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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the officer was charged with abuse of his office, basically for not buckling gray into a seatbelt when he was arrested. but again, the judge handed down the verdict, not guilty for officer nero in that case. charged in connection with the death of freddie gray, it is the first of many police officers to go on trial in connection with that what happened to freddie gray. peter is there and we will bring you a live report in just a few moments.>>. melissa: meantime, history unfolding in vietnam where president obama just lifted the arms embargo after half a century. hello everyone, i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the one i jon scott.
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a new era in vietnam as president obama bowed to leave behind the troubled history between a former enemy. while he removed a half century ban on selling weapons to vietnam, the move not without comfort trump controversy. rich live at the white house with us now. reporter: united states has lifted that arms embargo against vietnam, giving vietnam access to us military and surveillance technology and hardware. for the most part, these has been importing most of their military hardware from russia allowing sales between the two countries and military, the us and vietnam posted together. that comes in an environment as china continues to militarize a disputed area in the south china sea. the administration says however that this lifting of the arms embargo isn't part
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of us chinese tensions or the vietnamese, the military confronting the chinese with its other regional partners over this area in the south china sea. however, president obama in his remarks this morning in vietnam again criticized china's growing militarization of that part of the south china sea. >> there is, i think, a genuine mutual concern with respect to maritime issues between the united states and vietnam and i've made no secret of that. the united states is going to continue to fly and set courses for our ships as international law allows. reporter: senator john mccain was a naval aviator during the vietnam war, shotgun and tortured there. he was the first to react to this. he says he supports the administration's decision. he wants closer ties between the two militaries and calls vietnam an important regional partner committed to upholding the principles of a rule-based order in the asian-pacific and one of the
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issues and items holding up this agreement, the decision to allow us companies to sell military hardware to vietnam is vietnam's poor human rights record. president obama acknowledges only modest progress by the vietnamese government on this front and the administration has already caught criticism from human rights groups saying this is their best bargaining chip to affect change in vietnam. back to you john. jon: rich edison at the white house, keep an eye on that for us. heather: let's get back to that fox news alert we brought you at the top of the show, the verdict is in for baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray, peter doocy with the latest on the verdict. peter? reporter: heather, there is a small group of protesters here outside the courtroom in downtownbaltimore, they are chanting no justice no peace . jail killers police. it is a small group so far of processors who are here and they are very upset from the
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sounds of it and from the look of it, that edward nero, the officer, one of six officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray is not guilty on all charges. the charges he was facing, second-degree assault. he could have gone away for up to 10 years for that. reckless endangerment, that carried a five-year prison term and an additional charge of misconduct in office, that was not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. this was not a jury trial. this was a bench trial so this was the decision of the judge barry williams who is set to preside over all six charges. the way these cases have been working far, the reason all six officers are being charged separately is because that's just the way they set it up and now the officers defense basically goes it wasn't our fault, we could not have been involved because we did not, we were not in that place at the time. they've been trying to pick
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up part the attorneys case six different ways now the question becomes how is the community going to react? the police department has canceled all leave for all officers today. they think they are ready for unrest. remember, the mayor stephanie rawlings blake said she was going to quote, give those who wish to destroy space and the folks backed off and the city burn for a few days. now mayor blake striking a different course. she says she wants city residents to respect the process and the judge's decision. don't forget that attorney marilyn mosby when she was announcing the charges against the officers last year she said protesters, we hear your calls for no justice no peace. she was very aggressive in charging the officers and now we did see one officer and we are looking at my pictures now the protesters in front of the court and i can tell
