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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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for the clip. >> those things are dangerous. >> right. put your hoverboard down, run to the radio, amongst our guests, bill hem her and martha maccallum first time they're together. >> you can watch them on tv. >> sounds like a good radio bill: morning, everybody. mayhem on the campaign trail. protesters getting violent outside a donald trump campaign rally. so the demonstrators taunting police, throwing rocks and lighting fires. a scene that could play out again today in california. welcome to america temperatures newsroom. martha: i'm. martha: . last night it got ugly pretty fast. protesters clashed with police outside the event.
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but some of the protesters did make their way inside. they disrupted the presumptive nominee multiple times. he responded the way we would expect. >> hillary is having a hard time. she has a lot of surrogates. you can get them out. get them out. get them out. how old is this kid? how old is this? get out of here. still wearing diapers. look at this kid. martha: john roberts, good morning. >> a few people are starting to line up for the trump rally at the convention center. we are expecting between now and the time donald trump speaks the complexion of this place will
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speak. in costa mesa, california, there was violence after a trump rally. in new mexico. 600 to 1,000 protesters on hand. everything was fairly peaceful. but as the sun started to go down, that's when it got out of hand. despite calls from protest leaders. there were those who were there to take on the police and disrupt. they tried to get tine the convention center. police on horseback had to get between them to push them back. several police officers were injured and there was at least one arrest. inside the donald trump venue. it's gotten to the point where
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he takes the protesters in sport. fat one point he encouraged the crowd to let that person stay. he was also very tough on new mexico governor susana martinez. he suggested she wasn't doing as good a job as she might. listen to trump. >> since 2000 the number of people on food stamps has tripled. she is not doing the job. maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. we have got to get her moving. let's go, governor. reporter: governor martinez'
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office said she'll not be bullied into making a political endorsement. there were reports that house speaker paul ryan might be ready to endorse donald trump. martha? martha: it looks like a not yet. susan a martin ets was considered a possible vp for donald trump. he went after hillary clinton last night as well, john, right? reporter: any reports she was on the vp list seem to be shot down. on the hillary clinton idea, donald trump is in a danger zone. in 2006 he said he looks forward to, would like to see the housing bubble burst. so he could pick up properties at good prices. it's something any shrewd real
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estate investor would want to do. but this is something he doesn't want to let stick. so he went hard at hillary clinton last night. >> i see this low life, she puts on an ad. did you know donald trump was rooting against housing because he wants housing to go down because he wanted to buy it. they have a clip of me saying if it goes down i'm going to buy. i'm a businessman. that's what i'm supposed to do. if she did it she would want to buy at the top. reporter: hoik rrp sees vulnerability hoping she can turn that into mitt romney's version of 57%. if he knocked elizabeth warren's claim to native american ancestry. john, thank you very much.
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bill: as donald trump was ripping into hillary clinton, the presumptive nominee going after in kind. >> i don't want what he is saying to go unanswered. here is a person running for president who calls into shows and just basically says whatever the thought of the day might be. he doesn't mind if other countries get nuclear weapons. he said let's go back to torturing people. isis and other terrorist organizations are using his words to recruit. bill: chris stirewalt, "digital politics" editor. how are you? is this a new line of attack or are they going back to familiar themes? >> there is a shift in
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clintonland. one of those shifts is we heard those things from her before. that's sort of the wagon wheel that goes around. we are talking about dangerous, dangerous, donald. they are starting to go for narrative arcs. one of the things, 2 running concurrently right now. one is about his taxes and he won't release his tax returns. and the other one is john referenced earlier about him looking to make money off the housing bust. he was selling prime mortgages off trump mortgages and he said if the housing market goes down he will make money off of that, too. bill: do some centrist democrats sight of as equal opportunity? >> i think it's helpful to be
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running against his own party, the republican brand. the democrats aren't really popular, but the republicans are even less popular. running against them probably helps. it's highly unlikely that trump can win new mexico anyway. going ahead and kicking her while she is down, if you will, that probably doesn't do him much general election harm. if you go around and you are always in a feud with a bunch of people. you are not able to focus back on hillary clinton. donald trump needs this election to be about hillary clinton, and hillary clinton wants the election to be about donald trump. bill: some big-money republicans are getting in line with money. that's from the "wall street journal." what do you see? >> he will never get there. all he needs to do is be close. he doesn't need the whole
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billion dollars. he will be on television all day, all the time. he is his own p.r. machine. he does it himself so he can get more free by being outrageous and audacious. but he doesn't need as much money as she does. bill: chris stirewalt, the reverend in washington. martha: potential trouble for the dnc chair woman debbie wasserman-shultz. hillary clinton supporters worry she is too divisive to unify the party. he says the -- bernie sanders says the dnc chair has been favoring hillary clinton all along. he has endorsed her
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congressional opponent. he feels he has been against his guy since day one in favor of hillary clinton. now she wentr won't debate him in california. bill: he's going to philly, right? end of july? we could see fireworks on capitol hill as the head of the tsa testifies before the house homeland security committee. what a week it's been for these folks. this comes after historically throng wait times plaguing several airports across the country. people waiting 3 to hours to get through security. of course kit was not actually fired because you can't fire someone in the federal government. he was placed on administrative leave.
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bill: fires sweeping through three states. the damage left behind and what could be in store for today as the system continues. martha: her death sparked a national debate. kate steinle shot and killed by an illegal immigrant when she was out walking with her dad. the city has a big announcement on i will he will immigration. >> what really count kiss how the veteran feels about his encounter with the va. when you go to disney, do they measure the amount of time you wait in line. bill: the pressure on him today is next. >> this is not make believe. this is not disneyland or wonderland. veterans have died waiting in
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line for their care. clearly the secretary's comments were not worthy of the veterans that he serves. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. martha: there is more severe weather across the plains. massive funnel cloud ripping apart houses, leaving two people critically injured.
