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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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down. look at that tornado. it's just wild, isn't it? >> well, if there is anyone -- if there is any community that knows what to do with tornadoes, it's this one right here. >> janice, thank you. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> we are here as a group of veterans to reject donald trump. it is unacceptable to take advantage of the goodwill that american voters feel for our men and women in uniform. >> did that man speak from the heart or did the clinton campaign orchestrate his negative statements? tonight, a factor investigation. >> i need that money and you are going to loan it to me. >> americans don't have much money. in fact, most of us can't even pay a $1,000 emergency expens. talking points will address it tonight. >> stop this guy. call the cops on him. call the cops! >> also ahead a rise in vigilantism as americans are fed up with predators.
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>> i caught you [bleep] >> also ahead, bill cosby charged with sexual assault. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. americans and money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there is no question that economic issues will be foremost in the upcoming presidential election. that's why hillary clinton's decision not to debate bernie sanders on fox news is a major mistakes for her. sanders as you know wants to blow up capitalism, says it's a corrupt system. the vermont center jad myers socialism whereby the government calls the shots in the private marketplace. a debate with sanders on fox news would give secretary clinton a major opportunity to smash that theory, to
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stick up for capitalism and perhaps persuade some voters she is not an ardent leftist. but, again, mrs. clinton has refused to debate even though she said this back in 2008. >> honestly, i mean, i just believe that this is the most important job in the world. it's the toughest job in the world. you should be willing to campaign for every vote. you should be willing to debate any time, anywhere. >> oh. now, on to you. a new poll by the associated press says that two thirds of american adults, two thirds would have difficulty coming up with money to cover a $1,000 emergency expense. 75% of americans making less than $50,000 a year say they would have trouble with that. 67% of those making between 50 and 100,000 a year say the same thing. even for the country's wealthiest citizens households making more than
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$100,000 a year, 38% say they would have difficulty coming up with 1,000 bucks to pay an emergency expense. that's just stunning. and it all goes back to the change, the big change in how americans view money. in 1965, the poverty rate in the u.s.a. was 17%. 2014, nearly 50 years later, poverty rate 15%. obviously not a big improvement. but here's the key stat. 50 years ago, personal disposable income, that is money you have on hand to spend in your wallet, in your purse to spend, was just 14,000 bucks. in 2015, it was $38,000 per year, a vast improvement in spending power. the problem is we spend it all. we don't save. we're not frugal. we want immediate gratification. now for those viewers who
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understand american culture, the studies are not shocking. my parents were children when the great depression hit. and that scared the heck out of them. as my grandparents had to struggle to put food on the table. the depression kids carried on a tradition that money was never to be wasted. then world war ii hit, and millions of americans were forced to fight for their lives. the suffering was tremendous, but our military prevailed and most civilians did what they could to help the military. they weren't thinking that much about making money. there was a greater cause. now, i grew up in leavitt town, new york. a suburb 25 miles east of new york city. the housing in leavitt town was cheap, especially vets who got low cost mortgages. very few of us in the neighborhood had anything
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remember pa getios in my parents never had a new car. our house did not have air-conditioning. it was like india there in august. now, that kind of upbringing meant that all financial transactions were scrutinized. no appetizers when we went to sevini's the local italian restaurant. my father saved so my sister and i could go. money was never to be wasted, ever. that value system is deeply rooted in me. i do not waste money. i would rather give it to charity. i don't want a plate from cape cod. i don't want a bentley. i don't want very much on the material side at all but i realize that most americans are different. they want stuff, especially younger americans. and many of them feel they're entitled to stuff. they should be provided with stuff. with everything they desire. a recent study by harvard
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university says 51% of young americans between the ages of 18 and 29 do not support capitalism, just 42% of the young'ns buy into the system we have had here since 1776. and in a gallup poll, 35% of americans now have a positive view of socialism. 60% say capitalism is the way to go. talking points submits to you that those who want socialism have no blanking idea what that system really means. bernie sanders likes to point to sweden, a nation of 9 million people, most of whom look exactly the same. it's easy for the seedish government to pro-cradle to grave entitlements while taking the majority of what people earn there to support the system. but here in america that would lead to disaster. simply too big a country to be told what we can earn, what we can do with what we have. in china which has 1.5 billion citizens they have to impose communism or
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socialism. you go to prison or worth if you defy the government mandate. to keep the population in check allows capitalisms in places like shanghai and hong kong. it goes against the very nature of most people to tell them how it live their lives. some americans freely choose to serve the public by teaching, in law enforcement, or in local politics. that's a good thing, but you are not going to get wealthy there also a good thing to use your talents to expand your income. that's what i did. at one point my father encouraged me to join the teamster's union. did i not take his ad vice. preferring to go to college and study abroad and go to grad school. but i paid for most of that myself by painting houses, driving a cab, teaching swimming. nobody gave me anything nor did i seek it the harder i worked, the more money i made and i saved a lot of that money. so i could invest and build wealth. are you hearing that bernie sanders? are you hearing that?