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you in the last few minutes the crowd has grown significantly from when before the birth verdict was read until right now. the first officer trial, first of six resulted in a hung jury. now this officer has been found not guilty and so the city is ready. there is still some left over tension from the riots that were very destructive inparts of baltimore last spring . now officers wait just in case they are ready for anything and we wait to see if the mayor or stateattorney for baltimore , stephanie or rather marilyn mosby will come out and tell the protesters, people who are upset what she thinks about the results. heather. heather: and has this officer waived his right to a jury trial, you mentioned the other trial that ended in a hung jury. what about the all other officers. >> mark what's next for them? reporter: they are all set to be tried again. it's five more trials for the
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officers being tried for the first time and then officer order will be retried. they are all set to be here and as of right now unless anything changes the same judge, barry williams is set to preside over all the officer trials. they are all charged with different things and send driver is actually charged in the murder of freddie gray. officer porter, the most serious charge against him was he second-degree assault we know he is going towalk out of the courtroom of freeman , at some point verysoon and there are a lot of people outside , not just outside the courtroom but as the crowd grows were very upset about that, heather. heather: peter doocy live on the scene and we will continue to watch it. jon: one of the legal experts we talked to friuli on fox news, j town told me thursday he predicted this would happen. he said there was simply not enough evidence for the charging, the officer was
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overcharged in this case and he predicted he would be exonerated. heather: the judge hearing the case did agree. jon: speculation is picking up about who donald trump might choose as his running mate, the presumptive gop presidential nominee with senator bob corker today at trump tower. republicans consider the tennessee senator to be a strong contender for vice president. he's 63 years old, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. his meeting comes after a court praise trump's address on foreign affairs last month. more on the gop states and today's meeting between trump and senator bob corker, let's bring in brett behr, anchor of specialreport. these kind of meetings take on all kinds of significance when somebody , when somebody with foreign relations experience like bob corker is meeting the presumptive gop nominee. do we have any indication what this might be about
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brett? >> good morning. listen, a lot of eyebrows raised when this was announced that he was actually going to trump tower, senator corker was pure these chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. he is someone steeped in foreign policy as you mentioned. he is also fitting the bill of what donald trump talked about, wanting someone either in the senate or in the house, a creature of capitol hill that could help him get legislation across the finish line. does this mean he is aleading contender? not necessarily. it could mean he's on the list . or it could mean that donald trump is just boning up on foreign policy. i think reading through the tea leaves here, it is someone i think that trump is leaning towards that has a lot of capitol hill experience. jon: as you say, it could be
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simply a font of knowledge, helping him as he prepares to accept the republican nomination. >> exactly and listen, bob corker is praised by a lot of people for a lot of different things. not only on financial matters but on foreign policy but he's also criticized by some conservatives, especially on the iran legislation that trump felt enabled the obama administration to jam that through. jon: let's talk about an obama advisor. there's new controversy over an interview about mister obama's accomplishments, his senior advisor valerie jarrett put ending two wars on that list. she was interviewed by cbs over the weekend. ending two wars. how is that playing in washington today? >> well, it's not playing has reality. this planet president has seen an increase in 2009. of the casualties in afghanistan, 75 percent have happened under president
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obama . in a rack, he pulled troops out and has since put 5000 troops back in. there's still fighting wars. they just increased their airstrikes in iraq supporting the iraqi military against this effort to retake fallujah. there are trainers in afghanistan and iraq. the drone program is still ongoing, killing a taliban leader in pakistan over the weekend so ending two wars is not a fact. what was also interesting is in the list of accomplishments, valerie jarrett did not put the iran deal which obviously the administration has touted as a success. jon: let's talk about the race to succeed the president, hillary clinton was asked about debating senator bernie sanders before next month's california primary. i know you are interested in that, here's what she had to
