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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good to have you here thank you for having me. martha: once of news this morning so stay tuned for more with "happening now". thank you. >> thank you for joining us for nine cu everybody . jon: the presidential race getting a little hotter right now with the washington state primary underway. candidates also look ahead to the next big contest in california, new jersey and new mexico two weeks from today. a good tuesday morning, i'm jon scott, welcome to "happening now" p7 i'm heather childers in for jenna lee so lots of activity out west. donald trump, hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders all holding events out there today. the presumptive gop nominee during up for a rally in new mexico while its governor,
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susanna martinez who has been mentioned as a possible vp pick for trump has not endorsed in the meantime, the democratic residential candidates focusing on california with its huge delegate hall as a recruit turned down the chance to debate senator sanders on fox before the june 7 primary and it's sanders upping the ante with the battle against the democratic establishment, bowing to stay in that race all the way to philadelphia. jon: fox team coverage, mike and manuel with the democrats but we start with donald trump's former rivals still on the ballot today. dan. reporter: donald trump get get to that magic nomination number of 1237 delegates in washington state primary today but he can and should get awfully close. he is 77 short right now. there are 44 there for the taking this afternoon. voting already going on for three weeks in this all vote by mail state and that's why
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ted cruz and john kasich are still on the ballots. carson is on the ballot as well because his campaign never submitted the paperwork to withdraw his name. before today, more than 1 million ballots had been mailed back, that's 20 percent of all registered voters. donald trump the only one left in the race and the only republican who campaigned in washington recently. he had two huge rallies a couple weeks ago, this is a wide-open primary. every ballot the same, there is no party registration so anyone can vote in either democratic or republican primaries by signing a nonbinding pledge. democrats ignore the results because they delegate based on caucuses in march. an interesting development over the weekend as thinkers supporters dominated the republican party state convention, winning 40 of the 48 delegate elections. they will be bound to the winner of today's primary for the first ballot in cleveland but it does show that ted cruz could snag a couple delegates today and also shows that at least some of the party establishment is not only sold on donald trump area john?
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jon: dan springer reporting live, thank you. heather: on the democratic side, the california primary is just two weeks away and does hillary clinton declared herself the nominee over the weekend, senator sanders is fighting for the golden state huge ball of 475 pledged delegates, that's a lot. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live from santa monica with more. hello. >> good morning to you. hillary clinton in southern california, going to do an event in a few hours, wanting a series of campaign events in california and while she's competing in the golden state against bernie sanders, her campaign also trying to go on offense against donald trump. the clinton campaign out with a new web video saying in 2006 trump rooted for the real estate market to crash so he could make a lot of money.
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theclinton team also doing a series of campaign activities in battleground states to highlight trump's remarks. trump has been hitting brett , bringing up the clinton scandals of the 1990s. clinton taking a trump's business record trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. like he's bankrupted his companies. [applause] i mean, ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino, really? >> bernie sanders is doing rallies all over california, barnstorming the state. sanders pressing clinton to do the fox news debate in california, calling on her to keep her word to do a california debate. when she declined the debate, sanders expressed frustration . >> it's a little bit insulting to the people of california .[applause] that she is not prepared to have a concise debate about how she will help the californians
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strike up the minimum wage by $.97. >> sanders is prepared to more than 200,000 people here in california so campaigning very aggressively in the both democrats will spend the next few days here fighting for every last vote. heather? heather: thank you mike. jon: a new piece on by karl rove titled why trump is going to have a very good week, hillary another bad week, lays out the ups and downs each presumptive nominee has faced and will face but it concludes that trump as the momentum right now. robe rights quote, the neighborhood if won't change until it make a change. clinton is in the barrel and can expect more bad press this week. trump is on top of the world and can expect to remain there until it ends
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intervened to cause a shift in coverage and/or public perception. let's talk about it with 80 stoddard, associate editor and columnist at the hill. charlie hirsch is a columnist at the washington times. ab, the fact that hillary clinton decided not to do the fox debate ahead of california primary, is that one of the things you think might hurt her? >> i do. i think her problem is she has to put away this nomination. she's not really reuniting the party with making declarations like i'm the nominee and the prices over and then declining a debate. bernie sanders has become more defiant and he's hoping to send among democrats. you heard that crowd response to his criticism of her declining the debate. this is not a place for hillary clinton because you see donald trump's improvement is a direct result of republicans pulling behind his candidacy. he needs democrats behind her. she and bernie's race is different than hers and senator obama's was in 2008.
