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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOXNEWSW  May 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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we're going to see you tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> ainsley, time for the cannonball. you said you would do it. >> i will. are you in? >> kids, wave! >> everyone martha: good morning to you. there is breaking news overseas. president obama announcing he's lifting a 42-year-old arms embargo against vietnam. gregg: the president making his dramatic announcement during his visit to vietnam hinting he want to heal old wound, but also want to address china. >> this will insure vietnam has access to the equipment it need
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to defend itself and removes a linkerring vestige of the -- a linkerrinaa -- a lingering veste cold war. reporter: it gives vietnam better surveillance when it comes to defense. barack obama says it's not related necessarily to the u.s.-china tension, though the president criticized china's growing militarization of the south china sea. he says the united states will continue to fly and set course as international law allows. one of the obstacles had to do with vietnams human rights
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record. the united states has attaches so times of conditions as it pertains to human rights when it comes to the selling of these weapons, but it's still scene outstanding issue in congress. senator mccain was an aviator shot down and imprisoned in vietnam for five years. mccain said vietnam is an important regional partner committed to upholding the principles of the rule-based order, open trade and peaceful resolution of international conflicts. martha: he help's open the door
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to this with his visit there several years ago. rich, thank you very much. gregg: a fox news alert. a string of deadly bombings from isis. the group claiming responsibility for the series of blasts in syria leaving 78 dead, dozens injured. the car bombs and suicide attacks taking place in two government cities largely untouched by the fighting. in the meantime the united states stepping up its fight against isis in iraq. supporting iraqi troops in a battle to retake fallujah. now topping the iraqi military's list of priorities. conor powell live in jerusalem. why fallujah and 23409 mosul which is way to the north,
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controlled by isis, in the second largest city? reporter: the pentagon has been pushing the iraqis to retake mosul for months. but today al-baghdadi announced plans to retake ma through gentleman which is seen as a secondary isis city is more about increased security for the capital of baghdad and the fragile iraqi government. so this operation while the pentagon wanted it to see movement on mosul is really about helping increase the security situation in baghdad. the u.s. military spokesman told fox news the u.s. is providing air support for the conventional iraqi forces. they are also not providing support for this iranian-backed
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shiite militia. but this is a heavily influenced u.s. operation. there are also troops on the ground helping as they try to retake fallujah. gregg: how long might it take? >> the iraqis struggled to retake tikrit and ramadi. they announced operations then they gone forward and backward. iraqis have a pretty bad track record of retaking these cities. but keep in mind isis is severely diminished in iraq. the number of foreign fight sellers joining the ranks is way, way down from thousands a month down to a couple hundred by most estimates. they have been getting pound for the better part of the year by the u.s. and coalition airstrikes. this will take some time. the bigger issue is fallujah is
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a sunni-held city and most of these iraqi forces are in fact shiite. so even if isis is driven away and pushed out of fallujah, the sectarian tensions that helped isis gain control of fallujah, they will remain. that's the bigger issue for the iraqis going forward. martha: president obama confirming a major hit to the taliban. the head that terror group has been taken out by a u.s. drone. he was killed in pakistan over the pakistan border which is thought to be the de facto headquarters. an area we haven't done have much in some time. he says, though, this does not represent a shift in u.s. combat
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strategy against the taliban. perhaps meaning that more hits on the pakistan side will not be fortbe -- forthcoming. gregg: monsoor had been a huge obstacle in peace talks. march report search for the black boxes is now under way in the deadly egyptair crash. the doomed flight from paris to cairo raising security concerns around the world as investigators work to finds out the cause of this crash, including any potential ties to terrorism. homeland security chief jeh johnson saying it's too early to
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know for sure. >> at this point we cannot rule out some type of terrorist act, but it's still very early, and the black box has not been found yet, and i suspect we'll know a lot more in the coming days. martha: gregg palkot joins us live in paris. what's the latest on the efforts on the search. >> they continue to search for answers to the crash. a multi-national search in the immediate terrain glant air and sea 200 miles off the coast of egypt. that's where the plane went down early thursday morning. three u.s. navy surveillance planes have been in action. they spot a debris field.
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and the taken from much navy spot for debris sunday. the egyptian rebought submarine that's submersible is timing assist that. but there are reports it doesn't really have the gear to pick up thinking electronic from the plane. the boxes could be as deep as 10,000 feet. martha: they can't answer the mechanical or terror question without some of those boxes. >> president el-sisi says all he nail yoas remain open. the data received from the plane confirms it showed smoke maybe
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fire spreading from the cockpit to the bathroom in just over 4 minutes. but experts say that seems too fast for a fire triggered by a normal technical flaw. and also too slow for a bomb. they are investigating a smaller bomb like the shoe bomber or maybe another device planted on board the plane at one of the airports including here in paris. it would be very hard here in paris. so far nothing, martha. back to you. martha: a lot of questions and tensions around the world. gregg, thank you very much. gregg: hillary clinton's double
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digit lead over donald trump suddenly evaporating. new polls thoughing hillary clinton and donald trump running neck-and-neck. martha: hillary clinton says the nomination is hers and having fun on "saturday night live." >> it's so rigged. debbie wasserman-shultz. debbie.
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martha: some brand-new polls showing hillary clinton runningl election matchup. hillary leads trump by 3 points in the squall street journal-nbc follow which is within the margin of error. and one has trump ahead by 2 points with the abc/"washington post" poll. this is the closest we have seen since the big decision in november. >> i would say polls this far out mean nothing.
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they mean nothing to me. and if people go back and look, they mean nothing in terms of analyzing what's going to happen in the fall. martha: the big nothing burger. byron york, do you agree with hillary clinton? >> i do not. i think they are a very big deal. that real clear politic number with the tiny trump lead, that's the first time he has been ahead in head-to-head matchups since they started doing it in july of 2015. what we see with the polls you just mentioned plus the fox news poll which showed a tiny lead for trump. the race in which hillary clinton had a double-digit lead last month is now essentially tied. that's a big shift in this race and it means something. martha: one month ago hillary clinton was ahead by 11%.
