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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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watch outnumbered over time. o-t, baby. go to the old school page, our actual page, and click on overtime tab. guess he will bring his world inside of ours? jesse water. >> this is the best part of the show. this is raw, unfiltered. harris: "happening now." we begin with with the fox news alert. a man accuseed of conspiring to buy a bomb pleads guilty in court. >> what he revealed about p the planned terror attack. we are covering the news now. >> the enthusiasm and energy and drive is with us. [applause] >> bernie sanders, doubling down on his outsider status and taking on the democratic party. >> if elected president she would not be the dnc chair. >> bernie sanders in a battle in
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california. plus, the trial of a executive accused of killing his estranged wife and staging it to look like a suicide. why his story is unravelling. >> next time you go out. the ice cream that can fight hang overs. it is all "happening now". but we begin with a major military offensive in iraq to take back fallujah from isis control. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee. fallujah fell to the fighters of the islamic state back in in january of 2014, now iraqi forces backed by u.s. air strikes are working to expel the militants from the city lying 40
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miles from baghdad. conner is live with us. >> reporter: heather, the u.s. has pushed the iraqis to focus and try to take the northern city of mosul held by isis. but the recent string of bombings of baghdad that is 40 or so miles away from fallujah, the iraqi government shifted focus away from mosul and focusing on fallujah to secure baghdad. because of the bombings, the iraqi government is under pressure to increase security in baghdad, and by focusing on fallujah, there is hope to create space between isis and the iraqi capital. the u.s. is aiding with air strikes and offering support to the iraqi conventional military forces. a lot of the troops that are fighting in fallujah are shiite
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militias that are backed by iran. they are not supporting the shiite militias but focusing the effort back in the iraqi conventional troops. but make no mistake, the u.s. military is working with all iraqi forces to retake mosul. this is a big operation to try to kick isis out of the key city to create breathing space. it comes at a cost because the u.s. has to work with shiite militias back ped by iran. how long it takes is the big question. retaking cities of tikrit and ramadi took longer than expected. isis is at a much bigger disadvantage than a year ago, their forces are not seeing the
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enflux of foreign fighter ares coming through turkey and other places that they were a year ago. thousands were flowing in to iraq and syria. but isis is at a big disadvantage, jon and heather, how long it takes to secure fallujah, that is the question. but they are backed by the u.s. firepower that should take a lot less longer than the other cities. >> thank you, conner. isis is claiming responsibility for a series of explosions that killed 80 people. in one town a car bomb went off near a bus station, and then a suicide bomber blew himself up inside. and around that time the suicide bomber detonated outside of an emergency entrance of a hospital
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and a third blew himself up in an electric company. 200 people injured in the carn vaj. the search for the black boxes is under way in the eygptair crash that killed 66 people. egypt, deploying a submain to hunt for the flight recordings that could determine what caused the disaster. many clous point to terrorism. >> i think many signs do point to terrorism, or an explosive device on the aircraft. sensors went off and smoke detectors in the lavattory and the winnow in the cockpit breached we'll not know until we get the black box and all of the confirmation from that. >> catherine herridge is live for us in dc. >> reporter: thank you,
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heather. the egyptian president announced the deployment of a submarin in the effort to find the black boxes as the egypt government showed debris and passenger belongingses. they are focused on the route and weak links in airport security in north and east africa where a worker may have tampered with the aircraft. the flight went to five airports before it disappeared from radar. before paris it went to tu nissia capitol since there were terrorist attacks in 2015. eygptair also went to the africa nation eritrean in the east where security is unpredictable. the air bus had the digital data link. there was smoke in the
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lavaatory. the homeland security warned on sunday that that data is inconclusive. >> at this point we can't rule out a terrorist act. it is still early. and the black box hasn't been found out. i suspect we'll know more in the coming days. >> reporter: there have been problems with the winnows and heaters. the faa required windshield replacement. it is not known if eygptair did the same, heather? >> thank you, catherine. taking you to new york city. tennessee senator bob corker just emerged with a meeting with the prospective republican
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nominee, donald trump. a lot of people think senator corker may be vetted as a running mate for donald trump. neither man has confirmed that. we are getting questions and answers from the press and the senator. and if he says anything about what transpired in the meeting, that gives us a window into what donald trump is thinking, we'll certainly take you back there, live. back in american's election headquarters, new polls show the race getting tighter. the new nbc wall street journal poll hillary clinton 46 percent and donald trump just three points behind her with 43 percent. in the meantime, the new abc washington post poll donald trump took the lead over hillary clinton 46- 44. victoria grain is a political
