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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 24, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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protests starting right now with heather childers and leland bitters. we will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern today. >> today. violent protests outside of a donald trump rally in new mexico prompting a heavy police response as trump scores another win in washington state. i'm heather childers. >> nice to be with you and nice to be with you at home. i'm leland bitters. the protests, if you are call them protests really, some hooligans on the street at this point. they threw stuff at police and police horses out there. authorities say they fired smoke grenades to disperse the crowd though it continued to get worse. >> we have team coverage. garrett has the latest on the primary results, but first jonathon hunt is on the scene of the protests in albuquerque and
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is joining us with the latest. we have been watching as the scene unfolded for what seems like hours. what's it look like now? >> it quieted down a great deal right now, heather. to my left, you can see we have a line of riot police keeping the crowd back. we swing to the other side of the intersection here, you can see the protesters have pretty much disappeared. there are a few behind the fence you are looking at right now. we have seen rocks coming in and a few police officers moving in to try to identify and stop those rock throwers. as we were standing here, we heard several landing behind us and obviously aimed at those police. let me take you thru what happened chronologically. this has been going on for hours. 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. eastern, the crowds began to gather in large numbers. it started off pretty much every time there's been a donald trump
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rally. the anti-trump protesters lined up behind police barricades, shouting at trump supporters as they move in to the rally site, which was the albuquerque convention center in this case. it is name calling. it is political slogan exchanging. pretty straightforward stuff. but then a couple of hours later, just as trump was beginning his speech inside of the convention center, the protesters moved -- there were several hundred of them. they broke down what i have to say was a relatively flimsy police barricade. i have been at a few of these things and i have to say, i don't think the albuquerque police department with respect to the bravery were best prepared for this. the protesters broke through and tried to bust down the doors and get inside. they were prevented from doing that. that's when the police came in. seven horses as we counted them
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and as we understand it that is the full complement of mounted police officers in albuquerque. they came and that's when bottle throwing started, small fires set and rock throwing. as trump supporters left they had to be taken out of a different entrance because the one they had gone in to was overwhelmed by the protesters. then police tried to move the protesters away. that's when we seen the running street clashes is the best way to put it. rock and bottle throwing. the bottles have been as far as i have seen plastic water bottles, not any glass at the police officers but the officers you see behind me, the front line all in full riot gear. behind them, you can see there are a lot of officers who do not have riot gear on at all. that's the case when this got going. i counted probably a dozen who were in full riot gear.
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not much more than that. again, you have a police department that appears to me, at least, heather and leland that were not fully prepared for this and perhaps aren't that well equipped to deal with this situation, which got out of hand very quickly. in terms of arrests, we've not heard of any on the streets of albuquerque. there may have been isolated arrests we did not witness but i have not heard of any at this point. we heard from the reporting of our own cameron inside the convention center there were a couple of arrests in there as the protesters tried to disrupt donald trump's speech. on the streets no arrests. a reflection of the policing here. i'm not the mind of any police chief. i have no experience as a law enforcement official obviously but it strikes me that perhaps they didn't want to move in, they didn't want to take people in to custody because sometimes they begets further violence, gets them in to for lack of a
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berth phrase gets them in hand-to-hand combat. we are backing up now. police going back to the convention center. the last couple of hour we have been out here, i hesitate to think how far we have come from the convention center, a half mile to a mile. they are backing up to the command center which is outside of the convention center. i hesitate to say this is over but it is certainly quieting down a great deal in the last 15 minutes or so. >> jonathon, as you are our viewers understand, we have you on one side of the screen an video from an hour ago with some of those clashes you were talking about on the street. i mentioned -- did you get a sense there are different groups of people here or true protesters, what you might call
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people upset with donald trump and want to voice their opinions and then a smaller, more violent subset of that group, or is everybody pretty much the same and mixed in together? >> i think your initial analysis is correct. i would guess at 500 protesters outside of the convention center. union members, members of pro immigration groups, carrying well-prepared signs, et cetera. there have been a couple of facebook pages set up to encourage people to come out and to have their legitimate political say. their make protests and voices heard. then you certainly there's a different set, i think that was involved in the violence here. they may well be motivated by their dislike of donald trump's policies, particularly in a state like new mexico which is 48% hispanic on immigration. but they are -- obviously a subset as you call it of protesters that are prepared to
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carry out violence in registering that protest. we look at the street here. these are some of the rocks, et cetera, that have been thrown through the evening at the police in the middle of the street here. you can imagine, as i was saying to you, as you look at those, you can imagine one of those striking a single officer without any helmet on the head, it could have been a very, very different situation. and we appear at this stage extremely lucky that nobody -- as far as we are aware, nobody has been hurt in any of this. >> jonathon, you yourself, i saw get hit by a rock during the five. i'm glad you are okay, as well. >> it was a small one. >> okay. >> that helps. >> jonathon talked about the bravery of the police there. i have to hand it to the bravery of him and his crew. jonathon hunt will stand by for us on this the street and see if
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things deteriorate or get better there. now 111:07 in albuquerque. thank you, jonathon. for more on this right now and the primary contest in washington state, which was going on, we are joined by susan hutchinson nchs the state's party chairwoman. thank you for joining us. are you there? >> i am. i have to get your reaction to tonight's protests and the melee that ensued. >> i don't think that protesters' cause is well served which enthey do this. you look at the police officers there. the police for starters really like donald trump. they are voting for him in high numbers. but besides that, the american public is not sympathetic to people protesting free speech rights of donald trump. yes, we've got disagreement in this country about various political points of view, but causing this kind of violence is uncalled for.
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i don't think it helps their cause whatsoever and i think it hurts hillary clinton. >> what about the reflection on washington state? anything you would like to say on that? had you been made aware there was a possibility of this and were you prepared? >> are you talking about the results of the state primary today? >> i'm still talking about the protests. >> oh, i see. well, we didn't have a rally here. although at the two rallies that donald trump has done in the state there were small protests. but there's a different kind of protest in the daytime, in the early morning or midday. when the sun is shining, you get a different kind of protest. i think it feels a lot more scary to people in the darkness. especially when protesters have to faes pepper spray. it has a totally different feel. it is unfortunate. when i was at the trump rally in
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spokane, they gave a speech to all of the folks at the rally and they said we believe in free speech, which means the protesters have a right to speak out but you have free speech rights, as well. feel free. don't touch them. don't engage with them but exercise your free speech rights to shout the slogans you believe in. it was a good pep talk for the folks in the convention center. >> let's move from new mexico to where you are. and talk about the results for tonight. any surprises there? what will happen moving forward? >> well, i don't think there are any surprises. i think if ted cruz were in the race he would have done better. now he dropped out, people know the race is about the presumptive nominee and he still needs the delegates to get to the magic 1237. so we provided 44 tonight.
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i think we are a mail-in state which means there are a lot of ballots that haven't even arrived at the election headquarters yet but i think trump has won every single county. he will get all of our delegates. >> here's the thing. the gop convention there last weekend in washington state, cruz supporters won 40 of the state's 41 delegate slots even though trump won the primary today. so they are bound, obviously, in the first but if they should be unbound, will they stick with what the people voted for and go with trump or will they go with cruz? >> this is how it works. the cruz folks were organized even last fall. they were the first to come in and did the best job organizing. so they won delegates over the month at the county convention. those delegates want to vote for their friends and buddies to go to the national convention and
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they won seats on them platform in the rules committee and in that way they can have a small impact on what goes on at the national convention. so, i think you will find they understood full well that their nominee is out of the race and we have donald trump. they knew they would be bound by the primary but still wanted to go to a national convention. i know them. i was chairman of the convention. it was a moment in the convention where i spoke to them about unifying to help our state candidates win and to help beat hillary clinton and everybody jumped to their feet and cheered wildly for the unity of the republican party. everyone gets it. washington state is on the map this year and we're really excited about that. >> you believe when it comes down to it, that all of those delegates, the 40 that went for cruz will end in the end support
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donald trump? >> well, i don't know how much they will support him, but they are bound by the vote of the people at the cleveland convention. so we will see 44 delegates who are bound to support donald trump. >> okay. thank you so much, susan. appreciate you joining us. i know you had a busy day there in washington state. thank you and congratulations for getting through it. >> thank you. >> thanks. washington state results, who would have thought that tonight one mail-in primary would turn in to such a big news night. we continue to monitor the situation out of albuquerque right now. it is 11:15 at night in albuquerque and as jonathon hunt was reporting the violence there had been going on about two hours. and the protest itself for about five or six hours right now. he's working the scene there. he's safe, but moving around there to a different location. this is some of the best or worst of the video from earlier
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where things went far beyond a protest. this was outright street violence. >> in the end it was like a lot of people out there causing trouble to get on tv. i want to ask jonathon and i will if he comes back with us, if he had an opportunity to attempt to speak to any of these protesters at all. if they knew they were out there protesting. i would be interested to hear what they had to say. >> we saw jonathon get spoken to by some of the protesters. there were some rather choice words, as we look now at pictures. is this live pictures coming in still? these are live pictures. joen on this hundred is now back with us. jonathon, if you can hear us, heather has a question for you. >> jonathon, i was wondering if you were able to speak to any of the protesters out there, and if you could repeat anything they said to you that didn't include some four-letter words. did they know what they were protesting for? >> yeah, they did.