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so what did trump do right? >> he became the republican nominee, and he consolidated the support of a lot of republicans. some republicans still say they would never support him, but a lot more are coming around. people at the state level, political office holders and the like. hillary clinton has not rapped up mom nation yet, and when she does she may get a bump as well. the thing about the polls is they don't tell you what's going to happen in november. they show what's happening at this moment in the race. trump seems to be consolidating support among republicans. martha: in the end this is not a national popularity contest. it's an electoral college that you need to win significant seat in a narrow margin to make the difference. >> we have seen a tightening of
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the race in florida, pennsylvania, ohio. they are the ones that decide the presidential race. it is an electoral college contest. democrats have a built-in advantage with the electoral college. there are a number of state they won over many elects and they will likely win again this move. so trump start at a disadvantage there. but the race has tightened in some of those key states. martha: he's done a great job, and he will be the first to admit it in term of securing the mom nation and putting distance between he and hillary clinton into a very small margin. mitt romney was losing by 2% at this point in his race. what do you see in the tea leaves? >> the electoral college disadvantage is the big problem. you can have a race that's within a point or two in these national polls and the
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democratic still win because of that electoral college advantage. but think is still a huge change from last month. people were talking about a hillary clinton blowout, the double continue it -- the double digit lead. that trump would lead the republican party to a presidential disaster. martha: we'll look at the brand-new polls we get to chew on this monday morning. gregg: there is a new warning from isis. the terror group urging it followers worldwide to carry out attacks in europe and right here in the united states. homeland security chairman mike mccaul says the terror threat has changed to something we have not seen before. >> pre 9/11, bin laden operated with couriers, very primitive communications.
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>> i have don't, i have won the nomination. i keep losing state, but mathematically, i won it. >> i'm closing up the bar, that means everybody has got to go. you, too, sir. >> no freakin' way. gregg: larry david and bernie sanders, they are twins.
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martha: she says don't worry, bernie, i have a great job for you in the next administration. how would you like to be the senator from vermont? gregg: snl does it again. isis telling it potential followers who cannot make the trip to iraq and syria, join the fight by launching lone wolf attacks in the united states and europe. u.s. officials are trying to determine the cause of the crash of egyptair flight 804. insider access combined with air yaig would have deadly -- combined with aviation could have deadly consequences. >> if you have an inside job of a worker that has access to the plane that's corrupted or bribed
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or radicalized, they can get a bomb on the aircraft and blow it up. and i'm concerned that may have been what happened in this case. gregg: republican senator peter king joins us. do you agree with chairman mccaul that the insider access is really disturbing? we learned at de gaulle airport 85 workers had their security clearance yanked because the french officials were worried they had ties to jihadists? >> everything you said is absolutely right. the fact is we can have all the technology in the world. but if we don't have proper vetting and investigation of those with access to the airports. i would there are close to 1 million union eyed people, they
6:26 am
could be technicians, working for the airline or the airport. they have access that again, it get them inside the zone. that i think is the greatest threat we face in aviation security. not the passengers. but the hardest to stop will be insiders. >> as we mention in our intro duck. an isis leader calling for lone wolf attacks in the use the. how real is -- in the united states. how real is that? >> think is very real. it's going on for a while. again this is not just a central eyed command coming out of a cave in afghanistan. you have a combining of lone wolf and people who can be reached over the internet.
6:27 am
isis operatives reach out beyond their own narrow world. anyone who support their own ideology and islamist terrorism is free to carry out an attack. again these were not card carrying members of isis. they were inspired by isis. you have those who were part of the isis operation and received directives by isis. these are people who have been inspired, 1,250 who go to syria to fight on behalf of isis. gregg: chairman mccaul and others are saying all signs point to terrorism in the downing of flight 804. but over the last 24 hours, some air yaig experts seem to be reconsidering that notion and
6:28 am
look at some sort of electrical short-circuit, especially with regard to the cockpit sliding window and fixed window, defrost windows as the potential cause of a fast-moving fire. what do you think? >> i think we still can't tell. we have to start off with the presumption it's terrorism and work our way back. some criticize that but i believe it's important as far as look out for other attacks to first rule out terrorism. the fact that no one claimed responsibility seems to take it more away from terrorism. but it's too early to tell. i don't think anyone who make apologies saying the first assumption was terrorism. but to say --
6:29 am
gregg: donald trump said it's 100% terrorism. >> you shouldn't make a definitive statement like that unless you know. we have to find out what it was. it could well end up being mechanical error. martha: a constant reminder of the dangers our men in blue face every day. a massachusetts officer killed in the line of duty, then a massive manhunt for his shooter. gregg: an american who went overseas to join isis calling that decision the worst mistake his life. >> i let my family down, i let my nation down, and i let god down.ur car i and i have a lot to make up for. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah...
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martha: u.s. troops waging a
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wave of airstrikes trying to help the iraqi military to take fallujah back. president obama confirmed the head of the taliban, monsoor is dead. he was successfully targeted in a drone strike in pakistan. let's start with fallujah. why is it so important and is it likely we'll be able to retake it with the iraqi forces? >> it's likely we'll be able to retake it. it was the first city that isis really attacked and seized in january of 2014. no accident because it's been a hotbed of sunni militant and
6:34 am
it's where al qaeda in iraq was born. what's happening is the prime minister abadi has been in a crisis for months with others breaking away from him and isis is trying to take advantage of that. they began a major bombing campaign to fracture the government and force it collapse. much of what's taking place has to do with those four things. one, take some political pressure off of him. and, two, much of the bombs being used in baghdad originate from the bomb making trac -- factories in a ju la. martha: it would have a
6:35 am
strategic and impact as well. you said in order to knock out al qaeda and the taliban in fallujah, we needed to go over the border into pakistan. how significant is this that we took out the leader who took over for omar. >> we kill leaders in al qaeda. this does make a difference because he took over from mullah omar who had been dead for two years and no one shared that were the body politic in afghanistan. omar was a hands-off leader. this monsoor made a difference. he put on the shelf any idea of
6:36 am
a negotiated settlement. he said the americans are leaving. we are going to take advantage of this situation. he personally went around and rallied the taliban forces to conduct aggressive campaigning. the level of violence in afghanistan has gone up three-fold. the taliban hold more territory now than any time in the last 15 years going back to 2001 when they were in charge of the country. this leader made a difference and i think his loss will truly be felt. to get back to your issue. pakistan, 2 -- there are 2 bases in pakistan that the afghan tall gan ban are at. the pakistani military is protecting them. the pakistani military has helped his taliban leader.