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reporter and alex papas is a political reporter for the daily caller. welcome to you. victoria, we have more than five months to go before the election, if you want your polls moving in one direction, you want to be donald trump in this particular situation? >> definitely, no doubt the polls are causing heartburn in the clinton headquarters. in past election mitt romney/obama and you have seen similar moments where it is neck and neck. donald trump has the advantage right now of being the presumptive nominee of his party and hillary clinton is dealing with bernie sanders and they haven't had the moment in which democrats hope everybody will come together behind hillary clinton. definitely something to be concerned about if you are hillary clinton, but you are
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right, it is early days still. >> it is not like everybody in the republican party coaled behind trump. >> that's right. 47 percent of people are open to a third party cand uponidate. i know our reporting from the daily caller there is active mover with the never trumpers. tried to get tom coburn of oklahoma. and he said no. and ted cruz, and the interesting development, conservatives that were not crazy about mitt romney want him. and he's the only person that could step up as a third party challenger and have a chance what so ever in the race. >> one of the interesting side notes to the polls. unfavorability rating of the
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candidates. the nbc wall street journal poll, donald trump 29 percent. 34 percent for hillary clinton. their unfavorables. trump shows 58 percent. and hillary clinton 54 percent. a couple of unpopular people. >> it is truly unprecedented and raises questions about the elections going forward. it is an election like being we have never seen before. what does it mean as bernie sanders said over the week woke, choosing between the lesser of two evils. sanders saids that in the context of not wanting to give up his race yet. it adds a huge element of unpredictability in the general election where the traditional rule book is thrown out of the window. for us and the press and candidates. >> alex, we talked about donald
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trump having skeptics and the fact that he released prospective supreme court jurors so manies to have settled some what is he doing that seems to be bringing conservative or republican support? >> he's doing a number of things. it locks like it is working. some of the never trumpers that are looking for a third party, but the big take away from the poll, trump is having more success than a lot of us expected at this point in consolidating the republican voters. and so yes, he released the potential list of supreme court justices to convince conservatives that he would appoint a conservative justice. he is meeting with paul ryan. and the nra did the endorsement saying it is time to beat hillary clinton. trump is reaching out to conservative media figures.
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national review, for example, charlie psyches, wisconsin radio host has been critical. and trump is trying to consolidate the conservative movement and it is working a little bit. >> it is a fascinating election season, all right, victoria and alex, thank you both. >> still to come, the supreme court overturning a convicted murderer's sentence in georgia. and a police officer killed in the line of duty. new details on the prospective gunman. and do you agree with president obama's embargaino lift in iowa ran. join to join the conversation. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers.
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breathe right.
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african-american inmate saying prosecutors were motivated in part by race. timothy tyroen foft every has been on death row for three decades for killing a elderly white woman. they said he had no chance for a fair trial when faced with an all white jury. he confessed to the murder and sentenced to death in 1987. a manhunt in massachusetts coming to an end after's stand off. the police shooting and killing the suspect accused of killing officer. the officer was later pronounced dead at the hospital. molly has more details. >> thanks, heather. auburn, massachusetts police officer was doing his job in the early morning hours conducting a traffic stop. the man in the vehicle open four
10:18 am
and killed the officer. the manhunt got underway. it focused on a duplex in the nearby community of oxford, massachusetts. the team went in to search part of the duplex and cleared one side of the building and ultimately they found a small passage in the other half of the tu plexi. and when the team check today out they were ambushed. a closest door burst open and the suspect opened fire striking one trooper. the tactical team returned fire. the 35 year old suspect ultimately died. investigators reveal he had an extensive history. the state trooper is an 18 year veteran and a former navy seal. they praised the work of every
10:19 am
officer involved in the operation and the operation. >> my pride is outweighed by now sorrow for the teran tino family. >> the officer leaves behind a wife and three children. now including terantino 19 officers have been shot and killed by suspects this year. >> molly line, thank you. >> well, bernie sanders throws down the gauntlet. and how he is challenging debbie waszer- man shutz. our political panel is on on deck and plus this. another reminder of the dangers of police officers. the dangers they face after
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this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. >> right now, a 23-year-old milwaukee woman is in custody for striking two deputieses and ramming her vehicle in a sheriff's squad car. look. well, it all started when the suspect was pulled over for speeding. one deputy was thrown in the ground in front of oncoming traffic. neither was seriously hurt, but a passenger from the suspect car was injured. if convicted, the driver being face 45 years in prison.
