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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 25, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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at a restaurant just to use their power outlet. 19% a few minutes ago and now i'm down to 15%. >> i think we're all guilty of this one. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. >> bye. good wednesday morning to you and your family. it's may 25th. i'm ainsley earhardt. th is a fox news alert. chaos erupting outside a donald trump rally. anti trump protesters turning violent, throwing rocks at the police and at are journalists. there you go one of our own and setting shirts on fire. forcing cops to fire pepper spray and smoke grenades into that crowd. the dramatic images in over night. donald trump and hillary clinton look ahead to november, unleashing brutal new attacks on each other. >> hillary clinton will be so bad for our economy, so bad for jobs. >> he's bankrupted companies. i don't know how you lose money running casinos.
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>> is this just the beginning of the nastiest race in hoert -- history. what happens when willie robertson fries to -- tries to fit in when we walk the streets of new york city. we're about to find out. it's all part of "fox & friends." we're 166 days until election day. see ya! >> impressive. a little mathematician over there. >> i am. >> there's a lot going on. >> first thing first. how did the gifts go over for your anniversary? >> if you were watching yesterday, you know at the end of the show, i took the world's slowest indy car down 48 street
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looking for something to buy my wife. >> he bought his wife a birthday present at the new york tourist store. a shot glass? i'm guessing a shot glass. >> although she could use it. >> dealing with you, you mean? >> yes, ma'am. >> let's talk politics. >> chaos on the campaign trail. violent protests exploding outside a donald trump rally in new mexico. >> police say as many as 600 rioters filled the streets, throwing rocks at police, hurting a number of police officers. >> john roberts live in los angeles where is donald trump heading next and what happened last night, john? >> brian, ainsley, steve, good morning to you. we're in anaheim, california. a block away from disney world. donald trump will be speaking at 3:00 eastern time, noon pacific here in anaheim and police are
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expecting there could be a lot of protesters that show up. let's look at what happened last night in new mexico. it started off peacefully enough. as the sun went down, it started turning violent. t-shirts and flags and a big trump sign were lit on fire. protesters broke through barricades. a number of police officers were hurt, and as far as we know there was only one arrest and we hear a door at the convention center where trump was speaking was smashed in. this all happened after trump left. inside the rally, prior to that, trump was interrupted a number of times by protesters and as he typically does, he treated it as sport. he went after new mexico governor suzannea martinez who so far has refused to endorse
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him. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job. okay? she's got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. she's not doing the job. we got to get her moving. come on. let's go, governor. >> spokesman for governor martinez says she will not be bullied into making an endorse: donald trump taking aim last night against hillary clinton. attacking her for an ad she took out which attacks him. also taking aim at the way she speaks. listen to this. >> she is a total lightweight. believe me. i watch her speaking. she always uses the teleprompter. i watch her speaking we're going to win north and south and east and west. she screams.
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it drives me crazy. she goes and donald trump is a terrible person! and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? >> hillary clinton hoping to avoid a humiliating loss here in the state of california on june 7th when the last set of primaries are up for grabs. bernie sanders really going to california hard. his last stand, a million and a half dollar ad buy here. and just to what steve was saying, i think he got a little baby statue of liberty in a snow globe. >> john roberts who is going to be the first one in line at disneyland out at anaheim today, thank you.
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>> i've never been. >> this is your chance. >> it's 3:05 a.m. you can be first in line. >> i love putting one of the robertsons out on the street of new york. it's a science experience. >> six minutes after the hour, let's talk about the level of nastyness between donald trump and hillary clinton. it has gotten personal. it's about business. it's about family. it's about private lives. public lives. listen to this. >> hillary clinton will be so bad for our economy, so bad for jobs, she's going to be so bad for the second amendment. >> he's bankrupted companies. i don't know how you lose money running casinos. >> hillary clinton has somebody -- did you ever hear of pocahontas? it's pocahontas elizabeth
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warren. she's a total failure. she said she was an indian. >> you got to get all kinds of people to sign up and loose talk like a loose cannon can misfire. >> yesterday, we had tickets in front of trump tower and they were vets. crooked hillary clinton put the vets there. i watch her speaking and i will never say this, but she screams. it drives me crazy. >> well, you know, it has gotten very personal and those were sound bites just from yesterday. you got to wonder whether or not one of the things that got things going is the -- particularly yesterday, was the attack that donald trump made on bill clinton. a lot of millennials are all unfamiliar with the fact -- bill clinton, they don't know he was impeached or he had sex with a way younger woman or any of those things.
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the reason he's open to ridicule and criticism and that's what donald trump has been leveling his way. >> they are a package deal. this is a prelude of what's to come. we had him on the show months ago. when you win the nomination, what is it going to look like if hillary clinton is the nominee? he said oh, it's going to be bad. you said 166 more days. this is just the beginning, folks. it goes each further when he comes out with an ad he said this is how donald trump treats women, he felt it was fair to say this is somebody with a track record. rush limbaugh put it in great perspective yesterday. >> it's not unusual tabloids is no different than e
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entertainment television or tmz, they have various locations on the strata, but that kind of gossip is going to have an audience, trump is getting it early for a reason. he told everybody he's getting it out there. nobody else will touch it. nobody else has wanted to touch this stuff ever, any of it. >> tabloids work. people watch the tabloid magazine shows, the access hollywood's, the entertainment tonight. >> he says donald trump is doing the job the mainstream media won't. he's getting the word out there. >> some people don't like it. they are old school. other people are saying no one has gone after the clintons and finally someone is. >> and no one will ever go after heather nauert like that. mitt romney didn't go through the jugular.
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he didn't go for the win, and donald trump said it. mitt romney did not do a -- he didn't close it. he wants to show that he will do anything to close it. >> i think this is our first ever heather and mitt romney talk. >> we need to remind people at home to send us their emails. let us know what you think about this. >> i hope you are all off to a good day. an intense manhunt ends in arizona as an accused highway shooter is arrested. police confirming the suspect was caught hiding in the desert within the last two hours. he's believe to be the gunman who opened fire near the beeline highway. he hit one driver. he's accused of stealing a car and shooting at officers as well. feds say he used isis beheading videos to get motivated while he was working
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out. now, a new york man is facing decades in prison for trying to join the terror group. the feds arresting this man, 22-year-old sajmir alimehmeti. he had an arsenal of weapons in his new york apartment. he also tried to fly overseas twice was sent back to the united states both times. >> it is still not the apology that our heroes want or waiting for. va chief bob mcdonald addressed his comments he made comparing wait times for veterans to waits in disneyland. >> wait times are important but they are not the only measure of veteran experience. that's what veterans telling us. if i was misunderstood or if i said the wrong thing, i'm glad i
3:12 am
have the opportunity to correct it. >> misunderstood, that's what politicians always say when they misspeak or tell the truth, depending how you look at it. several republican lawmakers calling for his resignation,he combat veteran representative, joani ernst. >> he did not apologize, but he did correct. that's a step in the right direction. all right. fleet week 2016 kicks off today when the parade of ships sails through the new york harbor for the annual celebration of the navy, marines, and coast guard. leah gabriel is live where she's about to meet up with the fleet. >> good morning, guys. it is a wonderful morning here and it is so exciting. i wanted to say good morning to all the sailors and marines and
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coast guard are going to be here. we're going to head out to the helicopter touchdown zone you can see right here behind me, to see out to the ussbataan. it's going to be a wonderful week. >> it's going to be fantastic. i love it when they have the water cannons as they come into the harbor. >> 13 minutes after the hour. >> coming up on this wednesday, the first and only navy s.e.a.l. in congress here with an exclusive announcement and it's big. one morning out of nowhere, this reporter woke up blind in one of his eyes. that's the beginning. he's going to join us live with how that blindness might have actually saved his life. vo: across america,
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fresh off his washington state win, donald trump focusing on the last five states where voters cast their primary votes in less thap two weeks. that includes the state of mt where -- montana where the
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state's only navy s.e.a.l. meets with donald trump tomorrow. >> i'm going to officially endorse donald trump. it's time. as a former s.e.a.l., we need a commander in chief that will put the troops first and national security interests first before raising money for clinton foundation or mishandling classified information or benghazi the list goes on. donald trump will be the commander in chief that will put our interests first. >> you are not one of these guys who just evolved to feeling donald trump has the necessary requirements to be president of the united states. you've felt like this for a while. >> on our side, we had 17 talented candidates and every one of them was capable of being the president, but donald trump stuck out. he stuck out because political correctness. he knew that america was upset and it's time to put american interests first and the age of political correctness is over
3:19 am
because i think in order to get ahead and face the challenges we do, we need to have a dialogue, you know, of critical thinking and not hide behind, you know, terminology and be so politically correct that nothing is getting done and that's what washington is so great at, getting nothing done. >> i'm with you and a lot of people watching right now are on the p.c. thing, but if donald trump were the president of the united states, he's not a politician until the last couple of months. he's a businessman. so what would he bring to the table? >> well, as a businessman, i think he will not accept business as usual in washington, d.c. you got to put jobs center plate. if we don't have a moving economy, then nothing else is going to matter. we won't be able to afford a strong military nor will we be able to afford to keep the promises we've made. having an economy that moves is absolutely critical and to have someone understands what drives the economic, you know, engine
3:20 am
of this country, i think it's donald trump. >> why don't you support hillary clinton as the next commander in chief? >> well, other than benghazi, other than putting national security second, other than her corruptive history, i just can't go with corruption and cronyism. i think america wants a fresh face and not being a politician i think in this cycle is an advantage. >> all right. congressman ryan zinke. thank you very much. what do you think about that? email us at foxand and nearly one year later, wait until you hear what the city's democratic leadership is
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quick look at your headlines. a fire ball erupting right beneath a florida street. watch. orange flames shooting out from under the sidewalk. it happened in st. petersburg after a transformer blew. terrifying moments, someone made threats against two flights from houston on the same day.