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she's probably not going to see as many bernie sanders supporters rally to her on so many policy decisions. the way that hillary's clinton supporters rally to president obama because they agreed so much. she encouraged them to support him so we don't know where bernie is going with this. that's a problem for her numbers going forward. jon:donald trump has pulled into the lead in the number of polls including the foxpro news. in recently. he talked about it on fox and friends, take a listen . >> fox, abc, washington post, cv s, new york times also in significant movement from either a month ago or two months ago toward trump. he's ahead into, behind into. after indiana the republican party has moved substantially to consolidate. he hasn't gotten it all united, he's between 83 and 86 percent of publicans supporting him. >> he was in the 70s.
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>> he was in the 70s, he also has 46, 47 percent who he said represents the values of republicans, 47 percent say don't but he has made a significant move . jon: so if you're going to be a presidential candidate right now, it's probably better to be donald trump. he seems to have a momentum on his side's ab is exactly right. a large part of that is owing to the fact that he is consolidating the republican party behind him donald trump also has another advantage and that is why he is widely known, everybody knows who he is, he's known in entertainment circles, reality tv circles. he's not particularly well known in political circles so he has more of an opportunity to reinvent himself, kind of win over people who've been skeptical up to this point and that really is the problem that hillary clinton has is that everything that people think about her politically speaking, and that's all that matters right now, is big into the cake and a huge number of voters, especially a huge number of
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democratic voters do not like her. and so i think that means that not only as trump has now but he's got a lot of opportunity to do even better. the other thing interesting here is, watch the way donald trump is taking advantage of the problem between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he's doing everything he can to appeal to those bernie sanders voters and to encourage them to not like hillary clinton, encourage them to feel insulted and disenfranchised or whatever by hillary clinton because the more he has been disaffected come november, the better off you will be in the election he won it surprises me, 80, given that the democrats are about to nominate the first ever major party female candidate for president, orsupport among women is not especially strong . >> well, she and her campaign
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have realized this message has not gone very far particularly with young women who believe there will be another woman soon, that this is not a big deal and you heard her in her rhetoric talking about the historic nature of her candidacy. what she's going to do is not talk about, i mean , she accept charlie's premise that opinions are baked into the cake about her. what she's going to do is try to scare people about donald trump. as donald trump makes the play for burning voters, to depress turnout among democrats and independents who don't like her, she's going to have to scare suburban women, white college educated men and women about donald trump who peddles conspiracy theories and all this other stuff. she had the democratic advantage, it's all going to be about turnout and in turnout, we have obviously someone on the donald trump side with enthusiastic supporters were committed and on the democratic side we are talking about people who are feeling disappointed, even if they can't stand trump and will vote for hillary there's
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a chance they will turn out so it's not that hillary is running on hillary, running against trump. jon: so drumming up those bernie supporters is going to be crucial for hillary clinton, charlie. >> absolutely vital and however much of a problem donald trump has among some women voters, hillary clinton has a bigger problem among member voters be on charlie hurt, a.b. stoddard, interesting. thank you both. heather: clinton friend and confidant, federal officials looking into whether virginia governor terry mcauliffe's campaign accepted illegal contributions. according to sources closer to the investigation, the justice department trying to figure out if a chinese businessman donated thousands of dollars to the governor's campaign in 2013. live for us in washington with more on this story. hi don. reporter: sources familiar with the investigation conferred to fox news that virginia governor terry mcauliffe is the target of the justice department
