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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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congratulations to the class 2016 aross this country. my mom's motto, lack of planning on your part does not justify an emergency on my part. for those asking, nana is doing great. thanks, good night. tonight -- >> people are in love with what we're saying. i think we're going to do very well. >> donald trump surging in few polls and in a dead heat with hillary clinton. plus, after chaos in nevada things in the democratic party are getting downright ugly. >> she has a real civil war. >> newt gingrich is here tonight with analysis. >>trump's v.p. search is on. who should he pick? we'll ask laura ingraham tonight. and not guilty. one of the officers in the freddie gray case is acquitted of all charges. geraldo rivera and mark fuhrman will weigh in. "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome to "hannity," and tonight, brand new polls show momentum is building for donald
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trump. he's now in a dead heat with hillary clinton in the race for the white house. standing by tonight at the "hannity" big board with more, "fox & friends'" heather nauert. >> donald trump surging ahead in the poll matchups against likely general election opponent, hillary clinton. according to a new abc news/"washington post" poll, trump is leading his democratic rival 46%-44%. it is an impressive turnaround for donald trump. go back to march to the same poll, clinton had a 51%-41% advantage, the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows a close race, 46%-43%. her lead is within the margin of error. sean, trump is closing the gap in this poll as well. back in april clinton held an advantage over the presumptive gop nominee. we're a few months away from the 2016 election. a whole lot can change between now and then. we're starting to see a trend that is developing and that's considered a positive sign for donald trump.
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back to you, sean. >> all right, heather. thanks so much. those polls are interesting. here with reaction, co-author of "rediscovering god and america," "new york times" bestselling author, newt gingrich. if you look at the real clear politics average for the first time, donald trump now leads. this was not how this was supposed to play out. that the guy that beat 16 prominent republicans is now running a general election campaign and hillary clinton is in the fight for her life. what happened? >> well, i think first of all, on hillary's side, she can't answer any of the questions about her e-mails and national security. she can't answer any of the questions about the corruption of the clinton foundation. she can't answer a whole range of things. >> yeah. and you know, the fascinating thing is all of these things seem to be fair game tell me if i'm wrong or right, i've watched
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this years gone by, republicans are racist, sex isists, want to kill yo kill your grandma. trump saying you can't accuse me of being against women and enable your husband in case after case after case. do you see a difference and will that make a difference in terms of how the public views these attacks that historically the democrats use? >> well, look, i think trump is going to make a difference in three very different ways. the first as you point out is this is one of the most ferocious counterattackers in american history. so if she hits him, he's going to hit her back very hard and he's not going to allow her to hide, you know, that she wants to have it both ways. wantos women's rights, eliminat the glass ceiling. she can't have it both ways. no younger woman thinks it's fair for her to play both sides of that game. second, trump unlike anybody i've seen has an ability to talk
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in a very direct, very clear language which reaches a lot of people who republicans very often miss and third, you got lots of americans, latino, asian-americans, african-americans, younger millennials, who are sick and tired of the same old baloney and i think are ready for somebody to tell them the truth. i think a lot of the tools that used to work are simply not going to work. >> if you look at what happened at the democratic nevada convention, if you look at bernie sanders not liking debbie wasserman-schultz and wanting to get rid of her, look at al gore would not endorse hillary clinton this weekend or the numbers of men -- hillary clinton has a bigger problem with men than the much publicized issue of donald trump and women by far. then, of course, hispanic voters are abandoning hillary in big numbers. as are black americans. as you see the electoral map, i've always viewed it as very hard for a republican to win the
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presidency, is it going to change this year? >> oh, i think it is going to change. in fact, i think that trump creates a totally new appeal. if reagan had reagan democrats, i think trump is going to have trump americans. i think they're going to be independents, they're going to be people who never voted before, going to be democrats, going to be republicans. i think he has the potential to reshape the entire map to such a degree that we're exploring at gingrich productions shifting from red/blue which has been the standard colors to totally new colors just to make clear that this is a different election and you can't apply the old rules. >> yeah. i want to show you something, we talked a lot last week about "the new york times" trying to do a hit piece on donald trump as it relates to women. and then all of these women mentioned in the piece, and then some, come out in his defense. and then trump mentions bill clinton and the issues involving kathleen willey, juanita broaddrick, paula jones, that goes viral. politico this week, they have actually a headline, "ryan says trump could win but i'm not