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speaking to them, which is certainly something we did. we also got spoken at a great deal, if i can put it that way. yeah. the large group of protesters, the 500 or so outside of the convention center certainly knew what they were protesting about. the number one issue, as you would imagine, in a state that is 48% hispanic was immigration. that is what drove most of those protesters to come out and register there their anti-donald trump thoughts. as you got out to the situation we see here and what police are mopping up here, certainly you had people who i think it would be fair to say were more interested in the ability to cause trouble on the streets of albuquerque, than they were in the politics of this presidential campaign. so both sides were represented. yes, those -- there were those
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who simply wanted to throw rocks and bottles at police, cause whatever trouble they could. in the majority, at the convention center, before we had these running battles on the streets of albuquerque as i dodged traffic soming through here, they were certainly motivated, i would say, in almost entire part by the immigration issue which is obviously a hot button issue in this particular state. and will be in california. that's one of the things we have been talking about is where does this go now? we know that you get -- tend to get copycat situations after events like this. you have to be concerned for law enforcement, policing the rallies that are to come in the run up to the june 7th primary. obviously all of the candidates thereby there. mr. trump is in california, in fact tomorrow. so every law enforcement agency,
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i think has a trump rally in particular scheduled is going to be on high alert indeed. >> you are based in los angeles. i was talking to brian, our reporter for fox news and also for fox news latino. he was saying that the big fear is in california because latino groups are much more organized out there. are you hearing anything from lapd and the other major law enforcement agencies there in california to try to be prepared more than the albuquerque police department was tonight? >> yeah. they are saying they are always prepared for any and all situations. they are not about to give us details of those as you well know. but they are prepared and i have to say certainly within the l.a. area, in san francisco, you have police departments that are perhaps more experienced at dealing with these kind of situations than they are in albuquerque. i was saying earlier that it
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felt to me that it was a flimsy police line that those several hundred protesters broke through when they first made their rush toward the convention center earlier this evening. you have the majority, the large majority of police officers who were not in any kind of riot gear at all. when the rocks started coming in, that is an extremely dangerous situation. i don't think you will see that kind of situation in most of the bigger california cities. they are more used to dealing with protests, with riots, however you want to term it. i think they will be better prepared than the albuquerque police department. while having said that, of course, you have to pay tribute to the officers standing on the lines right now. they have been out here many hours and they ultimately, as we stand here at this point, they have restored peace to the streets of albuquerque. as far as we are aware without resorting to many arrests if
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any. i have not heard of any at this point. obviously we are not getting every piece of information from the albuquerque police department in our situation here but it appears they have restored peace now, as i said, without a large number of arr t arrests having taking place. >> great job they did this evening. >> great job by you and your crew, as well. standby for another few minutes before you guys get some shut eye to see if the streets stay calm. you have to hand it to the albuquerque police. the initial e-mails that came through of the lines being breached, the officers were standing there in nothing. >> in nothing. people are in their face as jonathon put it, screaming at them. >> they showed enormous restraint through that. there is always criticism of you see one piece of video of what leads up to the arrests or pepper spray. an enormous amount of flak, real in terms of rock and verbal that the police officers took in coming. >> good job, albuquerque police.
10:20 pm
>> there you go. also some questions going forward, does every city that hosts a political rally this presidential year, do they have to be ready for that? >> as jonathon said, the fear of copycats. anyone watching this -- >> or was this a copycat of chicago, of arizona, of utah, all places we saw violence with donald trump rallies, as well. so, this turned in to sort of an exciting tuesday night, wednesday morning. more exciting than we thought it would be. our panel is here to weigh in on that and also one of donald trump's policy advisers, foreign policy has been a big issue this week. he will talk about the protests nd talking about afghanistan, iraq and the latest from there and what the u.s. is doing. stay with us. we'll be right back after this a quick break. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here.
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a few hours ago, a few minutes ago actually in albuquerque, new mexico, anti-donald trump protesters did what jonathon hunt termed running street clashes with the albuquerque police department and after many hours of taking incoming rocks, bottles, other things, some pepper spray came out. according to jonathon hunt no
10:25 pm
major injuries that he knew of and no arrests that he knew of. great work, not only by jonathon hunt, by eric barnes, his cameraman, melissa kris his protester out there and in tough conditions there in albuquerque. melissa his producer working the phones and e-mail and bringing us that video. little perspective now on the video, the protests and donald trump's reaction to that. dr. ferris, a donald trump adviser in the foreign policy world is joining us now. appreciate it. you look at albuquerque today and looked a little bit like the protests we see at times in the middle east. >> it does. we can make a distinction, leland, between two groups. one individuals who are protesters because of their opposition to the political agenda of the candidate. they are clear they want to have their ideas seen by the general
10:26 pm
public and by the media. and then the other group you have been talking about, that took control of the news. the urban protesters, the violent protesters whose real engagement is with law enforcement. that's a factor in several cities. it is an organized movement but merges with the protesters movement, as well. >> i want to ask here, from the sense of how you are looking at this, we'll zoom out from albuquerque to a strategic view of these protests. we have seen them in chicago, salt lake city and other cities. one thing is striking is many of these protesters are carrying mexican flags. a lot of observers have said if anything that probably helps the trump cause more than the protesters' cause. do you agree with that? >> i agree. it is a strategic mistake on behalf of those that organize the protests with the flag of another country with respect to
10:27 pm
all countries because this will only mobilize those people in the silent majority that feel this is not their plag, this is outside of our debate. of course this is -- they try to link it to the immigration issue. but that's going one inch beyond the limit that is to have a flag of other countries involved in our politics. >> well, we are there. now i'm going to move in to your house of expertise when it comes to foreign policy. a lot of criticism from the beginning of donald trump that he doesn't have any foreign policy experience, aside from perhaps hosting miss universe in russia as he pointed out. over the past couple of weeks, treez tried to baung his foreign policy credentials, build them up. met with senator bob corker, henry kissinger, those folks. you have a phd in these matters. is this something somebody can learn in a couple of weeks of study and a couple of months on the campaign trail? >> it's not that simple.
10:28 pm
basically mr. trump is coming from the business world. international business world so he had some experience in dealing with public service people and leaders an the world from the business perspective. compare him to senator obama before he was senator, before he got in to politics or to secretary clinton before she entered the white house. this is a real comparison and ask them the tough questions on policies. they had to go through a process but the question seems to me, what did they do with the experience? they got degrees, in the white house, in the state department, what happened in libya, iraq, in iran? this is where mr. trump has an advantage is he did not make a mistake or mistakes in foreign policy and he's engaging now with senators, members of congress, many experts that are with seeing. >> dr. phares, appreciate your insights on this and the protests we saw earlier. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> that's what we are seeing so
10:29 pm
often in terms of the protests, folks saying if anything it helps donald trump. >> we talked about the two different subsets of protesters, those actually there for a cause they believe in and those that are there to cause trouble and chaos, which we saw at the end of the evening. we have to be careful, in terms of our coverage, to not give those more coverage than they are warranted. >> you also get a feel sometimes when you have been at these things out in the field that often times the people that engage in the violence are using whatever the issue is as an excuse to engage in violence more than any true belief. more on that as we come back. >> and we will look at the race happening today. >> there was actually a primary tonight in washington state. more on that and what the delegate count actually means. especially since ted cruz has some of his folks in there, as well. >> 40 out of 41. >> that's a lot.
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[engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here. welcome back to america's election headquarters. what a crazy start it has been. new information from albuquerque. the police on tonight's protests, several officers are being treated for injuries.
