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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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conservatives and under siege every day, it changes the way you think. liberal preconceptions. >> we will get to you. >> yes, you do. >> midnight show, "special report" is next. the worst of the worst. how one official describes the guantanamo detainees that president obama is preparing to transfer. this is "special report." good even, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, there are serious concerns that up to two dozen gnd mo bay detainees set for transfer in coming weeks may not be on the terror sidelines very long. an official tells fox news he is not confident that the new host countries will be able to keep the high-risk terrorist locked up. under surveillance, or from rejoining the fight against the u.s. and its allies. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details
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in our top story. >> this is all about ideologically driven policy. it's not about the actual assessment of the risks of these individuals. >> two days after he became president, mr. obama signed an executive order to close the guantanamo bay detention camps within a year. since the populations that dropped from 242 to 80. >> guantanamo is too inexpensive, too inefficient and too wasteful of military resources. it's not an asset, it's a liability. >> while an obama administration task force found many detainees should remain in u.s. custody, in 2011 a review board looked at the cases and reached a different conclusion. even though most of the evidence was the same. >> what's happening is that essentially the obama administration is willing to take on more risks in its transfers. the system is benefitting the detainees, 22 out of 29 times the detainee has won a transfer in this process. >> the commander of the "uss cole" who lost 17 sailors to an al qaeda attack in millenniumen
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in 2000, says the u.s. has a moral responsibility. >> to insure that not one more american or any citizen from any nation dies at the hands of a terrorist released from guantanamo bay. >> in 2012, a former aide to osama bin laden was flown to his native sudan to enter a program. now he operates from yemen and leads the most dangerous and capable al qaeda affiliate. though the white house maintains that closing the camps makes the most sense. >> it's a recruiting tool for those who wish to do us harm. >> but a propaganda magazine says it's the arab recruitment that increases terrorist numbers. >> they can easily produce a video saying come fight for us from guantanamo. isis has produced a 1,000 videos last year. the idea that it's used as a recruiting tool is disingenerous. >> republican senators mark kirk
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and james langford have introduced an amendment to hold them accountable. >> if you kick out a detainee, it makes you responsible. if they return fete fight you will lose american federal aid. >> the state department conceded no transfer is without risk. >> is any of this 100% foolproof? ce our process. >> the state department spokesman added they need more time to study the senators' amendment that cuts usa aid to companies who is take detainees and they return to terrorism. the justice department will seek the death penalty we're just learning in last summer's south carolina church shooting. 22-year-old dylann roof is accused of murdering nine people at the emmanuel ame church in charleston. attorney general loretta lynch cites what she calls the nature of the crime. even though donald trump has the republican nomination sealed
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up. right now votes for president are being counted from republicans in washington state. residents have a little less than five more hours to return primary ballots, mailed to them earlier this month. trump is focusing on expected general election match-up with hillary clinton. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in albuquerque, new mexico, where trump will hold a rally interest in just a few hours, good evening, carl. >> this is going to be the first official fundraising trip that donald trump has taken. he'll make a west coast swing that includes new mexico, california, north dakota and montana this week. he's been off the trail for two weeks and defensive when it comes to press reports that money he intended to raise for veterans while skipping a debate was never fully delivered. >> i've raised almost $6 million for the veterans, including putting up $1 million of my own money. i had no obligation to do anything or to do so. and i get nothing but bad press from the dishonest media it is absolutely disgraceful.