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betting on it." here's the problem. when you actually read the piece, he said, yeah, he said trump could win, but i'm not a betting man. that was the quote. it wasn't i'm not betting on it. he's not a betting man. the media seems very aligned with hillary clinton. how big a factor in this day and age of instagram, twitter, facebook? >> oh, i think almost no factor because everybody knows it and because trump is quite cheerful about responding to it. the objective reality is that "the new york times" is essentially a propaganda arm of the clinton campaign and shouldn't be taken seriously as if it was a real newspaper, despite the fact they have great reporters as individuals. but the institutional pattern now is so one sided it's kind of amazing. but i think what you've got with trump, because of facebook, because of twitter, because of all these other devices, here's a guy who can protect himself and fight bag and because he can get access to television and radio, he can actually out -- he has greater impact than any
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possible media attack on him. >> okay. let me go through his agenda. i thought he did something pretty brilliant last week, that is he named 11 people, a pool of people he would choose from that every conservative that's weighed in on it that i have seen said this is an amazing list of people, a pool of people he would choose from for supreme court and that's the type of justice he wants. when i interviewed him last week, i said, okay, how serious are you about balancing the budget? he said very. how serious are you about energy independence? how serious is the issue of building the wall for you? how serious is it for you to end common core and build up our military and fix the v.a.? all of these things seem to be set as promises for him. if you put that together in a contract like you had in 9 4s is that brought republicans to power for the first time in 40 years, would that work today? >> well, i think it would work today. i think after the convention, i
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this frustrates you because you'd like it next tuesday. >> you like to frustrate me, go ahead. you're a professional at it. >> now, come on. our contract was late september for a lot of good reasons. i would love to see the senate, the house and the presidential campaign work together in august after the convention, put together no more than ten items that are big, that are bold, that are clear, and then invite every republican candidate in the country to come in because i think by september, nobody's going to think it's a disadvantage to be standing next to donald trump. i think he's going to gain ground every month. i think the more people get to know him, get to hear him, the more he learns and he, as you know, he is learning machine and he's really beginning to acquire a sense of depth that, for example, you mentioned the 11 justices or judges they mentioned. this isn't just a great list.
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it's a geographically distributed list. i'm writing about it this week because it really shows you a grassroots populism even in approaching the supreme court by breaking loose from harvard. i think there's not a single one of those 11 judges that went to harvard. that's a revolution in american jurisprudence and one we needed for a long time. >> i have been very vocal i think because of what you were able to achieve as speaker, you're as big a revolutionary, the most successful person on the political scene today in terms of actually getting results. i think the country needs bold solutions. there's nothing about you that is not bold. very dynamic. i've said that picking newt gingrich as speaker -- as v.p. -- would be a good idea and a team of rivals. people like rick perry, scott walker, bobby jindal, pam bondy, for example, of florida, the attorney general and chris christie and rudy giuliani. how good an idea is that? >> i think it's a pretty good
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idea. again, we're in a different era doing different things. he's got to decide -- >> ben carson, too. >> he has to decide what he wants. you know, part of it may be also that he wan wants to go to a toy different kind of person. he mentioned, for example, carl icahn as potential secretary of the treasury. that would really break out of the mold. look at somebody like general flynn, you'd have to get a waiver from congress but might be the right guy to become secretary of defense. there are a lot of things we ought to be looking at here. certainly proves that we have an extraordinarily solid group of people. i think chris christie would be an extraordinarily good attorney general, for example. and would really fill the job. if we could get him to do it, i think rudy giuliani would be an amazing secretary of homeland security. he h ggets it, he's lived it. he'd be tough minded. by the way, i think just as a side note, this comment today by the secretary of veterans affairs who i like personally -- >> about disney? i heard that.
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>> i like bob mcdonald personally. he was e a good ceo in cincinna. ran a big company. but boy, you cannot compare veterans waiting to get into a hospital with a family waiting in line at disney world. it's the kind of insensitivity and lack of standi ining up for veterans. i think it's because he's ultimately been browbeaten by the federal employees unions who have such an iron grip on the veterans administration they're prepared to protect criminals, they're prepared to protect people who are corrupt, they're prepared to protect anybody they want to over the veterans and today's comment fit that pattern. >> that was a disgrace. there is no comparison. you're right. all right. when we come back, i have the question you hate and much more. we'll also find out why newt gingrich says the democratic party is in a civil war. later, laura ingraham is here to weigh in on who donald trump should pick as v.p. in the v.p.