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so capitalism certainly worked for me and i don't want sanders or anybody else to take half of my earnings to use for dubious social experiments and handouts to those not in need who are lay abouts. right now, about half of my income is paid in taxes. okay, no beef. this country has been good to me. but no more than 50%. that's it. and i don't want to live in a socialist nation. summing up, hillary clinton had a huge opportunity to reinforce that capitalism has made america the most prosperous nation on earth, giving opportunity to billions of people over the years who are willing to work hard. but the secretary is soft on capitalism even though she has taken huge advantage of it herself. as for regular folks, we all should wise up and practice financial responsibility. we don't need half the stuff we buy, so save, then invest conservatively and build some protection for yourself. the cold truth is that
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american politicians promise stuff they can never deliver. but we, the people can control our financial well-being to some extent. we just have to be smart about it. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, charles krauthammer will reply. later, bill crosby criminally charged with sexual assault. factor is coming right back. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. those hot dogs look good. oh yeah, hebrew national. their all-beef like yours but they're also kosher.
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impact segment tonight, reaction to why americans don't have much money. joining us from washington charles krauthammer. i was stunned by this report. $1,000 and most americans can't come up with it? what say you? >> well, we are known around the world as the most, you might call it spend thrift. but one of the lowest saving rates on earth. japanese save everything. germans, a lot of europeans save a lot. we don't. and we haven't for about 50,
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60 years. of course, with the ease of credit now, and with the interest rates essentially zero, the temptation to borrow is irresistible. you are a doctor. is this a neurosis to spend your money and not think about the future and how to manage your finances in a responsible way? is it i have got to have it, gimme, gimme, gimme? is that what's going on? >> yeah, it's going on but it's not a neurosis. the word neurosis, by the way was abolished from psychiatry about 30, 40 years ago. but if the idea is it is some kind of personality disorder, of course not. it's the response to incentive, you know that what's what capitalism is based on. incentives there, credit cards arriving in the mail, they are trying to sell you credit, rates are so low people are going to borrow. >> credit rates aren't low. i disagree with you in a sense there has got to be a
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reason that people feel compelled to buy stuff they don't really need. and it's not matter of incentivizing that. yeah, they can, but they shouldn't. if you don't need it, why buy it? >> but they shouldn't, bill. that's very sweet and very paternalistic of you and perhaps if people didn't they might be happier. >> i'm looking out for them. >> you are looking out for them all the time. but you know when you hear the bells of the good humor man through the streets of left town. >> i bought the good humor but i didn't buy five of them. >> i bet you jumped on your bike and pedaled like hell. >> i cut the lawn and got the money. i put away 20% of the lawn fee in the little bank that my father set up for me. >> did you really need that cone? >> did i need the cone? i got the cone but i also got savings. what i'm trying to get out here there seems to be
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destructive element where you are putting yourful? a position where you don't have 1,000 bucks to raise in an emergency situation. is seems irresponsible to me. >> look, there have been thousands of books written about this. keeping up with the joneses, the temptation. >> it's ridiculous. >> a consumer society and you might say the power of advertising. what advertising does and this is an -- it's not a secret. everybody knows this, it creates needs you get stuff you don't actually need. if you were deprived of it in a hurricane you would do okay for a year or two or three as your parents were able to do right through the years of the depression. you can do without it we are in a culture where everybody acquires. >> we are in immediate gratification. testimony never works. >> you should have remained a school teacher. you would have been able to change those kids. >> but then i wouldn't have as much money. [ laughter ] >> to spend on ice cream. >> save, give to charity. >> can i imagine all the cones in your refrigerator right now. >> i told those urchins to
5:16 pm
save their money. that's what i did. listen, you say hillary clinton is not making a mistake in this debate and you are so wrong. she would reed reach so many people that making look askance at her. i'm talking the general election. she has the other thing sewn. in the previous debates he didn't lay on her. big opportunity to reach people and form an impression early that she is not some left wing loon. >> she also has a big opportunity to make some kind of huge mistake. she is not that gaffe prone. you be ahead, you are going to get the nomination, but, if she gets crushed in california then she crews into the convention humiliated by losing late states and losing the biggest state of the union.