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why don't they look into the clinton foundation? you want to see dishonesty. >> trump's has been busy expanding campaign operations and counterattacking hillary clinton's attempts to brand him as a misogynist. >> trump is firing back about rape allegations by anita broderick and vince foster. who committed suicide. ed rollins who is heading up a pro trump superpac disagrees about looking backwards. >> i would not have used it. this is a race against her, not her husband and think to a certain extent he's got to show his policy shops, he has got a lot of things to run against her on. clinton foundation, the whole nine yards, i would not pay a bit of attention to bill clinton. bill clinton is the past, she's the future and obviously trump has to be the future. >> hillary clinton is doing much the same thing, blasting trump for having to look forward to the housing collapse in 2006 because he could have profited from it. >> i sort of hope that happens, then people like me would go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst as
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they call it, you know, you could make a lot ofmoney. >> poll after poll show as dead heat. >> i think i'm popular with people and i think people that say i'm not are going to still vote for me. i'm winning most of the poles against hillary. >> new mexico is a border state. trump's immigration views are controversial and unpopular. new mexico republican governor is the first latina governor in the u.s. who is skipping trump's raly. she has so far been critical of trump's rhetoric and withheld her support. >> trump's visit here to new mexico comes at the same time that bill clinton is also campaigning in this state. meaning the battle between these two campaigns is only likely to escalate. >> carl, thank you. bernie sanders is predicting the democratic convention in philadelphia this summer. could get messy. in his words. the democratic socialist points out drois is not always nice and
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quiet and gentle. that kind of talk may send shoulders through a hillary clinton campaign putting much more money and effort into the upcoming california primary than it ever dreamed or feared. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel is following the candidates and reports from commerce, california. >> hillary clinton is leading in california, up nine points over bernie sanders in the real clear politics average. two weeks ahead of the primary clinton isn't taking chances, reminding voters that the time to focus on presumptive gop nominee donald trump. >> he said he was hoping for the crash. that caused hard-working families in california and across america to lose their homes. all because he thought he could take advantage of it. >> in anheim, sanders noted he's connecting with young voters and kept up his attacks on clinton and the party establishment. >> it should tell the country
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and certain the leadership of the democratic party that our ideas, our vision is the future of america. >> sanders sent this letter to the kentucky secretary of state, calling for a complete recanvas of last week's democratic primary in the bluegrass state he raised eyebrows when he made this prediction about the democratic convention in philadelphia. >> it's going to be messy, you know, democracy is in the always nice and quiet and gentle. but that is where the democratic party should be. >> when it comes dime for clinton to select a running mate, her ally senate democratic leader harry reid has warned she better not consider picking a democrat senator from a state with a republican governor that would eliminate elizabeth warren from massachusetts, corey booker from new jersey and sherrod brown of ohio. making it harder for democrats to win back the majority. but first clinton must deal with an aggressive sanders who suggest she's nervous about
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losing california and afraid to debate him on fox. >> i think it's a little bit insulting to the people of california, our largest state. that she is not prepared to have a discussion with me about how she will help the californians address the major crises that we face. >> instead it appears both candidates will spend much of the next two weeks making the case to golden state voters at their own campaign events. it's the safer place for clinton. >> mike emanuel live in california. >> virginia's governor says he is 100% confident he did not take illegal campaign contributions, but the federal investigation into democrat terry mcauliffe could not only spell trouble for him, but for his friends. the clintons. correspondent doug mckelway is on the story. >> fox news has confirmed that
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virginia democratic governor terry mcauliffe is the target of a justice department investigation. the investigation centers around chinese billionaire businessman wang wen yang. he donated $20,000 to mcauliffe's gubernatorial campaign as well as $2 million to the clinton foundation. mcauliffe, a long-time clinton ally once sat or the board of the clinton global initiative. mcauliffe told reporters he was shocked to learn of the investigation and said wang's contributions were properly vetted. >> 100%, all i can do is rely on two law firm who is did the vetting on this check. i can only rely. i mean i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people who did the vetting. they said they have a green card from 2007. so the contribution came in and they said he was entitled to write a check. >> wang has permanent u.s. resident status, which gives him the legal right to make campaign contributions, but he is is a
