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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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mexico has tripled we have to get the governor to get going. she has to do a i will run for f new mexico. i will get this place going. she is not doing the job. we have to get her moving. let's go governor. >> the spokesperson responded in a statement saying the pock shot warns against policy. the governor will not be pubulld into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans and she did not hear that today. while martinez will not support trump soon there is news paul ryan will do just that beginning this week. >> i wonder what happened to the horse. someone through a burning t-shirt and rocks at a horse do we know? >> we were told he was picked
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back up and was in the lines the rest of the night. if he was hurting it wasn't bad enough he had to go off the lines. donald trump is heading west and facing big hurdles. voters heading to the polls in just two weeks in new mexico and california. in a fox news latino poll it shows clinton leading trump among latino voters 62 percent to 23 percent. can trump change the mind of minority voters. here to weigh in on that fox news contributor and talk show host tammy ruth and kathy lynn taylor. what does he need to do? can he change the minds of these minority voters? >> in some respects he probably has. there is no really accurate polling on how many moved over in the proom mary how well he carried minorities. based on the number of primaries he won he's carrying more
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minorities than people expected. he needs to increase 38 percent of the population is minority they will have to win more of that. satisfaction cuts across all folks of the country cuts across race and creed and religion. it may be a choice of not loving his bed tied manner all of the time. it is not an open primary but it is a big state with a big population and we will see how he does there. >> with the crowd we saw that's not representative of the hispanic tpopulation. they are going to be voting based on their own families. i think that that is what donald trump is tapping into doing better than expected because people know they have to decide between how it has been and
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doing something better. they will be choosing for making something better that's where donald trump wins. we see his message overall. he hasn't made an effort to do the identity politics to panneder to any particular group. i think it is refreshing and groups appreciate that. we all see ourselves as americans first. his rhetoric will be appealing to them as americans and the nature of what he is promising as well. that is about policy. you might say it is not no, he is finally telling the truth and that's what people will appreciate across the board. >> it is interesting not just the hispanic minority the asian minority. trump is begin to go vet
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potential vp's after meeting with senator bob kwoescorker. what quality does he need to have in the general. a lot of talk senator corker is being considered. what's the first thing he should look for? >> he should look for a couple of very important things. what donald trump looks for might be different than what a traditional candidate may look for. first a ying for his yang. he needs to look at saab who is different from that standpoint. he needs to pick someone who particulars his language.
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sen core corker understands the world where donald trump came from. most importantly, he knead to pick someone who understands two of the three-ways that things get done. trump made a lot of big promises in order to deliver on them. it is not just congress. it is the executive branch and how policy gets made and how it gets implemented in businesses and states. let me give you a quick example. you have no child left behind and obamacare. who policies. no child left behind was a resounding implementation disaster. >> you don't think i should choose some areas where he is weak try to increase his numbers with women and pick a woman? >> i think again the identity policies he should stay away from. there are a specific set of things because he does not have
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a governmental experience. this will speak to his choice. he will speak to everyone across the board giving them some kind of comfort like okay we like what his approach is, he doesn't have governmental experience, this person does. that is what will appeal. not these slivers of identity politics. he also needs to choose someone, i was thinking with military experience. >> the military. to some degree that would be helpful. i think of someone like rick perry one of the two men in last line up that wore the uniform in the country. you think of someone who has that experience, is well liked, has governed, has been in the military. there is so much talent out there. i deaning he will have trouble finding someone who wants to put the country back on his feet. >> economic policy and terrorism. >> and the border.
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this person will have to be with him on the border. >> donald trump putting person knee sanders in the rearview mirror. the social center says not so fast. we are live following the developments on the democratic side. this is not over yet. >> for sanders it is not. hillary clinton is battling a world war right now. she is trying to concentrate on the presumptive nominee donald trump who calls her crooked hillary and heartless while trying to send off a hail mary push to bernie sander ds. sanders is taking the primary to the convention despite the fact that clinton is 78 delegates short of the nomination. in california tuesday clinton tried to ignore sanders and spent half of her time bashing trump saying isis accusing him of cheering on the housing market crash in 2008 to make money for himself while
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attacking trump's leadership inexperience. >> you cannot order elected officials to do something. you can't say to the senator from some state, you are fired. that's not the way the government works. >> clinton bashes clinton in california with ties to super packs and wall street>> we have a good chance to win in california. all i can say is i think she doesn't want to go face to face with her views verses my views. >> an upset win in california with 475 delegates. senator sanders believes a sweep on tuesday could lead to a quote messy democratic convention. abby? >> brian, thanks so much.