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search. plus one of the officers involved in the freddie gray case was acquitted of all charges earlier today. we'll check in with geraldo rivera and mark fuhrman here with reaction. plus tonight -- >> looking to destroy israel. we want to have all of israel. >> i've actually been learning the last school year about everything that's going on over there. i like the sound of what you're doing. >> do you feel like donating to help the cause to fight back? that would be great. >> i would definitely. >> maybe consider making a donation. >> sure. >> great. >> $15? >> 15 bucks, that would be great. >> shocking video from filmmaker ami horowitz, asks students on one of america's college campuses if they'd support the terror group hamas. wait until you see the answers as we continue tonight on "hannity." ea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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live from america's news hq, i'm patricia stark. democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton declining an offer from fox news channel to debate her rival, bernie sanders. the debate would have taken place in california before that state's june 7th primary. it comes as mrs. clinton is nearing the number of delegates needed to seal the nomination. a campaign spokeswoman says clinton's time is best spent meeting voters and campaigning. the head of security for the transportation security administration has been removed from his position. that's according to house sources. kelly hoggens' removal comes amid scrutiny from congress. he had been criticized by the house oversight committee for receiving $90,000 in bonuses from the tsa despite reports of security screening failures at airports around the country. i'm patricia stark, and now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to
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welcome back to "hannity." there is a major rift in the democratic party between hillary clinton and bernie sanders' supporters and it's only getting worse as the democratic race now carries on. newt gingrich says that the democrats now have a civil war on their hands. he's here to explain that and much more. my next most important question, though, do you know if you are being vetted? >> no. >> you've been talked a lot about -- >> i know nothing. >> well, no, you would know if you were being vetted because they might ask for financial information or something like that. >> well, in that case, nobody's talked to me about nothing. >> when do you say nothing? you don't ever say that. >> no, but i thought it'd fit the moment. >> i'm glad you're having a laugh at my expense. the issue, though, before us is, you know, a lot of people say, okay, donald trump has these issues, but look at the democrats and hillary clinton. what does it say that she can't finish off bernie sanders? what does it say that bernie
7:17 pm
sanders is so angry at her and debbie wasserman-schultz and a majority of her -- a significant percentage of bernie supporters say they're going to donald trump. do you think this will manifest itself in a general election? or do people go back to their neutral corners? >> well, if you go back two or three months and had said the democrats are going to have more trouble in philadelphia in their convention than the republicans are in cleveland, nobody would have believed you. but what's clear is that, you know, the clintons rigged the game. they used debbie wasserman-schultz, they used the dnc, they set up, you know, debates at the worst possible hours. they did everything they could to rig the game for hillary, and they have all these superdelegates that are inherently violate the principle of popular support. and so finally, you see sanders and his supporters, the momentum keeps building and keeps
7:18 pm
building and hillary's going to have to surrender to him huge chunks of territory on the platform, on the rules. i wouldn't be at all surprised to have sanders make a condition of his support that they eliminate superdelegates for the future. that they can't have them anymore. >> by the way, it would be kind of fair, right? i mean, that is the most -- >> ah. >> bernie wins west virginia, 51%-36%. he gets 18 delegates. she gets 11. add the superdelegates, he gets 19, she gets 18. and she got destroyed in the state. >> there's no question, part of what's happened is the corruption of the democratic party is coming home to roost in one more example. the game was rigged. it was rigged to favor the insiders. hillary is the ultimate insider. and what you've had is this emergence of aleft-wing populism that is truly angry. and so if you're really mad, for example, about wall street and people should be, and then you
7:19 pm