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say. >> he's accepted an invitation to debate in california before the california primary. have you thought about accepting the invitation? >> we willconsider it . >> you're not ruling it out yet i haven't thought about it, we will consider it. jon: we will consider it. what does that say to you? it says they are considering it. we've had the clinton campaign, we expect some resolution, some decision to this invitation. bernie sanders accepted right away for a debate, likely june 6 in california. the democratic debate on fox, have yet to get official word from hillary clinton. it's also interesting the previous hour we played a soundbite from may 2008 when hillary clinton was asked about the dates and she said she would debate anytime, anywhere against barack obama and so it's a different position.he's in a different position and we will see what the official word is that we expect to hear something sometime
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today. jon: she has said he is the presumptive democratic nominee so you might argue that she has nothing to gain debating bernie sanders other than officially agreeing to three debates previously and she agreed to doing for. she's done two and her opponent currently in the primary has agreed to the third. she has not officially done so yet so the calculation, thepolitical calculation whether it's good or bad is up for the clinton campaign to make . but we would like an answer one way or another. jon: obviously brett behr, we will see you tonight on special report. heather: as you mentioned, baltimore police canceling all leaves today in the city as a judge finds police officer edward nero not guilty of all charges in the death of freddie gray. plus, he may be out of the
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jon: some crime stories were following, court action for the illinois police officer convicted of killing one white while under a cloud of suspicion in the disappearance of another. opening arguments set tobegin in drew peterson murder for hire trial. accused of wanting to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars for his third whites . british restaurant owner convicted of manslaughter after a customer died of a peanut allergy after ordering takeout. the customer is if we told the staff about his allergies, the prosecutor said the owner replaced powders in his recipes with one containing peanuts because it was cheaper and never warned customers about the switch. final pretrial arguments today for an actor, motions i
8:18 am
should say for an actor on the tv series the shield. michael j's charged with killing his wife two years ago and his attorneys say his state of mind will be crucial to the success. heather: now to the search for the black boxes in the deadly egyptair crash. several countries including the us have claims in the area hunting for more debris and egypt deploying a robot submarine in the mediterranean searching for wreckage and now investigators looking at data messages indicating slope in the front of the aircraft shortly after it vanished. greg joins us now live from paris with the latest. >> the search continues for answers in the crash of egypt air flight 804, that multinational air and sea continues in the mediterranean some 200 miles off the coast of egypt. that's where the plane went down early thursday morning.
8:19 am
there are three u.s. navy surveillance aircraft involved, they spotted the debris field saturday. on sunday the french navy said they saw more debris and we've been deporting more debris has been recovered but no black box voice and data recorder found yet. that egyptian robot summary or submersible being sent to assist in that hunt but those boxes could be down 10,000 feet and the batteries sending out those electronic payments from the boxes, they don't last forever. it's a race against time. as for the cause of the crash, over the weekend egyptian president weighed in and saidlike others have said , all scenarios remain open. that data received from the aircraft was confirmed accurate by french officials. it showed smoke, meaty fire spreading from the cockpit to the front bathroom and then underneath in four minutes time. experts today are saying that it spread too fast for a fire triggered by a normal
8:20 am
technical flaw and to slow for a big terror bomb. that's why they are looking now and maybe an extraordinary mechanical and electrical problem or a small terror explosive like the one used by the ill-fated shoe bomber in 2001 or the underwear bomber in 2009, detonated maybe in the front bathroom or something planted on the board the plane at one of the airports before the crash including here in paris. starting today there are checks on allpassengers using this airports . no one has yet claimed responsibility if it was terror. finally, nobody found yet in the past couple of days. there have been many memorials or the 66 victims of the crash. families and friends gathering and services both muslim and christian in cairo and elsewhere. there was a gathering in paris over the weekend, 100 family members attending. there were 15 french on board, no americans representative citizens of 12 different nations. they died in the crash. back to you.