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>> 8 minutes after the top of the hour. tornado terror. a massive funnel cloud unleashing its fury. this one of dozens touching down in kansas. we are live with a look at the damage. the most disliked candidates between donald trump and hillary clinton could turn out to be a rough race come november. why the next guest says things could get really ugly. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag.
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asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> a new york man is facing decades in prison for trying to join isis. zamir,ally maumeti thought he was talking to isis recruits but turns out they were under cover fbi agents. investigators say he had an isis
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flag propaganda videos and weapons in his apartment in the bronx. he tried to fly overseas twice but was sent back to the u.s. at times. >> the african taliban appointing a new leader in ba pakistan. a former deputy will now head the terror network. he will be in charge of it. it is the public acknowledgment was killed in saturday's air strike. they were powerful to say the least. it left two people fighting for they a their lives. >> there are three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. >> for the fourth consecutive
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day 24 twisters reported in kansas yesterday alone. in oklahoma half dozen structures leveled near tulsa. >> i know i saw pictures of your husband that has dramatic pictures of video. >> several of the tornadoes touched down near the dodge city kansas area. also damage reported across portions of oklahoma and even severe weather across places like colorado. severe weather outbreak is forecast to continue here over the sex several days. very unfortunate places like texas up through parts of minnesota e-the dakotas with possibility of more large hail and damaging winds and loss
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tornadoes. the threat also continues as we head into the next several days. continuing a very active weather pattern. these storms could produce a lot of rain. because the overall weather pattern is slow moving we could be looking at a threat of rain from texas up into parts of nebraska and kansas as we head to the end of the workweek. >> crazy video. hope everyone stays safe. >> the general election lesser of two evils with donald trump and hillary clinton poised to be the candidates over the decades. are the gloves coming off? are we about to witness the ugliest race in u.s. history? reporter from real clear politics katie burns. >> thank you for waking up toe early. >> thank you. >> people are saying when it
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comes to unfavorables this new abc poll says it might be the heist we have seen. trump 50 percent unfavorable clinton 53 percent. we have seen the attack ads against each other before the general election. they are nasty. these are two people who know each other on a personal level which makes it more interesting. >> having them be the most disliked candidates in history will be an extremely negative election. democrats we have seen in polls are more likely to be motivated in opposition to trump than support to clinton. same on the orepublican side. opposition to clinton more than trump. that's when you are seeing the republican party really coalesce more quickly than we imaged in the first place. we are going to see the attacks intensify over the next several months. >> a lot of people thought it would be the republican party in disarray last month. but the democrats are divided.
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people are saying that divide could get wider and waging a war against the dnc saying he's not getting out of this thing any time soon. how do you see this playing out? we know california is in two weeks. the polls are closed. bernie sanders could even pull that out. >> the polls are closed. clinton won california in 2008. if he is able to pull off a victory that would give him significant momentum even though he is behind in pledged delegates and behind in the number of votes. he has been railing against the system and railing against the dnvc in particular which really is problematic for the party that wants to not only unite but energize the there are calls for her to step down. that's creating a lot of tension pi toint at a point where hillary clinton wants to focus
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on the general. >> it was heather who reminded me earlier it was the young people is if he is not their nominee a lot saying he will go to donald trump. >> this will be a significant challenge she is acknowledged several months ago saying that will have to be a bay she turns out. she will have to recreate and expand on the obama coalition. he is a unique figure himself. he is actually been side lined by this primary. once this primary is over i expect obama to be active on the campaign trail figures like elizabeth warren and joe biden. we will see them come out in full force. >> it has been a long race, but it sounds like we are just getting started. >> thank you for being with us. >> the time now is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. san francisco is not only keeping its sanctuary city policy, but now it will be even
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>> fleet week 2016 when a parade of ships sail through the new york harbor. >> veteran lia gabriel is live from the manhattan heleport. we love it when they come to town. >> you are right. i am here at the hill laporte downtown. behind me you can see the landing pad the fouch down zone. that is where a helicopter is going to come out and meet me. i have my navy flight jacket on in celebration of fleet week. going to take me out to the uss paw t baton. there will be nine ships coming into the harbor including u.s. navy ships that also include u.s. marines. fleet week is a celebration for
2:24 am
the entire area for new york city and the tri-state area. it is an opportunity for coast guards to interact with the local population and for them to get to know our service members. uss p baton is a special ship a assault ship involved in anumber of operations including humanitarian missions and all of the combat missions going on around the world. beautiful morning this morning. we have the brak lynn bridge. this is the first time since 2012 the u.s. navy has been able to have a presence for fleet week. exciting time. we are all looking forward to it. hopefully we will be on board the ship and be able to show you everythinged on the ship.
