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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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exposition is the recipient of the giant orange tank shipped to louisiana from california by barge. then it hit the streets and caused quite a traffic jam in the process as you can imagine. built for the shuttle program. it never flew. now part of an exhibit. >> can't pass that. jon: see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we begin with a fox news alert. i'm harris faulkner n baltimore the first verdict handed down in the cases against six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. officer edward nero found not guilty on all four charges in the 2015 death of 25-year-old freddie gray. he died after being taken into police custody. the judge who heard the case today handed down sweeping verdict in the past hour or so. nero was charged with second degree assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office. our peter doocy live outside the courthouse in baltimore. peter? reporter: harris, we got our first look how upset a lot of
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folks here in baltimore about officer nero being acquitted on all three charges. there was pretty wild scene just a few minutes ago. a group of sheriffs deputies marched a look-alike for officer nero across the street. when none of the gathered protesters could tell the difference between nero and look-alike, they started shouting things absolutely vicious. things like go to hell and variety of other profanities that can not be repeated on television. violent riots are not expected here outside of the court. citywide, police are ready for anything. baltimore pd canceled leave for all officers today. they have all hands on deck just in case trouble starts. again it is too early to see if there will be any unrest. because the city had less than one hour to digest the news. the mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake telling residents since officer nero is subject to administrative review by the police department they need toe be patient and let entire process play out.
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that is obviously a change in tone she said last spring she wanted to give people who wanted to destroy things their space. officer nero was found not guilty on second degree assault charge, reckless endangerment charge and misconduct in office charge. he was alleged to have ignored a new directive about putting seatbelts on prisoners but he will not be punished by a court. this was judge barry williams's decision. because nero opted for a bench trial instead after jury trial there are still going to be five more officers tried after this one. the judge williams said today that the state failed to prove any corruption by officer nero. so now we wait to see if the city can successfully keep the peace. harris? harris: you mentioned the things had gotten a little testy. we'll continue to monitor the situation in baltimore and bring you back in the news warrants and stay on the story all day here on fox news. peter, thank you. ♪
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sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. fox news political and legal analyst, eboni williams, and today's #oneluckyguy, you know him from the "o'reilly factor." host of "tters world," jesse watters in our world. harris: i don't know about that. called you during the piece, a subset. it is your world and our world. >> you could have caused me a lot worse. harris: that is not true. not in public. sandra: jesse, good to have you back here. five months to go in the general election, donald trump and hillary clinton in dead in two national polls. in new "abc/washington post poll trump out in front ever clinton 46-44% among registered voters. quite a reversal since march when clinton led by nine points. the difference now within the
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poll's margin of error. check this out the new "nbc news-wall street journal poll" shows clinton leading trump 46-43 among registered voters. again within the poll's margin of error. in april clinton held an 11-point advantage over the presumptive republican nominee in the same poll 50-39%. she led him consistently by double digits since december. when it comes to her poll reversal, clinton appears to be throwing cold water on those numbers. >> polls this far out mean nothing. they certainly mean nothing to me. and i think if people go back and look they really mean nothing in terms of analyzing what is going to happen in the fall. sandra: what do you think? do the polls mean anything? to her defense, we are still pretty far out. >> yeah. i mean hillary is not very good at math. you can tell that her numbers don't ever really add up but she has to be looking at these numbers, i'm quaking in my pantsuit right now because
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although it is early, momentum is key. and he has got it. the base has come around. independents have come around. i think he is up 13 points with independents. so he is now pivoted to the center and she is still fighting bernie on the left flank. and perception is reality. you see this guy down big and now he is tied and actually winning. you know, perception in reality is in politics. this guy is not only competitive but he is winning and people want to back a winner. sandra: eboni, never ceases to amaze me politicians using polls to their advantage when they look good and discounting when they are not working. >> that is convenient, right? she is right, they're certainly not definitive. she should inform her to jesse's point, look at this, this guy is gaining on me big time. she is still fighting a primary. her party, her base not even coalescing at this point. still very divided, very far apart. one in four bernie's supporters