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powerful wind tossing a propane take across the middle of a highway. police reporting several injuries there as well. we are keeping an eye on where these thing are headed next. bill: there are calls for the va secretary bob mcdonald to step down after he compared waits at the va to standing in line at disney parks. >> wait times are important, but they are not the on measure of veteran experience. that's what veterans are tells us. it's important, and if i was misunor misunderstood or i saide thing, i'm glad to be here to correct it. bill: i think mcdonald was
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talking about quality of care. did you hear it that way? >> i heard it that way. but it's not sensical. he should apologize, then move on. he was a captain in the army, he went to west point. so he has a distinguished military career. but he was wrong. wait times equal death in veterans america. and we have seen it before and we will seen it again. as of march 15, 480,000 american veterans for waiting more than 30 days for an appointment. in 9 states we have 0 different centers. half of the time there was falsification of scheduling. about a quarter of the time there was mistakes made. now we know this choice card brought in by congress to bring private doctors to veterans waiting more than 0 days is not working.
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so there is significant issues that the secretary need to resolve quickly before more veterans die. and they are dying every day. bill: after that interview he put out a statement, if my comment monday led veterans to believe that i or the dedicated workforce i'm privileged to lead, don't take that noble mission seriously, nothing could be farther from the truth. are things getting better or not under mcdonald or the suggestions he should step down, are they legitimate. >> they might be legitimate. in this country we make a commitment to our public servant. when the president announced his appointment. he said bob mcdonald was an expert in innovation and restructuring. we haven't seen it in terms of the actual care being rendered. we have seen report about people on this health net which the
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federal government contracted out to handle the private care under the choice card. people wait on the phone. are they getting the care they need? the doctors and hospitals are not getting paid to provide the care to our veterans. bill: i think bob mcdonald is a good man. that's why he took the job. isn't this a bigger statement not about him or the va, but this is what happens when the government gets involved in your healthcare. >> the road to veteran death has been paved with good intentions. i'm not a big guy who says we need to venerate the veterans and say get rid of this guy. that's not going to solve the problem. he needs to be the solution maker on the problem today. bill: two years ago you went to washington.
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on this issue you brought 3,000 letters. >> thousands of emails to the chairman of the house veterans committee. bill: looking for what? >> if i ask viewers to send me those emails, i would probably get 6,000. significant wait times and issues in terms of scheduling. significant issues in terms of the new choice card that's not working. the effectiveness is not there. the good intentions might be there. the rhetoric is wrong. let's get the rhetoric better. but let's get the wait times and the satisfaction our veterans. it may need to be pry extra d id to be privatized. veterans are left on the vine and put on a substandard system
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only because they decided to serve our country. the people who did the most for this country should not be provided the least. martha: the taliban regrouping following the u.s. drone strike that took out their leader as we learn the identity of his replacement. bill: a long-time clinton ally striking adifferent tone. >> i don't think it will affect hillary clinton at all.
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bill: the afghan taliban announcing a new leader after the killing of mansoor.
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the group vowing they will not return to peace talks with the afghan government in kabul. >> if i was sitting in the private sector and i was governor, i don't think it would have risen to this level. you get in this business and open yourself up. and i'm fine with that, i'm confident i haven't done anything wrong. martha: virginia governor terry mcauliffe reacting to whether he accepted illegal campaign donations. >> let me start by saying last time i was on i was pretty tough with bill. he's one of the great journalists and fairest people i know. i just wanted to get that out.
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bill: that's very gracious. thank you for saying that. you are welcome back any time. martha: lanny, let me ask you about this. let's start with the facts. there has been a year-long investigation into terry mcauliffe and this campaign contribution. >> the only fact we know is a law enforcement official who is anonymous who broke the law by revealing an investigation has spoken generally about an investigation we don't know anything about facts about terry mcauliffe. the on thing the law enforcement official is talking about is a chinese company official who also has the right as a permanent resident of the u.s. to make campaign contributions. but an investigation is less than a ham sandwich. the reason i say ham sandwich is
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because prosecutors say they can indict a ham sandwich. imagine below an indictments an investigation, and below an investigation is an among us in official. we ought to wait for the facts to come out. martha: we completely agree with you. we are just trying to work our way through this process. we have been following the angles into the investigation. the reports are that the f.b.i. and the justice department's public integrity unit has been look into the campaign contributions to mcauliffe that happened a few years ago. wen wang gave $200,000 to the mcauliffe campaign. if they are look at the foundation and look at the clinton global initiative which he's a board member of and trying to figure out if any of the money garnered by the
6:28 am
clintons had any influence on her work as secretary of state, that's the larger investigation. i'm sure it's not surprising to you they would look at anything related to terry mcauliffe since he has worked so closely with them. >> absolutely not surprising. terry mcauliffe. everything should be looked at. the only question is should it be aired in the public arena when it's just an investigation and there isn't a single fact you or i have. in this country we have a presumption of innocence much less being tried in the media on a leaked investigation. i'm very bipartisan here. when senator ted stevens was convicted of a crime and i thought justice department was engaged in misconduct to convicted him.