6:37 am
no insurgency has been defeated that had sanctuary outside the country they were fighting. martha: the president made a point to say this does not change our strategy outside of pakistan. is that how you interpret that? >> absolutely. the president made up his mind and it's not going to change. he's not going to do anything that will rattle the relationship that we have with pakistan despite the fact that the supporting the pakistanis and permitting them to have those sanctuaries has impacted with loss of life of americans, and has -- it is the number one reason why this campaign has pen protracted for as many years as it has. martha: general jack keane, thank you very much. gregg: we are hearing from an american defector from isis who
6:38 am
is revealing pretty chilling details about the islamic terror group. this 27-year-old man spent five months with isis before escaping to turkey, then surrendering. in own interview on nbc he describes the savagery of the terror group. >> you thought this would be an islamic sue topia. >> yes. >> what was it like when you got there. >> dystopia. all sorts of crazies. you could see madness in their eyes. they had a license to do whatever, license to kill it's like a blood this. everybody had a readiness for violence. reporter: did you see evidence of the gore that we see in the propaganda? >> sat one point towards the end as things were getting more and more serious i did see severed
6:39 am
heads on spiked poles. that was toward the end as things were getting more unstable for me emotionally. reporter: when did you decide this was not for you? >> it felt you are gently unsafe. reporter: do you regret you have gone there? >> more than anything. obviously it's the decision i ever made in my life. gregg: he's in federal custody facing 30 years in prison. and he's also cooperating with authorities. he must be the most naive person ever not to know of savagery. martha: a lot of people who try to escape don't get out alive. so he's lucky. i hope the federal authorities are able to do just that to help
6:40 am
them fight back. gregg: a manhunt in massachusetts coming to an end after an hours' long standoff. the for was gunned down during an early-morning traffic stop. reporter: the officer was just doing his job in the early morning hours yesterday morning. conducting traffic stop when a suspect in that car opened fire. the officer was wound fatally, and a long manhunt got underway ending later that afternoon. it focused in a duplex where the suspect's vehicle had been found. a special tactical unit entered the duplex. they didn't find the suspect but they did find a small asage that aloud them entry into the other
6:41 am
side of the duplex. when they searched that side of the due flex, the team went in and were ambushed. >> as they entered a bedroom, a closet door burst open. the suspect appears african side the closet and fired on the troopers. striking one of them. the s.w.a.t. team returned fire and hit the suspect affecting life-threatening injuries. reporter: he ultimately died. investigators revealed he had an extensive criminal history. state police colonel praised the officer and said his pride was only outweighed for the safety of that injured officer and the
6:42 am
family of the fallen trooper. martha: donald trump and hillary clinton waging a war of words over the second amendment. our panel takes it on. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. we are not talking about changing. she wants to abolish the second amendment.
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some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> she wants to abolish the second amendment. we won't let that happen. we'll preserve it, we'll cherish it, we'll take care of it. they keep chipping away. they talk about the magazines and bullets. we'll take care of it. >> we know the gun lobby is powerful. i believe it's the most powerful lobby in washington. and we know some candidates will say or do anything to keep them happy. gregg: the opening shots between
6:46 am
hillary clinton and donald trump over guns which is shaping up to be a major campaign issue. the two candidates going at one another regarding guns and the safety. americans. we have the president of the american conservative union, matt schlapp and mary anne marsh. a fact checking found no received that hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. the bulk of her comments suggests the opposite. so is trump guilty of peddling a falsehood about clinton? >> i think you have got to dig deep.
6:47 am
a constitutional right only matters if it's an individual right. that's what the supreme court did with the help of justice scalia. hillary clinton is saying right to keep and bear arm isn't an individual right, it's a right controlled by government. it highlights this opening of the supreme court when it comes to guns and so many important issues will play a role. gregg: at a private fundraiser she was caught on tape telling the people there that the supreme court was wrong on the second amendment when upholding the herrer case of the right of the people to bear arms. >> she doesn't oppose the second amendment, but she thinks the
6:48 am
second amendment could be strengthened. the story you just placed we came on the air is the story of a massachusetts police officer who had a gun. massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and i promise you the gun came from somewhere else. hillary clinton has the opportunity here like she did in the primary by going to the left of bernie sanders on the gun issue and bringing along more progressives. we'll be able to get more women voters and suburban voters to support her because they do fear gun violence and they believe gun background checks aren't enforced enough. gregg: matt, what bothers a lot of people about trump.
6:49 am
in his book he wrote i support the ban on assault weapons and a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. now that he's trolling for votes, he's back peddling on that. one voter said i don't know what trump's core values are. >> the politics behind being for the second amendment are clear. especially with independent voters. that's probably the number one issue that will impact where independent voters go in this election cycle. now, look, donald trump, you can spend a lot of time going through the things he said over the years. he's not a politician. gregg: you get whip lash if you try to put them together. >> obama has done something to donald trump and a lot of americans. he has shown them what socialism looks like and he has shown them
6:50 am
what the left wants to do with their progressive agenda. it had an impact on a lot of people who supported barack obama. gregg: we have got to go, and i'm sorry i didn't give you a second shot, mary anne. thank you very much to both of you. martha: a close encounter with a shark caught on video.