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investigation into campaign contributions. the investigation centers around chinese businessman wang when leanne. he donated $120,000 to mcauliffe's gubernatorial campaign and donated $2 million to the clinton foundation this year. late this morning, governor mcauliffe responded to questions about the fbi investigation class absolutely there's no wrongdoing allegations that have been made , if you read the story yesterday they got some questions about a donor. my legal team that this individual, he's been a green card owner since 2007 so we're very confident. reporter: foreign nationals are prohibited from donating to us political campaigns but when as permanent us residents that is here. he is head of a company that ships soybeans through virginia point. this $2 million pledge to the clinton foundation has raised questions because he's closely connected to the chinese government as a
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member of the national people's congress and he is a contractor who has helped build chinese embassies. mcauliffe denied today that his position in the clinton foundation may have felt secure campaign contributions . >> i think we travel the same circles, we have a lot of the same friends. the clinton foundation have been friends of mine for years. we had a friendship together. reporter: mcauliffe does have a long relationship with the clintons, he helped rick to raise $275,000 for bill clinton. he also guaranteed 1.5 million dollars for the clintons mortgage on their new york home. mcauliffe was recently the subject of controversy when he signed an executive order destroying voting rights to more than 200,000 ex-felons and in the important swing state of virginia. heather: dot away live for us, thank you. jon: up on star, and you are hearing the right, escapes jail time by seeking a plea deal on a felony gun charge. the punishment he could face now.and members of congress
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testify against irs commissioner john koskinen today. of the one man missing from the hearing, koskinen himself and we want to hear from you. you expect a different tone from donald trump when he returns to the campaign trail today? the topic of our live chat up and running now, go to and get your thoughts in that conversation. >>
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jon: some crime stories we are following now, new details on the ex-con who killed a massachusetts police officer. jorge's on ronald had a lengthy criminal history that included two previous attacks on police. authorities say sombra no shot and killed officer ronald tarantino during a traffic stop the afternoon. he was later killed and ate out with massachusetts a trooper. opening statements scheduled today in the murder trial for an actor who played the role
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of a police officer in the tv series the shield michael jason accused of gunning down his wife april inside their home in may 2014 . jason has pleaded not guilty area of popular reality tv star takes a plea deal to avoid jail time. austin lee russell better known as chumley on amd's on the stars agreeing to plead guilty to a felony weapons charge along with two misdemeanors in exchange he will get three years probation and counseling if a judge approves the deal. officers arrested chumley in march after finding a dozen guns and drugs during a search of his home. heather: members of congress testifying today against irs commissioner john koskinen. some house republicans want koskinen to be impeached, saying he prevented federal officials from gathering evidence about the irs during a recent investigation. koskinen refusing to testify in his own defense today but says he may do so in the future.
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james rosen is live on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: good morning. as with ben rosen in the house community oversight hearing on iran yesterday, today's house judiciary committee for proceeds without its star witness from the obamaadministration. lawmakers examining the basis for possible impeachment proceedings against irs director john koskinen who refused to testify in his own defense and has submitted written statements . one gop leader called this revisited because they accuse the leader of defined subpoena, lying under oath and failing to preserve evidence from the irs targeting scandal that involved miss lerner, a low-level irs official during the first obama turn. koskinen's tenure began after that targeting against tea party groups was exposed. rather unusually, today's witnesses feature to members of the judiciary committee itself. congressman jason chivas of utah, ron desantis of florida presented the case against
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koskinen. democrats on the panel site the findings of an inspector general in the treasury department that there is no evidence that anyone in irs sought to hide evidence from congress. the justice department or the inspector general's office and more fundamentally, the panelsplit along party lines this morning on what kind of proceeding they were conducting this morning . >> this is not an impeachment inquiry . i think you usethat phrase . >> it's aninquiry into the recommendation for impeachment . >> know, the title of the hearing is examining the allegations of misconduct against irs commissioner john koskinen. part one. >> and i appreciate that but he is in fact the subject of a referral from another committee with this if the city and was called as a witness to have an opportunity under oath to clear that up.