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are not going to support her. she has major work within her own base. sandra: how much do you attribute the rise on donald trump's side for his working on his image? >> he is working on his image. he doesn't have any rivals left in the race. he is not fighting ted cruz. not fighting john kasich. not coming up with nicknames for republican opponents. he is able to focus completely on his message and on her. she is the pastrami in a man sandwich. getting hammered on both sides of the bun by bernie and donald trump. bernie is not going away. donald trump is gaining his own sort of momentum. as they try to pick the fights they did over this weekend over gun control, she is still i think, the toughest part of the race for her. once she emerges from california you will see numbers even out a little bit. harris: i'm afraid of the metaphors but i'm with you there. for one hillary clinton isn't able to say that she doesn't have the money behind her the way donald trump had to say up until now. by having the establishment
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firmly behind her, i mean debbie wasserman-schultz is running part of her campaign practically with the dnc. she is helping her out big time. that frees up some dollars coming in, so forth. one thing you have to look at this, when you drill down into the polls, what i learned from fox news political insiders, it is plus eight. when you look at these polls you have to factor in an extra 8% of democrats. that means among her own people she doesn't do well with donald trump. that is me is biggest signal, it is not too early to look at some trends. sandra: talk about some of the unfavorables. we have latest from "the wall street journal" nbc poll shows half of registered voters view both hillary clinton and donald trump unfavorably. here are the numbers. 34%, unfavorable, 54% clinton and 58% donald trump. those are high numbers. >> it is better to be feared than loved. you will have two people, you will vote for someone you hate
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already. usually we hate politicians after they're elected. now we hate them going in but if you look at numbers too, hillary has a problem with men. everyone likes to talk about, you know, trump's problem with women, hillary has a big problem with men. that is not talked about. >> she also has a problem with women. some of her support has eroded in this poll. she has actually gone down several percentage points with women where donald trump has gone up with men. favorability plus 22 with men. you know, some of the feigns that she had made with women have sort of ceded a little bit because donald trump loves women so much. [laughter] >> he cherishes women. >> cherishes the women. harris: wow, we'll move on. hillary clinton wants you to know she's got this. she is rolling out lingo she will use against donald trump in likely general election matchup on nbc's "meet the press," she called him dangerous and unfit to be president. >> i do not want americans and, good-thinking republicans as
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well as democrats and independents, to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy. it isn't. what he is advocating, look what he has done this past week, attacking our closest ally, england. heaping praise on a dangerous dictator in north korea. reiterating his call to pull out of nato, our strong military alliance. harris: she didn't stop there. she hit trump again using his own campaign slogan. >> there is no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises. he seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great and as we go through this campaign we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric, and the danger of a lot of what he has said. harris: i'll tell you what could be dangerous, because i'm reading in this as you did too, sandra, she is now saying she will be focused on doing exactly what she just said, over and
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over again for the rest of her campaign. when is she going to focus on economy and other things? sandra: she was talking about her vice-presidential maybes, and looking into possibly a business person as a running mate. i thought that was really interesting, when you talk about her taking a couple pages out of donald trump's playbook, there you have it. she said she appreciated dallas maverick owner mark cuban openness to consider serving as her running mate. harris: that is interesting. wasn't he looked at possible third party candidate by some? >> jealous of trump. some outspoken billionaire can be president? why can't i do it? >> that is exactly what he said. trump has said the way people will run for presidency from here on out because you don't have to be a traditional politician. you can be random billionaire maverick exactly. it is funny because people are talking about donald trump, perhaps selecting a woman to be vp, to take a few pages out of hillary's playbook. we'll essentially have same ticket on both sides.