3:25 am
one was delayed from take-off on bush intercontinental. passengers were rescreened and let back on. an american eagle flight also landed at l.a.x. where it was headed. fox philadelphia reporter chris o'connell is used to telling 0 other people's stories but now he found his own story of how he found himself the center as a medical mystery. >> a woman shot a man three times. >> as a t.v. journalist, i get to be the eyes of the world. but for me, the ability to witness that news to literally see things clearly was about to change. i woke up with a sudden and painless loss of vision to my left eye. within two days i was sitting in the chair of delaware county
3:26 am
ophthalmologyi ophthalmologyist. blood work, diagnostic tests, and what i didn't get was answers. >> it took more than two months, but doctors did finally find out exactly what was causing his blindness and joining us now as you can see from philadelphia is wtxf reporter chris o'connell. we saw a little bit of what happened. you woke up on january 12th. you couldn't see out of your eye. what did doctors tell you? >> well, i immediately went to the doctors at wills eye hospital here in philadelphia, pretty much one of the premiere eye hospitals in the country. luckily enough they were blocks away. i had basically weeks and weeks of ruling out other medical diagnoses, doctors found a blockage in my blood vessel. basically i had a stroke in my
3:27 am
eye and i immediately became a cardiac patient and they began to look into trying to prevent another stroke. >> are vision problems usually associated with strokes? >> it is one symptom of stroke. i've been trying to get the message out there. sudden vision loss is a very big problem. if you wait with any kind of sudden vision -- not the glasses, corrective-type vision. if you have a sudden vision loss, there is 100% chance there is something wrong with you. the bottom line is listen to your body and see medical assistance as soon as you have some of these symptoms because they could be devastating for me. for me, i lost vision in my eye. it's 80% loss in vision. i'm told i probably won't recover that vision. that was a wake-up call for me to take care of my body to prevent another stroke. now i'm on blood thinners,
3:28 am
aspirin, trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and spreading the word about this. >> i'm so glad you are. you are young. you have twin girls. you need your eyes not only to watch them grow up but also to do your job. it's interesting, we're talking about your health problems now from january to now. what's going through your mind? >> i want to be around for my girls. that was the whole thing throughout the first six to eight week of this ordeal. i didn't know what was going on. i didn't know if i was going to lose vision in my other eye. actually finding out the words that i had a stroke gave me something to work toward. gave me something to try to prevent, to be around for the girls, to be able to do the job that i love, and it was thanks to all the doctors that helped me get to that diagnosis, and again i wouldn't have been there if i didn't ask the questions, if i wasn't persistent and being my own patient advocate.
3:29 am
that's another message i want to get out there to people. keep asking questions, but i'm glad i'm going to be around for those little girls. they are my world. >> ultimately, the eye problem, which i hate for you, saved your life. i'm glad you are here with us chris. thank for telling your story and bringing more awareness to this issue. wish you all the best. god bless you. bernie sanders has made it very clear he is not happy with debbie wasserman shultz. >> if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dmc. >> but it turns out he is not alone. there is a lot more drama where this comes from with the democrats. we'll explain that. what happens when brian hits the streets of new york with duck dynasty's willie robertson. you are about to find out. ♪ ♪ so you like to work out. less intense?
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♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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there's ann taylor. pull over! >> steve, you might have to go after the show. i don't think ann taylor opens until 9:00 or 10:00. >> as it turns out, they would not open. i dashed across the street yesterday when we were behind the wheel of the world's slowest indy car and there was a tourist souvenir shop there and i went in because it was the only store open and what did i buy? well, i bought this. there's my wife last night holding her world's greatest wife trophy as you see right there. what's interesting is that thing, which i've got to -- we put it on the shelf with some of my emmy's. that thing was $27. >> you know the bigger -- the
3:34 am
biggest story? how many years have you been married? this is the first time she won the trophy. >> it takes 30 years. >> how many emmys have you won? >> i've got about a dozen here. >> we're working with a professional here, brian. >> happy birthday to my wife cathy. >> congratulations on the trophy. heather nauert, we don't need a trophy to show you our affection. >> happy birthday, cathy. >> she's your trophy wife and first and only wife. that's the best. i've got a couple of news headlines now. we start out in san francisco where that city will remain a sanctuary city ignoring pressure to change that law nearly one year after kate steinle was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant there. police will only be allowed to
3:35 am
turn suspects over to i.c.e. if they have been convicted of a violent crime within the last seven years. that must be approved by the mayor. last july, you'll recall that 32-year-old kate steinle was shot dead by a mexican criminal who had been deported from the united states five times. we know that bernie sanders isn't her biggest fan. remember when he said this about the dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman shultz. >> if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. the hill paper report even more democrats want to boot her from the democratic convention in july. they say it's making it too difficult to unify the party and beat donald trump. large and powerful tornadoes ripping through america's heartland, leaving two people fighting for their lives.
3:36 am
>> there's three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. good night. >> sirens blar heing through the plains through the day. and a tornado leveled half a dozen homes and businesses in oklahoma. it's hard to see that. >> i've never seen three in a row. 24 in a single day. >> for the last 22 years, we've been doing celebrity strolls. >> we haven't been on the air 22. >> not 22. last six months. we've been doing take celebrity strolls. there's nobody who would seem to
3:37 am
be a fish out of water on the street of noerks that willie robertson. >> willie robertson, from duck dynasty fame. >> where is is your camo when you came to visit me? >> for a guy who looked like louisiana, he certainly fit into new york city. >> i don't even know where i'm at. >> i could put you in the middle of the woods with some face paint -- >> i can't see where the sun is coming from. i only go by the hand up and there's nowhere in my city that has one of these. >> you had a different upbringing. tell me what it was like for you and your brothers. you would ride a bike without a helmet. ride in a car without a seat belt. >> i rode in the back of a
3:38 am
truck. >> you were handling a gun at a young age. >> oh, yeah. shoot squirrels. >> was your goal to kill them? >> yeah, the goal is to kill them. mom would let us shoot squirrels in the yard. those were off limits because she liked looking at them and feeding them and stuff. >> we were afraid of squirrels in my neighborhood. >> you just didn't know how good they tasted. >> squirrel is good. >> you don't eat squirrel. >> did you do your beard in reverence to willie? >> yeah. a little trim every now and then. mom gets on my case. >> a little spring cleaning. unfortunately, the way society looks at men with beards, it was frowned upon. where's your beard? >> i don't have one. >> grow your beard out. you'll be on tv. your wife doesn't mind.
3:39 am
the beard doesn't make money. >> she's one of these women who had that great life. she have had married to that for a while. different flavors of willie. >> you are the real mvp. >> how do you know this guy? >> duck dynasty. >> who is better looking that guy or this guy? >> oh, you! >> beard. >> when you become famous as a celebrity, it magnifies what you were before. >> do you know who this is? >> jake. >> willie is a better one. >> where are you from? >> pakistan. >> i think it would bring our
3:40 am
nations together if they watched duck dynasty in pakistan. you decide to endorse donald trump. >> this is a fox news alert, very big night for donald trump. >> i was going to do that and you never know where you are going to end up. >> while you are here, as comfortable as you look, you look forward getting home. i love to experience how people live and what it's like to be stacked on top of each other. >> let's take a quick picture. you want a quick picture. >> awesome. thank you. >> we got nine seconds. how is it going? how are you? look at your meat and identify what it is. >> squirrel? >> do you have squirrel? >> this one is chicken. >> you don't have squirrel? >> he thinks you are kidding. >> you could have a fried
3:41 am
squirrel thing here. let's talk about the next generation of robertson. i understand you got married young. >> getting married young is not odd for us. we were married at 18 and 19. we get to grow up together. >> when did you get married? >> i got married at 30. looking at you, i understand why. it probably took a while for somebody to take a liking to you. >> that's one way to look at it. >> you were probably wearing those camo girl pajamas. >> on the latest path on your career, you are a fox news contributor. >> it seems like a super easy gig to do, you know. >> what are you doing? you want to hang out? >> what's up? how are you doing? >> you get it. >> how are you doing? >> give me a call. we'll do it again. >> i don't really have your number.
3:42 am
>> really? what if i ge the cameras back? i like the way you tried to dress down for him simply by taking off your tie. where's your head band? >> he's a rock star here. if he had his druthers, i would live here too. >> i love where he goes to the street vendor, is that squirrel meat? >> it's fun to have visitors come up and visit and get their reaction. i'm from the south. >> i ended up at ann taylor and bought my wife something. coming up on this wednesday, it started with transgender bathrooms. now transgender illegals are getting their own transgender detention center. is that the best use of our tax dollars? we'll tell you what we know about it it's an amazing
3:43 am
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more than $100 billion a year are spent to house and feed illegal immigrants. >> but it doesn't end there. isis opening a new 36 bed detention center in the state of texas, kay tering to illegal transgenders. your money will pay for their clothes to match their chosen identity. >> here to weigh in is dr. gina
3:47 am
louden. what's behind this? are you stunned that we're drilling down and allocating smn for something that seems to small. >> i think this is solution in search of a problem. i think this is something that probably isn't really happening a whole lot. there aren't a lot of people held for no reason for any period of time anymore. they are pretty much held, processed, and let go. i think this is another way to probably facilitate that process for people who want to all of a sudden claim that they are having some sort of jenner confusion. while maybe we should be -- gender confusion, while we maybe we should focus on -- people are held for a long time, that probably means there's a crime somewhere. >> why do this? why do we see the need? >> i don't think there is a need. we have really big problems right now and this is another one of those things. i've always said, ainsley that i
3:48 am
don't think there is a thing as a social issue because every social issue has a congratulate big -- great big price tag attached to it. this is another one of those things that's going to cost people a lot of money and going to, you know, the taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill even though some of these are private facilitates, it will be the -- facilities it will be the taxpayers who pay for it. it's going to help anything going on with our current immigration problem. maybe we should think about the things trump is saying get the wall built, make the system better and solve our immigration problems. >> we're bending over backwards as they are violating the law to make sure they are treated in a way we don't have the money to have $19 trillion in debt.