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former member of china's national people's congress. its parliamentary body that raises questions about the often murky connection between mcauliffe, his friends the clintons and their charitable interests. reporters have told nbc news that investigators are examining 100 contributions made to both the clinton foundation and mcauliffe's 2013 campaign. in an earlier interview, mcauliffe offered a benign explanation for the apparent crossover of contributions. >> i think we travel the same circle, i've traveled the globe with president clinton and we have a lot of the same friends, those who give to the clinton foundation have been friends of mine for years and years. >> earlier this month, mcauliffe found himself in a different controversy when he signed an executive order to restore voting rights to 200,000 ex-felons in virginia. republicans have filed suit to overturn that order. mcauliffe's democratic predecessor now senator tim kaine refused the order,
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declaring it unconstitutional. trying to impeach president obama's tax man. first's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 29 in philadelphia. where bill cosby has been ordered to stand trial in a felony sex assault case. cosby appeared at a preliminary hearing, he's accused of drugging and molesting a woman at his suburban philadelphia mansion in 2004. the 78-year-old cosby has said it was consensual sexual activity. fox 8 in new orleans, louisiana lawmakers pass a first in the nation bill to expand hate crime laws to protect police, firefighters and emergency medical crews. the governor is expected to sign it. legislatures in five other states have been unable to pass so-called blue lives matter laws. critics say they run necessary and could weaken current hate crime statutes. thnchts is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate fox 2, one of the big stories, supervisors will take another run at clarifying sanctuary city
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protections for illegal immigrants. the new rule calls for officers to notify federal immigration personnel only if a defendant is charged with a violent crime and has been convicted of one within the last seven years. the city's sanctuary policy has been under attack since last year's killing of a woman by an illegal immigrant released from sheriff's custody. that's tonight's life look from outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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house republicans are taking another step toward axing president obama's tax man. the efforts to impeach irs commissioner john koskinen faces many procedural hurdles but battle lines were drawn today. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports. >> this is sort of lois learner revisited. the house judicial committee hearing can be traced back to mid 2013 before koskinen even worked not irs, when mid-level irs official lois learner disclosed an refused to testify about her agency's systematic extra scrutiny to conservative
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groups. >> when congress asks you a question you're expected to give a truthful answer and when congress issue as subpoena, compliance is not optional. >> arguing he deepened the irs mess with what they called false testimony to congress. >> are you going to provide this committee all of lois learner's emails? >> we are already starting that, yes, we will do that. >> days earlier, irs personnel had destroyed 400 back-up tapes containing missing learner emails and while koskinen would oversee a massive multimillion dollar effort to comply with six pending investigations, including turning over 24,000 emails affected by the crash of learner's hard drive. treasury's inspector-general would find another 1,000 emails the irs hadn't turned over. >> you have a duty to produce the documents under subpoena. he had a duty to testify
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accurately. and correct the record if he had testified in an unaccurate fashion. >> koskinen cited scheduling difficulties, said while the allegations are serious and relate to acknowledged errors made bit irs, the constitution reserves the use of impeachment for treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors, none of my crimes related to the issues above viewed in light of all the facts come close to that elf. >> i think the greatest evidence of gross negligence, dereliction of duty. breach of public trust was when members of this body in october of 2013 decided for purely political reasons you were going to shut down the government for 16 days and cost the economy $24 billion in lost economic activity. >> this was the first of two hearings judiciary will hold on the possibility of impeaching koskinen the. the second will examine the standards for impeachment.