6:29 am
it took eric holder to refuse to reprosecute that senator. if this were about a republican or anyone else, i would be saying the same thing. you have a perfect right doing your job. but the anonymous law enforcement official that airs a quote investigation is doing a larger injustice. martha: the suggestion is the clintons made a lot of money, which is fine. everyone is allowed to make money. but the problem is mrs. clinton is the secretary of state. do you not think that there is a potential conflict of interest there? >> there is definitely an optical problem. they didn't make the money. you meant the clinton foundation. the second half of the sentence is to do a lot of good around the world that even republicans
6:30 am
say has been done by the clinton foundation. there is no doubt the optical issue of being secretary of state, taking money is definitely an issue. how do they solve that issue? by transparency. no fact linking a contribution to any policy decision by the secretary. but the answer again, a legitimate question. it has optical problems. the answer is transparency. >> the conclusion as a level matter has not been drawn yet. lanny, thank you very much. bill: are democrats trying to point trump with the same mitt romney brush? and in 2016, does that even work?
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♪ ♪ (whispers rocket) martha: hillary clinton and donald trump duking it out over the 2008 housing crisis. clinton accusing trump of cheering it on saying he was hoping it would happen so he could go in and buy cheap real estate. trump responding saying that's exactly what he was supposed to do as a businessman. he said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard-working families in california and across america to lose their homes because he thought he
6:35 am
could take advantage of it to make some money for himself. >> she screams. it drives knee crazy. i didn't say it. i can't listen. and donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy showtion when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? martha: joe trippi was clinton's campaign manager. temperature and ed rollins chair of the bush campaign. let's play a quick clip from a romney -- against romney ad from that campaign and remind everybody what that looks like. >> i don't think mitt romney understands what he has done to people's lives by closing the plant.
6:36 am
i don't think he realizes people's lives completely changed. martha: romney lost, so it has to be concerned to be characterized this way. but do you think lit work? >> donald trump will respond as he did there. he's a fighter. romney stood there and let them beat up on him for a couple months and define him. the critical thing in a campaign is you want to define yourself before your opponent defines you. romney sat there for two months before the convention, had a great record, but didn't articulate it. and to a certain extent donald trump is not going to do that. he will shift the debate back to them, and i think it won't work this time. we'll wait and see. it will be a knock down drag out fight. martha: when you look back at the origins of the housing bubble, the finger can be
6:37 am
pointed squarely at government as well. you look at fannie mae and freddie mac. it's a tough argument to blame this on donald trump or private entities in any way many would say. >> i don't think the clinton campaign is blaming him for the fall of the market. they are trying to show that he was gleeful tore whatever about taking advantage of that and hoping for it. i actually think that ed is right. he's not going to take that definition the way romney did. but the one key thing that i think is interesting, can trump push back against this and show empathy? that's the one thing that's been missing in his candidacy. he has shown strength, been able to lash out. but the empathy for the people who did lose their homes, even while he was making a profit.
6:38 am
i think that's what will be interesting to see whether he can show empathy and push away from the attack that way. martha: guess who went after that point hard, elizabeth warren. watch this. >> what kind of a man does that? i'll tell you exactly what kind after man does that. it's a man who cares about no one but himself. a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. what kind after man does that, a man who will never be president of the united states. >> regardless of her rhetoric, she is a tremendous campaigner. the contrast between her and hillary clinton will make democrats say why didn't we run elizabeth warren.
6:39 am
she'll be effective in moving a lot of the bernie sanders socialistic tendencies to the forefront. but she is a good surrogate, she is articulate. the contrast with hillary kind of tiredden not functioning well as a candidate. a lot of candidates will say maybe we nominated the wrong person. martha: there are reports elizabeth warren bought real estate on a number of occasions and flipped it. she bought an estate property for $30,000 and sold it sticks months later for $115,000. is that going to be problematic for her? >> i think it's not about that. it's not about -- donald trump is right when he says who wants to buy property high? it's about getting back to the empathy question.
6:40 am
i don't think people had any doubt elizabeth warren cares about the people who were hurt. it's not clear to me in trump's comeback on any of them, on any of the issues he fought on, he never showed any real empathy. that is a question shenlt that may end up being a problem for him going forward in terms of becoming competitive. martha: i think that has been missing. but a lot of people would say he has shown empathy by saying i'll help you get a job. that seems to be working for him pretty well so far. thank you very much. bill: the hacker who claims to have breached hillary clinton's personal server expected to enter a believe. the romanian man gone as guccifer said tell cooperate with the government.
6:41 am
catherine herridge is with us in alexandria, virginia. reporter: we expect the romanian hacker will plead guilty to a handful of lesser charges, and in exchange he will be available to the f.b.i. he breached the aol account of clinton confidante, sydney blumenthal. and he exposed the address that clinton used as secretary of state. he was extradited from romania before his prison term was complete. they usually extradite when there is a hack of a government system.
6:42 am
the justice department and state department spent considerable time, energy and effort to have the romanian hacker extradited to the united states and the eastern district of virginia. within 7 weeks of arriving in this country he cut what appears to be a sweet plea agreement for himself. based on our conversations with government officials current and former, they say that only happens when the hacker has something the u.s. government have much wants. bill: how credible are his claims he has the server. >> he made similar claims to fox news once he got here to virginia. we broadcast our story first. in his claims he said he got into the server easily and anybody could have done it. >> you access a lot of accounts. is the clinton server easy or hard. >> for me it was easy.