3:49 am
>> now illegal immigration detention centers have to adjust to this as well as schools. what are we trying to say as a society? put this in perspective in the big picture. >> that's the part that's so upsetting is that we do have a whole lot of problems we need to solve and a whole lot of things need our attention and our money and our best creative minds going into them. this is such a minnesota or the -- minute minority of the population. you don't help the populations you attend to help. a great big man says -- all of a sudden he has a gender confusion, and you put him in a holding facility with weaker people, you have to put almost everyone in one big holding cell. that's going to create more problems for the very people we're saying we're trying to help. this is creating problems. this is creating more victimhood, and this problem is
3:50 am
insiddious in our culture right now. they are not going to stop. this is about a political agenda than it is about helping anyone. >> coming up straight ahead. his story is the definition of american grit. when tens of thousands of u.s. factories closed and moved overseas. one man fought to keep jobs at home and he won. his proud american story will inspire you. ♪ ♪ .
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here we go. our next guest is a proud american through and through. and because of his love for his country, he's done what the politicians only talk about.
3:54 am
he's fought outsourcing and saved american jobs as thousands of u.s. factories close their doors over the number of years and move locations overseas to places like china and vietnam and indonesia. he has kept his furniture fact toish -- factory humming in virginia where he employs hundreds of workers. joining us is the chairman and ceo of john bassett, he's the author of "12 point plan for growing your business." take us back a bit. there was a time a number of years ago when it seemed like all the manufacturing jobs just left. but you made a stand. you know what, we'll have this factory in virginia and keep the jobs here. >> that's right. it became a stampede really. that was a time in 2001, 2, 3, that how fast could you close your factory? >> is it cheaper to do it overseas? >> absolutely. and so we looked at all of our
3:55 am
alternatives and we thought that people were missing one of the most important factor, go talk to your people. your people can help you. and went into the factory, we talked to our people. we said, we can do this if we have your support and they gave us the support. >> you've got a 12-point plan on how to, you know, run your business. one of them is respect your employees. >> absolutely. >> why is that important? >> look, if you want loyalty, you have to give loyalty. americans know a fake when they see one. and you have to build that loyalty if you want them to follow you. >> you told one of our producers when they called you up and they talked a little bit about your book, he said that donald trump has hit a nerve with middle class voters who have been left behind. >> absolutely. >> what do you mean? >> donald trump has picked up on a nerve in this country. there's a lot of frustrated and angry people. they have been left behind by the recovery.
3:56 am
personally i think the middle class has been forgotten. he's speaking for them. i don't think they always agree with his -- with the way he conducts himself, but somebody is speaking up for them. >> it's time we all fall in love with our country again. >> absolutely. why else would you want to leave, ladies and gentlemen? >> you've got that right. "making it in america", john bassett, iii, thank you. donald trump made the phrase make america great again famous. did you know somebody else came up with it? the real creator, radio host bobby bones, he tells us how the red hats got made. next hour.
3:57 am
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good morning to you and your family. wednesday, it's may 25th.
4:00 am
i'm ainsley earhardt. and this is a fox news alert. chaos erupting outside of a donald trump rally, anti-trump protesters throwing rocks at police. even at a journalist, one of our own in fact, and setting shirts on fire, forcing the comes to fire out the pepper spray and the smoke grenades. the dramatic images in overnight. meanwhile, hillary clinton hitting donald trump on his business. real estate criticizing him for buying low and selling high. but isn't it hillary who switched her position on the housing market? we have some embarrassing tape you'll want to see. all right. and it's a sad day for women and men everywhere. thanks to a huge change, victoria's secret just made, this morning your mailbox got a little less sexy. >> really? >> i guess i don't have mail. all right. mornings are better -- a little bit better with "friends."
4:01 am
>> you know, at the beginning of each hour the producers put three interesting stories and we talk about, so that we can keep the viewer watching. that last one has a lot of people -- what exactly has victoria's secret down to change everything? >> i can't give it away right now. i will say this as a show unofficially we have done more interviews with victoria's secret models than any other modern show. >> pound for pound. >> pound for pound. maybe merv griffin in the '70s. i don't know. >> i don't think they were victoria's secret was around then. >> we have done more for victoria's secret than any other show. >> it will break your heart. but first, a fox news alert. chaos on the campaign trail, violent protests exploding outside a donald trump rally in new mexico. >> hundreds of anti-trump rioters raging out of control, throwing rocks at the cops and they hurt a number of police officers. >> unbelievable.
4:02 am
fox news national correspondent john roberts live in anaheim -- where is donald trump heading next and what happened last night, john? >> reporter: brian, ainsley, steve, good morning to you. we're outside the convention center in anaheim which is a stone's throw away from disneyland. very quiet here right now. it's only 4:00 in the morning. but in the next couple of hours we expect people who are here to see the trump rally will be showing up and expect some protesters here as well. we're hearing that the police are expecting a lot of protesters and that they'll have a heavy presence here as well today. let's look at what happened in new mexico last night. very reminiscent of what we saw in cosa mesa, california, and in chicago. and the protests started off peacefully enough, but as the sun went down it started to get violent. police on horse back having to push them back at one point the protesters broke through the barricades and got very close to the convention center. we hear they smashed a big door
4:03 am
there. police were forced to use pepper spray and smoke grenades to try to get the protesters out of there. all of this after donald trump had left the building but the protesters continuing to throw rocks and bottles. we understand there was one arrest inside the trump rally, the usual number of protesters and donald trump handled those the way he normally does. he says that, you know, the protesters don't make that much noise but when his supporters identify them, it disrupts the rally. trump actually told his supporters to let one protester stay there. on the democratic side though, this is really shaping up to be interesting. it's shaping up for a huge battle for the state of california. the last set of five primaries on june 7th. two weeks from yesterday. bernie sanders is trying to grab bragging rights by taking the golden state. he had launched a $1.5 million ad buy here, spending an awful lot of time in the golden state. not so much last night in san bernardino attacking hillary clinton as he did going after
4:04 am
trump. listen to this. >> if we win here, big in california, if we win the other five states that are up on june 7th, we're going to go into the democratic convention with enormous momentum. if we get the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast. >> reporter: interesting to note too, ainsley, brian and steve, that bernie sanders in san bernardino last night did not mention the december terror attacks at all, whereas donald trump mentions those pretty much at every single rally regardless of where he is. >> john roberts, thank you very much. meanwhile, hillary clinton was out in california yesterday. and she has put out a new ad. maybe you have seen it where she goes after donald trump and keep in mind he's been in the real estate business for many, many years. one of the things about real estate is you hopefully buy low and sell high.
4:05 am
well, she's trying to use his own words against him. here she is in her own words taking a shot at the donald last night in california. >> he said i sort of hope that happens. he actually said that. he actually said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard working families in california and across america to lose their homes. and now he says he wants to roll back the financial regulations that we have imposed on wall street to let them run wild again. well, i'll tell you what, you and i together we're not going to let him bankrupt america. >> well, i mean, what she is saying there is that donald trump was doing an interview on another network and came out and said of course, you know, this crash might be good for me so i can go in and buy at these low rates and it comes off -- it does come off a little crass in
4:06 am
isolation. i haven't heard the whole interview. but if you want to pass blame around, if you want to take this to the next level, you can go back to bill clinton who once said -- sort of pushing all the sub prime rates that caused the whole crash. nobody said that donald trump caused the whole crash. and by the way, he seems to understand, ainsley, business. you don't want to buy real estate when it's high. >> i want to talk about it, but first, hear donald trump's response. that's what hillary clinton thinks what happened with the housing market and donald trump getting rich off of it. here's what he said. >> she puts on a ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing because he wanted housing to go down, and they have a clip of me from many years ago. yeah, if it goes down -- i'm a business man. that's what i'm supposed to do if she did it, she wants to buy at the top. and donald trump is a terrible person, she goes. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low phell does?
4:07 am
>> okay. so hillary has this thing out saying that about him. it's interesting, he has not changed his position. buy low, sell high. however, hillary clinton actually, you know, these days she's blaming wall street, however back in the day in 2007 she was blaming the homeowners. we have two pieces of tape we are going to put -- butt them up to each other. the first one is of her, i believe at a cnn debate this year and in 2007 where she blames homeowners themselves. >> i represented wall street as a senator from new york and i went to wall street in december of 2007 before the big crash with we had and i basically said, cut it out. quit foreclosing on homes. who exactly is to blame for the housing crisis and i think there's plenty of blame to go around. home buyers who paid extra fees to avoid documenting their
4:08 am
income should have known they were getting in over their heads. >> so a lot of people -- >> homeowners. >> flip-flopping now. but a lot of people did get in over their heads and that was tragic and we watched a lot of people lose everything in this country. it was awful. but a lot of people did make a lot of money during that time. >> sure. >> and brian's point about you know if you're going to talk about donald trump back in the day, talk about bill clinton repealing glass stegall and he loosened the housing rules by rewriting the community reinvestment act which puts pressure on the banks to loan money to those in low income neighborhoods. which led in part to the big crash. >> right. and by the way, fannie and freddie, which we were told by barney frank we'd be fine, might need another bailout today so the whole story line has not stopped. >> it has not. >> let's hand it over to heather nauert who has some headlines for us. >> eight minutes after the hour. good morning to you. we start with a fox news alert.
4:09 am
an intense manhunt just ending in arizona as an accused highway shooter is now arrested. police confirming the phoenix man was hiding and he was arrested. he hit at least one driver, and that suspect also accused of stealing a car from a nearby casino and shooting a bystander before leading police on a chase and shooting them also. luckily no officers were hurt. good thing that's all wrapped up in arizona. extreme weather to bring you right now. large and powerful tornadoes and long at this. now two people are fighting for their lives. >> there's three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. good night. >> oh, goodness. sirens blaring through the plains for a fourth consecutive day. a total of 24 twisters reported in kansas. just yesterday alone.
