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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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washington. our friend bret baier is up next with a live edition of "special report". then, "the five" live at midnight. see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. >> with just three candidates left. >> we're winning, winning. i love to win. >> several big contests ahead. it's open season on the campaign trail. hillary clinton takes attacks from the left. >> she's looking nervous. >> and the right. >> hillary cannot put away bernie. crooked hillary. she can't put him away. >> clinton pushing back. >> if we're going to be tough, tough. don't just insult them. you can't say a senator from some state, you're fired. >> the battle heats up, sanders refuses to quit. >> we're going to march out with
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a democratic nomination. >> i think people deserve to hear how candidates feel. >> trump won't leave anything off the table. >> no woman should be projected to this. it's an assault. >> special report starts right now. good evening, i'm bret baier. the votes are in, in washington state tonight. the primary election there and there is some trouble outside of donald trump event in new mexico. we'll go there live. i want to pull in letters. it was a mail in election. the democratic race is a beauty contest. delegates were selected at caucuses m march. republicans will choose delegates today.
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over the next hour, here, it will be big picture time. we'll examine donald trump's quest to unify the g.o.p. and what he's up against. mike huckabee give us his perspective, and also, someone who knows the clintons will. and whether trump can continue to increase poll numbers. we begin with carl cameron in new mexico tonight with a little dust up outside, carl? >> it's raukus. the rally inside was a raukus one. outside, it had all of the makings of a potential riot. there is tear gas in the parking lot. demonstrators tried to break their way into the building and tried to knock down a door. and there was rock throwing and
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shots fired. a bullet shattered a glass window. a vendor with trump tee shirts and hats had his table overturned and someone tried to set it on fire. there was fire thrown at some mounted police trying to control the crowd and this has gotten nasty and still ongoing. people aren't being let out of the building. while that is happening in the parking lot, washington state has just closed its ballots and there were several rivals open the ballot, still. so donald trump will walk to a win uncontested in washington. >> with half of the republican nomination cleared trump has ramped up his counter attacks on hillary and bill clinton. >> i keep hearing about this woman thing. i think i'm doing well with
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women. what do i know. i want to set records with women, not men. the hell with the men. i don't know for a fact hillary is going to be allowed to run. she's got a thing called an fbi investigation. she's a low life, putting on airs. did you know donald trump was rooting against housing because he wanted to buy them. a clip of me going if it goes down, i'm going to buy it. i'm a businessman, that is what i'm supposed to do. i raised $6 million for veterans including putting up $1 million of my money. i had no obligation to do so, and i get nothing but bad press from the dishonest media. it's disgraceful. why don't think look into the clinton administration. >> trump admitted he had not yet made the $1 million
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contribution, but soon will. and in the 90s trump defended bill clinton and called some of his accusers losers. >> he's a victim himself but put himself in that position. >> here in new mexico half of the population is hispanic, trump's views are unpopular. he was inrupted by demonstrators a number of times. still, trump didn't back down from his plan to build a wall have and mexico pay for it. trump heads to california tonight, tomorrow, he plans another megarally in anaheim. california with a high population of hispanics and many with unfavorable view of the republican front runner, bret? >> i think we have some of the
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tape and some live pictures are still coming in. some tape coming in from the effort with the mounted police officers. so no other disturbances. >> it's fairly typical. when bigger rallies happen, these demonstrations lasted sometime but the sort of big point of it is people leave and get into the parking lot where demonstrators are waiting. that is when it gets nasty. it doesn't take long. people want to get home after these things but for 20 minutes it was looking violent at. >> mike huckabee ran for president in 2008 and this year.
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before that, he was governor of arkansas and dealt with clintons many years and run against the clinton machine before and won. mike huckabee joins us from florida. good evening, governor. >> good evening, bret. great to be with you. >> i want to get your thoughts about these protests around the country. and we've talked about them. your thoughts on those things? >> most of the time this is rent a mob, trying to disrupt donald trump rallies. it's very interesting. when carl's report is going on he's talking about it's the antitrump people who are turning over materials with trump material. throwing things at the police officers. these are anarchists. these aren't people with a passion wit a view. these people want to disrupt the country and create a problem.
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and i think it's a testament to the strong message donald trump is delivering that there are people who just want to stop him rather than debates him. that proves why donald trump is the leading republican and prufrpive nominee. i think its the reason he's going to defeat hillary clinton in november. >> i do want to point out the albuquerque police put out there is no confirmation gunshots were fired contrary to reports and possible damage from windows is from a pellet gun. there is video of tear gas chlts we're not going to spend a lot of time on this. we're going to talk about issues here as you take a look at what's happening before. this is hillary clinton talking about donald trump on taxes.