6:43 am
for me, for everybody. reporter: since that report, government officials have done everything possible to pour cold water on those claims. but he provided a lot of information to fox news that can be verified by the f.b.i. when we were first here 7 weeks ago as part of our ongoing reporting, there were only two reporters, myself and senior producer pamela brown, but today with the agreement and the email investigation, almost everyone and their brother is here to report on the deal. martha: house republicans laying out their argument for impeaching the head of the irs without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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bill: house oversight chair jason chaffetz say there is no reason to feel confident under the leadership of john koskinen. you want him impeached under what charge. >> he provided false testimony money to congress and misled congress. he had document that were under subpoena and they failed to protect those, preserve those and provide those to the congress. when you get a subpoena, it's not optional. manage if the irs sent you a subpoena and you didn't provide it, you would go to jail. >> i think i would be there if they were asking for my presence. this hasn't happened other than for a president going back to 1876. >> think of the tin man in the
6:48 am
"wizard of oz." impeachment was a tool given to us by the founders. there was a safety valve in case the person wasn't working out and serving the best interests of the united states of america. though we haven't done it in a long time, it's how congress stand up for itself. bill: treasury secretary jack willusays he's scene outstanding public servant. senators orrelationship hatch and others don't have the same issue with him. >> when you have document in your possession and they issue a seen a, you can't go out and destroy them. they say it was an accident, but that's not good enough. there is no doubt -- it's a fact pattern that is crystal clear. they had these document in their
6:49 am
possession, they were under subpoena and they were destroyed. when they talked to the inspector general, they made no effort to go out and find these. they didn't even look in five of the different areas. i'm not buying it. they lied to congress. >> his biggest issue was lois lerner. that's where it started. >> they were targeting americans and suppressing their first amendment right based on their political beliefs. then when we go to ask for those document after lois lerner plead the fifth. they don't provide them to congress even though they told us they had them, then they went ahead and destroyed them. you can't do that and get away with it. the fir step was the chairman, we are grateful to him for having the fact pattern in this case. we have another hearing coming
6:50 am
up in june about the remedy and the constitutional provisions there. because like you said, it hasn't been used in a long time. then i think mr. koskinen need to lawyer up. this thing is marching forward. we had a very good hearing yesterday and we'll keep after it. bill: you usually asked the questions. what was it like the other way around? >> i had to go to bathroom. it's hard to sit there for a long time. i feel comfortable about what you have to do. it was interesting to be on the other side of those questions. >> i was very candid. it's hard to sit there for hours like that. bill: thanks for coming back. we'll see what happens. martha: san francisco's stat yor fire after kate steinle was shot
6:51 am
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martha: san francisco's board of supervisors voting to uphold their sanctuary city policy, this after coming under fire after kate steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien living in their city. good morning, adam. reporter: nothing is going to change. they unanimously approved the legislation which upholds the
6:55 am
city's sanctuary city law. the man she was killed by was wanted by i.c.e. and was not turned over because of the sanctuary city laws of san francisco. this law clarifies the protections available. they are to notify immigration and customs, or i.c.e. only if he's convicted of a violent crime. >> what it would do is make sure we are clear about who's responsible for any part of the work around detaining people and notifying people, notifying i.c.e. reporter: the san francisco sheriff is resisting the limitations. she is elected here and would not necessarily have to follow
6:56 am
this new city rule. martha: it's got to make people think twice about the safety of that city, given what's happened. it's almost a year since kate steinle was killed. where are we on that investigation? >> a new city rule verifies the one that was in place. the actual respect to the guy who hurded her, he's still in court. the family has not commented yet. down on the pier where she was murdered there is a been there in her honor. and lopez is awaiting trial. bill: the head of the tsa set to be grilled on capitol hill. watch that hearing.
6:57 am
plus there is this today. watch. protesters clashing with police outside of a donald trump rally. will there be more of that today? we are about to find out. stay tuned. you pay your car insurance
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>> troubles at the heart of the hearing getting underway on capitol hill, this is a hot topic, homeland security committee is investigating the lines on the right of the screen, it has been unbelievable in the early stages, they are trying to get out of dodge and it is not working for them. this is america's newsroom. jon: the guy who will get a earful will have some serious questions to answer about what is causing the mess and how it will be fixed.
7:01 am
martha: live in washington, whatever happens today the lines don't look like they will go down anytime soon. >> reporter: probably not, diminution of these long lines, the tsa reposition some screeners under intense public pressure but that won't solve the problem. the problem is the public's moved to more carry-on bags which slows the process down. the number of carry-on bags has quadrupled as more airlines charge passengers for checked bags, that coupled with more intense screening policies with retention problems led to these exceedingly long lines. on may 15, 450 passengers missed their flights because of tsa's plodding pace. and losing 100 screeners a week because it is not a pleasant job
7:02 am
filled with intensely dull routine, intense pressure from management and often angry exchanges with the traveling public who resent personal intrusions. it is not working. martha: anyone who has been in an airport recently can vouch for that. in terms of this hearing is it likely anyone will lose their job as a result of all this? >> reporter: some already have. kelly hogan was taken off the job because the agency is taking a different approach, the head of security at the tsa, also experimenting with an automated system which is in place in a few airports and accommodates 5 passengers at a time as opposed to just the single file approach but broadened implementation a long way off. incidentally, so many thousands of federal employees, dismissed head of security hogan, received huge bonuses despite tsa's long lines and it's 97% failure rate in letting test bonds and
7:03 am
weapons get through, hogan received 90,000 in that bonus money package which has been reined in. we will hear more about that later. martha: thank you for bringing us more news. bill: outside a donald trump rally in new mexico turned violent. a rowdy mob out there throwing rocks at police, lighting fires and a chaotic scene. several protesters barging through barriers to interrupt the rally. trump dismissing the disruption as pretty much par for the course. >> i always say if you don't notice them you can't hear them. my people want to notice them so go ahead, get them out of here.
7:04 am
usa! usa! usa! bill: it went on like that. a brewing revolt among democrats like debbie wasserman schultz, before the party's convention begins at the end of july in philadelphia, peter ducey watching this, good morning to you. in mexico anyone heard of that event last night? >> several albuquerque police officers were hit by rocks holding them by anti-trump activists, they were treated for injuries last night. a police force was knocked down as protesters ignored organizers pleased to calm down and muscle their way through a police barricade to the door of the convention center where it was stopped. police had their hands full on the streets but on stage he left off the effort of the -- hidden in his 8000 person crowd. >> maybe not these people. get them out of here. get them out of here.