4:10 am
and then tulsa, oklahoma, tornadoes leveling half a dozen homes and businesses. we'll keep you posted throughout the day today. well, the feds say he used isis beheading videos to get motivated while work out and now a man is face degreecades for trying to join the group. sajmir alimehmeti was arrested after trying to help recruits but they were undercover agents. well, the feds took him out after authorities in the u.k. stopped him from crossing the border with isis propaganda twice. they sent back to the united states without arrest. investigators say he had an isis flag, propaganda videos in his apartment. and here's a story that steve, brian and ainsley are talking about. sexy models in the mail will soon be a thing of the past. victoria's secret is doing away with the famous catalog. the company says mailing it is a
4:11 am
$150 million annual expense and it no longer brings in sales. well, last fall the chain cut back on the catalog by 40% and saw a jump in sales. the company is also doing away with clothes and bathing suits in order to focus solely on undergarments and active wear. no more of the catalogs that little boys can sneak. >> what? >> i mean, i am sad about this. i do like their bathing suit catalogs. have you ever bought one from their catalog? >> when is the last time -- heather, thank you. when is the last time you bought anything from a catalog? >> all the time. >> do you really? >> am i the only one. i can take it on the train with me. >> a catalog? you don't buy stuff off the phone or computer? >> yeah. i like to see the catalog. if i had to look up victoria's secret and look up the swimsuits on the little iphone, i like the catalog.
4:12 am
i guess i'm the only one. i don't know how they'll make money. >> does victoria's secret have any onesies or are they all bikinis? >> they're not called onesies. a onesie is for your baby. one pieces. >> one pieces. is it mostly bikinis? >> why are you looking at me? all i know is they have a store in every mall. >> that's how they're making the money. they'll focus on the lin yes ray. >> what do you think? do you think this is a strategic error for the business -- >> causing an uproar, a ground swell. >> of victoria's secret to do away with the catalog? >> i'll tell why you lose -- why they lose money on it. i get five different catalogs, it has my maiden name, my married name, the lady who used to live there before me. >> you're saying redundancy, an
4:13 am
erron on their part. >> yeah. >> i feel sorry for your postman. >> lugging all the victoria's secret catalogs. i do too. and donald trump is stacking up the delegates but john kasich won't let his john kasich delegate goes. what does this mean going into the convention? dr. larry sabato on deck with that. imagine you're camping and you wake up face to face with not one, but two lions outside your tent. that actually happened, who hasn't had that happen? we've caught it on tape.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
governor john kasich instructing his 161 delegates to stay bound to him through the convention. former rivals ted cruz and marco rubio asked their delegates to do the exact same thing. what's the strategy behind this and can it hurt donald trump, the presumed nominee? the director for the centers of politics from the university oh virginia, dr. larry sabato here to unwind it. always great to see you. can you tell me the strategy behind this? >> sure. well, there are a number of strategies, but basically, brian, they want to pull donald trump in their direction. whatever those directions are. particularly on the platform.
4:18 am
i think that's the critical part of this. and, you know, they'll have 900 or so delegates among them at the convention. that's a sizable number of delegates, so they can have influence, potentially, even on the vice presidential selection. >> but if you crossed the thresh hold, what cares what happens to the other delegates? >> well, the nominee obviously wants the convention to go well. it's supposed to tell a positive story and launch the nominee into the general election period. so you want to make sure that the delegates are marching in the same direction to the same tune. so i think that's why. >> all right. so the delegate list in case you do not know, it's changing after washington state last night, 1196 for trump. 566 for cruz. 161 for kasich. now, let's go to the democratic side where there's a big push it seems now beyond bernie sanders to get rid of debbie wasserman schultz. is this chaos?
4:19 am
>> well, i think her days are numbered as dnc chair. one way or the other. she may find a graceful way out, but this is going to be a concession to bernie sanders. she will be thrown to the wolves as bernie sanders said, brian, democracy is messy. and occasionally it's bloody. so debbie wasserman schultz is the current target, but believe me, with 40% of the delegates, bernie sanders is going to have a lot of other demands as well. >> wow. that could push the party so far to the left it's going to be hard to win over independents and moderates in theory. let's talk about this though, come june 7th, we could have hillary clinton as the -- getting across the number with 400 plus delegates at stake and become the nominee. heading into the convention. however, she could lose california. how unprecedented is it to be this wounded perhaps going into the convention? >> well, remember, barack obama
4:20 am
lost most of the concluding primaries including california in 2008. so you can recover from these things. time heals all wounds but it certainly isn't a good sign. you don't want to go limping into philadelphia. >> right. >> you want to go in as the consensus choice of the party. hillary clinton's problem is going to be to get many of those younger sanders delegates and supporters around the country to agree that she is the legitimate nominee and she's worth supporting. >> dr. sabato, the semester is over. where are you going on vacation? >> you know, i was in new york yesterday, you had already gone home. you have a very short day. >> not true. but if i knew you were coming i would have stuck around. dr. larry sabato, my goal is to get us closer this year and in the fall. >> good, excellent. i hope so. >> always great to get -- coming up straight ahead, the head of the v.a. on damage
4:21 am
control after this massive blunder. >> when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or the number -- you know, what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience. >> now he's changing his tune, but is it enough? pete hegseth joins us with a closer look. my eyes have seen -- ather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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4:24 am
now to your "news by the numbers." first 225, that's how many syrian refugees were admitted into the u.s. on monday. a single day record. more than january and february combined. next up, the first state. that is where hawaii might soon stand if they put gun owners into the fbi database. a bill is being reviewed by state legislators. and three, that's how many
4:25 am
cities they bid to host the super bowls. all three winning their bids for building new or upgrading stadiums -- upgrading current stadiums. >> new orleans and tampa left out of the mix. meanwhile, new calls for v.a. secretary robert mcdonald to resign after he compared v.a. wait times to the lines at disney. >> when you go to disney do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience. >> that's what he said on monday. in the last 24 hours he's been trying to correct the comments but he has not apologized. >> i'm here to improve the veteran experience. i'm here to get more veterans in for care, to reduce the disability claim bag lock. wait times are important but not the only measure of veteran experience. that's what veterans are telling us. you know, we have talked to a lot of veterans. it's important and if i was --
4:26 am
if i was misunderstood or if i said the wrong thing, i'm glad that i have the opportunity to correct it. >> well, the remarks setting off a firestorm across the aisle. >> here to weigh in on this is our fox news contributor, iraq and afghanistan veteran and author of "in the arena" pete hegseth. as a veteran, pete, what did you think of this? >> it's maddening. it's bad enough to say what he said, but he said, if i'm misunderstood, let me help you correct it. all you have to do is say what a poor choice of word, i apologize. it's not reflective of my commitment to veterans. you see, he won't hold himself accountable. yesterday we wonder why there's no accountability at the department of veterans affairs. this guy believes he's above it all and dismissive of any critic. he has been thin skinned and shallow in that sense.
4:27 am
we wonder why the big problems have not been changed. >> the speaker has not asked for him to resign. joni ernst has asked him to resign, a veteran. i'm wondering my big problem, we can all misspeak, but nothing has gotten better under bob mcdonald, am i correct? >> that's right. he's reflexively defensive of a system that's gotten worse under his watch. i call him unfortunately bob the bubble boy because he's in the bubble of the v.a., the bubble of the bureaucracy and the government unions. he thinks everything is getting better, more money for the v.a. yet i'm out there talking to vet, different events, wait times are only getting longer. the choice card has not worked. v.a. has bungled that implementation. veterans are left with the bill. accountability has not occurred. whistle-blowers are being outed. all under his watch because he believes -- he reads the powerpoints and thinks it looks great. >> if he had said, i'm really
4:28 am
sorry, these are veterans who fought for our country, they need to be treated immediately in the hospital -- >> he said that before though. >> if he came out this morning and said that, what would be the story? how would veterans be reacting this morning? >> bob mcdonald finally holds self accountable. i mean, he has yet to ever acknowledge a real problem. always been defensive. it would maybe kind of sort of be the start of some hope that we're going to get some change at the v.a. but nothing will change under the watch of mcdonald or barack obama. it will take a reformer to clean house, starting with bob mcdonald and say, whoever is taking over the agency is going to demand accountability, going to demand real transparency. because guess what? you really can pull up an app and see how long the wait times are and choose which ride you want to ride based on the wait time. at the v.a. there's no app for that there's no transparency. you don't know how long you're waiting and you don't have a choice to go where you want to go. bob mcdonald could have
4:29 am
confronted those things. instead, he's doubled down on the failed bureaucracy and just asked for more money and then said everything is okay. that's why there's so much outrage, he can't acknowledge it with a simple apology. >> indeed. pete hegseth joining us from minneapolis, his new book is called "in the arena." >> thanks for having me. a slap in the face to victims of september the 11th after chuck schumer of new york makes it harder for those families to get justice. the move he just made will have you seeing red only this wednesday. now know him as the host of one of the biggest country radio shows in the country, but this morning he's helping you change your life. bobby bones here with a way to turn suffering into success, next.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
hillary clinton is going to be on the "ellen show" later on today and you know they'd love to have you watch. so they sent out a promotional spot. so here is hillary playing "who'd you rather" as her pick for vice president. >> mark cuban or joe biden? >> joe. >> joe. >> got to go with tony. >> jeff probst? >> tony. >> tony. bernie sanders? >> tony! >> tony. >> george clooney? oh. well, tony could be the first term and george could be the second. >> oh, that's hard. >> yep. wow. >> oh. >> yep, i really believe in making lemonade out of lemons. >> yep. >> oh, look at that. >> she'd be great. she'd be great. >> hey, i didn't even think of
4:34 am
that. >> i wonder if at any point ellen looked into her purse to see if she had hot sauce? hot sauce or a compact? >> a well produced show. they have something good going on. >> a funny lady. >> clearly i believe though she's going to be voting for hillary. >> yeah, i think you're right. it's funny that she would pick the guy who plays the president on "scandal" over actual political people. >> i will tell you that at the white house correspondents' dinner they were the most popular guests there. heather has some headlines. 9/11 families are feeling e betrayed after a sneaky move by chuck schumer. the democrat slipped in a last minute change to a brand-new law to make it easier for american families to sue saudi arabia over the 9/11 terror attacks. the new provision gives the secretary of state the ability to stop any lawsuit in its
4:35 am
tracks just by claiming that the u.s. is working on its relationship with the saudis. what do you think of that? wow. variety magazine is coming under fire for this controversial cover. it depicts yahoo!'s saying the end is night, the end is near. it's about the struggles of running the tech giant. rumors are swirling that it will be sold and she'll be fired. running the cover illustration is variety's own burden to bear. okay. and campers waking up, nose to nose, look at this right here, to a pair of thirsty lions. they were on a safari in botswana. the only thing between them and the lions was that little canvas tent. >> is it real? >> yeah, brian. the couple tried to stay quiet as the wildcats roamed around that camp site. but the big cat seemed more interested in lapping up that water off the tent.