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>> it is currently 25 after the hour. breaking down barriers and throwing rocks at police. ducking the debate. was it a smart decision? our democratic panel on deck with an answer.
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if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ >> chaos on the campaign trail at a trump rally. >> people raging out of control in albuquerque key breaking barriers throwing rocks at police. don't tell trump that. >> all of this while donald trump scores another victory overnight. >> the presumptive nominee winning the washington state primary moving him one step closer to the nomination.
2:29 am
>> garrett tenney is live in washington with the latest. if last night is any indication we can expect to see more. hundreds of protestors clashed with police outside of the albuquerque convention center where donald trump's rally was being held last night. a group of demonstrators almost made it inside when they stormed the line of officers, they broke through and tried breaking down a door. police eventually pushed them back that's when protestors started throwing rocks and bottles and even fireworks at the officers. jonathan hunt was in the middle of it all and hit by a rock himself. >> we are going to walk with them. sorry. just got hit by a rock there. >> others took it a step further
2:30 am
setting posters and even their own shirts on fire as well. some protestors were smashing windows jumping on patrol cars. several officers were reportedly injured there has been at least one arrest. inside protests as well. from demonstrators who sneaked inside and repeated lie interrupted trump while he was speaking. he is very used to this now and use it had to take jabs at democratic rivals. >> you know they are bernie sanders supporters, but em hearing that we are going to get about 40 percent of bernie sander's supporters because he's not going to win. the system is rigged against bernie sanders so he can't win. i am hearing we are going to get close to 40 percent of his supporters. maybe not these people, though. get them out of here. get them out. he can't get a date so he is doing this instead. >> trump won washington's gop.
2:31 am
he could score another big win this week as well. there are reports house speaker paul ryan is now prepared to endorse donald trump as well. that could come any day. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you, garrett. >> most important job in the world. it is the toughest job in the world. you should be willing to campaign for every vote. you should be willing to debate any time, anywhere. it is an interesting position we put ourselves in. i have been willing to do that. >> despite those comments in 2008 clinton just said no to a 10th and final debate with bernie sanders. >> we have our panel here. thank you both for sticking around this morning.
2:32 am
i will start with you. a wise decision for hillary clinton to not debate? >> i think it cuts both ways. if she is debating she is fueling this fantasy this primary is still happening. she has more than 3 million more votes than bernie sanders. americans have shown up for him. this thing is over and done. she needs to focus on donald trump right now. on the other hand she looks great when we can see her talking about the issues. a little bit of a lost opportunity on the other side. >> she does fall behind with california picking up specifically we did the polls. under the age of 45, 69 percent go for sanders compared to clinton 27 percent. so ellen, do you think she could have used this as an opportunity to win over some of those voters? >> i think she could use it as an opportunity to put forth her platform and her views and reach
2:33 am
out to the younger voters. i have a little bit of issue with the 3 million votes issue. that does not take into the caucuses. >> the caucuses are the lead democratic form of juicing the government we have. bernie sanders wins the undemocratic stuff. three million more have shown up on election day. you turn on your tv you think nobody likes this women. americans are showing up for her. >> we thought the republican party would have, the unity, the pulling together. >> everybody thought cleveland was going to be the big contest in a spring but it really is much more. >> bernie sanders says he is not dropping out. let's talk about the big players, the democrats that have been silent so far. they have not endorsed in i one including president obama.
2:34 am
vice president obama al gore jerry brown. can they change the game in a couple of different respects one in unifying the party and endorsements of the candidate along with those? >> obviously they can do a lot to unify the party. elizabeth warren gets up and hillary clinton is the candidate and says look, i may be to the left of her and she is the party candidate and i support her. >> that endorsement will be unifying. >> we will see them flooding on to the field with great enthusiasm. we will see bernie sanders not go down in history.
2:35 am
these people will be making the case especially for obama. bill clinton one of the biggest regrets is al gore is kind of boring so he didn't end up winning. we get george w. bush and iraq. that's a referendum on bill clinton. he and president obama is worried about his legacy. donald trump basically a con man who we know is a terrible person even though we are trying to pretend otherwise object fying his own daughter since she was an infant the idea that would be the person americans choose to follow i think is really up setting. we are going to see -- >> john, people are also going to be upset about a couple of things you just that donald tr terrible person. i am happy top stand by it. >> those are your opinions. >> yes, those are my opinions. they certainly are.