look at her giving $250,000 secret speeches and pretending that she's really opposed to people who give her $250,000 checks, i mean, it's beyond belief -- >> all right. >> -- that hillary thinks she can take a quarter million dollars at a time for an hour and have you believe she's against the person who gave her the check. >> balance in a general election, okay, you're donald trump, you have the ability to attack hillary, crooked hillary, and go forward and mention all the things that he has mentioned in terms of their personal character flaws, traits, problems that they have. balance that with the need of this country to get to a balanced budget, to fix the v.a., to build up our military, to identify isis first so you can defeat them, to get rid of health care and replace it, to become energy indpeependent, ma our educational system better. if you're balancing what to talk about, a solution should be what
7:20 pm
percentage versus really exposing the clintons for who they are as the other percentage of time spent? >> well, i think i'd put it into three boxes. i'd put in big solutions, big ideas, making america great again, the world trump wants to create. and i'd give that probably half the time. then i would take the genuine legitimate policy failures, for example, her commitment to getting rid of gadhafi and the disaster that libya's become ever since. and i'd go down the list of things that she has failed at including, by the way, helping create government-run health care that's a total disaster. that's a policy difference. i give that a quarter. then the last quarter i'd reserve for the kind of counterpunching trump has become famous for and i'd let hillary know any time she wants to cross a certain line, he's going to hit her as hard as he can and throw the kitchen sink at her. frankly, between her past, between the clinton foundation, between the e-mail scandals, he
7:21 pm
has more ammunition than he'll end up using this fall. >> my question to you is, for those -- you've even said he's a nationalist populist. but don't we really have to rethink war after vietnam and iraq? >> yeah. >> and we engage in these conflicts only to have them politicized. only to give back the gains our brave servicemen and women fought for? >> look, i gave a speech at the american enterprise institute in april of 2003 calling for the complete overhaul of the state department which i thought was a disaster and it's worse today. in december 2003, i went on "meet the press" with tim russert and did an interview with "newsweek" and said we'd gone off the cliff in iraq. all my original willingness to support an aggressivest in the middle east disappeared in the incompetence with which we tried to do it and the way we tried to do things that are not possible.
7:22 pm
you're not going to create a democracy in libya in the near future. it's not going to happen. you're not going to solve sectarian violence in iraq in the near future. it's not going to happen. we need some realism in our foreign policy and that's why i'm comfortable with the tough questions donald trump is raising. >> yeah. all right. mr. speaker, always a pleasure. thank you for being with us. you will tell us if they ask for any information, right? you're going to -- >> not if they tell me a secret. >> did you lie to me earlier? or tell me the truth? >> no, no, i'd have to say to you i can't comment. >> i was just kidding, by the way. i just like to play games with an old friend, but you can tell us, you know. there was a moment when you were speaker -- >> nobody's approached me. >> -- when your own mother was being interviewed by a reporter and said it's only between you and me and 10 million other people. >> right. >> all right. >> sean, if i ever learn, i'll try to share. >> okay. thank you. coming up, what is donald trump really looking for in a
7:23 pm
running mate? we'll check with laura ingraham here to weigh in next. earlier today one of the officers involved in the freddie gray case was acquitted of all charges. geraldo and mark fuhrman here are reaction. plus, tonight -- >> suicide bombers. israel. that's kind of what we're looking to do. thanks for your time. >> filmmaker ami horowitz asks students at one college right here in the u.s. if they would support the terror group, hamas. their answers are downright disturbing. we'll show you that video and more tonight on "hannity." ♪ with an unlimited mileage warranty on your certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can drive as far as you want for up to three years and be covered.
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7:26 pm
to believe that i'm being considered for a position like that. you know, i'll say that until i'm blue in my face. it's just, again, this was a meeting between two people who didn't know each other except over phone calls. getting to know each other and that's it. i would guess that -- i would guess the campaign -- i mean, those kind of things take a while and i have no reason to believe that i'm being considered. >> joining us with reaction, editor in chief of, fox news contributor, nationally syndicated radio host, laura ingraham. please not bob corker. please. pretty please with sugar on top. >> sean, i would be absolutely floored if it were bob corker. i mean, he could not be a nicer person, let me say that, he's a delightful person, but as the co-author of the corker/hovan immigration amnesty bill that replaced the schumer/rubio immigration amnesty bill, that's just a nonstarter.