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>> bernie sanders upping thente with the democratic establishment overaccusations that the party leaders favor hillary clinton in the race for the nomination. sanders will support a primary challenger to dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz and she would not be reappointed chair if he is president. we'll talk to this to our campaign consultant who was aide to the party. harlin. it just got personal. why do you think that bernie sanders is making the move? >> it is very personal. when you go after somebody's day job, it changes the narrative. he has every reason to be mad. the dnc during her tenure has been more reminiscent of
10:25 am
a criminal organization than a political party. all of the tricks they have gone through to advance hillary clinton since day one before the primary. coin flips and super delegates and controversy with a democratic vendor, they have done everything they could to suppress sanders and the supportersing. and perception is everything. if his support issers feel they are wrong, that is a problem. >> tim announced just since the endorsement, his campaign add 250,000 to his amount and it is benefitting him. >> i couldn't agree with him more. debbie wasserman schultz is supposed to be a neutral arbitrator. much like reince priebus has been.
10:26 am
but instead she is watching to cent him to antartica. the books were cooked against bernie sanders. he his 46 percent of the popular vote and yet he has seven percent of the super delegates. making it impossible for him to catch up. and what about the debate. they agreed to six versus 25. and now hil h hillary clinton i backing out of a debate. >> something they have done harlan, they are reaching out to bernie sanders when it comes to drafting the democratic platform. he will get a high number of say in terms of people that will be allowed to do that. 15 people who govern upon the platform and bernie sanders will be allowed to name five and clinton six and debbie wasserman
10:27 am
schultz is naming four. >> they are trying to reconcile with them. they know the young millennial voters go with with bernie sanders. it is a block that represents the democratic party p. they may have problems that persist for a generation. i think there are irreconcilable between the sanders camp and the hillary camp. >> what happens in the convention? bernie sanders is there and his supporters are there for him, what happens? >> it is going to be a problem. democrats are whistling past the graveyard. a lot of his supporters are independents and they will not necessarily vote for hillary clinton because of a d next to her name. that falls on debbie wasserman schultz to bridge the divide. is it hillary bringing everyone
10:28 am
together. she is a tool of wall street to bernie sanders supporters. i don't think they will support hillary because she runs against trump. >> the polls prove just that. you take west virginia alone. 75 percent of the bernie sanders supporters saying they would not support hillary clinton. >> absolutely, and i am one of them. i said on fox many times, and bernie sanders is push i will not support her. there is more commonality between sanders and trump. you look at trade and campaign financing and reform. hillary will not be my vote in november. >> we'll see what happens after the may race. just two states. california and new jersey, still to come. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, heather. >> new teams searching for the
10:29 am
black boxes of eygptair flight 804. and what they learned about what could have caused the deadly crash. a problem for cheese makers, why there is too much of it right now in america.
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an act of terror? an egyptian submarine combes the waters for the black boxes. the eygptair plane crashed on thursday, killing all 66 people on board. investigators hope that the flight data record early reveal what brought down the plane. we'll talk to the tsa director. every airline crash is a mystery. especially word of smoke on board, tom, what does that tell you? >> the frustrating part is, we don't have a good track record of immediately finding the black box and data recorders when aircraft crash over water. note, it was several years when we found the air france data recorders from the flight that crashed in the atlantic. we still haven't found the
10:34 am
malaysian 370. perhaps the radio signal was not strong enough or equipment was brokening and not well mainta maintained. it looks like the authorities are doing everything. getting the submarine out and look for the wreckage and data recorders. as far as the smoke indicators are concerned, they were automatic and not pilot sent communications. i think there is analysis as to what does that mean? it doesn't necessarily mean a catastrophic event, but it is a concern of what happened to this aircraft. >> these are the fancy device that were on the malaysian flight 370. they are transmitters that tells grounds crew what is going on in the engine so if the plane lands, if there is a problem
10:35 am
with the engine, mechanics will have an idea. you are looking at black boxes and that's not what i am talking about obviously. bloomberg wrote, two error messages suggested a fire on board while later alerts showed a failure in the electrical equipment from the bean on saturday. spanning three minutes and fumes were detected by smoke detectors, one in the lavaatory and other in the compartment department. i heard lavaatory, i thought a suicide bomber went in the lavideoatory to mix up a cocktail to bring the plane down. but if there was smoke below on deck it doesn'ts in he fit that
10:36 am
mold. >> notes inially, it still doesn't dismiss the insider threat. say there was an explosive device that was secreted in the cargo hold. that could have possibly gone off. it could be a device that was triggered somehow and affected the avionics and penetrated the passenger cabin and lavaatory and possibly set those indicators off. so there is multiple scenarios that present themselves. what it does tell us, if something went wrong and whether it was a terrorist event that indications are that it was and some sort of a mechanical problem, we are still going to have to be patient until the search goes forward. >> the air bus is a fly by wire plane. there are wire bundles that
10:37 am
carry computer demand to the flight control surfaces unlike older aircraft that have cables and pulleys. if you have a flier in the flight control bundle, you can have a uncontrollable aircraft? >> that's absolutely right. and if for some reason a device went off near those components packages, electronic components package, it could have a catastrophic affect. by the same token not over fire or smoke incident is catastrophic. while frustrating, it is hard to blame the cause on at this point. >> if we get the black boxes and maybe 9000 feet down in the mediterranean, but if we get the black boxes, that should go a long way helping the
10:38 am
investigators to figure out what happened. >> yes, the experts will diagnose precisely what happened and what time. >> it seems like what happened on mh- 370. making those boxes float as some suggested that the military aircraft have and increasing the range of the pingers. the search for answers is agonizing. tom blank, thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> still to come, a murder trial for this business maybe charged with murdering his wife two years ago. >> one too many? why ice cream? ice cream could be the cure for a dreaded hang over.