2:36 am
>> thank you. oh oo the time is 36 after the hour. san francisco is keeping it sanctuary policy it will be harder to share information with the feds. a live report of what it means next. >> google wants to get into your pass words. a new way to get into your e-mail and when it is expected to happen. >> instead of doing that, can you just say ♪ loving you
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". san francisco will remain a sanctuary city. they are keeping a controversial law in place protecting illegal immigrants from the feds. >> anna kooiman is here with the new developments there. anna, good morning. >> a lot of viewers are very
2:40 am
interested in this. the vote is unanimous. the board of supervisors upheld the policies that blocked local law enforcement from telling ice about illegal immigrants already in custody. the board made one clarification. people charged with a violent crime or convicted of a violent crime within the last search years will not be protected. one supervisor says that's an important detail. >> it would make sure we are very clear about who is responsible for any part of the work around detaining people and notifying people, notifying ice. >> the city's policy gained national attention after the murder of state steinle if you willer. the 32-year-old was shot and killed while walking ohhen a peer with her family by an illegal immigrant francisco sanchez last july. he had been deported some five times and released months before her death. the city did not notify the feds
2:41 am
of his release because sanchez wasn't held on a physical knee. he is no you awith aitying a trial. the fallout caused former sheriff to be voted out of office last fall. the changes to the law still need to be approved the mayor. it is not clear if he will sign off. >> anna kooiman live for us. thank you for that development. >> what if you didn't have to worry about pass ins -- pass words or log-ins. >> that sounds lovely. >> doesn't that sound great to not have to use your pass words any more. this would be on android phones. they are testing out abacus they are testing it with banking apps and they will start next month. it would use things like location, facial recognition technology from your phone instead of you having to type in the pass word.
2:42 am
by the end of the year if this project is successful all of the apps that are your shopping apps or maybe your banking apps you will be signing into they would open up and the phone would know it was you and you could shop away. >> cheryl, yesterday we were talking about sports authority all of the locations being closed. there has been $92.5 million in outstanding i am parts. >> remember when radio shack gift cards the people sued and got this attorney in texas. this is the concern about the sports gift cards. if you have one look for this. 92.5 million as of june 26th those gift cards are not going to be valid. if you got them, use them. >> i have had a lot of coffee. there's good news on that front, too. you can be on the lookout for cheaper packaged coffee. >> i am about four cups behind
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you right now heather. actually coffee prices have been going down. jm shmucker which owns duncan brand coffee. also foal gers. they are the largest coffee producer in the world. they will lower prices by 6 percent. it doesn't apply to the k cups. that's popular to viewers. coffee prices are 6 percent cheaper. have another couple. >> all right. i like that. >> cheryl, thanks. >> you bet. >> time is almost 15 minutes to the top of the hour. donald trump for the first time ever pulling ahead in the new national average. pollster lee carter looking at that. >> do you have low battery anxiety. you will be shocked how many people suffer from it? >> you know who does not have low battery anxiety is brian kilmeade coming up next on "fox & friends." >> good to see you.
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>> i have low battery right now. >> the show is great. full of energy. trying to keep it going. dr. larry saab now is here he will look at the battle between hillary and donald trump. feels like september. keep in mind it is still may. bernie sanders campaign manager jeff weaver is not giving up the ship. david clark joining us. always great. radio show host bobby bones the legend will be doing talking points with us. what happens when willie robertson and i walk the streets of new york city? one of us have a really bushy beard. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends."
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched."
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> violent protests exploding outside of a the campaign trail.
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>> throwing rocks at police and even hurting officers. >> john roberts joins us live from los angeles where trump is heading next. john? >> a peaceful scene in anaheim outside of the convention center. we are a block away from disney land in california. police are anticipating a i lot of protests will be here. let's take a look at what happened last night in mexico. mess kau california about a month ago someone reminisce sent about what happened in chicago. police on horse back pushing back protestors that came disrupt tors and trouble makers. pepper spray was deployed. tear gas might have been used. that was not the case. a number of police were injured by rocks that were throne.