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>> both incredibly unfavorable and unliked. interesting she is framing donald trump very intentionally around the concept of dangerous. she has been doing this for a while. we have two dynamics. trump is the dangerous risky candidate and hillary clinton is candidate of certainty. the issue is a lot of people will consider rolling the dice with a risky donald trump over certain hillary clinton that they are certain they don't like. >> i think danger card will backfire, because if you look at hillary's track record, voted for iraq war. was for libyan disaster. gave iranians billions. fell asleep during the 3:00 a.m. phone call. she is not mrs. steadfast over here. she has a horrible track record. she is talking about donald trump ruining alliances. didn't she and obama abandon the kurds, abandon the ukrainians, abandon israelis? i don't think anybody has gotten a better relationship since the hillary-obama machine has been in office. harris: can we talk about messaging? when you talk about dangerous, i
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heard you say it, kennedy sometimes dangerous can be good thing you're willing to do things politically dangerous that have not been done before. >> that also means someone may fight on your behalf. that is one thing on both sides, especially sanders and trump people are clamoring for. eboni talks about certainty, a lot of people that means establishment. we have had very steady, methodical administration -- >> where has certainty gotten us. >> exactly might point. >> a lot of people would rather take a risk and really embrace whatever that means versus what we know hasn't worked. harris: right. real quickly before we move on, what would be most dangerous for the economy out of these two? sandra: hillary clinton was very effective laying out her strategy to fix the economy very early on. that was a huge plus for her. donald trump says he will be the greatest jobs president that ever lived. if he keeps pushing message on jobs that is all anybody wants to hear about. when you read the economy is at
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top of voters list for what they want to see in their candidate it is jobs. they want to see their spouse or kid or whoever get a job or keep the job that they currently have. harris: maybe dangerous thing politically would be to ignore the issues voters have said so important to them about those jobs at ballot box. very dangerous. historic move sparking backlash from some vietnam war veterans and tear families as well. president obama announced u.s. is lifting decades old arms embargo with vietnam and renewing relations with the communist nation but is the u.s. getting anything in return for this? bernie sanders taking a shot at his rival hillary clinton. wait until you hear why the vermont senator says, yeah, baby, i will is stay in the 2016 race! really? why, bernie? we wrap up and pop up live on the web. click on the "overtime" tab. we're now expanding. watch us there as i just told you, or, or live on facebook.
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harris: here's what our president has been up to, a controversial move that could embolden one of america's former enemies against increasingly aggressive china. president obama announcing the united states is lifting a half-century-old arms embargo against vietnam. the president on three-day visit to the communist nation saying the decision is based on quote, common interest and mutual respect. >> the united states is fully lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to vietnam that has been in place for some 50 years. this change will insure that vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and removes a lingering vestige of the cold war. harris: critics say president obama rewarded vietnam without holding communist leaders accountable for human rights abuses or pushing for more on whereabouts of those killed or captured during the vietnam war, our mias and p.o.w.s. this comes the same week that the president plans to visit
9:19 am
hiroshima, japan, where they dropped first atomic bomb. the families of missing soldiers in vietnam, saying it is relatively interesting and familiar narrative if you will. you've got that going on plus backdrop giving them more weapons or capability to have more weapons. where have we heard something like that, prisoners versus arms. >> he is not good with swaps. i'm for lifting arms embargo. we have to do what america does best, selling other countries weapons. that is what we do. guns are only thing made in america. why should we let russians dominate market this is message, china, don't mess with america and don't mess with our allies in the pacific because you guys will get a warning. i think best things countries can do is lose a war to america. like korea, germany, japan, now vietnam, we bombed them to death and then we pump billions of dollars into their economy and
9:20 am
sell them weapons. great. harris: one of the reasons, kennedy, this is being called yet another apology tour per critics as we saw in the iran deal we had prisoners sitting, thankfully good lord they have been brought home but big criticism for the president why isn't that part of the deal? >> i'm reading a great book, it is called, "who needs the fed? ". it is about buyers and sellers. we are the sellers here. vietnam has something we've got and need it desperately for their own self-protection. why are we just selling them something without getting something in return? as though the president has no concept of market economics. he doesn't understand how free market works. i will tell you this. he is in a communist country. that is like a fat kid being in a cake store with open-ended credit card. literally has a tub of ice cream in his face, and -- >> i see it differently. i don't think this is at all about rewarding vietnam. they have done nothing to deserve that.
9:21 am
this is like jesse said, putting china on notice that the united states is taking position not really for vietnam but against china, around the fiscal control of the south china sea. this is president, this administration saying you know what? our fiscal interests are outweighing human interests. harris: can i ask you this, is there another way to do it? the optics of this looks apologetic. the optics of going to the country and standing underneath, we have a couple instances of this, president obama with vietnam leader standing under ho chi minh. if optics tell you one thing and white house press secretary has to come out more than once, this is not about apologizing, there a different way to do it? >> i think president loves this optic this is for china. i think he appreciates what this message is sending to china but not maybe -- sandra: what about the commercial relationship, kennedy? i'm sure you have this on your radar?
