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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the sun yet to come up out here. >> never too early. >> thank you for joining us. you are watching "fox & friends first". thank you for starting your day with us. we begin the gop nomination locked up for donald trump today. >> hillary clinton still making waves refusing to face off with bernie sanders for a debate. >> we have the latest on the campaign trail. what can we expect today? >> good morning abby and heather. it is another opportunity for donald trump to continue collecting delegates. washington state holds its primary today. trump as has been the case since early this month as no other national republicans are competing against him for the nomination. trump is campaigning out west this week even holding fund raisers. he's also focusing more on the general election and democratic
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frontrunner hillary clinton. >> when she hits me on things i have no choice. you have to do it. it is unfair. you know dirty players have been dirty players historically. i have to fht back the way i have to fight back. >> the two have been hitting one another adds of late. trump has been reacting to gun ownership control and her hads's sexual affairs. it puts a substantial delegate lead. clinton is primarily focused on trump. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he's bank rupted his company. >> ask yourself, how can anybody lose munn running a casino, really? >> is sanders still in the race fox news imposes a debate against the democrats. sanders agreed. clinton says no. the spokesman says we believe
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hillary clinton's time is best spent campaigning and meeting voters across california and preparing for a general election campaign that ensures the white house remains in democratic's hands. >> hillary clinton denying bernie sanders a debate. she was taunting barack obama for not being tough enough to face her one-on-one. >> the most important job in the world. it is the toughest job in the world. usualed be willing to campaign for every vote. you should be willing to debate any time anywhere. >> i think it's an interesting position where we find ourselves. i have been willing to do all of that during the entire process. >> remember that? while the president may be trying to avoid damage with a
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sanders judy says it could have helped her when it comes to trump. >> one thing i would raise as maybe a caution for skipping this debate as we have seen the last couple of weeks the struggle he's goishe is going to donald trump and ability to drive the conversation every way even ways that may be negative. she is going to struggle tore break through and looking for ways to force her on the public in a positive sense. i think this could have been a moment on a large cable network where she could have had a big audience and made the case for the general election and fended off criticism from bernie sanders. >> the real clear politics has hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders 51 to 41.5 percent. >> hard to believe the comments coming from the head of veteran's affairs.
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here live with the outrage those comments are now creating. >> what an analogy. still no apology this morning from bob mcdonald who said our vets should be more concerned about the experience ner receiving at the doctor not how long they are waiting. >> do they measure the number of hours waiting in line? what is important is the satisfaction you are experiencing. >> speaker of the house paul ryan tweeting quote this is not make belief, mr. secretary. veterans died waiting in those lines. likely republican nominee donald trump also chiming in. obama's secretary said we shouldn't measure wait times. hillary says va problems are not widespread. i will take care of our vets. even disney firing back saying we take wait times very
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seriously. we continually push the boundaries to give the best experience possible. >> they are not sure why they use the company as an example since disney was founded by that. the issue overweight time exploded after va employees were exposed for manipulating data to make it seem like veterans were getting timely care. the agency blaming issues on a computer program. donald was appointed head of the agency in the aftermath. veterans groups say nothing is amuse being the weight times. they add comments that show he is not serious about solving the deeper issue. >> patricia stark live. thank you, trisha. developments in the egyptair crash. it killed 66 people. flighted 804 vanished from the radar and the time before that
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is critical. smoke sensors were triggered near the cockpit window and this matches a shoe th-- the theory shoe or underwear bomb may have gone off. >> the second police officer accused in the death of freddie gray announces he is cleared of all charges. a mob of protestors followed nero out of cord yellow and creaming. ne nero arrested gray and helped put him in the van when he face a broken neck. >> it played out the way we hoped that it would and felt it would. we never felt for a moment my son had done anything wrong and the court proved it. >> the police van driver will head to trial in a few weeks.