7:05 am
he can't get a date so he is doing this instead. >> reporter: today trump moved to california where he dealt with destructive demonstrators intent on shutting down his event. heather: why is there such a rush to get rid of debbie wasserman schultz? >> because bernie sanders and many of his plugs and supporters think debbie wasserman schultz has heavily favored hillary clinton throughout the process and use the resources of the dnc to give her an unfair advantage in the primary. an hour and a half ago the sanders campaign manager explained exactly how. >> a lot of people have been put off by the way debbie wasserman schultz has run this whole thing, whether it was the debate schedule at the beginning or shutting senator sanders off from his own data before the
7:06 am
iowa caucuses and a number of examples. >> reporter: the report in the hill says dismissing the dnc chair and name a replacement is something clinton and sanders need to do together when the time comes to try to get democratic voters on the same page again. bill: thanks. martha: for more analysis, staff writer of the weekly standard, good morning, glad to have you with us. this is an open secret on the hill that there are a lot of people who want to be wasserman schultz to step down. >> i don't think she is popular with a lot of democrats throughout washington and capitol hill, the white house, even within the hillary clinton campaign for a long time but there has never really been a lot of impetus to get rid of her, now there is this with bernie sanders's very active activist base who are very
7:07 am
upset, they think she is too pro clinton, not fair to the sanders campaign within the democratic party but getting off of these of the democratic groups trying to give them what they want which is get rid of debbie wasserman schultz, not a good face for the party, she splits her mouth a lot of times, should this is closer to happening than it has been throughout the obama presidency. martha: another piece of evidence, a senior democrat aid, quote, a strong sentiment the current situation is untenable and can only be fixed by her leaving. too much water under the bridge for her to be a neutral arbiter. in terms of the big picture here what is the impact of the sanders campaign and his followers as we look forward to july? >> they have gotten a lot of leverage and have a lot of influence over where the democratic party goes. this dnc chair is part of it.
7:08 am
you saw bernie sanders got a lot of supporters, far left types on the platform committee for the convention. that will influence what the democratic party's positions are. he has a lot of influence even though he is struggling to come up with justification for staying in the race. he doesn't have a path to winning the nomination but his activist base is very angry, very upset and very motivated right now and that is a leverage over hillary clinton who in many ways leave the support of those folks and will have to give up a lot to consolidate the democratic base going to the general election. martha: a lot of influence and his followers represent a part of the party that has not had that much influence in the past. before i let you go, donald trump, paul ryan dance that is going on over this endorsement, what do you make of it?
7:09 am
>> the announcement, a report that paul ryan was getting closer to endorsing donald trump and sources appeared to be ith campaign, source from the paul ryan campuses that is not true, that is not getting any closer, paul ryan put himself in the difficult position of having to end up endorsing donald trump even though he has these reservations because he talks so much about unity, something from donald trump that gives him confidence he can endorse and possibly win in november but paul ryan is thinking about the house and keeping the house and senate, keeping congress, his domain, in republican hands but it is a tricky dance and i don't think anyone will come out happy.
7:10 am
bill: that would be a quick healing scab. martha: you wonder if donald trump is elected how long they will carry this discussion to the next administration if that is the way it goes. we will see. bill: 2 dozen detainee scheduled to get transferred out of gitmo as president obama's push to close the camp before leaving office next january, one official telling fox the remaining detainees at gitmo are, quote, the worst of the worst, not clear if the country who receive the terrorists should keep track of them. there are deals being made to get this done. martha: a crucial battle to take back falluja. this is such a significant development in what is going on in iraq right now, the first iraqi city to fall to isis two
7:11 am
years ago and that was after us soldiers and marines fought to hold it in the 1st pl. lieutenant colonel ralph peters will explain why this offensive is so important. neil: 3 donald trump's campaign dropping hints about a potential vp pick. jeff sessions, first senator to endorse mister trump is said to be on the short list. we talk about that and a lot more live next. martha: texas set to announce a formal legal challenge to president obama's controversial bathroom directive. we will talk to the texas attorney general about that. >> he has set a policy that will divide the country, not along political lines but along family values and school districts. constipated?