10:34 pm
at least one person has been arrested. what for exactly we don't know. you did see in the video some pretty tense skirmishes between the police and insert adjective here for who these people are involved in this. many wearing masks and those kinds of things they hurled bottles and rocks at police. the police responded with tear gas, pepper spray, smoke bombs, those kinds of things. let's bring in the panel for a little perspective here. ellen ratter in, bureau chief of talk media news. and vice president of jamestown associates. pulitzer prize winning author and journalist at the manhattan institute for policy research is joining us now. always good to have you guys. thank you. half an hour in to the show and you have a lot 0 say. we will get to you, tony, is in the new normal we will have to
10:35 pm
get ready for for the next 167 days until the general election? >> no doubt there's an enormous amount of protest and riot energy on the left. move funded by a billionaire liberal has claimed credit for some of these. the chicago protests that overwhelmed the police and informed the trump campaign to cancel an event. you see them protesting democrats. you have the entire black lives matter movement protesting bill clinton at an event in philadelphia. what is unfortunate is when you take the drama away from this type of event, what are they protesting? they are essentially protesting four illegal immigration that undermines rule of law and wave american flags -- mexican flags, which shows a devotion to the country. when you look at it from the perspective of who does it hurt, it hurts whoever is affiliated with the left. in this case you can say sanders
10:36 pm
or clinton, but if clinton becomes the nominee she will carry the baggage of this protest inertia that i don't think is constructive, especially when you see rioting, when you see police hurt and brutalized by protesters, when you see the disruption of peace. this is not constructive to the process. >> it is volatile all the way around and emotional for voters this season. we also saw a problem not to this level, at the democratic state convention in nevada. was that last weekend? it was last weekend when bernie sanders supporters and hillary clinton supporters got in to it and you saw bernie sanders folks throwing chairs and everything else sgll security had to be called out. >> a lot of people ask if you had donald trump supporters throwing chairs at a republican state convention, how different the coverage would have been. you have to ask yourself just because it is a donald trump event, is there so much more media attention. >> let's ask our panel. what do you think, ellen? >> i think it is because it is a
10:37 pm
donald trump event. i disagree with tony. i don't think it will be carried on to hillary clinton. i think she will say it is unacceptable to throw rocks at police and i think bernie sanders would say that, too. i don't think it will affect them. i think they will distance themselves from it. >> judy miller, is the media at some level to blame for this in the sense that all of a sudden you have ten or 15 people throwing rocks, engaging in clearly illegal and criminal behavior and yet they are glorified as protesters. >> i think we have been drawing a distinction between the people we saw today walking around with placards protesting and 100 people who are not just protesters but rabble-rousers, they are trying to stir up things and pro-joke the police. i think we have to look at the albuquerque police department, too. as jonathon hunt said out there, because he was in the middle of
10:38 pm
it and he did a fantastic job sglin credible. >> really good. not so the albuquerque police. this is a troubled police department with a history of very tense relations with the community. as of last year, they had killed in the past, they had killed in the past five years 28 people. what that means in a city of 550,000 is that you would have a kill rate which is roughly twice the level of chicago, which is nothing to write home about, and eight times the level of the nypd. they only have about 900 people in that force for 550,000. >> no, i don't think -- >> we had an update that the people that are injured ready the police officers and there was only one arrest. that seems pretty good. >> they have one helicopter. they have seven horses. they were clearly expecting trouble and should have asked for this is the largest police e in the state of new mexico but they could have asked for
10:39 pm
reinforcements from outside. when you are expecting trouble like this, in a state like new mexico with the highest percentage of hispanics in the nation, you just have to be prepared for kind of trouble. i think there's been a problem with the police force. i think they didn't do well tonight. it is very -- a very good thing no one was killed or arrested so far that we know. >> one arrest so far. >> but it's -- this is a very specific training you have to have to handle riot control situations. i didn't see it on display tonight. >> i think they stood their ground. and didn't overreact. >> they showed enormous restraint in the face of what went on. mike huckabee called this rent-a-mob. we have seen this before, professional protester and anarchists and when i was in
10:40 pm
baltimore you had people arrested from minneapolis, chicago, who would come in to these situations. whether or not that is happening there and going forward is something to look at. >> a lot of these protesters seem to want to take their shirts off at the end of the evening and run around screaming. i don't know. i was watching on twitter, the majority of the followers seem to think they did a good job. if you have another opinion on that you can talk to judy on twitter. she will be here all night with us. now to the primary that was in washington state. donald trump getting more than 7 75% of the vote. he will get 27 of washington's 44 delegates at least. and for more on the headlines, from the gop, let's go to garrett tenny who is standing by for us in washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning, garrett. >> good morning. no surprises in washington's primary last night. donald trump now moves one step closer to securing the
10:41 pm
republican nomination. the results are still coming in, but thus far, you mentioned, trump is winning 76% of the vote. but he is not the only one getting votes. ted cruz and john kasich won 10% and ben carson who left the race nearly three months ago, won 4%. he had his eyes on the general election and took time off the campaign trail to expand his campaign operations. tonight, he was back at it again. kicking off a west coast fund-raising trip in new mexico where he continued his attacks on hillary clinton. >> we have won person left. she is a total lightweight. believe me. she's not -- you know, i watch her speaking. she always uses the teleprompter. i watch her speaking. we are going to win north and
10:42 pm
south and east and west. i will never say this but she screams. it drives me crazy. >> trump tweeted a few minutes ago he is now in california where he is holding a rally in anaheim and it is possible we could see more protests at that event. just last month, anaheim city tried to pass an official resolution against the billionaire businessman. heather? >> garrett tenny, thank you. we will check back with you this evening or this morning, i'm sure. >> gets confusing sometimes. washington democrats went to the polls. it is yesterday in washington, so you are right. the results are not binding, though. delegates were awarded based on party caucuses back in march. both candidates were focused tuesday in california, as they will be the next couple of weeks. if you are confused yet, there's a guy with the answers. that's brian. >> tonight hillary clinton won
10:43 pm
washington's primary which is the statewide vote. it means nothing. it is effectively a poll because the state's caucus is what determines who wins the delegates and bernie sanders won the caucus in march, gaining 74 of washington's 101 delegates. the bottom line is clinton continues to hold a big lead and has 97% of the 2,383 total delegates she needs to win the democratic nomination. 78 delegates short. he has won more total states, has 3 million more vote aes and more pledged delegates than bernie sanders. it is this math that fuelled clinton to declare last week she will be the nominee. mrs. clinton continues to spend much of her week in california, ahead of june 7th big contest there. tonight in river side, hl hillary dedicating half of her speech focus on donald trump. she was attacking him on the housing to other stuff.
10:44 pm
meantime, while clinton was speaking in river side, sanders was speaking in california as well. sanders continues to campaign there while he is pressuring clinton to follow through on his commitment to debate on fox in california. the last big day of the primary election is less than two weeks away. the time six states and 694 delegates are up for grabs. sanders is hoping to win all six states on june 7th to bring that momentum in to the democratic convention in philadelphia. we shall see. leland? >> we shall see indeed. and we shall see how many protests continue. brian is with us as we will be most of the night breaking this down. he eluded to the fact how nasty the tone has gotten between sanders and clinton and nastier between trump and clinton. with. >> we will talk about that, at least one ad released on-line. like you knew what was coming up. we'll be right back after this. nothing unleashes power...
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10:48 pm
welcome back to america's election headquarters. the clinton campaign ratchets up the attack on trump's finances and trump responds quickly. joining us from our news bureau in washington, d.c., vince. he is the executive editor of "the daily caller" and always with us on these primary nights. thank you for being here. >> it has been an exciting one.
10:49 pm
all of the protests of going on in albuquerque, new mexico. what are your thoughts on that? >> it's amazing when you see protests like this, you often wonder what's the point? if the point is to rally more people to your side, that is generally not accomplished by throwing bottles at police horses. i imagine within the next 24 hours candidates will have to respond. as the panel said, hillary clinton's campaign, it will be important to see how she responds to this. you can't come out and condone the acts of violence protesters. as we saw when hillary responded in baltimore, she responded by saying you can't attack people like this as a protester, but at the same time she said but these protesters have a point. i think we need to be careful if you are the hillary campaign of saying somethinglike. that they could suggest you are condoning this kind of violence which i don't think that anyone does. >> let's talk about the nasty turn the campaign has taken. donald trump against hillary
10:50 pm
clinton in ads. and hillary clinton taking shots at bernie sanders. >> that's right. hillary clinton won'ts to get beyond bernie sanders and her campaign has made a concerted effort to move it to the general election. they are doing that in a bunch of ways including buying up veil available ad time. they want trump to come out with the nastiest attack they can to make him seem like a villain. meanwhile, donald trump is trying to go after hillary clinton because she is demanding all sorts of things from him but he wants to go for her vulnerables. not only is he calling her crooked hillary but bringing up her his ban's sexual indiscretions from the '90s and hoping to frame her as sort of a villain. the race has taken a nasty tone early on for a general election fight. >> had to cut you a little short
10:51 pm
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10:54 pm
i raised 6 million dollars
10:55 pm
for the veterans including putting up $1 million of my own money. i had no obligation to do anything or to do so. and i get nothing but bad press from the dishonest media. it's absolutely disgraceful. why don't they look in to the clinton foundation if you want to see dishonest. >> donald trump taking to instagram, blasting what he calls the dishonest media amid reports that veterans groups aren't getting the money he's claimed he's raised. here to break it down, the senior reporter from our bureau in washington. nice to see you this morning. who's right? donald trump or the lying media as he would call them? >> i think there are two sides to this. we have donald trump who deserves some scrutiny here because he originally said he raised $6 million. it was actually 4.5 million. his campaign manager said that. and then the media went through and looked and realized 3.1 million has gone to veterans
10:56 pm
organizations. be that as it may, is the media going through the clinton foundation shady transactions with the same fine-tooth comb? i don't think so. what we have seen is watch dog groups go after them. we have yet to see that from cnn or msnbc or more liberal main stream media outlets. as far as the clinton foundation's shady transactions. that's where there is a discrepancy here. you can go after donald trump for saying it was 6 million when it was 4.5, but -- >> ten seconds, i have to run. back the top of the hour. more on the protests. this and we will see you in the 3:00 a.m. hour. thank you. >> sounds good. you owned your car
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
along with other things. authorities firing smoke and deb
11:01 pm
grenades. for more on the violence, we have jackie live in new york. hi jackie. >> anti-trump protesters started gathering around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in new mexico outside the convention center . a couple hours later, while that rally was happening inside, protesters attempted to bust down the convention doors. protesters started knocking down barriers and throwing rocks and burning t-shirts at police. inside there were protesters trying to disrupt that rally. true trump fashion guide, he did not seem to face by this. trump supporters no surprise
11:02 pm
here backing him 100% chanting "build that wall." the riot started to die down about 30 minutes or so. several officers are being treated for injuries right now. as of this moment, we are hearing a couple of people may have an arrested inside and one person outside. >> we are hoping that's not the new normal, right? >> a lot of people are planning for that for june 7th where police are getting ready for possible riots out there. thanks jackie, we'll check in with you. >> now to the primary result in washington. donald trump winning handedly capturing 75% of the votes. he's adding 27 delegates to his total and he needs 41 more. he's clinching the gop nomination in two weeks when the primary votes are cast. how many are his nomination impact other elections across the nation. this so called down ticket
11:03 pm
races. with us now, the president of elway research d tand the elway poll. he's rated one of the top ten election polls in the country, stuart, are you joining us? >> i am. >> before we get to the ballot and talking about that. give us your thoughts about the washington primary and how it went. >> well, there was quite a bit of interest given the fact that on the democratic side it did not count for anything as you pointed out. on the republican side there is really only one candidate viable and yet, we got about 31% turn out so far, of course, washington is a male ballot state so all the votes are not counted until friday. we don't know what the turn out is going to be. that's pretty high for a relatively meaningless primary.