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>> the only thing we know about donald trump's taxes are a couple years of returns he had to turn over from one of his states. it showed he did not pay a penny in federal taxs. >> and saying american people didn't care about issues like tax returns or how someone did conduct themselves then mitt romney might be president. >> i'll tell you. the biggest mistake i made in politics is releasing 20 years of tax returns. donald trump released a lot more information with his form. that there is a lot more
8:10 pm
information. and let me if donald trump didn't pay taxes, maybe i can get him to do my taxes, too. no american believes that we ought to pay more taxes than we have to. and if they prove donald trump evaded taxes that is illegal. if he avoided taxes you have to applaud and say good for him. >> i want to ask you about running against the clintons. you see donald trump stepping up attacks about bill clinton's past. >> he's making it clier whether attacks come from clintons or from their surrogates in the "new york times," he's not going
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to let them go unchallenged. he's not going to sit back and be the shrinking violet and so tlufrp, i think he displayed he's willing to do it. and clintons play for keeps. they play rough. i don't have anybody who is going to play any rougher than donald trump will. >> meeting coming up with evangelicals and donald trump. there is some push back. what about from that quarter of the republican party? >> i think you're seeing a dramatic turn. now, they realize donald trump is a legitimate candidate. the nominees are very comforting
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to a lot of conservatives. when asking do i want donald trump in the white house or hillary clinton? i think it gets easy. there are a small number of republicans that are playing like they're the queen of the prom. they better decide do they want to be left behind to defeat hillary and elect donald trump. >> governor, thank you for time. >> thank you. >> associated press calling washington state for donald trump. not surprising this is happening. 77% for donald trump now. washington state had about 41 delegates they will send to the convention.
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amy stoddard, and charles krauthammer. on the clinton effort to kind of go after donald trump on things. she's talking about on the trail, his statements about the housing market going down. is this going to work? >> i think that some of it can and some can't. i've seen polling, just to want this tax return makes him uncomfortable. >> i'm telling you about polling. >> i understand. >> so they think he should turn
8:14 pm
over tax returns. i think those are better things to go after. you know, a policy message about trade and immigration. mostly just the next six months. it makes them nervous, this one thing he says is sort of a passive way about the housing crisis. >> mercedes, the push back from trump usually is fierce and counter punch is strong. >> call it character assassination. he wants to make sure when looking at poll numbers and hillary's untrust worthiness remains over 66% that is where he's targeting. in terms of just sticking to the
8:15 pm
voters. it's going to be stuck with her and i think it's difficult. so on this argument about tax returns and policies and this is the race going to have to be about dirty laundry attacks. >> when you have those candidates, with such high unfavorables, when they're high on unfavorables it takes something extraordinary. >> it's easier to do that and is hard to undo. >> it's clearing. hillary is throwing the kitchen sink and hoping something will stick to the wall.
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her campaign is he's got one thing, crooked, untrust worthy and enabler of her husband as part of the deal. someone you don't want. and somebody you don't want in leadership. everything he says is related to that. she doesn't. it's hard to know what positive message is. running against sanders, sort of like the posters you see in havana. socialism is dead. she says well, i'll make things better. and i'm with bernie. and that is in the general election she doesn't have one. >> latest phrase is that we're stronger together. >> seem to be doing phrase shopping now.
8:17 pm
trying to come up with -- charles point. we've seen it working in primaries. he's likely to be aided by the reporting that we see between now and november. if the e-mail probe doesn't go anywhere and they don't receive an indictment, that will be in the news. if she gets off, donald trump will say this is what happens in washington. there is no accountability, this is why i need to go there and make this change. >> she embodies from a democrat. >> that is his main charge between now and mak. the face of this struggling economy. make her the face of and pound on this idea questioning about
8:18 pm
terry mcauliffe, he ran their fund raising back in the 90s, close to the clintons, had a fund-raiser for them this week. new questions being raised about him. >> before we wrap up this panel, in new mexico a lot of people said he's firing on hillary clinton. i did say this about someone in his own party. the governor. >> since 2000 a number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going. okay? your governor has got to do a better job. maybe i'll run for governor of
8:19 pm
new mexico. >> suzanna martinez not a fan. and donald trump said things about things he said, seems like this is kind of a push back here. >> so if you ever cross him, you're nasty and a loser. so he has to pay back 45,000 people. >> so going after donna martinez isn't necessarily going to hurt him in that way. >> in new mexico. >> when this late-edition of special report continues, this is my retirement. retiring retired tires.
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. donald trump and republicans are focusing on the general election, hillary clinton is dealing with bernie sanders. the next big pass comes june 7th when california dominates the scene that day. two candidates are there.