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i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good.
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>> a kansas man pled get to a foiled plot on behalf of isis. he changed his plea because he believed the government had enough evidence to book him. he helped to plant a bomb on the military base. he admits to loaner booker $100 and failing to inform law enforcement officials. he pled get in the plot. >> businessman kastillo is accused of strangling his wife michelle and staging the scene to look like a suicide. michelle castillo filed for dwoefrments she had a protective order against him. and a security camera shows michelle's car arriving home at
10:43 am
8:00 p.m. a man was captured leaving on foot later at 1:00 a.m. and hours later michelle was found dead inside of her home. april 1st. braulo was arrested and chargeded with her murder. his dna was found on a sweatshirt michelle was wearing the night she dead. his murder trial started with the defense saying that they can prove michelle did commit suicide. the joris expected to hear from detectives and forensic experts. if convicted. casstillo could serve 20 years in prison. joining me is our attorneys. thank you for joining us. you think this is totally circumstantial.
10:44 am
>> it is one of the circumstantial cases i have seen. he had trail from him and back. i don't envo his defense team. facts are the facts. every single point leads up to him being the culprit. they don't need proof he strangled her directly. there is so much circumsubstantial evidence that points to that. the prosecution i think has a win. >> security cameras and neighbors that spotted what they allege to be him going into the home. defense attorneys argue that he knew they were there and he would have known to avoid them. and the sweatshirt was his and explains the dna or blood on it. [inaudible] [no audio]
10:45 am
>> heather we don't have your audio. jana, please respond. >> the defense team here has to pull out whatever they can pull out. they will throw everything they have to see if it sticks. it will not be enough to get a not guilty verdict. if i can add one thing. i defended a terrible home inivation and the judge said you can't make chicken salad out of chicken excreditment. the word he used had far fewer syllables. facts all leads to the killer and it is him. >> had the defense attorneys say they need to create any other suspect in this? >> they would have a better defense if they could point to the third party. otherwise the jury will sit there and say in light of all of the evidence, if he didn't do
10:46 am
it? who did? two of the children and one. children identifies the father as the one running down the driveway after the crime occurred. that is it a good identification. >> unfortunately we will not be able to get heather back. you will wrap this up. what sentence will he face? >> if he is facing a first-degree murder charge. there was obviously planning. he could go to prison for the rest of his life. motive and intent and a ton of circumstantial evidence and shows he is the only person who could have done. it and the bruises that was on her face to hang herself is not going to fly. >> one thing about the judges presiding over the case is the same judge that presided over previous cases involving him and
10:47 am
his wife? >> he very well could be. is that fair or unfair to the defendant. if that evidence comes in play. it goes toward motive and planning and behavior, no harm, no foul here. >> okay, jana thank you. and heather hanson, sorry we couldn't get you back but thank you for joining us, too. >> now to the chose surplus in america. did you know that was happening? from the strong u.s. dollar and plunging milk and dairy prices. our nation is facing a cheese backlog. there is so much every man, woman and cheese would need to eat extra three pounds to eat it all. adam is at murray cheese. >> three pounds of cheese. this is it a three pound chunk
10:48 am
of queso. 320 million americans. 36 pounds of chose. that is 12 of these. that surplus, cheese prices are coming down. look at the yummy stuff here. so much prukdz of milk, we have stopped exporting as much as we used. to and the price of cheese falling in the wholesale level. in the chicago mercan tile, the chunk of cheddar fell in price 45 percent. what are paying is falling four percent p. this year dairy producers will make 212 billion pounds of milk and we are not exporting it. and we'll store it and freeze the cheese. there is so much cheese in storage. 1.2 billion pounds.