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heather: greg palkot live with the latest, thank you. jon: new military action to tell you about in the battle to defeat isis. iraqi forces launching an offensive to retake the city of fallujah. the role the us is playing in recapturing this key city. plus, reaction to the killing of a taliban leader in a us drone strike. what the president is saying and on why afghan official says this could lead to the defeat of the taliban and this year. >> you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee,
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jon: on fox news alert and a not guilty verdict for officer edward nero. he is one of the baltimore police officers who was involved in the arrest of freddie gray. freddie gray obviously died
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while in police custody and his death led to weeks of unrest in baltimore. nero had been charged in a number of crimes in connection with gray's death. however, the judge who heard the case was not a jury trial but the judge who heard the case decided there was not enough evidence among the charges, reckless endangerment and the judge said the police training materials dealing with transport safety are aimed at the driver. nero was involved accused of failing to buckle freddie gray into his seat in the back of the police transport van. don't he also said the fate failed to prove that nero was aware of an updated transport policy. you are looking at live pictures in baltimore outside the courthouse. a number of people have been
8:26 am
gathering their , not happy about another verdict that did not go the way they felt it should. mayor stephanie rawlings, brett blake who was criticized for suggesting the first time around that baltimore citizens would be given some space to air their grievances said this. she said, she said ... this is that our american system of justice and police officers must be afforded the same justice to some as every other's other citizen in the state and country. the criminal case has come to an end, officer nero will face an administrative review by the police department. we asked the citizens to be patient and allow the entire process to come to a conclusion. in the case of any disturbance in the city, we are prepared to respond. we are also learning that angry protesters surrounded nero as he leaves the courthouse, a mob of angry
8:27 am
protesters. he is protected by armed security officers. still a member of the police force. they have been shouting, those protesters, no justice, no peace. others called him a murderer . it happened very fast, the crowd ran through the street as guards tried to hold them off. so things are getting dicey again in baltimore after a judge finds one of the police officers arrested in connection with the death of ready gray, fines and not guilty of all charges. there are other officers still facing trial we will continue to follow this case as it heads to the system. heather: meantime, iraqi leaders launching a military offense to retake the city of fallujah held by isis for more than two years , hoping reclaiming the terror stronghold miles west of baghdad will prevent more
8:28 am
homicide bombings in the capital. david joins us now from washington dc, a former foreign policy advisor to president obama's campaign and a former department official, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: let's begin with something significant, retaking fallujah, if in fact that can happen and what the us role will be?>> though this is an important test for the iraqi army and for the government in baghdad. remember that fallujah is the second most important city in an bar province, primarily a sunni area and province and it's a restive province, we take it back fallujah twice before going back to 2004. if they can take back fallujah this could help allies and pacify anbar province. can they take back the city and two, can they hold the city and govern the city effectively? the second has been a big
8:29 am
problem for the government in baghdad. another interesting issue is what does this about the effectiveness of the iraqi army? the us has said yes melissa's should not be involved in this operation and the us is not going to do air strikes and air support for the shiite militia so it needs to be the iraqi army taking back fallujah. there's one or two brigades that are elite brigades that have been doing the fighting and the question is, are they overstretched or can they effectively take back fallujah and that will be an important way to evaluate whether the iraqi army is ready to take back mosul. the timing for the mosul operation has to be pushed back. ramadan starts in two weeks so there's no way they will be able to take back fallujah and take back mosul before ramadan starts. there's the eat holiday, we are talking about five weeks starting june 6 going into july and then it's very hot in iraq so i have to think this means the mosul
8:30 am
operation will not take place until it cools down in early or mid fall. heather: so 2017 perhaps. retaking fallujah, we mentioned the possibility of that assisting with the issues happening, the constant bombings and killings in baghdad itself. do you believe that will assist in terms of stopping isis and their attacks there in the capital city if we are able to take fallujah? >> it's a really interesting question. you can imagine prime minister abadi is looking at fallujah is way he can show some success to demonstrate to the iraqi people and those who are his opponents in baghdad that he is being ineffective. he faces a lot of turmoil in baghdad, faces opposition from others shiite leaders, there are protests in baghdad, they have gone into the green zone and try to take back government buildings so he faced a restive situation in baghdad in being able to show a
8:31 am
military victory with definitely help him. at the same time, isis is acting on this and doing bombings and terrorist attacks in baghdad in order to help destabilize baghdad and move the attention to baghdad the seventh we have to wrap it up there, we have some breaking news but thank you so much for joining us today. i appreciate your input. jon: a moment ago we told you processors were screaming at the exonerated police officer edward nero as he was leaving the turns out that was not nero, that was his brother who looks very much like news regrets that error. it is crunch time in california for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. what both candidates are doing to win votes ahead of this high-stakes primary. >>
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heather: welcome back. the biggest primary of all with more than 500 delegates at stake two weeks away and both democratic candidates campaigning hard for every last vote. mike and manuel joins us live from santa monica with more. i might.