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it was used only once before in 1876. a big day on wall street today. the dow was up 2013, the nasdaq gained 95. veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald has expressed regret for comparing va wait times to lines at disneyland as we reported yesterday. saying today quote, it was never my intention to suggest that i don't take our mission of serving veterans very seriously. if my comments monday led any veterans to believe that i or the dedicated workforce i'm privileged to lead don't take that mission seriously. i deeply regret that. nothing could be further from the truth. multiple republican congressmen and one senator have called for mcdonald to step down. the first head is rolling tonight over the huge wait times at airport screenings sites. the head of tsa security operations is out. but not fired. kelly hogan is being placed on
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paid administrative leave pending reassignment. the tsa has taken hits over massive lines that have forced hundreds of passengers to miss flights. the agency is hiring more screeners and as it braces for the upcoming summer travel season. students in suburban washington find themselves at ground zero tonight in the battle over transgender rights. there's a growing backlash about accommodating people based on sexual identity instead of chie shannon bream reports from fairfax county, virginia. >> days ago the obama administration issued a sweeping memorandum directing public schools to recognize new protections and accommodations for transgender students or lose federal funding. >> why is it that we have to race to solve these issues without answering many of the primary questions first. >> elizabeth schultz is a school
3:22 pm
board member in fairfax county. the tenth largest district in the country which sits just outside washington, d.c. she says the administration's so-called guidance doesn't have the force of law by its own admission and that school board members across the country should be asking tough, but necessary questions before rushing into uncharted territory. schultz says school officials in her district were set to issue new guidelines without holding hearings or consulting with board members when she and other members pushed back. a representative for the school district says there's been no change in policy and that the board will hold a closed meeting to discuss the issue in june. schultz says she's not confident parents and students will ever have any real input on issues as sensitive as hotel room assignments for students who travel with sports. music and academic teams. >> you're having to stand in the middle of the road, and hold your hand up to the proverbial tank that's trying to mow over individual parents' rights. >> there is a similar battle
3:23 pm
brewing in fort worth, texas. where school officials issued new transgender student guidelines last month and where a growing coalition of critics are demanding to know why public debate wasn't part of the process. the school district says it will hold forums to seek input from parents and other community members. >> one case is already on appeal to the virginia state supreme court. there's a much larger case now pending in federal court in illinois. where more than 50 families are suing the obama administration, arguing that the constitutional rights of both parents and students are being violated. bret? >> shannon bream in fairfax county, thank you. the strange case of the legal fallout from undercover abortion videos is a lot stranger tonight. an attorney for the photographer behind the videos says the harris county, texas district attorney's office illegally shared evidence with a lawyer for planned parenthood this led to indictment against the
3:24 pm
videographer david delieden. now his lawyers say planned parenthood's attorney admit in a sworn declaration says. va office gave the video to him. the lieden's lawyers are trying to have the indictment quashed. china has a warning for president obama and the u.s. -- we'll tell you what it is and what has china so upset, when we come back.
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. china is warning the u.s. not to stir up more trouble in the south china sea. a chinese newspaper is reacting to improved relations between the u.s. and vietnam. saying it could lead to problems. correspondent kevin corke is traveling with president obama tonight and reports from ho chi minh city, which used to be called saigon. >> good morning to you from ho
3:29 pm
chi minh city. hours after the president gave a rousing adress to the vietnamese people, one received with thunderous applause in hanoi and making a powerful impact across the country. dramatically different reaction from china. there's an outlet called the china daily, it's long been thought to be essentially a mouthpiece for the government. in an op-ed it reacted strongly to announced lifting of the ban on u.s. weapons sales to vietnam by warning the president not to spoke spark a regional tinder box. the latest in the back and forth between washingtonnd beijing to remain at odds over china's aggressive behavior in the south china sea, which the president referenced in this speech. including this thinly-veiled reference to china. >> nations are sovereign, no matter how large or small a nation may be, it's sovereignty should be respected and it's territory should not be violated. big nations should not bully smaller ones. >> i asked secretary of state john kerry about the remarks, a
3:30 pm
suggestion by the china daily that the u.s. and cozying up to hanoi might be sparking trouble in the region. he said this -- >> if you want to point to possibilities of tinder box and of perhaps igniting something, i would caution china as president obama and others have. to not unilaterally move to engage in reclamation activities. >> still, brett, critics wonder if the administration so eager to improve relations with hanoi and blunt china along the way, haven't simply looked the other way on the human rights record. i asked secretary kerry about that and he said we'd like to see more and clearly they have a very long way to go on that end. >> kevin corke with the president, thank you. there seems to be a lot of confusion in and around egypt about whether it was terrorism that brute down egypt air flight
3:31 pm
804. the situation seems clearer to at least one official here in the u.s. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest from paris. >> small bits of debris from the crash of egypt air flight 804, an egyptian forensic official reportedly says there's a suggestion an explosion brought the plane down. recovered body parts were described by the official as no bigger than the palm of a hand. he claim there is were burn marks on an arm of a victim allegedly near the blast. >> as the search for more debris continues, the egyptian chief of forensics denies the claim. branding it baseless and premature. a french aviation official telling fox the claim of an explosion is not serious. french lawmakers visiting cairo offered help. >> this is a difficult moment, however we still don't know the reasons or the cause of this dramatic accident. >> washington seems a bit more certain about egyptair.