7:27 pm
and so i think -- i think trump's folks are meeting with a wide range of voices and especially given corker's expertise in foreign policy and national security, i think it's smart for trump to reach out to folks and that's when he's doing, but i would be -- i would just be absolutely stunned if he chose somebody like that. i think it would be terrible. lead balloon. >> i think conservatives would be angry and i think he just bought a lot of good will by conservatives for announcing a great list of a pool of justices he'd choose from for the supreme court. all right. last week "the new york times" tried to hurt donald trump on the issue of women. the women stood up for him. it backfired. then he went on offense with the clintons. he's taking it now a step further with this instagram ad. hard hitting. watch this. >> i was very nervous. no woman should be subjected to it. it was an assault. >> he starts to -- i tried to
7:28 pm
pull away from him. [ laughter ] >> very subtle. i think a message is being sent there. you want to start this war on women, and gender war and you want to play the race card, we will do the same back. am i interpreting that right? >> i think you're right, sean. he's heard from a lot of establishment analysts and republican pollster types that this path is not a smart one. and he he's heard this. and i think trump's going with his instincts which i think have been fairly strong since he got into this race. contrary to what a lot of people thought about him. and it's not that he's going to make -- his whole campaign is not going to be based on juanita broaddrick or hillary clinton's, you know, savage attacks on the women who were abused by and frankly juanita broaddrick raped by bill clinton, that's what she alleges. that's going to be something that he has in his back pocket to say, whoa, whoa, whoa, before
7:29 pm
you cast dispersions on me, look at what you did to savagely attack these women, what your husband did in the workplace and reintroduce this narrative to people who forgot about it, if they could have, then introduce it for the first time to a new generation of women who possibly when they hear about it are really shocked to know the truth about this. >> i had juanita, kathleen, and paula jones on my radio show today. there is a whole generation of young women -- >> they don't know anything about it. >> -- that don't know a thing about it. all right. one other thing, because i think at a minimum, it neutralizes whatever predictable, you know, old story democratic book characterizations they make against republicans, racist, sexist, et cetera. but the democrats also have their own problems. let me put up on the screen what ed rendell, gengenius, hillary clinton fan and supporter said last week. he said, well, will he have appeal among working class
7:30 pm
democrats in levittown, or bristol? sure. trump's comment, you can't be a 10 if you're flat chested, that will come back to haunt him. there are probably more ugly women than attractive women in america. i'm like, okay, hillary, does that what they want their campaign to represent, cling women ugly? >> you can't even make this up. what we saw over the last ten months is all these really sophisticated attempts to take trump down with these types of insults and these personal attacks. he doesn't like immigrants, doesn't like women. they've all spectacularly flamed out. and i don't think there's much evidence that they're going to work in the general election. i know people think, well, general's different. yeah, it is to come extent. i think in the end, sean, this is going to be about who's going to get this economy going, who has more credibility in business, who has a better more straightforward approach and fresher approach to this problem, globalization and open
7:31 pm
borders? that's trump. >> i thought when i interviewed him last week, and this was the day that he announced those -- the pool of supreme court justice candidates for him. i asked him how serious are you about balancing the budget, fixing the v.a., building up our military, bringing us energy independence, sending education back to the states, replacing obamacare? all the things i talked with newt about. he said that's my agenda. why are some conservatives still questioning whether or not he'll do these things even after he announced the judges? >> i think it's hard to admit when you're wrong. i think it's hard to say to yourself, i blew this, i predicted it incorrectly. >> spectacularly wrong, right? >> it's hard. i think it's hard for a lot of these folks. >> their egos. >> a lot of them are invested in the globalization agenda. that's a whole separate crowd. the ted cruz folks are angry, bitter. they have to drop it. we have to fight this. you can't win the game if you're
7:32 pm
not on the field. people saying, i'm not voting for anybody, you're not helping us save the country. we have to help save country. no one is perfect. >> balancing the issue of being willing to attack hillary versus a positive agenda-oriented, success vision for the country, y you're saying mostly a vision, mostly promises about the future versus but fight back when you need to? >> i think it's a combination. the clintons are going to pull every trick out of their black bag of political tricks. they're really good at campaigning. and obama's popularity is on the rise which means they're going to use him to get the african-american vote out, sean. i think a lot of this depends on obama because if he can get the african-american vote out and trump doesn't make some inroads into that community, i think it's going to be a lot closer. but i think trump's going to go into the black neighborhoods and say, what have they done for you lately? i mean, has this worked out? >> are you better off than eight years ago? >> exactly. >> laura ingraham, thank you, appreciate it as always. coming up, one of the officers charged in the freddie