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:15 am
bill: the department of state, breaking news, 78 page report given to congress, the state department inspector general concludes hillary clinton did not comply with the agency's policies on record. clinton and topaides chose not to cooperate with the review. it specifically hits clinton for exclusive use of a private server, private email and fail you to turn over the records. in conclusion she did not comply
7:16 am
according to the statement with state department policies that were implemented in court from the federal records act. so now we will see what the punishment could be for being in violation of said federal records. news just breaking, a lot more to go into this throughout the day including now. martha: jeff sessions as chairman of the senate armed services committee, and chairman of the national security advisory committee. an excellent person to talk to with breaking news. let's take you through breaking news. the state department released a 78 page report that said the secretaries of state, hillary clinton and previous secretaries poorly managed email and other computer information and new cybersecurity risks, site
7:17 am
long-standing systemic weaknesses that -- her failures were singled out as more serious. >> her failures are greater than those in the past. it was a systemic plan to avoid security that we should maintain with those records and they found her uncooperative, this investigation. martha: state department report criticizes hillary clinton for failing to turn over email records promptly. that according to a political report. everyone is sifting through this information but that is the way they termed it. >> that is totally unacceptable, contrary to what she said she was doing. she said she was totally cooperating on this. this is a troubling event that
7:18 am
casts credibility on hillary clinton. she said she was fully cooperating and this rejects that. i am very troubled about this process. the state department is a security review a secretary comey said, they don't participate in reviews of security. and criminal investigation which are still ongoing, unfortunately we are seeing too much smoke to suit me. >> to clarify the point you brought up, to lawmakers on wednesday, clinton and her top aides chose not to cooperate with the review and some of that may be the timely nature of turning over this information. she has said from the beginning she did nothing wrong, she said
7:19 am
this is a security review and also pointed out the fbi director said we don't do those, we do investigations at the federal bureau of investigation, that is why it is called that. what does this mean? what does it tell you about where this may be headed? >> she is a secretary of state, she has response ability to secure classified information, make sure it can't be accessed, many experts say this computer system she used was vulnerable to hacking. in addition she said i made a mistake perhaps, but i'm going to cooperate fully, this reveals she is not cooperating fully and a troubled me as a prosecutor if you are innocent and don't have anything to hide why don't you come forward and cooperate and help bring this to a prompt conclusion? it does appear criminal investigations remain ongoing and security review has been highly critical of her performance. martha: it is significant the
7:20 am
state department which she was head of, there inspector general is putting her at arms length saying she didn't cooperate with this investigation and neither did members of staff and this is separate from the fbi investigation that is ongoing. that is your understanding, correct? >> that is what it sounds like to me. the inspector general, an independent person, they are part of the state department and to be that critical i think is very serious. this is a very serious matter. martha: we will talk about a bunch of things, thank you for handling this breaking news, thanks for being with us. bill: more breaking news, vice admiral, administrator for the tsa testifying about these long waits and what is behind it and ultimately how you keep the traveling public safe and do it at the same time. >> we don't yet know what
7:21 am
happened to that airplane, the importance of tsa's admission. our job is to protect the traveling public in what has become a very dynamic challenging environment, the threat is very real and to that end in 10 months i have undertaken a systematic transformation of tsa. i set a renewed focus on security, revised alarm resolution procedures, made investments in new technology and trade the entire workforce, we are holding ourselves accountable to high standards of performance and i'm supporting front-line officers in a critical mission. we have reinvigorated our partnerships with the airlines, airport operators, trade and travel industries and working with congress to address the security mission. i'm investing in our people, with the help of congress i directed a complete overhaul of our approach to how we train our workforce at all levels of the agency and establish the first ever tsa academy january 1st of
7:22 am
this year, intensive training will enable us to achieve consistency, develop common culture and steel core values and raise performance for the entire workforce. i ordered a review of all personnel policies and practices despite a number of significant changes. elimination of arbitrary use, restrictions on permanent stage of relocation costs and significant controls of bonuses at all levels. we are overhauling management practices, conducting independent review of acquisition programs, building planning programming and execution process and a human capital management system for development, promotion, assignment and retention. screening mission requires a similar fundamental reassessment. this year we project checkpoints nationwide will screen 740 million people, by comparison in 2013 tsa screened 643 million people, an increase in 100 million people in four years while our full-time workforce is
7:23 am
reduced 12%. that and renewed focus on security, significant contributors to the situation, we have a challenge this summer we are aggressively meeting, among other things we establish national incident command center to monitor checkpoint screening operations on an hourly basis. we are tracking projected volume, staffing and lane availability, actual wait times which will allow us to address critical concerns in real-time. this command center improves staffing from airlines and critical industry associations and conducting daily calls with major airlines to plan operations we foresee in coming days. our goals are for screening and to maximize screenings to achieve shorter waits. we are providing more overtime at 768 officers, and with the help of congress, the front-line
7:24 am
officers from part-time to full-time as necessary to increase immediately increase screening capacity and improve retention and morale. thank you for supporting these efforts. i have given federal security directors for its ability to redeploy the behavior detection officers to perform additional screening functions and they have done so and pushed -- martha: we are watching the tsa chief talking about changes he has made, expect to screen 760 million people at checkpoints this year. they have had a horrific experience in several of the nation's biggest airport including chicago over the past several weeks with people waiting online for more than three hours. there is a ton of pressure on them to fix the situation. a number of suggestions how they can do that, putting people through groups of 5, scanning their luggage as it goes through. one of the main reasons these lines have become so long is so many people are carrying on their luggage to get around the process. that hasn't worked out so well.
7:25 am
more on the tsa as we continue, breaking news on hillary clinton this morning as well. bill: the department of state, we will get to that coverage as we get more information as to what the state department has found with violation of the federal records act, more than 60 years, updated three years ago on behalf of president barack obama for the modern age. as we await more information on that, president obama allowing transgender citizens to use the bathroom that matches gender identity may be headed before a judge which texas attorney general hold a news conference later today expecting to announce legal challenge to that mandate. ken paxton is ag, press conference at 4:00 later today. how much can you share about this challenge? >> can't say specifically what
7:26 am
that press conference is about but we have issues with what the president has done. he is not following the law, doesn't have authority to do this. bill: one sex is a biological fact, not a state of mind. explain your case. >> we are resting on the law here, we don't think the president has constitutional authority to do this. i'm in a press conference with hundred parents in fort worth where this policy was adopted and i can tell you this crosses party lines. this is an issue parents are concerned about and an issue texans are concerned about. bill: how can you win this case? >> the law is clear. there's nothing in the law that allows these guidelines, changing definition, congress has to change the law and they haven't done it. we think we have very strong legal argument to be successful.
7:27 am
bill: you are making is on voter id law. you were defending the law in texas on what grounds? >> the legislature newly elected adopted voter id policy to show photo id, legitimate authority to do this, and challenge what is happening to be successful. we offer 7 ids including if you can't get a driver's license or military id, we give you a free id so we make it as easy as possible, and to win this case. >> they argue your case is discriminatory, they say senate bill 14 has in effect discriminatory effect on hispanics, african-americans and others in violation of voting rights act. >> they didn't offer evidence of that. we had two statewide elections
7:28 am
that have done well. local elections, special elections, millions of people who voted, no problems. we had a runoff election, statewide runoff election yesterday. they offered no evidence of their claim. we have been successful and also supported by majority of texans including democrats. bill: a lot of breaking news. appreciate you coming on today. martha: stunning news from the inspector general at the secretary of state investigation saying the secretary of state and her staff or, quote, slow to recognize and manage effectively the legal requirements and cybersecurity risks associated with electronic data communications as pertain to the most senior leadership. a lot in here, 78 pages, this investigation into hillary
7:29 am
clinton and her emails. (engine winding up) (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you.