10:49 am
it is it the highest it has been since 2006. no matter how you cut it, producer ands consumers smell success. >> cheese dip all around. >> or macand cheese. that is my favorite with cheddar. >> and more speculation to talk to you about donald trump's running mate. the republican senator leaving after a meeting. could this be the gop ticket? spring storms and damaging hail. where the system is now headed? after a long day, jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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i'm gretchen calls orrin. senator bob corker just leaving trump towers happening moments ago after he had a meeting with trump. could he now be on the short list for vp? plus, outrage as the veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald likened the long hospital wait times for veterans to the long lines at disney world. yeah. disney. hear more about that. and new allegations about former congressman gary condit and his involved with murdered intern chandra levy and other women. you'll get the story a full six minutes from now. well, south korea launching a specialize cream bar designed to ease hangovers. that's what they say. ice cream apparently contains a certain rasin trie fruit extract, not exactly sure what that is, but that is a traditional hangover cure that dates back to the 17th century.
10:54 am
drinking is a big part of work life in south korea and hangover cures are becoming a big business there. >> any reason to eat ice cream. >> yeah. >> hey, severe weather across large parts of the country. take a look at what happened in montana. a severe spring storm bringing golf ball-sized hail damaging windows and vehicles, as you can imagine. across the plains, flooding is the issue, and there's no end in sight. more bad weather expected today. meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center for us. j.d.? >> hello, john and heather. yes, we had over 100 reports of severe weather yesterday. 38 of them tornadoes, and then we had over 100 reports of hail, and we saw that hail across montana. several reports there. let's watch these systems as they cross over the plain states and gives us the risk for severe weather, not only for today but for much of the workweek. as we head into tuesday and wednesday, we're watching the
10:55 am
radar here for parts of texas, oklahoma, in towards kansas and missouri. the typical areas that we see severe wet they are time of year in the month of may which is typically the busiest month for severe storms. your severe threat today for parts of texas into oklahoma and kansas with the tornado threat overnight tonight. tuesday much of the same area expands up northward to nebraska and, again, on tuesday and wednesday. watching this area of concern. the other big problem is the flash flooding, and some of these areas we could easily see several inches of rainfall. again, john, this is typically where we see the tornado activity across what we call tornado alley so not out of the question here. a quick look at your daytime highs. i want to point out the northeast where we've been into springtime weather. look at this, john scott. 87 in new york city. i expect to see you in shorts on wednesday. back to you. >> you know it, and my muscle shirt. >> oh, i like it. >> thank you. >> we'll be posting that on twitter and facebook.
10:56 am
>> no, we won't. >> thanks, janice. >> you got it, and instagram. well, it's coming up. a texas man on a fishing trip reels in a shark and it turns out that fish wasn't the only one caught off guard. "the final 30" up next. here's t. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and eventually you land a grown-up job with a 401k and you meet your wife. and you both work constantly... so you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. sometimes you fight about stupid things. then you move on. but you feel like something is still missing. so together, you adopt a little boy...
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time for the final 30 now and a really close call for a man in texas. he was fishing off the coast of corpus christi hoping to catch some king fish. instead, he reeled in a three-foot atlantic harp-nosed shark. when he tries to remove the hook the shark starts thrashing around and comes very close to biting him. >> yeah. >> you don't want that to happen. eventually the shark did jump back in the water. yes, and would you rather have that or this? a family in utah faced with a four-legged intruder, 75-pound money than lion lounging on
11:00 am
their front porch for about two hours. yeah, the big cat ran off when wildlife officers showed up. eventually they release it had back into the wild. >> just taking a catnap. >> yeah. >> big catnap. >> that's right. thank you for joining us. real story" with gretchen starts now. all right. folks, rumors are swirling today about donald trump's vice presidential pick. why? because he was sitting down a few moments ago with a veteran gop senator. hi, everybody. happy monday. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." donald trump and tennessee senator bob corker are wrapping up their talks as the republicans start to real around the front-runner. hillary clinton's lead over him taking huge hits in some of the new polls. the nbc matchup putting her just three points ahead of trump. in april she led him by 11. david lee miller live for us at trump towers where all the activity was taking place in new york city. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, gretchen. the meeting got under way a little before noon and lasted about an hour and a half, and donald trump met


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