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14 million americans in the path of severe weather as the great plains endures another devastating round of storms. >> we are going to meet the bridge. >> oh my gosh. >> look at that. 44 tornadoes whipping through the heartland in the last 48-hours alone as golf ball sized hail pounds the area. >> maria molina is tracking more. >> it is the entire week looking great. severe weather with hail, winds and tornadoes. i want to focus across the east coast. we continue to track the area of low pressure. also across parts of the northeast. we are going to need the umbrellas as you head outdoors. we are dealing with the weather
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with reports of tornadoes over the last 48-hours up there across parts of the plains. >> kansas is setting up into parts of nebraska as well. elevated threat of tornadoes in kansas, northeastern colorado into portions of nebraska. again make sure to stay safe and get the weather warnings through out the day. temperature wise you are warm across portions of the plains. 68 degrees as pfar north as minneapolis. to the west in the 50's. not too unusual. as you head west temperatures are below average. cool temperatures for several days. that is forecast to continue. la forecast high temperature at 66 degrees this afternoon. let's head over to you heather and abby. >> pack your umbrella this morning. thank you maria. >> he was endorsed by hillary
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clinton three years ago. just like his friend hillary virginia governor terri mccall you have live is being investigated the feds. they want to know if he accepted illegal campaign contributions in 2016. it centers around a chinese businessman who donated to the clinton foundation the same year. peter switzer author of clinton cash says it is a sign of something bigger. >> this to me has all of the markings of the broader investigation of pay to play and favors being exchanged for money flow to go the clinton foundation in this case mcauliffe. if there was a pattern of behavior where money flowed to politicians or family members or charitable foundations connected to them and they take actions on behalf of those donors that can be prosecuted. >> mcauliffe's attorney says they have not begun contacted yet but they will cooperate.
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>> the house judiciary committee has not done something in more than 100 years. allegations he lied under oath and failed to cooperate into the investigation into the ptea pary scandal. he will not attend a hearing because he hasn't had time to prepare. instead he will submit a written statement. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. plane crash horror caught on camera. the horrifying moments they swim to the shore to save their lives. >> under one>> these taxes, every time i get my check give half away to the government. i should keep my money. >> anger in america. jesse waters has why people are so fired up this election
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>> plane crash survivors were swimming to shore. >> that plane crashing into the water off the shore of oahu in hawaii. lifeguards rushing to bring the man and his wife to safety.
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>> people were hanging on to the wings of the aircraft so they were able to get out of the side window. >> they were wearing life jackets. engine trouble was the cause of the crash. they suffered multiple but minor injuries. they were taking off for a sty diving crash killing all people on board. that one happening off the island of kauai. this one happened in denver. the plane forced to land shortly after takeoff because of a bird strike. the bird hit the right engine. it managed to land safely. >> no conrad left behind the american or iraqi. he wants iraqi soem ders to be treated like the man who saved
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his. pushing him out of a sniper's line of fire with dreams of freedom. they will find a safe harbor for his brother in arms. running out of money the u.s. air force won't be able to afford the fighter jets it needs. the air force maintained 1900 aircraft and the pentagon's latest report shows it is not in the budget. the number of deaths will continue to erode until it reaches its lowest levels in 2031. >> what are people so angry abo about>> what are you angry about? >> i am angry because i can't find work. >> thanks, obama.
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>> these taxes, every time i am getting my check i get half of my check taken away by the government. i should keep my money. >> are you angry? >> what are you angry about? >> that nobody is talking the vets in the campaign. >> what are you angry about? >> hillary should be president but i think trump is going to win it. >> i am not voting for donald trump. >> i am angry about the illegal immigration problem in this country. >> i am as mad as hell. i can't take this any more. >> how do you think i would handle prison? >> you couldnwouldn't like it a
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is 80. how row doing? >> what are you angry about? i said what are you angry about? what are you angry about? >> i like noise from cars. >> figure you got a w in your evening. >> i am waters and this is my world. >> politics has a lot of motion. >> let's keep talking about this. what are you angry about? log on to "fox and friends first facebook page to join the conversation #keep talking. coming up concussion crisis. the brand new report causing the league to tamper with brain injury research.