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gregg: take a look at this. off the coast of corpus christi, the shark getting inches within biting the kayaker's legal. that's a little scary. but it's great he got him on tape. martha: a verdict from the trial of one of the six baltimore police officers charged with the death of freddie gray is set for half an hour. he's charged with second degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. peter doocy is in baltimore waiting for this verdict. what role do the prosecutors think he played in this event.
6:55 am
reporter: he was on bike patrol in that infamous cell phone video that shows freddie gray being taken into custody, and the state doesn't think officer niro and his fellow officers followed the rules while making that arrest. specifically not putting a seat belt on freddie gray when he was loaded into the back of the transport van. his trial only lasted six days. judge barry is the judge who preside over the first trial. the morse serious charge facing him is second degree assault, that could put hip away for 10 years. but this defense attorneys argue he's innocent because they say he only touched freddie gray once. martha: before we let you know,
6:56 am
why is this a bench trial, why does a june decide this rather than a jury? >> it was nirks ro's choice. he and his attorneys discussed the pros and cons. they went over it. this was niro's decision. we think it will be resolved a half-hour from right now. at that point we'll turn our attention to how the community reacts to the news because there was great unrest last year with some of the evening from those riots that started on the day of freddie gray many funeral still lingered. gregg: supporters of donald trump and bernie sanders love that they are taking on the establishment in their own parties. but some say if you burn down the house, where do you go from there?
6:57 am
. . . .
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martha: the race for the white house has tightened dramatically in the last four weeks as donald trump closes the gap in a potential general election matchup against hillary clinton. all of this while clinton struggles to lock up the democratic nomination on her side. welcome, everybody, brand new hour now of "america's newsroom" on a monday morning. good to have you here. i'mi'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. a new "abc news/washington post poll" shows clinton up 46-44. both within the margin of error. trump taking the cue and going on the attack. >> she is ineffective. bernie sanders said she is not qualified to be president and he meant it and he said it because, you know frankly, with her
7:01 am
decisions you look at, you look at libya, you look at offshoots of libya, benghazi, so much different things, we could go on for days. >> donald trump from over the weekend. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. good morning to you. >> hi, martha. martha: new polls to look at. this race has tightened quite a bit in the last month. how significant are these numbers? >> i think these numbers are quite significant although i would note there has been a kind of a perfect storm here for trump and against hillary in the sense that trump emerges now a couple weeks ago as the, as the sure nominee. and then the attacks on him from, you know his rivals stop and, it has been a calm couple of weeks and he is framed now in a more favorable light. meantime, the basically the opposite is happening for hillary clinton. in which she can't shake bernie
7:02 am
sanders. he is still beating her places. you know, he is not in the position to win the nomination but there he is and she can't get rid of him and the weakness, her weaknesses as a candidate are exposed as never before and the result is what you see. martha: yeah. >> whether this is permanent shift and it's clear that the republican party is now rallying behind him and the never trump movement is on almost on its last legs. whether this will be a serious, permanent adjustment of the positions in the race remains to be seen but this is a big deal. martha: democrats have definitely lost their argument there is such chaos on the republican side and they have got it all figured out as evidence in the "saturday night live" skit, if nowhere else, the last call at the bar and bernie sanders is still hanging around. take a look at this number because this is one of the reasons bernie sanders doesn't want to go anywhere.
7:03 am
he has won a lot of states. this is the potential matchup in the same polls. this is whatps with bernie sanders running against donald trump, 54-39. a lot on the democratic side depends what he decides to do, what he does with his followers and how he used influence he has gained. >> he has a lot of influence because of the size of the delegate block that will be there for him at the convention. she needs first and foremost, this is kind of hornbook politics, martha, to rally the party behind her. in order to do that obviously she has to placate and appeal to his supporters which keeps her moving left and, you know, it is pretty basic that you run to the base of your party, right in the republican party, left in the democratic party to get nominated and then you begin to gravitate in terms of emphasis so on to the center in the general election. that is how it works. she can't do that.
7:04 am
she can't move to the center because she has to keep bernie sanders supporters happy to the extent she can and she has to deal with him and what role he plays at the convention and so on. she is in a very awkward position at the moment. it may not be permanent but that's where we are. martha: she has the opportunity to do that in a proposed debate. we understand we'll hear likely from her people hopefully today, but in the near future whether she accepted invitation. bernie sanders is in. she is he is happy to do it. here is what she said about debating and how candidates should perceive and look at it back in '08. >> this is the most important job in the world. it is the toughest job in the world. you should be willing to campaign for every debate. you should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere. i think it is an interesting juxtaposition where we find ourselves and you know, i have been willing to do all of that during the entire process. martha: she was asked about the fox debate this weekend and basically said she is still
7:05 am
thinking about it, brit. >> this is -- well, she obviously got that common political ailment shoe on the other foot disease where she is in exactly the opposite position she was eight years ago and i think her dilemma is completely understandable but it is very difficult. what do you do, if you debate, you further elevate him to equal status. it affirms the idea that this is still a race. that it hasn't really within won. she seems to have the prohibitive lead. people are saying, well gives her the opportunity to reach out and so on. i don't think it does that. i think it just, it just further solidifies her position as somebody trying desperately to unite her party. around i don't see -- i think it is lose, lose for her. if she turns it down, that doesn't look good either. this is, i mean i can understand why they're taking their time with this decision. this is a real hobson's choice. martha: brit, thank you very much.