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reporter: if the house and pages, the irs commissioner would mark only the 19th time congress has ever moved in that way against a federal official. the first time since 1876 where the individual is administration official other than the president of the united states. heather: when they can't agree as to what type of hearing they are having, let's do what happens from here. james rosen life, thank you. jon: a top egyptian forensic investigator speaking out about what he thinks may have caused the egyptair crash. the evidence shows a plane could have exploded. plus, whether in the great plains bringing rain and tornadoes in the region will remain in the crosshairs of mother nature today. >> ♪
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weather alert for you now. the threat of severe storms across the plane states again today which could bring hail, flash flooding and tornadoes. at least half a dozen tornadoes were spotted in the planes yesterday including this funnel cloud which touched down the near woodward oklahoma 200 miles north of oklahoma city. there were no reports of major damage or injuries amazingly. meanwhile, oklahoma's northern border getting soaked from heavy rainfall, rising waters into homes, this is in derby kansas outside wichita and more rain in the forecast with that same area this week jon: and an egyptian forensics official saying the condition of human remains found from the egyptair crash just an explosion may have brought down the plane. the forensic investigator plate claims he has examined
8:26 am
the body parts found at the site and because of their size, he think the blast was responsible for the crash. another official disputes that claim. the search crews from several different nations continue to scour the mediterranean sea for the black boxes. greg palkot is on it live at charles de gaulle airport in paris with the latest on the investigation be six by john. claims and counterclaims regarding the crash of egyptair flight 804. as you noted, the very first thing this morning, both news agencies, associated press and reuters reporting and egyptian forensic official saying that the size of the body part, none as he described them larger than a hand, probably indicate an explosion on board. the plane went down last thursday morning. even cleans to have seen burn marks on one human running but then a few hours later, we heard from the chief of the egyptian forensics department of the government and he not that claim down,
8:27 am
said it was baseless. we spoke with an official today at the french aviation agency also involve any investigation and that person told us the claim was not serious. now we are talking to our analysts about this and what they tell us today is what's more important is not just the size of the debris but the size of the debris field for example, when that mh17 plane was shot down over eastern ukraine, basically blowing up in midair, the wreckage from that crash landed over a 50 mile stretch . we know that in international team is searching a large area for the remains of egyptair flight 804 but we don't know yet how concentrated the debris that has beenfound has been . if it does turn out to be an explosion that brought down the plane, experts today are saying it still could be triggered by a technical flaw like an exploding lithium
8:28 am
battery but as speculation would have to shift more toward terrorism, possibly the ice planted in the cargo hold below the front of the plane and that would explain that data message series which smoke sensors going off in the front. finally john, what we do know for a fact is that today egyptian government officials are asking for dna samples to be taken from family members of the victims, this start of course the painstaking process of identifying the bodies or in this case though far, the body parts as the grieving process for the families of the 66 victims on this flight may probably only made worse by rumors, claims reporting and maybe misreporting. the one thing john that all of our experts were unanimous on today is that we must take egyptian claims very carefully with great caution. critics say that at least sometimes, the egyptian authorities put national
8:29 am
pride over transparency. don't back to you pick up. jon: what a mystery. greg palkot reporting live from france, thank you. heather: fierce fighting right now west of baghdad as iraqi forces try to retake the key city of fallujah from isis control. and there's growing concern that terrorists are the only ones in the line of fire pickup and two weeks away from california's big primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for every single vote in the golden state. why the june 7 contest is so important for both of them. >>
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jon: a quick look at what's still to come this hour of "happening now". this excellent smoking. why fewer people are letting up in this country. drew peterson, the illinois police officer convicted of murdering his third wife back on trial now, charged with trying to hire a hitman to kill the prosecutor who put him away. what secret jailhouse recordings are revealing. plus, facebook making changes to reforms is making in response to a biased investigation into accusations , we are live with details. heather: the democratic candidates now focusing on the california primary just two weeks from today and a washington post headline suggesting that hillary clinton is trying very hard to avoid what could be an embarrassing loss to bernie sanders.