11:04 pm
>> what do you attribute that to? >> the interesting election overall. we have seen that all yearlong and we had a poll a month ago of 67% of the voters in washington say they're paying a lot of attention in this presidential race. there is a lot of interests this year. >> break down more on the electric itself in washington state. >> well, washington as you know is a pretty blue state. we have not voted for democratic for is the since 1984. but, congressional delegation is split and our state stlegislatus is split so it is not quite as deep blue. if we don't register by party in washington state so the only time anybody has to declare a party ideas is when somebody
11:05 pm
like me calls them up and ask them. you have to declare a primary whether you are a democratic or republican. over the years there is typically about a ten to twelve point edge and for the democrats and party identification. >> the public is usually third behind independence. >> the expectation is democrats will carry the state. >> the expectation is democrats will carry the state. >> and probably pretty handedly. >> move us down ballot down with that expectation. >> so we ask people and poll a month ago what would happen if various candidates, if down ballot candidates or endorsed by or endorse presidential candidate for a candidate. for all of the ones we asked, there was a negative except bernie sanders. for example, for hillary
11:06 pm
clinton, the effective presidential endorsement was a minus 9 points. 9 points more say they'll be incline to board against someone and vote for someone. for trump that number was minus 36. >> interesting. >> which was the biggest. sanders was plus 2 and ted cruz was minus 24. in some ways, it mirrors the national story that neither one of these particularly are popular candidates. >> they both have high negatives. >> in washington, the republican candidate has the higher negative than the democratic candidate which would go along washington's recent polling. >> stuart elway is joining us early this morning. thank you very much, very interesting stuff. >> thank you. >> people have been talking
11:07 pm
about it so much and republicans are concerned about donald trump. we bring back in our panel for this discussion. ellen and tony, and judith miller. >> judy, start with you, there are so many discussions of the down ballot and the republicans are terrified of donald trump. voting down ballot for a bunch of democrats. do you think that's a real fear? >> i think it is a real fear. i mean this is the problem with the trump candidacy is republicans have worked very hard to control the house and the senate to control over 30 governor ships and two-thirds of the state's legislature and a great deal is at sake as people start to splitting their ticket and not voting or voting for the top of the victim. i think hillary also has this similar problem and that's she
11:08 pm
only a month ago was leading by healthy margins in national and the battleground state and today she's only a few points ahead of her and donald trump of a one to one match up. donald trump is well on his way of unifying the party and she's not in any position. she's having trouble with younger voters in greater and grae greater numbers that they'll not vote for her if bernie sanders is not the candidate. she's really in a lot of trouble. just as donald trump. >> he forecasted his strategy of this week is a pretty revealing one. he basically wants to get the
11:09 pm
majority of delegates in california. there is about 400 sum odds up or grabs. he even gets that rational to go to the super delegates and say to them, look how we are closing out this race, i am on the upward trajectory so therefore you should be considered supporting hillary clinton. he also said on his interview on george stephanopoulos, i thought it is a lesser of trump two evolves. when you look at the national polling that's coming out. >> well, i want to mention of what judy said in terms of that polling, we have the latest, putting trump ahead of clinton of 46 to 47% but both of them is equal. >> and nbc wall street journal poll, she was ahead by 11. the trend is your friend in polling and right now the trend has decidedly moving towards
11:10 pm
donald trump. which is why i think when you talk about the down ballot, this is going to be one of those evolving stories, much like par party unification of a big concern. we do see the party uniting strongly behind donald trump. the larger ballot should be for democrats. hillary clinton is not going to motivate the sanders or obama's coalition. minorities and young people, they're not going to come out to hillary clinton the way they did for barack obama and the way they would have in bernie sanders was the nominee. that's the problem that be needs real serious examination. >> ellen, as you look at this, bernie sanders said at the convention in philadelphia that it is going to be messy. any idea he meant by that? >> he said democracy is messy. it is not very clean necessary
11:11 pm
and not like addict ta dictator. that's what he meant. >> i think it was churchill who says "democracy is the worst form of government until you examine all the other ones." when you look at what's going to happen at the convention, they're in philadelphia. does bernie sanders have a pack to the nomination or simiply playing the disrupter card. >> i don't think he's doing this disrupter card. he's gone after today the kentucky primary, he's asking that there be a reviewing of electronic machine. he wants a recount. this is over one delegate. he's looking at every delegate he can get. so you see that as a positive. >> well, i don't see that as a positive or negative but for people who say he's trying to make a movement and not necessarily winning the nomination, i am not sure that's
11:12 pm
true. i think he's after the nomination and he said that when he was first running. he said i have been in many elections and i am in this to win. judy. >> he's clearly hurting her. every time he opens his mouth and criticizes her, he gives donald trump another talking point. she has got to spend precious money which is going -- she was hording and saving for the general election, fighting like states in california. this is ridiculous for him to do this if he cares about the democratic party which i don't think he does because he's only been a democratic for about six minutes. >> bernie sanders pulled clinton on the left that's incredible. >> she has to -- the clintons have been known to make dog lengths in the past. the question is, does it matter in terms of how far she's moved
11:13 pm
as it relates to a couple of issues and things like trade or gr gun control and other stuff. >> it is going to matter to the degree that goes towards her character. she has poor numbers when it comes to honesty and trust worthyness. this reenforces that hillary clinton will do anything. >> with trump what he's don done -- here is the difference. hillary clinton for 30 years as a public record of constantly changing her positions of real decided hypocrisy. with donald trump he makes it a plus for him to be pragmatic and bring out things. >> pragmatic? >> you guys listen -- you guys are all cheering for your people. >> i have no person. >> for trump, he's bigger than that it. for hillary clinton, she's apart of the process.
11:14 pm
there is no doubt in his mind whether or not he's going to say obviously, he's going the say he want to win the nomination. he's standing for something significantly larger and that's for the heart and soul for the american left. not the democratic party of the american left to use hillary clinton as equally untrust worthy to be the champion of the progressive movement. >> the and he made at least one change in term of the platform for the democratic convention of 15 people that get together and he's now been awarded six of those people and so that had not happen before in the past. >> in the platform, it is a little bit wonky, it is not something we are paying attention. donald trump is not quite as hard right as some other folks are socially conservative wise
11:15 pm
that, that could be an issue as we look past july. hillary clinton speaking of her and bernie sanders. hillary is blaming bernie for sinking her poll numbers. >> bernie sanders says "democracy should not be neat, it should be the two sides faceoff next.
11:16 pm
11:17 pm
11:18 pm
11:19 pm
hillary clinton allies saying the ongoing attacks of bernie sanders are hurting her party. >> i had also hoped that secretary clinton would have kept her word and agreed to engage in a debate. i think that the people of the law just -- the country deserves to hear. i hope secretary clinton will rethink her decision not to do a debate. >> lets bring in danielle mclaughlin and joining us here
11:20 pm
in san francisco, mercy, and a bernie sanders' supporter. we got four minutes. i feel like we can ring the bell and settle it here. danielle, i will go first to you, rich mori, hillary still cannot explain why she should be president. i will let you do that about 30 seconds. >> hillary clinton should be president because she's the most experienced and qualified candidate we have seen in the modern era. this notion that she should not be and should be debating bernie sanders when she's 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination ofegates does not ma any sense. she's been secretary of state and closer to obama's legacy. certainly to me the american people are happy with the job that she's been doing. hillary clinton is the best
11:21 pm
person for the job and the best woman for the job. >> amir, to you by any calculation if it is difficult or not impossible for bernie sanders to win the nomination even at the convention, why is he still in it? >> he's in it because it is about a movement and changing a system. it is not impossible for him to get the nomination, it is difficult and it is an uphill battle. as the campaign goes on and people get to know hillary clinton more, she becomes less appealing. she tried to run away from the debate in new york back in april, that did not work. back in 2008 and may 2008, she criticized president obama for not having debate not in the cycle. somebody should debate any time and any where. this is what we are seeing on and on with the clinton
11:22 pm
campaign. her strategy is like to ignore us and nothing to see her. bernie sanders is going to end up winning california really big and the strategy is going to backfire and he's going to be a weaken candidate if he wins the nomination. >> danielle, does amir has a point though that this shows a little bit of a kick in the arm for more hillary clinton campaign and there is not seem any excitement around it, yourself excluded. >> she is -- she's not getting 20,000 people to rally. i think that's fine, it is good in a democracy that we have different ways. i have been to the bernie sanders rally and i have seen him inspiring people and the words he uses. >> but you are not inspired by him? >> frankly bernie sanders is
11:23 pm
like a donald trump more than anything else. hillary clinton talks about foreign policy and the economy and the minimum wage and the environment. she's a strong candidate and she knows a lot. >> is that a fair criticism of bernie sanders? >> this is ridiculous. bernie's visionary is putting forward visions that these things are not possible. we have a lot of program in this country that people once thought were impossible or "socialist programs" or the gi bill. that's a government's program. we have a lot of things we need to fix. bernie is talking about it. hillary is the same old, same old, the longer the campaign goes on, the longer americans get to know hillary and the less they'll approve of her. bernie is gaining momentum and
11:24 pm
streak and hillary clinton is losing to him in a couple of polls. hillary clinton is going back to work. >> i am going to give danielle with the last word. as you look at the polls number for clinton, it continues to go down. bernie sanders, look, i handedly beat trump in any polls. >> a lot less. >> we are six months away and at this point, head to head polls mean nothing. senator sander does not face the end less criticism that clinton has faced over the years. >> she's a weak candidate and weaken everyday. >> now the bell rings. >> danielle and amir, thank you very much, appreciate you being here. >> any big questions of bernie
11:25 pm
sanders is the fact that he has not faced the kind of scrutiny that clinton does. should his polls number tighten? >> in the polls that you mentioned how bernie sanders beats trump in those polls. if you think back to john kasich, john kasich was beating hillary clinton in poll ls when he was still in the race as well. >> that argument did not work out so well. >> speaking of john kasich, she's joining ted cruz and marco rubio by keeping delegates. >> what does that mean? it provides leverage or the convention. coming up, we'll take a look at that strategy and what they can get out of it. >> stay with us.