2:49 am
we understand that a window or a doorway at the convention center was smashed. this all happened after donenal trump had already left. the protests had been pretty much peaceful up until then. inside the convention center in a rally before a huge group of people donald trump turned many of his familiar themes including the fact of what happened outside is completely different than what happens inside. here is trump. >> you know, the safest place to be any time in our country is at a trump rally. it is love, believe me. it is love. >> safest place to be is inside a trump rally. outside it could be different. trump hit on familiar topics he does in every stump speech but really going after hillary clinton particularly on the issue of the ad she has put out, p her supporters put out about what donald trump said before the housing bubble burst saying
2:50 am
he wanted the bubble to burst so he could make money. here's how trump he wanted. >> i see this low life tonight. she puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing because he wanted housing to go down -- they have a clip of me. yeah, if it goes down i am going to buy. i am a businessman. that's what i am supposed to do. if sheyeah, if it goes down, i'm a businessman, that's what i do. >> elizabeth warren also stepping up her attacks on donald trump calling him an insecure money grubber. trump called her pocahontas elizabeth. our producer on capitol hill has checked with ryan's sources saying that reports of his
2:51 am
endorsement of donald trump is not true but it could happen later on. for the first time ever, donald trump takes the lead over hillary clinton in the national polling average. it is close, though. 43.4% to 43.2%, heather. >> but with the general election more than five months away, does it really mean anything? here's to take a closer look at the polls, lee carter joins us and since we're talking about mr. trump off the top here, i want to reiterate to our viewers at home that in our last panel discussion, one of our guests made some inflam tory and unsubstantiated comments regarding mr. trump and those were his opinions and his alone. i just wanted to repeat that. this poll is a first for donald trump. it's an average of polls and the first time that he has topped clinton in an average, right? >> that's right.
2:52 am
a lot of people are saying it's within the margin of error. is this a big deal? i would argue it is a big deal because if you look at the trends over the last three months, this suggests a momentum toward donald trump and a way from hillary clinton. that's significant. where there's momentum and energy, that's where things start to move. and when people start to walk away you start to feel that. you saw it in the republican primary as people started to lose steam and going toward trump. this was huge momentum. it's concerning for hillary clinton. good news for donald trump. the race is long. this is not to say this is the final answer but it's certainly indicating that things are good for donald trump right now. >> it is long. it's certainly interesting that was a big hit on donald trump throughout the primaries that he was the candidate who could not beat hillary clinton. now he's ahead. how do you see this playing out
2:53 am
as the democrats begin to unify potentially around hillary clinton? >> it's a really good question. there's a lot of people who say that the bernie spoeforters are going to go for hillary in the end just like hillary's supporters went for obama in the end. there are many bernie sanders supporters say they want an outside candidate. there's a huge portion that say i'm going to stay at home, because my vote was for somebody not hillary clinton. to suggest she's going to get a bump i'm not sure is going to happen. is sanders going to stand behind hillary clinton? there's going somebody some -- to be some deals made i'm sure. >> he's going to have a major
2:54 am
say in the democratic platform as it is established during the convention. what do you think is behind trump's rise in the national poll? >> you know, i talked to voters and they say things like 75% of what donald trump says is common sense and i absolutely love it. it's refreshing. 25% i think is a little bit strange or disconcerting, but i also like that. people love what he says and he says what he means. >> we'll be right back. >> any time. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo.
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with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger.
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go to, dawn saves wildlife. it is now 3 minutes until the top of hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. donald trump continues his west coast swing with a campaign stop at anaheim, california. this after a violent campaign rally in albuquerque, new mexico. and romainian hacker who claims he breached hillary clinton's private email server is set to pleaed guilty. two people are fighting for their lives after tornadoes ripped through kansas. it is the fourth consecutive day
2:59 am
that sirens burglary -- blard through the flames. she put on a chewbacca mask and made all of us laugh. [ laughing ] >> now chewbacca mom is hanging out with chewbacca. she's made facebook history with the most live videos ever. i just love her. next the bad, a close call with death as two campers wake up to a pair of thirsty lions. the ugly, do you have low battery anxiety? it turns out you are not alone. 90% of his worry about that. one symptom, ordering something
3:00 am
at a restaurant just to use their power outlet. 19% a few minutes ago and now i'm down to 15%. >> i think we're all guilty of this one. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. >> bye. good wednesday morning to you and your family. it's may 25th. i'm ainsley earhardt. th is a fox news alert. chaos erupting outside a donald trump rally. anti trump protesters turning violent, throwing rocks at the police and at are journalists. there you go one of our own and setting shirts on fire. forcing cops to fire pepper spray and smoke grenades into that crowd. the dramatic images in over night. donald trump and hillary clinton look ahead to november, unleashing brutal new attacks on each other. >> hillary clinton will be so bad for our economy, so bad for jobs. >> he's bankrupted companies. i don't know how you lose money


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