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martha: a 78 page report has been released dealing with the inspector general's look at hillary clinton and other secretaries of state in claims they poorly managed electronic communication. and her failures on this front are indeed more serious that she and her staff failed to recognize and manage effectively the legal requirements and cybersecurity risks associated with electronic data communications so we have more on this throughout the rest of the program. judge andrew napolitano will sit down with us in a moment. bill: senator john soon from south dakota came to talk about other matters. let's start with breaking news and take it as far as we can.
7:33 am
according to this report, the state department has put out, hillary clinton did not comply with policies that were implemented according to the federal records act. you are familiar with the federal records act, implemented in 1950, updated in 2014 on behalf of president obama. given the technology of emails and blackberries and iphones and smart phones. if you are not in compliance with federal records act, what is the implication for such responsibility? >> i think anytime you have a situation like this where you have a major person in a position like that which is operating on a private network and doing things the government doesn't under the laws allow one to do, you are circumventing and
7:34 am
short-circuiting proper procedures and laws and everything else. it should not come as a surprise, transparency issues have always surrounded hillary clinton and her husband and this is another example of rules. neil: everyone knows what is going on behind closed doors, essentially a paper trail. electronic paper trail. >> that is right. the point of this, the reason you want to have this information is important information talking about secretary of state conducting business on levels, important for there to be records of that and this is the sort of thing that followed hillary clinton and this is another example of something where they get to play by one set of rules and everyone
7:35 am
else by another set of rules but transparency issues will hunt her and have hunted her in the past and will hunt her in the campaign because this is a pattern and a practice consistent over a long time. bill: this is the day before an alleged hacker in washington dc from the state department report, i will read this to you, slow to recognize, the legal requirements in cybersecurity risk associated with electronic communication this was happening when she was us secretary of state. how is that possible? >> you don't recognize the cybersecurity risk. >> no question great risks associated with the way she conducted her daily business when she was secretary of state. that is not a secret anymore, something in public domain. and the 78 page report, the
7:36 am
details again how they continue to serve the practice and policies and procedures and laws that apply to other government officials particularly someone in a position like that with a tremendous amount of authority. this is particularly disturbing and troubling and it will present a big concern for her going forward and raises additional questions she is going to have to answer. it is representative, transparency issues that have dogged hillary clinton all the time she has been in public life. bill: how does this affect her run for the white house? >> it continues to raise questions in people's mind about her transparency, trustworthiness, honesty and those are issues that always weigh heavily when people make a decision about who they want to entrust with the greatest responsibility you can have in this country when it comes to public service, the presidency.
7:37 am
in my view my guess is this is another episode that contributes to a narrative that surrounds her and it will be difficult for her to overcome. my view in the presidential race this year, nothing screams status quo like hillary clinton, a lot of people asking questions you are asking, that others in the media are asking about transparency issues which consistently have been a problem for her. bill: thank you very much, the state department report comes out, south dakota on capitol hill. martha: let's bring in judge andrew napolitano who has just had a chance to go through the initial information we are getting here. how are we doing on this? judge napolitano: it is huge. it goes to the heart of mrs. clinton's defense, the heart of
7:38 am
her defense was she complied with all state department regulations, what the fbi has been doing is a security review. we now know from director comey's own words the fbi doesn't do security reviews. we know this was the security review. it is a review of how the state department keeps safe the secrets entrusted to it and this -- mrs. clinton's flunked that review according to the state department report that came out this morning. what did we she do wrong? she violated, knowingly and willfully violated her own state department requirements that she put in place for all other employees with respect to retaining records and making those records transparent. by the time she was secretary of state, they were more specific than they had been under colin powell and condoleezza rice simply because more state department's work was done
7:39 am
electronically in her years than had been done previously. she acted as though those rules didn't exist, she put them in place and was responsible for enforcing them. >> the federal records act changed to keep pace with the fact that everybody was on smart phones at that point. she is this as her defense in many instances. i did what former secretaries of state did. this report says yes you did. others secretaries of state didn't do a great job on this but specifically says her failures were singled out as more serious. judge napolitano: that is because she diverted 100% of all digital traffic coming to her through her home server. former secretaries of state did not do that at all. she was also harshly criticized for keeping the email traffic from the state department which to this day she believes she
7:40 am
wiped clean. i happen to believe the fbi found what she thinks she wiped clean but the report criticized her for not voluntarily returning to the state department what she took with her when she left office. martha: in terms of the investigation this was the security review at the state department, it was damning and done by their inspector general, who was part of the state department but kept at arms length to get an unbiased look at what she did. fbi investigation is ongoing. what impact if any does this information have on the fbi investigation? judge napolitano: i don't think it has much impact on the fbi investigation. the fbi already knows this. the political impact could be devastating. this is a very bad week for her. as we speak our colleague catherine herridge is in alexandria, virginia, listening to this remaining attacker
7:41 am
telling federal judge about the deal. 's lawyers cut with the justice department, the quid pro quo is don't send me to jail for a long time and i will tell a jury how easily it was for hackers in europe to get into mrs. clinton's email. this ap revelation of the state department investigation of her is more continual cascading bad news for mrs. clinton, all of it in the way of misbehavior as secretary of state. all the news in the past six month, none has been good news for her. >> she said she did nothing wrong and the reports as otherwise. judge napolitano: this report directly contradict that. martha: great having you. bill: we are doing some work, we found this. there are no penalties provided by law for misconduct. it continues to provide basis for action against current employees but only personnel type administered of action. it does not work of the
7:42 am
employees, quote, long gone. judge napolitano: the exception to that, if documents consisted of state secrets which we know 2200 of her 60,000 emails did, a confidential secret, the potential violations of the espionage laws, failure to keep secure state secrets entrusted to you. that is the essence of what the fbi is looking for. bill: there is more to go through on this. day 3 of the battle of falluja. can iraq retake the city on its own or will they ask the pentagon for even more help from above? you're late for work.