8:36 am
p6 hi heather. california taking center stage, the biggest prize of the june 7 primary. hillary clinton expected to spend much of this week campaigning across california. her husband, former president bill clinton also hitting the campaign trail here in the golden state. hillary clinton warned sunday about allowing donald trump to normalize himself as he tries to broaden his support and she says is looking forward to the general election. >> i do not want americans and good thinking republicans as well as democrats and independents to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy. reporter: bernie sanders in california keeps noting that he matches up better than clinton does with trump in recent polling. clinton talked about setting up wall street, what he calls the greed of corporate america and fossil fuel industry and he's calling and party leaders to welcome in young and low income people. sanders also selling his electability. >> in poll after poll, national polls and in statewide polls especially those in battleground states, it turns out that in almost every instance, we beat donald trump by much greater margins and does secretary
8:37 am
clinton. [applause] reporter: it's expected hillary clinton does need to win california in order to be the democratic nominee but when you consider the amount of time and money she's investing out here, it is clear she does not want to be embarrassed. heather? heather: micah manuel live for us, thank you might. jon: a new polling average joe's donald trump with a very slim lead over hillary clinton and that's a big shift in a matter of weeks but there's criticism of the media, particularly the washington post for burying the lead on this story. joining us to talk about it, alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show and terry brose, a radio talkshowhost and fox news contributor. the headline in the washington post is poll : election 20 seen 16 shapes up as a contest of negatives. the fact of the matter is a couple weeks ago hillary clinton was leading donald trump by 11 points in the real clear average pole.
8:38 am
average of all holes. now deleting here are my 2/10 of a point and this is the headline the top. >> the headline should be he is edging her slightly that should be the headline . jon: do you agree? >> there's a lot of aspirates that go along with that. [overlapping conversation] jon: we will get to some of youráin a second first to tammy. why is the post ignoring the fact that all of a sudden donald trump is leading hillary clinton after being what, 11.5 a few weeks back? >> allen and i are agreeing here. it's how frightening that fact is to them. what i tell my listeners all the time is sometimes the bigger story is being left out or is being ignored so that the lead. the lead is the real story that you would normally see in the headline. what's important for either campaign is for your followers to actually know the truth so you know what
8:39 am
you're going to have to confront but there's also a dynamic about winningthe mind , that people do tend to move toward the person who they think is winning and if you give people the impression that you are losing, you're going to lose some of those people so this becomes this kind of false sense of security but even mrs. clinton indicated this in an interview, a meet the press thing. polls don't matter to me. they mean something. they meant something when she was ahead of bernie sanders and ahead of donald trump so they got to mean something on both ends and this is why people don't trust her and don'ttrust politicians or certainly the media . jon: let's talk about some of those asterisks . one of those asterisks that you bring up? >> the republican party is battling for itself, coalescing around donald trump . coalescing not taking place in the republican party, you got a divisive situation. i don't think those poll numbers mean a whole lot.