11:26 pm
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
donald trump has won at least 27 delegates in washington state. he could clinch the nomination tra straight out in california. ted cruz and john kasich and marco rubio at the convention, they're hanging onto their delegates. >> joining us now a former member of george bush a, thank u
11:30 pm
for joining us this morning. >> they are holding onto their delegates, why are they doing that? it does not make any sense. >> it is not the leverage they have a couple of weeks ago. on june 7th donald trump is going to have more delegates out rig right. why are they holding on? >> it allows them some leverage in the platforms and rule committee. that's where they can make a difference for the party platform going ahead. once we leave the convention city that becomes the game book or the play book or republicans are going to adhere to. each person who's running will pick, you know, a play from that book. the question is how much of the play will each member of the house or senate use or how much
11:31 pm
of donald trump will use because it won't be his ex clus sclusiv. >> if there is any fire works at all, where is that going to come into play? >> at the rules committee and the platform which i understand we'll be covering gavel to gavel, something that's more electric f electr electric. >> it is historical and we have never seen anything like this before, right? >> that's right. this is going to be, well not in a modern area. bernie sanders now has delegates in the platform. this is from the drama will play out and this is where cruz or rubio and john kasich trying to get their message and stamp of a approval on the platform.
11:32 pm
>> we were talking about that earlier in term oss of democrat platform of what they did to extend a peace branch to bernie sanders but apparently did not work. they out of the 15 people that are assigned to come up with the platform there at the democratic convention, he's going to be allowed to point six of them. do you think the republicans would do anything like that? >> well, i think yeah, in the spirit of unity, they'll offer some seats on the platform to those who are trump's advisories. they are smart to do that. the platform cannot be donald trump. its got to reflect the depth of the republican party. >> i am sure you saw the coverage that we had earlier this evening of protests happening in new mexico. what are your thoughts and who does that benefit? >> well, i think it benefits
11:33 pm
donald trump because donald trump has had huge rallies all over the country and you never seen any violence on the part of trump supporters like you have seen with these thugs and mobs or anti-trump. they talk about trump in language and it has not ignited of the kind of protests out on the street os or hurting businesses. this is something that hillary clinton and bernie needs to speak to because it is their people that's doing it. ask you on your opinion on that as we head into the convention, do you expect the same situation will happen? >> i would hope not. it is not going to happen within the secure area of the conventio conventions. these are national security events where secret service takes over. the problem will be on the outside of those fence and that's where it can get very
11:34 pm
da dangerous not only on the republican side but the democratic side. the bernie people feel they are getting a raw deal and they'll take it to the streets in philadelphia. >> yeah, they did in nevada. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much for joining us, we definitely appreciate you at this hour. >> thank you. >> thanks. brad brings up a very good point in terms of the the trairaining. police did not seem to be ready for this. florida and cleveland, there are hundreds of officers going through riot training and preparing for just this eventuallity. >> they seem to do a good job there in albuquerque. they did not insight any more violence. back now with the panel,
11:35 pm
ellen and judy miller as well and tony, i know you have been dying in the green room to have something to say related to delegates and john kasich. the floor is yours. [ laughter ] >> i will say this, it was fascinating when i saw it come across the wire today that john kasich is going to hold onto his 160 some on. cruz has his substantial amount of over 500. brad is right and there is some degree leverage of being used for the platform and none of it is going to be meaningful. i did read the report though that i thought is kind of potential -- they are going to use leverage to convince donald trump to run a positive campaign or a traditional campaign and the republican, reagan conservative molds. i am not so sure that's a great
11:36 pm
idea. what we fail to recognize all yearlong and some of my colleagues still have failed to recognize it but in general of the world commentary and political kind of world is donald trump marches to the beat of his own drum is evaluating to a different rule because he's a different candidate. that's why when you try to evaluate him, we fail and we miss the point. i really would hope that the republican party while understanding that we need to make sure that we unify correctly that donald trump does support some of our core principles and together we move forward with the joint platform. the party needs to let donald trump be donald trump because its gotten him this far. i think he has a opportunity to self-correct and analyze how he needs to be to win votes. that has worked in his favor.
11:37 pm
>> judy on the air from the beginning he started like no one he had before and from the beginning, you are right, well, now he's done. and he's not done yet judy. >> absolutely. >> somebody has to admit that i have been wrong of donald trump. the bar for him is so high given his lack of credibility of the things he said again and again and the way he has to walk back his statements whether or not we are talking about the $6 million he claimed to raise for veterans group. that's a big issues with republicans and it turned out to be les than about $3 million or half. >> it is misstatements after misstatements and here is another thing. it is money. we have some of the top donor to
11:38 pm
t to -- top donors to the republican party who says no they're not going to help donald trump. >> there are some top donors who have agreed and changed their minds and decided to him out. >> that's about four days ago. he's got his work cut out for him. >> something that may change his mind and we are working to confirm this. there are initial report that paul ryan will endorse him that's coming from some campaign sources. we are trying to confirm that ourselves. that'll change some of their minds, perhaps. >> that would be a big help if paul ryan came in because it would bring in some other people because he would be able to get them on boar. trump is like this car accident and you cannot stop looking at
11:39 pm
it on the road. he's fascinating people. >> he's fascinating. there will be books, volumes written on how donald trump has managed to change the dynamic that we are talking about and tony was talking about that he evaluated bystanders and nothing seems to stick. how did the democrats try to get past that as they take them on. >> you want to talk about the ads that's starting to come out. >> very much so. >> specifically donald trump verses hillary clinton and where can they go in terms of the candidates' past. it is nastier than anything we have seen in the memories. >> taking it back to the '90s. >> how much worst can it get. >> her rival, sanders, he even
11:40 pm
says "it is time for a quote, messy convention." we'll bring back our panels for more on their thoughts. normandy medina ridge the chosin reservoir these are places history will never forget but more important are the faces we will always remember. ♪
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
opening the doors to young working class people that the democratic people need. t
11:44 pm
democracy is not always nice and gentle. >> do you think the convention could be messy? >> so what, a democracy is messy? everyday of my life is messy. if you want everything to be quiet and orderly and allows things to proceed without a debate, that's not what a democracy is about. >> everyday i am messy. >> he's a very likable person. >> yeah, think about what he's been able to do. he first announced and everybody ro wrote it off. he said at the "new york times." "do not under estimate me." >> his choices of words. joining me now is judith miller
11:45 pm
and they are all fox news' contributors. so contribute away on your thoughts. it is going to be a mess, well, that's okay, it is life. >> ellen, i will start with life. the fact that democracy is messy and dictator ship was not. there is not a whole lot of debate in putin's russia. direct examinati democracy has a lot of different opinions. we do see protests. that's what we do in this country. >> judy, is it like a warning shot. is he saying my people specifically may cause a problem. >> i think it maybe misinterpreted and i don't think that's not what he meant. i think democracy is a messy process. however, the other quality that it has is when you go into a
11:46 pm
general election, the democratic party is supposed to be united and what i am wondering because i still don't have a sense from bernie sanders as how or where he will come out and how hard he will press his supporters and followers to back the presumptive nominee, hillary clinton. i don't think we have seen any commitment of bernie sanders. >> absolutely. >> that's the kind of mess that could actually and absolutely destroy hillary. >> they are there flat out saying i am not going to support her until if and when bernie says support her and you have those that says they're not going to support her. >> a lot of them are saying they're going to vote for donald trump. >> i total aly agree with judy this one. >> 45% of voters are saying
11:47 pm
they'll vote for donald trump or not vote at all. that's the other option. it does not look like he's going to get it. on a question of democracy being messy, true, but this was not supposed to be a democratic process. this is a coordination of hillary clinton as the established front runner. and fewer participants and now you see bernie sanders endorsing the opponents. the congressional opponents. this is evolving into a much more messy fight for the democratic that you would ever imagine. >> ywe spoke about it
11:48 pm
specifically and asked of young voters and it was 45% who said they would not vote or they would vote for trump. she's in trouble, judy. >> yeah, she also lost the young people with each passing months. you talked about those 45% and 55% numbers. in april there were other polls that showed 80% of young people would serve her. that's bad news for her. >> we have no idea what's going to happen at the end. >> if bernie sanders does not get the nomination, if he does not get it, we don't know she's going to meet with him or pull him in or he's going to make an appeal to his supporters and she's not going to give him a huge -- >> but if she does that, does
11:49 pm
that whole entirely alienate her ability to move to the center? >> you cannot give in -- bernie sanders is a pick and trying to court the middle swing voters in america. >> i think think she could. >> but, she's no bill clinton. >> i also think she's going through schizophrenia that she wants bill clinton's third term or barack obama's third term. she cannot have her cake and eat it, too. she's trying to it though having her husband being in these econom economics -- >> her husband opening her up to some of the ads. there is been a few of those out there. a little bit of discussion on that. >> our political panel is standing by to contribute even more when we come back. >> stay with us.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. america's election is back at the wee hour of the morning. >> everyday i am up at work. >> i am so fascinated. i thought i am going to be here