8:24 pm
so is mark emmanuel. good evening, mike. >> bret. good evening. we're two weeks from the california primary. and after declaring herself a democratic nominee, hillary clinton is spending the week in california with 475 pledged delegates at stake. >> this primary in california is important. because california is always about the future, right? the creativity and entrepreneurism. extraordinary innovation. >> bernie sanders isn't listening. >> what we need is a political revolution. what we need is for people to understand that democracy is not a spectator sport. >> in riverside, sanders attacks
8:25 pm
clinton. >> i hope secretary clinton will rethink the decision not to do a debate. whether she agrees or not we're going to win here in california. the sanders safrp yan is launching an ad buy for this campaign stop to start running in los angeles and other media markets across the state. instead she's trying to save her attacks for donald trump and in this case, reality tv background. >> you cannot order other officials to do something. you have to build a relationship and work with them. you can't say to the senator from some state you're fired.
8:26 pm
that is not the way the government works. >> sanders received at the democratic convention in philadelphia. campaign manager explained that as there will be a floor debate and that could get messy. >> thank you. he is a long time friend of the clintons but now, the virginia governor terry mcauliffe is under investigation by the fed. is he a liability? what is the investigation about? that is next. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion?
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virginia's governor says he took no illegal campaign contributions. >> terry mcauliffe is in the middle of an investigation into campaign contributions around chinese billionaire businessman who donated $120,000 to the campaign. as well as $2 million to the clinton foundation. mcauliffe once sat on the board of the clinton global initiative and says the contributions were properly vetted. >> 100%. all i can do is rely on two law firm who's did the vetting on the check. i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people that did the vetting from it. they said he had a green card from 2007. so a contribution came in and they've said that he was
8:32 pm
entitled to write a check. >> whang has permanent u.s. status but he's a former member of china's national peoples congress, raising questions about the often murky connection between mcauliffe, his friends, the clintons and federal officials. investigators are examining more than 100 contributions made to both the foundation and campaign. mcauliffe offered a benign explanation. >> i think we travel the same circles. i've traveled the globe with president clinton. we have a lot of the same friends. they have been friends of mine for years and years. we friendship together. >> mcauliffe found himself in a different controversy when he signed an order to restore voting rights to 200,000 ex-felons. his democratic pred saysor, tim
8:33 pm
cane refused a similar order, believing it un-constitutional. bret, back to you. >> doug, thank you. let's get more on the governor's problems and possible problems for the clintons. >> any time you're talking about the clipt ones, an investigation, and you have two of them ongoing, the fbi and now, terry mcauliffe, you wonder how deep this goes. >> the longer any vessel flies the nutrient rich waters of the ocean, you get a lot of barnacles on your hull. terry mcauliffe is one of the biggest barnacles. he has been a liability and will continue to be. it's in a swing state. they're not popular candidates
8:34 pm
but they're tied. >> you look at the latest fox poll. honest and trust worthy, hillary clinton and donald trump. clinton's honest is upside down. she's less honest and trust worthy than donald trump there. when you add these investigations. >> she does not seem able to turn the numbers around. look. it's hardly good news to become the second straight virginia governor to come under investigation. and he played a role with the clinton foundation, as far as we know now, looking at the contributions to governor mcyaulive's campaign, probes tend to widen in the foundation. >> i want to get to another story on the hill tonight up
8:35 pm
here on capitol hill about the democratic national committee chair woman, debbie wasserman-shultz. there have been meetings about what plate can they open their head on. sanders supporters would go nuts. >> yes. yes. >> i mean. >> very, very. >> some people are talking now. >> and here is a good quote. >> how about that? >> how much will hillary clinton have to pay bernie sanders? he's got five members of the committee that mean it's going to contain socialism and be all of those things. they want to leave a mark on the
8:36 pm
party. democratic voters are heading to an awareness donald trump is a real, present danger, that he can win this possible, that it's time they need to get serious and throwing over your party chair woman 20 years ago would have been an enormous thing. >> they say a big thing before the convention. sanders is saying it could be messy in philadelphia. you have sanders saying he is going to campaign in florida, now, this. >> i'm in the surprised the economy is leaked and so forth. there is a messy dumping of the chair woman before philadelphia
8:37 pm
but i think it's not going to affect 20 votes in november. it's an inside washington game. and what will it take? >> by the way, in that convention, they could fight off four on some of the platform ideas that bernie sanders people in the committee could say you know what? i want $15 an hour minimum wage and let's vote on the floor. >> then, she can ignore the platform and say good for you. that is great. >> thank you. >> the worst of the worst is how one official characterizes the terrorist president obama is about to cut loose from guantanamo bay. next. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need...