5:17 pm
it's going to be a very bad mark against her. that could happen if she screws up in the debate. >> he is going to beat her in california. >> yeah, he could beat her. why take the risk. >> because you are going to lose anyway. >> a guy you are going to geese anyway. why did trump stop doing debates when he had almost seyn up the same reason. >> did the clinton campaign use some vets embarrass donald trump? we'll take a look at it. bill cosby sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. is it legal upcoming.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, dirty tricks. donald trump has made it a cause to say he will improve the lives of american vets. you may remember that in
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iowa during the vote there. mr. trump held a benefit for veterans. trump campaign says it raised almost $6 million, including a 1-million-dollar donation from mr. trump himself. but yesterday in new york city, a small group of vets demonstrated against trump. >> we're here as a group of veterans to reject donald trump. it is unacceptable for donald trump to try to take advantage of the goodwill that american voters feel for our men and women in uniform to try and get votes while failing to live up to his own commitments. >> mr. mccoy saying the $6 million was not donated. the trump campaign standing by that number. however, alexander mccoy admits that the clinton campaign did participate in his protest. this according to the daily beast. joining us from boston mary ann marsh and katie paf issue will. we just got this statement in from mr. mccoy.
5:22 pm
this is about how much money was actually donated from the vets from that benefit. i approached the clinton campaign to see if they could help provide some press context, which they did, adding to my own. i appreciate their help in bringing attention to my message. so, his whole protest goes up in smoke because now is he associated with trump's competitor, am i wrong. >> look, i think if anybody has a right to protest is mr. mccoy who i believe served in the marines. but the problem here is hillary clinton's campaign actually helped orchestrate this. it wasn't a very big protest. and, when you look at the numbers, veterans support donald trump over hillary clinton two to one. i don't think they necessarily like hillary clinton's comments in the fall, saying the problems with the v.a. are not necessarily widespread and quite frankly they are disappointed in the way she has handled foreign policy under president obama's administration. and i don't think they are going to get over the fact.
5:23 pm
>> i agree with you. that mccoy has a right to protest whatever he wants to protest. is he an american and he fought for our throisht do just that. you don't go out there and scream and yell about donald trump if you are involved with the clinton. >> that is standard practice. the clinton campaign is happy to help him. >> for whom? irving who protests against donald trump goes to the clinton campaign for help? >> i'm saying in any campaign, if a legitimate organization or individual comes to you, you agree on the topic, you make a case-by-case judgment. >> shouldn't it. >> and then you offer your assistance. they have made it public as you know in the daily beast article. >> only when it was exposed not before. it should say we don't like trump, hillary is helping
5:24 pm
us. i think it's another dirty trick. >> they agree -- it's not a dirty trick. putting ads on craig's list and offering to-to-pay people to protest other campaigns is a dirty trick. >> i think mccoy have have been upfront with the press from the jump. >> he was. >> only after he was caught. he wasn't upfront. >> caught? he asked for help, he got help. >> daily beast uncovered the fact that the man was in bed with the clinton campaign. he didn't come up and say to us hey, i'm working with hillary clinton out there. >> what's wrong with that. >> it's sneaky, mary anne. sneakiesque. >> sneaky. let's get to the debate. you predicted on this program, mary anne marsh that hillary clinton would debate on the fox news channel. >> in the fall. >> oh in the fall, it was a seasonal thing, i see. [ laughter ] >> first of all, let's get "on the record" here. i predicted donald trump would be the nominee last
5:25 pm
september long before you did. >> that's true. >> thank you, indicatey, i said she will debate and she will. trump vs. clinton. it will be epic. >> good move not to debate him here. >> smart. >> why? >> it would only damage her. he would love allegations. you said he would blow up capitalism. he would use this debate to blow up hillary clinton and your friend donald trump would then use it against her just as he has. >> mary anne, i pray every night to debate bernie sanders on capitalism. >> do you? >> that would be fabulous for me. why doesn't hillary clinton see it the same way? oh my god, i would destroy him. he would be a puddle when i got through with him. >> here is the issue, when have you a democratic party including the head of the dnc debbie wasserman schultz not being able to answer direct question what is the difference between a democrat and socialist. >> she doesn't know. >> when asked repeatedly she doesn't know. of course they can't get on the stage and debate that cuts both ways for hillary. either be in california i
5:26 pm
was there last week. they are feeling the berne in california. maybe she does have work to do on the ground. >> stop it, katie. are you kidding me? this debate would reach 50 to 100 million people on the internet and on television combined. it would be on every news show on the ground. going to be in intarn walking around hot dog stand? i have to eat some hot dogs out here. come on. >> you know, i do think she is mission an opportunity here. >> of course. >> widespread debate. >> crazy. >> she is not debating because she is still trying to tailor her message to far left base. >> mary anne had one legitimate point? the whole discussion she is afraid of sanderson. >> she is not afraid of him. she is beating him like a drum. she is beating him like a drum by millions of votes. the fact is she has moved on to the general election. there is no upside. >> general population to see what the woman believes in. it's insane. >> she does that every day.