4:36 am
i was in south africa on a safari once and i sneeze and the lions -- like they all jumped up. we were all terrified. because i made a sudden movement by accident. >> wow. >> that really gets them. >> but you survived. >> we didn't get eat. >> can you imagine if you were in the tent? >> could have been elsa from "born free." we never tracked her. >> but there's two of them. >> right. >> elsa could have met somebody. >> there you go. >> all right. amazing video. meanwhile, maria has some extreme weather. regarding tornadoes all across the plains states. >> we have seen multiple tornadoes that touched down across parts of kansas and reports of damage across oklahoma and even severe weather occurring as far west as parts of eastern colorado. a lot of extreme weather that's been ongoing across the center of the nation. the same storm system is going to continue to move eastward. today, we have the risk for additional severe weather across
4:37 am
texas, oklahoma, even extending as far north as minnesota and the dakotas. you're looking at this threat yet again today for damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. as we head into tomorrow, the storm system is going to be ejecting, so we could be looking at more severe weather and potentially some violent tornadoes will be possible on thursday. looking at again an elevated threat with the storm system and the risk for severe storms continues yet again into friday. again, the active weather pattern continues across the plains. another concern by the way will be flash flooding that could occur because the storms produce rain over the same areas. so again, flooding will be another threat as well. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. joining us in the studio right now, bobby bones, the radio host with the biggest country show in america and the author of "bare bones." >> good morning.
4:38 am
>> this is a great story on how trump's make america great slogan led to the big donation for st. jude. >> well, what happened was i -- as far as having apparel, because they have the hats and the shirts and it says makes america great and i have a clothing company that we do charity work with. i looked at let me look at the trademark for apparel, no one had it. i signed up for it. i match.commed it and my attorney said you own it. i started to make my own clothing, they didn't have it, even though they were pumping out the hats and the call came from the trump camp. i said i'll give it back to you for $100,000 a donation to st. jude's and in the end they said we'll give you this much money. give it back and we did. >> so ultimately it led to the
4:39 am
donation for st. jude's. >> ultimately i didn't go to trump jail which is what i was trying to avoid at the time. >> eric does so much for st. jude's, they're very much involved. let's talk about your story. what an incredible life you lead. i think it's inspiring if you don't mind going through you wrote about it. but what kind of circumstances did you overcome to get where you are today? >> i think i came from a place that a lot of people come from. i grew up in arkansas, 700 people population, i didn't have a dad. my mom, she had my when she was 15. she died in her 40s of a drug overdose and alcohol abuse. for me, i was someone who had to raise myself. i had a lot of great influences around me. it doesn't matter your circumstances or what your environment is, if you kind of lower your head and push through you can make it. i talk to kids and groups all the time with that same story. continue to fail until you succeed and don't stop trying. that's kind of what my story is. >> how did you get from there to
4:40 am
here? >> i saw a lot of things that i don't think kids should have been able to see. an example like i never had a drink of alcohol. not because i'm morally against it, but because i have been able to see what it's done. i have never done an illegal drug so i stayed away from the things that weren't good. and in this book i wanted to see people that it doesn't matter what area or who you have around you if you're negative, if you can find the positive, continue to go toward that goal. i'm trying every day. i'm trying every day to be a better person and trying every day to make it in this thing. so, you know, now i have this radio show and i have written a book, and i have a couple of number one records. you know, i'm like everybody else. there's nothing spectacular about me. i just work hard. >> but see, you didn't play the victim card. you were dealt a terrible hand in life and rather than get tangled up in the bad stuff you said i have to get out of this place. >> to play the victim card for me would have been weak. i felt like for me to get out you can't play that victim card.
4:41 am
you have to be the guy that says i'm going to fight my way out. that's what i'm trying to do every day. >> but lastly, if someone says i have similar circumstances, i'm hanging without the wrong crowd where do you find that person to lead you in the right direction if you're 12, 14, you don't know? >> the person starts with the number one. like you have to know that if you -- you're the problem, you are the solution. both. and so once you realize inside of you that you've got to make the decisions you have to surround yourself. i say surround yourself where people that are so much more positive and way smarter than you are. that's how you get out and get to the better place. >> i'm so impressed with you. wonderful. the book is great. talking about the celebrities you met. getting garth brooks' guitar. >> and dierks bentley is one of my buds. >> he's having trouble making end meet too. >> he's very poor. >> thank you, bobby bones. the book is called "bare bones." coming up, james comey predicted it. police are now too scared to do
4:42 am
their -- are scared to do their jobs or reluctant thanks to the smartphone cameras recording their every move like in ferguson. remember how that turned out? what's the solution? we'll explore that. and elizabeth warren is back teaming up with hillary clinton to take on trump. is this hillary's secret weapon? nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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4:46 am
video cameras rolling, as they stepped out of the car taunting them. >> comey's concerns tt the so-called ferguson effect would cause a surge in violent crime and it turned out to be true. homicides in the nation's largest cities have increased 9% from just a year ago. and in ten heavily african-american cities that spike is 33%. joining us with more on this is peter johnson jr. >> this is true. this is disturbing. there's a ferguson effect. police officers are afraid because they say they're afraid. they're afraid of being arrested themselves for enforcing the law. they're afraid of stopping people. they're afraid of frisking people. look at chicago alone. a 90% diminution in the amount of stop and frisk in chicago. what happened? a 60% increase in the homicide rate. and so attorney general and the fbi folks are saying, what is this about?
4:47 am
but it leaves anyone who understands criminal justice at all to the observation that police are afraid to act. that there's taunting on the street. that police say i'm going to be sued for civil rights violation. i'm going to be called before a grand jury. if god forbid i get into the police related shooting and the person dies, i might be indicted for homicide. even nonfatal shootings have increased 21% in the biggest u.s. cities. and in the neighborhoods where we need crime prevention and people to be protected most, in a lot of the african-american neighborhoods and cities the numbers have gone up the highest. so that's been a terrible, terrible effect in this country based upon what occurred in ferguson and based on the fear that police officers have. >> so they're saying it's not worth it? >> i think they do believe it's worth it, but they also understand that there's a
4:48 am
consequence for them being vigorous. in american law and maybe now in american lore, there was a common law right of inquiry. if you're walking down the street at 3:00 in the morning and you seem to be not in the place that you should be or you're acting in a suspicious way, for me to say as a police officer, ainsley, why are you here? who are you? can i see some i.d.? now in america, when we have asked that question police officers ask that question, then the response is very often, well, you're asking me -- because i'm a person of color? is this a racist question? or is this a question -- >> a safety question. >> as a police officer. so a police officer, white or black, doesn't want to be questioned as to what his motives are. and that has an effect on our streets. >> becoming a p.c. nation. >> becoming a p.c. nation, and
4:49 am
we need to give the police officers to do what they need to do within the bounds of the law and that will reinforce and restructure the commitment that our police departments have in america and help reduce the crime that is going up in the large cities. >> pjj, thank you. coming up, do you have an adult child who won't leave home? >> you live with your parents? >> is that a problem? >> turns out more millennials are living with their parents than with partners. but why is that happening? dr. keith ablow up next with his take. but first, on this day in 1976, diana ross was topping the charts with her hit "love hangover."
4:50 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched."
4:53 am
what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. well, you know it's one of those things you see in the movies. pretty funny too. >> you live with your parents? >> is that a problem? >> but in real life it's no laughing matter as a new study reveals more millennials are living with their parents than with their significant others for the first time in more than 100 years. >> yeah, why didn't terry bradshaw stay with matthew mcconaughey? that's the question. here to react is dr. keith ablow. i was staggered to see that in the '60s people were getting married and leaving at 20, but at 2016, we're staying home? >> we're staying home. more people are staying home,
4:54 am
millennial speaking -- millennially speaking than actually moving out. for the first time in history really. why? the economy doesn't have the jobs for these people. right? so the bottom line is everybody would like to live on their own. everybody wants that flexibility. doesn't matter if you have a partner or a romantic partner or not or getting married or not, you'd like your own place. most people can't afford it. because the jobs aren't there. but there are other factors too. >> like what? >> like what you ask? here's the thing. these kids are high, they're high on pot. they're high on facebook. they're high on twitter and instagram and snapchat. so they can't be bothered to cobble together three jobs. they're very busy. very busy checking the iphone. >> i agree with you, they have all their noses in the phones a lot like brian does right there.