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albuquerque, new mexico. there have been protestors outside of a trump event that is finished and over. people have left the convention center but there are people still outside. we saw kids walking across police cars and chased off by police officers. and there, you can see the police mounted outside. no reports of violence on the ground and our people are there as well as people with cameras and people taking pictures. and we're back with the panel. you see them at different events, you heard governor huckabee refer to it as a protest and i think governor
8:43 pm
huckabee is right and people in general are not trying to make an event, but resorting to violence, trying to light on fire of wears of a vendor seems counter productive. the best way to make your case is to make your case. >> looking live here as there are this is going to ten and you have a right to hold ab an event in a public place and not have the public aplowed and have
8:44 pm
everybody be safe. this is going to happen at the convention. for me, protestors are going to do similar things at the convention in philly. i think hillary clinton has to hope in recent months to come they he don't come to her events to do the same thing to her. there is a real feeling with these protests. >> jonathan, can you hear me? >> just going to get earlier, and -- >> rocks were thrown. i have to say the police
8:45 pm
department did not look to me like the best prepared. a lot of the officers were not equipped and they're trying to push this back. we've seen a couple and -- so now, the protestors there. we'll head back for breaking details. is this what we can see.
8:46 pm
>> a lot of hispanics have come out and so i think you're going to see the move they're going to be ready to make sure that this is made for ready press. this is what the press is going to cover. it's happening outside of the convention. that being said, i remember in 2000 and 2004, philadelphia will be interesting to see if you have trump supporters or how trump manages to be able to gain attention he'll need to get in philadelphia. >> this is taped from earlier. after the events when things were hot and heavy. final word on this? >> this can have an effect politically. i don't see these rent a mobs
8:47 pm
have any effect other than helping donald trump. and certainly, it gives them a bad name to the extent they're associated with hillary clinton and the worst part would be what could happen in philadelphia. bernie is is against violence, he says i'm against violence, but. he says there are people, i understand, but that is no excuse. he will be remembered warmly in the party if it comes up. and if he has an affect on the platform. if it degenerates into rioting like this, this is going to tarnish the campaign. >> stand by, we'll continue to monitor the situation outside in albuquerque new mexico.
8:48 pm
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they found out who's been who? cking into our network. guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network.
8:51 pm
new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time. [ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. >> i hope secretary clinton would agreed to engage in a debate. i think that the people of the
8:52 pm
larger state now and country deserve to hear how the candidates feel. >> bernie sanders today talking about clinton turning down our invitation to a debate in california. one poll had clinton verses trump. and and how this primary continues. final thoughts? >> you think that is one of the many questions and how quickly that happens. >> it's one of the reasons trump has shown strength in polling. he has been able to get most republicans, over 88% to say they support him. some of them aren't
8:53 pm
enthusiastic. and they're coming together. seems odd to me she continues to go back and forth with bernie sanders and is trying to talk more about donald trump. i would be working to reach out to bernie sanders to do more to bring them into the poll. >> >> there wasn't an easy position for people like paul ryan. he has to be at the convention. he has chair the convention and be on board. he's desperate to provide a buffer for house republicans that don't want to lose their seats and don't want to respond to everybody kokky thing that donald trump says every day or
8:54 pm
whatever. and so he felt he had to do this, just a question of when. and he admitted trump lied and it was a fictional story. ryan's staff confirmed it is a lie. so to see how he can protect himself. >> the he knows he's going to have to place a bet on trump. >> #nevertrump died in indiana. an unfortunate death but a final one. and ryan, by offering a refuge
8:55 pm
saying i'm not yet ready. in the end he has no choice and he's going to have to endorse but he'll do it because he has to could do it. what he did do, it's a major conservative party. we didn't win this time but we're here and still control the house. we're going to stay true to principles. that story is over and never trump will be totally dead after he gets there. >> it's going to go lower. >> and there, you have it. >> final thoughts when we come back.
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and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. donald trump and hillary clinton, the winners in washington state tonight. the big event remaining june 7th nl. and fox news will be live with coverage as both prufrpive nominees are expected to cross the threshold that night with delegates. stay with us, all summer and fall for the 2016 campaign.
9:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. we'll watch albuquerque. and a special live edition of "the five" is next. >> hello everyone i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle and eric williams. this is "the five". fox news alert, thanks for joining us, on this special late night edition of "the five". donald trump is the winner of the washington state republican primary but the real fire works tonight are at trump's rally in new mexico. antitrump protestors turning violent, rocks were thrown and fire tossed at police horses. jonathan hunt has the latest on the violence.