5:27 pm
>> every day she comes to everybody's house, right? >> she can't be talking to a general electric democrat audience when she is still trying to appeal to her debate. >> gutfeld and mcguirk all worked up about atheism, omg, whatever that means. also, is it legal? investigating president obama's transgendered orders. bill cosby standing trial for sexual assault. hope you stay tuned to those reports. car of your dreams... for a lot less than you might think. with a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can enjoy legendary safety, innovation and performance at a price you can afford. and that's a pretty sweet dream. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through may 31st. only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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is it legal segment tonight. judge orders bill cosby to stand trial in sexual assault case. 78-year-old comedian could get years in prison. this began in civil court. >> this woman tried to bring a criminal complaint. it was not brought as a criminal complaint or charge. so she brought it as a civil charge. >> let me stop threw. she worked at temple university. >> correct. >> she alleges that cosby drugged her and molested her. >> right. >> why didn't the authorities back then bring a criminal case? >> they said they didn't have enough evidence at the time. >> okay. so what turned it from we don't have enough evidence 10 years ago to we do have enough evidence now? >> she brought this as a civil complaint, an assault charge. >> yes. >> during that there was a deposition taken. and in that deposition he was asked under oath in the
5:32 pm
civil case you have these quay includes some, right? quay includes some back in that time, and when you gave these qu. >> there are many times companion cases. >> so when the authorities then see this deposition in the civil case, they can go back and refile charges or rethink the case? >> correct. because it's a statement against interest that can be used against the defendant in a court of law. they say that it has an inherent sense of trustworthiness. >> on firm ground and bringing these charges against cosby. i want to tell the audience we are not trying this on tv as many other stations do. we don't believe in that what we are going to do is give you the evidence and the facts that have been
5:33 pm
publicly put forth. cosby's defense is going to be that this woman was friendly to him after the alleged attacks. >> events. continuing to see him. wait a second, if this is something that you engaged in that wasn't consensual, why are you going to continue someone that you are allege something perpetrator against sexual acts. >> the victim here has admitted that she did have a relationship with cosby, a casual relationship. >> they were friends. >> in which she asked for favors and even gave him a gift. >> right. >> that seems to me to be fairly strong defense evidence. >> um-huh. >> now, what's working against cosby are the 50 other women who says he did the exact same thing. >> exactly. >> who makes the decision, wiehl, on whether those women will be allowed to testify in this case? >> the judge at trial there will be pre-trial motions brought by the prosecution and defense. you better believe the prosecution is going to get as many as those 50 women in. >> judge himself who says yes, sir or. >> no of course.