8:40 am
the gallup poll today shows how republicans are much more engaged as of now in the electoral process this year. the democrats have gotten as engaged as the republicans may be because of the division of their party but you probably don't have a better read on this until you have a declared candidate on each side. >> the better read has been going on for years. the enthusiasm gap for the republicans has been double digits ahead of the democrats. this is one of those dynamics and from the democrats there's been going to be no coalescing. bernie sanders endorsed eddie wasserman schultz for head of the democratic party, that happens this summer. that means if his choice wins, as this insurgent he controlled the party. debbie wasserman schultz has not been like, clearly has not done a good job. look at thedemocratic party . >> wait asecond . [overlapping conversation] >> you want to talk about reince priebus? [overlapping conversation] looks what's happening in the party. they lost their core values. you're talking about items for the minimum wage,
8:41 am
dividing the party. do they stand for? to bring everything together. i am shocked that reince priebus managed to do that. it speaks to the strength of mister trump. at the same time the democrats still in disarray and bernie sanders guy wins in the summer and his person is running the party, ... >> the republican party is going to walk back supporting somebody who stands for a whole bunch of issues that are nowhere near what the republican platform is. how are they going to walk that back and republican core values have always been up till now... >> democrats, republicans have said we need to get along and have a big party and have no labels and have people be read across the aisle. the republicans finally get that person and now it's just all bad . >> what are the core republican values?
8:42 am
[overlapping conversation] he opens his mouth and changes his view and by the end of the sentence, the beginning of the sentence doesn't make sense. >> this is how nervous the liberals are. >> i'm not nervous. jon: all right. i don't think i had asked more than one question. >> we want to make it easy. jon: i appreciate it, it is monday after all. tammy bruce, alan colmes p7 still to come, he may have suspended his presidential campaign but ted cruz just scored a victory in the race for the white house. will this make any difference to donald trump's presidential bid? >> protection
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heather: donald trump may be the presumptive republican presidential nominee but it seems not everyone is convinced is the best candidate for the party. washington state republicans voting tomorrow to decide who they want to represent their party. trump expected to win but
8:46 am
most of the delegates going to the national convention this summer will be ted cruz supporters. jan joins us live from seattle with more on this. hi dan. reporter: it was almost a total rebuke of the four by republican activists in washington state over the weekend, even trump's state campaign director who was a sitting state senator was defeated in his bid to be an at-large delegate. in all, 40 of the 41 delegates elected to go to the national convention are supporters of a guy who's not even in the race. of the 1600 delegates at the gop state convention in pascoe washington, the vast majority were wearing those red t-shirts reporting ted cruz. it shows the grassroots organization ted cruz had in washington and elsewhere but also shows how the republican establishment is not getting behind presumptive nominee donald trump. cruz dropped out of the i race hours before he was supposed to make his first campaign stop in washington. trump did make a swing
8:47 am
through the state a few weeks ago and drew his usual big crowds but the party convention, it was a different story. the republican candidate for governor won't even mention trump i name or answer any questions about whether he will support trump. the republican candidate for u.s. senate who used to be the party chairman said he will not work for trump, instead leaving that portion of the ballot blank. trump supporters say what matters most is the vote of the people outside the convention and trump is expected to clean up in tomorrow's primary and be awarded all the 44 delegates that will go to the convention in cleveland. they will be bounced to trump for the first ballot only. the rty chairwoman says in november republicans will be unified. >> let's give everybody a little time, that's all it takes. a little time and being able to see how donald trump will bring this party together. i think people may change their minds. reporter: as of friday, over 1 million ballots have been received in this boat by mail state, that's 25 percent. they're expected to get 40 percent turnout even though the democrats will honor the result because a lot of their
8:48 am
delegates based on the caucus early in the year and republicans onlyhave one candidate left in the race. heather . heather: dan springer live for us, thank you. jon: tom brady is fighting is the flaky suspension. what he plans to do next in his quest to get his four-game suspension overturned. plus, quick thinking from a good samaritan when a hot air balloon and up in a dangerous situation. this daring rescue to get passengers to safety. >> it was like sitting on the deck of the barge and we just started applauding each other but as soon as one came off, we fly back up again just losing the weight.>> it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business.
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jon: when the clock strikes noon on the east coast it's outnumbered time.