7:06 am
>> you bet, martha. martha: see you soon. >> thanks. gregg: there's a new way message from isis calling on followers to launch lone wolf attacks against civilians in the united states as well as europe during the upcoming month of ramadan. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. the catherine, how is isis going about spreading this message? >> gregg, good morning. the audiotape by the group's spokesman calls supporters to attack civilian targets, so-called soft targets in the is as well as europe. to mark the holy month of ramadan, isis tells followers that there is no such thing as illegitimate target. civilians in the crusader nations like the u.s. and canada and europe are permissible. because military targets are hard and beyond their reach if they are true isis believers, they are should attack unarmed
7:07 am
civilians. the recent military losses in iraq and syria saying victory panned defeat are not defined by territory, victory comes when the enemy, the west, loses determination to fight. what is treiching to analysts the message makes no direct reference to the downing of flight 804. this is the second batch of isis propaganda that does not even attempt to capitalize on the crash the last direct threat to france was on may 14th, gregg. gregg: where are the investigators looking into the downing of flight 804 focused this morning? reporter: well the investigation is focused on 804 any weak links in airport security in north and east africa. according to a flight tracking website, flight 804 went to five airports in the 48 hours before it disappeared on radar. before paris made a round-trip to tunisia's capital where security is stepped up since islamist extremists attacked a museum and beach killing dozens of tourists in 2014. it also made a round-trip to
7:08 am
african nation of eritrea, where a recent u.s. report described security as unpredictable. homeland secretary jeh johnson said he can not dismiss the possibility that terrorism was at play in the incident. gregg. gregg: the black boxes may answer most of the questions. >> a lot of it. gregg: catherine herridge thanks. >> you're welcome. >> right now iraqi government force launching a long-awaited military offensive to capture the city of fallujah. fallujah has been under isis control since january of 2014. doug mccale way live in washington with the latest on this story. doug, do we know how many isis fighters are engaged in fallujah at this point? reporter: yes we do, martha. pentagon officials tell us there are the 500 to 1000 isis fighters in fallujah, not a very big number. since may 16th, u.s. air forces destroyed 20 isis targets according to lieutenant colonel
7:09 am
warren in baghdad. there are 50,000 civilians. given challenge to route isis given it was first city to fall to isis in 2014. in two years that have passed, isis had plenty of time to dig in to build defensive for the if iscations and use -- fortifications to use human shields as effort to take back the city is more evident. strategic value, 40 miles west of baghdad, an hour's drive from baghdad. as we've seen in recent days the security situation in baghdad and surrounding areas has been deteriorating rapidly with a lot of suicide attacks and bombings that killed well over 200 iraqis in shia neighborhoods. to exert better control over his fractious country the prime minister there, as jack keane pointed out wants to try to solidify this retaking of fallujah. keane pointed out as you heard, martha, many of those suicide bombs and roadside bombs thatrid
7:10 am
recently have been fabricated by isis bomb-makers stationed in fallujah. martha: doug, absolutely. thank you. gregg: hillary clinton certainly going on the offensive with a warning about the republican front-runner. we'll tell you what she is saying. we'll get a response from the trump campaign. plus this. martha: golf ball sized hail pelting homes and businesses. where it is causing the most serious damage. gregg: and was the downing of egyptair flight 804 an act of terrorism? what investigators learned from the evidence as more crews join the search for debris. >> at this point we can not rule out some type of terrorist act but it is still very early and black box as was noted has not been found yet and i suspect we'll know a lot more in the coming days. you're late for work.
7:11 am
7:12 am
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7:15 am
martha: hillary clinton sounds the alarm as donald trump closes the gap in the national polls. clinton now warning voters that trump poses a danger she says to america. watch. >> there is no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises. he seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great and as we go through this campaign we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric, and the danger of a lot of what he has said. martha: all right. a little peek at some of the strategy to come there. former massachusetts senator scott brown is a trump supporter. senator, good to see you this morning. welcome. >> thank you. martha: clearly that is where the campaign is going to go on the clinton side. they will point to him and says he only cares about himself and he is dangerous. what do you think? >> i find it kind of humorous. this is woman who has serious flaws or negatives pretty the same as donald trump's.
7:16 am
rising. his are going down. we're unifying the party. this is not jfk's party anymore or bill clinton's party. it is party of, radical environmentalists. to think he doesn't have any ideas to make america better and greater is laughable. he talked about immigration, border security, our standing in the world, dealing with isis, building up our military, renegotiating contracts, the iran deal, i could go on and on versus hillary clinton going so far left to the keep up with socialist bernie sanders she is in trouble and everybody knows it. martha: let's take a look, we've seen some of these polls this morning, a couple of times. that show the head-to-heads that have tightened dramatically about 11 points. >> sure. martha: as donald trump has closed the gap over the last month but these, let's leave these up on the screen for a moment. this is the latest that we have, "real clear politics" averages in ohio, in florida and pennsylvania because a lot of people, senator, look at
7:17 am
national numbers, say, how much do they matter, what really matters is the electoral college and how to win these states that democrats have won and that they beat romney in. at the moment they're all tight but hillary clinton leads in them. >> well, obviously the "real clear politics" they take an average. obviously the averages are dramatically different over the last month even now that donald secured the nomination, virtually, moving forward to the convention. and you see hillary sliding and losing to bernie in almost each and every state. there are very real issues on her side, our side, as they travel around the country, coalescing uniting. people on the sidelines now saying you know what? i rather make sure we have the vice president walking into the senate in event of a tie vote to street for republican administration and pushing what they believe in. we would rather have judges and cabinet secretaries and ambassadors versus another four to eight years of what we've seen under this administration and hillary clinton.