9:22 am
one of the first deals president obama signed was $11.3 billion boeing planes for its low cost air carrier. this sun with many deals signed on the ground there. >> i don't of a problem with that at all. i think that is great. he should even up as many markets as possible. the thing about vietnam, although they are a bunch of red communists, they have made market reforms in that country. that is why they are one of the success stories. they are emerging country with successful economy. and you know the united states might want to take a page out of their book. >> middle class is growing. harris: you couple all of this in with hiroshima, japan, and again the optics of that. the criticism as you go to the place where we dropped the first atomic bomb saying again just being there, does it look like you're capitulating, to a message, you know what, let's wipe away the past? >> i don't think the president
9:23 am
cares about opticses and fist bumped on the golf course after our guy was burned at stake. i don't have a problem going to her reseem ma. i wish it was more muscular president. this. when he perceives that as apology. i know a lot of world war ii veterans aren't happy about it. remember this is sneak attack. we probably saved lives dropping the bombs. >> he has a antinuke speech. talking about reducing u.s. nuclear stockpiles. what do you think he is saying? if not saying it explicitly the subtext is clearly there. >> there is a lot of subtext in this administration's legacy whether it is cuba, vietnam or japan talking about new leave. i understand there is criticism around it but that is something he is concernedded with. harris: when you get nations on the ground, like you would hope happen in iran, push for change by opening up economic doors you can do that we'll cover news as it happens. donald trump, hillary clinton
9:24 am
facing off over guns. why the second amendment could turn into major issue in the general election and how voters will respond to it all. and bernie sanders says the american people see hillary clinton as quote, the lesser of two evils. bernie, what do you mean? how much this could hurt hillary clinton and the democrat party with voters. stay with us. ♪
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♪ sandra: donald trump and hillary clinton in a war of words over gun control. comes after the nra endorsed trump friday in louisville, kentucky, where he claimed clinton wants to take away people's rights to bear arms. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just remember that we're not talking about changing it. she wants to abolish the second amendment. so we're not going to let that happen, i can tell you that right now. we're going to preserve it. we'll cherish it and take care of it. sandra: for the record clinton
9:29 am
has never called for overturning the second amendment but called for some restrictions on gun ownership. she fired back over the weekend accusing trump of pandering to the gun lobby. >> we will not be silent and we will not be intimidated. as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting for our kids because they deserve a president who stands up for them. sandra: all right. jesse watters, so donald trump says she wants to abolish the second amendment. she by the way, very quickly reacted on twitter saying you're wrong, donald trump. we can unhold the second amendment rights while preventing senseless gun violence. >> i don't know she wants to abolish it and i know trump wants to cherish it, love it, feed it, tuck it in at night and win issue for trump. winning issue for every republican especially in the battle ground state. she will lose on issue. he has street cred.
9:30 am
he has conceal carry permit. his sons are avid hunters. she doesn't want to talk about guns. he is pushing this on her. she is playing defense. she is counterpunching. she is not very good counterpunching. if hillary wants to get rid of guns start with secret service detail. sell weapons overseas and americans can't have weapons? she will not win. sandra: who wins the faceoff. >> this is really smart of donald. this is totally scare tactic. i don't remember hillary clinton wanted to abolish the second amendment. seen if she wanted to, she can't. there is not a president conceived ever that can overturn a constitutional amendment of that nature it can't happen. politically speaking it gets people excited, gets them motivated and to the polls. that is political win for donald trump. i think it is -- sandra: get your reaction to this, harris. this is trump supporter, senator jeff sessions, republican from alabama, clinton would be the
9:31 am
most anti-second amendment candidate. here is what he said. >> hillary clinton is the most anti-second amendment president, perhaps we have ever had. she said again recently, that the heller decision that protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms was wrong. harris: who else says that? vermont-loving bernie sanders. during the debates it got kind of chip by around the gun debate even within her own party she has problems with this issue. with donald trump, what did he get this weekend? a big endorsement, a very months early endorsement by the nra. some are questioning how important was that? really timing of it. mitt romney, john mccain they didn't enjoy that kind of support early on. there may be some conflict within those in nra whether or not they should have moved so quickly, reading about some of that. doesn't matter. it is done. donald trump wins on issue. she might lose on the issue to bernie sanders anyway within her own party this is tender subject. perfect place to hit her.