8:52 am
let's find out what's ahead. >> donald trump closing the gap big time on hillary clinton into major polls. does it show the gop is rallying around the presumptive nominee and can help return it around? a cash infusion of millions of taxpayer dollars, the tsa says expect more travel delays this summer. to the agency's chief resigned? and is banning books ever a good idea? one major city seem to think that's exactly what you do when it comes to textbooks and climate change.>> all that tailor-made for our hashtag on lucky guys, jackie wanders in our world. he's outnumbered today a world within a world. jon: see you then, thanks. heather: to another world, the world of the nfl and quarterback tom brady taking
8:53 am
his legal battle to the next level. the new england patriots player appealing his four-game deflate gate suspension to a us circuit court of appeals . sports reporter for fox news headlines, 24 seven joining me to talk about a little more about brady's stakes. thanks for joining us. i suppose if you want a hail mary pass thrown by anyone it would probably be, brady but why is he doing this? why not let it go? >> i think about number, tom brady is someone outnumbered here in people who want to see this case go on. this is about tom brady's legacy. as of now he is essentially a convicted cheater as ruled by the nfl and later ruled by the second circuit court of appeals which overturned a district judge's decision so as of now the four-game suspension is on and he is essentially a convicted cheater. 10, 20 years from now when a new generation of football fans is learning about the game, if tom brady is found guilty and stays guilty, he is convicted for life essentially but here's an
8:54 am
opportunity for him to turn things around that 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago this would be an odd fight that took place for him to find his innocence so there's a lot about clearing his name and also something about a balance of ego i believe that's been going on between tom brady who seems to be the face of the nfl, the most liked player in the nfl according to a poll that took place earlier this year and is also the least liked player and will when you put brady against roger good now, the commissioner of the nfl who draws on both sides. >> you either love him or hate him, i will let people guess which team i'm on there. he also reworked his contract. how does that play into all this? >> brady, you would think prepared for this because last year he had a base salary of $9 million. this season with part of the new contract extension's base salary is only $1 million but the $13 million signing bonus, he's still earning his money but by lowering that base salary, four-game suspension not getting paid for four games is only going to cost him around $235,000 as opposed to 2 million,
8:55 am
that's what the case would have been last year. this is not about saving money for brady. it's probably not a difference between 2 million or 235,000 in his account but he's already taken care of the financial matters. this is about him saying i'm innocent and believe me and i'm going to fight for everything i have beset if his position is accepted then then what? >> if his position is denied by the second circuit court of appeals, brady could still get a stay of that decision and wind up having the suspension essentially put on the back burner, put on hold until further decision could be made. he could appeal to the supreme court and even a stay there. there's a lot that could take place with this situation heather area but unfortunately, there may be no end in sight.there's no timetable yet for the 13 judges to make their decision from the second circuit court . heather: as it stands right now he will miss arizona, houston and buffaloall those teams are watching . >> they are the first four games of the season.
8:56 am
heather: thank you so much, i appreciated jared. jon: a dramatic rescue in melbourne australia. nine people out for a hot air balloon ride over the weekend but just when the pilot was looking for a landing spot, strong winds push the balloon out over water. someone on a nearby boat realize what was happening and followed the balloon, eventually providing a place the passengers could get off. the balloon was running low on fuel and the pilot knew he needed help. all the passengers did make it off. the balloon pilot was then able to get safely to land. heather: lucky for him. new in the next hour of "happening now", new polls show donald trump leading hillary clinton. that's still ahead.
8:57 am
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jon: mission accomplished for nasa as the space shuttle fuel tank reaches the final destination. check this out. california science center in
9:00 am
exposition is the recipient of the giant orange tank shipped to louisiana from california by barge. then it hit the streets and caused quite a traffic jam in the process as you can imagine. built for the shuttle program. it never flew. now part of an exhibit. >> can't pass that. jon: see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we begin with a fox news alert. i'm harris faulkner n baltimore the first verdict handed down in the cases against six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. officer edward nero found not guilty on all four charges in the 2015 death of 25-year-old freddie gray. he died after being taken into police custody. the judge who heard the case today handed down sweeping verdict in the past hour or so. nero was charged with second degree assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office. our peter doocy live outside the courthouse in baltimore. peter? reporter: harris, we got our firs


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