3:32 pm
a u.s. intelligence official privy to the investigation tells fox news that there could have been an explosion. and that all signs point to terrorism triggering it. on the record, there was a bit more caution. >> terrorism ruled out? >> nothing has been ruled out at this point. >> clearing up confusion is important for the families of the 56 victims. dna samples were taken from them to start identifying the bodies. in this case so far, parts of bodies. >> translator: i have no hopes, our hopes are gone, i hope she is considered a martyr and god be with us and with the families of all those affected by the plane. >> one thing for certain say the experts, take everything said by egypt with caution. critics say in cairo, national interests often supersede the facts. greg palkot in paris, thank you. president obama wants to transfer terrorists from guantanamo bay who are described as the worst of the worst.
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today the department is submitting to congress our plan for finally closing the facility at guantanamo once and for all. >> today we have 80 detainees left as both of you congressmen have noted. of those 80, 65 were deemed by president obama's task force to be too dangerous to transfer. >> putting these guys in circulation is bad for the security, but it's also a morale-killer if you have somebody who was involved with the "cole" go back and go to terrorism. it's like, geez what are we doing? >> terrorists at guantanamo bay in cuba, the administration plans to transfer another 24 detainees by this summer to various host countries, we don't have all the details on that take a look at the population
3:38 pm
here this is the gitmo population from when the president took office, january 20th, 2009, down to 80 detainees and they're trying to drop that even more significantly. what about all of this? let's bring in our panel, mercedes schlack of "u.s. news and world report" and mara liasson. >> the president's own commission looking at all of these people determined that a large percentage of them are the worst of the worst. and yet some of those are among the people who will be transferred. >> this is the president being willing to damage skut of the country and i would say other countries as well, in the name of a fixed idea he has had, that somehow guantanamo is sort of a key core of the war on terror. he comes into office unilaterally and declares a war on terror over, his one mission
3:39 pm
is to close gitmo, it's not just the danger from the people he's releasing and the people already released. but there's also the future. one of the reasons that jihadism has succeeded and spread is that our human intelligence is very weak. one of the reasons for that is we have no way to capture and interrogate as we did earlier in the war on terror. either we kill them with drones and then dead men can't speak, or if obama closes guantanamo, which he intends to, where are we going to put them? we're going to put them in a jail in manhattan where they're going to get miranda rights, a cozy warm cell and a lawyer and they will say nothing. it is absolutely insane in the middle of a war to treat combatants like that guantanamo is one place that for the future you want to keep open for example the war on isis heats up, our guys will be killed in the field. we capture an isis guy, what do
3:40 pm
we do with him? turn him over to the issraqis, e iranians? guantanamo was the place you went -- the idea of closing, apart from the danger of the guys who are being let out, is insane because you need a place like that to interrogate. >> mara, this is the argument that the president and administration has made about recruitment. take a list on what he said in february. >> when it becomes clear that something is not working as intended, when it does not advance our security, we have to change course. for many years it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermine it is. it's counterproductive to our fight against terrorists. because they use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit. >> that was really attacked at this hearing today.