8:34 am
clinton leads in the polls in california slightly and the article says clinton could clinch the nomination in the new jersey primary that same day even before the polls close in california. but it goes on to say this quote, losing one of the country's most diverse and democratic states to senator bernie sanders of vermont would be such a damaging way to end a tomato is primary season that clinton is planning to spend millions there over the next two weeks. i'm from washington, we welcome mike barnes who is a former george w. bush white house appointee, conservative political commentator and public policy advisor and emily schartz, political editor for thank you both for joining us. emily, i will start with you. the latest fox news old from california it's clinton at 48 percent and sanders at 46 percent, that's a difference of two percent between them but clinton doesn't need the delegates, 475 that california holds so what does it matter?
8:35 am
>> i don't think california is actually that crucial for her. first of all, the delegates are divided proportionally and she only needs at 85 at this point. the biggest thing is he doesn't have to do that well in new jersey. i've seen some statistics that say if she gets 40 percent of the vote of new jersey, she will have the nomination before the polls close in california so sanders is trying to make a bigger deal than it is and more of a moral victory but the fact of the matter is you will do fine even if she doesn't win the state and she is step to sit when the state anyway . heather: what does it mean for clinton if she does lose? california is a big deal for clinton because it is
8:36 am
representative of the problems he had and bernie sanders dropping out is not the issue, it's the fact that his supporters are not dropping off and they are still holding on to hope that there will be someone who will represent them in this election so unlike what we saw on the republican side where donald trump's pluralities room into majorities even before the final rivals dropped out, that's not hers and voters are looking for something different and they will be open to a message from donald trump . the greatest hope that hillary clinton has is that donald trump does not adequately pivot and changes tone and tactics for the general because if he does, she's in big trouble p7 we can't keep talking about this that sanders says he has in it until the convention. how is that possibly benefiting clinton? >> i don't know if it's benefiting clinton at all. there isn't any benefit to sanders keep leading the charge and he has every right to lead the charge. he's going for a revolution. he's made it abundantly clear he doesn't care about his represent reputation. he's openly supporting the challenger to debbie wasserman-schultz but i would disagree with what mike said in that it's not sanders dropping out, it's weathers of the supporters will follow him. sanders doesn't care about what the democratic party things of him but if he did, the onus would be on him to
8:37 am
drop out and also to have his supporters rally around clinton but he doesn't seem to care about party unity. he is being true to what he's been fighting for all along. heather: i will tell you that sanders campaign predicted about 5 million people will participate inthe primary on june 7 . his camp claiming he only needs about 250 million of those people in order to win the state. how does clinton moving beyond california pull over those voters who are in favor of sanders right now? it's going to be difficult for clinton because she represents the status quo, the situation in which people are either not working or working in jobs not fit for them with unemployment being extreme so he's going to have to either fit to the point where she says more free education, free retirement, free healthcare like bernie sanders does and turn off
8:38 am
moderates and independents and the antitrust republicans or she can go to a more moderate and mainstream position to appeal to those groups but what happens to those people on the left? the greatest hope she has is that donald trump continues to speak in the way he did in the general andprimary face and not pivot appropriately . heather: one in nine americans live in the golden state so it's a big state and a lot is at stake or all the candidates. thank you for joining us x thank you. jon: breaking now, iraqi forces battling to retake and isis stronghold for the second day in a row. a large scale assault underway now on the outskirts of fallujah. iraqi troops pushing forward in their attempt to oust isis militants as thousands of civilians trying to flee that beleaguered city. johnhuddy is life from our middle east bureau with more on what's happening there . reporter: john, as you saw it's a very intense and vicious battle at this point.