5:34 pm
pre-trial. all of those decisions will be made pre-trial outside of the jurors' ears. >> the standard is going to be whether it's more probative than presidential. can you imagine have you to judge the facts and circumstances in this particular case alleged versus the other incidents. >> there are allegations that he hasn't been found guilty of anything. the judge will have to. of course that sets up the appeal if the judge let's them in and he gets convicted. i estimate this case is going to take three years at least. >> there is going to be a lot of pre-trial motions. >> i say three years. >> to try. >> through appeal, absolutely. >> he is 79 years old, okay? i say by 28 we will know whether this guy is going to go to the penitentiary. >> serious. three felony charges, 20 years behind bars. the judge will be careful. >> good analysis. because they were behaving tonight, we are going to hold the ladies over. they have been investigating president obama's transgender orders. and gutfeld and mcguirk on
5:35 pm
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tonight. three hot topics including a verbal mistake from the head of the va bob mcdonald. >> what really counts is how dots veteran feel about their encounter with the v.a. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or the number -- you know, what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience? >> some vets and others think mr. mcdonald is being callus to veterans waiting for months to get treatment for ailments: what is the law if you serve your country and you are a veteran honorably discharged what are you entitled to in the healthcare arena. >> you are entitled to a full host of entitlements. full list of standard medical benefits covered and not considered here. considerable. entitled to medication and counseling. entitled to operations, any kind of medical care that you might need. >> free? >> free, correct. the problem is it has been under sharp consideration as
5:40 pm
well as concerned veterans for americans about the wait time. >> we haven't heard anything about malpractice it's that we have to wait forever and in the meantime our health is deteriorating. now, the guy, the v.a. chief, all right, his mistake was "disney," that was the mistake. some congress people want him to resign. do you think he should resign. >> i think it was a stupid comment to make. no. he probably shouldn't resign over that one comment. everybody gets one stupid comment to make. to hear people that are actually dying waiting. >> you say no. do you think he should resign? >> i will tell you why i don't think he should resign because i don't want this to adversely impact the veterans that are serving. >> i don't think the situation has improved all that much over the scandals from con somebody who had to resign. >> i'm going to look at this guy mcdonald and see if he has done anything at all. transgendered bathroom we did the t. last night.
5:41 pm
huge issue for many americans. what exactly is the obama administration mandating? >> okay. the directive and/or threat, whatever you want to call it, let me read you a language a school may not require transjustice centered students to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity or to use individual user facilities when other students are not required to do so. >> so, what that means, goifl, is that if a person is born a mail wants -- male and has not gone through the biological process that person can go into the girls/ladies locker room, shower, and do whatever they want, correct? >> yes. and this is a directive not legally binding. they have threatened to cut aid. >> it's not a law. >> no. >> strong suggestion with a threat behind it. >> directive by the obama administration.
5:42 pm
joined in by the justice and education department official. >> i don't know whether you saw the program last night with powers and i debating this. i'm going to read a lot of mail on it coming up. i think this is insane, all right what the federal government is proposing here. if any school wants to, they can make a separate fittings, put up a little wall or whatever and then have privacy for transgendered people. >> doesn't that respect everyone's rights? >> right. but you will be punished. >> imposition on children who don't understand this, this is oppressive. that's what this is. oppressive. >> that would not go far enough. >> it violates other people's rights. >> wiehl just made a point. my common sense suggestion that -- would not go far enough because this -- and this is an example of fascism. this is what fascism is. an order comes down. not a law passed. an order comes down, do you it or we punish. >> you keep in mind the courts have not settled this question there no legal
5:43 pm
mandate to do this. this is really them pushing a certain agenda. >> one of clinton's best friend is terry mcauliff who won the governorship of the commonwealth of virginia. now the feds are investigating mcauliff for campaign finance alleged violations. roll the tape. >> gainer teeth fbi will find no wrongdoing on your part? >> absolutely. there is no wrongdoing allegations that have been made. if you read the story yesterday, they got questions about a donor. my legal team fully vetted this individual. >> what do you say, goifl? >> look, i think there is two parts to this case. there is the issue plaintiff wang's of mr. wang's financial contribution. >> green card. >> donated 120,000, there is a picture to terry mcauliff's campaign and $2 million to the clinton global foundation. >> is he in with the clinton foundation. >> the point is he was entitled to make this donation, then that's. >> we don't know whether he was or wasn't that's for the feds to decide. >> correct. >> mcauliff campaign accepted the money. >> right.
5:44 pm
>> do you think it's bad news for the governor in the future? >> maybe. here's the thing. taken five seconds to figure out whether or not he was between card since 2007. why has the fbi been looking year and a half. >> looking at clinton foundation. >> is the clinton. >> has to do with mcauliff and whether he florida woman chase as voyeur out of a target store. the boys are next.