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>> bernie sander's house was attached to them. >> that's good. welcome back to "fox & friends
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first". facebook accused of promoting liberal stories and blocking conservative posts. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business joins us to explain. >> good morning, ladies. this is interesting. facebook is explaining an internal investigation has found there was no changing of trending topics or more importantly deleting of trending topics or conservative names or issues. it is changing how they handle trending topics. more importantly facebook is saying there's no evidence of political bias. they cannot rule out isolated incidents. >> what about the sports authority. if you had one near you you should get there quickly.
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they thought about post poening them all unfortunately it didn't work out. sports chalet another name is also shutting down as well. the i need new wheels for my roler blades. >> and dairy queen. i know heather and i love this one. they are upping their coffee game. >> dairy queen is going to be coming up with basically frappes and frozen iced coffee drinks. they want to compete with starbucks and mcdonalds. coffee sells overall up 16 and a half percent. what dairy queen is realizing let's get in and start to make some money. they are going to be offering discounts in the afternoon. as you know starbucks offers discounts with the same thing.
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it will have cookie pieces an candy pieces. 1,000 calories but go ahead. >> we are all working out. we have to get healthy. oo the time now is time to brew on this. it is weaponized plastic. >> a brand new study finds toys are becoming homore and more violent. >> a corrupted spirit is no match. >> there are toy weapons on stores today.
2:26 am
that number increasing. >> they showed some kind of violence like shooting or threatening behavior. >> weapons are used to help child development through conflict play. the company uses humor to tone down that conflict. >> are the pc police going too far or are they sending the wrong message? >> send comments to facebook or twitter or and we will share them later in the show. >> the time is 26 after the top of the hour. the terrifying moments a major league pitcher is struck by a 90 mile per hour fast ball. >> a hilarious case of mistaken identity going viral this morning. the starbucks bar rieece taw.
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>> the road to the white house heads out in a fox news debate. >> american veterans forced to wait for healthcare now being compared to ride delays at disney? >> when you go to disney do you measure the number of hours you wait in line? >> the outrage now boiling over. >> kardashian college. would you pay more than 100,000 dollars for a college owned by chris jenner? ♪
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>> honey i am good. always makes you want to get up and dance. drizzly day in new york city. well tomorrow could "fox & friends first". >> all the more reason to sing a happy song. i am heather childers. >> breaking news about the egyptair crash. moments ago forensic officials say the human remains confirm there was in fact an explosion on board egyptair craft>> crews
2:32 am
are racing to find two black boxes to get an idea of what happened in the final moments. body parts confirming an explosion on board. >> let's get right to rich edson with the latest on the campaign trail. good morning, rich. >> good morning. donald trump has no active national republican opponent. the focus on trump's campaign. he met in new york with senator bob corker. he downplayed the vp speculation. >> i don't think conjecturing about something that you don't think. i am not even sure as they
2:33 am
campaign they have begun to think about things like that. as a matter of fact i would guess they haven't. it is conjecturing about things that you don't even think are serious is not an appropriate thing to do. pu trump is campaigning and thinking about the frontrunner. >> totally responding to what they do. i would like it to be a straight right down the middle. the one thing i think i am popular. i really think i do. other people that say i am not they are still going to vote for me. >> even though she has a challenger she is focused on the general election and beating donald trump telling supporters
2:34 am
trump would be a lose cannon. >> he could bankrupt america like he has bankrupted his company. >> ask yourself. how can anybody lose one money running a casino. really. >> clinton has refused to participate in the fox news debate bernie sanders. he had accepted the delegation. in cal will ka and new jersey clinton conceivably on track to secure enough delegates pledged and committed super delegates to secure the nomination. heather and abby can back to you. >> they have a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton. a few weeks ago the former first lady was far out in front. >> karl rove says crump has been picking up independent voters.