11:54 pm
over night, there will be coffee or donuts. no hospitality or something. >> coffee? >> oh, there is coffee. >> we'll get some of that in the break. we are seeing now this sort of general election dynamic release set up here in terms of trump and hillary. >> every show he calls in and he's been master at it at twittering and this kind of thing. to our fox news contributor on the panel. as you look at this, how worried are democrats that donald trump is able to over saturate over the next 167 days and hillary clinton does not have in the money. it is going to be much harder to get as much free media as he had and other candidates does not get. >> the investigation but it is not the media that she wants of
11:55 pm
investigation. [ laughter ] >> right, i am saying she will get a lot of the media that she wants. we'll see that happening. i am not worried about that. what i did see with the donald trump ad that i guess he put on the internet and did not put on television, i did not think tit was a great ad or whatever they do. i thought one of our interns could put together a better ad. >> we'll talk a little bit more on that. >> don't be knocking on the interns. we'll play it for everyone at home as well. judy, what are your thoughts in terms of media coverage and how trump is able to brand and now he's got "crooked hillary." he's been enormous talented giving people brands. jeb bush never emersed from the
11:56 pm
category. >> the problem is the adjectives he uses with hillary. he has been problems when it is over women. he called them over rated and terrible faces and bora kimbos. >> it did not hurt him yet? >> yes, we have been talking about donald trump's appeal to a republican audience. whether or not the same tricks will play in the general election is a very different issue. >> you have about 20 seconds. >> he's winning in every single poll including the one he's ahead. >> five, four, three, two o, on see you in the next hour. >> stay with us. and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now.
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fox news election alert and this has been a wild tuesday night, wednesday morning for donald trump and for his supporter and for those who protested his mere appearance in albuquerque, new mexico. nice to be with you at home on this early morning. >> welcome to america's election headquarters. you know, trump is coasting as we expected to get another primary win. this one is in washington state. trump is taking on at least 27 more delegates as a result of this. he can wrap things up in two weeks. >> well, and in california june seventh as well. trump's success does not come quietly.
12:01 am
violent protest erupted in albuquerque, new mexico. officers were injured and we saw rocks being thrown and water bottles being thrown, those kind of things. at least one person was arrested. we saw police as it got later in the evening begin to respond with pepper spray and those kinds of things trying to get the protesters off the streets. the big question is who these protesters are. >> we talked with our reporter who was on the scene and he said that in his opinion there were basically two group of protesters. there were about 500 or so that were there directly outside the convention center and they were protesting immigration, a big issue there. what, 48% of the population is hispanic? they were specifically there to protest. the second group were there just to cause trouble. >> that's the violent core we have seen. it brings up big questions in terms of all of a sudden is every one of these major rally
12:02 am
what donald trump going to hold? will the republican nominee have protest and violence outside? that would change the tenor of anything we have seen in an american election for decades. you have to go back to 1968 to this kind of violence in politics. >> let's hope not. we go now to garrett who is live in washington. >> heather and leyland, good morning. there were also several peaceful protests in albuquerque. but last night a very different story several protesters clashed outside where trump's rally was being held. initially they overwhelmed the officers storming through a barricade at one point and knocking over a mounted police officer and a horse in the process before trying to break down a door and force their way inside. when police pushed them back they threw rocks, bottles and fireworks at the officer. some even set their own shirts
12:03 am
on fire. several officers were reported injured and there has been one arrest. in the event though there were protests as well m the demonstrators broke into chants during trump's speech before they were escorted out. they blamed democrats for much of the protest particularly hillary clinton who was constantly putting out false stories and lies about him. >> you know they are bernie sanders supporters, but we are getting about 40% of bernie sanders because he is not going to win. the system is rigged against bernie sanders so he can't win. but i'm hearing we will get close to 40% of his supporters. maybe not these people though. >> trump is clearly focused on the general election now and after easily winning last night's primary in washington he is one step closer to officially becoming the gop nominee. he is expected to win all 44 of washington's delegates.
12:04 am
we saw last night that there is still a large segment of republicans who are not getting behind him as a nominee. he won 76% of the vote, but cruz and kasich wanton% and carson who is now a trump supporter never withdrew his name from the ballot and won 4%. adding to that at the gop convention, attendees awarded 40 of the 41 delegates slots to cruz supporterses. trump will continue the west coast swing of his first official fundraising trip starting off with a rally later today in anaheim. there can be more protests there. a city councilmember tried to pass an official resolution condemning donald trump. >> we'll see what happens there today. thank you so much, garrett. we will talk more about that delegate count. >> and there is more
12:05 am
surrounding on what ted cruz is up to. he suspended his campaign, but he could have a big role at this summer's gop convention. appreciate you being with us. as we look toward the convention, what is ted cruz and john kasich up to? are they still trying to play the delegate math game? we are seeing this as though they will get it on the ballot and this will be over. >> donald trump will get to 1237, but i think what you are seeing is cruz is not a dumb man. cruz had this planned out for a longtime. he wants to become president one day and continuing his push to retain the delegates gives us an option going into the convention to change the party rules and he can make these rules to make certain primaries close to going in
12:06 am
there and certain rules like an outsider. >> the sports analogy would be arguing for the next call. >> exactly. he is looking at the long game and i think he will go and will unite the republican party, but he will use the pro-cruz delegates to change the rules to give him the advantage next time around. >> the last time we really saw somebody go into a republican convention with a lot of delegates in their pocket was pat buchanan in 1992 gave the big speech on the floor talking about the culture war and these kinds of things. in the end george h.w. bush lost the presidency. will ted cruz go to the convention floor and what does that do to the party overall and what does that do going forward in november? >> i think he will push
12:07 am
certain agendas and fly into kentucky with kim davis. those are dying issueses and we need to focus on the economy. i hope ted cruz focuses on the long game. running in 2020 is the next step as donald trump loses to hillary clinton. we will see if they put the republican party first or puts their own ambition first. >> we appreciate you joining us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> well, hillary clinton winning tonight's primary in washington state, but in a perfect example of just how convoluted, there is a word for you, how convoluted this process has become, the primary doesn't matter. >> that's a big word at 3:07 in the morning. the caucuses that were back in march do matter and sanders won those by a large margin. somebody who is not confused at 3:00 in the morning is brian yennis to break it down
12:08 am
for us. >> practice particularly speaking it did not affect the democratic race. they have both a presidential primary and a caucus system. and hillary clinton won washington's primary which is the actual statewide vote. but it means nothing. it is effectively a poll because the state's caucus is what determines who wins delegates and senator bernie sanderses won it in march gaining 74 washington's 101 delegates. clinton has a big lead and has 97% of the 2383 total delegates she needs to win the democratic nomination. she is just 78 delegates short. she has won more total states and has three million more votes and has more pledge delegates than sanders. it is this math that fueled clinton to declare that she will be the democratic nominee. mrs. clinton continues to spend mop of her week in california ahead of june seventh's contest there. hillary is dedicating half of her speech last night in riverside focusing on the
12:09 am
presumptive republican nominee donald trump. this time saying trump is, quote, allergic to facts whoil accusing the billionaire of making comments and cheering on the 2008 housing market crash to make more money. >> she said that a mortgage crisis would have been good for his business. and i have to tell you why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually wrote it for the collapse of the mortgage market? >> trump said at the time he was a businessman and it was deal making. he continues to campaign in california. his campaign launching an ad in the state on tuesday. all while pressuring clinton to follow through on the commitment to debate on fox in california. >> if we are big in california, if we win the other states that are off on
12:10 am
june seventh, we are go into the democratic convention with enormous momentum. >> the last big day of this primary election is in less than two weeks. 694 delegates is up for grabs and they hope to win all six states with no signs of backing down. they said it could be a messy democratic convention. leyland and heather? >> that term messy has caused a mess for bernie sanders as well. thanks, brian. >> no problem. >> now more on bernie sanders. the question asked over and over is bernie sanders has no chance of winning and why is he so determined to stay in the imam? maybe an answer to that and we tacked about it giving him unprecedented say over the democratic platform that will be presented in july. for more on that the democratic strategy and former dnc spokesperson and former obama spokesperson. thank you for joining us this
12:11 am
morning. >> let's talk about the unprecedented allowance that has been given to bernie sanders. he will be able to pick six people that will sit there out of 15 and help shape the platform, correct? >> yes. >> do you think that's what he was aiming for? >> oftentimes people are getting excited about the platform committee this year. and then as someone who sat through a bunch of platforms in my life, you need strong coffee to be at the end of this will. this is a big change. usually the platform committee is to put into word and writing all of the things that the two democratic candidates or however many candidates are. we expect to see that this year and bernie has had a big impact on the discussion already.