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back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened at a target store in florida a woman named candy spiveley posted this video on facebook. >> need to get a backup. make sure it's not too shear or clear. >> right. do you remember running into me in the grocery store? no, hey, where are you going? come back. hey, get this guy. stop this guy. stop him. stop that guy. call the cops. call the cops on him. call the cops on him. get security. no, you. follow this guy. no,. >> apparently this guy was posing as a sales clerk. with us now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. what happened to that guy? did the cops get him. >> he drove off. they said he hasn't actually
5:49 pm
committed a crime. poses as sales clerk at target bathing suits. >> i don't know if he was posing. weird thing about this is he had hit on this woman before two years ago and she remembered him. kind of interesting, don't you think? >> i think -- wait a minute. it was more than that though. >> he was pretending to be a shopper. >> oh, a shopper? >> just a casual shopper and he went into the women's bikini section at target as we often do, i guess. and then she confronted him and he took off like you saying bolt. he took off like barney frank leaving your studio after an interview. >> so he was basically trying to hit on this woman. all right. you are shaking your head no. >> no, this is old school perversion. this guy doesn't know that the internet exists. actually going up to strangers and asking her to talk dirty by talking about lingerie about when, in fact, he could have gone to youtube and inserted a few terms about women talking about lingerie and he wouldn't have had to wrap this woman. this poor woman.
5:50 pm
>> there he is. the cops didn't do. >> he got arrested. by the way, they call him a voyeur. eliminate that word sounds like french ahis toe aristocrat. >> who was he charged with? >> he was charged with public indesigncy. >> it makes it that much harder for decent men to buy undergarments for their wives. it happens to me a lot. >> what serious point you were talking about before, it's guys like this that are going to take advantage of those stupid laws that obama and the liberal bullies are shoving down our throats. >> i think this is more common -- you know, if you go to the mall and you look around, people hanging there, adults now, not kids, i mean, i think it's more common. i admire that woman for doing what she did. i mean, she exposes the guy, pardon the pun, and he's arrested, and good for her. that's one good thing in the internet, you get embarrassed,
5:51 pm
but you got to do it, you got to be right or you can get your butt sued off. >> how ironic it happened at target and he became the target, bill, he became the target. >> so profound. university of miami, you guys ever been down to that school? >> great place. >> coral gables, florida. they want a chair, which means they want a professor, who will have what they call a chair in eigh eighthism. this is a guy running around going, i don't believe in god, paying him 150,000 or whatever. why is this necessary? >> $2.2 million for a chair, believe it or not. >> is that how much it costs, the endowment? >> that's what he's donating. >> he donated it to the university this guy. he says he wants to, quote, eliminate discrimination against atheists. i mean, is everybody a thumb-sucking bed-wetting victim in this?
5:52 pm
i mean, i'm visually impaired, follically and probably mentally challenged -- >> does anybody know any atheists who are oppressed? >> you oppress me every day, bill. >> all right. >> there is actually a point here and it's a good point that there is bias against eighthism. >> is there? >> yes. the american public would just as soon elect a muslim president over an atheist president. >> isn't that biased? >> i consider that biased. >> that's a choice, they don't want to elect somebody who doesn't see the world the way they do. >> right. >> that's not biased, isn't it? >> no. >> the fact you just called an atheist a pinhead because he didn't believe in -- >> i said the guy, the guy. >> you called him a pinhead, bill, i remember it. >> is the guy who made the endowment, all right. >> why would he do that? >> he wants etheism to be studies. we don't understand that an atheist doesn't believe in god, we haven't grasped that. >> i don't understand why people
5:53 pm
are scared of believing about it. probably the most modest belief system on the planet is saying i don't know. >> that's an agnostic, not an atheist. >> they want you to learn about secular ethics. that not believing in god doesn't preclude you from being a good moral person -- >> well, that's true. >> it is true for most people but i would say for a lot of people, i'm glad they think that they're going to go to hell if they -- >> look, if the worst people on earth are some of the most fervent believers. >> absolutely, right. >> i don't know if we need people roaming around -- but yep, if they want -- if the guy wants to give his money, he can do what he wants. >> nicely done. >> thank you very much. all right, back to "tip of the day." what makes me angry. the tip. moments away.
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doltish when writing to "the factor." tomorrow, glenn beck makes his return to this program. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, donald trump responding to a media firestorm over the whereabouts of a multimillion-dollar pile of cash intended for america's veterans. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. he's holding a rally in albuquerque, new mexico. we're listening in to see if mr. trump addresses mounting attacks over his handling of a fund-raiser for veterans. this all started four months ago when trump boycotted the fox news gop debate in iowa. instead, he held a fund-raiser, he said, to benefit u.s. veterans. now the story is back in the headlines as the veteran community and the media presses the trump cam pain to prove that this money, in fact, was raised and indeed