7:18 am
so people are kind of finally figuring that out. i think you will see more and more people moving forward for mr. trump. martha: i'm curious what you think about what is going on the democratic side here, when you look at the calls for removal of debbie wasserman-schultz. voters in california over the weekend saying they want to extend voting. you really have a call to kind of tear it all down and start over again. what do you make of it? >> well, i don't agree with bernie sanders on anything. i know him. i served with him. we didn't get along. i doesn't get along with anybody in the senate and vice versa but he is right when he talks about the democratic primary system being rigged. and so is donald trump. he should run as an independent because the way that debbie wasserman-schultz set it up to give hillary clinton the superdelegates in new hampshire, for example. bernie crushed hillary yet they got the same amount of delegates because of shaheen and hassen with their super delegates neutralizing it. take away the superdelegates it is virtually tied. his hope reason he stays in as we deal with the clinton
7:19 am
foundation, email scandal and benghazi more and more coming out these superdelegates will peel off and have a chance at the convention. it is not a bad strategy. martha: you guys would love for him to run as independent candidate, i'm sure. >> i think he should run period. he is doing what he thinks is right. i don't agree with him on anything but i respect the hell out of him he saying what he believes. not what i believe and many others except millenials and others. socialist agenda is not one for america. he is, look at polls and take a, this is bernie sanders and take him or leave him. that's what you get. martha: authenticity is winning the day so far on both sides in this race. >> yep. martha: it is fascinating to watch how many they're shaking the earth of the conventions that people are used to thinking about in politics. thank you very much, senator brown. always good to have you. you bet. >> same here. gregg: a federal judge making what some are considering blistering demands, accusing the department of justice lawyers of
7:20 am
lying and saying they need to take a class in ethics. the judge is up next on that. our judge that is. but first this. [laughter] gregg: oh, my lord. martha: this is so crazy. i heard about this video, i was like, what? she is laughing. what can i tell but the video. gregg: i like you can see the mouth open. this is making everybody laugh across the country. who is that lady?
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
gregg: justice department attorneys getting a blistering order and opinion from a federal judge in texas barring them from appearing in the courtroom. the judge accusing them of lying
7:24 am
in a case involving the president's immigration executive action. he ordered attorney general loretta lynch to provide a plan on how to prevent unethical conduct from happening again. judge andrew napolitano joins us, fox news senior judicial analyst. so the judge issues an order. you don't comply with president's obama executive action. well they do it anyway. they lie to the plaintiffs. and then they lie to the judge. >> it is clear from the transcript that these justice department lawyers lied to the judge. a very, very serious issue. when that happens, you have a menu of choices available to you but i must tell you i have not heard of this choice. you can say, i'm going to charge you with contempt. you will need your own lawyer and you will be prosecuted. gregg: right. >> or you can say you lied, clear as day, you're off the case. or, you're never in my courtroom again. or i'm going to dismiss the
7:25 am
claims of your client which is in this case the president of the united states. to say you have to go back to school and taketh thicks courses and to say is in a whimsical tone in an opinion which he cited dialogue from motion pictures makes you wonder how serious he is about this. gregg: it is 28 pages long. he starts off quoting "bridge of spies" with tom hanks and then starts quoting "miracle on 34th street." >> right. gregg: the need to tell the truth is obvious to a fictional young tom may mara, jr., in 1947. certain attorneys in the justice department apparently not received that message or more likely just decided they are above such trivial concept. >> i probably would not have allowed them to stay on the case or appear in my courtroom. nothing that frustrate as judge more because the honor that exists in courtroom, when a lawyer says something the judge
7:26 am
accepts it. if the lawyer is intentionally misleading the judge, face it they could be disbarred for it, whether they're private attorneys or work for government. think about who their client is. their client is the president of the united states. this judge, a single sitting federal trial judge in brownsville, texas, enjoined the president of the united states. that was upheld by the fifth circuit court of appeals. the supreme court will rule on this any day. gregg: i mean, why wouldn't holed them in contempt? that is what judges do all the time, for misconduct by lawyers. >> i don't know. and i don't want to be critical of him. he has been very core ridge just. gregg: that's what you would have done? >> i would have -- gregg: criminal contempt. >> civil contempt. gregg: in other words a fine. >> a fine but would have prevented them from staying on the case. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. i will not give you opportunity to fool me a second time. it was more than once. gregg: four times,. >> correct. gregg: four times they lied to
7:27 am
the judge, at least he believes they did. now the department of justice says quote, we strongly disagree with the order. so are they going to comply or contest the order? >> gregg, i think they have to contest the order because their careers will be permanently damaged if they accept this and don't, don't challenge it. gregg: of course we're waiting for the supreme court to announce their decision on the executive action on immigration. >> one of these mondays. gregg: any moment now. apparently it is not today but judge, thank you very much. >> pleasure to be with you. martha: disturbing clues point to the likelihood of a terror attack against egyptair flight 804. >> there was smoke in the avionics bay and in the lavatory, rapidly compounding problem in the computers and windows opening to the sky. those kinds of circumstances could be explained by a terrorist attack. martha: could be. we'll talk more about this. the search for the plane's data
7:28 am
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7:32 am
this means that this man, whose name is timothy foster, 18 years old, will likely get a new trial. martha: deep diving submarine joining the search for wreckage from egyptair flight 804 and the mounting evidence that the crash was caused by sudden andra mat tick catastrophe. what caused that we don't know that. homeland security chief jeh johnson says it is too soon to rule out the fact that this could be a terror attack. here he is. >> the black box will obviously tell a story but were you picking up any chatter or intelligence that suggested this flight was a target? >> like i said it is still early in the investigation. i think we'll know more in a few days. at this point we're not ruling out something nefarious. martha: our next guest says it is highly likely that terror is the leading theory here. california congressman ed royce is chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, good to see you here.