8:39 am
the loss of fallujah would be significant for isis because remember, isis (body earlier this year and also it will set the stage for the offensive to retake mosul in northern iraq which would be the fight of all fight in iraq. that said, again taking a look at the fighting, iraqi forces launched the ground offensive yesterday on fallujah and as you said, it's in its second day showing isis positions around the city that again, continued today. the iraqi military has been getting help from us-led coalition airstrikes. ground forces at this point are really trying to cut off isis supply lines outside fallujah and some of the outskirts of the city that remain or have been isis held areas. as we know, isis took control of fallujah in 2014, it was the first to the default isis so retaking fallujah would not only be a strategic victory but also symbolic and
8:40 am
there's been fighting since 2014 between isis and iraqi and also local forces and that's also taken a toll on the people trapped in the city. the un estimates that this point there's 50 to 60,000, maybe as many as 70,000 in fallujah including medical supplies have been cut off because of the ongoing fighting. there have been reports also john of civilian casualties and as we've seen before, isis death squads and snipers targeting innocent civilians. jon: unbelievable. thanks very much, john reporting from our middle east bureau. heather: on drew peterson's plot against a prosecutor revealed in secret jailhouse recordings. today, jurors will get to hear those recordings at his murder for hire trial. our legal panel weighs in on that next plus, more americans quitting. a very bad habit. what experts say the smoking weight is falling faster than ever before.
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heather: new info for you, more americans eating their smoking habits, apparently. the smoking rate falling two percent over the last year, that's the biggest yearly decline since the early 90s. right now about 15 percent of americans smoke cigarettes but that number has been falling for decades.experts point to anti-smoking campaigns, tobacco taxes and smoking bans as some of the reasons for that decrease. jon: well, jailhouse recordings likely will be played in court today in the drew peterson murder for hire trial. a fellow prisoner testifying
8:45 am
yesterday peterson tried to get him to arrange a hit on prosecutor james glasco. when the process prisoner told authorities about peterson's plans, they started recording their conversations. glasgow prosecuted peterson for the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. peterson was convicted and is currently serving a 38 year sentence for the murder and the prosecution's star witness in this trial says peterson also admitted killing his fourth wife. stacy peterson. she is still missing. denise wheel is a five legal analyst, fox bianchi is a criminal attorney, former prosecutor and trial attorney as well. what a case. normally these cases involving jailhouse informants, jailhouse snitches as they are often called, they don't often amount to much but thistime police say they have recordings . >> what the defense is trying to say is yes, he doesn't say kill or die or anything like that imitates. the fact that they have are the recording at all is a big deal and the fact they are talking about anything having to do with the prosecutor is a big deal on these types at all. so also, the fact that the quote unquote doesn't get a reduced sentence is a big deal and the prosecutor will
8:46 am
play that up a lot. jon: the fact is bob, these recordings, we haven't heard it yet but maybe will will in open court but they're supposed to be full of jailhouse jargon and they are kind of difficult to decipher . >> they're going to have an expert to decipher it and let's remember he made comments when he was originally convicted against this prosecutor in 2013 and i agree that in addition to the fact that this jailhouse informant is being offered no incentive to testify that he went to law enforcement and said why don't you record these conversations and from what we know of the case, the jailhouse jargon clearly is a conspiratorial attempt to pay $10,000 to have a prosecutor killed, i think this is a slamdunk case for the prosecutor you want it doesn't hurt that the guy who is this niche is apparently a holding motorcycle gang member . >> writes a lot oftimes, these prosecutors but witnesses on that have
8:47 am
nefarious backgrounds and characters . >> you don't go after the angel to go off somebody that you want till. >> bad people are hanging out with bad people, that doesn't mean they won't be perceived as credible and i think this guy will because he is not saying he said to give me a break. not only am i not looking for a break but why don't you record the conversations and i can proveit to you. very compelling witness in my mind . jon: glasco, the prosecutor who apparently is the intended target of james peterson actually listened to these recordings.he says you don't hear him say the word kill but it's obvious what he means because he's obviously the subject of his murder for hire plot. he then turned the case over to another prosecutor. >> you have to and both of us have been as prosecutors targeted by people that we prosecuted before. you have to, that's part of our ethics. once you are a target of
8:48 am
someone you've prosecuted before, you have to turn that prosecution over to someone else in the office because then you are the victim of that prosecution. jon: the obvious question then i'm sure the defense will raise this but what does drew peterson get out of it? rubbing out the prosecutor isn't going to lessen his sentence. >> he actually provides a motive, he has a motive to what's come after the prosecutor. he made a comment, don't forget my face, in 2013 he made that comment and now he's getting his revenge. >> are asking this question as a rational person. you know, forgive me but peterson is not thinking as a rational person would be one what about stacy peterson is still missing. there are widespread suspicions that drew peterson had to do with the disappearance of his fourth wife but her body has never been found, he's never been charged in that case. if in fact he did say that something on tape to this beast, this other jailhouse
8:49 am
snitch, cannot be used to implicate him in the disappearance, in the death of his fourth wife? >> absolutely. jon: with there be enough there to open a murder case? >> potentially.>> i tried a murder case where a jailhouse informant said somebody had convinced to the crime, the body was missing and couldn't be found but that is difficult but when there's nobody there but given his prior history of three previous murders, hisattempts to kill a prosecutor , you know what? as a prosecutor what i would say at this point is let's put it on trial and see what happens. he's doing a life sentence anyway. >> you can bring a homicide case without the body on we will see what the beast has to say in this jailhouse recording expected to be played in court today. bob bianchi, denise wheel, thank you so much. heather: coming up, talking about facebook taking action.