2:35 am
that's the key to winning the white house. >> if you want to win the presidency you have to do three things. one of them is secure independents. the second thing is he has got to get approval after indiana. >> that was expected. >> one is that will happen with the democrats as well. second of all he has not gotten done what he needs to do. 8 it percent republicans 85 in the cbs, nbc polls. 86 on abc. no republican has won the presidency without having between 91 and 93 percent. rouge went on to say he has never seen a candidate like hillary clinton go down in the polls. >> patricia stark live with the
2:36 am
outrage. the comments our of the creators. >> still no apology from the va secretary bob mcdonald. they should be more about the long they the experience of the are waiting. >> do they measure the number of hours they waste time. what's important? what's important is what your satisfaction of the experience is. >> the comments receiving immediate backlash on-line from politicians and lawmakers. speaker of the house paul ryan tweeting quote this is not make believe mr. secretary. veterans died waiting in those lines. republican nominee donald trump also chiming in. obama's va secretary also said we shouldn't measure wait times. va problems are not widespread. ly take care of our vets. disney hiring donald saying we take him very seriously. he pushes the counseled
2:37 am
boundaries. they also tell us they are not sure why he would choose the company. the issue overweight times exploded back after va employees were exposed for manipulating data making it seem like they were getting timely care. they blamed the issue on a bad employment. there is nothing amusing about the wait times. they add his comments show he is not serious about solving the deeper issue. drew peterson killed his missing wife. the murder for hire trial peterson offered him 10,000 dollars to kill a prosecutor to put him behind bars for murdering his third wife. that inmate also revealing peterson told him he killed his missing fourth wife stacy.
2:38 am
the family says they are not surprised. >> it just confirms why. he wants to talk about it. >> ted kau sin zski is spending life in prison for sending mail bombs that killed three people and injured dozens more. david his brother has a new book out calling ted mentally ill. ted sent a handwritten letter to certainly journalists outlining his terms for an interview. any one who must interview him must understand he is not mentally ill and they must tell them who they are and why he should trust them. no one has taken him up on it yet. >> severe weather.
2:39 am
14 million americans as the great planes endures another devastating round of storms. >> oh my gosh. >> 44 tornadoes whipping through the heartland in the last 48-hours alone as golf ball sized heal pounded the state of it cans as. there are more storms on the horizon. >> 44 reported tornadoes over the last 48-hours. national weather service will be heading out and confirming whether or not most of those touchdown am it is going to remain active out there across parts of the plains. we are dealing with the rain and it will be drizzly out here. we are expecting severe weather out there. there is an enhanced outlook that has been issued by the storm redirection center.
2:40 am
we have an elevated threat extending through oklahoma and parts of februanebraska. elevated threat for tornadoes as well. damaging winds and large hail also. warm in the 70's and 60's for a big ching of that pa-- chunk of that part of the nation. take a look at minneapolis. forecast to reach 86 degrees this afternoon. >> we are all ready for the sun to come out. maria molina life for us. thanks. >> oo pittsburgh pirates are in the hospital after a frightening moment after th moment. watch this. >> ryan vogel sang was hit in the head with a 90 mile an hour fast ball. he was on the ground for several minutes. he was covering his left eye. they are expected to update his
2:41 am
condition today. reports are he will be okay. >> tom brady is going for a legal hail mary. they are asking for a new hearing by a panel of 13 federal judges. last month a court reinstated his suspension for using under inflated balls. he could try to take the case to the supreme court. >> never ending. >> facebook under fire again. this time for banning a picture of the plus size model in a bikini. why the social media site says they took it down. constipated?