7:33 am
>> good to be with you. martha: why do you say that? >> well, because for one thing this plane has been targeted the past, in arabic on the fuselage underneath the planes, was written the words we will take this plane down. in egypt right now we have isis operational in the sinai and carrying out operations on the border. they're also training in libya. 6500 isis trainers. and what they're trying to do is attack targets across north africa and specifically trying to develop an undetectable bomb. since we know this has been their past behavior and they have also taken down one flight already, flying from egypt to, to russia, and taking credit for that, i assume, that that is exactly what's underway here. we will find out when we get that black box. martha: you believe there was a cryptic message written on the fuselage of this plane? >> this very plane. in the past someone got close enough to this plane to write
7:34 am
that in arabic while it was in egypt, and i think that does show the attitude. you know there's a war going on within the muslim world between these groups like isis and other jihadists versus the government's in egypt. and i was recently in tunisia, talking with our ambassador there from libya and meeting with the tunisian officials and sharing with us how quickly isis is is expanding its operations. we haven't hit them. we not taken isis out from the air. we have not taken out the new isis training centers. in the sense that they train people with new techniques to make bigger and bigger bombs, more undetectable, they're spreading in that part of the
7:35 am
world. not just through raqqa, syria but other centers where they're setting up training cams. the united states needs to lead and this president needs strategy to take out isis, this isis threat. martha: this is twofold job. it's a job that has to happen on the ground but you need the areas across the world. this plane originated in paris and there is work to be done clearly in terms of security in our, all of the airports around the world. we also know that smoke generated from the cockpit, and you had details over the weekened on that as well. >> yes. what we know is not only was there smoke in the electronics and in the lavatory but we also know that the computer system was rapidly failing, rapidly computer errors were compounding on the system. we know the windows were blown out and so, and open to the sky. so under this kind of circumstance, it could be very
7:36 am
easily explained if it was a device that created all of that. but remember, there was only a few minutes here to respond and apparently the pilots didn't have time to respond some this was a plane that had just seen maintenance not too long ago. it was at an altitude where there are rarely these type of mechanical failures. so when we get the black box we will know for sure but the one thing we know is that isis is dedicated to taking down planes like this. took down one before. and, frankly, we need to take out isis. martha: we heard from chairman mccaul over the weekend who pointed out that in that prior egypt airline that was taken down, it took 2 1/2 weeks for isis to claim responsibility which seems like a long time. >> remember, if you're a terrorist organization and trying to develop bombs undetectable and working on this kind of technology as we know, they are, as we know al qaeda is, but, again, that goes to why
7:37 am
we're so frustrated with the administration's lack of a strategy to hit terrorist training camps and give kinds of aid that those fighting isis need. i was just up in erbil with the kurdish units and met with the christians there, met with the yazidis, with the sunni tribes. they all have the same question. why aren't you providing us with the type of weaponry needed for us to take our villages back? a second question, why aren't we providing the kind of air support and, and we need forward observers to call in the airstrikes on the ground. we should have taken out those isis units when they first left raqqa and went over the border towards fallujah. despite call upon call for administration to act, air power was not used for eight months or so as 14 major cities in syria and iraq were taken.
7:38 am
we still haven't seen a plan out of this administration and he is the commander-in-chief. we're trying to push along this level of support to get him to take these actions. looks like it will be food-dragging all the way -- foot-dragging all the way to the next administration. martha: congressman royce, always good to have you with us. thank you for being here today. gregg: a big decision by the supreme court, tossing out the death sentence for a black man in georgia because prosecutors kept african-americans deliberately off the jury. shannon bream joins with us more. hi, shannon. reporter: hi, gregg. we've been watching the court for deadlocked decisions, 4-4, we're down to eight justices this one wasn't even close. it was 7-1. essentially what happened this young african-american man was convicted of murdering an elderly white woman back in the late 1980s. he says his legal team found after the fact there were a number of black jurors struck i
7:39 am
will really from the jury pool. you know he as an attorney yourself you do have challenges you can use to various jurors to strike them from the jury pool if you think they would be bad for your client and case but you can't strike solely someone on basis of race. that can never be the reason. there were four black jurors specifically here struck from the pool. after the fact his legal team was able through open records requests and other things to find notes from the prosecutors he believe, they believe suggested they were struck solely because they were black and that the court accepted the explanations prosecutors that weren't race-based why they blocked folks. the court, supreme court said, no, that has to go back. this conviction is now overturned. those reince weren't legitimate. the court should have probed them further. looks like in 7-1 decision as justice thomas as lone dissenter, he will probably get new trial for crime committed in 198. gregg: that is the problem with peremptory challenges, you can kick people off without stating a reason.
7:40 am
they were lucky they found a reason buried in notes they discovered. reporter: they did. gregg: shannon bream. thanks very much. martha? martha: we know there has been no love lost between donald trump and lindsey graham in the past. >> how can you support somebody in favor of common core and also that, you know it is one of those things. and doesn't make any difference. lindsay will give him all of his people that voted for lindsey. you know what that is? zero. zero! martha: one of these two changing their tune though when we come back.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
martha: 23 yearly milwaukee woman is in custody accused striking two deputies and ramming into a sheriff's squad car. watch this. crazy, right? the suspect was pulled over for speeding. one deputy was thrown into oncoming traffic.