7:43 am
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martha: desperate situation and away in falluja, iraq as islamic state militants block civilians from fleeing their own city, threatening residents with death if they tried to leave their homes to get out of there as
7:46 am
this gets underway. iraqi forces battle to recapture that city west of baghdad. defense secretary ashton carter said he would welcome requests from iraq british assistance in combat but they have not received any. isis occupied falluja two years ago in january 2014. after the obama administration withdrew us forces from the city in december 2011. important to remember the hundreds of americans who died in falluja during the iraq war and hundreds more who were wounded trying to reclaim the city. we all remember this horrific scene, the barbaric hanging of american contractors. that scene was from a bridge in falluja as well. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. it is good to have you here. obviously the president of iraq wants very much to have a successful retaking of the city. it would mean a lot politically obviously and for his country.
7:47 am
what is your take on how this is going to go? >> it is about the shia majority, it is about what iran wants. the reason they haven't asked more us help, if they don't want new us appearance, it is about shia domination. and a lot of sloppy artillery and the way iraqis do it, to destroy the city in order to save as they did with ramani, the iranians, shia militia, really interesting in creating a wasteland, buffer zone to protect the shia heartland and we are utterly naïve about what is happening there. martha: in terms of ash carter and as you addressed saying as you say you think iran wants to
7:48 am
level the area, they are not concerned with what is left in that city. in your understanding are we helping at all? what is our involvement in this offense? >> we had some airstrikes. beyond that, i don't know. i don't know any us advisors around this operation but a lot of things dealing with the public and rightfully so but the greater problem for us is we lost focus. we want isis defeated everywhere and anywhere, we don't have a strategic vision for the future of this broken, destroyed country that used to be called iraq. we tell ourselves three big lies when it comes to any action in iraq, we tell ourselves religious civil wars about religion, we tell ourselves iraq could be re-created and we tell ourselves reconciliation is possible between the sunni arab
7:49 am
and she at europe's and the current and none of that is going to happen. the difference between us and the iranians is we focus on ramani, falluja, eventually mosul. iranians are thinking about the future of the entire middle east. martha: what do you think is the best outcome? if you were to advise a new president how to fix the situation or what the us role should be or how to dampen the iranian influence, what would you tell him? >> open your eyes, look at the situation that is staring you in the face. stop wasting our efforts trying to win iraq as an ally. it is done. work on supporting the kurds within what used to be iraq but above all concentrate us assets and efforts on destroying isis and other terrorist groups. forget about re-creating iraq,
7:50 am
forget baghdad, the most expensive us embassy in the world happens to be in baghdad. you can't build a policy for an entire region based upon clinging to a white elephant embassy. martha: ralph peters with a reality check, good to see you this morning. bill: john scott up next with a busy newsday. jon: john -- the next president, down and dirty in the race for the white house. donald trump attacking the clintons for several controversies in the 1990s as hillary clinton goes after trump before the housing crisis. it might only get hotter from here. bernie sanders slams hillary clinton and the democratic establishment as he goes all in on california. the battle for the golden state and all those delegates ahead on "happening now". bill: the tsa chief taking questions on how to improve
7:51 am
security at airports, the busiest airports in the country. what about that free check program? is that all about money? is it helping?
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
bill: massive security lines, the agency does not have enough staff to meet demands of summer travel. how to fix this problem, what about the program called pre-checked. live in o'hare in chicago, free check option, is there a problem this summer? >> for sure. the title of that meeting is long lines, short patient, the airport experience, that is being talked about, the line is
7:55 am
much shorter than those brutally long lines, filling up with people in a matter of moments turning into a long line. tsa warnings this summer could get messy, the tsa says it simply can't handle the crowds so for now it seems the only immediate solution is to get the tsa pre-check that gets you through security faster. at $85 a pop it is a ploy for the tsa to make money. we spoke to a travel expert who is in and out of america's airports on a weekly basis but this was just turned down this week. >> yesterday, pre-check wasn't helping. had to wait in a long line, if you pay the money for pre-check, you want to get the benefits you pay for. >> reporter: sometimes it does stop the option at airports
7:56 am
based on demand and if you show up and have the pre-check there is bad service. if you are traveling this weekend, urging you to go to, that will show the nearest office where you can get the application process started and once you get it passed you get through the lines much faster. bill: i had no problem in new york and cincinnati and thank you. martha: signs in new jersey. we are waiting for donald trump in california. police are on alert after a night that looks wild and violent outside. some pictures of what happened last night, live report straightahead. ield repla but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us.
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about life after the beatles, telling the bbc he was depressed after the world disband rocha, who wasn't? he says he hit the bottle, even thought about giving up music altogether then started his band wings, got back to writing songs and he still performing this summer, has concerts this summer and he's so awesome so yes. bill: james rosen would not have the sun come up tomorrow. thank you paul. "happening now" starts now. jon: i have tickets to that show. heather: do you really? jon: i do. southern california police on high alert as we await the start of another donald trump rally following a night of viol


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