7:33 pm
gray incident was found today not guilty. geraldo rivera, mark fuhrman, they weigh in. also later tonight -- >> looking to destroy israel. we don't want just gauzgaza. we want all of israel. >> i've actually been learning this last school year about everything that's going on over there. i like the sound pof what you're doing. >> filmmaker ami horowitz asking portland students, college students if they donate money to hamas to blow up cafes and blow up churches and synagogues and also schools? the responses are chilling. we'll play the tape straight ahead. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money
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7:39 pm
trial. back in december the first officer to stand trial william porter was not convicted because of a hung jury. his retrial is scheduled for june. joining us with analysis, former lapd detective mark fuhrman and senior fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. geraldo, this is really 0 for 2 and by the looks of it i don't -- i've nef seen the evidence that suggests that these police officers purposely hurt this man. we know that it was 8:30 in the morning. he was a known drug dealer according to reports. police officers on patrol on bicycle just riding by, he takes off. talk about him having a knife on him. where is the crime committed here that resulted in this? >> excellent question, sean. in my oopinion, there was no crime. a couple things to point out. you allude to freddie gray, known drug dealer, his 19th arrest of a 25-year-old man. i also want to point out that
7:40 pm
his family already received prior to the finding of any guilty or responsibility on the part of baltimore police the city has already awarded his family $6.4 million. now, getting to your point, this was a reasonable arrest under the circumstances. it is clear, and this judge who like three of the six defendants is a black man saw right through the prosecution's attempt to misuse the criminal code to charge this officer wrongfully. i think that this case is a harbinger of what will happen. there is no way to prove who did what. it will all come down to the trial of the driver, caesar goodson, officer goodson. he will be the only one against whom there will be a criminal case, not even a semblance of
7:41 pm
reason. i think even that will fall apart. >> it will fall apart. remember, there was a initial report by one of the other prisoners that, in fact, he thought freddie gray was banging his own head up against the wall of the police van. remember, it was debunked then it was brought back. >> i'm going to yield the floor to mark in a second but i just want to say that the charge against the driver, goodson, is depraved murder. it requires willful, wanton conduct. it was only -- >> how do you prove that? >> -- three days prior to this incident -- you can't. three days prior to this incident that the regulation came down requiring the passengers in the paddy wagons to be seat belted. there's no evidence that any of the officers were ever briefed on the new regulation that they'd be seat belted. this entire case was brought because of the riots in baltimore. it was absolutely a political persecution. all of these cops will be
7:42 pm
acquitted. >> th >> this is part of an ongoing war on cops, so-called ferguson effect, james comey the fbi director has talked about here. i think the more important issue at some point if they keep overcharging, can't get convictions, does the prosecutor who rushed to judgment very publicly at the time, does she bear culpability? should she not be held accountable for her actions in this case? >> well, shown, you bring up a great point. prosecutorial misconduct criminally and obviously malicious prosecution civilly. i haven't seen any of the elements of any of the crimes that have been charged. i haven't heard any evidence. i haven't heard a rumor. i agree with every single thing that geraldo said and, you know, he is an attorney. so we should give that great weight that he understands the law. and when you go through this, the initial chase by the officers was reasonable with
7:43 pm
probable cause. it lasted ten blocks. we don't know if freddie gray somehow injured, fell, ran into something along that path. but there's no evidence the officers had an altercation and as you and geraldo described, when even the driver, even the driver of the van, which is the most serious charge, you need intent on that and the judge today in the nero case said something that was very interesting. >> yes. >> that these rules as far as transportation aren't concrete. >> right. isn't it true, too -- we have the video of freddie gray being dragged because he was acting like a lot of prisoners do, laying limp, making the officers car ary them. there's never going to be a c e case, is there, where an arrest, especially if there's any type of resistance, even, you know, passive resist stance, is going to look good on camera. isn't that true? doesn't the public have to accept that? >> it's never.
7:44 pm
it's never going to look good. it's not like tv. >> yeah. >> it's never going to look good. it's ugly. even if it's the most professional and efficient way to take a suspect down, it's going to look brutal. it's going to look insensitive. but it is the conduct of the suspect that you're responding to. not the reverse. >> and geraldo, go back to the issue of the -- of marilyn mosby in this case. is there potential she could be brought up on charges or civilly sued, herself? >> i think the local pd made very clear marlye lilyn mosby w protecting the people of baltimore by prosecuting an officer who violated the rights of someone. what she was doing was quelling an urban uprising. a riot. her job, in her mind, whether she expressed it or not, was to quiet the riot that was tearing west baltimore apart.