7:44 am
he narrowly avoided being hit. the other grabbed on to the car door. neither deputy was seriously injured. the passenger from the suspect's car was hit. if convicted this driver who was pulled over for speeding, may face 45 years in prison. >> he is a race-bating xenophobic religious bigot. he doesn't represent my party. he doesn't represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. i don't think he has a clue about anything. he is just trying to get his numbers up and get the biggest reaction he can. you know how to make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. gregg: wow. lindsey graham one of donald trump's fiercest critics but now the senator is reportedly calling on republicans to support the presumptive nominee. reports say graham privately urged donors to unite behind donald trump at a fund-raiser over the weekend. however graham's press secretary says there has been no change in
7:45 am
his position, whatever that means. here now governor john sununu, former white house chief of staff to president george h.w. bush and author of, the quiet man. pressure to have you here, governor. >> happy monday, gregg. gregg: how are you? gregg: i'm fine. this is guy that really disparaged donald trump and said he could not in good conscience ever vote for trump. yet the reports that he is urging people to back trump, what do you make of it? >> look, the reason that lindsey graham and other republicans had a little difficulty with donald trump, or a lot of difficulty with donald trump as the nominee in the past was issues. and lindsey was extremely concerned about national security issues and how to handle isis and how to handle our allies and our enemies around the world. from what i've seen in the reports, he has had conversations with donald trump and trump has talking a much more rationale foreign policy
7:46 am
set of principles and i think that's enough to have lindsey feel a little bit more comfortable with him. you're going to see that with a lot of republicans who were concerned that trump wasn't conservative enough but trump is reaching out to groups like the nra now. and so, you will get a dribble and drab of republicans coming back to this. the republican party and the voters of the republican party recognize it is important to get a good turnout in order to at least save the senate and governors and congressman around the country and i think you're going to see people talking about voting the republican ticket from top to bottom. gregg: governor, let me get your reaction to a couple of polls that are just out. this is the "abc news/washington post poll" and it shows donald trump actually has the lead over hillary clinton, 46% to 44 though within the margin of error. let's go to the next one. this one may be even more revealing. people asked do you mainly
7:47 am
support trump or oppose clintoning look at that! 54% oppose clinton. they're voting for trump because they oppose clinton, not necessarily because they support donald trump. are we presented or many people presented with the old principle of the lesser of two evils? >> i think there is a lot of voting that will take place in november that will take place on that basis. i think the democrats really still have an internal squabble that's causing problems and mrs. clinton's position on some issues just are so bad, that the republicans that might have stayed home in the, that didn't like trump as the nominee and might have stayed home and will come out to vote against hillary clinton. so yes, i think that poll is reflective of a lot of what will happen in november. as long as republicans get out and vote for the senate and the governors and the congressman
7:48 am
and the lower ballot candidates i think republican party will do quite well. if it happens to be enough to bring trump into the white house, i think the republicans will at least say, then we can save some of the nominees that have to be made to the supreme court in the future. gregg: governor, you're, and i mean this complimentary, you're regarded as the wise man in the party because you have advised presidents in presidential campaigns. if you were advising the trump campaign, how would you tell them the best way to beat hillary clinton? >> well you might be confusing wise with old but, the best way to beat hillary clinton is to talk about issues that make a difference, first of all to republicans. don't let her forget benghazi for example. secondly remind republicans that the next president will probably name at least certainly one, possibly two or three supreme
7:49 am
court justices. and number three, start talking in a coherent way about republican issues like taxes. like smaller government and foreign policy. gregg: governor john sununu, thank you such a pleasure to speak with you. >> thanks, gregg. martha: let's go to jon scott with what is coming up at the top of the hour with "happening now." hi, jon. >> hi, martha. a major blow to taliban's leader in pakistan with a drone strike. will this help the situation in afghanistan? he is going for it. tom brady appeals the four-game suspension in the "deflategate" scandal. what are the quarterback's odds winning this battle? verdict in for a restaurant enter who had a customer die from an allergy attack. thanks, martha. martha: this is chewbacca mask actually. everybody is talking about it today. why?
7:50 am
♪ [laughter]. martha: i guess we really need a laugh, right? the woman in the chewy mask. expect to see this in the stores. we'll talk about it when we come back. ♪
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ martha: all right. getting ready for a good laugh, everybody. hilarious video racking up 130 million views, makes it the most watched facebook live post ever. check it out. >> here we go. i got to take off my glasses for it. [laughter] naturally. okay. here we go. so, yes!
7:54 am
now when my mouth actually moves [laughter]. martha: yeah. that's it. that is the whole thing. that is what happened. so, making everybody laugh today. the "star wars" mask is flying off the mask. carly shim calls of fox news headlines, fox 24/7. this is blockbuster, carley. >> maybe even more so than the movie dare i say. candace, this woman says, the video is going viral because the world needs a good laugh. people on social media agree with that. they love her because she is so darn genuine. this is just a woman having a rip-roaring time in her car by herself. who doesn't love that. of course laughter is contagious. why it has been shared 3 million times on facebook. everyone wants to spread the joy. martha: it is incredible. where did she get the mask? clearly a lot of people are benefiting from this, right?
7:55 am
>> yes. she got it at kohl's. retailers are now laughing all the way to the bank in this one. it is sold out in most major stores. you can buy it on amazon. the original mask costs about $30. it is going upwards for 200. so this thing is a hot commodity. martha: not even halloween. >> yeah. it is not even halloween. kohl's did thank candace for all the viral attention. martha: i bet they did. >> they gave her a gift card and chewie masks for the whole family. thanksgiving will be fun at their house. martha: i just love watching her. carley, thank you very much. thanks, martha. martha: we do need a good laugh, right? gregg: on very serious note we're still awaiting a verdict in the freddie gray trial. we're keeping close eye on baltimore courtroom. this is the second trial of a police officer charged in the death of freddie gray.
7:56 am
though actually not charged with causing his death but rather assault and official misconduct as well as endangerment, reckless endangerment. so we're awaiting a judge's decision. the jury was waived in this case. so soon as that decision is rendered, we'll bring it to you. so stick around for that. ien lim is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. i'm spending too muchs for time hiringnter. and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click.
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day at the trump campaign, no doubt. they have to be feeling good about closing at11 point gap over the course of the last month. it's a race between these two and we will cover it . bill: five months to go and "happening now" starts right now. jon: of fox news alert and just minutes ago, a judge finding a baltimore police officer not guilty on several charges relating to the death of freddie gray. that decision just came in in baltimore.
8:00 am
the officer was charged with abuse of his office, basically for not buckling gray into a seatbelt when he was arrested. but again, the judge handed down the verdict, not guilty for officer nero in that case. charged in connection with the death of freddie gray, it is the first of many police officers to go on trial in connection with that what happened to freddie gray. peter is there and we will bring you a live report in just a few moments.>>. melissa: meantime, history unfolding in vietnam where president obama just lifted the arms embargo after half a century. hello everyone, i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the one i


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