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>> airport lines keep getting longer. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here with the latest for us this morning. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, guys. tempers flaring at airports across the country because of security lines lasting 90 minutes. the csa assistant administrator for security is being replaced. he's been the subject of an inquiry where the house over site committee. he was getting 90,000 in bonuses. additionally former tsa pli es testify they were retaliated against after speaking out about the agency's problems. the hearing getting lots of attention with a scene of cots
2:46 am
and blankets. not fired we should say ladies reassign for now. a oo your tax dollars at work. >> a business school putting a stain on kris jenner's legacy. >> starting the new legacy business school in new york city. there's drama surrounding the university which costs about 100,000 dollars per year. it used to run under a different name allegedly deep in debt and handing out fake briefs. the first 100 to sign up get an exclusive dinner with chris.
2:47 am
>> they think helen hunt is jodie foster. they tweeted this picture. said they asked if they wanted her name. we got ya. spelling foster's name all wrong. can you see the resemblance? >> they do, actually. look at that. >> 10 minutes to the top of the hour. a mother under arrest for letting her 11-year-old drive a golf cart. the charges she is facing. >> first let's go to steve doocy and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> you don't look like helen hunt. >> i look exactly like the other one. coming up on "fox & friends" judge andrew napolitano joins us with all things that are legal. ed rollins is talking politics. an indy car will be on the plaza
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♪ welcome back to ""fox & friends first". the nfl under fire this morning for pulling funding for a brain injury study. the cost now falling on the taxpayer. the national football league agreed to donate $30 million to the national health institutes but pulled the donation when they found out they granted $16 million to the leading
2:52 am
researcher linking football to brain injury. michelle obama winning the food fight on nutrition labels. right now, they don't have to list added sugars. scientists say the new labels are misleading, they are based on a committee that didn't include any experts on sugar. facebook forced to backtrack. the social network apologizing after it refused to run an ad featuring a plus-sized model wearing a bikini. facebook was slammed after saying the body was in an undesirable manner. >> and ivanka trump showing off her golf skills and of course in
2:53 am
heels. >> she makes that look easy. >> holding her own next to three of the best female golfers by the way. >> and ivanka smashing a drive at trump national golf club in new jersey as she spent the day gearing up for the u.s. women's open at a championship preview. >> i love the sound. weaponized plastic. >> a corrupted spirit is no match for the purity of imagination. >> are legos getting more violent, your emails are pouring in on that this one. that is next. [ applause ] and a disguised dad. we always love these stories. the special surprise at home plate. >> oh, i love it!
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almost 2 minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. breaking moments ago, forensic officials say human remains confirm there was an explosion on board egypt air flight 804. the race for the white house heads to washington state for the republican primary. donald trump still needs those
2:58 am
votes to lock in the republican nomination. the presumptive nominee is still heading to new mexico. before you get behind the wheel, the insurance institute for highway safety performing brand-new crash tests. shaef camaro fall short of the standards. a special surprise at home plate. [ applause ] >> marine corps master sergeant randy brock disguised himself as an umpire at his son's baseball game this is in california after being deployed in japan for six months. welcome home. the bad, venezuela they are not making coca-cola anymore amid a sugar shortage. and finally the ugly, a
2:59 am
dream vacation turns into a nightmare. >> what is this guy doing? what is this guy doing? >> oh, a mother screaming as she's pinned down, arrested and charged with child abuse for letting her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart. this happened in north carolina last summer but the video just released. >> what? crazy. it's time now to brew on this responses. >> your kid's legos might not be as innocent as they seem. a new study shows the toys are becoming more violent. >> 30% more weapons. >> we asked you are the p.c. police going too far or are legos sending the wrong message? >> when i was a child, we played cowboys and indians with play guns and bows and arrows. it's pretend. it's part of being a child. >> our entire society has been descent tiesed to real violence
3:00 am
so it's no surprise that it's affecting our youth and the marketing directed at them. >> they are our gi joes. let the boys learn about good triumphing over good and evil. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. bye. good tuesday morning to you and your family. it's may 24th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start this with. a fox news alert. there's new evidence that reveals what might have happened on that egypt air plane that brought it crashing down from the sky. just when you think the va scandal couldn't get any more outrageous. >> when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? >> that is the head of the agency comparing the wait time to waiting for a ride in disney.


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