another battle going on as well. the battle of which aspects of his personality will dominate in the general election. let's be honest. some republicans are not happy with the choice of donald trump. but barring some huge change of events he will be named the presidential candidate in cleveland this july. the questions that remain then are how will the republican party react? how will the trump campaign react?
6:57 pm
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