12:12 am
>> debbie wasserman-schulz could have just named all 15 people herself, but instead they say they did this and is possibly a little peace offering to bernie sanders and his people, but yet they did this and then afterwards we had bernie sanders going in and throwing his support to debbie wasserman-schulz in florida. what do you think he is after? >> he had a chance to influence the debate and the issues discussed in the primary. he had an influence and a lasting one on the agenda of the next president of the united states. >> do you think she is hurting hillary clinton by staying in the race? >> i don't think so. i think what we have seen in exit poll time after time is that seven in ten democrats are excited about our candidates. they think it has made us stronger and they will focus
12:13 am
on the issues that families are talking about that bernie sanders brought into this debate like debt free college and like expanding social security and raising the minimum wage. those are things he has made a part of the conversation and they will make our party stronger and the message clearer to voters. >> why do you theng hill -- why do you think hillary clinton said no to the debate on june 6th just before the june 7th primary? >> i don't think there is anyone in this country who can argue they haven't seen enough of the candidates on tv. that's a key question here. obviously she is ahead in delegates and she is ahead in votes by three million or more after tonight, and i don't see the dynamics of the race changes . >> anything can happen. >> yes, anything can happen. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> anything can happen and
12:14 am
will happen including donald trump being the presumptive nominee. it looks like hillary clinton will be the same. as they inch ever closer to their party's respective nomination they are turning their attacks toward each other and boy is it nasty. >> what impact could this nasty tone have on the general election race? we will show you that ad we have been talking about up next. stay with us.
12:15 am
12:16 am
12:17 am
12:18 am
i was very nervous. >> no woman should be subjected to it. it was an assault. >> i tried to pull away from him. >> [laughing]. >> rough. very rough. that is a donald trump ad out on instagram. obviously attacking hillary clinton and bill clinton is bringing up some of his past liaisons. >> she brought bill clinton into it by saying he will be in charge of her economic policy. >> yes saying that and a lot of other things and attacking donald trump and trying to attack him on women. i think she had ads out or super pk did of women wearing
12:19 am
t-shirts and reading lines that donald trump said about women and thought kinds of things. >> it is going to be a fine line that donald trump has to walk in interprets of the attack ads because hillary clinton is a woman. >> she is a woman but so far if there is a line it hasn't -- if there is a line and he crossed it, it hasn't hurt him. joining us is the bureau media of talk news and jamestown associate and pulitzer prize winner judith miller. all fox news contributors. to try and raise the level of discourse a little bit, i will quote from the wall street journal. those of a certain age will recall the 1990s. the so-called good old days when he warned america that a, quote, abusive hipocrite, could only think they had anything to say about his fitness for public office. where did the good old days
12:20 am
go. >> i am not sure they were ever there. we look today at what has happened and once again we have to emphasize the extent to which donald trump has thrown out the playbook. everything we couldn't do or thought wouldn't work and in advertising and media campaigns it has to be reexamined. if that is an example of what we will see from donald trump he will need some work the ads i have seen from hillary especially the ads used against women -- >> wearing the t-shirt and everything? >> that's a very powerful ad. >> to that point, that same ad with almost the exact same words was used by the never trump folks about three or four months ago and it didn't work out well for them. >> you have to assume the general audience will be different. hillary has to assume that or
12:21 am
she will be in trouble. >> i have had to cut you off in the last half hour. >> this is a dangerous fight for the clintons to pick. democrats make this mistake and they were basically able to get away from bill clinton ease a sexual misconduct and the economy was doing well and his job performance was doing well for him to endure the scandals. there is a sensitivity among these crimes of people and a newer generation. think about the fact that bernie sanders overwhelms hillary clinton with women under 40 and in fact all voters under 40. donald trump may have said some true and bomb bass stick -- bombastic things, but bill clinton has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by three women and that does cause this
12:22 am
moment where you stop and think do we want to bring the clintons back over again and when they are so wrought with nefarious misconduct. and then her helping him cover it up and get through the scandals while they try to wage a war on women arguments against donald trump. >> i don't agree. clinton got through it and he was respected when he left office. i woopt to say the trump ad -- i want to say the trump ad is so bad. >> you are right -- >> it may be bad, but we are all sitting around here talking about it. >> i will say that video production quality notwithstanding because i agree that as an ad maker it could have been a lot better but to hear the voices of
12:23 am
these victims and at the beginning of the ad set to the backdrop of the big old bubba bill clinton face with the cigar and ending with her cackle, it does send that message. the clintons have to proceed carefully trying to attack trump on his very actually benign record against women when you compare it to bill clinton. >> we don't know it is so benign. >> the "new york times" tried to do a job and it backfired. if that's the best they had, keep it coming. >> that's the best the "new york times" had. >> to that point, we are sun wicks 7 -- 167 days until the election. what is the best anybody would have. you would think they are coming out in september and october and it is coming out now. >> i think they are saving some things. i think there are some arrows in their quiver. >> that's what hillary's camp has said is they are getting material together and just wait. just wait. when will that moment happen? >> she wants to wait to get
12:24 am
the nomination. she is waging a war on two fronts. one is for the nomination and one is against donald trump. they have started against trump with the phone call and that kind of thing. >> and you don't want to spend as a news organization a lot of energy and money on a candidate whom you don't think is going to go anywhere. i think for a longtime a lot of the media were in denial about donald trump's appeal and they did not do the investigative stories that you need as we head toward the general campaign. >> we will check back in with you. >> "washington post" has 20 plus reporters looking into donald trump? >> "new york times" jie. and "washington post" as well. >> donald trump looking to close -- looking to lock up the gop nomination and knocking off 16 other candidates along the way. do you remember back that far? >> he did it so can he dispatch hillary clinton is a easily? clearly he is trying.
12:25 am
that's exactly what we have been talking about. we will bring in the editor of "the daily caller" when we come back.
12:26 am
12:27 am
12:28 am
welcome back. america's election headquarters in the wee hours of a wednesday morning. think back a few months ago and who expected donald trump to be the gop front runner.
12:29 am
now that he is, could he do to hillary clinton what he did to his republican rivals? joining us now from our bureau in washington, the executive editor of "the daily caller." thank you for staying up with us and hope you had a couple cups of coffee. >> big time. >> it is strong. somehow donald trump brought fraternity nick -- nicknames to presidential politics. little marco, lyin ted and low energy and now crooked hillary. >> it is a simple and easy to under term, how to define your opponent and dispatch them. it worked in the primaries and obviously it is not just on the strength of good nicknames. it helps he canada fine his opponents by their weaknesses
12:30 am
and in this case crooked hillary trump thinks it is sticking because he continues to roll it out. he made his case that politicians give americans a raw deal. at the end of the dwai -- at the end of the day hillary clinton's inability to identify the whole campaign and to define her as crook cede will be a weakness. right now she doesn't have it. you ask her supporters how do you define hillary clinton's campaign? it is hard to do. >> they say hillary can't explain why she should be president. to that point and judy miller was making the last segment here. donald trump only had to appeal to a subset of the republican voters. now he will have to appeal to the swing voters and the blue collar democrats in a
12:31 am
different group. does the glib one-liner play well in peoria as it did with another town with smaller audiences? >> i suspect it will. he is moving toward trying to broaden his appeal. he has tried to unify the republican party. we have seen that the party is starting to unify behind him. the republican convention is not going to be the chaotic one. instead the democratic convention will have the chaos and as far as donald trump's ability to appeal to people, i think it will work. and by the way, donald trump and hillary clinton are making the same ovation right now when it comes to the election which is imagine having the clintons in the white house. it is the same message on both sides. >> there is that message, and you think about it though, they are both clamoring to try to win the women vote. but rather than appealing to the womenavote they say, no, no.
12:32 am
the other guy was worse about women. donald trump is saying that about hillary clinton and clinton is saying trump is terrible with women. does this race for the negative gutter win? >> it clearly works. negative works in politics. that's not a secret. it is effective especially if you can define your opponent. hillary clinton's campaign think they canada fine it early. >> can both sides try to define their opponent essentially with the same tag. my sense is that women don't act as that voting block. they have diverse political views and they don't just vote based on their biology. i think hillary clinton has discovered that. she has been a bit bewildered by the lack of overwhelming support from women in her race against bernie sanders. i expect for donald trump v
12:33 am
hillary clinton so as long as they can blunt the criticisms saying you have serious issues when it comes to women. it kwan sells it out and they will -- it cancels it out and they will have an electorat rather than their gender. >> it does seem like a no rules cage match as this goes on. i appreciate you staying up with us, sir. >> always good to be here. >> vince brought up an interesting point in terms of clinton being surprised more women haven't come to her defense. we heard that from madeline all bright. she said there is a special place in hell for a woman who doesn't support another woman. >> the younger female voters took offense. they vote based on the issues and not based on biology. >> i got nothing. we are back with ellen ratner, the bureau chief.