9:32 am
>> i agree with you completely. she wants to talk about guns because it's a way to stay in the leftist wheelhouse. pacify progressives and differentiate herself from bernie. this is one of the few issues she can do that and say something original about the remark. talking about gun-free zones. talking about background checks. she gives so much misinformation and gives into this emotional argument and that's why the conservative position tends to win when it comes to gun control versus gun rights. >> lose, lose for her, right, you guys are both right. when bernie talks about, this is one of the few places she is further left than bernie but when it comes to the general that will shoot her in the foot. oh. harris: when your supporters can stand up and give you some weapons, no pun intended there too, it says a lot. >> that makes it a big week for donald trump because not only gets endorsement from the nra as you said months early, he
9:33 am
pacified conservative legal scholars with the supreme court nominee list. get back to bernie. speaking of pivot. stunning remarks by bernie sanders in an interview sunday he explained one. reasons he is staying in the race for democratic nomination. watch this. >> i don't want to see the american people voting for lesser of two evils. i want american people to vote for a vision of economic justice of social justice, of environmental justice, of racial justice. >> lesser of two evils? strong words, bern. when pressed whether he described clinton as lesser of two evils sanders said he doesn't feel that way. but that is what the american people are saying. do you buy that, jesse? >> no, i don't buy it. he is it sticking in it because he is insurance policy in case hillary is indicted by the fbi. when your insurance policy is socialist and calling hillary evil i think democratic party has a lot of problems. going all the way to convention.
9:34 am
it will be delicious. i will be out there with a camera while they're hitting streets. i think real problem there is civil war going on in the democratic party. hillary can't be too vicious when she puts the guy away because she needs sanders supporters in november. some of them may stay home and peel off for the trumpster. >> he has energy and momentum on the left if there is any. bernie shade is real. absolutely it is. he absolutely not going to do a lot to help her get this coalesce she needs going forward in the general election. she has sear initiative to get out. i say, run, bernie, run. sandra: we showed the unfavorables at top of the show. both above 50% for donald trump and hillary clinton. why not seize on that opportunity? harris: looks like something is happening. the exception to the rule is going on. you no he that level of acceptability is changing for people. they care less about whether they want to like the candidate as much as they want to believe the candidate can satisfy their
9:35 am
own concerns. i think threshold of acceptability has really changed. >> that is absolutely right. they care less about party. what bernie sanders is saying, you know what? maybe i'm not a democrat. maybe people aren't necessarily identifying with one party or the other. that is where hillary clinton tried to hit him. that is one of the insults that really fell flat. but you know what? these two really need to do, clearly have one more debate and a forum where they will be gently and fairly pressed. they need to have the debate on the fox news channel. harris: amen, sister. >> here is hillary clinton talking about that very thing, "meet the press." >> he has accepted an invitation to debate in california before the california primary. have you thought about accepting that invitation. >> we'll consider it but i'm -- >> you're not ruling it out yet. >> i haven't thought about it. we'll consider it. >> she doesn't think about that she doesn't think about the polls. what is she thinking about? >> so dismissive there. >> if she hadn't deleted emails.
9:36 am
>> old clinton playbook, how would fox news debate woo help me. this is where she is wrong. she has a man problem, big-time. if she allows a broader audience, at least hear her come with a better playbook and marketing theme, maybe a opportunity to let her chip away at some people she is not thinking about. sandra: bernie sanders has not been a fierce opponent at the debates. there is nothing to fear here. she made her look better. harris: megyn kelly will be tougher than bernie, don't you think. >> if hillary is tough she should be able to face fox news moderators. hillary, come on. >> i would love to see chris, bret, megyn, i love to see in the format t will be well-organized and i think there are a lot of unanswered questions, plus this will really turn -- >> why would you ever turn down opportunity to be in the front. american people. harris: you don't want to make mistakes at a time, kind of going forward but you could think of it in a more positive way.
9:37 am
it is opportunity as well to show people maybe some areas we haven't gotten to talk to about since the beginning your campaign, like you said the economy. >> the economy in california has been more than sluggish. she could make the case that too much government has really wrecked the state. that nation would be like during president sanders. that is too logical. summer travel nightmare may just be beginning. tsa is warning horrible lines at airports could get worse, as the agency, oh, they want more of your money. fading hope for millions of weary travelers. plus after the show head to the web for "outnumbered overtime." starting today "outnumbered overtime" is expanding as always. find overtime on also find us live on facebook. fnc. you can find overtime in two-ways. o-t, baby.