4:55 am
he's looking -- weren't you looking at your iphone? >> in the last segment. >> i don't think that many kids are using pot, are they? >> they are. you know what, as the state legalize pot it's everybody and their sister and brother coming in for the marijuana license and now it will be recreational. that's the obama america. get high, stay home, don't be autonomous. these kids are 12. this is peter and patty pan land. and it was stoked by obama and his -- i would say agenda for america which is all about listen, don't have real autonomy. don't go out there and try to cobble together and scrape what you need. you are entitled. you are entitled to all kinds of free stuff and you're fabulous even if you're not performing. >> maybe parents are doing too much for their kids. >> right. i'm thinking it's laundry and cooking for them, not the pot thing. >> they want mom to shout it out
4:56 am
so they don't have to go to the land landry mat. >> of course. parents come to me and say what's wrong, my kid won't move on. well, it's parentally parenting, that's true. but it's partly the environment of our culture. these kids are high, they need to detox. >> i think it's something -- i think it's something with the male makeup though. look at the statistics, 35% of boys are going back home whereas 29% of women are going back home. it's you guys. >> i don't think -- >> i have a theory about this. but we can get into another time. >> actually, i think this whole thing -- this generation drinks less than other previous generations. >> all right. >> well, you know they may drink less but they know all about molly and pot and lots of other things so they're coming into my office depressed, anxious with panic attacks. i can't -- i don't have hours to treat them. >> well, i'm sure you see a lot of them but i don't know if it's a majority. but we could be just disagreeing on that. >> it's not the majority, but a
4:57 am
lot of kids. >> thank you. bernie sanders made it clear he's not happy with debbie wasserman schultz. >> if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> the man behind bernie sanders' campaign, jeff weaver, reacts to that in the next hour. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed.
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5:00 am
it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport. hello sunshine. good morning. 8:00 here on the east coast. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. chaos erupting outside of a donald trump rally. anti-trump protesters turning violent, throwing rocks at police and even journalists. one of our own in fact and setting clothes on fire, forcing cops to fire off that pepper spray and the smoke grenades into the crowd. more of this ahead. and looks like hillary clinton has a new secret weapon helping her. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that?
5:01 am
>> somebody in real estate? >> businessman? >> this morning, donald trump responds in true trumpian form. >> right. what happens when you bring a man raised in the back woods of louisiana to the streets of new york city? willie robertson asks what happens when you ask a street vendor if he has fried squirrel? it doesn't go over well. maybe it's a language barrier. mornings are better with "friends." >> yep. that's going to be a treat to watch -- the two watching -- >> we laughed. brian is kind of finicky about the food he eats so when he talks about squirrel, i died laughing. >> he eats squirrel. >> but you don't. >> right. i don't have any mongoose or any snake. i don't eat varmints. anything that harasses me in life, i don't eat for dinner.
5:02 am
>> why not? >> i pretty much had all that stuff growing up. being down south. >> where's the meat though? >> you find it. you find it. >> what's the meat on a squirrel? >> squirrel, not a lot of meat. and the gators, a lot of meat. you can find meat in the frog leg. >> i've heard. chaos out on the campaign trial, violent protests exploding outside the donald trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico. >> yep. hundreds of rioters raging out of control throwing rocks at police, hurting a number of officers. >> john roberts is in anaheim. which is where donald trump will be next. >> reporter: brian, steve, ainsley, good morning you, from anaheim. just a short distance away from disneyland. just over that way. maybe about a block and a half. things could get chaotic here later on today. we're a short distance away from costa mesa.
5:03 am
about a thousand people were there yesterday, but after the trump rally ended and the sun went down, i want quickly turned violent. people started to throw rocks and bottles at police. broke through a barricade, trying to get into the convention center. we understand they shattered one of the big glass doors there. police on horse back had to push them back. officers on foot using pepper spray against them. throwing smoke grenades to confuse the crowd. they eventually dispersed, one officer was injured. don't know how it will unfold in anaheim, but police will have a big presence here. trump went after hillary clinton with the new vigor and he pushed back hard on reports that he only recently donated $1 million to his military charity event because he was getting hammered in the press. donald trump blaming hillary clinton for all of the bad news about him. listen to this. >> yesterday we had pickets in
5:04 am
front of trump tower. how can the vets picket the trump tower? how can they picket trump tower, and today they did the story that crooked hillary put the vets there. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders is throwing everything he's got here at the golden state hoping that he can deny hillary clinton a big win here on california, on the last day of the primaries which is two weeks from now. he was in anaheim yesterday, san bernardino last night. in his rally last night, not so much going after hillary clinton as he was donald trump. here's sanders. >> donald trump will not become president because the american people are not going to support somebody who wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to billionaires. somebody who thinks that climate change is a hoax. who insults muslims and
5:05 am
veterans. >> reporter: while he's hoping for a big win here in california on the 7th, bernie sanders lost washington state to hillary clinton last night. donald trump won it handily with more than 76% of the vote despite the fact that at the republican convention over the weekend in washington state, 40 of the 41 elected delegates were ted cruz supporters. we understand that ted cruz is still trying to mix things up at the convention. at least, you know n the rules committees and some of the other committees that it will be assembling in cleveland. and despite reports earlier today that paul ryan may be set to endorse trump, a great producer on capitol hill is getting a firm no from people close to paul ryan when asked about this. still possible that ryan could endorse trump, but doesn't look imminent. >> all right, john roberts, live with the very latest. you know, donald trump after gone after in the last couple of days, hillary clinton in particular through her husband, bill clinton. they have got an ad out hitting him on his abuse of women in the
5:06 am
past, juanita broaddrick, things like that now -- and now hillary clinton is trying to go after trump. she wants to change the subject to real estate and in fact they have a brand-new politico ad out where it attacks donald trump for his comments on real estate. anybody in real estate knows you want to buy low and sell high. that's just how that business works and yet, they see that as an opening for them. here's hillary yesterday and she got some help from senator warren as well. watch. >> he actually said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard working families in california and across america to lose their homes. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap.
5:07 am
what kind of a man does that? a man who will never be president of the united states. >> well, she won't be voting for him, especially after she was called pocahontas by donald trump yesterday because of her background. meanwhile, donald trump yesterday hears all that and says this. >> well, hillary clinton has somebody -- did you ever hear of pocahontas? huh? it's pocahontas, elizabeth warren, she's a total failure. she said she was an indian. she puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing, because he wanted to buy -- i'm a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. if she did it, she'd want to buy at the top. and she goes, donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? >> buy low, sell high.
5:08 am
unfortunately for hillary clinton, if she's going to continue this line of attack all donald trump has to do is find "time" magazine and hold it back because "time" magazine said that bill clinton was one of the 25 people to blame for the financial crisis. >> so i think that donald trump is realizing one thing. he's done so many interviews from howard stern to all the networks to calling us every monday. for four years. there's someone going through every single statement that he ever said publicly. but when you're a nonpolitician, you're in business and you -- you have your opinions, and now they're looked at as policies. i think that's a major difference that's his greatest challenge. >> when you're in real estate you have a lot of extra money and the rest of the country is foreclosing on the houses, you're able to buy some of the houses. it's not a crime to do that. he saw an opportunity. >> right. but it's the tone in which the sound bite was used that comes off callous. >> but it's the way you work in real estate. everybody when you buy -- the house you're living in right now, you hope that you can sell
5:09 am
it at a higher price. that's the way it works. >> i think everyone was saying when prices were down, no one here in new york city can afford an apartment, we said, gosh we wish we had extra money because we'd be buying real estate left and right because the numbers were down. >> and heather nauert will find an apartment and she'll squat there. >> we'll get to her in a moment. but first, hillary clinton. hillary clinton once again unfortunately for her there's a thing called videotape. and we've got two sound bites to play for you. first of all, you're going to see her at a cnn debate this year. and then we've got some video from 2007 where she blames not donald trump, she blames you, the homeowner, for the housing crisis. watch this. >> i represented wall street as a senator from new york and i went to wall street in december of 2007 before the big crash that we had. and i basically said, cut it out.
5:10 am
quit foreclosing on homes. now, who's exactly to blame for the housing crisis? i think there's plenty of blame to go around. home buyers who paid extra fees to avoid documenting their income should have known they were getting in over their heads. >> use a kin ascope for that last scope. where is that from? >> 2007. blaming the homeowner. maybe she doesn't understand real estate where you buy low, sell high. >> she does. >> she does understand -- cattle futures. >> and buying houses, plural. >> to be honest, she was right in '07. everybody was responsible, you know? everyone was to blame. >> everyone likes to blame someone else. >> i never blame heather. if anything goes wrong i blame myself. >> everyone blames you. you're fine. >> sorry for the premature toss before. >> you're anxious to talk to me. good morning. we start off with some extreme
5:11 am
weather. large and powerful tornadoes than ripping through parts of america's heartland, leaving two people fighting for their lives. watch this. >> three tornados on the ground at the same time. good night. >> oh, goodness. sirens blaring through the plains for the fourth consecutive day. a total of 24 twisters reported in kansas yesterday alone. and then near tulsa, a tornado levelled half a dozen homes and businesses. we have maria molina watching this today. a fox news alert an intense manhunt ended overnight as an accused shooter has been arrested. the phoenix man was caught hiding in the desert in the fetal position hours ago. cops said he opened fire on the road and then he stole a car from a nearby casino, shot a bystander before leading police on the chase. thankfully, the officers were not hurt. well, this is still not the
5:12 am
apology our heroes are waiting for but v.a. chief bob mcdonald addressing the comments that he made comparing medical wait times at v.a. facilities for veterans to the lines at disneyland. >> wait times are important, but they're not the only measure of veteran experience. that's what veterans are telling us. you know, we have talked to a lot of veterans. it's important and if i was -- if i was misunderstood or if i said the wrong thing, i'm glad that i have an opportunity to correct it. >> misunderstood, what do you think of that? several are calling for mcdonald's resignation including the first female combat veteran, iowa's joni ernst. the v.a. has been under fire since it exposed the v.a. employees were changing data to make it seem like vets were getting timely doctor's appointments. this lady put on that
5:13 am
chewbaka mask and made the world cover their ears like it did me or make you laugh. take a look at this. now that chewbaka mom is making facebook history with the most live video views ever. she was invited to spend the day at facebook's headquarters. they sipped coffee, and rode bikes. i guess i'm a hater this morning. >> a lot of people didn't like it either. >> i didn't know what it was. i don't watch star wars. >> she was so cute. >> look at that. >> i mean, maybe a little strange with the chewbaka thing, but so adorable. her laugh was infectious. >> go ahead, steve. >> i'm looking at twitter, according to this week, elizabeth warren made big money flipping foreclosures. >> really? >> yeah. coming up, hillary clinton says if donald trump becomes president you better hide your kids. >> you want to imagine what trump's america will look like,
5:14 am
picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry. >> but sheriff david clarke said hillary's the one kids should be afraid of. he joins us live, next. ♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
donald trump said that in his very first hour as president, heaven forbid, he would overturn president obama's actions to strengthen background checks. he said that also on his first day in office, he'd mandate that every school in america allow guns in classrooms. every school he said. >> hillary clinton slamming donald trump on his plan to do way with gun-free zones but would we really be safer under a president clinton? here to weigh in on this is sheriff david clarke. good to see you, sheriff. >> thank you. >> all right. we heard hillary clinton saying that children will be less safe if donald trump is elected. do you agree with that and why? >> well, look mrs. bill clinton is dead wrong when it comes to the causes of gun violence in america. when donald trump becomes president of the united states, the country will immediately become a safer place.