3:41 pm
the witnesses saying there's been 1,000 videos made by isis, not one mentions gitmo. a they can't back up the claim that it is propaganda being used by terrorists. >> this is one of president obama's biggest promises, he wanted to close gitmo. he can empty it out to a certain extent to get the population really low. but i don't know if he's going to be able to get all of them out of there and congress won't let him close it because there's no other facility to take the prisoners. >> is there appetite to close it and it's going in your back yard? >> in your state? >> no, i mean very few senators would accept terrorists in their back yard. but i think the big threat politically is if some of these prisoners are released and they
3:42 pm
commit a terrorist act. >> which we know is already happening. paul lewis came out he was a special envoy for the department of defense he came out and said that close to 80% who have been released have already engaged in terrorism. and he said that basically they are responsible for several deaths of american deaths that have happened. so this is something that we cannot, we need to be prepared for. when you look at the countries like ghana and el salvador, these are the countries where they want to send these detainees to? they don't have the security apparatus to manage these detainees. it's not a foolproof plan for president obama. >> let me push back, from on this notion that gitmo is the best option. are you saying that we can't do it here? that we can't have a prison here in the u.s. that is able to do this? if we wanted to? >> the problem is more a lien wul. which is what we're engaged in in guantanamo, apart from the
3:43 pm
interrogation, is indefinite detention, some of these guys, the worst of the worst. we know who they are, cannot be tried because the evidence has disappeared. you don't go around collecting bulletshells on a battlefield. that's all gone. you can't try them because you may have to acquit them. we had hundreds of thousands of german and japanese p.o.w.s on american soil during the second world war. you release them when the war is over and if the war doesn't end, it's not our fault, it's the jihadist fault. so you keep them indefinitely in a strange situation in a strange war with strange enemies guantanamo is the place do you it. you put them in new york you're going to have the legal challenges, miranda rights, put them on trial or you're going to have to let them go and some of
3:44 pm
them will be acquit. that's why we can't put them on trial. >> i think it's tough, but i think we've held principlers of war on american soil before, and we can do it again. >> without legal rights and trial in. >> you're going to have to set up some kind of a military tribunal, set up a system for that, but i think it can be done. >> but it's already operational at gitmo. >> why do you want to undo it and redo it in a place that the population will reject it and as you yourself said, the senators in that state are not going to accept it. bernie sanders says it could get messy in philadelphia at the democratic convention.
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donald trump said when he was talking about the possibility of a housing market crash. before the great recession, he said i sort of hope that happens. he actually said that. all because he thought he could take advantage of it to make some money for himself. >> i have no choice, when she hits me on things, i just have
3:49 pm
no choice, tough do it it's unfair, they're dirty players, they've been dirty players historically and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> hillary clinton attacking donald trump's comments. years ago. 2007 about housing market and possible upside for people who are investing. trump released a statement today saying this, i'm a businessman, i've made a lot of money in down parkts, in some cases as much as i've made when market is good. frankly this is the kind of thinking our country needs. politicians have no idea how to do this. they don't have a clue. i will create jobs, bring back company asnd not make it easy forren companies to leave. if they do, they'll understand there that will be consequences. >> is this an effective attack for hillary clinton to go after this statement? >> i think they're building the case with this statement, with a lot of things, he won't release
3:50 pm
his tax returns, they're going to try to do with him what the obama campaign did to mitt romney it might not be as easy, he's not a big finance guy. but, that's what they're trying to do, they're using this period where he has not raised the amount of money he needs to run a this is the time you define your opponent. that's why they are out there. she is doing it they have ads defining him. yes, they think this is going to be pretty fruitful for him because, believe it or not, despite all the air time that trump has got, there are a lot of voter out there that don't know who he is or know thatch about him. >> mercedes? >> for the most part, for hillary clinton, it's interesting how they are playing it differently. he has decided he is going after bill clinton and use the national enquirer methodology and attacking hillary's character and bill clinton's character. >> so far. >> so far. and she is more focused on these specifics about trump's history.