8:50 am
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. coming up on the top of the hour, let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered. sander and harris, what do you have?>> hillary clinton and donald trump ramping up their attacks on each other. bill o'reilly warning trump to proceed with caution. is this a preview of how nasty the election could get? >> plus, outrageous the va secretary likens the notorious wait times veterans suffer to waiting in line at disney. should he apologize? and so much for getting to recognize for your hard work. the school board votes to deal away with valedictorians. no more naming them. is this more of the pc everybody wins mentality? everybody gets a trophy. i cannot wait for that
8:54 am
conversation. we've got harvard on the couch today. all that plus are hashtag, one lucky guy at the top of the hour. jon: thank you both. jon: changes coming to facebook after the investigation into the social media site and charges it is biased against conservative politics when putting together its trending topics. william lodge and s live from los angeles. >> john, facebook says there's not a problem but they're going to make changes. there investigation revealed no systemic political bias or manipulation, they did admit in a statement quote, our investigation could not fully exclude the possibility of isolated improper actions or unintentional bias in the implementation of our guidelines or policies. so it's changing how it screams media content. in the past, the training section was determined by a combo of most discussed
8:55 am
stories on facebook plus the top stories pulled from the newsfeed. that feed is now dead, meaning every trending story on facebook will be solely the result of user conversation. secondly, facebook previously used a list of 1000 publications to write stories, the new york times got more weight thansay the national enquirer . that list also now dead so computers will give equal weight to all the top trending stories. this all happened after two employees who work in the news section claimed that conservative stories were blacklisted while liberal stories were boosted. that prompted this congressional inquiry. yesterday facebook said that horse wasn't true and that quote, conservative and liberal topics are approved as trending topics virtually at identical rates. last week, facebook invited 16 prominent conservatives at the campus to explain itself. most gave them the benefit of the doubt but the conservative website did not, saying
8:56 am
it is no surprise that their own investigation exonerated facebook which did admit at least a lack of oversight and say in the future john it would have more control so the watchdogs will watch the walk dogs and hopefully that will eliminate any bias. jon: we will see if your topic is training on facebook later today. william , thank you. heather: coming up in our next hour of happening now, a small plane going down in the water off hawaii. quick thinking from an off-duty lifeguard that saved the lives of the people on board and bernie sanders standing his ground about staying in the race. why he's saying the democratic convention in philadelphia could get quotes, messy. and we want to hear from you. did you expect a different time tone from donald trump as he returns to the campaign trail today? our live chat is up and running. go to to join the conversation.
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jon: hope you're having a great day. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, coainge tore of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, jedediah bila is in the house. your #oneluckyguy former cia covert operations officer mike baker is outnumbered but not covertly. everybody knows. >> everybody is completely aware. thank you very much. next to it ising on the sofa at home next to my wife and kids, this is my second favorite sofa. harris: we rank up there with family. >> you're number two, to be fair. number two is good. harris: thanks for being here. >> thank you. harris: can't wait to get your perspective. let's roll. it is getting razor sharp between hillary clinton and donald trump. escalating their attacks on each other. trump releasing a


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