5:19 am
you notice i said when, not if. mrs. bill clinton said i want to get this right, the united states of america is a country facing a gun violence epidemic. she is wrong. the american ghetto is facing a gun violence epidemic, but every other area of the country seems to be able to handle gun possession and gun ownership just fine. she says this as she's surrounded by secret service agents who are armed. some of them heavily armed. that is the right way to protect her. however, she doesn't feel that anybody else should have that sort of protection. i can name any mass shooting in the united states that has occurred up to today and if there would have been one law abiding gun owner or gun possessor on that scene, that would have interrupted all of the carnage. would have totally stopped the incident. but a lot more people would have been -- would be alive today because of it. guns in the hands of law abiding people make places safe.
5:20 am
gun-free zones like the schools that we have seen that have had mass shootings and the other public spaces, the aurora, colorado, theater, those became killing theaters because the only safe person in that area was the criminal with the gun. >> wow. so you think that hillary clinton would make us less safe? >> she already has by that rhetoric. that's foolish. that's naive. she knows it. more people die in household accidents, more people die in car crashes than by gun violence. maybe her next move will be to call for car control or to shut down homes so that we have fewer people killed in household accidents. i say that tongue in cheek, but that's how foolish she sounds. >> sheriff david clarke, thank you, and good to see you this morning. stick around, bernie sanders campaign manager making a live appearance here on fox. and brian hits the streets with willie robertson of "duck dynasty." what could go wrong with that?
5:21 am
allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
all right. you know, once in a while we have a chance to walk streets to find out whose lives -- what lives are like as celebrities. the best thing to do would be to tag along. so we decided to do with that willie robertson, the brains behind the robertson family that put the show together and made them into international celebrities. so we decided to walk the streets with a guy you wouldn't think would fit in. let's take a look. >> all right. spring is here. that can only mean one thing -- time for the 2016 edition of celebrity stroll. so our featured guest to kick
5:25 am
off the brand-new season, a guy who fits into new york like a glove, willie robertson from "duck dynasty" fame. >> is that the best you've got? where's the little camo pajamas you had on when you came to visit in louisiana. >> i wanted to be one with the people. >> they were ladies pants, brian. >> but they were comfortable. >> for a guy that looks like he belongs in louisiana, he certainly fit into new york city. >> bro, i don't know where i'm at. >> i could put you in the middle of the woods with a compass and some face paint -- >> well, i can't see where the sun is coming from. >> all right, let me -- >> i go with the hand up -- nowhere in my city that has one of these. >> you had a different upbringing. tell me what it was like. you'd ride a bike without a helmet. rode in a car without a seat belt. >> i rode in the back of the truck. >> you handled a gun when you were young. >> yeah, shooting squirrels. >> killing them? >> well, yeah.
5:26 am
mom would not let us shoot squirrels in the yard. she liked to look at them and feed them and stuff. >> i have news for you. we were afraid of squirrels in my neighborhood. >> you don't know how good they taste. >> squirrel's good? >> yeah. you don't eat squirrel? >> hey, this all you got for a beard? >> you do your beard in reverence to willie? >> yeah. i trim it every now and again. mom gets on my case. >> spring cleaning. >> yeah. >> the way that society looks at men with beards which is what we're trying to change now which is frowned on. where's your beard? >> i don't have one. >> why not? >> why you're not growing it out? >> what? what did he say? >> grow your beard out, you'll be on tv. >> grow your beard out. >> your wife doesn't mind. like you said, the beard makes money. >> she has a great life. she was married to this for a while. married -- different flavors of willie.
5:27 am
yeah. >> are you the real -- >> how do you know this guy? >> i watch "duck dynasty." >> oh. >> who's better looking, that guy or this guy? >> oh -- >> long hair. >> get rid of that guy. >> i really think that whatever -- if you become famous or a celebrity, it just magnifies what you were before. try not to get caught up in the fame or the success of the money because it could all be gone. >> do you know who this is? >> jase. >> jass. >> willie is the better one though. >> where are you from? >> pakistan? >> pakistan? do you watch "duck dynasty" in pakistan? >> no. >> i think it would bring our nations together if they had "duck dynasty" in pakistan. >> i think it would. >> do you say, how did this happen? >> yeah. >> you decided to endorse donald trump, you had a chance to go to
5:28 am
trump tower and stand on stage with them. >> yeah, my friends are texting me. >> fox news alert, a very big night for trump. >> i didn't know i'd do that. you never know where you'll end up. >> as comfortable as you look, do you look forward to getting home? >> i love coming to experience how people live and, you know, what it's like to be stacked on top of each other. >> how you doing? >> want a quick picture? >> awesome. thank you. >> we have to run, we have nine seconds. >> come on. >> how's it going? can you look at the meat and identify -- and identify what it is? >> squirrel? >> what is that? >> do you have squirrel? you don't have squirrel? >> no. >> a surprise squirrel thing here. >> so i got a glimpse of your childhood, let's take about the next generation of the robertsons. your son got married young.
5:29 am
>> that's not unusual to us. we got married at 18 or 19. we got to grow up together. when did you get married? >> 30. >> i understand that, probably took a while for somebody to take a liking to you. probably wearing the camo girl pajamas. >> one way to look at it. on the latest chapter of your career you're helping us out. fox news contributor. what attracted to you? >> i thought if brian kilmeade can do it. you just sit there and talk on the radio. seems like a pretty easy gig, you know? >> do you want to hang out? >> hey, what's up? how are you? good to see you. yeah. >> give me a call. we'll do it again. >> i don't know. i don't really have your number. really, willie has it? when will i get the cameras back? >> don't feel bad. you're not the only one he was dissing. how about the little 4-year-old
5:30 am
kid, where's your beard? >> amazing. people love him. he's approachable. >> want to hang out? let me sign some autographs. can i have your number? >> but it's amazing to see. he looks like a model without his beard. i mean, he looks like -- the pictures. >> he looked real tan with the blond hair. >> but the beard is where the money is right now. >> no kidding. >> that's true. good job out on the streets. >> good job of putting that together, good job for willie for giving us half hour of his -- >> who's next? going to do this every week now? >> yeah, i'm going to ask the president to see if he'll do it. >> of the united states? >> yes. all right, coming up, a slap in the face to the victims of september 11th, after chuck schumer makes it harder for the victims to get justice. and bernie sanders sparked a brand-new movement. this time to get dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz fired. now more democrats are saying that's a good idea. the man behind his successful campaign, jeff weaver, will join
5:31 am
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5:34 am
wow. look at that image. many parts of america's heartland totally flattened when a large and powerful tornado actually more than one ripped through for the fourth consecutive day. >> there's two tornadoes with the second wall cloud to our north-northeast. >> i cannot believe this. this is absolutely crazy. >> driving towards that? two people are fighting for their lives while many others are left picking up the pieces. 24 twists were reported in kansas yesterday alone.
5:35 am
but the threat is not over. >> let's go out to maria molina whose husband took the pictures. he's a storm chaser and she's a storm reporter. >> right. he took those yesterday and unfortunately some injuries were reported. some damage. so that is not what we like to report, this beautiful scene of a tornado causing so much destruction out there across parts of kansas yesterday. we had multiple reported tornados not only in dodge city, kansas, or surrounding areas but across other areas in places like oklahoma and other parts of kansas including northwestern kansas. very violent weather in the forecast. areas that includes texas all the way up into parts of minnesota and the dakotas. tomorrow we're expecting a higher threat for some severe weather, especially where we have that area shaded in orange. that's where we could be looking at more violent tornadoes, large
5:36 am
hail and strong, damaging winds and a threat even continues into friday. so stay safe out there. anywhere from texas up into parts of thor on e northern pla let's bring in jeff weaver t campaign manager of bernie sanders. people are looking at what jeff weaver has done along with bernie sanders in saying, they're writing about your accomplishments in political books for years to come. from nowhere to giving hillary clinton the fight for her life. first off, jeff, thanks so much for joining us. >> happy to be here. all the credit really goes to the senator. we have a message that's resonating with the people across this country and that's why this campaign has been so successful. >> well, you know what, jeff, a lot of people feel that the dnc in the form of debbie wasserman schultz has been favoring hillary clinton over the senator's message and there are a bunch of stories out this morning that say a number of powerfulanonymously,
5:37 am
are talking about we have to get rid of her before the convention. the bernie people will go nuts that she's been favoring hillary over bernie. do you feel that way? >> well, i do feel certainly that the process has not been fair as administered by debbie wasserman schultz. i have to say that it's not everybody at the dnc. we have very good relationships with many people at the dnc. i have conversations with high level dnc people on a regular basis. and, you know, i think there are a lot of people outside the dnc who have been put off in the way that debbie wasserman schultz has run this whole thing. whether it was the cramped debate schedule at the beginning, whether it was shutting senator sanders off from his own data right before the iowa caucuses. you know, a number of examples. >> jeff -- >> but -- >> i read this morning something that said that debbie wasserman schultz was working against bernie sanders for personal reasons. and that quote was -- you know, tagged to you.