3:51 pm
will that be as effective? i think the voter aren't necessarily 100% tuned in quite yet but, again, tomorrow -- she is building that case but, i think the voter might be ready for this change of just someone who is not the typical politician and not the clintons. >> one thing that's interesting is that she may, charles, have to change completely her public persona. you know, she is very guarded, doesn't do a lot of interviews. she obviously turned down this debate in california. but she is now going or will be going up against a candidate that essentially says yes to every interview request. and is on tv all the time. so does she have to change her, you know, her approach to that? >> she should, but she is entirely incapable of doing it. she is really guarded. she is extremely defensive. i suppose she assumes a lead of some sort, although it's probably very narrow. and most of it has dissipated. she wants to sit on that lead the way she is with sanders. she doesn't want to do do
3:52 pm
the debate because she doesn't want to jeopardize whatever lead she has in the last primary. but she locks totally clueless. that thing about what he said about a down market. do you think that's going continue to influence anybody? the idea they are going to do what was done to romney, sort of attacking him for being a heartless crat. the reason that succeeded is romney was embarrassed about his wealth and he thought -- he sort of wanted to hide his success. trump glories in it. that's part of his appeal. so to go after him on that is -- it's the same, for example, as her calling him a loose cannon. that's the way to attack trump? trump's appeal is that is he a loose cannon. is he loose on the ship. he can hit anything, anywhere and he has. i mean, if you are going to do a concerted attack on him, have you to find some real stuff to hang on to. this is not it. i think they are groping for a way, a line of attack on
3:53 pm
him that's going to work. it's late in the game. >> that's an interesting point, mara, interesting contrast between donald trump. she flew commercial next to the reporter. do you remember that story? and he was flying in coach and said that ann flies in first class? trump shows up in trump force one. >> trump force one. the rules don't apply to donald trump as we have learned, whether in the general election, when we have a binary choice, two people. whether the rule also come back into effect, i don't know. he flaunts his wealth. anything he does can be justified. that's when i was a businessman. can i change my opinions. you have to be flexible. he always has an explanation and so far he hasn't paid a price for the things that would have sunk another politician. his background is getting a lot more scrutiny it is a binary choice. i think he is going to be subjected to a slightly harcher spotlight. >> i want to play this beanders spotlight real quick about the convention and the way forward.
3:54 pm
>> she is really insulting the people of the largest state in our country. who have a right to hear a vigorous debate on her views. so i am disappointed, although not surprised. >> i certainly will condemn any and all forms of violence, but we are bringing in a lot of new people into the political process, people who have never gone to a convention before. and they hope very much that their voices will be heard. it's going to be messy, you know. democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle, but that is where the democratic party should go. >> what about that, mercedes? >> well, sanders, instead of a rebel without a cause, it's a rebel with a cause. he has got the cause of saying i'm going in here. we want to show transparency in this democratic convention with a primaries and the caucuses. i think for beanders, he is making his commitment to his voters, which is saying i'm going to take this to the end. and i'm going to the steps
3:55 pm
up to the plate and adopt some of these progressive items. >> if she doesn't, charles, i'm told that these people are ready to take the votes to the of the convention on all of these policy issues. and then have the delegates vote on the policy issues. >> i'm sure he will. i mean, this is the culmination of his life. and his cause is, believe it or not, socialism. and he has advanced it. implanting it in the party that will outlive him. he will do it in philadelphia and everywhere he can he will do it in the last primaries. he is not going to get the nomination, but is he going to leave seeds behind that are going to be there for a long time. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for one candidate who has one particular move down pat. in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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4:00 pm
bink. >> his gun goes bink. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we will be back at 11:00 eastern. hard to believe but we will. here is greta. >> tonight, "on the record," all your news right here and the vote is coming in fast and furious out west. will donald trump score a delegate jackpot in washington state. it could be a night for donald trump and donald trump jr. is here. also, one former presidential candidate going "on the record" with a major announcement. developing right now in the new development in the egypt air. dumping bodies in the water could solve a mystery. dr. bae den is here to tell us if that's the case. right now i'm serious about this story. we first told you about the secretary of veterans affair comparing v.a. lines to lines at kiss any world. now he is refusing to apologize. listen what he said. >> do they measure the numbers of hours you wait in line or, you know, what's important? what's important is