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>> just days from one of the busiest travel weekends of the year the tsa is under fire as travelers face growing delays, new report shows average wait times at major airports is whopping 90 minutes! on top of that security screenings may not be keeping us safe. same report 95% of the time, fake weapons and bombs were missed during internal screenings. meantime the head of the tsa is warning that delays could get even worse this summer despite congress forking over an extra $34 million in taxpayer money to the agency. some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle we may need to shake things up at the tsa. >> one. difficulties we have had with a great deal of turnover at tsa. there are certainly management problems at tsa. so, with this legislation, it is also important the administration move in with an overhaul of management at the tsa to make them more effective. >> i think the long lines at tsa are not necessary to security.
9:43 am
i think they do have to be management changes. it is not just management though. there have to be more resources. there have to be more tsa screeners if we want to do away with these long lines. >> jesse, what is this, more money, more problems? what is going on here? why are we spend something much money and seeing no results? >> you're saying government is putting us in danger and inefficient and asking us for more money. >> i didn't say that you said that. >> these are same type of bureaucrats obama wants to put in charge of health care. we all know what needs to be done. we can't single out aunt mabel from oklahoma. beeping when she goes through because after double hip replacement. we have to search screening smart and effectively. sweaty guy with beard and crazy looking passport comes through, single him out. that is what you have to do it. >> what do you think about privatizing? some people are calling for that. >> timing of that discussion is always interesting. we should always be having that
9:44 am
conversation and always be open to that but have the conversation where everything is failing at tsa, i do think the conversation about a shake-up at tsa is an interesting one to be had. i will point out good news here. more people are flying. looks like the economy might be getting a little bit better. airport, ticket pricing gotten more competitive. prices have been coming down. there is some of the good news. jesse? >> yes. sandra: tsa precheck, reason they cut back screeners by 10% they saw thought it would be more successful. to get more people in it, they failed! they didn't get people to sign up for it. the lines are empty. >> don't talk about the tsa precheck. that is my little secret. i don't want anybody knowing about it. those are my lines. sandra: kennedy, they announced they will shell out 1.million dollars to the same advertising firm that failed to get the message out. >> million more dollars. sandra: who is in charge of where the funds are being allocated? >> federal government.
9:45 am
that is what happened when all the agencies were created and consolidated after 9/11. we've seen the secret service go downhill. tsa has november been success. there is not the case they need more agents. there are plenty. every time you see entire lanes are not even working because the machines are shut down and you have several people doing the same job. that's what happens when you have that sort of inefficient bureaucracy. centralized institutional planning and implementation what you see is rampant in the federal government, including in the va. the tsa is holding vulnerable passengers hostage saying they need more money to do what, an even worse job -- frustrating people and stranding passengers at airports. sandra: are you saying they are making the lines long and miserable on purpose? >> i think, yes they absolutely are. logic would take you to that place. they are asking more money. there is order, from much higher to make people more miserable
9:46 am
and create optic and frustration so they get more money. sandra: wow. harris: is there evidence of that? do we know that to be a fact? >> the evidence is the cause and effect what you see at airports. harris: does the tsa head need to be fired, i. but it never -- the accountability, the ownership of these other workers. maybe a program needs to be put in. you're keeping lives, this is how many people you save doing your job well. any decisions that person has made what you just said is true needs to be reversed. >> everybody needs to go. some sort of investigation. you're absolutely right. changing the figurehead and see it at va. we see it at irs. it is never enough and it doesn't change the institutionalism. harris: should make them fly with small children seven days in a row. never enough. that will teach them. >> school board at major american city deciding to do a way with any course material that casts doubt on climate
9:47 am
change, choosing to teach it at fact. we'll debate whether that is fair up next. stay with us. >> second paragraph starts with a sentence not all scientists agree with theory of green house effect, which is just factually wrong. you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hi, sandra. the all-out effort to find black boxes from doomed egyptair flight 840. we hear about smoke' lerts before the radar vanished from the screen. what do the smoke alerts tell us? plus a murder trial for a man police say killed his wife and staged the scene to look like a suicide. his attorney is say bruises on her face are consistent with injuries resulting from hanging herself. who do the jurors believe? hear about gasoline and oil inventories. time to stock up on cheese. prices set to fall 4% because we have too much of it. how much more each american would have to eat to get us back to normal cheese levels. we've got it for you, "happening now." harris: i'm hungry. >> just you wait. sandra: thank you, jon.