5:38 am
why do you feel she was doing it for personal think she became y involved in this. you know, beyond politics. i think it became very personal for her. and, you know, she has lashed out at the campaign as i said on a number of occasions. joint fund-raising agreements which took money from state parties and gave it to the dnc or the latest, you know, the standing committees at the convention where they tried to keep the sanders people off. you know, just been example after example. i think it has become sort of personal. i think that's really unfortunate because really democrats should be working together to bring the party together after the convention. that's for sure. >> all right. what did you make of hillary clinton saying that she's not doing to participate in the debate -- the fox news debate? she said i'm going to debate three times during the primary season and this would be her third opportunity. she's now saying she doesn't want to debate in california. yet, bernie sanders said he would entertain that idea as well as donald trump. >> sure. well, look, i mean, this debate is not out of nowhere. back in new hampshire and
5:39 am
senator sanders was way ahead of secretary clinton, the clinton campaign said we want to debate in new hampshire. we said that's fine. as long as you'll do three subsequent debates. they agreed and, you know, there are quotes all in the newspapers from the time from high level clinton people agreeing the -- >> so you agreed on that debate and now she's not coming through on her promise? >> exactly. that's why it's such a big concern. that, you know, they got their half of the bargain and now they're not following through on their obligations under the agreement they reached. >> right. >> so look, the people in california deserve the debate. the people in other states who haven't -- who haven't voted yet, they deserve a debate. >> is she afraid of fox or afraid of bernie? >> well, i'm not going into people's motivations. i think they feel like it's the best for their campaign not to have a debate at this time. but the problem is they agreed to it back before the new hampshire primary in order to get us to agree to a previously unscheduled debate there. so you know, you can't promise
5:40 am
one thing and then not deliver. i mean, it's now time to pay the bill for having the debate back in new hampshire. >> so jeff, overall the message is okay, i'm in first, i want to move on to donald trump so i won't worry about bernie sanders. but in the big picture, bernie sanders is pushing for a form of government and the sanders campaign that has not had any success in france, look at the socialism there and venezuela. how would you characterize bernie sanders' socialism as opposed to france's socialism? >> bernie sanders is pushing for the social democratic policy. look at canada, they guarantee health care to all people at substantially lower cost than we do. most european countries offer tuition free public colleges -- >> but the economy is flat on its back, europe is a mess, jeff. >> well, if i listen to fox business news, that would be the same thing here.
5:41 am
but -- >> what do you mean? >> i don't think it's necessarily true. but what i would say to you is that in those countries, people have a associate contract -- a social contract which says all the wealth and income is not going to the top, it's not going to be as unequal and unfair as it is currently here. we need to have a process that deals with this rigged economy. to put money back into the pockets of middle income and working people in this country. that's what bernie is for -- >> right. he doesn't like capitalism. >> on a scale of one to ten, how much pressure are you getting to drop out? >> one being a low. one. i mean, there are a few people out in the media but in terms of any real effort, it's probably zero really is more like it. >> wow. not what you read in the papers. all right. >> right, exactly.
5:42 am
don't believe everything you read in the papers. >> right. jeff weaver, thank you. >> thank you for coming on. we hope you'll come back. coming up a group of veterans going against trump, protesting outside of trump tower. but was the whole thing orchestrated by hillary clinton's campaign? retired navy s.e.a.l. carl higbie said yeses. he is going to join us live next. come on in.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
the first public acknowledgment that the former leader was killed in saturday's terror strike. he's a scholar known for his extremist view, he's in his late 50s and lived in afghanistan most of his life. 9/11 families are feeling betraying after a sneaky move by new york senator chuck schumer. according to "the new york post," the democrat slipping in a last minute change to the brand-new law that is supposed to make it easier for the families to sue saudi arabia over the september 11th terror attacks. the new provision gives the secretary of state the ability to stop any lawsuit in its tracks just by claiming that the u.s. is working on its relations with the saudis. steve? we had pickets in front of trump tower. and they were vets. and then today they did a story that the vets were put there by hillary clinton, crooked hillary clinton put the vets there.
5:47 am
>> donald trump last night referring to this handful of veterans protesting outside trump tower earlier this week. you probably saw that on main stream media. the group claimed they were independent, nonpolitical. grass roots outfit but later admitted to reporters they were recruited by hillary clinton's campaign. here with his reaction is retired navy s.e.a.l. and the author of "enemies foreign and domestic, a s.e.a.l.'s story." carl higbie. i'm sure you saw them, wow, they have something to say, this is unique that they would come together. as it turns out hillary's people behind it. >> this guy mccoy, i can't imagine -- first off, the campaign could only get a dozen vets together. vets are lining up by the hundreds and thousands to see donald trump to him for free and they could only get 12? >> it was unclear because the mainstream media outfits were trying to figure out -- donald trump said he raised 5 or
5:48 am
$6 million during that speech some it is the debate that he dropped out of, maybe he hasn't given all that money to the vet groups. >> we don't know the exact number. it's over $5 million, so that's more $5 million than the vets groups had in first place. like i said, a high school kid complaining about getting a lexus versus a lamborghini. guess what, donald trump has done more in that one evening than hillary clinton did in a lifetime. >> we have more on the discrepancies. watch this. >> you said you raised $6 million for veterans and yet, there's been no accountability for that money. he has failed to show where a lot of that money went. and he failed to raise as much as he claims to have raised. >> okay. so he's asking some questions. and now that we know that the hillary campaign was behind that, it doesn't look good. >> hey, mccoy, why don't you take your time instead of protesting outside the one guy who's pro veteran, go raise the money yourself and stop whining.
5:49 am
>> what does it say to you that hillary clinton would like to be a commander in chief, she used the vets for absolutely purely political reasons? >> well, i think that hillary clinton is not a friend of the military in general. she might have a dozen guys that she pays that goes out there and protests for her. but the fact of the matter is, she is not pro vet. she doesn't give to veteran causes. she's not respected by the military. i mean, look at benghazi. that thing is still alive. and the fact of the matter is, donald trump is. so for her to go ahead and hire a couple of vets to protest outside of drum tower, waa. >> earlier we had congressman ryan zinke declare he's for donald trump as well, former navy s.e.a.l. as well. >> look, ryan zinke -- him and i served together. a great guy, a great congressman doing great things down there. i'm glad he's on the trump train. i think it will help him. >> always a pleasure. thank you. straight ahead, hillary clinton plays who'd you rather to pick her vice president
5:50 am
coming up. you'll want to see that. but first, who'd you rather from? bill hemmer or martha mccollum? >> she is coming up. some republicans want the irs chief impeached, how will that with work? jeff sessions might be on the short list for vp. and texas challenging the bathroom law and senate republicans still not done with facebook. we'll tell you why. martha and i will see you in ten minutes. big show, top of the hour. when cigarette cravings hit,
5:51 am
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5:53 am
all right. hillary clinton is going to be on the "ellen show" and we have a clip, they want you to watch the show.
5:54 am
watch as hillary clinton is asked by ellen who'd you rather have as vice president. are these the same people you'd pick. >> watch her reaction closely. >> yeah. >> mark cuban or joe biden? >> oh, joe. >> all right. picking joe. >> oh i have to go with tony. >> tony. >> jeff probst -- >> tony. >> bernie sanders. >> tony! >> george clooney. >> oh. well, tony could be the first term and george could be the second. >> all right. that's hard. >> yeah. wow. [ laughter ] >> oh. yep, yep, i really believe in making lemonade out of lemons. >> yeah. >> oh, look at that. >> she'd be great. she'd be great. >> didn't even think of that. >> see, if you read the books they don't really have the
5:55 am
greatest relationship. >> the obamas -- >> and the clintons. they hate each other. >> well, if you go with doocy -- you know, that's like seeing them together. >> she had to pick george clooney, didn't he have the fund-raiser where it was $1 million a plate? >> sure. you called him dreamy. >> dr. mcdreamy. >> a different guy. >> but it was interesting, i have not seen the whole clip, but according to the producers who cut that, when given the choice between george clooney and mark zuckerberg, she didn't pick one. which is cagey, because he's got 1 billion people on facebook. >> right. >> whereas -- >> trending for her. >> yeah. trending, exactly. >> and george clooney number one on teen beat. kids love him. >> teen peat? >> yeah. a magazine. >> tiger beat? >> i don't think it exists anymore. from our day. doesn't exist anymore. >> right. back in a moment. at banquet we believe that every dollar should work
5:56 am
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before it's history, it's news. >> okay. before we hit the road today, don't try this at home. really. [ screaming ] >> oh, my goodness, a little girl slams into the wall when her rogue hoverboard won't stop spinning. she was showing her sister what not to do and it left a massive dent in the wall. thanks to funniest home videos
6:00 am
for the clip. >> those things are dangerous. >> right. put your hoverboard down, run to the radio, amongst our guests, bill hem her and martha maccallum first time they're together. >> you can watch them on tv. >> sounds like a good radio bill: morning, everybody. mayhem on the campaign trail. protesters getting violent outside a donald trump campaign rally. so the demonstrators taunting police, throwing rocks and lighting fires. a scene that could play out again today in california. welcome to america temperatures newsroom. martha: i'm. martha: . last night it got ugly pretty fast. protesters clashed with police outside the event.


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