12:34 am
the pulitzer prize winner judith miller andule three fox news contributors. we are talking party unity specifically with the democrats. the one person that really could probably unite the democratic party has been silent so far and that is president obama. president obama and elizabeth warren as well. she has not jumped into the fray. why are we not hearing hearing from them? >> i don't know why. i think they are waiting to see it out. we will hear from them at the convention and i think we will hear a unifying thought and platform. i really do. >> judy? >> i think he is very busy working on his own legacy. we have seen a flurry of legislation and a rather extraordinary initiative. whether it is trying to clear out gitmo or his vietnam asia tour. beyond that if you had asked president obama four months
12:35 am
ago whether or not endorsing hell remay have help her they would have said no it wouldn't. >> 51% or so? >> 51% and that's better than it was bever -- i think right now what is important is he has to calculate whether or not it would hurt or help her in the endorsement. i don't think he wants to particularly choose at this point between bernie sander alienate one part of the base. >> you mentioned he was in vietnam and he was asked specifically about messy politics and where he saw himself in five years. he said something along the lines of i like to be positive and optimistic. sometimes the others look at our election system and think what a mess he said the same thing. >> i think he has invested his
12:36 am
legacy in hillary clinton much more decidedly than bernie sanders. although i do think in terms of a spiritual socialism he is much more aligned with bernie sander sander-style progressiveism. she was part of new democratic movement and then she became part of the bernie sanders' progressive movement. i do think there is a reluctance for any sitting president to short circuit the process by which the delegates and the people of the party get to select someone. i think he is being respectful for that. nonetheless, i don't think he is an asset. even with high popularity in 1999, 2000 did not overtly go out there.
12:37 am
elections are about the future and not the past. i don't think hillary benefits all that much outside the democratic base by making her claim that she will be the third term of barack obama. >> doesn't barack obama have the ability to motivate and to bring out to the polls a huge number of african-american voters who will be key in states like pennsylvania and florida and maybe even in ohio where things could be close with donald trump's appeal? >> absolutely and now is not the time to make that pitch. it needs to happen after she has the nomination and when the party is unified he hopes. that's when his support and his encouraging his base to get out and all democrats get out. that's what she is going to do. >> we know there is no love loss. but what do you make of the fact that president obama is so vocally anti-trump. almost mocking him and
12:38 am
dismissive. >> he is looking at the subset which is the republican party. he looks at the american public and says the american people that i know are not going to elect donald trump. that is his view and i think that is his hope. >> but there is an arrogance that i don't think serves the presidency well. he has been paned by all sides. he should stay by the fray, but i will say to your point, one of the most misunderstood politics is the idea of of coat tales. it is hard to draw voters out. in 2014 they barnstormed the country and did absolutely everything to motivate the obama base. they did not show up and they will likely not show up in the same numbers for hillary regardless of what he does. >> thank you, panel. stand by. final thoughts a little later.
12:39 am
somebody who did have a lot of coat tale in 2008 and 2012 was bill clinton. >> yes. i was thinking in terms of president obama. high was in that race and hillary clinton did not drop out until the last primary, after the last primary. >> exactly. the democratic primary race is not over, but now hillary clinton is already facing perhaps an even bigger battle. >> we were talking about the polls and we will look at some of the polls that put her behind donald trump in the general election.
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
you are watching america's election headquarters. it has been an exciting night. it is showing hillary clinton losing ground in a match up against donald trump. it comes as he makes strides toward unifying his party and clinton struggles to lock up the nomination against her rival, bernie sanders. ashley pratt joins us now from our bureau in washington, d.c. ashley, thank you so much for joining us. >> anytime. >> what is your take on the latest polls. we had the real clear politic average of polls that puts trump ahead by .2%. we had other polls that we looked at specifically this. this was the "wall street
12:44 am
journal" poll and another put him ahead. she is losing ground. >> it looks as she stays in a battle with bernie sanders trump's numbers can only go up from here. i think that's what we are starting to see is the consolidation and unification around the ticket. it was something a longtime ago that we thought republicans would be ones who were fractured and tattered and the torn, but it is the democrats in this case hillary clinton's number can only go up that is important to look at. she has not done herself favors. she built her entire career running for the white house and this is her last chance and she knows that. getting into the election is donald trump whose number rims proving and is made of
12:45 am
teflon. nothing he says sticks and she has not been able to stick it to him yet. i don't know how that will play out, but as it woman ' s down donald trump -- but as it comes down donald trump knows how to make his case to voters. there is a big pool of voters who will not vote for hillary clinton and some are sanders supporters. >> and her political career. they are looking for someone from the outside. >> how does she get them to support her and not leave the party and vote for donald trump? >> you nailed. it it is the year of the outsider. it can be to hillary clinton's demmise. and that is what we are starting to see with sanders supporters. they see her with the ultimate
12:46 am
insider she has a record that attaches itself to the democratic establishment and sanders supporters are not going to go for it. i think trump will take some of those sanderses supporters. it is like 17% of sanderses supporters will not back her. unless bernie sanders is able to come in with some agreementar your endorsement, there is a civil war in the party and they are coming under fire. >> ashley pratt, thank you for joining us this early. >> thank you. >> see what happens. >> and in the primary with debbie wasserman-schulz. incredible the amount of back stabbing.
12:47 am
>> we had numbers that came in and since he announced his support of her opponent he raised a record amount of money. >> they september out e-mails for -- they sent out e-mails for progressive candidates. sanders has coat -- coat tails. we have been talking about it all night. what does the violence in allah customer key mean moving forward and going forward. final thoughts from the panel coming up.
12:48 am
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don't mind us. we are taking some selfies. >> we have to mark it down in history that we were all here until almost 4:00 a.m. >> and everyone at home is with us too. >> another pot of coffee on. our panel had a lot of coffee on. they have a lot to say here. some final thoughts now and the executive vice president of jamestown associates. pulitzer prize winner is here all fox news contributors.
12:52 am
we will 8 lou you now. contribute away, please. >> i want to give an idea on something that has never been measured as a metric of success. i would say in the last two weeks although i think trump has enjoyed most of his campaign, you have seen a stark difference between the two major candidates right now if you consider hillary as the likely nominee of the democratic party. she is struggling and you can tell. her speeches and her campaign stops seem almost tortured. she is grasping at a rational to attack trump and she is grasping at things to stave off sanderses. if you contrast it he has kept this upbeat and almost enthusiastic dynamic around his campaign. >> you say it has never been measured, but wasn't the -- wasn't that whatlyin ted was
12:53 am
about? >> fair point. i don't know if historically it was measured. maybe this campaign season more than ever. it has been a lot more about personality. you see trump having the most successful two weeks so far. he is positioned extremely well especially now and hillary is going into the same convention. >> i think peaceful protesting helps hillary. and there are police horses and police dog and that helps donald trump because it raise will all of the fearses about the security and the person who is out there opposing trump. i have to step back and say, wow, donald trump beat out 16 other candidates and they are in a knockdown, drag out race
12:54 am
to be the nominee. they are among the most popular candidates we have ever had. that's the highest and the last poll is like 54 and not that far behind. are the american people really going to be asked to hold our moases and vote for somebody -- hold our noses and vote for somebody they dislike the least? >> i want to say that hillary is still in this race with bernie. bernie has done an interesting thing. he has endorsed some of the more liberal party candidates. this has to be something from the ground up. today he did an e-mail that splits the money with eight candidates. hillary has sent out these much more personal e-mails. i would love to meet you and have dinner with me if you contribute and you are in the race for dinner.
12:55 am
>> but it is interesting and i think trump is also hoping that the never hillary beats the never trump. >> but how do you beat somebody with nobody? we have these two never movements that are not for everybody. >> let's not forget as much as we have talked about personality and the negativity of both of their approval ratings, donald trump in these polls leads her among the two biggest issues that americans care about. the jobs in the economy and terrorism. his campaign is actually filling out. it is no longer just about donald trump the persona. he has done a remarkable job giving the american people a reason to believe on the two things they care most about he is a better candidate. >> that is a switch typically with the terrorism. >> we shall see. we haven't had a lot of terrorism since san bernadino. let's hope it stays that way. a major attack could
12:56 am
definitely change the political landscape. >> it has been awfully quiet and there has not been any evidence. >> there is material on the body parts that has been discovered. >> all right. well, i'm out of here. you are sticking around. abbie is about 10 feet over there and ready to take over. i am going to get some sleep. >> and i am going to post our selfie. >> stay tuned for that. >> retweet it. "fox and friend first." >> it starts right now. do not go away. >> there you go. of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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>> it is wednesday, may 25th. chaos on the campaign trial. vie len protests exploding outside of a donald trump rally in new mexico overnight. >> people raging out of control. breaking barriers, smashing doors and throwing rocks at police but don't tell trump that. >> you know, the safest place to be any time in our country is at a trump rally. it's love. >> we have fox news team coverage for you this morning.


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