9:52 am
>> one city school district is closing the book on any materials in the classroom that question or deny climate change. the board in portland, oregon, unanimously approving a resolution calls for removing books and course materials that suggest climate change doesn't exist, or that people are not at fault for it. here's a teacher who helped come up with the policy. >> second paragraph starts with a sentence that not all scientists agree with the theory of green house effect which is factually wrong. i think it does take a certain amount of courage to say that our responsibility to future, you know, to the generations growing up an even unborn generations is greater than, than any sort of risk, any sort of backlash that will come. >> some parents are reportedly against the plan. the district says the next step will be implementing the plan and coming up with a curriculum that addresses climate change
9:53 am
and climate justice. sandra: like buying his new book. >> what a coincidence, right? do you know what climate tis is? does anybody know what climate justices? am i getting locked up. >> all you do slap the word justice on any politicized term -- >> it sounds good. >> it's a dog whistle for the left. economic justice. harris: i hate that. >> that is exactly what it is. it is so anti-scientific. are you teaching kids about science and scientific method? are there skeptics? >> are students supposed to learn how to request questions? now we can't read a book to ask questions. sandra: you're past it. sa precheck to fly to oregon. >> did i revoke that? harris: do one of your campus things. >> i think i would make a fool out of that teacher right there. sandra: can i go book to this point? pushinga parent, how would i
9:54 am
his own agenda to profit off of this? he is published a textbook, called the people's curriculum for the earth and could gain from the new policy. >> i think it is complete and total conflict of interest for this teacher to have monetized opportunity. sandra: throw away all the textbooks. >> even if there was no book at play i would have a problem with it. i was taught around climate justice issues and i have my beliefs. what is wrong with encouraging dialogue, questioning -- people don't know how to disagree this country. harris: that's for sure. sandra: those are the words he had a problem with, jesse, words like might, and may and could. >> really. you can't say he or she anymore. some random -- >> he talks about climate change and climate science as though universal and objective fact there are still scientists believe it or not, no, we still have to look at data. it is impossible to predict how the climate is going to change over hundreds of or thousands of years. that has been one of the biggest
9:55 am
issues. >> getting out of the ice age, how did the earth warm up after the ice age? there were no humans with cars around factories? how did things warm up? these are questions only i have the answer to. i should be teaching these courses. it isn't that hard. harris: i see a lot of professors. >> it gets hot, it has been cold. this spring is freezing. not getting warmer. seems getting colder. is that the problem. >> we want conclusion around both sides so bad we're willing to forego letting it run its course do do our due diligence. >> they don't want a conclusion. they want to shut people down. harris: every year something changes because of the preceding year. what if sign scientist ace agree in 2016 but disagree in 2017? >> what if public schools are limiting grossly academic thought. harris: jesse, go. >> i will wait in line. harris: take your umbrella. i heard it rains a lot. i heard it is changing.
9:56 am
>> portland, i'm coming for youn more "outnumbered" in just a moment. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. that's what i'm talking about! fueled up and ready to rock. hey, i bet you're ready to start a great vacation, huh. one last work email. what?! no, let's get this vacation started! laptop close on three, are you with me? one... wait! you're welcome! now get out there and have a great day! come on! nope! now, members get more savings with your rate
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watch outnumbered over time. o-t, baby. go to the old school page, our actual page, and click on overtime tab. guess he will bring his world inside of ours? jesse water. >> this is the best part of the show. this is raw, unfiltered. harris: "happening now." we begin with with the fox news alert. a man accuseed of conspiring to buy a bomb pleads guilty in court. >> what he revealed about p the planned terror attack. we are covering the news now. >> the enthusiasm and energy and drive is with us. [applause] >> bernie sanders, doubling down on his outsider status and taking on the democratic party. >> if elected president she would not be the dnc chair. >> bernie sanders in


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