7:45 pm
now look at what has happened to west baltimore since the death of freddie gray. >> all right -- >> there has been almost a murder every single day since freddie gray was killed or died back in april of 2015. a murder a day. that's the same as new york in a city 1/13th the size. >> all right, guys. thank you both. scary. coming up next tonight on this busy news night right here on "hannity" tsh. >> feel like to donate to fight the cause and fight back? that would be great. >> definitely. >> maybe consider making a donation. >> great. >> probably 15 bucks. >> 15 bucks, that would be great. >> students at one college in the u.s. caught on tape pledging support for the terror group, hamas, so they can use the money to blow up schools and cafes in israel. we have that tape next. ♪
7:46 pm
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. welcome back to "hannity." so recently ami horowitz paid a visit to portland state university to see if students would be willing to fund the terrorist group known as hamas. prepare to be horrified. watch this. >> i work for american friends for hamas. >> okay. >> we're not your father's
7:51 pm
terrorist organization. we kind of evolved beyond that. we kind of rebuilt and re-branded ourselves. we're looking to destroy israel. we don't want just gaza, we want to have all of israel. >> i've actually been learning about the last school year about everything that's been going on over there. i like the sound of what you're doing. sounds like a great thing to do. >> feel like donating to help the cause to fight back? that would be great. >> i would definitely. >> maybe consider making a donation. >> sure. >> great. great. >> that would be great. >> maybe like $ten. >> $15 to $20. >> maybe $10. >> $ten. >> five or $10. >> $25. >> type of operations we're talking about, against, you know, schools and cafes. destroy cafes and shopping malls and schools and places worship. civilian populations. the only way you can fight back.
7:52 pm
suicide bombers is all we've got. it's a poor man's -- until we get it against israel. that what we're looking to do. >> thank you for your time. >> and fund operations against israel. that is what we're doing. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> good luck. >> joining us now, the man behind the video, film maker ami horowitz. >> you say will you help fund the terror group hamas? we want to attack soft barringits and buy bombs to bomb hospitals, schools, shopping malls and places of worship. >> could be more specific, right? >> soft targets? >> this is not kids are stupid or uninformed. i could not have spelled it out more specifically that we wanted to money to kill jews. and their response was hey, i've been learning about this in
7:53 pm
school, i'm happy to help you. this is the poison we've been teaching our children for the past decade. >> there is a part of me that would normally laugh at dumb students. this isn't funny. you're telling them it's terrierists, and schools, innocent children, cafes, hospitals. churches. temples. >> whatever. >> whatever. as long as we're able to kill israelis who are oppressing -- >> you're sure they're not stupid? you're sure, you said terror group? maybe they don't know -- i'm trying to thread a needle. >> what part of blowing up hospitals can they not understand? if i said hamas, maybe they didn't know what it was. as long as you're killing israelis our college kids are happy to do it. that is what being fed to them by professors year in, year out. >> i don't know what to say about this. you did a series of interviews in minnesota what, a year, two
7:54 pm
years ago? >> a year ago. >> you're asking muslims would you rather have american law as sharia? everyone said. >> i 15-20, they said sharia law. >> remember i was waving the isis flag and nobody said a word? >> scary. >> you said terror. you said schools, hospitals, churches. places of worship. >> how much more specific could i be, sean? >> good work. >> coming up, a important question of the day, about november, straight ahead. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad.
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night, 10:00 eastern, we'll be live, covering the washington g.o.p. primary, that, and more, tomorrow night here on "hannity". thanks for joining us. we'll see you here tomorrow night. ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, your 100 percent wrong. >> donald trump on the factor this evening. we'll talk about how he would defeat the jihadi and the big transgender war in america. [shouting] >> the democratic party not happy with hillary clinton. county secretary overcome emotional dissent in the liberal ranks? we'll have a special report. >> i get half my check taken away by the government. i can't stand this anymore, man. i'm working hard for my money. i should keep my money. >> also tonight, most americans angry about things. watters went out to find out exactly what thing